How To Improve Your Concentration

Staying focused on any task can be almost impossible in the world of distraction we all live in nowadays. From social media to juggling complex work projects, it’s easy to lose our concentration.

Elevating your concentration starts with relaxing, and whatever you need to do to destress is perfect for achieving more significant focus. Perhaps you sip on herbal tea or enjoy CBD edibles to help you chill and set the mood for achieving deep concentration.

The good news is that to improve your concentration; you can follow the easy steps below to work-out your brain and re-discover the power of your innate attention.

1. Exercise Your Brain 

It’s not just your muscles that need exercise. Studies show that you will increase your attention and concentration when you play particular types of brain games. 

Another study, ‘Enhancing Cognitive Abilities,’ advises spending five days per week for a total of only fifteen minutes a day to build your focus.

Some concentration building games include:

  • Sudoku
  • Chess
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Scrabble
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Solitaire
  • Word searches
  • Word scrambles
  • Memory games

2.  Make Meditation a Habit

Meditation is proven to offer relaxation and stress relief while strengthening your concentration. Columbia University Medical Center conducted a study reporting daily meditation will alter your brain’s structure, leading to increased attention, focus, and memory improvement. The researchers state, “Our minds are lost in thought 47 percent of the time, according to researchers at Harvard University.” 

When you meditate, you will focus deeply on a breath, work, or even an object. By releasing your thoughts, you will control your concentration, which stops your mind from wandering.

Daily meditation practice will offer you increased concentration, less anxiety, a better mood, and emotional regulation.

Sit in a darkened room and meditate daily. Your improved concentration will follow. 

3. Play Video Games 

Here’s some excellent news for all video game fans: playing video games may boost your focus and concentration! 

A  2018 video game study reports one hour of gaming can help your selective visual attention, which is your ability to focus on any given task. The study is now expanding to determine how long your selective visual attention will last after playing video games.

Another study reviews a total of 100 studies concerning the effects playing video games has on cognitive function. This study reports the act of playing video games can change parts of your brain by increasing your focus. 

Best of all, how to meditate is simple. Follow these steps to being your daily practice.

  • Sit in a comfortable position on a  chair, the floor, etc.
  • Focus on your breath. Just experience your breath.
  • For about three minutes, focus on breathing in and out, slowly,  by breathing through your belly, feeling your stomach expand,  and then exhaling through your nose,
  • Let your thoughts come and go but focus on your breath. With practice, your brain chatter will disappear.
  • Build this time up daily until you reach at least fifteen minutes.

4. Sleep Fuels Your Brain and Body

Sleep is a natural, magic elixir for your brain and entire body. Getting enough sleep will lead to better concentration, creativity, problem-solving, and much more. 

But all sleep is not equal. It would help if you experienced high-quality sleep, which means sleeping in a quiet, safe space for about eight hours. For those who toss and turn or wake up intermittently every night, sleep will not offer the natural therapeutic benefits our brains require.

Sleep deprivation may lead to sleep apnea and result in short-term daytime cognitive impairment, which in turn weakens your powers of concentration. Did you know ongoing lack of sleep can lead to cognitive decline, dementia, or even Alzheimer’s?

Make a plan to get a good night’s sleep. Stop using digital devices about an hour before your bedtime. Avoid caffeine after three PM. Aim to get between seven to nine hours of sleep per night. Remember, your sleep time will be unique to you. 

5. Exercise Your Body & Your Focus Will Follow

Exercise is the key to keeping your mind in shape. Researchers discovered students who exercise moderately before taking an exam measuring their attention span performed much better than students who did not work out. 

Harvard University reports regular exercise assists our brain to focus and improve memory. The study reports that the brain’s memory and thinking functions found in the prefrontal cortex and medial temporal cortex are larger than those who do not exercise. 

This study shows to improve memory and concentration, their students exercise 120 minutes per week, or two hours per week, at a moderate intensity level. By building up your time of exercise slowly, you will soon enjoy greater concentration.


If your concentration needs a reboot, consider playing brain games, meditation, enjoying video games, enjoying great sleep, and working out. We hope you enjoy our easy-to-follow guide ‘How To Improve Your Concentration.

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Tips to Enrich Your Brain Power With the Help of Right Food

Life is full of ups and downs, stresses, and unsolvable seeming situations. Sometimes our brain wants to stop for a while and delete all the information inside. Our body is related to our brain. More than 20 % of our energy is consumed by our brain. The remaining amount of energy is used for the overall process of sending information to the body. 

The brain is responsible for everything we do but did you know that it is only 2% of our body weight?

This is unbelievable, right?!

