Most people think of a spa as female territory. With its zen vibe, posh interiors, and a confusing menu of treatments, it typically scares men away. Plus, getting stared down by the ladies when you go in by yourself can be really intimidating.

But really bro, there is no valid reason why a modern gentleman like you shouldn’t enjoy a trip  to the spa as well. After all, it’s 2019 and people should accept that men have grooming and self-care needs too.

It’s about time for us to encourage men to take care of themselves a little bit more. There shouldn’t be a stigma for wanting to spend time in a spa.

The bottomline: Whether you are male or female, taking care of yourself is awesome. There are numerous physical, emotional, and mental benefits you can get from it. You don’t need to be ashamed of wanting to be the very best version of yourself, right?

If flowery feminine spas scare you away, then you just have to look into other options that will make you feel more comfortable. A medical spa is a great choice for men who want to enjoy long-term restorative benefits that are super awesome for your overall health. It’s a step further than your typical day spa. Plus, there is a scientific aspect to the treatments so you can be sure that they are more effective and longer lasting.

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Going to a spa? Try the original one, in Belgium

“Thirsty?” asks the flight attendant as she hands me a blue bottle. I twist the cap and sip the crisp, slightly acidic water. One look at the label, Spa Reine, and I wonder if the advertising gods are tracking me. Spa. That’s where I am headed. No, not to the spa — to the Belgian town.

Last year, after several grueling weeks spent juggling teenagers, dogs and deadlines, I sat at my computer, bent on planning a spa break. Instead, I stumbled on that town in Belgium where, I learned, the common noun originated. A few clicks and I was hooked. Last September, I flew to Brussels and took the train for an easy two-hour ride to Spa (population about 10,000), near Liege within the Ardennes forest, to discover where it all started.

Lulled by the rhythm of the train, I admired the late summer light streaming through the dense, peaceful woods, but I knew that in December 1944, those same trees became the site of one of the fiercest military battles. The Battle of the Bulge, Hitler’s last major offensive against the Allies, claimed about 19,000 American lives in just a few weeks.

“Thousands of soldiers are buried in military cemeteries in the area,” said Gaëtan Plein, a guide and raconteur, the next day as we strolled through the quaint town center.

Some say there are 25 springs, while others count as many as 300 sprinkled throughout the rolling hills. Their medicinal properties were already known locally in the 16th century, but when Czar Peter I of Russia (Peter the Great) arrived for a month-long stay in 1717 at the recommendation of his doctor and left seemingly cured of his liver ailment, he ignited the interest of aristocrats throughout Europe and Russia. Suddenly, Spa was the place to be.

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Treat your sweetie – or yourself – to Valentine’s Day spa specials

If you need a Valentine’s Day gift idea and you’re looking to treat your honey to a day of rest and relaxation, spas at Phoenix and Scottsdale resorts are offering Valentine-themed services and discounts. Here’s a look at some of the deals.

Spa Biltmore

Spa Biltmore at the Arizona Biltmore has a couple of great weekday specials running through March 15. The 50-minute Classic Tranquility Massage is $99 (usually $150) and the 50-minute Classic Boost Facial is $109 (usually $165). These offers are good Mondays through Fridays subject to availability. A 20 percent service charge based on the original price will be added.

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Why Self Love is Important and How You Can Practice More of It

by Jessica Hoch February 07, 2019

Why Self Love Is Important

The way we are able to love ourselves sets the tone for the way we love others and essentially the way we show others how to love us. If we treat ourselves with little care it is opening the door for others to think it’s ok to treat us with little care. That being said the opposite holds true as well. If we hold our standards of love for ourselves high then others learn to treat you with that same amount of love and care. Like attracts like. 

As a mother of two boys this is very important to me to show them self love and how to give and receive not only love, but also compassion, empathy and forgiveness for others and themselves. In order to teach them these qualities in life I feel a responsibility to embody them myself. Not always something easily done especially when it comes to practicing these qualities towards myself. It can be much easier to give love, compassion and forgiveness for others that it is to give it to ourselves and in turn receive it from others. Below is a little starter list on how to practice more self love in our lives. 

