Here are 4 Signs Your Body’s Giving That You Need To Visit a Spa

While everyone loves a spa day, the majority only do it once in a blue moon. Somehow, we just never give our bodies the tender loving and care they need and deserve. Small stressors easily build up amidst our chaotic daily schedules. People around us can also be sources of stressors and tension. This has an impact on your mental and physical health. Here are 4 signs your body is telling you it’s time to visit the spa. 

Simply Not Feeling Yourself 

Daily happenings and stresses from people around can throw you off course. It’s easy to get sedentary and fall out of touch with your normal self. Sometimes it’s just a relationship giving you headaches. You may be suspecting your partner of cheating and simply can’t find a way to prove it. Luckily for you, visiting the spa will help you relieve such stress. While you are at it, you can read this article on  How to Spy on WhatsApp to finally put your doubts to rest. You will come out of the experience confident and rejuvenated.  

You are Unfocused Or Forgetful And Small Inconveniences Stress You Out 

If you take longer than usual to complete daily tasks or forget items such as your home keys, it might be time for a spa. Have you just re-read this paragraph for a while? Yeah, you need one! Others also tend to easily snap at their colleagues or partners for small stuff. These are generally things that usually don’t break your sweat. Spas are great for getting you unplugged from the daily hustle and refocusing your thoughts and mind. So, every time you get forgetful or snappy, just visit a spa. 

You’re Getting Headaches Or Have Other Minor Body Aches And Pains 

Daily hustle and bustle can lead to tension build-up around various body parts. It is not uncommon to feel pain around your neck, shoulders, and trapezius muscles. This makes one uncomfortable and dull at work. These strains are also known to trigger headaches which makes you even less productive and moody! Spa treatments are great at doing away with such pains. A good session will help identify tensioned locations and work out other kinks. This helps ease your body and mind making you calm, happy, and productive. 

Have A Poor Posture 

Having a poor posture is a clear telltale sign that you urgently need a massage. The majority of the workforce today spend a bulk of their 9 to 5 staring at a computer. While we often have good workspace furniture, they are designed for universal fit. It is therefore very easy to develop poor postures due to bent backs from strained sitting configurations. Regular visits to the spa help prevent this. Sustained poor sitting postures have long-term effects. Taking time to visit a spa helps prevent this. 


If you just haven’t visited a spa you shouldn’t have finished reading this article! Spas are very important for everyone. Life can get very physically and emotionally complicated. This results in immense pressures that have severe effects on our daily functioning and well-being. Spas are a simple, enjoyable, and proven way to relieve you from all this. Also, your body will be keen to remind you if you forget. Now you know what to look out for. 

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7 Wellness Secrets to Growing Plant Foods at Home

Whether you’re considering your physical wellness or your mental wellness, the foods you eat play a big role in how you feel. You’ve probably noticed that you feel better when you eat fresh, whole foods over fatty, processed foods. With that in mind, many people are turning to their gardens to support their overall wellness. Not much of a green thumb? You can become a master gardener in no time using these handy tips. 

1. Don’t Ignore Technology

A major perk to home gardening is that it is good for the environment. When you eat foods you grow instead of buying them at the store, you lower your carbon footprint. Climate change and protecting the environment is changing the way many businesses operate. Even if you want an eco-friendly solution to healthy eating, you shouldn’t ignore the strides that are being made in many industries, including with digital oil and gas solutions. For example, technological advances are being used to clean up the water supply and use excess compost as fuel.

2. Choose the Right Soil

The soil you choose to put your seeds in plays a big part in successful growing. Look for soil that contains vitamins and minerals. Not only will this help your food grow, but it will infuse it with nutrients that support your health when you eat them. The right soil also contains good bacteria that populates your intestines and aids in proper digestion, as well as warding off digestive disturbances.

3. Use Large Containers

You can be successful with container gardening, but keep in mind that bigger is usually better. Your plants need room to spread their roots and grow so the pot you use should look big when you first place your plants in the soil. Container gardening requires airy soil so don’t pack it in too hard. 

4. Consider Moving Indoors

Your food doesn’t have to grow outside to be healthy. You can easily grow herbs, leafy greens and small vegetables inside. Use liquid organic fertilizer or compost made from to promote growth and control the odor. Keep your plants in a place that gets a lot of sunlight and be sure to water them regularly. 

