While we all dream of new clients flocking to our doors and setting up appointments, it’s impossible to ignore the importance of repeat business and the lifetime value of a returning customer. In fact, it costs 6-8 times more to gain a new customer as it does to keep an existing customer coming back (entrepreneur.com).

Close relationships with clients are key to success in the beauty industry. It’s valuable to gear a good portion of your marketing to fostering these relationships and encouraging repeat business.

To keep those clients coming back, check out these 15 unique salon marketing ideas you can start using today!

1. Offer personalized discounts based on events in your clients’ lives.

Make notes about upcoming weddings or parties your clients mention they’re going to. A few weeks before the event, send them a personalized email offering them a discount on your service to use prior to the event.

2. Give your clients a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at your salon

Use social media or blog posts to show off the culture at your salon – interview your stylists, share jokes and funny quotes, and reveal (appropriate) candid pictures. Make your salon an inviting place where people will want to hang out, not just get a hair cut.

3. Offer an on-the-spot discount.

If your next hour is empty, book it at a discount for whoever can make it in – and make sure you give it a quick push over social media!

Adjust the offer based on the client’s day. For example, if the customer just got engaged, give them a great discount as a congratulations.

4. Entice repeat clients with a value-add service

Are most of your clients coming in for hair coloring or styling, while you also offer waxes and manicures? After their first visit, offer them a discount for an additional service for the next time they book an appointment.

5. Let your clients in on the future of your salon

Give clients the idea that your salon is always evolving with new trends and services. In your newsletters and social posts, include information on new services, products, and salon events. Just make sure these are plans you will carry through with!

6. Write a blog post on ‘the making of’ your salon

Show clients how far you’ve come, and what they’ve helped you build. Include content like pictures of you in aesthetics school, how the salon used to be decorated, and how much your own hair style has changed throughout the years. Your clients will feel good knowing how much of an impact they’ve helped make, which will lead to them feeling personally connected to the salon.

7. Show your clients some social media love

Like, retweet, or even share your clients’ social posts. It’s quick, easy, and the customer feels cool and appreciated. This also lets the customer know you value and pay attention to them.

8. Promote your content based on client segments

In your client management system, create notes or categories that will help you segment your clients in your content promotion. For example, you could send people a relevant email specifically to people who’ve mentioned thinking about changing their look, rather than to people who are content with their current look.  By using email marketing software, you can quickly send personalized messages to your potential clients.

9. Follow up your appointments with personalized advice

Show your clients that you’re still thinking about helping them even after their appointment! Share things like earrings that would match their new hair, or an article on preserving a manicure. You can send them a quick email, Facebook message, or even tag them on a relevant Instagram picture.

10. Make sure your clients can book an appointment on-the-go

Most people remember they need a hair appointment when they’re out, not when they’re at home on your website. Have them book appointments with ease by making your website and online booking form responsive for mobile phones, or even by allowing people to Tweet or message you on Facebook you to book their appointment.

11. Personalize each appointment reminder message

Make the appointment reminder one to remember – don’t just shoot off a generic email or leave a boring phone message. Tell the client some thoughts you have for their upcoming appointment, or ask them in advance what they’re thinking of so they’ll be confident you’re ready.

12. Throw a salon ‘holiday’

Once every few months, hold an event like an “ultimate makeover” day where you offer large discounts for people using multiple services – like a haircut and color, or a manicure and pedicure, etc. People will look forward to these events, and it will encourage clients to use more of your services in the future.

13. Offer your services in the community

Get out into the community – spend a day providing your services to the less fortunate by having a ‘salon day’ at the local women’s shelter or good will. Make sure to spread the word over your social channels!

14. Give your clients a monthly roundup

Send a monthly email roundup of your favorite styles, including client looks you did, and new styles you’ll be learning how to do. This gives clients the idea that you’re both proud of your work and always looking to grow and keep up with new styles.

15. Use in-salon marketing to appeal to the ‘waiting’ party

If your clients are commonly brought in by a significant other or friend who just sits waiting while the work is done, make their lives a little easier too! Provide them with materials in the waiting area that will help them down the road – like gift cards if a holiday is coming up. Show that you care about the well-being of those who are important to your client as well.

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Allie Winters

Allie Winters

Marketing Manager at Standish Salon Goods

Allie is the Marketing Manager at Standish Salon Goods, and resident salon marketing expert. Full of profitable tips and tricks, Allie knows the salon marketing space in and out. Whether it’s a tried and true marketing insight, or a fresh idea to try, Allie knows what works for salon success.

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