Sanah Sayani: How she turned her spa into a mask-making operation to protect people against COVID-19

TUCKER, GA. (WECT) – The sign above the front door says Thread Beauty Spa. But waxings and facials have not happened inside the business in weeks. Owner Sanah Sayani had to close the doors in early March because of the coronavirus pandemic. But it wasn’t long before another door opened, breathing new life into that commercial space.

“It was a freak accident I would say,” said Sanah, a former WECT weekend morning news anchor who left the news business in 2015 to be closer to her family in Atlanta. “I was scrolling (through her Facebook feed) and saw a tutorial to make a mask.”

It happened about the same time the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said because of a shortage of protective equipment in some hospitals, healthcare workers on the front lines of treating the coronavirus pandemic could use scarves or bandanas for personal protection. Sanah messaged some friends in the healthcare industry upset about it, saying they needed proper equipment (PPE) to treat infected patients.

“I saw the tutorial, I read the article, said hey, ‘Maybe we can make our own’,” Sanah remembers telling herself. “I messaged a doctor friend in Dallas and she said, ‘Yes, we should all be wearing masks. Yes, the CDC is probably not recommending for everyone to wear a mask because there is a shortage!’. I said, ‘It can’t hurt to make masks and it can’t hurt to wear a mask!’ I just kind of had the idea, confirmed it with a couple doctor friends, they said, ‘Yes go for it’, and it just started. I did foresee that the CDC would eventually say wear a mask because other countries were already wearing it and it does no harm, so why not.”

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The Critical Spa Conversation ~ Now !

Mindfulness, Meditation, and Movement are all standard components and tools for most Spa / Wellness Therapists. These concepts and practices are usually taught as a fundamental element within their educational training and learning environments. This valuable information is passed along to clients through embodiment, energy, physical touch, demonstration, and educational explanations. The importance of educating clients and ourselves is certainly a paramount foundation of professionalism and excellence yet there are other serious concerns we need to address immediately!

The larger and more complex conversations that need to be happening right now within the industry are based around the new paradigm of what the Spa, Wellness, Fitness intake process should be given the current medical concerns about viral infections. With the unintended mayhem and significant pause in all global economic patterns this is an ideal and auspicious time for the Spa / Wellness industry to come together in unity to help support a new global paradigm of wellness.

Parameters especially for the Spa industry must change and adapt to the ever fluid landscape of new medical information in order to keep all Therapists, Staff and Clients safe. What is the most appropriate and safety conscious process for Spa / Wellness intake methods? All medical intake forms need to be updated and reflect accurate relevant information necessary for Therapist to do their job to the very best of their ability. We can no longer reply on ‘Lifestyle Information / Intake’ forms at this point; how many glasses of water a guest drinks is Not the most important question we need to be asking.

Here is a partial list of the critical questions we need to be openly addressing immediately with Medical Doctors, Legal Experts, Medical Ethicists, Educational Directors, Spa Directors and Staff:

  1. If a Therapist enacts their legal right of refusal to work with a client how will the Spa / Business and or Management support them?
  2. If a Therapist enacts their legal right of refusal to work with a client can the client be legally or morally transferred to another Therapist who will work with that client?
  3. Does the legal definition of “Medical Right of Refusal” within the Spa, Wellness, Fitness industry cover the “Business” and or “Therapist” from legal suits or retaliation?
  4. If a Therapist enacts their legal right of refusal to work with a client is the Spa / Business required to provide the client written documentation?
  5. If a Therapist enacts their legal right of refusal to work with a client is the Spa / Business obligated to require payment or partial payment for the service?
  6. What is the most appropriate way to screen / review Medical information during the intake process?
  7. If a client cancels or no shows at the last minuet due to medical reasons what is the “Medical Cancelation” policy?
  8. Will staff need a Doctor’s note in order to return to work if they have been out or in a quarantine situation?
  9. Under what circumstances should staff be required to wear PPE?
  10. Should the “Business” supply all PPE to staff?

