For all the right reasons, there is always a need for humans to get themselves relaxed and have peace of mind. The search for eminent comfort is always had been the most concerning factor above all. Considering all the equipment and facilities that humans have ever built for their ease, Spa is one of the best inventions that have ever been introduced. Being fundamentally a form of exercise, Spa allows us to have the most effective way of relaxation.

Dating back to Romans and Greeks, it is a method that was used by indigenous people, bathing in natural – mineral hot springs of water. According to the latest research, the global spa industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.66% between 2017 and 2021. So, what is so unique and astounding about this exclusive spa method? Considering the earliest century, when Spa was initially introduced, it was the most accepted way of socializing with people and meeting the traditions. It helped people soothing their mind, enabling them to get their mind and body relaxed.  

The Great 19th-Century Spa Towns

As humans advanced, things became to take new turns; similarly for this great practice of Spa. Talking about the 19th century, we get to know a few of the most exciting features about it. The reason it became famous among the people was due to its ability to heal the skin. It was also practiced by women to glow up their skin and enhance their beauty. Moreover, spa centers were also considered as natural habitats where people were driven due to its high effectiveness for physical and mental relaxation.

Another great reason for its acceptance was that not much was offered by the western medication at that time. Therefore, the spa areas kept the same impotence just as modern detox machinery, allowing humans to get that alluring experience. The alluring nature of Spa dragged many western people towards it, and these centers were treated as a social gathering. People used to gather to spas to handle anything, ranging from cancer to other chronic diseases. It merely depicted a modern rehabilitation center.

An Insight Into The History

Before Spa was introduced to the Middle Eastern hammam, the ancient people used to facilitate themselves with hot spring natural waters. It was merely not just associated with the people of Greek; however, the Romans had this in their tradition too. The practice of Spa was initially centred to the ones who were rich in their culture, only being found at the palaces of the kinds and high authorities. However, gradually it became common amongst the people and became the most effective way of experiencing relaxation and peace. Later on, as time passed by, it didn’t remain primitive to officials, and it gained acceptance by communities.

Where Does The Word Spa Come From?

Have you ever wondered from where the word Spa came from? Indeed there must be something special associated with its name. Not having a clear answer to that; nevertheless, it has something to do with the healing procedures and skins treatment practices. Many prolonged theories have a link with the term’s etymology. Coming back to the real meaning of the word spa: it is an abbreviation derived from the Latin slogan ‘Salus per Aquam’, which literally means ‘health from water’. According to numerous scholars, the word spa has its association with a village name, where hot and natural spring of waters was found in earlier days. It was a place where a wounded soldier was taken for treatment and healing.


Having an insight into the history of Spa may help us know the importance of it. As discussed above, there were quite exciting factors due to which it is still the likes and practised by many individuals. The sheer health benefits that are associated with it and its ability to provide heal to most of the chronic diseases have led the people of the modern era to practice Spa in the modern era too.

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