5 Ways to Practice Self Love

  1. Speak nicely to yourself.
    Take a few moments in the morning when you wake up to say something nice about yourself to yourself. The practice of gratitude opens our hearts to love and when we focus towards ourselves this is a beautiful way to start the day.
  2. Surround yourself with people who love you.
    Jim Rohn says we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Are they a support network of love for you when it feels hard to love yourself? Or do they drain you? Having a loving supportive community around you is a wonderful way to remind yourself of love.
  3. Get rid of FOMO (fear of missing out) and comparison.
    Comparison is the thief of joy. With social media showcasing everyone’s highlight reels it can be easy to jump on the comparison train. If you find yourself getting caught up in comparing yourself to others online or even in groups of friends, try to remove yourself from the situation for a little while. Unplug, breathe and reconnect to the love and gratitude that exists within. 
  4. Create a self care ritual. 
    Many of us have the love language of quality time. Give some of that quality time to yourself. This could be pampering yourself at the spa, enjoying a cup or tea, a healthy meal alone or even decluttering your house Marie Kondo style. Or, it could even be a morning ritual that reconnects you to yourself in a loving and compassionate way – abhyanga massage is a wonderful example of this. This is also a wonderful way to connect to your body in a loving and nourishing way. 
  5. Have compassion and grace for yourself when you screw up.
    We all inevitably say something or do something in our lives that we wish we didn’t. We can be our own harshest critics particularly when we think we’ve done something wrong. Take a deep breathe, acknowledge how you feel and then bless and release the situation with the same amount of compassion and forgiveness you would show those you love. 

Wishing you a loving and compassionate day ~ Jessica

Motivating Your Staff

What motivates you to get up and do your job every day? Is it the money you make, the prestige of owning, managing or working in a spa? Or is it something more like enjoying the type of work you do, knowing you make a difference in others’ lives, or feeling like you are a part of a business or industry that really matters?

Whatever your answer(s), the truth is that most people in the skin care or spa business are motivated by many things other than receiving a large paycheck. Even though we all need to earn a living and some people are driven by money, most professionals in the spa industry are fueled by other passions. Those of us who care for others though our vocation want the work we do to have meaning, purpose, and impact. We want to leave a mark on the world, our clients and our workplace. And we want to be happy while we do what we do, wherever we are doing it.

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Seven Steps To Running A Successful Franchise

Many business owners want to run a franchise, and for good reason. You have your own business, but you’re also buying a business system — one that you know works. Instead of starting a business that could bomb in a few months or years, you’re buying a business that has worked elsewhere and presumably will work in your community.

But obviously, just because you buy a franchise doesn’t mean you’ll be successful. Franchise owners can fail especially, I believe, if they become too confident and think the system is going to do all the work for them. The franchise owner has to bring something to the table, too.

As co-founder of a medical spa franchise, I’d like to think that I might have some helpful advice for any prospective owner wondering if he or she has what it takes to run a franchise. So if you’re thinking of franchising a business or just starting out, keep these universal key steps in mind.

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Learn More: The Science Behind CBD

CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of 100+ cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant species. Extracted and purified into an oil, it’s non-psychoactive and plays a significant role communicating with the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS). This system responds by sending messages necessary for optimal body and cell function.


CBD Care Garden extracts our cannabinoid-rich oil from the Hemp plant. Our CBD oil follows industrial grade hemp guidelines regulated by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: The Top Wellness Subscription Boxes Under $50

This Valentine’s Day, one of the most loving gifts you can give is a subscription to a wellness box. Every month, when your loved one receives it, they will be reminded of both your thoughtfulness and the importance of practicing self-care. It doesn’t get much better than that!

If you’re looking for affordable, but luxurious options this year, here are some wellness subscription boxes that are all under $50!

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