These primary critical questions need to be debated and answered so the entire industry can be on the exact same page moving forward. If we are negligent or slack in our professional due diligence to protect staff and clients the entire industry will suffer as soon as a client is infected and the news will exponentially spread just like a virus affecting business with negativity and additional loss of revenue further complicating this situation.

Simply assuming we can put the old keys in the economic engine and fire it up to accomplish economic recovery will produce disastrous results and additional struggle for all. The car has been dismantled and is not road worthy – we need to redesign, reconstruct, realign and repaint the entire vehicle in order to make it drivable. This process takes time and care in order to reestablish appropriate circumstances, connections and the circumference of compassionate care.

Within this epic economic pause – there is a profound opportunity to significantly move the paradigm of integrated wellness / medicine along the beneficial spectrum for safety of all concerned. If we simply sit still and squander this quantum moment – we could all continue to spiral in wasted concentric circles of incompetence and reckless disregard for the greater good of all. If you believe this is currently an untenable situation, please reach out to me so we can begin to formulate a new plan of action and leadership to move into the future with wisdom, prudence and safety.

All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word:

Freedom, Justice, Honor, Duty, Mercy, Hope

                                                              Winston Churchill ~

Mother’s Day Gift Guides: The Best All-Natural Spa Kits By Female Founders

Naturally, moms deserve pampering year-round, but in honor of her celebratory day this May 10th, treat her to an all-natural kit that includes essentials for a euphoric DIY spa experience at home. The following sets have been crafted by talented female entrepreneurs whose respective skincare companies pride themselves upon sourcing the highest quality ingredients for their products. Their innovative all-natural formulations are gentle on the body and face, while providing nourishment from top to toe. The following are the best all-natural spa kits:

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Join Us for a COVID-19 Webinar on Re-opening the Private Practice

In this 1-hour webinar, Dr. Randolph Waldman and a panel of experts will provide insights into reopening the private practice as states begin to lift COVID-19 restrictions over the next several weeks. Learn more about:
Necessary changes to the in-office experience for patients, staff and physiciansTips, pearls and best practices for consults, non-surgical and surgical proceduresLegal concerns, including patient consent


The International SPA Association (ISPA), in partnership with dozens of global spa industry leaders, is proud to launch the first components of the ISPA COVID-19 Reopening Toolkit to help spas safely welcome employees and guests back into their place of business when allowed by their respective governing bodies.   

The first set of toolkit resources includes an expansive Spa Reopening Checklist to help guide spas through the process, communications templates to guide their marketing efforts and Spa Sanitation & Hygiene Standards. All documents are fully customizable to provide spas of all types, sizes and locations with the ability to implement applicable components side-by-side with their spa industry peers.

ISPA gathered key insights shared by global spa leaders, guidance from governing bodies and expertise shared by medical professionals and resource partners. This collaborative approach will help the spa industry emerge from this crisis as a strong force. The spa world will work collectively to rejuvenate their businesses while helping consumers who need to reduce stress, invest in their overall health and strengthen their mental wellbeing.

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Great Links to help with learning more about Government Programs

Stimulus payment info

Many of you have questions about the recently released stimulus payments. The stimulus payment amount is up to $1,200 per individual or $2,400 per couple plus $500 for each qualifying dependent under age 17.

Here are some handy links for you to address some of your questions and track your payment:

  1. Main page where you can access all other info from:Coronavirus Tax Relief and Economic Impact Payments
  2. Twotools, “Get My Payment” where you can check the status of your paymentand “Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here” where you apply to get your payment if you are not required to file a tax returnEconomic Impact Payments
  3. General FAQs on the payment and eligibility:Economic Impact Payment Information Center
  4. More FAQs regarding receiving the payment:Get My Payment Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Help with understanding the tools available:How to Use the Tools on to Get Your Economic Impact Payment

CBD Oil: The Amazing Benefits of the Miracle Compound When Used Orally

CBD oil can be derived from the marijuana plant or can be derived from the hemp plant. It doesn’t have THC in it. THC is the ingredient that causes one to get high. So this does not have that in it. But it is used for pain control. 

