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Denver – September 2020 – Color Up’s commitment to being the leader in cannabis education moves two steps forward with a new educational track and scholarship program. The Cannabis Master Program for the Spa Professional now has three tracks, with the newest designed for wellness professionals. The Master Program launched in 2019 with educational tracks for estheticians and massage therapists. So far, more than 800 pros have signed up for the program.  

Created to educate wellness professionals including yogis, fitness instructors, nutritionists, holistic practitioners, etc., the wellness course focuses on the natural benefits of incorporating CBD into professional and personal practices.  

The self-led, online course includes Color Up’s core classes on the history of Cannabis, to modern day uses and the science behind its efficacy in partnership with the endocannabinoid system. Taught by Color Up’s President of Education Emily Davis, LE and Vice President of Education Liz Aigner, LMT, LE, CYT, new classes in the wellness track include: 

  • Compassion, Connection & CBD: The Central Nervous System Response 
  • Cough, Cold & Flu: Can Cannabinoids Help Us Heal? 
  • Social Phobias & CBD 
  • Athletes, Weekend Warriors & CBD 
  • Insomnia & CBD 
  • CBD & Traveling 

Those who successfully complete the course receive a certificate of attendance. Through the end of the year, a special rate is available to those who register for the Wellness Track. 

Speaking of which, four scholarships are now available to LEs and LMTs to enroll in the program. Color Up is offering two partial scholarships (50%) and two full scholarships (for one LE and one LMT) to attend the Master Course. Scholarship recipients will also receive the Skincare Retail Starter Kit or Massage Retail Kit complimentary. The deadline for scholarship entries, which may be submitted personally or by nomination, is Sept. 30, 2020. Recipients will be announced Oct. 7.  

More details about the Cannabis Master Program may be found online, or by contacting Emily Davis at and/or Liz Aigner at

5 Health Benefits Of The Magic Mushrooms

Mushrooms are known to everyone as a fungus that is edible and grows in moist areas. Do you know that there are different species and classes of mushrooms growing in different parts of the world? One of the species of psychedelic mushroom is psilocybin cubensis. It is famous for psilocybin and psilocin compounds. The best part about the fungus is that it grows all by itself. A mushroom that contains psilocybin and psilocin is known as a magic mushroom.

Mushroom is not only a fantastic dish to snack on, but it can have various benefits to the human body. Magic mushrooms especially attract people to wild parts of the country and spend a lot of time in search of the famous hallucinogens. Various traces prove the use of magic mushrooms at an early age. Many tribes have used magicmushrooms in 9000BC in the form of stone paintings.

Mushroom growth depends a lot on the weather conditions. The foraging season of magic mushrooms is only increasing every year. Earlier, people believed that magic mushrooms have vast medicinal properties, which has recently got its recognition from the new research. Magic mushrooms are scientifically proven to be useful to eat and considered to be healthy for the human body.

1.  Increase of “open-ness” and other beneficial shifts in personality

We are born free, unbolted, and full of tenderness. These qualities allow us to grow, learn, and make us eager to connect as sentient beings. In a study, scientists found mushrooms to play a part in helping us be more open to our kind and helping us grow and connect. Researchers quoted, ‘significant increases in openness following high-dose psilocybin sessions. Openness depicts the characteristics of a person, and it’s a point of view towards new occurrences. It can also help in increasing their creativity, imagination, and creative cherishing. The effect of mushrooms towards openness to human nature affects for over a year. Therefore, mushrooms are beneficial to enhance the equation of human nature, and it’s surroundings.

2.  Smoking cessation and other addictions

Some people lead an unhealthy lifestyle and are not able to follow the right path to keep them efficient. People around us are into addictions, and it becomes challenging to stop the habits. However, mushrooms prove to be very helpful as they can help treat addiction. Mushrooms tend to treat addictions from drugs like nicotine and cocaine. In a study, researchers were investigating psilocybin psychotherapy to overcome addiction from deadly drugs.

Addiction leads us towards a trance future, where we tend to lose the ability to think, question, or even grow properly. It makes your life dull and weak. The mushrooms have been of great help to the human race, as it can treat one of the most significant diseases like ‘addiction.’

