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4 College Majors for the Spa Industry - Spa Industry Association
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The spa industry is known for relaxation and luxury. Customers want a peaceful, soothing experience, pleasant customer service and to feel pampered. It can be a great industry to work in. If you are interested in working in the spa industry but aren’t sure which college degrees could benefit you in this field, you are not alone. Luckily, there are many versatile college degrees that can make you marketable for a position within the spa industry. 

1. Business 

All businesses rely on a proper business model and management for success. A spa is no different. Business degrees are highly marketable, thanks to the versatility they come with. The skillset learned when pursuing this field can help with administration, staffing, business plans and more, all of which benefit the management of a spa. A business major may seem like the obvious choice when looking for a career that would help you in the spa industry. When choosing a job, be sure to think about the versatility and marketability associated with each and consider the pros and cons. The more options you could have once you finish the degree, the more you may benefit. Plus, you don’t want to rack up student loans to obtain a degree you wish to change or cannot use in the field you desire to pursue. This helps you to make the most of your student loans

2. Health Sciences 

A degree in a health sciences field may be beneficial for your career in the spa industry. Courses such as anatomy can help you to understand the human body. Courses such as psychology can help you understand the human mind. Exercise physiology can be a great learning area for how the body works and ways to move the body to meet certain needs, release pressure or improve function. These are all helpful tools for a spa that is looking to help heal the body, soothe muscles and relax its patrons both mentally and physically during their visit to the spa. 

3. Marketing 

A spa relies heavily on drawing in new customers. Marketing and advertising are essential to the spa industry. A successful internship or impressive portfolio can show a spa owner that you have the experience and skills needed to help with the spa’s appeal to customers. Expertise in digital marketing, social media management, analytics, customer interactions and targeted approach tactics can be a massive perk of your degree. The spa industry must find ways to connect to its current customers and expand its base of potential customers. Fresh marketing approaches and effective techniques can help market in a cost-efficient manner that still yields excellent results. New spas may desperately need branding and improved communications, on top of the promotional service skillset you obtain during the completion of a marketing degree. 

4. Hospitality Management 

A hospitality management degree offers flexibility, as the knowledge learned is easily applied to a variety of industries. With this degree, you will understand how businesses operate and management. Other key learning blocks such as human resources and financial management are held in high regard for business owners. You’ll also have experience with budgeting and revenue forecasting, both highly vital to all companies. 

If you are considering a career within the spa industry, there are plenty of college degrees that could make you marketable for an opening. As you pursue your degree, try to network as best you can to create contacts within your preferred industry. If possible, an internship or shadow experience within a spa can help you build experience, connect with management and make your resume stand out when it comes time to apply for jobs. This exposure can also help you ensure that a career in the spa industry is truly what you desire upon graduation. Professionalism and clear communication skills are important, so be sure to emphasize yours. Above all, remember to have confidence and smile. A successful career in the spa industry can be yours with a good attitude, hard work and great people skills.