Ways to Show A Couple That You Care About Them

Do you have a couple that you want to show some love for? Whether this is your parents, a sibling and their partner, two friends, or any other couple in your life, you will sometimes want to show them just how much they mean to you, and it does not have to be an anniversary for you to do this. It is tough to show a couple that you care because you have two people and personalities to think about, but this is all part of the fun and challenge. With this in mind, here are a few ideas that will hopefully give you some inspiration. 

  • Spa Day

One of the best ideas and one which is sure to be appreciated is to arrange a spa day for them. Spa days can be incredibly therapeutic and help people to unwind completely, and they are made even more special if they are shared with a partner. This is one of the most thoughtful gifts that you can give and one that could have a big impact on their life (especially if they have been stressed lately).

  • Class/Lessons

Another idea is to sign them up for a class or lessons in something that they can do together. As a couple, trying new things and learning together is a great way to strengthen your bond and make new memories, whether this is a cooking class, learning a new language, dance class, or anything else that you think that they might both enjoy doing and value.

  • Gifts

Of course, gifts are always a great way to show someone that you care, and there are lots of good gifts for couples that are worth considering, and you can look online for inspiration. Typically, these will be fun activities that they can do together, items for their home, or monthly gift subscriptions for something they can enjoy each month. 

  • Cook for Them

Another idea that allows you to enjoy spending time with them is simply to cook a nice meal for them. Of course, you could take them out for dinner, but there is something extra special and more intimate about cooking for loved ones, and it allows you the chance to spend some quality time with them too (it can also be much cheaper than taking them out to dinner!).

  • Photo Album/Collage

Creating a photo album or collage for the couple is another thoughtful gift that they will cherish. These days, people tend only to view photos online, which can take the magic out of it. Creating a photo album or collage for them will allow them to enjoy looking at it together and provide a tangible experience while showing that a lot of work, effort, and care has gone into it. 

Hopefully, these ideas will get the ball rolling and give you a few ideas for ways that you can show a couple that you care about them. Of course, this is harder to do than just for one person, but it can also be good fun, and it is always something that is warmly received by a couple.

IMC Announces Updates to Atlanta Apparel Marketing and Communications Team

Press Release

ATLANTA– May 14, 2021 – International Market Centers (IMC) is pleased to announce several changes to its Atlanta Apparel marketing and communications team as it refines the brand and expands market offerings with the launch of the new Las Vegas Apparel market this August.

Kim Adams has been promoted to Vice President Marketing, Apparel. Adams came to IMC in 2018 with a background in digital marketing – complementing the strengths and industry experience of the existing apparel brand team. In her role as Executive Director of Marketing, Apparel, she focused on building a data-driven, collaborative strategy process; finding budget efficiencies; and working with a cross-functional team to support continued strong attendance at IMC’s apparel shows as well as the growth of its daily business.

The natural partnership of IMC’s in-house Fashion Office with the apparel brand team has been strengthened by bringing those groups together as one marketing team. The Fashion Office, led by Fashion Director Morgan Ramage, is IMC’s in-house trend authority, responsible for multiple fashion shows and styled presentations during each of the eight annual apparel markets. While these teams have long worked well together, this move streamlines the alignment of trend education and fashion presentations as a fully integrated part of each show’s marketing effort.

“The success of Atlanta Apparel is achieved daily, in large part by our motivated and talented team members who share IMC’s values and leadership expectations,” said Dorothy Belshaw, IMC executive vice president, chief customer & marketing officer. “Kim and Morgan have been integral in developing the unmatched Atlanta Apparel experience and we are excited for their leadership and creativity in this next chapter.”

The new Atlanta Apparel brand identity, which debuted in April 2021, sets the tone for current and future markets through a reimagination of the omnichannel market experience.  Accompanying the new brand is a new logo, tagline – “Connecting Culture & Commerce” – and creative direction.

Atlanta Apparel will host five more markets in Atlanta in 2021: June Atlanta Apparel (June 9-12), August Atlanta Apparel (August 3-7), VOW | New World of Bridal (August 2-7), World of Prom &  Social Occasion (August 2-7) and October Atlanta Apparel (October 12-16). For more information, visit Atlanta-Apparel.com/.