The huge effort our mental processing machine does for us supposes some responsibility on our part too. We have to take care of our brain and boost its functioning. 

Here are some tips on how to boost our brain performance


Some foods can accelerate the functioning of your brain and can also relax it. The most popular one is the fatty fish. Coffee is another interesting option. Caffeine helps your brain to concentrate, be more active, and also can change your mood from bad to good. 

Turmeric is a natural antioxidant that improves your memory and helps the brain cells to grow and multiplicate. Broccoli and pumpkin seeds are great brain boosters. There are many other supplements to improve the work of our brain. Discover the best kratom online, find the best options for your body, and according to your taste. 

Here you can find a list of the food you can taste to boost your brain productivity:

  • Fatty Fish. 
  • Coffee
  • Blueberries
  • Turmeric
  • Broccoli
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Nuts
  • Eggs
  • Proteins

Salmón is rich in amino acids. This protein helps your brain be more concentrated. This protein is essential for your body and brain. There are protein powders that contain one type of protein or are a combination of different ones. Some proteins contain all 9 amino acids. Whey protein is a good pump for your brain. It helps the blood to flow freely through your cerebrum. Proteins also have a distinctive effect on mood and cognitive capacities. The explanation for this is easy. Protein powders decrease the variation in glucose metabolism and raise the cognitive function of our brain.


Weight loss is a wonderful way to accelerate your brain functioning. Our brain reacts positively to weight loss. It is a sort of motivation for our cerebrum. There are plenty of protein powders that help to lose weight. The best protein powder for weight loss can be found in the online market very easily. Coffee flavored proteins or whey protein powder, egg, and soy proteins are also weight loss promoters. 


Our brain neurons are in constant communication with each other. Sleep is essential for the correct functioning of the brain and cell communication. Sleep is also a way to remove toxins from our “head”. If you do not get enough sleep your brain stops being effective, your mood is altered and it is difficult to make coherent decisions.


Music is believed to raise the productivity of your brain. Nevertheless, specialists also claim that not all types of music are effective for our mental health. The top one according to its positive effects is classical music. Music without lyrics is a good brain booster. because lyrics normally distract you. Nature music and cinematic music are also on the list of brain productivity promoting types. Nevertheless, the best mood creator is your favorite music.

To sum up, our brain is what we are and what we can be. Take care of this little machine and help it work with its full capacity. It is easy to take care of our brain because it does all the possible to take care of us and our body. Occupying so little space makes a huge work. Do not overwhelm it and enjoy life. 

Maggie Hsu, a Leading Voice in the Convergence of Technology and Wellness, Joins the Global Wellness Summit Advisory Board

Press Release

Miami, FL – February 23, 2021 – The Global Wellness Summit (GWS), an organization at the heart of the multitrillion-dollar global wellness economy focused on facilitating collaboration, today announced the appointment of Maggie Hsu, Global Business Development for Amazon Web Services’ blockchain product, Amazon Managed Blockchain, to its advisory board.

In 2017, Hsu served as one of the co-chairs of the 11th annual Summit, sharing her experience as chief of staff to Tony Hsieh, former CEO of online retailer, as the company developed its unique workplace wellness culture/vision and embarked upon the revitalization of Downtown Las Vegas. Hsu also participated in the 2015 Roundtable hosted by the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) on “Redefining Workplace Wellness.”

Prior to that, Hsu served as Director of Strategy for Brands & Commercial Services at Hilton Worldwide and a consultant at McKinsey & Company. In addition, she co-founded Gold House and Mochi Magazine, both nonprofits focused on helping Asian-Americans flourish in life and business. Hsu is a Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures Industry Scholar and holds undergraduate and MBA degrees from Harvard University. 

“The impact—and acceleration—technology is making on the wellness industry borders on mind-boggling,” said Susie Ellis, chair and CEO of GWS. “From on-demand fitness everywhere to meditation apps, health trackers, ingestible body sensors and so much more, technology is a critical component of wellness moving forward, and Maggie’s deep expertise in tech innovation, including the blockchain, will help GWS chart the future with a deeper understanding of all the opportunities tech can deliver to the health and wellness communities.”

In 2018, Hsu led a special event for GWI Ambassadors, discussing blockchain, cryptocurrency and wellness. “Joining the GWS board is a real honor, and it gives me a unique opportunity to further what I believe is a very relevant conversation around the issues that blockchain technology can solve for the wellness industry—and, importantly, for the wellness consumer,” said Hsu. “There are many areas where the wellness industry can benefit from creating a decentralized trust system across multiple parties—whether it’s to give back control of an individual’s data to themselves versus storing everything in a centralized database or to develop a rewards program that is able to monitor wellness activities and reward users with digital tokens.”

