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6 Spa-Recommended Products To Try at Home 
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Everyone loves a trip to the spa, but it can be tough to replicate that relaxed, “zen” feeling once you get home. Who has the time or the funds to pamper themself regularly anyway? If you are craving a spa day in the comfort of your own home, here are some tried and true spa-recommended products that really work. 

1. Hand Lotion 

The hand lotions that are used in spas and salons always seem to moisturize your hands perfectly, and they also smell wonderful. But it’s easy to get that same, silky smooth skin when you purchase your own lavender hand cream. Give yourself an at-home manicure and finish it off with some salon-quality lotion. Your hands will look and feel like they were pampered by a professional. 

2. Face Masks 

Facials are a great way to care for your skin and provide many benefits like anti-aging, pore cleansing, and more. Luckily, you can treat yourself to a spa-like skin treatment whenever you want as long as you keep some face masks on hand. If you feel like your skin is more clogged than usual, try a charcoal mask. If your skin needs some energy and revives, an awakening cucumber mask will do the trick. You can even apply a soothing lavender mask before bed to help with sleeplessness. 

3. Bath Salts 

One of the best parts of a spa day is a soak in the hot tub or a tub filled with pleasant bath salts. If you don’t have a hot tub at your disposal, the next best thing is a soak in your own bathtub with whatever type of bath salts fit your mood. If your skin feels dry, try something infused with cocoa butter. If you are craving a bath before bedtime, a lavender-infused salt is a perfect solution. There are even bath salts to help combat hangovers if you are feeling a bit under the weather after last night’s fun. 

4. Soft Robes 

Another important feature of a great spa day is the soft, luxurious robes that you get to wear before and after your treatment. Even though you, unfortunately, cannot take them with you when you leave, why not get yourself a similar robe to wear at home? Get something fluffy and cozy if you often feel cold, or pick something a bit lighter that you can wear to apply makeup and get ready for a big night out. You can even treat yourself to multiple robes, so you have one for every occasion.  

5. Tea 

Spas always seem to have the most varied assortment of interesting teas. If you enjoy a cup of tea before or after your treatment, treat yourself to tea at home as well. Many companies offer sampler packs that contain a variety of tea types and flavors, so choose one, and you’ll have your pick of whichever drink strikes your fancy when you feel like relaxing. Just be careful not to drink too much caffeine in the evening, or you may have trouble falling asleep, and all of your relaxation will be in vain. 

6. Candles 

More often than not, we light candles to cover up an embarrassing or unpleasant smell in the home. Did you accidentally burn dinner or cook something like bacon that makes the entire house smell bad? Candles are a great way to get your home smelling nice in a pinch, but they can also be a soothing part of your at-home spa day. Light a pleasant candle while you take a bath and dim the bathroom lights to create a relaxing ambiance. Light a favorite candle when you’re reading or watching television in bed to help you wind down at night.  

Spa days can rejuvenate you and help you destress, but you don’t have to spend a fortune at a salon or spa to get these benefits. Invest in some of these items and you’ll have no trouble relaxing or unwinding in your own home. 

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels