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8 Rich Skin Benefits of Selenium - Spa Industry Association
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The skin is the body’s largest organ and your body’s first line of defense against infection. While your diet and vitamin supplements provide some minerals required for optimal health, certain compounds may not be absorbed appropriately through the process of digestion—or worse, may create damaging free radicals and eventual inflammation. Selenium is integral to your health, and recent research reveals that it is best absorbed through the skin.

Dr. Kedar Prasad, Ph.D., is a renowned and preeminent expert on micronutrients, authored Micronutrients in Health and Disease, and is a Nobel Prize Council scientific physician. He and a research partner were the first to show that vitamin E could kill cancer cells in 1979, and his research on micronutrients has since revolutionized modern medicine. Prasad says, “Selenium is an important co-factor for glutathione peroxidase that increases the glutathione level in your skin cells. Glutathione is a very important antioxidant.” Read on to discover the top health benefits of selenium.

Top Selenium Benefits

1. Prevents Signs of Aging: Selenium fights free radicals, minimizes skin damage and inflammation, and may even prevent skin cancer.
2. Reduces Inflammation: Inflammation is caused by ultraviolet rays, stress, poor diet, and lack of minerals. Selenium fights inflammatory cytokines that eventually cause skin damage.
3. Benefits the Immune System: White blood cells are micro-soldiers on the front lines of immune defense. Selenium boosts white blood cell function, preventing both bacterial skin infections and viruses.

4. Promotes Skin Healing and Reduces Acne: Selenium (when paired with Vitamin E) boosts glutathione, which may help heal skin heal. What’s more, selenium can decrease the incidence of acne.

5. Prevents Heart Disease: Fat stores in the body can lead to heart disease over time. Low doses of selenium have been linked to heart failure, as the mineral reduces blood clots and cholesterol oxidation and has been proven to reduce the instance of heart disease.

6. Improves Fertility: Selenium antioxidants aid in male fertility, especially in sperm development, improved sperm mobility, and the fertilization of eggs. What’s more, the nutrient may reduce the risk of birth defects when consumed by women.

7. Regulates Metabolism: Selenium regulates metabolic processes and boosts glucose.

8. Regulates Thyroid: Healthy thyroid function is crucial to regulation of hormones such as Selenium aids in thyroid regulation through conversion of hormones from T3 to T4.

How to Boost Your Selenium Intake

Foods high in selenium content include organ meats such as liver, kidney, brain, heart, and tongue. As many don’t include liverwurst sandwiches, cow tongue, or monkey brains on their menu of desirable meal items, other meats such as grass-fed beef and lamb will help. Organic and pasture-raised fowl such as turkey have high selenium content, as well as salmon, sardines, and Brazil nuts.

While eating foods and supplements rich in selenium may boost intake, the process of digestion may negatively affect how your body absorbs the mineral. The proprietary mixture of micronutrients in Nutrient Body Sculpt includes selenium, as well as various other minerals essential for skin health, and is a revolutionary leap forward for your beauty regimen. Our treatment is the only sculpting product available today that contains micronutrients and minerals. What’s more, Nutrient Body Sculpt will sculpt and tighten your skin while hydrating and refreshing.

Have you seen results after using Nutrient Body Sculpt or eating foods and supplements high in selenium?