3.  Can fight depression

Mushrooms contain psilocybin, which has been an active ingredient. It provides the cultural and spiritual bedrock of many signs of progress. Modern neuroscience explains the use of mushroom and how it interacts with the serotonin receptors in the brain, to help produce a series of consciousness-altering effects. It suggests how mushrooms can be very useful in curing depression and mental health. Mushrooms are used for many purposes, but one of the primary uses is to cure depression. The new generation suffers from mental health and conditions, which leads them to self-harm.

However, mushrooms can increase the level of consciousness in them, thus treating depression. You can buy magic mushrooms canada online, across all countries where it is legalised.

4.  Lets you dissolve the ego and increase creativity.

As stated earlier, there are several health benefits of mushrooms. They help us grow, lead a healthy lifestyle, and frees us from depression. However, mushrooms also help us to deal with our ego. The human ego is one of the main reasons, which leads to a lack of adjustment and temperament issues. Ego is nothing but proving yourself to be superior from others. Mushrooms, however, help us deal with the ego and benefits to be more creative. With creativity, different ideas originate and help you excel. One should never hold an ego towards anyone or especially while working in any field. Once we overcome ego, it will help you pave a new way in life, and will make you feel even more alive.

1.  Can stimulate the growth of new brain cells

According to a study, the psilocybin present in mushrooms helps in the growth of new brain cells. It helps the brain to overcome fear and promote the growth of neurons leading to the regeneration of brain cells. With the help of the new brain cells, the brain gets more active and gains the power to memorize, learn, and relearn specific measures. It reduces the threat of dangerous stimuli, which might have affected the brain cells.


The world is not aware of the actual benefits of mushrooms and their role in curing specific health issues. Diseases like mental health, depression, and many more can be cured with the help of mushrooms. Mushrooms can stimulate new brain cells, thus helping a person recover from damaged neurons or tissues.

5 Ways to Revamp Your Skincare Routine This Fall

Even if you spent most of the summer indoors, between the air conditioner and the sun, your skin has taken a beating. Start your fall off right, with a boost to your skincare regimen. Use these five tricks to get your skin back to its glorious self.

Change Your Diet  

Let’s face it, quarantine was hard. You may have started it off with a healthy diet and exercise, but by the end, you probably relied on delivery to break the monotony of staying indoors. While the food may have been delicious, it is the first place you need to check to get your skin back on course. There are a variety of nutritious foods that can have a positive impact on your skin’s health. Take the time to go through your cabinet and figure out where you can cut sugars and other unhealthy dishes and replace it with skin-boosting alternatives. You’ll notice a difference sooner than you think.

Up Your Hydration 

While you’re in the process of updating your food choices, you may want to take the time to check what you’re drinking as well. Look for beverages that are high in sugar and consider switching them for more hydrating alternatives. Adding a healthy amount of water to your daily routine will help you clear your body of toxins and support your skin. If you find it difficult to just drink water, consider drinks that are low in sugar. Additionally, cut back on alcoholic beverages, particularly those that are overly sweet, as these tend to dehydrate you quickly. Your body will thank you for helping it stay hydrated.

Renew Your Routine 

Next, get your skincare routine back on track. This should include a morning and evening routine. When getting your day started, take the time to add a few simple steps. After you wash your face, use a toner and serum for your skin before you put on your moisturizer. Then don’t forget to put on sunscreen for some protection. Once the day is done, you need to add a few extra steps. After you’ve thoroughly cleaned your face, put on your toner and serum again, follow with eye and night cream. Adding these few steps to your day will make a huge difference to your skin.

Check Your Products  

As you start to update your skincare routine, take the time to check what products you are using. Throw away any items that may have expired or are not made to support your skin type. These items may be doing more harm than good for your skin. Next, fill your shelves with products that are made just for your skin type. Cosmetic companies are coming out with new and better products every year. These items can target problem areas and help a variety of skin types. With the right items in your skincare routine, your skin will feel healthier and smoother.

