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5 Management Tips to Streamline Your Spa and Salon Business
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So, you’ve finally got your dream job. Owning a spa/salon is one of those endeavors that may look like a relaxing affair, but it can have its fair share of difficulties. Certain things just aren’t running as smoothly as they should be. With the ongoing pandemic, all of these troubles continue to be magnified.

There are a lot of things you can do to improve your business to keep it tight and running efficiently. You don’t need to let people go, or close branches, or even cut people’s salaries. All you need is to restructure your business. From transforming your client’s skin using natural ingredients to implementing quality protocols, here are 5 tips you can use to streamline your business.

Focus on Client Retention

The lifeblood of self-care businesses such as salons and spas are returning clients. Familiarity is the name of the game here. Make your clients feel at home regardless of whether or not they’re old or new. Maintaining customer loyalty for a steady flow of income is the most lucrative option for most self-care businesses. Even if only a third of your clients return every month, that’s a guaranteed source of revenue over a long period. Having a constant presence in your business can make it look more inviting to new potential clients. Not only that, it makes the need for relying on walk-ins for profit not as crucial to success.

Incentivize Client Frequency

Getting clients to go into your business more often is key to making sure your revenue is consistent. Appointments, promos, and discounts should be done monthly for different services. You can do this via flyers around the block your business is in, posting on social media, or e-mailing long-time clients on newsletters.

Client frequency can be achieved in different ways. For attracting new clients consistently, having “new customer promos” can be a great way to incentivize walk-ins. For your returning clients, you can offer special treatments after a certain number of visits have been reached. This makes it exciting for the client to return in the future.

Improve Training Process

Providing a service requires a staff that is professional and skilled. While some of your staff can be naturals in their given roles, you will eventually have to face a newbie in the business. In such cases, your training program should be in-depth, efficient, and accessible. It hurts productivity to have unskilled workers on your team. Stylists should be able to have certifications in a variety of different niches.

The ideal learning environment is the business itself. Have a veteran staff member observe them as they work and guide them accordingly. It’s best to have staff that can perform at least two functions so that nobody is forced to do anything. For example, if there are no foot spas on a particular day, a pedicurist should also be able to double-time as a hairstylist if needed. This minimizes idle time and lessens boredom for both the worker and the customers. 

Use a Sophisticated Selling System

Productivity often takes a nosedive when there are no customers to service. Sure, they can get their hair cut, but when your other staff has nothing to do, it’s just downtime where nothing is gained. While you are cutting your client’s hair, give recommendations on the other services to entice them. This allows for a constant workflow in your business. Have a standardized selling system that each of your service staff can offer as they are working with a client. Clients are often relaxed when being serviced, and this makes them more open to accepting other services.

Your selling system should be able to address the different needs and wants of your client at any given time. Make sure that when you offer a service, it is a descending layer of connection to the service provided. For example, if they are getting a haircut, offer a hair dyeing service or a keratin treatment. If they refuse, that’s when you can offer your other services such as manicure and pedicure. You can consistently sell to your customers in this way. Not only that, each staff member can be guaranteed to work on someone at least once a day thanks to this system.

Run a Competitive Marketing Campaign

Your marketing needs to be able to keep pushing the business towards taller heights. A solid marketing plan allows for a consistent clientele that keeps your staff busy and profits flowing. Posting a few promos on your social media does not make a marketing campaign. You need to have a complete calendar of all the things you will be promoting throughout the fiscal year. Seasonal promos, on-site events, social media blasts, and the budget for all of these endeavors should be carefully prepared. Use software to manage finances and give the data an in-depth analysis. This will allow you to refine your marketing campaign even further. If you aren’t sharpening your marketing game, then you are likely to get outpaced by the competition.