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4 Ways to Ensure Your Spa Employees Are Thriving  - Spa Industry Association
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Customers have many choices when selecting a spa, so help them choose yours. You can do that by having happy employees who want to see the company succeed. Those thriving employees will show that dedication through their work and attitude toward the customers.  

As a salon manager, you want your employees to be happy. But you also want them to be productive. You’ll find that when they’re happier at work, they’re more engaged, want to put their best foot forward, and want to give every customer the best first impression possible. Consider these steps. 

1. Make Technology Useful 

There’s more technology in a spa than initially meets the eye. Employees need to use computers, cash registers, smart thermostats, and booking programs, to name a few. Your employees can only thrive if you can improve your IT infrastructure and make this tech easy to use without hitting snags or slowdowns.  

You can update your tech by bringing in knowledgeable IT personnel to make your networks more agile, so they can change and improve as your company evolves. The IT team can also make the network more secure, so workers don’t need to worry that their actions could lead to a data breach. Tech may only be a small part of your plan to ensure your employees are happy and satisfied, but it’s essential nonetheless. 

2. Find The Right Employees 

Your current employees will also be happier and more successful when you hire qualified coworkers to work alongside them. Focus on talent acquisition. As opposed to recruiting, which involves hiring a person with the intention of training them from scratch, talent acquisition is when you find someone who knows what they’re doing and can hit the ground running from day one.  

Ask your employees for referrals and consider the benefits of hiring local talent. This helps build community solidarity among your employees.  

When you do hire new staff, it’s important to be as inclusive as possible by widening your recruitment net to groups you haven’t tried to hire in the past. You can also create inclusive job descriptions that leave out gender-based language.  

It’s also necessary to make your spa inclusive and accessible for all visitors. Build ramps and grab bars where applicable, offer size-inclusive robes, and train your staff to be accepting of all customers. Your diverse staff of different sizes and body types will also make visitors feel welcomed and accepted. 

3. Schedule One-On-One Meetings 

We can tell you a million ways to make your employees happier. However, the best way is to simply call each worker in and ask them what they need. Ask what they enjoy about their role and for their suggestions for how they can make the spa work better. Some may ask for advancement opportunities or the chance to mentor their team members, while others may simply ask to be held more accountable. Help them with their concerns and then bring them in for monthly updates to see how they improve. 

4. Offer A Wellness Program  

The other way to ensure that your employees are happy is to offer benefits that prove that they’re appreciated. In addition to sick days, offer mental health days and flexible schedules for employees who have commitments at home. You can also offer discounted gym memberships and access to preventative health screenings, so the employees can stay in tip-top shape. 

These four tactics can get your spa on the right track with the best staff possible. Show your team that you need them, and they’ll show appreciation through their work.