Spa owners, along with their estheticians, should be product experts. Experience, along with a willingness to stay on top of industry innovations, plays into the spa and salon catalog that lives exclusively in your head. The beauty of this personal inventory that lives within your brain is that it’s probably different from anyone else’s. Important note: that’s a good thing.

Ready Or Not, You’re Viewed As A Resource

As an esthetician, it’s important to understand that you’re looked upon by your customers as a specialist. And being a specialist comes with a serious expectation: your clients look to you for guidance. Feeling the pressure? You should. Because believe it or not, your word carries a lot of weight. That catalog of products is not only your resource, but one that is passed along to your clients. Even if you’re not consciously doing this (and you should be), your actions—the treatments you provide—are saying it for you.

After accepting that you’re a valuable customer resource, it’s also important to understand that your guidance spans a variety of applications: skin, waxing, nail, and hair care. As we always say, the products you use are a reflection of you, and the quality of service you strive to provide.

Whether you feel your preferred inventory is set or you’re just starting to build one, here are five product-related tips that will keep your customers coming back.

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