After spending hours interviewing doctors, dermatologists, and elegant Dallas ladies with impeccable skin earlier this year, I inevitably took a long hard look at my own complexion. At 29 years old, youth is still mostly on my side, but with the specter of 30 beginning to loom, it felt like the right time to start getting serious about skincare. And not just maybe-I-should-buy-a-good-eye-cream serious (although I highly recommend Skinceuticals’), but a real investment of money and time.

There are Botox and filler, and Dallas has scores of spots to buy skincare, but my real focus this year was facials. Up until this year, my booking of a facial was random and relatively rare—the exact opposite of once-a-month schedule most derms and aestheticians recommend. (Facials should really be covered by insurance, no?) So, each month, I tested out a new facial at different spas (hotel, med, or otherwise) around Dallas. My face is no longer the same. These were my favorite experiences.

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