Masks have become an inseparable part of our outfit. 2020 added a new trend to our lives and made us completely obey its commands. At first, it was unbelievable how we could adapt ourselves to the masks, then it became unthinkable how we can come out without this tiny but essential part of clothing.

Nevertheless, masks are not that harmless. Depending on the kind of skin you have, there can be several skin issues and not only caused by masks. Some inconveniences are:

  • Masks can cause glasses to fog
  •  Can be uncomfortable
  • It can mess with your sight

Nevertheless, the main and more widespread issue is skin irritation. Masks cause different types of skin problems. Obviously, there are methods to reduce the effect or the cause of these problems by applying skincare products, preferably natural lotions, or by using natural and organic oils for skin, by cleaning and moisturizing your face.


What is maskne?  Well, the maskne is a word with which the Anglo-Saxons call acne produced by masks. You already know that they have a tendency to put words together. In this case, it is the combination of the words mask and akne.

The mask produces continuous friction, it also creates an atmosphere with a high degree of humidity, mixed with dirt. A series of factors cause the pores to clog, inflame, and, therefore, produce more pimples. It is happening more in people who already had a tendency to acne.

Some Useful Tips

1.   Less makeup –

Make up can clog the pores if used under the mask. The main problem here is that your skin does not breathe when it is under the mask, and the use of makeup makes it more sensible and dirty. If it is essential to use makeup, try to use goods that are “non-comedogenic” or “won’t clog pores.” 

2.   Cleanse and moisturize your face

Daily skincare is to be considered because with the constant use of masks your skin gets dry and lacks water. Use mild and organic skincare cleansers if possible. Hydrating the skin can prevent many skin issues by adding a layer on the top of your face. This protective layer avoids dryness and direct contact with the mask.

3.   Use natural oils –

The use of correct skincare products can reduce the possibility of appearing for acne or other skin disorders. Using natural THC free CBD oil for skin, organic soaps, and natural lotions are highly advised. CBD has been shown to be beneficial for the skin. Research showed that CBD has high anti-inflammatory characteristics, which indicated that CBD reduced excessive oil production, making it a promising therapeutic agent for the treatment of acne vulgaris.

4.   Follow your nutrition –

A balanced diet is also a good way to have hydrated skin and reduce irritability.

5.   Drink water –

Drinking lots of water helps your skin to be moisturized and not dry. Drinking water also makes your skin healthier and look radiant and younger. Water provides elasticity to your skin.

6.   The right mask –

The choice of the right mask sometimes seems to be a difficult issue. Which mask provides more protection and how to use them are issues that every day more and more sources treat. Surgical masks, homemade masks, and respirators are our inseparable friends. If your choice is a surgical mask make sure to use it as recommended. If you use cloth masks the essential point is to wash them very well after each use. In any case, these masks should fit correctly to your face, that’s why you should consider their shape and quality.

7.   Avoid the use of new unknown skin care products –

It is not recommended the use new products that you have not tried before. These products may irritate your skin, cause allergies, and have undesirable effects. If you already have a set of skincare lotion oils that you have tried before it is better not to risk and go on using these ones.

Having said this, it is not for sure that these tips will guarantee the complete health of your skin under the mask, but they can reduce the possibility of dry skin phenomenon and the appearance of acne and other inflammatory processes.