International Medical Spa Association
IMSA specializes in providing current information to the medical, spa and wellness communities.  We are a superior business portal that provides the following:

  • Leading vendors and suppliers in our industry with special offers to members
  • Cutting-edge opportunities to expand your Professional Development
  • Connections to like-minded practitioners in our industry
  • Access to an ever-expanding Resource Library on industry information
  • Complete Insurance access for you, your employees, your business
  • Legislative connections to the proper State agencies to get your technical questions answered
  • Nurture the Integration of Allopathic with Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Here is a modified version of the 2005 definition of a Medical Spa:

A Medical Spa is a facility that provides medical oversight for medical services. Healthcare professionals and staff  operate within their scope of practice, defined by their individual licensing board if licensure is required. The facility may offer traditional, complementary, and alternative health practices and treatments in a spa-like setting.