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7 Secrets Behind Every Thriving Spa Business - Spa Industry Association
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A day at the spa is a chance to relax, unwind and experience rejuvenation. Many customers visit to feel pampered, special and revived; others want to relieve pain or enhance their appearance. Considering that there are such varied views about spas, it is no wonder that many people struggle to understand how to ensure one succeeds. However, it is relatively straightforward. Success is dependent on offering customers the experience they expect, and exceeding those expectations whenever possible. Consider these seven secrets behind today’s thriving spa businesses.

1. Share a Passion for Health and Beauty

Chances are you run a spa because you are passionate about health, wellness and beauty. It is something you can get excited about. Sharing that passion with others will generate interest and a dedicated following. If you have special insight into a specific area, consider hosting information sessions so current and potential customers can learn about the benefits of the services you offer.

2. Provide the Best Possible Experience

People visit a spa for a relaxing and luxurious experience, so you want to do everything in your power to bring that to fruition. Little things can make a big difference in how someone experiences your spa. When someone turns on the shower they want to be greeted with instant hot water instead of having to wait. A water heater company in Pacoima can ensure that happens every time. It isn’t just hot water either; have all of the mechanical systems checked and serviced so they are in top running order.

3. Have a Customer-Focused Attitude

Let’s face it: Without loyal customers, it is incredibly difficult for a spa to stay in business. Find a spa-focused CRM system and maximize it to connect with every person that comes through your door. Gather information, gain insights into what they do and don’t want, and offer specials based on birthdays or special dates in their lives.

4. Use Luxurious Supplies 

Providing top of the line luxury supplies says a lot about what you are willing to invest in your spa business. After all, wrapping up in thick, soft, fluffy towels and silky soft sheets is a treat that many people don’t get to experience every day. Sometimes a little extra touch, such as offering hairstyling supplies in the locker rooms can go along way toward making a spa day memorable in a good way. Think about all of the small touches that really tell customers how much you appreciate and value them. A few areas that should definitely get your attention include:

  • Towels, sheets and blankets
  • Glasses and plates for refreshments
  • Lotions and skin oils

5. Offer a Variety of Services

Monthly massages and facials are becoming more common, but they are far from the only services a spa provides. Offering a wide variety of services, as long as you can offer them in a professional manner, can set you apart from local competitors. Special skin treatments, acupressure or healing touch, or cupping can all be added to a spa experience.

6. Sell Gift Certificates

A day at the spa makes an excellent gift for holidays, birthdays and special occasions; gift certificates make giving that treat to someone simple and convenient. They are also a great way for your business to generate revenue during slower periods. Run promotions such as giving a short-term bonus card for purchases over a certain dollar amount to draw new people in.

7. Carry Related Product Offerings

Customers leave a spa feeling their best. Help them carry that feeling into every day by selling skincare products they can use at home. Essential oils and aromatherapy supplies are also commonly offered. These are an excellent way to increase revenue and help people keep your business in mind each day.

A visit to the spa may be a special treat or a regular part of your customer’s wellness routine. Either way, focusing on their needs, offering an array of services and providing a luxurious experience will help you succeed.