Going to the spa is a mini vacation of doing good things for yourself. Your skin, your muscles and your heart will feel so incredible at the end of your visit that you will not want to lose the calm created at the spa. The effects of your visit do not have to be whisked away with the traffic on the way home if you are mindful about what you do after coming from the spa. Here are some great ideas to keep the comforting feelings flowing after coming to the spa.  

1. Relaxing Home Activity 

When you get home, do something you love. Keep peace in your mind and relaxation in your body by picking up a favorite book, drawing, playing music or perusing affordable inground pools on the internet. You do not want to undo the good that has been done at the spa by engaging in stressful situations at home, working or activities that will break the comfort in your body. Now is not the time to get on the treadmill or do laundry, but for compiling a new playlist or catching up on your latest series. If you already have a plan for what you would like to enjoy after coming to the spa, then you can continue the relaxing day and the effects of the spa treatment will last longer and sink deeper because they will not be compromised by stress. 

2. Healthy Snack 

There is something wonderful about coming home from the spa and indulging in a favorite snack or delicious homemade meal. Planning a healthy meal after a spa visit can be how to heal your gut and gain the benefits of creating an internal balance to match the outside one. You could try a new recipe if you are up for something different, or blend a smoothie to enjoy while finishing your book club paperback for the week. You might also want to put together some finger foods before heading to the spa so they are ready and waiting for you to gobble when you get home. Comfort food doesn’t have to be bad for you, but can be some of your favorite flavors that make your heart happy.  

3. Connect With a Friend 

Visiting, talking to or texting a friend or family member for a social connection after going to the spa will complete the circle of health that is activity, nutrition and personal relations. If you cannot have a conversation, you can send a loved one a special card or note in the mail that will be a nice change from bills and advertisements. You can also plan to share some of the food you made with friends and make the time you relax after the spa a social engagement. Stopping by a friend’s house on the way home with a small gift is a welcome opportunity to show you value their friendship. Social media is always an option for reaching out to people you cannot see in person or have a phone conversation with. A couple of texts sent out to people you haven’t talked to for a while is a great way to reconnect, doesn’t take much time and can be a habit for every time you have a spa day. 

The wonderful relaxation that a visit to the spa leaves you with should be nurtured to last for the rest of the day. This can happen with some planning and conscious decisions to keep stressors blocked as much as possible. Complete the self-care you started at the spa by engaging in relaxing activities, eating nutritional foods and reaching out to people you enjoy. You will reap the benefits of the spa to a greater degree when you incorporate these ideas to round out the comfort the visit created. The royal treatment doesn’t have to end when you walk out the door of the spa but can continue when you walk into your home, too.