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4 Ways to Create the Perfect Spa Atmosphere - Spa Industry Association
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Running a spa can be an extremely rewarding experience. After all, it surrounds you with generally calm and happy individuals all day. You can find new methods of achieving relaxation through industry experts. However, it’s important to keep in mind that your work isn’t done after finding these methods. Your spa’s ambiance is also a vital component of the experience you offer. If you want to work on this, here are four ways to create the perfect spa atmosphere.

1. Play Audio Content

Any relaxing atmosphere requires calming audio content. This may seem counterproductive to relaxation, but experiencing total silence tends to create awkwardness, especially if your customers aren’t alone. Try playing something to assuage this uncomfortableness. Sound can also increase the entertainment of your services. There are many different types of audio content to choose between, all of which provide various forms of amusement. The obvious choice would be soothing instrumental music or nature sounds, but there are more options available. Your atmosphere may be more suited to online radio or podcasts. Whatever you choose, be sure it isn’t distributed too loudly. You and your guests should be able to easily communicate while it plays.

2. Decorate Appropriately

Decorations, while not generally the point of a spa, can have a significant effect on a guest. These items impact the aesthetic of your space, which is an important aspect of the spa experience. First, try adding plants. Greenery has been shown to have a tangible effect on indoor areas, particularly places with high levels of stress. Plants are often able to calm people through exposure to nature and improved air quality. You can also add appropriate visual art. If your guests are visually stimulated through creative means, you have a greater chance of providing entertainment. Another option is running water, perhaps in the form of an indoor fountain, which provides both visual and auditory relaxation. Most importantly, make sure that your spa’s decorations match its aesthetic. You won’t compliment your tropical theme if you have dark tapestries everywhere.

3. Add Relaxing Scents

Aromatherapy has become enormously popular as of late. The use of essential oils in therapeutic spaces is therefore par for the course, and this includes spas. If you want to use this method effectively, have specific scents for each room. Consider the goals of every space when choosing a smell. For total relaxation, try using lavender or frankincense. For bodily cleansing, have grapefruit or tea tree. For increased energy, try rosemary, peppermint, lemon or orange. After choosing a scent, decide how it will be distributed. If you’re using essential oils, you’ll want to use a diffuser. Lighting aromatherapy candles is also effective, plus it adds extra ambiance.

4. Use Soothing Colors

As it turns out, colors seem to have a tangible effect on the mind. This can be seen in color psychology, which studies how certain hues affect the human brain. For instance, blue doesn’t just remind you of sadness – it can also cause it. Color psychology, in its most basic form, splits colors into warm (red, yellow, orange) and cool (green, blue, purple). Warm colors tend to provoke stimulation, warmth and hostility. Cool colors, on the other hand, are more associated with calmness. Because of this, you may want to consider decorating your spa with cool colors. If you want your guests to have reduced tension while remaining attentive, purple may work best. Blue and green are more relaxing overall.

Spas aren’t known for drab and unappealing atmospheres. If you want to make your company notable, your ambiance is nearly equal in importance to your services. A guest should walk in and immediately feel calmer or more invigorated. Once you achieve this, your spa may be more likely to attract customers.

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