Hudson Valley flocks to nail salon and spas

For the first time in three months, people living in the Mid-Hudson region can visit a nail salon or spa today.

In addition to indoor dining in restaurants, phase three includes non-hair-related personal care services, such as tattoo and piercing facilities, appearance enhancement practitioners, massage therapy, spas, cosmetology, nail specialty, UV and non-UV tanning, or waxing.

Businesses can open with 50 percent capacity and people must stay 6 feet apart. The business must have daily health screenings of employees, and everyone has to wear masks.

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5 Amazing Versatilities of CBD You Must Know

In the UK, CBD was legalized for medical and recreational use back in 2018. Since then, many new CBD products have become available, and new uses and applications of CBD are being discovered every day.

While many are under a misconception that CBD is psychoactive and popular only among casual marijuana users, instead, it has numerous health and nutritional benefits that can improve the quality of life.

So far, research has suggested that CBD is a superior treatment for chronic pain, epilepsy, anxiety, cancer symptoms, and more. It’s packed with essential minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that promote better health and overall wellbeing. It’s a versatile hemp-derived product, and its effects are often noticeable right after the first use. So, let’s see some of the most common ways that CBD is used and divulge into their benefits.

CBD for Vaping

Vaping has grown in popularity over the last few years, and it’s become a preferred substitute for smoking cigarettes. While vaping in itself might not be the healthiest of habits (although still better than smoking), it can be beneficial if you need a quick and efficient way to deliver CBD into your body.

There are many flavoured and unflavoured CBD e-liquids and CBD vape additives, which you can readily find on, that can be used every day.

CBD enters your bloodstream very quickly when it’s inhaled. Since it goes straight to your lungs, and then into your bloodstream, the effects can kick-in almost instantly. This is why over a third of cannabidiol users prefer to take it through a vaping device.

CBD has excellent analgesic properties, so if you’re suffering from chronic pain, inhaling it through a vaping device can be the quickest way of relieving the pain.

CBD for Eating

If you’re not much of a vaper, you can still receive all the benefits of CBD in the form of edibles. They come in all shapes and sizes, and you can opt for CBD gummies, CBD-infused tea, CBD honey sticks, and more.

While both vaping and ingesting CBD can bring the same benefits, there are big differences between these two methods of consumption.

When CBD is ingested, it needs to go through your digestive system and be processed there. What this means is that it doesn’t enter directly into your bloodstream and your endocannabinoid system. So, it takes a while before its effects kick-in. Typically, it will take between 20 and 30 minutes before you start feeling the effects of CBD.

Since it’s processed a bit more slowly, its effects can be felt for a more extended time. CBD can stay in your system for up to 32 hours upon ingestion. This method of CBD consumption can be a good choice for those who microdose and need long-lasting effects.

CBD for Skin Care

You can receive many of the benefits of CBD through your skin as well, and you have many CBD skincare products you can choose from. Lip balms, lotions, moisturizers, and more are all at your disposal.

You should know that when applied to the skin, CBD needs much more time to take effect, going up to 45 minutes. However, you’ll receive more than pain-relief this way.

CBD is an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-oxidant agent. As such, it can help you fight common skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne. It moisturizes and rejuvenates your skin, helping it improve its elasticity and shine.

CBD Oil Massage

There aren’t many things that are as relaxing and soothing as a gentle massage. But a massage can be significantly improved with the use of CBD oil.

Together, CBD oil and massage can help you relieve chronic pain, reduce muscle tension, and fight joint stiffness. CBD oil will be slowly absorbed through the skin, offering it many of the same benefits as the CBD skincare products, and a massage is always welcome after a stressful day.

CBD for Pets

CBD can even be given to pets. Due to its numerous beneficial properties, CBD has a very similar effect on common pets as it has on humans. Studies have shown that CBD can be used for pain relief in dogs, and it can help them deal with separation anxiety.
It’s best to talk to your veterinarian to determine the exact CBD dosage that your pet may need.
The Bottom Line
CBD is one of the most versatile products available on the market. With its numerous nutritive and beneficial properties, it can help fight anxiety, chronic pain, stress, and so much more. There are many different ways to deliver CBD in your body, and the best method is up to you to choose.