5. Grow a Variety

The best way to get an adequate intake of important vitamins and minerals is to eat a variety of foods. Growing plenty of options in your garden allows you to do this. Try tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, carrots and herbs for a nice mix of nutrients. If you have space, you might also try your hand at growing raspberries, strawberries and edible flowers. 

6. Take Care of Your Garden

Sure, you can reap plenty of benefits from eating your home-grown food. But don’t outsource the gardening tasks. Spending time in your garden increases flexibility, increases your vitamin D exposure, lowers blood pressure and burns calories. 

7. Use Compost

Compost isn’t only for indoor gardening. You should be using compost on your outdoor plants as well. Not only does this promote growth of your food, but it also primes the soil so it can deliver vitamins and minerals to the vegetables, fruits and herbs that you grow. You can make your own compost from food scraps at home, but you can also buy it if you prefer. Ask your local nursery or home improvement store about where to find it. 

There are so many great ways to support your health by growing your own food. It’s fresher and contains a wealth of nutrients. It’s also a great way to care for the environment and save money on your food bill. Once you start feeling the effects of healthier eating, you’ll be hooked. So get your garden ready and get started today!

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America’s Oldest Skin Care Company Celebrates Historic Milestone

Press Release

Legacy brand and leading innovator since 1871, Columbia Skincare has 150-years of healing history

For Immediate Release:
Bronxville, New York
July 19, 2021
Contact: Steven Rosenfeld • 914-337-5131
[email protected]

During the span of a century and a half, The F.C. Sturtevant Company has introduced an iconic antiseptic powder which prevented and cured skin irritations on millions of people and developed the first topical treatments for acne, contact dermatitis, and in aiding the renewal of skin tissue using fermented bacteria. “These products continue to meet the highest efficacious standards of our founder, Francis Crayton Sturtevant,” observed CEO Steven Rosenfeld.” For the past 150 years our focus has remained on innovating skincare products under the Columbia SkinCare brand that promote healthy, beautiful skin.”
“We have always approached skincare believing that nature holds the best medicine. That belief, in conjunction with an unprecedented 150 years of skin science and research, gives us a unique advantage in our campaign for healthy skin,” stated Dr. James B. Ryan, Vice-President of product development.

Today, Columbia SkinCare is a trusted voice that respects the intelligence of its customers. Sometimes a little wry. Sometimes even a bit mischievous . Confident and sure in ourselves and the results we deliver to our customers. Always respectful of our customers desire for healthy, beautiful skin and the investment they make in it.
“Our Company has succeeded for a century and a half  by combining nature’s best curative ingredients with our unsurpassed scientific knowledge and research to innovate products that just simply work,” said Mr. Rosenfeld.  “It doesn’t sound very exciting, until you’ve tried them,” he added.
As the Company looks to the future, they see a paradigm change occurring within the skincare industry and medical innovation in general based on the increased use of microbiology,  biotechnology, and AI  in product development. “We plan to have an active role in creating a new healthcare paradigm,” said Dr. Ryan.

Spa and Wellness Trends to Help Your Business During COVID-19

So you think the spa and wellness industry’s dead during the COVID-19 pandemic? Think again. As the economy started to open and spas and other wellness establishments resumed operation, there was a fear that people would be afraid of getting physical contact, which would affect the revenue of businesses. It turned out that the fear was unfounded. People are still willing to go to spas and wellness establishments.

Admittedly, the spa and wellness industry took a hit during the pandemic, with 80% of the establishments that belong to it had to close down temporarily during the lockdowns, a global survey has shown. The same poll also found that 35% of the businesses implemented a hiring freeze during the same period. However, things are starting to go back to normal now. People are starting to go back to the businesses that they avoided at the height of the pandemic. Therefore, this is an excellent opportunity for businesses within the spa and wellness industry to bounce back and do even better than before the pandemic struck.

Spa and Wellness Trends

To take advantage of the recovery period, you need to be aware of the various trends in the industry. We have listed here some of the trends that you should be mindful of in the wellness industry.

Immunity-Boosting Treatments

If there’s one thing that people realized because of the pandemic, it is the importance of having a strong immune system. As a result, clients are now interested in getting treatments aimed at boosting their immune systems. 

Some alternative wellness treatments that might help boost the immune system include massage, acupuncture, aromatherapy, and any other treatment that promotes blood circulation. These treatments are not new at all, but you can definitely expect a renewed interest in them.

Low-Touch Treatments

Another important lesson learned by business owners because of the pandemic is that it’s important to diversify their revenue stream. Businesses in other industries learned to leverage the power of the internet, and they started selling their products online if they had not done so before, but that’s not really applicable to the wellness industry.