Hsu joins an esteemed group of health and wellness-minded leaders who serve as Advisory Board members for GWS.

About the Global Wellness Summit: The Global Wellness Summit is an organization that brings together leaders and visionaries to positively shape the future of the $4.5 trillion global wellness economy. In addition to an annual conference held at a different location around the globe, GWS also hosts regular virtual gatherings, including Wellness Master Classes and collaborative Wellness Sector Spotlights. The organization’s annual Global Wellness Trends Report offers expert-based predictions on the future of wellness. The 2021 GWS will be held in Tel Aviv, Israel, in November 2021.

Original press release here:

How Diet Helps Manage Adult Acne

Acne is a common skin ailment, affecting many individuals beginning in their teenage years and stretching through adulthood. While environmental and lifestyle factors contribute to the disease, the leading cause of acne is shifting hormones. Specifically, in women, hormones have the potential to wreak bodily havoc, acne being one of the most notorious side effects. If you have ever struggled with acne, you are familiar with the pain, embarrassment, and shame it provokes. Some of the most severe cases lead to depression, as affected women are ashamed to leave their homes for fear of being seen in public. Fortunately, there are several ways to manage acne and keep the disease under control. Though many seek medical intervention, you can also alleviate acne with some simple, at-home diet modifications. Read on to see what you can do to keep your skin clear and your acne at bay.

Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

Dramatic fluctuations in blood sugar levels contribute to worsening acne; sugar causes insulin levels to spike, releasing hormones that cause breakouts. That said, consuming copious amounts of sugary foods like candy and soda pop might exacerbate your acne.

Modern foods and convenience snacks are often laden with sugar and refined carbohydrates, making these substances hard to eliminate. While a lifestyle change is preferable to dieting, both can prove difficult and discouraging. Specific weight loss products exist today, helping you kick the sugar, improve your overall health, and promote thrive living. What is thrive living? Simply put, it’s a lifestyle full of energy, wellness, and strength, all elements that contribute to healthy skin.

Eliminate Dairy 

Though it may seem impossible, cutting dairy products out of your diet may promote clearer skin. Like sugar, dairy stimulates insulin production and leads to the secretion of certain hormones. Shifts in these bodily chemicals can result in skin disease; therefore, hormones are to blame once again.

Fortunately, eliminating dairy from your regime is simpler today than it was in the past. Common allergies and notable dietary benefits have motivated companies to add dairy-free goods to their product lines. Foods like dairy-free cheese, milk, and ice cream are readily available and taste just as delicious as their lactose-laden counterparts. Making the switch to a dairy-free lifestyle can be both beneficial and tasty.

Manage Inflammation

Bodily inflammation is another cause of adult acne in women. Studies show that Western diets are packed with preservatives, often linked to high levels of inflammation. Therefore, following an anti-inflammatory diet full of whole, non-processed foods can help manage your acne in a natural, healthy way.

Trade out the preservative-laden fare for a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods. Eat the rainbow by loading your plate with a colorful assortment of healthy fruits and vegetables. Not only is this practice beneficial for managing acne, but it helps boost immunity by providing maximum Vitamin-C. Additionally, foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon and avocado also contribute to an anti-inflammatory state, keeping skin clear and healthy.

Alleviate Stress

When people are overly stressed, they tend to touch their faces more often. This habit leads to an excess of bacteria on the skin, resulting in exacerbated acne. Breathing techniques, yoga, and meditation are all methods to reduce stress and promote well-being. Remaining calm and relaxed leads to less anxiety and eliminates poor skin practices.

While dermatologists and estheticians can assist in regulating adult acne, diet and supplements can potentially prevent it. A daily intake of whole, nutritious, non-processed foods will help manage your acne and promote glowing skin. This routine combined with healthy supplements and stress control can boost your confidence by keeping acne at bay.

5 Benefits Of Hemp Seed Oil For Hair And Scalp

Your hair can determine plenty of factors, including age, as well as general health. Hair is a crown of glory when you give it the care and attention it deserves. Coming up with a daily, weekly, or even monthly routine would be a great way to start.

Most importantly, your hair thrives on what you eat, as well as the kind of hair products you settle for. Using CBD oil on your hair is sure to yield lots of quality benefits, and here are some of them.

  1. Helps Strengthen Your Hair

Weak hair is such a turnoff and may negatively portray your personality. The good news is that hemp seed oil has been at the forefront of strengthening all hair types.

It possesses natural ingredients that reach out to every strand of your hair. Oil’s most significant advantage over other hair care products is that it helps prevent moisture loss. Hemp seed oil contains essential fatty acids, including Omega -3 and Omega -6. These crucial contents ensure that the moisture content of your hair is retained.