Get a Professional Boost  

If you want a professional head start, consider a trip to the spa. Spa professionals can help give you get a much-needed boost. Professional facials can add nutrients to your skin. Additionally, they will use multi-action sculpting cream to help rejuvenate your face. Don’t forget to take care of the rest of your body as well, with moisturizing wraps or oil massages. A day at the spa is a great way to give your skin a healthy boost, and give you a day of relaxation. Before your day is done, be sure to talk with your aesthetician for product recommendations to help care for your skin.

With a little extra work, your skin will be brighter and healthier than ever.

Spa Benefits On The Body And Mind

spa towel

The most common spa treatment is massage therapy, but there are so many other spa treatments that are just as effective as massage treatment in helping to improve the conditions of your body and mind. 

Spa treatments are one of the best ways to take care of our bodies, and this is not surprising. The benefits of taking regular spa treatments not only have an amazing effect on the body, but they also go deep down to improve the state of the mind. And this is what we are discussing in this article.

These spa benefits are numerous. These are only some of them:

1. Deadens Pain In the Muscle and Joint

Pain in the muscles and joints can be frustrating. Sometimes, they are subtle enough that you only feel them when you move the affected area in a particular manner. 

At other times, the pain is just too excruciating to ignore. But no matter how subtle or intense the pain is, a proper massage at the spa would do wonders for your body. Massage therapy is one treatment that is useful for this condition.

Massage therapy has a lot of benefits. Apart from helping to reduce pain, it helps you relax and reduce your stress. And when you get regular massage therapy, your blood circulation gets better for it. 

This simulated blood circulation helps you to reduce muscle stiffness. Your tissue becomes more flexible and even your immune system gets a boost.

Athletes stand to gain the most from a spa session. This is because they are more exposed to muscle aches and joint pains.

2. Improves Stress Levels and Helps You To Sleep Better

It is very easy for people with mental health problems to have high-stress levels. This worsens their conditions and could even lead to some more devastating problems like high blood pressure issues. However, high-stress levels are something regular spa sessions can fix.

During and after the spa session, your mind relaxes and clears up. The proper spa treatment would soothe you into a comforting sleep, and since sleep is necessary for helping to reduce stress levels, even your sleep patterns at night would improve. 

3. Weight Loss

There are a lot of treatments you can receive at the spa that target excess fat. A slimming body wrap is one such treatment. You can cut down on your body fat after consistent spa sessions with a slimming body wrap treatment.

The treatment involves wrapping your body in clothes soaked with minerals. You are then covered with a blanket that has been heated up to a temperature that is high enough to burn the fat but not enough to make you feel too uncomfortable.

Another treatment that could help with weight loss is cool sculpting. This treatment is a favorite among many because you can apply it to specific parts of the body. It involves freezing fat cells underneath your skin.

4. Improves Meditation

The peace of mind you get in spa sessions is responsible for this. That moment when your body and mind rest in that “zone of relaxation” is the best time for meditation. Meditation has a lot of benefits too, and it could make up an essential part of your decision-making process.

Meditations have been known to make you happier and help you focus. So, it is not surprising that several spas offer yoga sessions. Those two just go well together. Yoga has its own benefits too.

When you take a moment to consider it, you realize that a regular visit to the spa has a cascade of benefits lined up for you.

5. Forces High Blood Pressure Down

The part of your nervous system that is responsible for increasing your blood pressure is called the sympathetic nervous system. And high blood pressure always comes with a host of other complications, and heart diseases are just the least.

But when you soak yourself in the hot water in a spa bath, it sends a signal to your sympathetic nervous system to take a break and allow your blood pressure to drop. And in the process, your heart rate increases, and your circulatory system gets a boost. 

6. Detoxifies Your Body

A visit to the spa is one of the best ways to detoxify your body. You get rid of loads of toxic content in your body, leaving your body clean and fresh like a day old baby’s. There are many spa treatments that are mainly for detoxification. Some of them are lymphatic drainage, sauna & steam room, and body wrap.

And while the detoxification process is ongoing, your body gets busy converting reserves of fat to energy. This breaking down unleashes toxins into your bloodstream. Your excretory system takes it from there.

