beauty tips

Looking your best is always in style, but stress and fatigue can sabotage your appearance. When you don’t look your best, it adds to your stress; it’s a vicious circle! Fortunately, it’s possible to perk up your look and face the day. Read on for 3 refreshing tips that will help you look and feel your best.

1. Rejuvenate Your Eyes

As soon as you get up each day, give your eyes some necessary attention. For a quick boost, splash your eyes with water a few times to wake them up. Then, always pamper the area around your eyes by moisturizing. There are many effective eye creams and treatments that can help soothe and firm the skin around the eyes to help you instantly look less weary.

Once you’ve given your eyes a bit of love, draw attention to them with striking yet subtle makeup tricks. First, if you have dark circles, use a concealer that is 1 to 2 shades lighter than your skin or foundation to lightly conceal your under eye area; make sure to choose a light, non-drying formula and blend well. For eyeliner, line only the top lash line with a liquid liner in a subtle, dark color that accentuates your eyes. Finally, give your lashes special attention to perfect your look. To keep your lashes healthy while also giving them extra length and fullness, try fiber mascara for a bright-eyed, beautiful effect.

2. Uplift Your Skin

Your skin needs certain care in order to perform the way you want it to. Even when you have no time to go to the spa for extensive treatments, you can pamper your skin daily to keep it looking and feeling fresh. Many people do not get the water they need and this takes a toll on the skin by causing it to look sunken and dry. Drink up to 8 glasses of water each day for perkier skin, and make sure to drink the last glass shortly before bed so that you hydrate while you sleep.

To further hydrate and nourish your skin, always moisturize after cleansing your face each night. There are countless moisturizers on the market, or you can create your own healthy moisturizer with natural ingredients such as green tea, apples, honey, and olive oil.

After you give your skin some much-needed pampering, accentuate its natural beauty. For fresh, glowing skin, avoid heavy foundations and opt for formulas that are light and dewy. One trick to avoid heavy application is to mix your foundation with your moisturizer so that it will go on smoothly and add even more hydration. A similar trick is to add a few drops of liquid illuminator to your foundation; this will add a subtle glow to give you a more rejuvenated look. Once foundation is applied, be very conservative with powder. Though powder is great for setting your makeup, too much can settle into pores and fine lines and look like a cakey mess! Use a brush to apply and tap off the excess, then apply lightly to the forehead, nose, and jawline.

3. Apply Color With Care

Adding a pop of color to your face can be a delightful success or a complete flop. Take care to avoid bright hues which can actually make you look harsh or severe. Instead, choose subtle, natural colors that will soften and accentuate your natural beauty. Eye shadows in golden shades are lovely with many skin tones and can add a youthful warmth. For cheeks, look for colors that will bring out the natural undertones in the skin and make sure you apply it correctly for optimal results. For your lips, reds and bright corals may be tempting, but fight the urge! Lips will look fuller and more beautiful when you choose soft shades that complement the skin such as soft pink, nude, caramel, peach, or mauve.

No matter what your day may bring, you can always put your best face forward. Take care of yourself and highlight your natural beauty so you will feel refreshed and ready to face the day!

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