What if as adults we lived with a true child-like wonder and faith? What would that feel like? How would that affect those around us, but most importantly how will this approach to life affect our mind, body and soul?

As life experiences shape us, they can also jade us, creating walls around our heart, worrisome thoughts in our mind, and DIS-ease in our body.

Yoga (meaning to yoke or join the heart, mind, and body into a harmonious state of well-being) is an ancient art and science with universal principles that connect those parts of ourselves. We live in a culture where we have learned to compartmentalize our lives, separating our mind, body and heart and then we find ourselves on our face and knees in child’s pose (Balasna). A pose where our head melts to the earth, our heart surrenders to truth, and our arms are stretched out in acceptance. We are not separate parts; we are, in fact, whole. We breathe in and feel our bellies rise and fall. We allow our weary minds to rest. When I hear any teacher say, “Now, drop to your knees and relax in child’s pose,” my heart smiles because just the word “child” brings up feelings of being child-like, fun and free.

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