By the time you are done with the spa session, that feeling of cleanness and newness would emanate from right under your skin to the outside.

7. Keep Your Skin Healthy

There is an abundance of skin treatments at the spa, all of which would do wonders for your skin. One of the most common is exfoliation. Exfoliation involves removing the dead cells on the skin to reveal new skin cells. The result is skin that glows.

8. Boost Self-confidence

People who frequent the spa are happier. And when you are happy, your mood is positive and your energy level is at its highest. 

Your cheerful mood becomes contagious to people around you, and this positively changes the way you all relate with one another. Ultimately, it fills you with enough positivity to go out there and be comfortable in your own skin.

Ever wondered why some people love to visit the spa in the morning? It’s because it has a positive effect on them for the rest of the day!

9. Relax

I must have mentioned this benefit in passing a couple of times in this article, but it still deserves its own section here. 

The relaxing power of a spa treatment is amazing. In fact, this is one of the most popular reasons many visit the spa. After a long and stressful day of work, head straight to the spa before you go home. You’ll thank me later.

10. Prevention of Hair Loss

The specific spa treatment that is responsible for reducing hair loss is microneedling. This same treatment can also be used to remove wrinkles in aging adults, treat acne, scarring, and other similar conditions. However, not all spas offer microneedling services.

The Bottomline

You can read about the benefits all day, but you wouldn’t ever enjoy them if you don’t hit the spa yourself. So, what are you waiting for?

5 Helpful Tips on Creating a Herbal Routine for your Skin

woman looking through leaf

Skin is the projector of your inner self. A healthy and glowing skin reflects a fit body and a relaxed mind. Like your body, your skin also needs to be nurtured and cared for. For this a suitable skincare routine is necessary. Talking about care, what comes in your mind may be the series of beauty products you often see on the shelves. There is a misconception that the premier skincare products available are with the best brands and cost you a fortune. But the truth lies in the fact that the best care for skin is the cheapest, natural, and found within your reach somewhere in your kitchen garden!!

Herbs are the elixir of life. Using herbs for skincare is a traditional practice. Eat them raw, apply them directly to your skin, use their oils, or infuse them in drinks, herbs naturally detoxify your body from inside and nourish your skin from outside.

What are herbs?

Herbs are parts of trees or shrubs like leaves, which have a definite aroma and can be used in various culinary, medicinal, and therapeutic purposes. Formerly only the green part was considered as a herb but now the stems, roots, flowers, seed, or any other part of the plant that can be used in the food and have healing properties also comes under this category.

Culinary herbs

These herbs, as the name suggests, are used in flavoring the food. They enhance the taste and overall look of the food. The study shows that underlying benefits, like being natural appetizers and antacids, these herbs take care of the body internally by positively affecting the digestive system. They can be antifungal, can purify the blood, stimulate blood circulation, and can even have antioxidant properties. Most of the herbs used in culinary purposes can also be applied to the skin for their healing properties.

Medicinal herb All herbs generally possess a few healing properties. But a handful of them are loaded with benefits. Cannabis being the one. Cannabis is a psychoactive plant-based drug derived from Cannabis Sativa.From relieving pain to reduce acne, from easing cancer- related symptoms to act on Schizophrenia, Diabetes, PTSD, and Alzheimer’s, are beneficial for various medical conditions and also used for therapeutic and recreational purposes.

herbs in tea

5 Helpful Tips on Creating a Herbal Routine for your Skin

All skincare involves cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine to rejuvenate the skin. Here are a few tips that will help you choose a herbal routine for that perfect radiant skin.

  1. Cleansing by Basil– Basil leaves are considered sacred in Indian tradition and why not, this herb is full of health benefits. Basil is full of antioxidants and a natural cleanser. It is good for people with oily skin as it helps to remove the impurities and dirt from their clogged pores. Therefore it heals an acne-prone skin. Due to its antifungal properties, Basil can cure skin infections, calm the itchy skin, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Eat raw, apply the juice of the leaves, or use Basil oil, it will cleanse and purify your skin and give it a healthy touch.