As such, by using hemp seed oil consistently, your hair will be healthier and less vulnerable to external forces. Omega -3s and Omega -6s help in managing hair loss. Our bodies are only limited to making some nutrients, but not all.

Hemp seed oil uses these same fatty acids to enable your hair to attain thickness in the shaft. This is the most vulnerable part, mainly when you comb and brush your hair every day.

  1. Provides Nourishment To The Hair And Scalp

When used daily, hemp seed oil can yield significant benefits on your hair and scalp. It contains natural ingredients such as CBD oil, which works consistently with a host of other elements to deliver perfect results.

The hemp seed oil contains nutrients such as Vitamins A, C, and E that generally manage your hair and scalp. It has other nutrients, including protein, minerals, and fiber, which contribute immensely toward your hair’s nourishment.

Hair Care products, mainly based on hemp seed oil, such as shampoos, penetrate deep into the scalp. They help get rid of dandruff and other agents that may hinder the healthy growth of your hair.

Moisturizing is a crucial component that keeps your scalp and hair going strong. The moisture content in hemp seed oil helps preserve the scalp and prevents itchiness.

  1. Promotes Rapid Hair Growth

There comes a time in one’s life where stunted hair growth becomes a common narrative. Hemp seed oil is enriched with nutrients such as Omega 3, 6, and 9, enhancing blood circulation in the scalp.

In turn, this smooth circulation of blood limits the rate at which hair falls off your scalp. Blood carries nutrients such as Oxygen, which help nourish your scalp and boost the growth of your hair.

Consistent use of hemp seed oil ensures your hair follicles are maintained. Not to mention how refreshing it feels when you massage hemp seed oil onto your scalp. 

Another significant advantage of the hemp seed oil is that it goes both ways. You could include it as part of your diet or use it externally and still enjoy the benefits it possesses.

Your hair follicles are a vital part of the hair growth process. Hemp seed oil targets them and makes sure that they are strong enough to stimulate and maintain stable hair growth.

  1. Prevents Hair Breakage

With all the endless causes of hair breakage, it might be uncertain what exactly your hair requires. Hair can break for many reasons, including split ends, lack of proper nourishment, excessive heat from the hairdryer, and so on.

Thanks to the hair strengthening qualities of hemp seed oil, hair breakage lessens and disappears with time. Hair breakage contributes to poor hair health and can be managed and treated using natural methods.

Hemp seed oil acts by creating and activating a defense barrier against all factors that may cause your hair to break. Using hemp seed oil consistently improves your hair density as well as diameter.

This is significant progress and breakthrough that makes your hair withstand even the harshest conditions, including those related to the weather. What’s more, its moisturizing properties play a more significant role by preventing your scalp from drying up as it is one of the significant contributors to hair breakage.

Here are other ways in which Hemp seed oil prevents hair breakage and other damages in general:

  • It prevents your hair from absorbing excess moisture.
  • It prevents harmful substances from gaining access to the hair follicles.
  • It enhances the lubrication process on the shaft.
  1. Keeps Your Hair And Scalp Moisturized

One of the most notorious causes of hair and scalp damage is dryness. This is brought about by certain factors, including poor diet, low-quality hair care products, and failure to stay hydrated.

Applying hemp seed oil and using sunday scaries CBD products on your scalp prevents it from losing water. As a result, the moisture in your scalp is retained for longer periods. Bear in mind that this oil gets absorbed into the scalp too fast and requires you to use it consistently.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, your hair needs all the care and pampering you can give it. Hemp seed oil has indeed proved to tend to your hair’s various needs. Using it religiously would mean a complete turnaround for your hair.



Press Release

February 23, 2021 (Chandler, AZ)–The GSN Foundation and Dazzle Dry have proudly teamed up this Earth Day 2021 to introduce the ‘Promise To The Planet’ social media campaign. Calling on members of the beauty and wellness industries together with consumers, the campaign encourages supporters to join forces in solidarity by painting their nails green and blue, snapping and sharing their one promise and painted nails across social media with the hashtag, #promisetotheplanet, in response to the urgent need to help combat climate change.

“We’re honored to partner with GSN Foundation on this social media campaign for Earth Day,” says Dr. Vivian Valenty, Founder of Dazzle Dry. “I know we share a collective core mission for wanting to create sustainable and impactful practices for both the well-being of the industry and consumers that will allow us to continue to have fun and enjoy our beautiful planet together.”

