A spa experience should always be relaxing and refueling, but you also want it to feel unique and luxurious. There are many different ways to give your spa a makeover and a little extra boost. A fresh coat of paint or new towels can only take you so far in the overall look and feel of your spa. Consider giving special attention to the following key areas and you will truly add next-level flare to your spa.

1. Make a Statement With Your Entryways

The way you enter a room can change your whole perception of the space. Focusing on making that entrance feel unique and beautiful will enhance your spa’s experience like few other upgrades. Look for unique and custom glass barn doors to really add some style to your space. A custom design that echoes the overall theme will make it truly feel like a magical entryway.

The flooring of your entryway will also create a mood for the overall space. Choose a flooring that is a soothing color and a nice texture to walk on. Marble or porcelain are excellent options to consider since they are a step above simple ceramic tiles. Pick a color that is neutral so that if you update the paint colors of your spa down the road then the flooring will still coordinate well.

2. Create a Custom Aromatherapy Scent

Taking the time to create a custom signature scent for your space will make a wonderful addition to the overall experience. Try to find a NAHA-certified aromatherapist to make sure you are getting the best custom scent. You can tell them your specific needs and desires for your spa experience and they can help you create the perfect aroma for your spa. Have the scent both diffused or even added to soaps or candles for an extra delight.

3. Install High-Quality Light Fixtures

Lighting always makes a remarkable difference for any room. Find something that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also able to be customized to your spa by being dimmable. Every light on a dimmer will ensure that you can always get the right type of lighting no matter the time of day or season of the year. 

Make sure you have a great source of ambient lighting, overhead lighting, as well as accent lighting. A fancy chandelier can add a wonderful statement to the whole feel of the spa, but so can classic and refined wall sconces. Just pick a theme for your lighting and stay consistent through all the different fixtures. The upgraded lighting will add a new element of dimension and interest to your entire spa.

4. Add Luxurious Details

The smallest way to add some extra flare to your spa is to pay attention to the smallest details. Find soaps that are both beautiful in how they feel on your skin but also how they look in your space. Interesting-shaped soaps with natural colors will add a unique touch. Look for different accessories such as colorful glass canisters or luxurious vases to add even more style to the spa. Another detail to upgrade is any hardware. Whether it is the knobs and pulls on any cabinetry or the various towel holders, make sure they are quality pieces and suit the spa well. 

Adding style and flare to your spa will be a fun and rewarding experience. Upgrading your entryway, creating an uplifting and inviting custom scent, focusing on enhanced lighting, and paying attention to small details will add your own extraordinary style to the spa. Your efforts will enhance your time there and anyone who visits.