Las Vegas Apparel launches August 8-10 at the Expo at World Market Center Las Vegas. For more information, visit LasVegas-Apparel.com.

About International Market Centers: International Market Centers (IMC) serves as the center of commerce for the wholesale furniture, gift, home decor and apparel industries. With more than 20 million square feet of premium wholesale showroom space in High Point, N.C., Las Vegas and Atlanta, IMC has more than 60 years of relationships and experience creating scalable business platforms for wholesale commerce. With the launch of IMC’s Digital Innovations division and the Juniper suite of digital sales and marketing solutions and B2B ecommerce marketplace, IMC now provides the only omnichannel sales and marketing platform that seamlessly connects physical and digital wholesale commerce. www.imcenters.com.

Media Contacts:

Chelsea Peabody Bohannon, 404-220-2141, cbohannon@imcenters.com

Cathy Steel, 203-340-9251, cathysteel@cathysteelassociates.com

Top 20 most popular Spa equipment Shopify stores in US

Getting the best spa equipment for your Spa salon is the difference between giving an average spa experience vs a great one. However finding the best spa equipment store is often a hard choice part.

With the rise of SHopify, independent merchants have found a fantastic way to open up their own Spa equipment Shopify store and generate lots of sales and offer great products and services.

In Shopgram, we have browsed all the Shopify stores, analyzed the top Shopify stores in the US, have looked into the number of products in their inventory, their rank on Alexa and their detailed products.

How many Shopify Spa equipment stores are there?

There are around 800 spa related stores which are using Shopify to sell their products with the majority of them being from the United States (475 Spa stores in US), since Shopify has lots of options for international shipments, this won’t be a problem much.

You can see the full list of Shopify stores that sell spa equipment supplies from here.

What are top selling Spa equipment products?

Some of the spa equipment is sold via dropshipping, if you’re not familiar with the concept of dropshipping, to put it simply it’s a way to sell online without having to own an inventory. You basically get your products from a supplier via platforms like AliExpress and then you just take care of the marketing and sales and the supplier will take care of the product for you.

That’s why you will see lots of products being sold in various shops. 

What are the most popular Shopify stores for spa equipment?

We have crawled and analyzed 800K Shopify stores including every store in the spa equipment section and came up with this list, so hang tight and see them for yourself:

  1. Spa Sciences – Revolutionary Beauty Devices | Professional Results‎

Specialty: Electronic Beauty devices

Alexa Rank: 162643

Number of Products: 30

  1. Surya Spa 

Specialty: Unique natural spa products inspired by Indian acient medicine

Alexa Rank: 1042984

Number of Products: 33

  1. Miss Spa -Spa Results at Home

Specialty: spa result at home for your skin

Alexa Rank: 1026608

Number of Products: 161

  1. Cosmetics, Skincare, Wellness and Spa | bluemercury

Specialty: Spa, Makeup and Skincare products

Alexa Rank: 54438

Number of Products: 5000


Specialty: Candles that help you meditate

Alexa Rank: 1336101

Number of Products: 14

  1. Derm Spa Store | Shop Nayak Plastic Surgery

Specialty: Medical spa with unique perspective in helping you choose the right products for your skin

Alexa Rank: 1415949

Number of Products: 188

  1. Spa Noir Beauty | Lavish Your Body | Shop Natural Beauty Products Here

Specialty: Natural skin care and aromatheraphy products

Alexa Rank: 2015960

Number of Products: 154

  1. Lizush | Natural Bath & Body Products | Spa Gift Sets 

Specialty: Natural Bath & Body Care

Alexa Rank: 1648313

Number of Products: 23

  1. Spa Technologies

Specialty: Everything needed for a nice spa at home + curated kits 

Alexa Rank: 2033772

Number of Products: 171

  1. Estetica Spa

Specialty: Specialist on Beauty, Spa and self care 

Alexa Rank: 2063799

Number of Products: 109

  1. Luxurious Home Spa Gift Baskets For Every Occasion – Lovery.com

Specialty: Everything Spa + specially designed gift baskets for special occasions 