There are other ways of diversifying your revenue stream, and that includes offering services like low-touch treatments. These services include but are not limited to saunas, guided meditation, floatation, and LED therapies. 

Club Memberships

Club membership can be a great model for establishing a regular income for your business. This business model shows promise, and it’s ideal for spas and other businesses in the wellness industry. 

You can offer member-only access to your amenities and also give discounts or even free services to members. You can also provide members with products that they can use at home.

Spa Retreats

Many companies now have their staff working remotely. While many are starting to go back to back to working in the office, some will continue to have employees work from home. These companies recognize the importance of workers staying connected to each other. You can take advantage of that by offering spa retreats to companies. 

Spa retreats can be offered as packages. Of course, this is best if you have a large facility that can accommodate the employees of a large business.

Female Wellness

As women become more empowered, treatments that are solely focused on them will become more popular. For example, you can offer reproductive and fertility health to women clients. You can also offer post-menopausal treatments to your clients.

Social Media Works

There’s nothing against using social media for marketing purposes, and if you are not using it yet, then you should go ahead and do so now. Be sure that you have a robust social media presence. While there are a lot of platforms out there, and you don’t really need to be on all of them, it’s a must for you to maintain a presence on Instagram and Facebook.

Face Treatments

The widespread use of masks has heightened the interest in facial care and above-the-mask treatments. Groomed eyebrows, eyelash extensions, and peels are just some skin treatments that will continue to be popular.

These are just some of the trends that you should follow if you’re in the spa and wellness industry like Aspire Derm. You don’t need to join the bandwagon for all these trends. Instead, you need to pick the ones that would work for you.

5 Steps To A More Successful Self-Care Plan

Self-care is a necessity in the modern day. Taking good care of yourself will help improve every aspect of your life, including your physical and mental health, relationships, and career.

Looking after number one is in no way selfish, and is actually the best way to support others. A good relationship with yourself will soon brighten every other relationship you have, and promote all kinds of positive effects. 

When it comes to self-care, there are many different areas to focus on, all of which contribute to your overall well being. While it is important that we keep up with our routines, it’s important to regularly test our practices. Creating new routines and improving on existing ones helps us to grow and to learn what works best for us.

After a challenging year, 2021 is a greater time than any to switch up your self-care plan, upgrade it and focus more on yourself. Here are five ways you can improve your regime. 

1. Take advantage of the great outdoors

With the pandemic forcing most of us to stay indoors, avoid social contact and work from home, your day might be lacking in the fresh air that you previously took for granted. However, working from home does not mean you cannot step outside.

Eat breakfast in the morning sun, take your weights session to the garden, or spend your lunch break in the local park. A recent study suggested that a 20-minute park visit improved life satisfaction. 

Fresh air has many health benefits and can help to boost your productivity when you return to the desk. Regular breaks can also help to prevent headaches and migraines caused by muscle tension. 

2. Move more

If you’re struggling to fit a regular fitness routine into your busy work schedule, there are smaller steps you can take to incorporate movement into your day. 

For instance, take a work call while out on a power walk, throw in a 15-minute stretch class instead of a coffee break (you’ll reap the benefits.) or turn dinner time into an evening dance class while cooking. There are lots of ways to add movement to your day, even while stuck at home.

3. Do something you enjoy 

It’s easy for the day to disappear from work, conference calls and cooking meals. A day at home can be tiresome, resulting in a late-night binge of the latest Netflix series. It can all get a bit monotonous, and therefore it is important to find time for yourself to do the things you enjoy. Finding a balance between being professional and fun can have many benefits.

When was the last time you read a good book, picked up your guitar, or tried your hand at songwriting? Whatever your passion, or creative area you would like to explore, now is the time to do it. Planning time for yourself to enjoy is just as important as meeting work deadlines. 

4. Switch up your beauty routine 

A report carried out by Mintel into beauty and personal care found that incorporating a regular beauty routine can help to fight stress and anxiety. The same report found that a global trend for beauty and personal care is centred around wellbeing. Consumers are shopping more consciously, with a greater interest in ethical products. 

Purchasing more environmentally-friendly products can help us to feel like we are helping in some way. This in turn makes us feel good about ourselves. This doesn’t mean an overhaul of your entire bathroom cupboard or that you must throw away your current skincare products, but it could be a good idea to begin researching alternative products. That way, you can make a more conscious decision when the time comes. Making small changes can lead to big results. 

