Tique & Stone was curated for your daily use. This high-end line is geared specifically for personal health and wellness. We selected ingredients that are paraben free, phthalate free and never tested on animals. This line is a blend of coconut wax and essential oils with elements of aged brass and pure white onyx to purify negative energy.

This line is geared towards making home fragrance a ritual. The ritual stone diffuser set contains a brass stand, onyx holder, ceramic disc and a bottle of our essential oil blended fragrance. Apply the oil to the disc to control your level of fragrance.

Each fragrance promotes a different sense of well-being:

Elderflower Vetiver: the essence of this fragrance will restore brain power and energy

Lavender Sage: quietly unwind with this calming fragrance that balances your mind and spirit

Mandarin Rosemary: this uplifting fragrance flows positivity and brightness into your day and night

Because this line is geared towards personal health and wellness – this product is best used on your bedside table or office desk.