In many people, it can be used as a rub to help control pain. In children, it may help control seizures. It may help reduce anxiety. 

However, there is a possible role for CBD use in the mouth and how it helps with oral health, particularly in the gum areas. 

Oral Use Study

There was a study using rats. What scientists did was they induced gum disease or periodontal disease in the rats by using certain kinds of wires that irritate the gum tissue. 

These rats were given to CBD. There were two groups of rats actually that were used in the study. The rats that were not given the CBD and the ones that were. 

The CBD was given in the form of injection and of course, when you brush your teeth you’re not going to be injecting CBD. 

They found that at the end of the trial period the rats that have been given the CBD had much less bone destruction. 

They healed much faster. And their gums were much healthier in relation to the rats in the control experiment that had not been given the CBD. 

Catch the Buzz

CBD is now a buzz word and you were going to be hearing more about it because a lot of people think it’s a cure drug. 

Now it’s not a cure drug but in certain situations, it can be very helpful in particularly the mouth. It does tend to reduce inflammation. 

It Helps Keep Good Bacteria in the Mouth

It doesn’t kill bacteria but there is toothpaste out there that do kill the bacteria including the good bacteria. However, now there is a toothpaste with CBD in it. 

These toothpastes do not destroy the good bacteria and they enable the good bacteria to proliferate and continue to grow. 

Reduces Anxiety

They minimize the harm of the bad bacteria. Also, a great role for CBD is it does reduce anxiety. 

It might be very helpful for patients to take some CBD before a dental appointment because it can reduce their anxiety. 

So if one has anxiety it does help to reduce anxiety. 

In Comparison to Smoking

In comparison to smoking marijuana which is harmful to The Longs and the gums, Cbd oil is not harmful in ingesting marijuana through CBD oil rather than smoking. 

The smoke tends to dry out the gum tissue. It also reduces the blood supply to the gum tissue. 

So the difference between smoking marijuana which has THC chemically and CBD which doesn’t. 

This is just a glimpse of potentially what may be going on now in regards to CBD oil use orally taken and used as a toothpaste. 

It’s very important to keep your mouth healthy because if your mouth is healthy the rest of your body will be healthier as well. 

Another great benefit of using CBD oil in comparison to smoking marijuana is that it keeps your teeth looking nice and white. 

Using CBD oil allows you to get the benefits without having to compromise your teeth’s great white shine and smile. 

Using toothpaste with CBD in it is a great addition to your health regimen. 

You don’t have to have toothpaste with CBD either. If you just have a CBD oil you can apply the oil onto the toothbrush. 

You can brush it with just the oil on top of it. Using it this way will still result in getting the benefits of the CBD oil.

Hospitality Net launches World Panel on Wellness, Lifestyle and Spas

Maastricht, the Netherlands – As the hotel industry contends with the immediate challenges posed by the Coronavirus crisis, for some hoteliers this also represents an opportunity to take a longer-term view of their businesses. Hospitality Net™, which launched the Hospitality Net World Panel last year to highlight the opinions of leading hoteliers on industry trends, is now launching another panel, this time on wellness, lifestyle and spas.

Leading the discussions as the panel’s ‘Champ’ and contributing Expert will be Mia A. Mackman, Founder & Principal of Mackman|ES, a future-ready, wellness and spa consultancy and Managing Director of HVS Spa & Wellness Consulting. Ms. Mackman is also Founder & President of the Arizona Spa & Wellness Association and will be initiating questions to a panel of industry experts and academics on the topics of wellness, lifestyle and spas.

Ms. Mackman, who is based in Sedona, Arizona, has extensive consulting experience and has been successfully identifying future value propositions in the market for over 16 years. She works with global investors, hotel and resort developers, hospitality organizations and contributes as an industry expert to international business reports, global think-tanks, and world news organizations.