5. Prioritize self-care

Your calendar is likely jam-packed with meetings, deadlines and Zoom calls. Setting a date and time in your calendar or diary helps you not only to remember the event but to prioritize it when making further plans. 

So, why not start scheduling in your self-care times?  Whether it’s an evening yoga session, a weekly body exfoliation or a fortnightly intensive face mask, add the activities to your diary. You’ll find it easier to make them happen, and won’t forget about spending time with you. 

Giving these five tips a try will update and refresh your self-care routine. It’s easy to follow the same methods day to day, but it is beneficial to make changes every once in a while to keep your body and mind motivated.

4 Weird Ways Stress Affects Your Body

We have all probably been impacted by stress one way or another. Whether it’s a busy work schedule, an intense academic year, or juggling family responsibilities, stress finds its way to us. You’ve probably felt it affects your sleep schedule or your appetite, but unfortunately, those aren’t the only ways it affects your body. Stress can manifest itself in many different ailments. If you recognize any of these in yourself, it may be time for a bit of relaxation.


Prolonged stress can affect your oral health. Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, is one of the most common ways. Most people experience teeth grinding and jaw clenching while they sleep and don’t even realize it. Bruxism can cause jaw disorders, painful headaches, and damaged teeth. Stress can also cause gum disease to be more prevalent. Being stressed out decreases the function of your immune system and weakens your ability to fight infections. Thus, when gingivitis or other gum diseases are present, there is no effective way for your body to fight them off. Gum disease that goes untreated can cause severe periodontal disease. Some people suffer from dry mouth due to medications that they take for stress-related disorders. Dry mouth can make your mouth vulnerable to tooth decay and cavities.


Your skin can react to stress in a variety of ways. Some people experience an overproduction of oil in their skin glands due to stress. The hormone that is produced during stress is called cortisol. Cortisol is the agent that triggers the production of oil. This oil clogs pores and can cause acne. Others experience irritation of the skin. The skin can become sensitive and prone to redness, rashes, and hives. Another common skin issue that occurs is a byproduct of another reaction to stress. Some people feel the urge to scratch or pick at their faces when they feel stress. Picking skin, especially if it is already irritated, can cause scarring and inflammation. Especially for those who already struggle with blemishes, picking at the skin only makes matters worse.


You’ve probably felt your muscles tense up when you’re stressed. Stress can cause the musculoskeletal system of your body to bottle up tension. The muscles tense as a reaction to stress because it is the body’s method of protecting the important inner organs. Chronic stress can cause peoples’ muscles to become sore and worn due to consistent tension. This is not only uncomfortable and painful, but it tires the body. Those who tense primarily around the neck, head, and jaw areas can be susceptible to headaches and migraines. Additionally, tension in the shoulders and back can cause chronic pain in the lumbar region. Chronic stress and repeated strain on the muscles can cause long-term conditions that are difficult to remedy.


The connection between the mind and the gastrointestinal system is extremely strong. It has even caused the formation of a new field of medicine called Neurogastroenterology. Stress can cause the gastrointestinal system to slow down causing indigestion and stomach pain. Some people experience bloating and constipation due to increased levels of stress. Others experience a lack of appetite when it comes to stress. This is particularly problematic in younger children and adolescents as they rely heavily on nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from food for development. If you have an already existing gastrointestinal condition like Chron’s, irritable bowel syndrome, and stomach ulcers, stress can worsen the symptoms.

Bottom Line

Our bodies react to stress for survival purposes. For evolutionary reasons, we react in certain ways when presented with an impending danger. This being said, more and more people are experiencing chronic stress due to the intensity of day-to-day life. In fact, 20% of people have reported suffering from extreme stress. Chronic stress can age the body much quicker than it would naturally. Lack of sleep, indigestion, muscle strain, skin irritation, and oral issues are just a few ways that stress affects the body. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or anxious, try practicing some breathing exercises or yoga poses to promote relaxation. We could all benefit from pockets of peace in our day.

Improving Labor Productivity for Beauty Salons: How to Assess And Plan

Managing productivity growth for beauty salons is as important as increasing revenue or attracting visitors. The concept of productivity growth refers to the focus on seeking new options to improve what is already there. This focus is based on the belief that there is an ongoing opportunity to improve staff performance.

What Factors Influence Changes in Productivity in a Beauty Salon

External factors of productivity improvement for beauty salons: 

  1. Natural – working in difficult conditions (heat/cold, humidity, etc.) causes a decrease in productivity. 
  2. Political. The political situation influences the formation of capital as well as the level of solvency of the population. That affects the indicators of labor productivity in a negative way. 