Alexa Rank: 2177294

Number of Products: 72

  1. Luxury Spa Robes | Official Source for Luxurious Hotel & Spa Bathrobes

Specialty: Spa Robes and towels + Special Gift Packs

Alexa Rank: 2250849

Number of Products: 50

  1. Candle Subscription + Spa Box | Monthly Candle Boxes | Wicked Flame

Specialty: Subscribe to monthly Spa Boxes 

Alexa Rank: 2392221

Number of Products: 7

  1. Urban Hydration Natural Hair Care, Skin Care, and Bath and Body

Specialty: ” Natural, Plant-Based Beauty

Alexa Rank: 495357

Number of Products: 104

  1. Chillhouse — a destination for modern self-care

Specialty: The Authority in MODERN Self-Care

Alexa Rank: 515209

Number of Products: 193

  1. Comphy Sheets – Developed for Spa. Designed for Ahh. | The Comphy Company

Specialty: sheets and bed for spa

Alexa Rank: 654854

Number of Products: 349

  1. Tricoci Salon & Spa: Chicago Hair and Spa Services

Specialty: from hair care and skin care to body care and wellness essentials

Alexa Rank: 54438

Number of Products: 421

  1. Givhony Spa

Specialty: Hot Tubes

Alexa Rank: 659529

Number of Products: 56

  1. Bio-Therapeutic Spa Website

Specialty: electric equipment

Alexa Rank: 847632

Number of Products: 57

  1. Daily Concepts, individuals who think (and sing) in the shower

Specialty: Bath-ware

Alexa Rank: 1052269

Number of Products: 59

  1. Angela Caglia Skin Care | The At-Home Clean Luxury Facial Experience

Specialty: The At-Home Clean Luxury Facial Experience

Alexa Rank: 946154

Number of Products: 47

P.S: You can see all the spa related Shopify stores in the US from here.

Should I open a spa equipment store on Shopify?

It is debatable. The app is flexible and easy to use, and they provide world-class customer service that is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They also provide free business coaching as a customer service if you ever need some fast advice or are stuck on a sales plateau.

The only time we don’t suggest it is if you’re a novice looking for a fast buck. No matter which platform or method you use, running a business requires hard work and perseverance.

Good luck with your new spa equipment business!

Brain Foods to Help You Feel Better During Exams

Did you know that the food you eat can affect how your brain works as well as your mental wellbeing in general? Well, the brain is the engine in our bodies. Since engines need fuel to operate, the brain gets its fuel, which is glucose, from the food that we feed our bodies. So, when you need your brain to function at its optimum, especially during an exam, you must be mindful of what you feed your body. 

Eating well for mental health 

Nowadays people pay more attention to their diet, although it is hard to always know for sure what is best for their bodies and minds. The positive thing is that more and more people are becoming aware of the undeniable link between the food they eat and the mood they are in. In other words, our choice of food not only affects our physical health, but it plays a significant role in the way we feel.

Students feel most stressed during their examination session at school or university, therefore this is also the time when you as students should pay most attention to the food you get. Improving your diet will also help improve your mood, give you more energy as well as help you think more clearly. Chances are you will do better in your exams if you are feeling happier and more tranquil.

Eating healthy and the right amount of food is essential to maintaining good mental health. You need foods that are capable to heighten your brain capabilities in terms of memory and concentration, which are the two important tools for your success in your exams. Here, we explain four types of food that you can eat during exams and their importance in helping you perform and feel well.

1.       Fatty Fish/ Fish oil supplement

Fish, which is classified as white meat, is highly rich in protein and contains omega-3 fatty acids and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) which are important acids in improving brain memory. They are also known to suppress depression and other mild mental diseases. In this case, eating fish during exams helps eliminate the mild stress and anxiousness that tends to surround such periods. Examples of these fatty fish include Bluefin tuna and Salmon. 

Fish oil supplement is equally good especially for kids or people who cannot access or are unable to eat fish. Fish oil is proven to increase the ability to concentrate and pay attention. You can agree that you need these two when preparing for exams, especially if it is a complicated test. For instance, if you are a physician assistant about to sit for the PANCE test, taking a spoon of fish oil supplement during those days puts you at a better chance to remember and improve your mood throughout the lengthy exam. Instead of being overwhelmed with anxiety, you will calm down and feel ready to face the challenging examination. 