“This World Panel will work closely with visionaries, influencers and executives to magnify the narrative related to ways wellness impacts, adds value and enhances contemporary cornerstones in the hospitality industry. This represents an important opportunity to engage with, and help, hoteliers come to grips with rising new demands linked to well-being, spa assets and future guest experiences, as they begin to map out their post-crisis business strategies,” said Ms. Mackman.

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Sleep Hygiene — How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

In this age of pandemic, emotions run high — worry, fear, anger, confusion, sadness, despair and depression. It is no wonder that we are all losing sleep, and yet, sleep is critical to our mental and physical health. It is during sleep, when our bodies recharge themselves and repair our crucial immune systems.

In the best of times, 1 in 4 adults have sleep issues. During the covid-crisis, that all-important sleep may be in even shorter supply. Below are some of my tips for preparing and getting a better night’s sleep, derived from 20 years of pioneering “wellness design.”

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Back to Work? Considerations for Re-Opening the Workplace

The laws are changing rapidly in the current pandemic/crisis. Therefore, the legal issues discussed here are subject to constant change. It is best to consult with your counsel concerning any specific legal advice you may need.

Governments are making plans to re-start the economy and, in some parts of the country, moving forward. Although in most states, shelter-in-place orders are still in effect and most non-essential businesses remain closed, companies are also starting to plan for restarting operations and re-hiring downsized workforces. When business resumes, things will move quickly and companies will need to consider safety issues, legal compliance, staffing concerns, and many other logistical and economic factors. 
We’ve compiled the below summary of some legal issues that employers will want to keep in mind as they start to resume on-site operations:
Safety Protocols and New Policies  
As employees may return to on-site work locations (or continue to work on-site at essential businesses), companies should implement safety rules, protocols, and policies to make best efforts to keep employees safe from exposure to the COVID-19 virus.  Unfortunately, there have already been lawsuits filed against companies for allegedly failing to take appropriate safety measures, which is even more reason to ensure workplaces are as safe as possible. Government agencies such as the CDC, OSHA, and EEOC have all issued guidance for employers to take certain steps and precautions before and upon reopening (see our prior alert).  Employers should consider implementing practices and new policies on issues such as:
Social distancing;
Staggering of clock-in times, mealtimes, or other high traffic events and spaces;
Use and issuance of personal protective equipment, or PPE;
Temperature checks and virus testing;
Monitoring employees’ symptoms and employees’ self-reporting of symptoms;
Cleaning and disinfecting workspaces;
Hand washing and other personal hygiene policies.
These are just some measures that companies will want toconsider. Implementing each of these new practices comes with some legal risks. Government agencies are updating and changing guidance on a near-daily basis, so it is advisable to discuss these new practices with employment counsel before implementing them. 
Re-Hire Documentation
Depending on what information was communicated to employees and how it was communicated (temporary layoff, furlough, leave of absence, permanent layoff, etc.), companies may have varying obligations to provide certain re-hire paperwork and documentation to their employees when the worksite re-opens. For example, even if employees are still considered employed during a furlough, if the company changes employees’ pay rates when business resumes, it is advisable (and potentially required in certain states) to inform employees of their new pay rates in writing, such as with New York’s Rate of Pay form. Companies should also tread carefully when it comes to employees’ paid time off (PTO), vacation, and sick time banks, as company policies, state and local laws, and company communications (not to mention union agreements, if applicable) may all affect whether employees start off again with their prior time-off balances or whether they start from scratch.   
Other considerations include determining whether the company needs to fill out new I-9 immigration forms, provide new offer letters and benefits election documents, or provide state-required notices and documents (such as anti-harassment flyers and policies). Employers should also carefully consider the scope and language of pre-existing agreements with employees, such as employment contracts, confidentiality, arbitration, and non-compete agreements, to determine whether such agreements stay in effect and whether they should or should not be re-executed or revised. We recognize that re-onboarding large groups of employees may be extremely burdensome and logistically difficult, especially if the employees are treated like new hires, but failing to provide the required forms and notices could come with significant risk. 
Paid and Unpaid Leave
As previously discussed in prior alerts, both the federal government (through the Families First Coronavirus Response Act or “FFCRA”) and the state and local governments have passed numerous laws related to employee leaves of absence and paid time off for COVID-19 related reasons. In particular, the FFCRA remains in effect until at least December 31, 2020, and therefore, upon return to work, covered employers will still need to comply with, and administer, the FFCRA and its paid leave provisions. Employees may also be eligible to use sick days or paid time off, or be entitled to other paid and unpaid leave (such as family leave in some states) when work resumes, so businesses should ensure they are familiar with these laws and how these leaves need to be administered. Employers should also plan for coverage and attendance issues, considering that there still may be large numbers of employees out sick, showing symptoms and needing to remain out of the workplace, or on protected leaves. 
Disability Accommodation and Other Discrimination Issues
Finally, the COVID-19 era has also brought companies many new risks when it comes to disability (or perceived disability) discrimination, accommodation issues, and the usual discrimination risks surrounding group layoffs and rehires.
With respect to rehires, companies should carefully consider implementing objective criteria when making employment decisions regarding which employees will be rehired or brought back to work. Without proper documentation and the use of objective non-discriminatory factors (such as performance ranking and/or seniority), companies could be exposed to discrimination claims by protected classes of employees who could claim they were not rehired because of such a protected class (such as race, religion, national origin, disability, etc). 
Companies will also likely have to handle unique accommodation requests from employees who contract the virus, exhibit symptoms, fear they have or will contract the virus, or are otherwise at greater risk to contract the virus (i.e. people with pre-existing conditions or employees of a certain age). Employers should be cautious not to discriminate against employees on the basis of disabilities or perceived disabilities under federal, state and local laws, and ensure that they appropriately handle any requests for accommodations under applicable laws. Due to the pandemic, employers will also likely have more access to employee health information than in normal times, and therefore need to ensure that they have appropriate policies and privacy practices in place, so as to prevent any inadvertent actions that could result in a discrimination or failure to accommodate claim.   
As we optimistically look forward to a time when employees can safely return to work, employers should tread cautiously, prepare and plan in advance, and consider safety and legal compliance as a priority when bringing back the workforce.
For additional articles on related topics please go toCOVID-19 Employment Law Resource Center.

