Every small business owner should be seeking ways to continuously improve his or her company and its operations. As a small business owner, you’ll want to find improvement methods that relate to your business type. If you’re a salon owner, here are five ways you can improve your salon in 2023. 

1. Improve Your Sales And Marketing Processes 

A typical salon has two avenues for sales and marketing. You first need to draw potential clients to your salon and services. Then you need to market your products to clients. Because you have multiple sales opportunities in a salon, you need to make your sales strategy as efficient as possible. Review your existing sales strategy and determine whether you need to update or improve any parts of the process or collect more leads. 

2. Review And Update Chemical Handling Best Practices 

A good salon should have a set of best practices and appropriate infrastructure for dealing with harsh chemicals. As science advances and public and professional awareness of chemical hazards and safety improve, industry guidelines change. Sometimes, these changes occur quite rapidly. You should regularly review and update your chemical handling best practices and check whether you need to update or repair any of your infrastructure. Make sure your employees are aware of any changes you make to your best practices and infrastructure and how those changes may affect them. 

3. Update Your Salon’s Ergonomics 

Most salon employees are on their feet for the majority of their workdays. One of the small things you can do to make big improvements to your salon in 2023 is to update your salon’s ergonomics. Check your ventilation and improve it if necessary. Make sure trolleys are available for stylists to store their equipment within reach and move it with them easily. Replace hard flooring with softer alternatives or install pads around your salon chairs. Look for streamlined, lightweight equipment and avoid bulky, heavy options so employees don’t strain themselves. 

4. Automate Where You Can 

Most of the services a salon offers cannot be automated. They need to be performed by stylists, nail technicians, estheticians, makeup artists and beauty specialists. However, certain salon services can be fully or partially automated. These services include appointment scheduling, confirmation and reminders, payment processing and text and email marketing. You can also automate various internal business operations. These include inventory organization, sales process automation, e-commerce transactions, payroll processing and scheduling. Automate where it makes sense for your salon. Most salons can benefit from operations automation, but you may prefer not to automate the majority of your client-facing operations and services. 

5. Create an App for Your Salon 

Modern businesses need to be accessible online so leads and potential clients can find them more easily. Your salon may have a successful website and a strong presence on social media, but you can still improve your overall online presence by developing an app for your salon. Customers can download your app and use it to book, cancel or update appointments, check for time-sensitive or location-based services, send messages to you or your staff and find special deals and offers. You can work with an app developer or choose to build your app yourself. Once you make it available for download, market it to your clients and leads. Post about it on social media and on your website. Make special offers available to clients who download and use the app. 

The owner of a salon needs to think about both the daily operations of that salon and the internal workflows that keep the salon running. Look at your salon’s current operations and profit margins to decide whether you should focus on external or internal improvements first.