You’ve probably heard how important your health is when you’re young. It’s not uncommon to be told you better enjoy your body’s fast metabolism while it lasts because those pizzas will eventually not go down as easily as they did in your teens. Like most people when they’re young, that type of advice goes in one ear and out the other.  

Unfortunately, there may have been a little credit to the unwanted advice given in your teens. If you’ve hit your adulthood juggling a work-life balance, chances are, health may have taken a sideline seat. While it’s true your body needs certain foods to boost energy and sustain itself, you need to keep in mind the importance of allowing yourself to fully recharge mentally. Health isn’t just for the physical, and avoiding mental overload will aid you in more ways than one. If you’re feeling fatigued and lacking focus, you may need a spa day. Here are a few reasons you should schedule a day to sit back, relax, and recharge. 

You’ve Got Brain Fog 

If you find yourself struggling to remember things or feel tired all the time with your focus slipping, you’re probably dealing with brain fog. People who tend to overwork themselves typically sacrifice sleep and proper care. It’s no wonder you can find yourself struggling to focus when you’re running on long hours and little sleep. 

Schedule a spa day and allow yourself to ease into relaxation. Your spa day may look different from someone else’s, and that’s ok! Once you’ve allowed yourself to recharge, take time to think about your health and where you want it to go. You could look at options, such as Thrive, and find an exercise and health routine that works for you. What is Thrive? Thrive is a lifestyle program. When you’re looking to change how you feel and get your health on track, utilizing a program like Thrive can help you refocus your life.  

Sleep, of course, is essential for mental clarity, as is working out and relaxing. When you find yourself needing to refocus and get back on track, consider reshaping your mindset to a healthier outlook. Spa days will help rejuvenate your mind and lessen that dreaded brain fog. 

You’re Tense 

You know it’s bad when you’re so tense you can’t even remember when the last time you truly relaxed was. A spa massage can make a world of difference to your tensed muscles and ease aches and pains you didn’t even realize were there. 

Need a few reasons to help convince you of why a massage is worth your time? Check out the below: 

  • A massage can reduce soreness and pain in the muscles, causing the tension to loosen and your muscles to relax. 
  • Circulation and blood flow improve with a massage. Blood flow is stimulated, increasing circulation. Why is this good for you? This helps keep illness at bay. 
  • There’s no better way to reduce stress than getting a proper massage. Stress causes headaches, brain fog, and restlessness (along with a slew of other negative things). Less stress means a happier mind.  

Your Energy is Low 

When stress takes hold, your health suffers. It’s hard to find yourself productive when you feel out of energy and stressed to the max. A spa is a great way to relieve all the tensions your body and mind are dealing with. If you don’t deal with your stress, you’re likely to become irritable, short-tempered, and be stuck in a negative headspace. Taking care of you will help alleviate stress and put you in a better mental space. 

Health is important for you to live life to your fullest, which includes taking care of not just your body, but your mind too. Do yourself a favor and book a spa day.