There is a spa after every four blocks in most cities. How are you so sure that your spa won’t get lost in the crowd? Along with a good setup, you need excellent marketing strategies to make your spa work. 

You want to give your customers a reason to keep coming back to you. To make sure that happens, start right from the beginning. Pay attention to the smallest details like warm and comfortable lightning, soft music inside the spa, appropriate spa-like decoration with antiques and flowers. 

Be specific about the scents you choose to diffuse. Lavender works best to soothe and comfort you. After all, people are coming in for relaxation.

With all of these, if you implement adequate marketing strategies, your spa may be the one to make it to the top spas in the city. Wouldn’t you want that?

Here are 5 excellent marketing strategies to get you there!

  1. Develop a Website

Thinking of ways you can reach an audience to market your spa? Building websites is the easiest, most convenient, and effective way to do that. Although you can mark your presence online in several ways, websites are a more professional way for this job.

Add all relevant information about your spa including, location, services offered, service hours, ad price lists. Make sure you also add pictures featuring all parts and services offered by your spa. The more visuals you add, the more customers you will attract.

The experts at web development Houston suggest getting your site done by a professional. However, you can make the site yourself using WordPress or WooCommerce templates easily available online. Building websites or even paying someone to build your website will cost you way less than other marketing techniques such as an agent or agency. 

  1. Offer Spa Discount Packages For Holidays

People tend to spend more during vacations or on holidays. Most of the working community looks forward to holidays as days for self-care and relaxation. The chances of them visiting a spa are more than usual days. 

Special bundle offers can be prepared for days such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas, St; Patricks’ day, or during the wedding season.

Moreover, be open to announce packages on special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries or women’s day, to attract more clients and increase sales. A spa appointment can be the perfect gift for your loved ones. 

Cutting down the actual price and offering discounts will do the trick. For instance, one spa charges $25 for a service, with no discounts. Comparatively, another spa charges $25 after discount for the same service. Although the prices are the same, customers are more likely to choose the one that offers a discount.

  1. Spa Loyalty Cards 

Of course, you want your client to keep coming back to you. Even if your services are amazing, customers need more than that to come back again. The business rule book says that rewarding your loyal customers will do the trick! 

You can give rewards to your consumers in the form of spa loyalty cards. This will serve as the motivating force for your customers to schedule more and more appointments with you in the desire of getting free services. 

Loyalty discounts can also be offered to make this process more attractive and more beneficial for you and your valuable clients too. Cute prints and designs on the card will make more customers want these. You can visit a printing shop and place orders to make these loyalty cards according to your spa’s theme.

  1. User-Generated Content 

79% of the businesses are tremendously boosted by User Generated Content, called UGC, in the marketing language. The trendiest User Generating Content strategy is having a Selfie station or photo booth at the spa.

People love to share their life activities online. Sharing pictures taken at your spa is free marketing by the clients. If the customers allow their pictures to be shared on your social media handles, that is a bonus. This way, you will have unpaid brand ambassadors. Isn’t that exciting?

It will also give the customers a fun experience and something cool and unique to experience. This may be the most attractive feature in your spa, and you may have a list of new clients waiting impatiently for their appointments because of this funky feature. 

  1. Offer Convenient Booking 

Scheduling appointments on calls can be extremely hectic. Imagine receiving calls, having the customer wait while you check if slots are available or not. In the end, you have to refuse them, which will be bad for the business.

Make things hassle-free for yourself as well as the customer. Use an online booking system for your spa. This will not just save you and the customer time, and it wouldn’t even make the customer feel bad for getting refused for appointment unavailability.

Another great advantage is that online bookings will allow customers to book appointments any time of the day; you don’t necessarily have to be at the desk to receive calls. You will also be able to cater to the customers walking into your spa rather than seeming busy on calls during the service.

Online booking software is more efficient than manual bookings. You can prevent double bookings and manage time more efficiently. Some examples of efficient appointment scheduling software are Calendly, Doodle and Acuity Scheduling, etc.

Takeaway – Effective Marketing Strategies for Spas in 2021

The 5 marketing strategies mentioned above are the secret to spa success. They can give you an enormous turnover each day. Call it your game changer.  Incorporating these ideas in your marketing plan will provide you with a positive boost in little time. 

Use these techniques and see the wonders they will do for your business. Which one of these do you think is a must implement idea?