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3 Prom Marketing Ideas for Local Salons
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The closing of spring and dawn of summer means one thing for local salons – prom is coming. That’s right, teenage girls across the country are going into full-out prom mode, desperately searching for the perfect dress, perfect accompanying accessories, and perfect makeover. There will be locks that need curling, brows that need waxing, and nails that need shining. And that’s where your salon comes in… IF you can properly market yourself to this younger, clientele.

Marketing to a millennial client can be a bit tricky for most local business owner. The traditional promotion materials just aren’t going to cut it here. In order to catch the attention of the fast paced, tech savvy millennial market – you’ve got to think them.

Here are 3 prom marketing ideas to help you establish your salon as the prom hot spot this year.

1. Utilize Your Social Media Accounts – Any and All

Millennials love social media. In fact about 71% of millennials check their social accounts daily. If that’s where your audience is, that’s where your prom promotions need to be. Take to your business’ social media accounts, all of them–

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

Create posts that are engaging and make viewers privy to all the great prom promotions you’ve got going on. Also use social media to showcase your salon visually, especially on Instagram and Pinterest. Millennials are all about digesting information quickly, and everyone knows a photo is worth a 1000 words. Upload pictures of some of your finest work or successful prom ventures from the previous. Highlight to potential new clients that your salon are the prom pros. If you have set up a page specific for your reviews (you can do this with lots of companies, one example being then it would be a good idea to promote this on your social media pages, to show your customers just what other peoples experiences were like. Other peoples reviews will should definitely increase your sales.

Need some help setting up social accounts for your business? Check out our Beginner’s Guide to Social Media for a quick, easy process. 

2. Prom-Centric Promotions

You’re regular monthly specials, or loyalty programs aren’t going to mean much to young teenage girls on the hunt for prom. They’re going to want to see deals that are specific to their current situation. Put your specials in context – their context. Consider implementing prom-centric specials at your salon during prom season like:

  • Prom Themed Package Deals
  • Prom Themed Group Rates
  • Prom Themed Discounts
  • Prom Themed Referral Programs

Have fun with it. Think of some creative, cute names. Showcase a strong prom theme in any and all of your promotional pushes tailored to these intended clients.

3. Partner with Other Local Businesses

A hot new hairstyle and fierce makeover aren’t the only things high school girls will be searching for in anticipation for prom. In order for your local salon to fully reach this market, you’re going to want to think outside the box on this one – literally.

Consider establishing partnerships with other local businesses who cater to prom. Some great partnerships for prom would be–

  • Dress Shops
  • Jewelry Stores
  • Shoe Stores
  • Florists

These are all non-director-competitor, local businesses that high schools girls and their mothers will undoubtedly be paying a visit to during prom season. Ask to swap promotional materials and get started on forming a mutually beneficial relationship for all involved.

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