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6 Skincare Tips For Fall - Spa Industry Association
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Sunny days are officially over, but that doesn’t mean your summer glow has to end, too. This year, you won’t have to suffer through dry skin, windburned lips and pimple breakouts caused by the cold fall weather. Simply follow these skincare tips for results that will last through the season.

  1. Thicker Moisturizer

Before you think it — no, you won’t get oily skin. Our skin needs to produce sebum to hydrate itself, and the lack of moisture in the cold air calls for additional help. Switching to a moisturizer packed with ceramides will do the trick, because these fatty acids seal in moisture and are natural to the skin. This might mean a thicker formula, but would you rather have dry, flaky skin? For a fully hydrated effect, let your chosen product air dry on your skin right after a face wash.

  1. Use Sunscreen Even Without The Sun

One of the biggest mistakes you might consider making is ditching your sunscreen anytime soon. Just because the sun isn’t around much this time of the year, doesn’t mean we’re immune to its UV rays. Wearing a minimum of SPF30 in your 20s may not seem like a big deal, but protection against skin cancer, subtler signs of ageing, and not getting sunburnt make sunscreens worth using daily.

  1. Hydrate From Head To Toe

Whether you’re getting chapped lips or itchy patches of skin from the cold, you’re most likely experiencing windburn. Now’s the time to invest in hydrating body products, like body wash, moisturizing lotion, and lip balm to secure your skin’s head-to-toe defense against the cold. This might feel like extra work during the day, but having soft and smooth skin under your thick sweater is worth the effort.

  1. Skip the Exfoliants

Nothing is as satisfying as scrubbing away dirt from your skin, but you might need to hold off for a couple of weeks. As the season turns colder, the drier your skin will become overtime. Exfoliating more than twice a week runs the risk of inflammation, regardless of the kind you’re using. Cut back on the frequency and switch to a gentler exfoliant for a safer way of maintaining your routine.

  1. Home Hydration with Humidifier

It’s the lack of moisture in the air that makes our skin dry and dull during the cooler months, so why not solve it with a humidifier? Spritz your favorite cologne or diffuse scented oil as the home appliance lets out either a warm or cool mist. Not only does it help you stay hydrated, but it also relieves nasal infections and allergies. What’s more, the moist air will help your plants breathe and survive without much sunlight.

  1. Boost Your Regimen

It’s no secret that antioxidants do wonders for the skin, but it’s hard to come across products that fully utilize these ingredients. Narrow down your search to Vitamin C and Vitamin E — both help repair skin damage and combat free radicals. If you’d like to even out dark spots, boost your SPF protection and increase your collagen production, try a Vitamin C serum. But if you’re more concerned with nourishing your skin, go for a moisturizing cream rich in Vitamin E.


Besides staying hydrated with water, these tips are the real deal when it comes to maintaining a healthy skin in the fall. Keep in mind that the effectiveness will vary depending on a person’s skin type, so make sure to check with your doctor if symptoms persist. In the end, you should do what’s best for your overall health.