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4 Steps to Build a Vibrant Brand Identity for Your Beauty Salon - Spa Industry Association
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A business is not just a registered enterprise or trademark with its customers and a list of products. Any business is of its own soul, personality, and identity, which are to be communicated to the public through its brand. Having an articulate, vibrant brand is always very advantageous for a business, as it allows us to build a client base and the interaction with it more effectively, attract the right people to the business, and stand out from competitors. And on the contrary, having no brand is risky for the future of a business, as it means having no face and moving in no particular direction. For beauty businesses branding is especially important, as they deal with transforming people’s appearances, and achieving a dedicated clientele in this sphere is very difficult or even impossible without having a bright charismatic personality of a beauty or spa salon. Creating a brand with its voice and logo may seem a very responsible and complicated task, but we have prepared a set of simple steps on how to build your efficient brand, so just keep reading and it’s very likely that you will end up crafting your vibrant brand!

Steps 1 and 2: determine your ideal clientele and the personality of your salon

At its core, your brand must be naturally defined by your perfect client and your salon’s personality. These two things form your brand’s core, as they show the future communication style and the target audience.

To define your perfect clients, ask yourself what people you want to witness in your salon, and be as specific as possible. “Women aged 20 to 40” will obviously not be specific enough, so try to use not only demographic characteristics, but also professional, lifestyle, and personality traits specifics. For example, “Independent women under-45 living in San-Francisco” is more precise, hence a better description for finding your ideal clientele.

Next, you should define your salon’s personality, and to do this you need to ask yourself several questions on your business: What is your competitive advantage? Why have you decided to launch this business? What are your values? What forms your uniqueness?

Step 3. Work on your palette and logo

And now it’s time to choose the right visual packing for your brand as if it was its “clothing”. Such things as a logo or color scheme are the basis, on which branding is built. A logo is to express the brand’s promise and idea, and a color scheme is to communicate the brand’s tonality and values. Your logo’s style should align with your target audience’s age, personality, and lifestyle characteristics, be unique and easily recognizable.

Your brand’s color scheme must be seen throughout all of your salon or spa décor, marketing materials, and website. It is an essential element of the brand, as it can spark the right emotions and mood to your salon’s clients. If your target audience is the youth, it is desirable to keep your color scheme ‘fresh’ and minimalistic, using no more than 3 colors in your palette.

Step 4. Establish your specific voice and tone

As your salon has a personality, it must have its own voice and tone it communicates through all the channels. A brand’s voice is about all the ways the brand is communicated through the channels available. It is about the brand’s vocabulary, pace, and personality.

Your brand’s tone is about the “color shades” behind your brand’s voice. The tone can be casual or formal; serious or funny; irreverent or respectful.

Building a brand is very advantageous for any business and especially important within the beauty industry. Defining your salon’s personality and target audience are at the core of the branding and followed by packing into the right visual design, voice, and tone it will give you a really strong vibrant brand!

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