2.      Caffeine

Caffeine is mostly found in chocolate, tea, and coffee among others. Moderate consumption of caffeine, especially when studying for an exam is essential as it is known to increase alertness and is refreshing. This enables you to revise for long hours without feeling worn out. Being a stimulant, you can stay awake for long hours and fully concentrate all through. 

Additionally, taking caffeine just before you enter the exam room helps to calm your nerves and the memory loss that comes as a result of being nervous. You are able to face the exam calmly, which is what you need to recall what you have studied. However, while caffeine helps with boosting your mental health, make sure not to overdo it. Too much intake of caffeine could cause dizziness, migraines, or worse, addiction.

3.      Healthy breakfast

Most people find the exam period demanding and would rather ditch breakfast to study more. Others do it for the fear of having a bad tummy in the exam room. However, missing breakfast could be the start of collapsing your memory and shrinking your abilities to concentrate. In other words, skipping breakfast will deteriorate your mental wellbeing. 

A well-balanced diet breakfast should contain wholemeal grains, which are highly rich in fiber. These are not only good for digestion but your brain as well since they keep your body energized. In addition, combining fruits such as blueberries and oranges can beef up your memory as they contain antioxidants that are responsible for stimulating blood flow into the brain. This means your brain stays fresh, hence the ability to concentrate more. Consequently, your confidence will grow and you will feel better. 

It is however important to not overfeed as that can get you to feel uncomfortable or even make you doze off when you should be concentrating.

4.      Vegetables 

Vegetables such as Kale, broccoli, and spinach largely help to keep your immunity high which is most likely to be lowered by the emotions that come along during exam periods. Vegetables contain vitamins A, C, and E, folic acid, and minerals that are essential for healthy living and improving brain functions. Vegetables contain a high water content which is important for keeping you hydrated all through. Dehydration can cause severe fatigue to your brain and could lead to dizziness, headaches, and memory collapse.

You should also note that drinking a lot of water along with taking vegetables is best to keep your body energized and your brain fresh. Some vegetables such as carrots, dark leafy greens such as spinach, lettuce, cucumber are supplements that fight depression and play a significant role in your mental health. If you are feeling good mentally, then there is no doubt that you will do better in your exams. 


The truth is that we are what we eat. Food is a large determinant of how well you are both physically, mentally, and emotionally. Even in the middle of serious exam preparation, you ought to pose and fuel your brain with the above-discussed foods. On top of that, avoid alcohol as it can only collapse and mess up your memory. Above everything else, give your brain a chance to rest and relax your mind.

Dental Implants: Cost, Types, and Procedure

Missing teeth can be a problem. They can make it harder to eat, can impact the overall structure of the jaw, and can also be unsightly. Replacing lost teeth can help make a person’s life more comfortable, and help to enhance their smile. 

One of the newest methods of replacing lost teeth is dental implants. Dental implants are screwed into the jawbone, making a secure tooth replacement that will last for more than a decade in most cases. There are 4 main types of dental implant to choose from:

  • Single Tooth Replacements

As the name suggests, these are single implants that are used to replace a single tooth.

  • Implant-Supported Bridges

This type of implant consists of two implants that are used to support a bridge. Implant-supported bridges are typically used when several adjacent teeth need to be replaced.

  • Immediate Implants

Immediate implants are those that are added as soon as the natural tooth is removed. Although often preferred for their convenience, the patient will need to have sufficient, healthy jaw bone for this option to be used. 

  • Full Arch Restoration and Dentures

These implants are used when all the teeth on the upper and/or lower jaw need to be replaced. Several implants are screwed into the jawbone to keep the new arch supported. 


The exact procedure can vary, but the procedure typically follows 8 steps:

  1. Examination and planning
  2. Tooth extraction
  3. Bone grafting
  4. Implant placement
  5. Temporary crown placement
  6. Healing
  7. Abutment
  8. Permanent crown placement


The cost of dental implants varies according to the exact procedure and how many teeth need replacing. It also varies according to which state you live in with the cost usually being higher in large cities. 

The original source you can find here: https://windhamfamilydentistry.com/implant-cost-in-the-us/

Nonsurgical Cosmetic Procedures for the Face

You’re looking for a way to turn back the hands of time without undergoing invasive surgery and extensive downtime. What are your options?