  2. Detoxify skin by Turmeric– Turmeric is an age-old remedial herb used in every Indian house. From improving digestion to healing pain, turmeric can work wonders on various medical conditions. Daily intake of turmeric can also increase immunity. Drinking turmeric water is considered as one of the best detoxifying rituals for the body. When applied to the skin, it provides glow to the skin and revives it.
  1. Tone by Neem– Pigmentation, acne, scars, blackheads, boils are a few skin problems that you sometimes encounter in life. Indian lilac or Azadirachta indica, commonly known as neem, is the one-stop solution for them. Use it as oil, capsules or bring it to boil in water, neem has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It protects skin against environmental damage, reduces acne and its spots, soothes inflammation, and helps to tone it.

  2. Hydrate by Aloe vera– This magical herb is the powerhouse of nutrients. Aloe vera is full of vitamins A, C, K, and B12. It also contains folic acid and enzymes. This soothes your skin from sunburn, reduces skin irritation, and prevents dark spots. It helps in locking the moisture in the skin thus soften your skin and prevent aging. The Gel is the best and natural form of aloe vera useful for all skin types.

  3. Improve skin by Thyme/CBD– Thyme is a healing herb and most effective when used in sores, cuts, burns, and rashes. It reduces skin allergies and provides relief in conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Thyme increases the production of collagen in the body and thus improves the skin elasticity giving it a healthy glow. CBD, again, is a healing herb and is derived from cannabis plants. It is cannabidiol and has been found to be very effective for skincare, including discoloration, pigmentation, acne, eczema and to prevent dark spots. You can also include CBD herbs as teas, edibles and oils. For high quality herbs, one can shop online or at a cannabis store and enjoy doorstep delivery at affordable prices.

Skin is a vital part of the body. It provides a point of interaction between the external environment and our body. Skincare routine is that’s why, of primary significance. More excellent knowledge of natural beauty and wellness and the environmental impact of synthetic products lead to a shift in focus towards herbal skincare regimen. All the herbs are laden with natural benefits for the body. They breathe a new life to our skin and protect it from further wear and tear. Therefore, inculcate the habit of herbal routine to revitalize your skin and make it healthy and radiant at any age.

What is Crepey Skin & How to Fix It?

If your skin is loose, wrinkled, and has a fragile texture like crepe paper, then you’re a victim of crepiness. While crepe paper sure sounds great for your art projects, it’s not remotely as much fun when your skin has a similar kind of texture. 

Crepey skin looks pretty much similar to wrinkles but they’re different. That’s because it’s not the result of old age. Crepiness generally occurs as a result of sun exposure. 

When you’re exposed to the sun, the UV rays break down collagen and elastin fibers in your skin. Due to the loss of collagen and elastin, your skin starts to lose elasticity. It becomes loose, fragile, and wrinkled. 

Crepey skin is more common in older people, however, it can also happen in younger people. Also, folks with fair skin are more susceptible to this problem. If you happen to burn rather than tan, then there’s a good chance you can develop crepey skin and wrinkles at an early age. 

It’s also important to note that indoor tanning sessions can also cause this problem as there are UV radiations involved. Moreover, it’s imperative that we understand that UV exposure isn’t the sole cause of this problem. 

There are some other factors that can lead to crepe-like skin. For example, pollution, lack of moisture, unhealthy diet, smoking, etc. can also cause your skin to become loose and fragile. 

That said, there’s still a silver lining to it. Crepey skin is not something that’s inevitable. You can prevent it or, at least, delay it. Below you’ll find some great tips on how to fix crepey skin.

Crepey Skin Prevention & Treatment

As they say, prevention is better than cure! Meaning it’ll be much easier for you to prevent crepey skin than to actually treat it. But if that ship has sailed, there’s still a lot of things you can do to fix this problem. Let’s take a look!

Wear Sunscreen

Like we mentioned above, UV exposure is still the leading cause of this problem. And how can you deal with that? Wear sunscreen! Sun protection not only delays crepiness but it can also stop it from getting worse. 

Sunscreens block UV rays and prevent them from breaking down elastin fibers in your skin. And as a result, your skin won’t lose elasticity. But this is not the only way you benefit from wearing sunscreen.

