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5 ways to Attract New Clients​​
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Now more than ever, self-care has become a necessity for a healthy lifestyle. Going to the spa is a self-care activity that can be expensive.

Luckily, there are options available like the CareCredit credit card, that make it easier for clients to enjoy more spa services while helping spas boost business. This option is great for existing clients as well as new clients, and we’re here with five ways to attract new clients to your spa:

1. Improve Your Online Findability: 

There are multiple ways prospective clients can find your spa location online.

  • Web Searches. Searches for “open now near me” have grown globally by over 400% YOY1. Ensure your Google Business Profile is up-to-date so your location information is correct for searches like “spa near me”.
  • Locators. If you enroll and accept the CareCredit credit card, clients may find your spa location on the CareCredit acceptance locator. In fact, CareCredit has 11.7 million cardholders, and there are over 1.5 million searches on average a month on CareCredit’s acceptance locator2.

2. Update Social Media Platforms and Website: 

Spas can stay connected with clients and prospective clients through social media posts showcasing trends, new offerings, and promotions. Spas can also create educational content to help gain followers on social media, and in turn, possible new clients. In addition, an updated website allows clients to search for accurate information on services, pricing, hours of service, and acceptable forms of payment. If you accept the CareCredit card, you can include a custom link on your website for clients to learn about CareCredit, see if they prequalify, and apply.

3. Create a Membership Service: 

Spa membership programs usually require clients to pay a fee either yearly or monthly in exchange for discounts on services and other incentives. The membership service can be advertised to encourage existing clients to visit more frequently and to provide new clients with a reason to join and keep coming back.

4. Promote Gifting of Spa Services: 

When clients give a gift, they are likely to become more deeply connected to the gifted brand, according to a study published in the Journal of Marketing. In fact, these gift buyers spent 63 percent more the year following a gift purchase than customers who purchase the brand for their personal use3. Spa services and products make great gifts, as they bring new clients into the spa and offer businesses the opportunity to turn them into a loyal client.

5. Encourage Existing Clients to Invite Their Friends:

  • Offer a referral discount for both the current client and the new client when the new client books and receives a service.
  • Host client appreciation events that are open to friends of existing clients where you serve light snacks, refreshments, and mini treatments.
  • Offer discounts, giveaways, and specials through email marketing that allow existing clients to share with friends.
  • Provide clients with information about payment options such as CareCredit to help them pay over time for self-care and educate their friends on how they can do the same. Options like CareCredit provide clients with an opportunity to treat themselves to wellness and relaxation that may be beneficial to their overall health and wellness.

Learn more about CareCredit HERE

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