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6 Marketing Tips for Hairdressers & Cosmetology Students

Hairdressers and cosmetology students typically work well together as a business. Women love nothing more than to get their hair done and follow this pampering up with even more benefits such as facials or nail treatment. 

If you want to get your start-up business on the go, then social media is a surefire way to get your business noticed. If you haven’t yet ventured into the world of online business, now is a good time to start by gaining visibility.

Get your website going

Make a splash by developing a website that draws attention to your hairdressing and cosmetology services. A website is an essential part of doing business in the contemporary world because everyone uses the internet for searches and bookings. Include experience and qualifications on your ‘About’ page for all the business owners or employees. 

Clients want to see who they’re dealing with, and how you have transformed the looks of the regular clientele. Ensure that your booking form is highly visible, with a call to action to make that all-important appointment to transform customers’ lives.

This will certainly consume a lot of time and as a student entrepreneur, you might need to take help from EduBirdie. It is a reputed academic writing service that students turn to when they need high-quality essays, dissertation or thesis writing.

Showcase your products and services

A website is also a great way to showcase your ‘added value’ products and services. These may include hair and skin products, nail services, hand and foot massage discounts, special promotions and many others. Include a subscriber list to a regular newsletter so that you can build a database of customers. 

This way, it will be easier to keep in touch and keep customers updated about promotions. Use your website to show before and after images of happy customers, which encourages greater patronage. Make sure your website has easy share icons to several social media platforms to increase audience reach.

Get into blogging

Blogging from your website is an excellent marketing tool, where you can generate visibility for your business with SEO tactics. Blogs are also an excellent method to keep clients informed about the latest technologies and trends in hairdressing and cosmetology. 

Include valuable information about the benefits of skincare in your blogs, so that customers appreciate why it is important to take care of this precious asset. Few clients want to go to a salon that is still using technology from the previous century, so use this opportunity to do a business remodel.

Open social media accounts

Open at least 3 social media accounts that will target your primary audience, and reach new customers. Social media provides excellent platforms to share images of your work, client experiences, and encourage interaction. 

Audience engagement is an important marketing tool because clients are happy to give feedback—good and bad. Be sure to respond to all feedback, and then invite suggestions for improvement. People enjoy sharing opinions as much as they do images and will feel special when their suggestions are taken into account.

Follow industry leaders

When you connect with industry leaders, you get to see what competitors are doing to promote their businesses. Copy them because they’ve already done the leg work to find out what works best, so no need to do unnecessary research.  You can introduce new trends to your clients which you’ve picked up from the competition. Following industry leaders is also a positive way to increase your visibility, get return follows, and potentially attract some of their clients.

Offer promotions

Once you have your customer database taken care of, it will be easy to plan advertising campaigns to offer special promotions. Promotions can include discounts for haircuts and color, or for skincare. Provide discounts during slow periods of the week and month to increase your sales. 

Create competitions regularly to give clients free giveaways for the most shares on social media. Get your creative juices flowing to come up with brilliant promotional ideas and kick start your campaign across social media accounts, or even directly to client’s phones.


Marketing and advertising a small hairdressing and cosmetology business in your area is not that difficult. Sure, it takes time to build an online presence, but if your offline patronage is already good, you should be able to quickly grow online. Get buy-in from your clients; organize brochures to encourage them to connect and you’re sure to quickly grow your business through simple but creative marketing ideas.

Author’s Bio:

Stella Gary is a career counselor who works in close coordination with students to help them pick the best suitable careers for them. She also contributes to their success by helping them with academic writing covering thesis and dissertation. In her free time, she listens to rock music, goes swimming and attends language classes.

Spafinder and LIVE LOVE SPA partner to create new Spafinder Shop

Spafinder has partnered with Live Love Spa to create the new Spafinder Shop, an online beauty and wellness store that gives beauty and wellness enthusiasts the ability to easily purchase products found at exclusive spas and salons. Plus, shoppers can use a Spafinder gift card just like a standard credit card at checkout. And, they can check their gift card balance with Spafinder’s new Balance Inquiry tool. 