Sunscreens can also prevent skin cancer, sunburns, and premature aging. That should be more than enough to get someone to invest in a decent SPF. 

OTC Products

There are several over-the-counter products that can help you get rid of crepey skin. For example, retinol has been known to reverse sun damage and help with crepiness. Several AHAs and BHAs are also helpful in treating this problem. 

Glycolic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid — they all are great when it comes to the skin that resembles crepe paper. Exfoliation is just great, and your skin will thank you for it later.


We’re often schooled about the importance of moisturization. Oddly enough, some of us still don’t moisturize regularly, or at all. If you’re planning to get rid of this problem, you’re gonna have to moisturize. 

And the good news is that there are a lot of lotions and moisturizers that help with crepey skin. It doesn’t matter where on the body you got crepey skin — whether on your arms, legs, neck, hands, or even your face — you can find products made specifically for those areas. 

Trust us, moisturization would help a great deal. You’ll notice that your skin will become less wrinkly and loose upon regular moisturization. 

Laser Treatments

If you’ve got money to spare, you can try out laser treatments. They’re very effective. Your dermatologist may recommend treatment options such as using a radiofrequency device or ultrasound based on the severity of the situation. 

These treatment options are very effective especially on the neck and face. And they work by heating up your skin, remodeling the collagen & stimulating its production, making your skin tighter as a result. You can also go for micro-needling or skin resurfacing treatment options. Make sure to consult your dermatologist to make an informed decision. 

Other Things

Some other things that you can do is quit smoking, eat a balanced diet, and keep yourself hydrated all the time. On top of that, limit sun exposure if that’s possible. Doing physical exercises may also help you in the long run. Massaging the affected areas with oils and lotions can also prove beneficial. Above all, get plenty of rest and drink lots of water. 


Crepiness is not a great experience at all. But thanks to the advancement in the skincare world, you can take preventative measures to avoid it. Then there are several treatment options available to help you with the problem.

Hopefully, this article helped you find the information you were looking for. By following the tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to achieve healthy and youthful skin. 

CBD Luxury: A Look at CBD Use in Day Spas


People may not currently associate CBD products with luxury, however, most know that CBD has health benefits. Now, the compound is gaining ground in high-end spas and retreats. It makes perfect sense, considering CBD oil infused products are great for the skin.  

CBD lotions provide skin with a great source of hydration. The benefits don’t stop there, though. CBD hemp oil has anti-inflammatory properties. The right product, like CBD radiance cream, can help reduce wrinkles. CBD moisturizers have vitamins that keep skin nourished, and keeps skin from getting oily. The benefits of CBD for skin make it an obvious choice for a spa product. Take a look at how some new, high-end spas are using CBD infused products:

Spa Treatments with CBD

CBD can decrease anxiety and increase feelings of well-being when consumed orally. CBD spas are taking advantage of the versatility of CBD. New, high-end spas around the country are using CBD for skin care treatments. They’re also giving CBD to their guests orally, through teas, cocktails, and edibles.  

The idea is that the consumable CBD will increase relaxation and help the guests enjoy their spa experience. The CBD skin products, like CBD scrubs and CBD lotions, will help a guest’s body look and feel great. Spas can even use CBD candles to help set a relaxing mood. CBD does a lot of great things for the mind and body depending on how it’s used. Spas are taking advantage of that to provide relaxing, luxury experiences for their clients.  

Celebrities and Luxury CBD

Celebrities of all kinds love luxury CBD treatments. Model and designer Kimora Lee Simmons has opened her own Beverly Hills Spa that offers treatment with CBD infused products. The spa has seen some pretty big names come through the doors, including Kim Kardashian and Angelica Houston.   

CBD comes into play in a few different ways in Simmons’ spa. After a rigorous exfoliating treatment and a massage, guests are offered a CBD infused salve. The lotion is the culmination of a guest’s experience. The idea is that the CBD lotion will provide extra nutrients to the freshly cleansed skin. Guests are also offered CBD infused rose water, to help increase relaxation. 