The market for nonsurgical cosmetic procedures grows exponentially each year; the non-invasive treatment industry is expected to grow by 13.9% from 2021-2028.

A nonsurgical facelift delivers eye-catching results without the downtime, pain, and cost associated with a traditional facelift. Here’s some information on some of the most popular nonsurgical cosmetic procedures:


Looking for results that are subtle yet effective? Botox is a popular choice when it comes to treating wrinkles. Some use Botox as preventative care so that wrinkles don’t form in the first place. Others use it to soften the appearance of fine lines near the mouth, eyes, and forehead.

Botulinum toxin is injected directly into facial muscles where it paralyzes them temporarily. This neuromodulator lasts for 3-4 months. Downtime is minimal, as are the side effects. 


Designed to target superficial wrinkles, this treatment has almost no downtime and few side effects. It’s performed by exfoliating the skin with an applicator. Alternatively, the skin may be sprayed with fine particles. 

Following the treatment, your skin may feel tight, but this should pass within 24 hours. As your skin heals, you’ll notice that it appears brighter, more evenly-toned, and smoother.


Cosmetic fillers are used to add plumpness and volume to parts of the skin that are sinking or sagging. They also smooth the appearance of wrinkles.

Areas of the face that can be treated with dermal filler include:

  • The nose
  • The chin
  • The cheekbones
  • Under the eyes
  • The lips

Fillers may be made from hyaluronic acid, polymethylmethacrylate, or calcium hydroxylapatite. A technician may use a different type of filler based on the area where it’s being injected, but most fillers use hyaluronic acid. 

After fillers are injected, many patients notice swelling, bruising, and/or redness. These injections are not permanent and will dissolve after roughly 6 months.

Cosmetic Tattoos/Microblading

No, we aren’t referring to the ink you see on the faces of popular rappers—facial tattoos are used for cosmetic purposes. Eyebrows, for example, can be tattooed as a form of long-lasting makeup. 

Known as cosmetic tattooing, this natural and subtle treatment offers daily convenience. Your brows will always look ready to go with microblading. And don’t worry—results aren’t as permanent as a regular tattoo. They tend to fade after 12-18 months


This deeply exfoliating treatment can renew the surface of the skin. Using fine needles, the skin is treated with micro-injuries to stimulate collagen production.  

The treatment is administered over several sessions to improve its efficacy. At each appointment, the needles are inserted deeper. Microneedling is effective for treating acne scars, improving skin texture, and reducing the size of pores.

Laser Treatments

Used to treat sun damage or an inconsistent skin tone, laser treatments target different layers of the skin. This skin resurfacing procedure can address common concerns like discoloration or acne. There are two different types of facial laser treatments: ablative and non-ablative. 

If you opt for ablative laser treatment, the topmost layer of skin will be targeted. This is done to treat wrinkles, scars, and age spots. 

Non-ablative treatments only target underlying tissues to stimulate the production of collagen. It’s effective at treating fine lines and pigmentation. The benefit of non-ablative laser treatments is that they have a shorter recovery period, but they tend to be less effective than ablative treatments.

Chemical Peels

If needles and lasers aren’t your thing, give chemical peels a try! This treatment can help with wrinkles, acne, and discoloration. It’s designed to remove the old layers of skin so that new tissues grow back smoother, softer, and more evenly.

During the healing period, your skin may be swollen, dry, and flaky. It depends on which treatment you opt for; chemical peels are offered in light, medium, and deep intensities. The more intense your chemical peel is, the longer your skin will take to recover.

It’s very important to avoid sun exposure following a chemical peel, as your skin will be especially sensitive. Apply moisturizer regularly, avoid over-exfoliating, and try not to pick at the loose skin!

People choose nonsurgical cosmetic treatments for a variety of reasons: these procedures are often less expensive, have fewer side effects, and are temporary. 

As the non-invasive cosmetic treatment industry continues to grow, more procedures are becoming available to consumers. The popular treatments above offer dramatic results, but with limited side effects and a lower cost.

Tips for Achieving Soft Skin During a Dry Summer

Skincare is an important part of your daily routine. You should always take the time to make sure your skin is clean and cared for, however, in certain types of weather, such as a dry summer, you may need to put in a little more effort to achieve the soft skin that you want.