The Spafinder Shop features products from high-quality spa suppliers, including Coola, Hyperice, Farmhouse Fresh and Osmosis Beauty, all at competitive prices. Products for sale are organized by gift card values of $100, $50 and $25 so it’s easy to find options that match the card value. Shoppers can also pay via Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX, Shopify Pay, Google Pay, as well as the Spafinder gift cards. 

According to Christi Durant, vice president of sales at Spafinder, “Whether you’re buying a gift card for yourself or someone else, the flexibility to buy for at-home use or use it at a spa is an exciting new option. Giving the gift of spa, beauty and wellness just got easier.”

Spafinder is a leading marketing, gifting, incentives and rewards brand that connects people to thousands of spas, wellness locations and beauty salons. Live Love Spa is a premier community for spa professionals to connect and learn about new trends, products, experiences and emerging insights within the wellness space.

5 Quickest Ways To Grow Your CBD Business In 2020

CBD is a market ripe with potential for exponential growth in the years to come. It is no wonder that it has attracted many new businesses.

Being a part of the CBD business community is prone to expose you to the usual challenges of growing your company.

But here are five quick ways in which you can successfully expand and grow your business in this segment.

1. Leverage SEO and Content

SEO or search engine optimization and content marketing play a crucial role in delivering your product to the right segment.

Although it is not possible to advertise your CBD products directly using google ads, SEO, and content marketing through useful blogs and informative articles can expose your product line to your target audience.

The evolving laws, new product lines, and the changing sphere of cannabis across the globe is a challenging area to stream through in the absence of information-rich content.

Regular CBD consumers, as well as novice users, tend to have a lot of questions about the compound in general.

Address them through your content to navigate them to your platform. It is a rather discreet way of introducing yourCBD edibles online or other CBD products to a new user and expanding your business.

Brand building is practically impossible in today’s world without SEO. Good SEO practices will bring you in your customer’s peripheral and create an impression of being a trusted brand in the segment.

SEO experts can take your products close to the customer without actual advertising; hence it’s worth investing in such experts.

In a segment like CBD, where there is sensitivity towards directly advertising in several traditional channels, SEO and content marketing add a fresh approach to reaching out to the right markets.

2. Rope in Influencers

Influencer marketing helps to diversify into a larger customer base and bring interest in CBD products while you are not necessarily advertising it.

Instagram influencers have ardent followers in their influencer’s network. Advertising your product through them helps to reach out to a broad target segment.

You can shift your focus on video-centric platforms such as Instagram with the help of influencers to get your product to the audience.

The advantage of influencer marketing is that it is one of the fastest means of approaching your clients, and it is possible to market various uses of your product and appeal to a wider variety of audiences as compared to traditional marketing ideas and channels.

Social media influencers have a powerful effect in capturing the interest of large market segments while building an innate sense of trust.

Both of these aspects are crucial to growing your cannabis business, as skepticism is still the largest barrier to move closer to clients, and influencer marketing can help you skip through the step of having to earn their trust before you convert them.

It is an excellent way to increase awareness about your product among a broad audience and grow your digital presence.

3. Emphasize on Differentiation

Creating a unique selling proposition helps you highlight your product among other CBD products in the market.

CBD is an upcoming market opportunity for several brands across a spectrum of sectors, and it is quite a competitive space to launch your business.

With age-old brands waiting to compete in the cannabis space, the best way to grow your business is to focus on what differentiates your product or service that is more appealing to your customer.

The differentiating factor could be the form factor, packaging, the quality or practices used during the process to assure it, complementary ingredients that have proven to work best with CBD.

Emphasizing on your differentiation for the rest of the products in the market increases interest among users.

Your marketing strategies need to embrace these differences while approaching customers to attract their interest.

Apart from performing a competitor search to understand market positioning of several brands, accessing their value proposition to the customers and how it influences their sale or brand loyalty helps to create a niche in the CBD segment.

Sometimes the angle might just be about targeting a niche customer segment such as sports or fitness enthusiasts.

Understanding this helps you to approach your customers with clarity on the true value of the product.

