It’s easy to assume that IV drips are reserved for hospital patients in need of life-saving treatment. Many people admitted to the hospital are almost immediately connected to a drip containing fluids, and some of them start feeling better within a matter of hours.  

In recent years, wellness centers have started offering IV therapy to help people feel at their best. While it’s not a quick fix for all health problems, you might like to explore this wellness option for some of the following reasons.  

You Can Receive Vitamins and Nutrients Quickly 

If you’ve ever felt like you’re not giving your body all the vitamins and minerals it needs through food, a visit to Bliss Medical Spa and Wellness for IV therapy might be worthwhile.  

IV therapy, or IV vitamin treatment, involves receiving a combination of vitamins and minerals through a tube inserted into your vein. Your body is then able to absorb higher doses quickly through the bloodstream rather than lower doses through the food you eat.  

We all absorb nutrients through the stomach differently based on our genetics, health, metabolism, and age, and not all of us absorb as much as we need to maintain our health and fight illness. IV therapy might be a game-changer in this respect.  

You’re Dehydrated 

Dehydration symptoms can be uncomfortable. You might feel thirsty, tired, dizzy, or lightheaded. You might also have strong-smelling and dark urine, a dry mouth, lips, eyes, and skin, and you might even be urinating fewer than four times daily.  

Drinking plenty of water each day is an effective way to remain hydrated, but you might be able to give yourself a much-needed boost with IV therapy. You might be particularly interested if you have partaken in an intense sporting event and need to replenish your depleted resources.  

You Have Asthma 

It might seem unusual to combat asthma symptoms with IV fluids, but studies look promising in this area. According to research, IV treatment with nutrients like magnesium for acute and chronic asthma might improve pulmonary function. Those improvements might be more noticeable the longer the patient receives IV treatment.  

You Have Fibromyalgia 

Fibromyalgia is a rheumatic illness involving muscular and musculoskeletal pain. Many people with this condition also experience fatigue, mood and memory problems, and trouble with sleep. This condition can’t be cured, but many people manage it with talk therapy, stress reduction, and medication.  

Some people also request IV therapy and have experienced success. In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot study, subjects were given weekly IV micronutrient therapy infusions and were asked to measure their pain. Many of the study participants experienced improvements in tender points, depression, pain, and quality of life.  

You Took Part in Extreme Exercise 

Exercising can see you losing as little as 500mL in a cool environment and as much as 10 liters in the heat. Rehydrating after such significant fluid loss can be challenging, especially if you might be experiencing uncomfortable dehydration symptoms. IV therapy might be a fast and easy way to build up your water stores without trying to orally consume as much water as you lost.  

IV therapy is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle, nutrient-rich food, and water consumption. However, it might be worth considering this treatment for yourself when you’re feeling dehydrated or suffer from an illness that IV therapy is known to alleviate the symptoms of.