Source Products Wisely 

You already know that the environment will have a big impact on your skin. This goes beyond weather and includes toxins that are found in the air. These toxins can contribute to premature aging and other skin conditions like dryness and redness. While it’s important to avoid pollution wherever possible, it’s not always an option to do so entirely.

You can do your part to keep your skin AND your body healthy by embracing a green attitude through sourcing products from companies who use renewable energy, like solar, to produce their product line. You can even take that one step further and reduce your own carbon footprint and emissions by going solar at home. This can have an additional positive effect by saving you money. Solar energy has many advantages for the homeowner. When you have a solar battery as a backup, you are not reliant on the power grid and can keep your lights on at night and even during a power outage. Making the switch will be good for your stress levels, and lowering stress is a great way to take care of your skin.

Visit a Spa

A luxurious spa treatment can be the perfect way to relax and pamper your skin. A wrap or body treatment can slough away dull cells and reveal the glowing new skin underneath. You can also indulge in a massage to get your circulation going or even a refreshing sauna to sweat out those toxins.

A spa is also a good place to find quality skincare products. You want to avoid as many harsh chemicals and fillers in your products as possible. Whenever you select a skincare product, read all the labels and information and choose ones where you recognize the ingredients. Natural ingredients, and the products that use them, are kinder and gentler on your skin. Some of the best ingredients can be found in nature so you won’t be missing out. 


Apply your moisturizer after washing your skin to achieve the ultimate softness. This will lock in the moisture and keep your skin feeling smooth for longer. While a good quality moisturizer is a must when the weather is dry, you may want to add a serum, a moisturizing mask, or an overnight treatment to give your skin some extra love and nourishment.

Stay Hydrated 

It’s always important that you drink enough water and consume high water content foods to keep your skin firm, flexible, and supple. In the hot summers and dry climates, you may need to drink even more than usual.

While internal hydration is absolutely necessary, you can also help keep your skin feeling great by adding some moisture to the air with a humidifier. Keeping a face missed on hand to spritz your skin throughout the day is another good practice for instant revitalization. 

Use Sun Protection 

Harmful rays from the sun can lead to damage and redness that can dry out your skin in the short term and even cause long-term issues. Protect yourself now and in the future by applying sunscreen every single day. Remember to reapply as needed when you spend a lot of time outside, especially if you are in the water.

With a little added effort, you can adjust your skincare routine to combat the effects of even the driest of summers. A few additional minutes and an extra product here and there can make all the difference and keep your skin feeling soft and silky.

Tips For Renting Space For Your Salon In Dubai

Salon business has been one of the best performing investments globally for a long time. Many people have ventured in and are reaping out of it.

If you intend to set up the same business in Dubai, you should do things depending on your location. However, renting a space is the first thing that comes on your list if you were to run any physical business.

To rent or lease any commercial space in Dubai, you must follow a laid-down protocol consisting of three phases: renting, renting, and rental payment phases. You need to know that finding properties for rent in Qatar might not be easy, especially in Dubai, as the city attracts all races of people globally and business is highly regarded.

These are some of the things to consider when locating a space for your salon.



The size of the space is the first aspect you should consider. The number of customer’s space can determine the size of your business. 

To find the most appropriate space size, you’ll need to consider the number of employees you wish to have and the quantity of equipment that the salon will need. To establish this, you should think of the types of services you want your salon to offer. Each service needs experts and different equipment.

If you intend to offer various services, this means you should find a large space. You should also note that the size of the space influences its leasing or renting and maintenance cost.

It would also be worth considering the expandability of the space. If your business picks up well and your customer base increases, you might need to expand it. This idea can be possible if the space is expandable.

Terms of Lease

Another critical aspect to consider when looking for a salon renting space is what terms the lease entails. Some leasing terms are too complicated and demanding to keep up with, especially if you are setting up a new business.

To understand the terms, ensure you read the lease or agreement word to word. You might come across some requirements that are hard for you to fulfill. In this case, it is good to discuss with the property’s owner and see if they can adjust or go on to find another space if they disagree.

While reading the lease, it’s also good to note the rent and other amenities payment dates. Knowing this will help you to avoid unnecessary inconveniences like water and power disconnections by the providers.