Internal factors affecting the decrease or increase of labor productivity of beauty salon workers: 

  1. introduction of new types of equipment; 
  2. changes in the volume of work; 
  3. reorganization of salon operations and management processes; 
  4. introduction of new systems of stimulation and organization of labor activity.

How to Estimate Labor Productivity of Beauty Business 

The main estimated indicators of increasing labor productivity for beauty salons: 

  1. productivity; 
  2. labor intensity.

These indicators are interdependent with each other since they have a great influence on the overall result. In general, labor productivity is the ratio of the costs of the services or procedures provided. Only those indicators that are used in a particular case act as a ratio:

  1. the total cost of the service
  2. used products, taking into account their sales value in other salons
  3. involved labor of the staff of the beauty salon without consumables and cosmetics

Labor input has a direct impact on labor productivity, the higher it is, the lower productivity is. An increase in labor productivity at the expense of the introduction of the new equipment only influences the reduction of labor intensity. It can occur at the expense of reduction of losses of working hours or increase of labor intensity. As a consequence, there are advantages such as:

  1. interdependence of the total amount of work done on labor costs
  2. lack of dependence between the amount of supplied consumables and the organizational process of the beauty salon
  3. matching costs for similar services in this salon
  4. the ability to determine performance and reserves to increase it

In practice, there are three ways to determine the level of labor productivity. 

  1. The cost method – the ratio of the amount of work in monetary terms. With the help of the cost method, it is possible to compare labor productivity with the work of different specialists in the provision of various services. The disadvantage of this method is its dependence on market fluctuations and inflationary processes.  
  2. The natural method of measurement is used to evaluate services of the same type. According to this method, the assessment occurs by natural indicators – the number of visitors, the amount of money spent, and so on. According to such indicators, it is possible to analyze the productivity increase of the personnel, which carries out one type of service. It is impossible to compare indicators of employees with different specializations. 
  3. The conditional-natural method is a subset of the previous (natural) method. The evaluation is made in conditional units of performed procedures of the same type.

5 Ways to Increase Labor Productivity For a Beauty Salon

  1. Strengthening the material and technical base has a significant impact on improving the quality and productivity of beauty salons. For the most part, it concerns the automation of some processes, including recording visitors, sending reminders of an upcoming visit.  The latest salon business management systems contribute to the automation of some processes and to the growth of productivity administrators (sales scripts, scripts talking to difficult visitors).
  1. Reducing non-productive costs leads to a reduction in the cost of procedures. Determine the facts and conditions of unreasonable spending helps professional analysis of the institution as a whole and each master in particular. Here can be identified overstated timing of procedures, long intervals between visitors, and other factors. 
  1. A well-thought-out work schedule that includes setting tasks for employees and defining their job responsibilities. This will get rid of controversial issues on the distribution of duties and responsibilities, as well as reduce the time required to clarify the tasks of each employee. 
  1. The motivation of service personnel. In this matter, the most effective way is a well-thought-out system of bonuses for certain labor indicators (number of customers, the average bill, the amount of revenue, etc.) 
  1. Strengthening the trust of staff in the salon. An important step in this direction is the gradual involvement of the staff in the planning and solving of future problems of the beauty salon.

To obtain the maximum effect, it is necessary to combine different areas of increasing labor productivity for beauty salons.

H2: What Other Methods Are There to Increase The Productivity of Beauty Salon Workers?

1. Professional development of employees. The method implies the acquisition by specialists of modern knowledge and skills. These skills can be applied in the process of providing existing services. Besides, new knowledge will generate new ideas to improve the quality of management and the implementation of work processes. This forms the necessary conditions for increasing productivity for beauty salons, as well as improving the quality of services provided. 

2. You can conduct a competition for the title of “best employee of the month”. Contests are among the most powerful stimulating tools. They can be held in different categories (best hairstylist, administrator, massage therapist, etc.) or in the entire salon. The prize to the winner may be a cash prize or a certificate for free training courses.

3. Setting up feedback. There are two types of feedback – internal (which goes during the provision of services) and external (feedback from visitors). A more reliable option is internal feedback, as it occurs directly in the course of work. You can use the technique of setting goals without specifying how to achieve them or introduce quality checks. Also, employees have the opportunity to make adjustments to correct deficiencies right in the process. This will make it possible to avoid repeating mistakes. 