4. Value Collaborations and Affiliates

Collaborating with other businesses can help you create a buzz about your business. Launching a CBD business can be tough in the arena of evolving laws around cannabis.

But with the right collaborations, it is possible to give a fresh perspective to your products or services and tag along with their customer base easily.

You can collaborate with pet stores for selling your CBD products for pets, or cosmetics and beauty product blogs to bring out your CBD beauty line to the market.

The advantage of such collaborations is that you easily introduce a new product to the existing customers and the chances of them reflecting their loyalty towards the brand on your product is higher.

It will help you grow your business. Also, it helps you understand the expectations of a customer in the segment and work on products or services that may be more appealing to the customers in the future.

Similarly, affiliate marketers are a strategic investment to grow your CBD business. They get the word out about your product without much effort from your end.

Roping in trusted affiliates ensures that your product reaches out to the customer base of your interest in exchange for a specific part of your sale or a standardized fee in some cases.

5. Say Yes to Trade Shows

Although digital marketing is an excellent means of approaching your customers, working on your face to face sales is also critical for your business to grow.

Strategies such as giving out samples are effective in attracting interest from customers. It is possible to implement them in your business by participating in events that open up opportunities for you to interact directly with your customer.

Your presence in trade shows or other events enables you to communicate the core values of your business and how your products reflect on them directly to your customers.

You can help them understand the value of utilizing a compound like CBD and how it can influence better health and wellness in them.

Trade shows and expo are also a unique opportunity to place your brand in the eyes of potential investors.

CBD businesses are mostly relying on investors rather than banks, and such exposure can be beneficial to get the right financial support to expand your business further in the segment.

It is also possible to weigh your competition and understand the potential for growth in your market, which can help you strategize your business growth better.


CBD holds the potential for a significant market boom in the years to come, and you will witness the benefit of entering this segment soon.

Understand and embrace the changing atmosphere of cannabis across the globe and be flexible in exploring anything that shows opportunity in this segment to expand faster.

Comphy Mask – 5 pack

Who says face masks can’t be Comphy? Finally, a mask that is as comfortable as it is safe. Starting with two layers of our famously soft microfiber, this mask was designed to feel good, with elastic loops that stretch to fit. Plus, it’s machine-washable, durable and meets all CDC recommendations for public use. Conveniently sold in a pack of 5.


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How to Make Your Long Hair Always Look Great

Every girl in the world will agree that her long hair is one of her most prominent features, and if you, too, belong to the long-hair club – you’re certainly a lucky one! Here are four great tips on how to make your tresses always look great, so check them out and keep your hair healthy and gorgeous no matter what!

Stay away from hot styling tools as much as possible

Yes, we know that hot tools such as curling irons, blow dryers, styling wands, hot rollers, and hair straighteners are a huge part of many girls’ hairstyling routine, but you know what? If you want your long hair to always look fabulous, you should stay away from those as much as possible. This is because exposing your tresses to heat too often can cause irreversible damage by drying out your hair and causing breakage. If you want to minimize damage and still have gorgeous curls, you should better switch from hot rollers to steam ones. These won’t get too warm as they are heated only by the steam that passes through the foam on the roller. However, if you still have to use hot styling tools sometimes, be sure to use a heat-protectant spray as well.

Make sure to sleep on silk pillowcases

You’ve probably already heard about the amazing benefits of silk pillowcases, but let us mention them one more time. Silk is one of the smoothest fabrics in the world, which means that it won’t mess up your hair cuticle while you sleep – especially when compared with cotton. Firstly, cotton has a rougher texture than silk, which is why it prevents your hair from sliding around easily. As a result, your tresses can get tangled with a bunch of tiny knots that can cause damage to your hair. Also, cotton pillowcases have a great absorbing ability. It means that they can strip your hair of its natural oils, making it brittle, dry, and prone to breakage. Did you know that cotton can cause far more friction than silk? That’s right, and it’s particularly true if you go to bed with wet hair. Instead, let your tresses air-dry, switch from cotton pillowcases to silk ones, and you’ll do wonders for your long hair.