One of the things that cause misunderstandings between tenants and property owners in Dubai is the maintenance cost of the property. People have different ideas concerning Dubai’s tenants’ rights. Make sure you understand whose responsibility is to maintain the property. Some tenants would want the landlord to repair even the tiniest fault in the space; confirm if that is the case with the new business space.

Accessibility of the Space


When setting up any business, your target is always customers and how to attract them. Accessibility is one of the major concerns.

The salon location should be fully accessible to all brackets of clients. It would help if you considered finding a space at the center of a busy town or city. For a salon, foot traffic would act as a free marketing strategy; therefore, you should consider certain streets which experience heavy foot traffic most of the time.

Also, on accessibility, you should consider public transportation. Find out if the location of the space is close to public transport stations to facilitate those clients that travel using this means.

The salon space should also have sufficient and secure parking space. Salon services may take hours, and the clients need a place where they will not panic over the security of their vehicles.


Security is another essential aspect when renting a space for any business in Dubai. You don’t want a case where you close your job only to come back into an empty room the following day!

You also need a place where your clients and employees are safe at all times.

But how will you tell if the place is secure? Research physically or online on the crime report of the area. You can also inquire from business owners within the place. 

Security will heavily influence the profitability of your business. For instance, in regions without proper security, businesses close very early in the evening, the time when many people are looking for your services, limiting your profits.

Rental Budget


Everyone works under their budget. Budget is the first important aspect to consider in any business. Also, from your plan, how much profit do you anticipate? You can not take a space whose rent price is the same as the profit you would make. At least, you need a space whose leasing price is less than half of your profit for the business to be successful.

Final Thought

Setting a business in Dubai is not easy. However, with a business mind and a strong spirit, you will achieve. You only need to follow the laid down protocol to avoid colliding with the authorities. You should also consider all the aspects that will determine the success of your business.



4 Ways To Have an Unforgettable Summer With Your Family

Longer days and warmer temperatures are telltale signs that summer is just around the corner. It is difficult to be unhappy while relaxing in the sunshine, playing at the pool, and barbequing with friends and family every weekend. That said, with kids out of school and activities on pause until fall, finding ways to keep everyone entertained throughout the summer months is a task that can seem hauntingly exhausting. If you are looking forward to the lazy days of summer but are worried about the plethora of downtime with your young family members, fret not. Read on to learn some helpful tips and tricks to make this summer one for the books. 

1. Enjoy Healthy Eating

Summer is a great time to teach your kids how to prepare healthy, nutritious meals and snacks. Produce is at its prime, and farmers’ markets are in full swing, making grocery shopping a fun and wholesome activity for all. 

Pick up some fresh fruits and vegetables, and experiment with blending unusual smoothie concoctions at home. Adding some green superfood powder can elevate any health shake, providing numerous vitamins and minerals all kids need. Try picking ripe bananas and strawberries, dipping them in vanilla yogurt, and sticking them in the freezer. These delicious and healthy snacks are a blast to make and will keep your kids cool throughout the dog days of summer. 

2. Plan Activities in Advance 

Kids love to know what activities are in store for the week ahead. Avoid incessant questioning by planning your monthly calendar upfront. This way, instead of the perpetual curiosity regarding tomorrow’s plans, your kids can check the calendar on their own and confirm the week’s events. Some fun ideas to add to your weekends are a neighborhood block party, a Saturday at the lake, or an adventure to your kids’ favorite ropes course. Knowing what’s on tap for the weekend will keep your kids happy with anticipation and appreciation of any necessary downtime the week prior may bring. 

3. Find Fun Ways to Exercise

Certain exercise routines sound like a drag; it’s challenging to gear up for a ten-mile jog before sunrise because it is just too hot later in the day. That said, summer is a perfect time to experiment with new and exciting exercises that the whole family can enjoy. Summer is an ideal time to escape to the mountains for a vigorous and scenic hike. Temperatures tend to drop as altitudes rise, so chances are the weather will be excellent for a family excursion. If you have a lake nearby, consider renting some paddleboards. If you have dogs or small children, they love to ride on the front of the board and soak in the views. Don’t forget to wear your life vests!