To continue its ongoing social responsibility efforts and partnership with WeForest, in honor of Earth Day, for every order made on Thursday, April 22 that includes a lacquer from the Earth Day Collection released that day, as well as select blues and greens, Dazzle Dry will plant two trees with WeForest. To date, Dazzle Dry has planted about 150,000 trees with WeForest in the Khasi Hills of India and most recently, in Luanshya, Zambia. You can learn more here:

Suggestions for a promise to the planet consumers and industry leaders can make and share in the social campaign include, but are not limited to:

  • composting
  • eating less meat
  • using reusable bags
  • shortening showers
  • recycling / precycling
  • shopping vintage, secondhand
  • eliminating plastic water bottles
  • using reusable PPE as much as possible
  • walking, biking, carpooling or taking transit instead of driving alone
  • choosing clean beauty brands / green ingredients and less packaging
  • buying in bulk and refilling containers to cut down on packaging waste
  • planting trees in your yard or donating towards tree planting via the GSN Tree Planting Initiative

“GSN is extremely grateful for the opportunity to partner with Dr. Valenty and Dazzle Dry on this Earth Day Promise to the Planet Campaign, says Thor Holm, GSN Planet Board President. I think we can all agree that the health of the planet is not a political matter, but a threat to our future and the future of the next generation. We can make a difference and we can do it together!”

To learn more about this joint campaign and ways to get involved in sharing this message with friends, family, colleagues, industry leaders, please visit: To plant trees as part of GSN Foundation’s Tree Planting Initiative, visit

About GSN Planet:
GSN is a 501(c)6 nonprofit trade association serving the spa industry in support of action for a sustainable future. Their mission is to promote the vital connections between personal wellbeing, economic sustainability, and the health of our planet. Through networking, education, and best practices developed with a membership of the nation’s most innovative green spas, GSN is a resource for vital people building a vital planet. Learn more at

About GSN Foundation:
The GSN Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization leading the global wellness community to make a positive impact on the planet. The Foundation supports the efforts of GSN Planet through industry-based fundraising initiatives focusing on education and activism. Learn more at

About VB Cosmetics:
VB Cosmetics is a manufacturing company incorporated in the state of Arizona that has transitioned from its beginnings as a private label manufacturer of its inventions to building its own global brands of clean, nature – and science-based, functional and proprietary beauty products. Its transformational product called Dazzle Dry®, a quick-dry, long-wear nail polish system, is living up to these attributes and revolutionizing the nail industry, creating a class of its own. The company sells direct to consumers at retail prices and to salons and spas at wholesale prices. Learn more at

Media Contact:
Megan Tymesko

Nicole Myden

Kelsey Kyro


4 Reasons People Visit Spa Clinics

For most working individuals and business owners, even if they come home tired, there are still many chores, emails, and other errands waiting for them before the day ends. When this happens every single day, it’s not surprising if they go to work feeling exhausted all the time. The stress and pressure of daily life can take its toll on anyone, and getting enough time to relax and wind down is crucial. This is why a lot of people are starting to turn to spa clinics. 

A spa clinic refers to a place where people can take advantage of treatments, therapies, and other relaxing activities. If this is the first time you’re hearing about this place, keep reading this article to learn about the four reasons many people choose to visit spa clinics. 

  1. Good For The Health

Spa clinics these days provide a wide range of services, including facial treatments, massages, body therapies, and many more. While all these services can promote deep relaxation, people opt to go to these places to help improve their health. 

Below are some ways spa clinics may be good for one’s health:

  • Getting a body massage may encourage proper blood flow in the body, resulting in pain relief. 
  • Getting a foot massage may help prevent ankle and foot injuries as well as relieve headaches. 
  • Taking mineral baths may help ease lower back pain, arthritis, and other types of chronic pain. 
  • Aromatherapy may help reduce symptoms of insomnia and depression.
  1. Eliminate Toxins Inside The Body

The body is exposed to different types of toxins—including those from alcohol, drugs, food, chemicals, and even pollution. Fortunately, visiting spa clinics may help eliminate toxins from the body through a variety of treatments such as body scrub, facial cleansing, special hands and foot care, and sauna. 

Using a sauna may also be an effective way of removing toxins from the body. If you’re considering visiting a sauna, check out this article that explains the benefits of sweating out the toxins in a heated room. That way, you’ll know what to expect during your next spa clinic visit. 

  1. Relax

For people who always feel tired, going to spa clinics can be a great way to relax and rejuvenate. Whether they want to get a few spa treatments or attend exercise classes, spa clinics offer a range of pampering amenities that can help them recharge and improve their sense of well-being. 

