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10 "Healthy" Foods That Are Actually Bad For You - Spa Industry Association
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You are what you eat, as the old saying goes, and the foods we put into our bodies really do have a huge impact on our health, which is why so many people try to be careful and considerate when it comes to their daily diet. But you might not know that many so-called “healthy” foods really aren’t that good for you at all. Here are 10 common culprits to watch out for.

Whole Wheat Cereal 

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day when you want to focus on health and wellness, but if you’re eating too much whole wheat cereal, you might be getting your day off to a poor start. Many of these cereals are really rich in sugar and other unhealthy ingredients.

Fruit Cocktail

Fruit cocktail may seem like a healthy dessert alternative to things like ice cream, cake, and cookies, and it is certainly better than most of those things, but it’s still not really healthy. It’s usually coated in thick, sugary syrup which won’t do your body any favors.

Flavored Yogurts 

Yogurts can be an integral part of a healthy diet, containing friendly bacteria that are great for gut health. Unfortunately, if you pick flavored yogurts instead of plain yogurts, you’re getting a lot of excess sugar.

Spinach Pasta 

Spinach pasta can seem like a super alternative to regular pasta on paper, but the amount of spinach in this pasta is actually very low and barely makes any difference at all to its overall nutritional content.

Dried Fruits 

Many people prefer to eat dried fruits over fresh fruits, and the likes of raisins, dried pineapple pieces, and dried apple slices can be really tasty sweet treats to enjoy throughout the day. However, these dried fruits actually contain way higher amounts of sugar than fresh fruits, and a lot of the goodness in them is removed during the drying process.

Diet Sodas 

Sodas can never really be classed in the “healthy foods” category. Even sodas that claim to be “diet” or “low sugar” are still unhealthy, filled with preservatives, additives, and flavorings.

Salad Dressings 

Drizzling a little dressing over your salad can be a great way to liven up boring leafy greens and other bland veggies, but a lot of the commercial salad dressings you might buy in stores are filled up with salt, sugar, trans fats, and other undesirable ingredients.

Protein Bars 

Protein has become more and more popular in recent years, as many people want to bulk up, gain muscle mass, and improve their strength and stamina levels by consuming lots of protein each day. However, most protein bars are stuffed full of sugar and have huge amounts of calories too.

Fruit Juice 

Many people like to enjoy a glass of fruit juice and feel like it’s a healthy way to get energized or start the day before work, study, or mimy play. There are certainly many vitamins to be found in many fruit juices, but they’re also immensely high in sugar too, so you really need to drink them in moderation.

Low-Fat Foods 

If something is marketed as being “low fat”, you might be tempted to buy it over the full-fat equivalent and feel like you can get away with eating it as part of a healthy and balanced diet. But even “low fat” items still tend to have more fat than necessary.

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