Donate Beauty

Donate Beauty is a platform facilitating beauty donations to healthcare workers on the frontlines fighting COVID-19

What we’re looking for
hand creams, hand sanitizer, body lotion, lip balm, face moisturizer, acne products, shampoo, conditioner, hair ties, hand soap, oral care, facial cleanser

7 easy at home yoga poses to relieve stress

Stress is no stranger to us. It visits us at any moment of our everyday lives: that could be the moment when you see a long list of unread emails after returning from holiday, when your children are testing your patience or when you’re stuck in traffic…

Stress has been linked to a wide range of health issues, including mood, sleep, and appetite problems and it can play a role in the causation of heart attacks. Therefore, it is important to relieve stress regularly to keep your heart healthy and maintain an emotionally balanced life.

Yoga is known for calming your body and mind through breathing and asanas (postures), but don’t be intimated by the sound of it as yoga can be easily practiced at home. All you need is a yoga mat and 15 minutes every day.

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The Cornerstones of Spa & Wellness

A long long time ago when the Earth was pristine and whole humanity was respectful of sacred divinity in all aspects because there was a dynamic equilibrium of diversity for the experience of all life. The rhythms of nature were observed and honored as the very fabric of each life depended upon how they interlaced. Intent, energy, and actions followed and flowed for the good of all because the ancients knew and understood the cosmic laws of attraction and Spirit within the quantum field of the eternal return.

Breath and water are the two essential factors of life everything else comes as additional details and luxuries along the way. All beings prefer comfort vs. pain – physically, psychologically, and spiritually humans move toward what ‘feels’ better when given a choice. The process of becoming empowered and conscious is an ongoing trajectory ideally leading toward vitality and growth. A key component of ‘Spa’ is water which mirrors the human body that is mostly fluid and ever adapting. Water touches every aspect of existence and is a constant reminder of the confluence of spirit, matter, and movement that flows and gives nourishment to the body and soul.