Unlike other places, spa clinics provide a quiet atmosphere, great food, comfortable amenities, and many more. People wanting to relax can also bring their family and loved ones to de-stress from work, and get some much-needed work-life balance. 

  1. Retain Their Beauty

It’s normal for people to want to feel and look their best. Whether they want to land a promotion at work, close a deal with a business client, or impress a date, how people look and feel about themselves play a huge rule in whether or not they can achieve a favorable outcome. A lot of people go spa clinic to take care of their face, and get treatments that can help them maintain that healthy glow. 

Spa clinics offer skin care services such as facial cleansing or exfoliation. All of these can help them gain the following aesthetic improvements:

  • They can reduce the aging process of the skin.
  • They can help moisturize and nourish skin. 
  • They can help remove dead cells on the skin. 


With more people understanding the importance of self-care, spa clinics have become a great destination for promoting relaxation and health. And by considering the reasons mentioned above, you’ll be able to make the right decision in terms of getting the most out of the services and treatments offered by these places. 

6 Benefits Of Fasting

When you hear the name ‘fasting,’ the first thing that might come into your mind is starving yourself, or not eating for a few hours or even days. Well, yes, fasting is actually a good thing and also equals numerous health benefits. 

Fasting isn’t a new discovery. This was already practiced many years ago by various cultures and religions because they believe that there’s an intimate connection between your spiritual state and physical state.  Now, it’s increasingly becoming popular among a lot of people, especially the health-conscious community because of its plethora of benefits. 

Below are six benefits of fasting that will hopefully motivate you to get started with this practice.

  1. Helps With Your Weight Loss Goals

If you’re looking to lose weight, fasting is the safest and quickest way to get to your target weight. Normally, your body burns the food you eat to provide energy and fuel for your daily activities. That extra food you eat that isn’t used as fuel for your body will be converted into fat and stored in your body for future used, leading to weight gain.  

When you fast, less food will be converted into energy. Hence, your body is forced to use the stored fat and use it as energy. Overall, fasting is more effective in burning fat than regular dieting. That’s why many athletes also use fasting to achieve low body fat percentages when joining tournaments and competitions.  

If you’re looking for a reliable and long-term solution for your weight loss goals or weight maintenance, it’s time to switch up your lifestyle with fasting.

  1. Speeds Up Your Metabolism

If your digestive system is weak, its ability to digest food and burn fat will be affected and reduced. Through fasting, you can give your digestive system enough time to rest. By the time you eat again, your well-rested digestive system will work better, boosting your metabolism’s performance in burning more calories and acquire more energy from your food. Fasting has also been proven to promote healthy bowel movement, thus enhancing your metabolic functions.

  1. Promotes Longevity Of Life

Some of you may think this benefit is a little overboard, but fasting is also believed to extend your life’s longevity. In short, the less you eat, the longer your life will be.

Here’s how fasting can guarantee a longer life:

  • As mentioned earlier, fasting speeds up your metabolism and prevents your body from losing muscle tissue.
  • As you age, your cells’ performance weakens as they also grow older. A decreased performance of your cells is what causes aging. When you’re fasting, your old body cells will be broken down, allowing them to recycle and rejuvenate themselves, hence, slowing down your body’s aging process, both internally and externally.
  1. Enhances Your Immune System

Another benefit you get from fasting is it enhances your immune system. As you can observe, an animal stops eating when they’re sick. That’s because their body’s natural instinct is to reduce the stress for their internal organs and systems, thereby redirecting their energy in fighting off the infection.  

Thus, next time you get sick, don’t start craving food and, instead, focus your energy on fasting. It will help the cells in your immune system to rejuvenate, thereby improving your immunity functions.

  1. Boosts Brain Function

Fasting helps increase the production of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), which sets your brain stem cells in motion as they convert into new neurons. This hormone is also responsible for protecting your brain from conditions such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease. 

Apart from that, fasting also reduces your brain’s over-activity. When you eat too much food, it could lead your brain to overdrive, making it harder to focus or concentrate. That’s why it’s recommended that you don’t overeat, especially when you have plenty of tasks to complete.

  1. Encourages Body Detoxification

One impressive benefit you get from fasting is it encourages your body to detoxify. Since your body doesn’t have any new food to digest and gain energy, it will use the stored fat as an alternative energy source. Since the stored fat is burnt and converted into energy, the toxins will also be released.

Wrapping Up

Overall, fasting isn’t only about depriving yourself of food for a few hours or days. It also has numerous health benefits, such as weight loss, improved brain function, enhanced immune system, and better body detoxification. Make sure when you incorporate fasting into your routine, couple it with a healthy lifestyle for even better results.

4 Careers Where Accepting Wellness Ideals Is Essential

The demands of work can drive anyone to distress. 

