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The 6th edition will start on Friday 16 Sept 2022 at sunrise in Fiji, until sunset Sunday 18 in Hawaii. Over 4,000 participating venues in 140 countries will be geolocated on the World Wellness Map for millions of people to find fun, free, inclusive group activities, classes or workshops nearby. 

In alignment with the UNITED NATIONS since 2017, World Wellness Weekend (WWW) is supporting SDG 3 “Good Health and Well-being for All” through 5 Pillars of Wellness: Sleep & Creativity, Nutrition & Immunity, Movement & Vitality, Mindfulness & Serenity, Sense of purpose & Solidarity

During the Covid pandemic, the focus was on boosting VITALITY, SERENITY, RESILIENCY and IMMUNITY. The dramatic events in Beirut, Myanmar, and now Ukraine place SOLIDARITY on the forefront and the necessity of “LIVING WELL TOGETHER“. 

Millions of wellness seekers and active travelers are encouraged to team up with a friend (“Wellness Buddy“), family or colleagues to set a specific goal to be “fitter together” and, once achieved, to support the association of their choice in order turn the miles on their pedometer into money. People running on treadmills, walking to work, jogging, cycling or hiking for fun and health, will support those who walk for days to flee war and devastation, leaving everything behind, praying that hope and help is on the way. 

WWW is not just a week-end with free activities, each year, before the September equinox. We are a year-round movement and a vibrant network of professionals motivated by making a difference in fitness, mindfulness, well-being, beauty, hospitality, and tourism. We share international best practices to elevate guest experience and drive more clients into spas, clubs, hotels with meaningful activities to enhance healthy lifestyles with a Sense of Purpose.  

This would not be possible without the outstanding contribution of 117 volunteers around the globe (WWW Ambassadors and Coordinators) who infuse their network with enthusiasm, encourage venues to be innovative, groups to instill a culture of wellness, and cities to be more aligned with the United Nations’ SDGs. 


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