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5 Ways to Improve Guest Experience in Your Spa or Salon - Spa Industry Association
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As the wellness industry is facing a boom nowadays, people tend to look more for salons and spas that offer a better client experience. Where everyone needs a soothing break from the daily hectic routine, the salons and spa owners should enhance their services. 

The competition is becoming tougher as many hotels and restaurants are also jumping into this business. So, you have to raise the bar and offer your customers some incredible services that differentiate you from the rest.

According to research, a happy and satisfied client will share his good experience with almost nine other people. If you are delivering services with competence, it is most likely that your satisfied client will be advertising about your services. In short, if you work harder on what you are delivering, your satisfied clients will be marketing for you!

Here are five ways that will help you elevate client experience at your spa or salon

  1. Reward Your Loyal Customers

Did you know that obtaining a new customer is seven times more expensive than to keep an existing one. It’s because you don’t have the guarantee of a new customer whether he would come again or not. But a customer that visited you repeatedly might be satisfied with your services. Such customers are more likely to bring their colleagues, friends, or family members with them on their next visit.

So, you cannot afford to lose such loyal customers. Therefore, a loyalty program is helpful to stick them to your salon or spa. You can offer them incentives, discounts to appeal to them. They will surely choose you if they find comparatively cheap rates at your spa. With time, you can offer them a more personalized experience. They will be more impressed if you are preferring what they like.

  1. Request Feedback

The best way to know about your experience is to take a customer’s feedback. Show them that they matter to you and if they have faced any problem, ensure them that you will solve them. You can also take customer’s opinions by providing them with feedback notes. 

Even if you listen to their opinion and send them a response, they will be satisfied by your services regardless of considering that their problem is resolved or not. But in the first place, it is advised to consider the feedback and try to implement the change they have suggested. 

Your friends and family can also help you in this context. They are the ones that can provide you an honest review. After all, a spa is a place to relax, so you can’t compromise on your services at all. 

  1. Be Accessible Through All Channels

With the immense trend of using smartphones for managing all the engagements, people usually search for everything online before planning to visit a place. So, first of all, you have to build an interactive website that should be fully responsive. People tend to use the smartphone more for opening a website than a desktop computer. Therefore, be sure that your website is equally compatible with either of the devices.

Social media is a very powerful tool for sharing your business details with the audiences. Create a page on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and update the page on daily basis. You should develop a customer care center where you can listen to any interested customers. 

The game is now grown from the day and night scenarios. You should be active 24/7 on such platforms. Even if its last minute hotel deals, late-night massage services, or any sort of assistance, you should be present and welcoming.

  1. Greet Well and Understand What They Want

As a part of a good gesture, you should greet your customers well. Ask for their experience and listen to them carefully. Ensure them that you will resolve any issue they have faced. Meet them with a persistent smile on your face. Take bad reviews as a source of improvement for your business. 

Train your staff to be helpful and welcoming. Spa and Salon is a place to relax, so when someone enters your salon, they should feel relaxed and comfortable. The Salon is not an ordinary place with fast-forwarded life and a routine boring environment. Everybody seeks comfort here, so the atmosphere should be healthy, welcoming, and refreshing. 

  1. Use Genuine Products

When your clients are investing money in your services, they will definitely not compromise on the quality of the product you are using. All the equipment and products should be visible to clients, so they can develop trust in you. The staff should be knowledgeable enough to know about the product details, and which one is suitable for them.

The staff should be cooperative with the client to share the specifications of the product with them. This will make a very caring expression of yours on the client. When you own your customers, they will feel better visiting your place.