4. Plan Time for Yourself 

Where their kids are concerned, parents typically forgo their own needs for those of their children. Too much time spent tending to their kids can make any parent feel exhausted and burned out. To avoid summer family fatigue, make sure to plan some time for yourself away from your kids. By doing so, everyone will wind up feeling refreshed and happy to see one another! Take turns with your spouse and treat yourselves to some solo time spent doing things that you love. Read a book in the sun, play a round of golf with a buddy, or indulge in a spa manicure and pedicure. Allowing yourself to unplug will leave you feeling ready for the next family adventure summer has in store. 

Summer should be a time of ease and simplicity. This summer, think about what makes you and your family the happiest and arrange your time accordingly around these activities. By doing so, you can make this summer unforgettable. 

4 Rules to Follow When You’re Receiving Orthodontic Treatment

When you make the decision to straighten your teeth by investing in orthodontic treatment, this can be quite a daunting process. This is mainly because it is such a costly investment in some circumstances that you want to ensure it works the first time round. However, even with more affordable options, this can still be as daunting because you’ll still want to ensure everything goes smoothly. 

There are various things you can do and rules you can follow which will help you along with your chosen treatment plan. Lucky for you, we have researched for you and brought together a list of the most important rules you should follow as an orthodontic patient. Stay tuned to find out more!

Stick with your treatment plan

One of the first rules you should follow when getting your orthodontic treatment is that you should stick with your treatment plan as much as possible. We say this because, depending on your treatment plan, this might influence how much effort you have to put into your treatment. For example, if you have wire braces, these are usually fixed, and you don’t have to do anything other than attend your appointments with your specialist. On the other hand, if you have night time clear aligners or invisible braces, then it is your responsibility to keep up with the treatment. 

When receiving night time aligners, you have to continuously pop them in each night and then take them out in the morning. If you forget to do this more often than not and don’t follow your recommended plan, then this might affect how long you need to continue with the treatment. For your convenience, limiting the amount of time you have the aligners or braces is better, so stick to this rule and you’ll have no regrets.  

Be mindful of your diet 

Secondly, another good rule to follow when receiving orthodontic treatment is to stay mindful of your diet. From a very young age, we are taught to watch what we eat and to limit the amount of sugar we eat and drink daily. This is very important to consider as an adult even more so because by the time you’re an adult, you’ll only have one set of teeth left. 

When we are receiving treatment, staying mindful of how much sugar and bad foods we consume can make all the difference in our treatment plan. For instance, when we have a fixed brace, this can restrict us when cleaning our teeth. Our toothbrush might not be able to reach the places where plaque tends to build up and the more sugar we consume, the worse this is. Staying mindful will make a huge difference so keep this in mind!

Maintain a good hygiene routine 

On the topic of oral hygiene, the most important rule to follow when receiving orthodontic treatment is to maintain an excellent hygiene routine. We recommend that you make the necessary investments and make oral hygiene part of your morning and evening routines. One investment you can make is that of an electric toothbrush which is becoming the number one toothbrush option for people across the globe. Essentially, an electric toothbrush will do the work for you and reach the crevices that a manual toothbrush can’t. 

Another product you can buy to add to your ideal hygiene routine is that of a water flosser. When we have braces, especially those that are semi-permanently fixed, it can be a lot more difficult to floss and reach the gum line. More often than not, people opt for interdental sticks or floss threaders to get in between the teeth. However, these can be harmful to the gum line and don’t do an excellent job. A water flosser is a great option if you love that clean and fresh feeling and is sure to rid your mouth of all the harmful plaque and bacteria. 

Reach out 

Finally, our last rule we recommend following when receiving treatment is to reach out to your dental professional when you need some advice. If you have an issue with your treatment, your provider is the best person to contact as they’ll be able to professionally deal with the issue. All too often, we can rely on search engines a little bit too much. However, when it comes to our health, it’s essential that we contact the right people. Therefore, don’t be afraid to reach out for some advice if you need help!

Final thoughts

Overall, this article has discussed some of the different rules you can follow to make the most of your orthodontic treatment. If you follow your treatment plan and keep your teeth and gums clean, then you’re certainly on the way to having a perfectly healthy and straight set of teeth.