For Simmons and her business partner, Anna Margaryan, CBD infused products are for more than just luxury. Margaryan credits CBD oil with helping her get over post-natal depression. The women clearly feel passionate about the product. For them, CBD is personal. They don’t just use CBD infused products, they also educate their guests on the uses and effects of CBD.  

CBD Spa Treatment at Home

You don’t need to go to a spa to get spa quality CBD treatments. Many online beauty stores sell all the products you need to give yourself the same treatment at home that celebrities like Kim Kardashian get at a CBD spa. 

They have a dedicated spa line that’s full of high end, luxury, spa quality products. Consider starting your spa day with a relaxing bath. A CBD massage candle will set the mood. Add some CBD bubble bath to help you relax. Exfoliate with our CBD brown sugar scrub and afterward pamper your freshly exfoliated skin with CBD body healing cream.

If you want to mimic the CBD spa experience, try adding some of our consumables to a relaxing tea or a cocktail. A CBD infused drink will help you relax, so you can get the most out of your spa treatment.

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How to Treat Yourself and Feel Your Best: 5 Proven Strategies

Busy schedules and seemingly endless obligations can get the best of you sometimes. When they do, take a step back and treat yourself. While a luxury vacation might be a nice idea, it isn’t necessary to go all out in order to pamper yourself and feel valued. Research shows that some of the most simple strategies are highly effective at improving overall health and wellbeing.

1. Invest in Your Health

You probably already know that eating right is important to your health. However, knowing that and actually doing it are two separate things. Be willing to invest in healthier food choices, even if that means using a meal planning service to deliver ingredients and recipes to your door. When you do eat out, skip the fried, greasy fast food options and choose healthier options instead.

When food alone isn’t enough, nutritional supplements offer an added boost. Be careful which ones you choose, however. Always choose high-quality supplements to avoid being disappointed. Le-Vel Thrive reviews show that it provides a solid boost of energy while encouraging and assisting users to pursue an active lifestyle.

2. Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

When life gets out of hand, a day at the spa can help you relax and unwind. Go ahead and schedule a massage and facial. While some people consider it pampering, massage can actually be an integral part of your healthcare strategy. It helps lower stress and anxiety eases sore muscles and promotes relaxation. Many studios offer monthly packages to encourage making it a part of your normal wellness routine. If a full massage isn’t on the table, head out for a manicure and pedicure instead. You’ll walk away rejuvenated and recharged, ready to face whatever comes your way next.

3. Embrace Nature

Time spent outdoors is good for your health, both physically and psychologically. It lowers stress and improves mood. New research shows that it can also improve symptoms of anxiety and depression. Fresh air helps bolster natural immune defenses so you are less likely to succumb to illnesses. If that weren’t enough, your body requires sunlight to produce vitamin D for strong bones and tissue.  So, how much time should you spend outdoors to reap the benefits? According to this article, about two hours of exposure each week was needed to maximize the health benefits. It isn’t hard to meet that goal if you spread it out over the whole week. Take your morning coffee on the front porch, walk during your lunch hour or spend time puttering in the garden in the evening and you’ll be surprised at how much better you feel.

4. Stop and Smell the Roses

Aromatherapy has been around in some form for thousands of years. It uses plant extracts and oils to trigger a physiological response within the body. Since it is the chemical compounds of plants that produce the effects, fragrance oils will not work. That’s why it is important to always use high-quality essential oils. There are numerous ways to enjoy aromatherapy. You can use a diffuser to spread a pleasant scent throughout an entire room or put a few drops of oil into a warm bath.

5. Practice Gratitude

There is a growing body of evidence that shows how practicing gratitude can help you feel empowered, happier and more confident. In its most basic form, gratitude is simply an appreciation for what you have. While it is an emotion, it is also a personality trait that can be cultivated. Doing so results in stronger relationships, better moods, and a more positive outlook. Try by simply acknowledging something you are grateful for each morning. As you do, you may be surprised to see how much good is already in your life.

Life can be overwhelming. Take charge of it and pamper yourself with proven strategies like massage, proper diet, and spending time outdoors.