Right now, workplace horror stories and tales of burnout are prevalent amongst not just younger workers more attuned to their mental wellbeing, but people from across a number of different sectors, roles, and ages. 

Managers, executives, and new starters alike are experiencing the difficulties of working and finding it hard to come to terms with what we call the ‘new normal’. 

The cure for this, in part at least, might just be a greater acceptance of wellness principles. If not to eradicate this problem, then to make it more manageable. 

In this article, we’ll cover four careers where accepting wellness ideals might just be essential. 

Armed forces

Mental health struggles are, unfortunately, increasingly common within the armed forces

Nobody aware of the military and the demands on the roles within it will be surprised by this, as roles within the armed forces are routinely listed as some of the most mentally and physically demanding in the United States. 

On top of this, military roles require intense dedication, physical excellence, and extended periods away from home and loved ones. Any role where this is a factor is bound to have an impact before you consider the unique nature of life working on the battlefield. 

The increase in armed forces personnel requiring therapy treatments and working with VA Claim Pros on medical strategies is increasing each year, with similar enterprises to VA Claim Pros becoming lifelines for veterans and active personal alike to support themselves and their families during internal struggles. 

While wellbeing can’t account for the demands and long-term effects of serving in the armed forces, it can help to offer some relief from common afflictions including PTSD and insomnia, whether through physical therapy or an acceptance of calming meditation techniques. 

Service and retail

Service and retail workers rarely get the respect and appreciation they deserve.

The hours are long and anti-social. The pay is often not up to scratch. Shifts stack onto one another. It can be difficult to get out once you’re in. The list goes on.

While there are rewards to working in these industries and careers to be carved out, many people see service and retail roles as a stop-gap career and struggle to deal with the challenges they present, turning instead to negative habits and routines. 

Roles such as bartenders and cashiers are known for a loss of ambition and relationship struggles. This can be intensely difficult to deal with. By turning to wellness, employees in these roles can help avoid the common vices of the workplace and explore healthier alternatives to the late nights and ill-health they often promote. 

In addition, these roles are often associated with significant amounts of stress. Workers are known for frustration with customers and new staff with limited work experience who only make their roles more difficult. Embracing wellness can make these situations easier to manage, as this Embolden study and guide suggests


Despite featuring many of the top companies of our time, innovating in exciting projects and products across the world, the tech sector is one filled with people struggling from both burnout and mental health issues. 

This had led to many companies such as Microsoft adopting favorable wellness policies that have received a lot of praise. However, despite this, tech workers are some of the most stressed and overworked in the world. 

There is an increasingly high demand for tech products, whether it’s the devices that organize our days or entertainment products that help us wind down, such as video games. This leads to intensely hard working conditions, where it’s not uncommon to commit to long overtime hours. 

To overcome these challenging periods, tech workers should consider delving into meditation. This can help them unwind in the evenings and go to work the next day more recharged than they would typically be. A common issue within this sector is imposter syndrome, so focusing your wellness efforts on addressing this common issue and challenging your perception of self-worth is an important step. 


Now more than ever, the plight of working within healthcare has been laid bare. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown regular people the demanding nature of working in healthcare, with tales of overworked staff suffering trauma becoming all too common. 

It’s not just worldwide pandemics that make working in healthcare difficult though. The role demands both expert knowledge and excellent people skills, as workers are often tasked with dealing with distressed and upset patients. This, coupled with intense, long working hours leads to many doctors, nurses, and care assistants becoming disillusioned with the role or suffering mental breakdowns. 

While many of the challenges of this line of work demand medical help and counseling to overcome, wellness can offer a space for escape. It can help healthcare workers process the trauma they’re struggling with. Alternatively, the National Academy of Medicine has some brilliant guides for professionals struggling with this issue. 

On top of this, accepting wellness in healthcare is essential from a financial stability point of view. If employees cannot come to work because of burnout or other ill effects of the role, it puts a particular strain on hospitals and care homes. 

Wellness can take many forms. It can be:

  • Meditation
  • Breathing exercises
  • Exercise
  • Food therapy
  • Socializing

Whatever career path you’re walking down, find something that works for you. Good wellness is about setting aside the challenges of your day job and doing something that allows you to express yourself or look inwards for inner peace. 

These are just four lines of work where accepting wellness ideals might just essential. But the list is growing every day. More and more people are struggling and wellness might be the key to at least mitigating these effects. 

Inner Beauty Based on Your Personality Type

When it comes to beauty, the first thing that comes to mind is makeup, products and physical appearances. However, physical beauty is purely an external impression that can sometimes be misleading or become jaded.

