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5 Reasons to Consider Working in Beauty Therapy - Spa Industry Association
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If a career in beauty therapy is something you’re looking to step into but you’re not too sure about the process or what you’ll be required to do in your day to day, we have some great tips and insights for you below. 

Whether you’re looking to enhance people’s lives through the beauty field, or wanting to learn more about the industry for your own personal upskilling, then you’ll love our list of reasons to consider beauty therapy below. 

The field is perfect for self-driven entrepreneurs, anyone looking for flexibility in their hours as well as for those who enjoy helping others! Take a look at our reasons to consider beauty therapy.

  1. Flexibility

Whether it’s time to get the training you need or open your practice, beauty therapy essentially screams freedom and flexibility. You’re often able to choose whether you work in a clinic, from home, or from client to client as well as on the hours you set for yourself if you start your own business.

This means that if you’re looking for a career that enables you to work and maintain your lifestyle, raise children or do just about anything else, you’re free to do so within the confines of your own work hours. 

Added to this, education in beauty therapy can often be done online and in a more flexible manner than many other types of courses, which means from education through to the workplace, beauty therapy remains one of the more flexible careers out there. 

  1. Social Aspect 

Another reason to consider a career in beauty therapy is the social aspect that comes with working alongside a number of clients. You will be able to simply get to know a tonne of different people from all walks of life and this means keeping things interesting. 

Added to this, many clients remain with their beauty therapists for a long period of time, which means you have the chance to develop long-term friendships with your clients and also work with them to achieve their goals with regards to beauty or skincare regimes and anti-ageing and more. 

  1. Many Job and Pathways

When it comes to employment, beauty therapy remains a fast-growing industry and this means you’re in the green when it comes to finding a role quite quickly. It is also good to keep in mind that there are often roles far and wide in this field, beyond just major city centres, and this again adds to the flexibility of the career, keeping your options open for both inner city and rural workplaces. 

Another good point to keep in mind is that many beauty practices often are networked and have clinics across a number of towns and cities. This means that you will have the chance or the option, to work from these locations as opposed to being locked to one location – perfect for those of our readers who would like to explore their country or state. 

  1. Rewarding Outcomes and Results 

Much like the fields of social work, beauty therapy also comes with results that can be quite rewarding and leave employees with a great sense of achievement. 

Given that you will be working with patients and clients who are looking to achieve a specific outcome, you will work alongside them as their right hand guy or gal to come up with a treatment plan or a simple process in which their goals are achieved. 

On top of this, you may draft up programs and treatment processes which your clients can undertake on their own too, which means you will have a firm place in your client or patient’s lives when working to come up with an outcome or result they will love! 

  1. You Develop Your Skills for Personal Use

Of course, you work to satisfy the needs of your clients, however, you will also be working to develop your skill set in general too, which means you will be able to offer these skills to your own skin and body too! 

Over your time in the beauty therapy field you’ll learn a tonne more about skin rejuvenation, waxing, makeup artistry and more, all of which you can work to use on yourself to better enhance your own beauty regimine in your day to day. 

There aren’t all too many careers in which you can build a skill set that you would love to use on your own body or face in your day to day life, and so this may be another thing to consider when thinking about a career in beauty therapy. 

The Takeaway 

All of the above considerations in mind, we’re confident in saying that a career in beauty therapy is a pretty good one, with some great outcome and rewarding results.

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