4. Respect for beauty salon employees. The concept of “respect for the individual” includes a focus on stimulating initiative, developing skills, creating conditions for the demonstration of creative abilities, encouragement of positive achievements. It is also important to guarantee the protection of the personal rights and freedoms of employees. The whole complex of such measures provides the increase of labor productivity at the enterprise due to the self-realization of employees.

How to Analyze Labor Productivity For a Beauty Salon

It is necessary to analyze labor productivity according to the following criteria:

1. Summarizing data: average hourly, average daily, average annual revenue per specialist, average annual production of expendable funds per employee.

2. Private indicators reflecting the time spent on performing a certain procedure.

3. Reflection of the time spent on the provision of a particular service.

4. Auxiliary indicators that give an understanding of how much time is needed for a particular procedure.

Improving the efficiency of labor productivity for beauty salons depends on factors that can be divided into two groups:

1. Extensive – efficiency of working time. 

2. Intensive – reduction of labor intensity through the use of the latest equipment and automation of various processes, as well as through the optimization of the salon.

How to Plan The Productivity Increase 

Planning methods that identify ways to improve productivity for beauty salons:

1. Direct counting method. It determines the decrease in the number of maintenance personnel after organizational measures. Also, you can calculate a possible subsequent increase in productivity. The planned number of employees is first determined, taking into account the possible reduction after the implementation of the planned processes.

2. Factorial method. You should determine the ways to increase labor productivity for beauty salons according to the strength of influence. For this purpose, you must evaluate the base number of employees, which can provide the maintenance of the productivity index in the base period. By comparing the labor required to deliver services, you estimate changes in the number of employees under the effect of each individual element. Then you must calculate the change in the base number, as well as the growth in productivity throughout the specified period.

Bio: Rebecca Carter works at UK essays as a content writer. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and during her study developed an enthusiasm for writing about the latest trends in the business world. When she is not writing Rebecca enjoys being in the mountains and volunteering.

4 Benefits Of Aromatherapy Massage To The Mind And Body

Aromatherapy massage is a therapeutic approach that combines essential oils and massage techniques. Working with the body’s physical and emotional systems is designed to relieve stress, improve mood, and reduce anxiety. Many people who use aromatherapy often find that they enjoy this form of healing so much that they continue to practice it daily. 

Aromatherapy massage has been increasing in popularity these days because of its wide range of health benefits. Spas and centers, like Modern MindBody Massage, offer these services to those looking to maximize body massages’ benefits. If you’re new to this concept, continue reading below to learn more about the different aspects of aromatherapy and its benefits.

Understanding The Different Aspects Of Aromatherapy 

Aromatherapy uses scented aromatic essential oils for medicinal purposes to enhance an individual’s physical and psychological health. It improves both mental and physical wellbeing. Aromatherapy also has a reputation for being a safe and effective complementary therapy to conventional medicine. Aromatherapy involves using certain fragrances to trigger a pleasant ‘natural relaxation response’ in your brain that helps you sleep better at night.    

Aromatherapy utilizes essential oils as its source of nourishment. Essential oil is a concentrated, hydrophobic liquid comprising various volatile organic compounds in plants. Many of these components may contain alcohols, which are naturally present in plant materials. Some plants also contain different flavonoids and terpenoids, which have unique roles in the plants’ physiology. These chemicals react with specific receptors found in the human body and produce signals responsible for eliciting favorable responses in the human nervous system. 

Essential oils are produced through the following methods: 

  • Steam distillation 
  • Solvent extraction 
  • CO2 extraction  
  • Maceration process 

There are different essential oils that can be used for aromatherapy. Essential oil blends can be found in both bottled and vaporized versions. Aromatherapy products are commonly sold in mass quantities, like creams and lotions, or smaller bottles, like scented bath soaps and room fresheners. Essential oil scents can vary significantly based on the plant used, the amount of processing done to the ingredients, and the source of the oil.  

A few commonly used essential oils include: 

  • Citrus Essential Oil

This scent is found in the leaves of the lemon tree. Lemon-scented soaps and lotions are very popular. The smell is uplifting and fresh, resembling the smell of fresh lemons. The scent is light and is pleasant, almost indescribable. Citrus oils can be used topically on aching muscles or dry skin, or used whole or applied to the scalp or skin as a massage oil. 

  • Lavender Essential Oil 

This essential oil is derived from the flowers of the lavender plant. The smell of lavender is uplifting, sweet, and has a calming effect on many people. When added to other essential oils for aromatherapy, lavender may help alleviate common colds and flu symptoms. 