Inner beauty is a concept that represents who you are on the inside, including your character and morality — which is what really matters in terms of beauty. This type of beauty can look different from person to person depending on who you truly are and which type of personality you have.

Between horoscopes, the Myers-Briggs and other personality tests, there are so many different ways to understand your true personality and yourself. The Enneagram of Personality test is one of the assessments out there that many people find to be insightful and helpful to their journey to self-understanding.

While no personality test should determine how you live your life, it’s a great place to start in your quest to find self-love, self-understanding and your true definition of inner beauty.

Inner Beauty and Self-Care of Each Personality

Find your personality type by taking the Enneagram test and use these affirmations and self-care tips to help your inner beauty shine through. 

Type One: The Reformer

Traits: principled, purposeful, self-controlled and perfectionistic.

Type one personalities are referred to as “The Reformer” because they have a “sense of mission” that leads them to want to improve the world in various ways, using whatever influence they have.

Inner Beauty Quality: The desire to do good and be good.

Self-Love Affirmation: I am grateful for all that I have and for a wonderful and new day.

Self-Care Tip: Take a walk outside to slow down and have some reflection time.

Type Two: The Helper

Traits: generous, demonstrative, people-pleasing and possessive.

Type two personalities are referred to as “The Helper” because they are genuinely good, generous and helpful to others.

Inner Beauty Quality: Being genuinely good at heart and helping others.

Self-Love Affirmation: I spread love to those around me and am worthy of receiving love.

Self-Care Tip: Treat yourself to something that makes you feel happy and good about yourself.

Type Three: The Achiever

Traits: adaptable, excelling, driven and image-conscious.

Type three personalities are known as “The Achiever” due to their natural ability to achieve great things in the world. 

Inner Beauty Quality: Possessing natural born leadership

Self-Love Affirmation: My potential is limitless and I can achieve greatness.

Self-Care Tip: Keep your goals, thoughts and feelings together by journaling.

Type Four: The Individualist

Traits: expressive, dramatic, self-absorbed and temperamental.

Type four personalities are coined as “The Individualist” because they maintain their identity by seeing themselves as fundamentally different from others.’

Inner Beauty Quality: Embracing what makes you unique.

Self-Love Affirmation: I accept and approve of myself and don’t take others opinions or behaviors personally.

Self-Care Tip: Express your creativity by indulging in a crafty project like drawing, painting or investing in a DIY project.

Type Five: The Investigator

Traits: perceptive, innovative, secretive and isolated.

The type five personality AKA “The Investigator” is known for wanting to find out why things are the way they are and want to understand how the world works, constantly searching for answers to questions they do not understand. 

Inner Beauty Quality: Your curiosity of the world around you and desire to understand.

Self-Love Affirmation: Today I will learn, grow and achieve greatness.

Self-Care Tip: Find something enjoyable to read which will provide you with knowledge and a new perspective.

Type Six: The Loyalist

Traits: engaging, responsible, anxious and suspicious.

Type six personalities are deemed as “The Loyalist” because they are the most loyal to their friends and to their beliefs.

Inner Beauty Quality: Your loyalty and commitment to friends.

Self-Love Affirmation: I choose myself and am worthy of my dreams.

Self-Care Tip: Write down a list of things and people you are grateful for.

Type Seven: The Enthusiast 

Traits: spontaneous, versatile, acquisitive and scattered.

Type seven personalities are named “The Enthusiast” because of their enthusiasm about almost everything that catches their attention and the sense of adventure they possess.

Inner Beauty Quality: Your admiration for life and genuine happiness.

Self-Love Affirmation: I will believe in myself as I was not made to give up.

Self-Care Tip: Spend quality time with a friend or loved one to keep yourself grounded and balanced.

Type Eight: The Challenger

Traits: self-confident, decisive, willful and confrontational.

The type eight personality is named “The Challenger” because they love taking on a challenge that will lead them to success and love to motivate and inspire those around them. 

Inner Beauty Quality: Your ability to motivate yourself and others to be the best they can be.

Self-Love Affirmation: I am deserving of success and happiness

Self-Care Tip: Taking the time to exercise or be active helps clear your mind and get out any extra energy.

Type Nine: The Peacemaker

Traits: receptive, reassuring, complacent and resigned.

Type nine personalities are called “The Peacemakers” because of their devotion to the journey for internal and external peace for themselves and others.

Inner Beauty Quality: Your devotion to creating peace and harmony within yourself and the world around you.

Self-Love Affirmation: I help others live in a state of peace and love because I radiate peace and love to them.

Self-Care Tip: Try meditating to practice peace and mindfulness.