Sallie Fraenkel

Sallie Fraenkel

Mind Body Spirit Network

Interesting things about you and the business you are in?

Spa/Company Name: Mind Body Spirit Network


How did you end up in the industry? My mom took me to Canyon Ranch for my 35th birthday. The experience was transformative and led me to my spa career after 20 years spent in the film & TV industry!

If you are not working…what are you doing? Spinning, walking, hiking, doing yoga. baking, travelling, spending time with family and friends.

Recent books or movies you’ve enjoyed? Trainwreck, “We are not Ourselves” by Matthew Thomas

Favorite vacation taken? Our 25th anniversary trip to So Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana

If you were not in a spa career, what would you be doing? I’d probably be Executive Director of a non-profit or travelling the world to experience healing cultures everywhere.

Spa/Facility info:

What best describes your business?  creator of events focused on spa, wellness, food, beauty and travel

Anything else you would like to share? I create wellness journeys combining wellness of mind, body, spirit and community