For some, body massage is a luxury. And while for some others, it is a regular ritual.

Body massages relax your body muscles and put you in a deep sense of relaxation completely. But it is not just relaxation you get out of a proper body massage.

We are listing some remarkable benefits of monthly body massages and the reasons why you should get one.

  1. Improves heart health

Heart disease is common, and so are deaths related to it. But a healthy lifestyle can reduce the rate of such cases significantly. Healthy lifestyles also include getting a regular body massage, but more than just relaxing your body and mind, it is good for the heart. 

During tapping movement during the massage, your body produces vasodilation, which increases your venous return. The blood flow and oxygen increase making them reach better to all your organs.

As a result, your cardiovascular system relaxes, and blood circulation improves throughout the body, resulting in blood regulation and a stable heart rate.  

  1. Healthy digestive system

One of the other benefits of monthly massage is a well-functioning digestive system – we all know how important that is. Digestive system failure or issues are not just related to hygiene and poor food consumption. Other factors, most commonly stress, can affect digestive health significantly. 

A full-body massage not only curbs stress but also helps in the proper regulation of the digestion of food and nutrients. During the massage, the parasympathetic nervous system produces chemicals like gastric juice and insulin, which move through your intestines. 

Some massage types also have an abdominal massage which regulates the last stages of digestion in the large intestine. This allows the food to move slowly through your digestive system. 

  1. Increased body flexibility

Athletes and sports professionals, and even professional dancers have the great need to maintain their body flexibility. This surely contributes to their achievements and performance in sports and makes their body active and healthy.

Many professional athletes and dancers get regular body massages and work on improving flexibility to maintain their bodies.

A body massage works on the muscles and connective tissues and produces natural lubricants in the joints, increasing flow. 

  1. Helps you sleep better

Monthly massage can be effective in improving your sleep cycle — those who opt for whole body massage regularly vouch for it.

One of the main reasons most of us have sleeping problems or insomnia is stress, mainly resulting from work. A body massage reduces stress and relaxes you enough to fall asleep naturally. 

Apart from making you sleep, it also improves your sleep pattern. Even in cancer patients, stress has been a negative factor that makes sleeping harder during treatment. The benefits of regular massage have been known to relax cancer patients and aid good sleep. 

If you can’t make it to a massage therapist or don’t want to pay, Shakir from The Life Hype suggests self-massage at home. If you have no idea how to do it at home, YouTube is your friend. 

  1. Reduce posture-related issues

As work-life gets more and more important every day, people spend less time on their physical and mental health. Sitting in their cubicles or offices in front of a computer and losing track of time and space is standard in most workplaces. This comes with a price- posture-related problems, stress, and physical pain.

One of the most common symptoms of posture-related stress is pain in the shoulders or neck. If you don’t attend to this pain and uneasiness sooner, it sure has a risk of getting bigger and creating uneasiness in the whole body. 

Body massages are the best way to get rid of the tension from the body at the earliest. Any internal imbalances caused by prolonged hours of sitting in the same position can be rid of with a monthly massage. If you are a lazy person who doesn’t like to hit the gym, it is one reason why massage is important for you. 

  1. Reduces high blood pressure

Whether it is a physical activity or stressful daily activities, a person with high blood pressure will have certain risks. Continued high-stress levels can further lead to a stroke or heart attack in people with high blood pressure. For this reason, maintaining regular and balanced blood pressure is of utmost importance. 

During a study released in Biological Research for Nursing, the results have been observed where people with high blood pressure went through a 10-minute body massage, 3 times a week and were found to have comparatively lower blood pressure levels. 

  1. Improving mental health

Everything has a limit, including our mental sanity. After long hours of work – spending time with different people – our mind needs space and relaxation.

Stress doesn’t always have to mean that you had a bad day, but it can only stay out of your comfort zone for longer than you can take.

A body massage is one way to eliminate anxiety as much as 50% for the short-term, a study suggests. After all, it lets your guard down and lets others take care of it for a few minutes

 or hours.

The takeaway

We’ve listed all the reasons you need to convince yourself for monthly body massages. All of them have positive impact on your body in the long run so there’s no reason you shouldn’t opt for it.