  • Peppermint Essential Oil 

Peppermint essential oil is extracted from the leaves of the peppermint plant. Peppermint contains menthol, which is one of the strongest scents. The oil produced from it has several uses. Menthol has been proven to be effective in relieving colds, nausea, sinusitis, and cough, as well as in relaxing muscles and easing tension and stress. Menthol is also found in strong fresheners.  

The Benefits Of Aromatherapy Massages 

Aromatherapy is usually best paired with full-body massages. An aromatherapy massage is an alternative form of bodywork, and it involves relaxing the body through inhalation and exhalation techniques. What are the benefits if you combine aromatherapy techniques and body massages?  Here are some of those advantages:  

  1. It Helps Reduce Stress  

Stress has been shown to exacerbate existing health problems and lead to other, more severe health issues. In a nutshell, stress causes you to become physically and mentally ill. Stress lowers your immune system and can cause you to suffer from colds, flu, and other illnesses.  

Stress can also push people to have unhealthy habits, like smoking, drinking too much alcohol, and overeating. That’s why people under a great deal of stress tend to suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and even heart disease. 

Aromatherapy helps to relax the entire body so that it is better able to fight illnesses. The therapeutic properties of the various scents make you feel relaxed and help relieve the symptoms of both mental and physical stress.  

Reduced stress levels can help prevent cardiovascular diseases, such as hypertension and coronary artery disease, from developing in the body. Furthermore, massage therapy can improve the blood supply to the brain and help prevent certain mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety

  1. It Helps Relax The Muscles 

Muscles can become tight for several reasons. It could be because of muscle contractures, soft tissue damage, or an increase in tone. Muscles can also become tight due to poor posture and emotional stress. When you stand or sit for long periods, your muscles tend to feel some strain or tension. When this happens, the muscle naturally resists this tension and contracts to overcome the body’s demand. Over time, this will affect the range of motion of the muscles, and you’ll feel that they’re starting to feel tight or stiff.  

Massaging the muscles with essential oil is one of the best ways to treat tight muscles and help them relax. There are different massage techniques a massage therapist can do to address this issue. These are:

  • Effleurage – This massage technique uses light strokes to increase the temperature of the soft tissues and improve blood circulation in the muscles. When the temperature is increased, the muscles relax, thus, relieving the tension around the area.  
  • Petrissage – This massage technique is used to squeeze and roll the soft tissues to relieve muscle spasms and increase the oxygen in the muscles.  

Muscle massage can also help manage pain, tension, and swelling when used with the following essential oils:  

  • Peppermint – It contains menthol that gives a cooling effect on the sore muscles. It also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.  
  • Helichrysum oil – It helps with muscle spasms and pain.
  • Marjoram oil – It helps relax the muscles and is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.  

There have been studies that prove that muscle massage can help not only to tighten muscles, but also relieve sore muscles after a physical activity, like working out. When combined with aromatherapy, you can experience more benefits because as your muscles relax, essential oils also help your brain release more hormones to help you feel relaxed.  

  1. It Helps Reduce Joint Pain 

Massage therapy can provide increased joint pain relief when used in conjunction with essential oils. The benefits of massage therapy include the release of endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers. During full-body massage therapy, these hormones are released into the bloodstream.  

Aromatherapy is beneficial for managing pain caused by arthritis as it has many different healing properties. Aside from releasing hormones to manage pain, aromatherapy massage also helps relieve joint pain by improving blood circulation and reducing inflammation. When there’s an increased blood flow in the joints, there’s improved movement; thus, a person will feel reduced pain.  

  1. It Helps Improve Blood Circulation 

There are two different types of blood circulation within the body: lymph flow and circulation of blood flow. When the circulation in the body is poor, a person can feel swelling, tension, and tightness. They’ll also feel increased pain. During aromatherapy massage, the blood flow is stimulated through the friction between the skin and the fingers.  

For example, in a Swedish massage, the therapist will rub the muscle tissues in the same direction as your blood flow, leading to the heart. This helps your muscles relax while the lymph system continues to move fluids to the heart. This also encourages the blood and lymph fluids in your extremities to return faster and improve the body’s overall circulation.  

Shiatsu massage is another massage technique that helps improve blood flow. In this technique, the acupoints are stimulated for better blood circulation. It improves the health of the tendons and muscles, as well as relieves tension. To perform this massage, a finger is inserted into a specific acupoint. Pressure is applied, and this allows blood to flow throughout the body. 

Adding aromatherapy essential oils to these massage techniques will make the treatments more effective. Some of the essential oils used for this purpose are cypress and ginger. Cypress helps warm the muscles, and it also helps alleviate pain caused by muscle cramps.  


A great massage therapist, no matter what they apply on the skin, may be able to give you relief from chronic pain, increase your range of motion, as well as aid with blood circulation. 

Many people have reported increased energy, better sleep, improved moods, reduced symptoms of depression, and lower stress levels. It has even been suggested that regular massages may reduce the risk of degenerative joint diseases, such as osteoarthritis, by reducing joint inflammation. 

Aromatherapy massages are also one of the best ways to relieve muscle pain after a workout. When tight or sore muscles are massaged, there’s an increase in blood circulation around the areas being massaged, which helps reduce pain and inflammation. When essential oils are used with different muscle massage techniques, you can feel more relaxed, and your brain can produce more hormones to help you manage your pain.  

Wellness Travel: Guide to Spa Vacations

What’s a better way to relax on a honeymoon other than booking a pampering day at a luxurious spa? Of course, nothing tops a soothing experience that can refill your energy level and make you feel ultra-fresh and clear-minded. To add to your honeymoon ideas, we have gathered a list of places you can book spa treatments.  

Let’s get started! 

Spa in a Hotel 

Why stay in a five-star hotel, if you cannot steal a few self-care moments for yourself and your significant other? One way to enjoy some relaxing treatments on your honeymoon is by booking a hotel with a luxe spa. You will not even have to leave the hotel and might be able to bag some discounts with the room booking. 

Some of these hotels offer a special program tailored specifically for your health needs by choosing a custom exercise program and a medical report. You can literally spend all day at a hotel and still call it one of the best days of your honeymoon. 

Spa in a Cruise-Ship  

Bored with the usually confined rooms with the same old decors? Let’s introduce you to the spacious, luxe cruise spas with extraordinary ocean views. Don’t worry, they have all the necessary amenities the land spas hold, including saunas, steam rooms, and a long list of luxurious treatments. However, the best part of these spas is the location. It is always changing.  

You can have multiple treatments in the spa with different views. How often is this offered by a spa? Almost, never! This is one way you can surprise your significant other. They might never forget this experience in their lifetime. 

Spa in a Resort 

If you want a two-in-one kind of deal, a spa resort might be the one for you. With an endless list of massages, mani-pedis, facials, and a variety of soothing treatments to choose from, you might never want to end this phase of your honeymoon. These also offer group treatments known as “Journeys” where you can combine a major treatment with add-ons such as reflexology or scalp treatments.  

Don’t forget to mention to the staff that you are on your honeymoon, you might get complementary couple massages coupled with red wine. 

A Medical/Health Spa 

We all have to face some kind of medical condition in our lives one way or another. If this is the case currently with you or your spouse, let it not affect your desire of booking a spa on your honeymoon. That’s right. As people with health conditions might not be comfortable with treatments done at a regular spa, heath/medical spas were introduced. 

A team of doctors and nurses will run a few medical tests to identify issues and deficiencies. You might get prescribed a tailored diet, a few supplements, and an indulgent massage treatment. These treatments will not only provide you with relaxation but will also improve your health by eliminating toxins and bad habits. 

Spa and Wellness Retreats 

If your partner loves to lead a holistic style that can help you focus on rejuvenation of mind and body on top of a spa treatment, a wellness retreat might be your go-to option. The spa-menus in a wellness retreat might surprise you a bit with an array of expert-led classes and sessions on healthy eating, meditation, yoga, astrology, and sometimes, beekeeping. 

This is no doubt a great way to restore your energy and a chance to adopt a healthy lifestyle.  

Fitness Spas 

Not sure how can the two go along? Let us explain. If both of you are fitness freaks, this might sound like an amazing honeymoon idea to you. A full-fledged workout routine with detox menus free of caffeine, alcohol, and sugar, these spas are a happy place for fitness maniacs. After an intense workout day, you can swim in a heated swimming pool, have some me-time (or us-time) in a sauna, get traditional or international massages, or simply watch tv.  

These fitness spas can help you reach your weight goals while celebrating your honeymoon.  

Final Thoughts 

A honeymoon should not be only about going to fancy places, it should also make you feel relaxed and refreshed. And there is no better way to do that other than booking a luxurious spa. So, what are you waiting for?