Ancients knew the profound healing properties of water, light, and movement thus incorporated those key elements around therapeutic rituals. Eventually, Temples were constructed to facilitate regional wellness supporting travelers and local communities alike. Nathan Altman describes the importance of water and all its related spa activities in Healing Springs: The Ultimate Guide to Taking the Waters. Rochester, VT. Healing Arts Press, 2000:

One of the most important activities that takes place at the traditional spa is balneotherapy, a natural approach to health and healing that uses hot spring water, gases, mud, and climate factors (such as heat) as therapeutic elements. In addition to bathing, modalities such as hydrotherapy, mud therapy, physical therapy, massage, steam baths, physical exercises, inhalation of water vapor, and drinking mineral water are often used as part of a complex therapy for both health preservation and treating disease (18).

The very foundations of health and wellness are clean water and air for they support food growth, production, nutritional values, and the quality of each breath. As water based agricultural industries developed and modernized, they became multibillion dollar global conglomerates. They have continued to maximize profit for what seems like a ‘return’ in the immediate now or short term gain. Yet, there are numerous lengthy costs associated with the regular and regulatory ‘clean up’ from the poisonous short sighted masculine gaze for profit as primary concern. Corporate accomplishment is usually placed over environmental concern, long term financial viability or compassionate care within numerous industries and governments which is no longer a sustainable or appropriate approach to business or business as usual.

Clean water is a necessity for life and the modern manufacturing process of most goods and food. Many people have easy access to clean clear water for basic necessities and even recreational use without concern for cost or availability while many globally do not. Within the multibillion dollar global industry of manufacturing products for ‘beauty, health and wellness’ there is a silent hidden shadow of styrene leeching into water and products from plastic containers. These chemical compositions are affecting the human bloodstream and subtle fluids of neuromuscular fascia which no one is addressing. This salient issue flowing through modern life continues to link petrochemicals to our constant digital addictions of marketing and metrics.

Should expensive, organic, green, local ingredients expertly marketed and expensively packaged be placed into perfect plastic containers for increased profit margins? What about alternative packaging or global recycling initiatives for planetary health? There is an amazing immediate need of critical appropriate thought, leadership, focus, and research within the Spa, Wellness and Fitness industry for numerous topics of sustainability and genuine educational development as we face a new global paradigm of ‘normal.’ It is now essential to have webinars and deeply engaged serious conversations that include Epidemiologists, Medical Doctors, Legal Experts, Philosophers, Bioethicists, Osteopaths, Licensure Boards, Educational Institutions, Spa Directors, Providers and Support Staff.

The sacred divine feminine aspects of care and compassionate wellness have been pushed aside by the toxic masculine paradigm that only cares for its own development, aggrandizement, and profit. Health and wellness should extend to all of humanity as the essential platform of daily existence instead of being marketed and offered as a ‘luxury service’ to those who can afford to pay for it or willfully demand it. The standard luxury paradigm of pandering to demanding insistent guests is coming unraveled because it is no longer sustainable, bearable, or ecologically appropriate within the given circumstances of international recalibration.

Within the new global arena of pathogens, pandemics, and possibilities wellness systems must focus on holistic integrated healthcare and the ‘whole’ picture for all of humanity. We as a global industry and economic powerhouse are not focusing on appropriate health, wellbeing or development because we have been driven and directed to produce unsustainable profits for an insatiable corporate system that constantly consumes and demands resources with little care for those on the front lines of engagement. This old abusive corporate paradigm depletes and debases the most important personnel within the workforce who are engaged on the front lines of authentic compassionate support on multiple levels of business.

