Opening a spa is a big undertaking. Many things need to be considered, from atmosphere to amenities, in order to create the best customer experience you can. You want your customers to fall in love with your facility and become loyal patrons, so you intend to start off in the best way possible.

 1. Offer Quality Add-Ons for At-Home Care

When it comes to customer experience, what they have in hand and mind as they leave is important to consider. Their minds should be on what a fantastic experience they just had. In their hands will hopefully be high-end products, such as lotion, face wash, body scrub, supplements or other items to enhance the treatment they received. Provide a selection of products which meet your standards, as well as team members to guide them in purchasing decisions. For example, there are many supplements or supplement companies you could include in your panacea. Look into a variety of options, such as Activated You reviews, to find the ones that work for you.

 2. Consider Incentives and Free Enhancements

Besides having products customers can buy as they leave, try offering them free extras. First-time customers could be offered a discount, or returning customers could receive a free product from an “Owner’s Favorites” selection with every 10th service they purchase. Offering free samples of popular products is another great way to improve customer experience, as well as letting them get to know something they may never have heard of before now.

 3. Ensure Your Spa is Clean

Taking the time to keep your facility clean and well-maintained is critical. Your customers want to feel safe from contamination, but they also want to see your pride of ownership shine through your spa. One way to cut down on cleaning time is to provide free booties to customers as they enter so your floors stay clean.

 4. Provide a Peaceful Atmosphere

Sound and scent set a mood. Have you ever watched a movie with little to no music, or the musical track is just “off” somehow? It tends to make the movie feel off-kilter. A similar issue can happen when the scent isn’t right. Create the ambience your customers are expecting with pleasant and unobtrusive music and diffusers. Be sure other activities are as quiet as possible for maximum relaxation.

 5. Make Them Feel Secure

Speaking of relaxation, it is difficult to relax if a person feels their valuables are vulnerable. While your customers are there, you don’t want their minds forced to be somewhere else as this could impact whether they want to come back again. Be sure to provide a free locker for the duration of a customer’s visit so the customer can keep his or her mind on enjoying the service.

 6. Take Your Time With Their Treatments

Hurrying customers along through the services they’re receiving isn’t very relaxing either. Slow down and take your time with each customer. The energy your staff gives off should inspire peace, not tension. If customers are slow to make selections as to the products or services they want, knowledgeable advice is a plus but rushing them will likely backfire.

 7. Employ Staff Members Whose Service Skills Are Exceptional

Everyone has had a bad customer service experience. It tends to stick with a person, and it influences their future likelihood of recommending and returning to a business or spreading a negative perception. Build a staff from among people who excel at working patiently and positively with customers, and train them well. Consider creating quizzes related to products and services you offer to encourage them to be knowledgeable.

When a spa atmosphere isn’t quite right, customers will feel it even if they can’t quite put their finger on why. Taking the time to implement even subtle improvements to their experience may pay off dividends in customer loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals in your spa’s future.

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