Wear top-quality hair extensions for added volume

Millions of ladies from all over the globe wear hair extensions these days, and it shouldn’t surprise you at all since these have so many fantastic benefits that mustn’t be overlooked. First of all, top-quality hair extensions can improve your hairstyle in terms of volume and length, both of which are essential for tresses that look mesmerizing at any given moment. Bear in mind that there are many types of hair extensions you should know about, but we must say that you should go for long clip in hair extensions if you’re a beginner. This is simply because these are very easy to use, as you can clip them in all by yourself, without having to spend hours in a hair salon every time you want to rock them. These can be clipped in very quickly, in just 20 minutes or so, which is very practical and time-saving. The same goes for taking them off, so give these extensions a fair shot and you certainly won’t regret it!

Protect your tresses from the sun

In case you weren’t aware of it, the fact is that exposure to the sun can damage your hair in a similar way it can damage your skin. Even though hair damage caused by the harmful sun’s rays isn’t as visible and obvious as sunburned skin, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist, right? To prevent sun damage, experts recommend using a leave-in conditioner and nourishing hair masks at least every other day. This is particularly important during summer, when UV rays, salt water, and wind can damage your hair if you don’t take proper care of it. Apart from keeping it moisturized and hydrated, you should also use a heat-protectant spray with SPF – especially when on vacation. Just spritz it onto damp hair before going out and then reapply it after every swim, in the same way you would reapply sunscreen to your face and body. Trust us when we say that it’ll do the trick for your long hair!

GSN Planet Announces Thor Holm As President and Appoints New Board Members

June 11, 2020—GSN Planet (GSN) is pleased to announce recent board appointments to the Board of Directors who are dedicated to leading the spa and wellness industry in creating long term, regenerative, and life-sustaining practices.

Thor Holm, General Manager for Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary, has been appointed Board President following his 2-year term as Vice President. Holm will succeed Bonnie Baker, Founder of Satteva Wellness Group, who has just completed her 2-year term as Board President. Baker’s passion and dedication to both the planet and wellness has left a lasting impact on the organization during her 6-year tenure on the Board of Directors. GSN shares it’s deepest appreciation and gratitude for her service.

GSN has added eight additional board members, bringing a total of 15 GSN Board Members. Current and newly elected members are diverse and talented individuals who bring experience in practicing sustainability and bringing international reach to the spa and wellness industries.

“I cannot remember a more pivotal moment during my life then the moment we find ourselves in today”, says Thor Holm, GSN Board President. “I am beyond thrilled to announce the addition of these eight talented and committed individuals to join the ranks of the current board and standing on the foundation left by all who served before. The future of GSN Planet looks very bright.”

GSN Planet welcomes the following newly elected members to the board: 

  • Julie Andrews, Chief Creative Officer, Kerstin Florian International
  • Clifford Bast, Founder and Principal at Bast Sustainability/ESG & SDGs Consulting
  • Rocco Bova, General Manager, Chablé Resort Yucatán
  • Lynn Curry, President and Co-owner, Resources For Leisure Assets
  • Maggy Dunphy, Founder,
  • Suzy Bordeaux-Johlfs, Spa Director, Silverado Resort & Spa
  • Nicole Lampsa, Chief Operating Officer, Honua Hawaiian Skincare
  • Natasha Prybyla, Owner and Co-Founder, Sloco Massage & Wellness Spa

GSN Board Treasurer Wendy Bosalavage, CRO and President, LIVunLtd; GSN Board Secretary Caline Assilian, Mind Body Spa Director, Exhale Spa; Teresa Flyger, Director Global Brand Wellness, Hilton; Sallie Fraenkel, President, Mind Body Spirit Network; Adar Venyige, Director of Sales for Dazzle Dry/VB Cosmetics; Tracie Wertz, Corporate Accounts Director, HydraFacial will continue as vital members of the Board.

View this press release on our website:

About GSN Planet: 

GSN Planet is a 501(c) 6 nonprofit trade association serving the spa industry in support of action for a sustainable future. Their mission is to promote the vital connections between personal wellbeing, economic sustainability and the health of our planet. Through networking, education, and best practices developed with a membership of the nation’s most innovative green spas, GSN is a resource for vital people building a vital 

Media Contact:  

Joanna Roche

Executive Director