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5 Relaxing Methods From the Spa That You Can Use at Home
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girl relaxing in a bath

A spa day is an indulgence many people simply can’t fit in right now. Whether your budget won’t allow it or your schedule is too tight for a whole day of relaxation, you don’t have to give up on that pampered feeling. Plenty of spa-quality treatments can be replicated at home. So, go ahead, pencil in a quiet evening away from the rest of your family, and relax with one of these at-home alternatives to spa care.

1. Soak in a Warm Bath

There is something naturally soothing about water. Take advantage of that by filling up the tub with warm water. Add in a mineral soak to nourish your skin and minimize any drying. It’s hard to beat a relaxing soak in the tub, but an invigorating swim beforehand can certainly take it to a new level. Pool loans can bring adding one to your home within reach. Add thick, spa-quality towels waiting on a heated towel bar and you may never want to leave the house.

2. Use a Deep Conditioning Treatment

Is your hair showing wear from the products and styling tools you use every day? There is no need to worry. A deep conditioning treatment can restore tresses to their natural state. Look for products with naturally fortifying ingredients like seaweed, honey and rich, emollient oils. Coconut, olive and avocado are among perennial favorites, while tamanu and argan are gaining in popularity. If you are feeling particularly inspired, you might even choose to make your own DIY treatment. There are plenty of recipes online, simply pick one that appeals to you and get mixing. Wrapping treated hair in a warm towel may help it penetrate more deeply into the individual strands.

3. Apply a Charcoal Facial Mask

You can use charcoal for a lot more than weekend cookouts. When exposed to high heat, regular charcoal becomes a fine black powder known as activated charcoal. It is filled with microscopic spaces that are perfect for attracting and capturing impurities. That is one of the qualities that help make activated carbon one of the most popular beauty ingredients right now. Users claim it can do everything from remove impurities to treat acne. Some even claim that it will help take the sting out of insect bites. Regardless of the benefits you are hoping to realize, activated charcoal face masks are readily available. Always follow the direction on each product for the best results and to avoid a potentially painful or dangerous reaction.

4. Give Yourself a Scalp Massage

If you’re honest, getting your scalp gently rubbed during the shampoo process is probably one of your favorite parts of the whole salon experience. Massaging the head and scalp does more than create a pleasant feeling; it can help relieve tension and reduce stress. Take advantage of those benefits by performing an ayurvedic head massage on yourself. For the best results and most relaxing experience, choose a high-quality oil to complement your movements as you practice this ancient Indian practice.

5. Use Aromatherapy

Another ancient practice, aromatherapy harnesses the power of chemicals found within plants to generate a physiological response in the body. These chemicals interact directly with the olfactory nerve, so they work quickly and effectively. The most common way to enjoy aromatherapy is by using essential oils. These are highly distilled extracts that retain the desired chemical properties of the original plants. They can be added to a diffuser or skincare products to achieve the desired effect. Because they are very concentrated, you should take care to use them safely.

While you may not get the exact experience you would at a spa, these at-home treatments make up for that in convenience and affordability. So, go ahead and run a hot bath, prepare a facial mask and spend a few minutes recharging to the scent of an uplifting essential oil to get the weekend started on the right foot.

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