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5 Herbs To Grow For A Spa Experience - Spa Industry Association
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A spa experience usually means a date with luxury. The choicest products and brands used gives a heavenly feel to the customers. Can the herbs in the background of your home prove to be fruitful for a spa session? Oh, yes, and the pampering effect you will get is irresistible.

If you are new to a spa or experienced in herb gardening, spend some time in picking herbs of your choice. You can then start making affordable healing remedies compared to your fancy spa.

Garden Herbs for At-Home Spa:

Most of us love to indulge in a beauty routine but hate spending a fortune on it. Some of our home-grown herbs are the best pick to enjoy a luxurious and budgetary spa-like treatment without having to step out. Let us find out more about them.    

1.  Rosemary:

This herb serves as a culinary ingredient. But this tough and drought-tolerant plant proves its beauty worth in stimulating the scalp and treating dry, oily, and sensitive skin. Rosemary oil is good astringent and treats acne and pimples with its antiseptic properties. It can play the role of a muscle relaxant for strained ligaments. On a health note, it combats free radicals and sun damage.  

Making a DIY-hair with rosemary is easy. Put rosemary leaves and a quarter of water in a vessel or bowl and boil it for a few minutes. Now turn off the flame. When the rosemary-infused water has cooled down, start removing the plant sprigs and transfer the solution to a container. Shampoo your hair and rinse with rosemary-infused water. You can also leave the rosemary home-made conditioner rinse in your hair for some time.

2.  Lavender:

This perennial herb with purplish-blue flower spikes is a good asset for your beauty routine. Lavender has calming and relaxing properties. Its use in aromatherapy is well-known. Facewash, lip balm, bath salts, body butter to shampoo, bath products made from fresh lavender go back to the 1920s!  

Take a break from out-of-budget facials and opt for a lavender facial treatment. It is easy to do. Boil some water in a small vessel and add garden-picked lavender sprigs. Wrap a towel on your head and get your face close to the bowl. The heat opens up the closed pores and gives a soothing effect to your face. Spray some cold water on your face, pat it dry with soft tissues and apply moisturizer.

3.  Kratom:

Kratom medicinal herb is an evergreen species found in Southeast Asia. The plant needs a lot of light. Direct sunlight will be best. It also needs soil that is rich in nitrogen. A Kratom plant is conducive to outdoors, though it is suitable for indoors.Whenever you are looking to buy kratom make sure it would be from a trusted source. 

The past few decades have seen the growing popularity of Kratom amongst Americans. Modern-day consumers can include Kratom in their beauty, health and skincare regime.

Kratom is available in many forms. There are extracts, capsules, powder, and beauty products such as essential oils, lotions, creams, soap, and bath bombs.

Most Kratom beauty products use good quality oil base to make your skin soft, supple and healthy. Kratom also has two antioxidants for younger-looking skin. When buying Kratom products, look for an authorized seller for safety and efficacy. Just google “bulk kratom products near me” to get good deals.

4.  Mint:

Mint has multi-purpose properties – refreshing teas, edibles, beauty treatments, hair conditioning and home spas. The freshness of mint leaves adds a therapeutic benefit to masks and scrubs. Grind the mint leaves or use them in water or oil. Water-based mint infusion works well as a hair rinse and in pedicures. Add mint-infused oil to cleansers and scrubs and enjoy the blissful nature.

To get a home-made lavender spa for your hair is easy. Mix mint leaves (dried or chopped), one cup boiled water and half a cup of apple cider vinegar. Let the solution cool first and then strain it. After you have finished shampooing your hair, rinse them with this home-made solution and then rinse it with cold water. Your hair will get a tingling sensation and will smell good.      

5.  Calendula:

This easy to grow medicinal herb benefits garden soil by keeping pests at bay. Calendula is a champion in anti-inflammatory qualities. It heals bee stings and rashes with its soothing abilities.

The gentleness of the calendula herb helps overcome skin sensitivities like dry and itchy skin, eczema, and dandruff. It also slows down the development of wrinkles. For topical use, calendula oil and ointment are great wonders for beauty purposes. The petals of this flowering herb are reasonably good extracts for oils and creams.

Pluck fresh calendula flowers from your garden. Now put a few petals in a jar and add olive oil. Close the jar and leave it in medium sunlight for seven to ten days. Drain the sun-kissed oil and use it on your parched skin for relief.       

A Word of Advice:

Home-grown herbs can make a delightful spa experience if you harvest them with love and care. If your house is tight on space and there is no yard, then plant these herbs in large pots.        

If you are suffering from any health problem related to skin or hair, then do consult your family doctor before starting the herbs.

Safety and quality of the ingredients are crucial in creating home-made beauty substitutes. To get the best out of your home-grown herbs, avoid using plants treated with pesticides and chemicals. The self-care beauty ritual is an asset in body pampering. Nature makes it all the more pleasing and satisfactory.   

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