Associates endure the demeaning criticism and reckless corporate chaos of those at the very top of business structures and departments for more revenue to drive a dying economic engine. Staff are pushed with minimal educational support or resources while service prices and insolent client’s expectations constantly rise. Financial margins have been the relentless axis and circumference of the modern toxic masculine paradigm which revolves around P&L statements to drive their economic kingdoms. Corporate mission statements for most executives

lists their ‘responsibility’ to produce profit for shareholders; not their responsibility toward the wellness, health or protection of those they supposedly manage or the precious earth they inhabit. An overview of the patriarchal structures we have endured and suffered is outlined by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette in The Warrior Within: Assessing the Knight in the Male Psyche:

Typically a small minority of underdeveloped males at the top of the social pyramid will control power and wealth to the exclusion of all others, male and female. They rank these others in descending order of usefulness to themselves and defend against them with all force of their inflated self-regard. Patriarchy is therefore a manifestation of the infantile grandiosity suffered by its leaders. (4)

‘Wellness’ and the history of wellness is not new or newly developed; it has been the foundation of human existence and the ideal goal of each human to find balance and harmony within their external landscape and internal universe. The primary sacred feminine aspects of compassion and pure potentiality are at the heart of embodied care and concern which creates the energetic vessel allowing for healing, regeneration. This quantum energetic container has been perceived as ‘magical’ which is why the limited linear masculine ego fears and condemns it. The narrow masculine egoic archetype has monetized this energy in order to maintain control over what it does not understand and cannot integrate into restrictive psychological structures. Balanced profit and the stewarding of resources are indeed appropriate functions of the mature integrated masculine archetype however, this is not the case within most current business or government structures.

Many women have also been forced to adopt an unbalanced toxic masculine perspective of pride, profit and power before personal integrity in order to simply survive within a very harsh corporate landscape. These debilitating adaptations have been forced through very challenging times and there needs to be greater discernment, professional boundaries, and restrictions for those who knowingly place their own personal gain above and beyond those they are responsible to manage and serve. The ability to live within the creative and dynamic flow of the quantum universe so all aspects of energy, psyche, spirit, and material abundance are respected and harmonized for the greater good of all beings is the remembrance of ancient wisdom respected and revisioned.

The timeless verdant lands of healing and wellness have slowly been flooded by the ever increasing constant desire for exponential profit and improvements at all costs in the name of progress, consumer luxury, and egoic overindulgence. This corrupt and overtly monetized Western masculine paradigm must be redirected, repurposed and reformulated for the benefit of all staff, managers, guests, and Mother Earth. Health and wellness should always be the standard of care for all humans globally no matter the region, religion, country, identity, or continent. Spa is no longer ‘Sanus per Aquam’ including a healthy dose of movement, light and considerate human touch ~ Spa can no longer represent the unfortunate example of shadow, profit, and achievement.

Sincere Healers, Therapists, Counselors, Trainers, Sensitives, Shamans, Yogi’s, Seers, Card Readers, Poets, Artists, Acupuncturist, Rolfers, Etc. ~ Call them or Call Us what you like ~ it is time to rightfully step forward again and be seen, heard, valued, and openly integrated into the health care fields for the amazing gifts we bestow to humanity. Reimagining and reclaiming the sacred embodied healing arts to the forefront of health, wellness, and fitness is how we can all move forward and apply these magnificent gifts to the future of humanity. Creating a new vibrant paradigm of comprehensive health care based in energetic integrity and consistent respect for global resources must come first and foremost before personal or corporate profit margins.

The Spa, Wellness, Fitness, Resort industry has an obligation to make fundamental changes to internal structures, so all staff are valued, suitably compensated, well educated, mentored and stewarded toward a greater sense of personal excellence. Dreaming and designing the new global paradigm of Spa, Wellness, Fitness, Resort properties must come from those on the front lines of the service industry. This crucial task can no longer be assigned to oblivious corporate designers or buyers, mythic headhunters, detached consultants, and uneducated corporate officers who are removed for the reality of authentic healing work. In ancient times all the accompanying resources and rooms were developed around the Spa facility itself ~ IE Spa / Wellness is the central component for healing and rejuvenation, everything is then constructed to support those core services and values. Cradle to Cradle Design can help lead the way for new properties along with sustainable solar, wind, wave, hydroponic and recycling technology setting the foundations for the Spa industry to be primary leader in property development and innovation.

The sacred goal can be in sight again for a brilliant new integrated approach of global healthcare and wellness for all. We are within the terminal velocity and final trajectory of a dying fatal paradigm that puts profit and greed before human decency and compassion. Reasonable profits and conditions can support, build and reimagine a new “Global Spa Industry” creating the frontlines of essential infrastructure and sustainable technology as the driving force of economic prosperity. This visionary process must integrate Mother Earth and all natural resources while devoting green technology as the primary foundation for all business globally. Returning the Earth and all her inhabitants to an essential state of equilibrium and reverent wellness is the sacred path in front of humanity. This is the ultimate process of mythopoesis ~ the making and creating of a new multifaceted luminous global community of therapists, healers, businesses and infrastructure that will support and honor the balanced wisdom of all life within the cosmic quantum field.

    You are the divine calendar where all destinies are written ~    

   The ocean of mercy where all faults are washed clean.

Rumi ~

3 Small Business Disaster Response Tools

Forced closures, quarantined customers and an unknown future can make this feel like a dystopian future no one could imagine just a few days ago. Unless you are in the toilet paper or ammo business, this may feel like the worst week of your business’s life. However, just like Dorothy’s ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz, you may have some tools to save your business from the Corona Crash of 2020. Below are three things you may have overlooked that could save you a ton of money and perhaps your business.


A force majeure (“superior force”) clause in your lease or other important contracts is often overlooked as “boilerplate” or missed altogether. However, these clauses may be critical to keeping your business afloat during an unexpected crisis like we are seeing today.

These clauses basically say that if something awful and beyond a party’s control happens, they are excused in some way from performing some obligations (like making payments). For example, a force majeure clause might say you don’t have to pay rent, which would be pretty handy if the Governor just ordered your business closed. People often (mistakenly and frustratingly) refer to these types of clauses as “boilerplate” because they do not deal with the economics of the agreement and often are in the “Miscellaneous” section at the end of the document along with other yawners like “Choice of Law” and “Dispute Resolution.” That stuff is boring if you never have to consider it but a) many but not all leases have it, and b) they do not all say the same thing. If you have one or more leases for a brewery, restaurant or just about any hospitality venue, you should go read your lease and see if you have this clause (sometimes called “Acts of God”). Furthermore, they do not all say the same thing. Each clause may define what qualifies as a “Force Majeure.”

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A Quick Round-up of Recent State & Local COVID-19 Paid Leave Actions

The laws are changing rapidly in the current pandemic/crisis. Therefore, the legal issues discussed here are subject to constant change. It is best to consult with your counsel concerning any specific legal advice you may have.

As we have written before(see our last article), all employers that have less than 500 employees are required to provide paid leave for certain COVID-19 related reasons. In determining leave obligations, however, employer should not lose sight of any state or local laws that have been enacted in response to this pandemic. Companies are required to provide their employees the greater of the benefits provided under federal, state or local laws.
States and localities that have passed new or enhanced existing leave laws in response to COVID-19 include:
ARIZONA: the State’s Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 and Earned Sick Time (FAQs) address various issues including employees’ use of accrued sick time for COVID-19 related events.
CALIFORNIA: the State’s Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) – FAQs (FAQs) address various issues including paid sick leave, such as protections for self-quarantine as a result of potential exposure to COVID-19.
Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA: on April 7, 2020, the Mayor signed an Emergency Order (Order) that requires covered employers to provide eligible employees with supplemental paid sick leave for COVID-19-related reasons.
San Diego, California: the City published Earned Sick Leave COVID-19 Guidelines to remind employers that employees may be eligible for paid sick leave, if they need to take time off from work in situations such as a public health emergency.
San Francisco, California: the City has issued guidance regarding the use of San Francisco paid sick leave during the current local health emergency.
San Jose, California: on April 7, 2020, the City enacted the COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave Ordinance (Ordinance), which requires certain private employers to provide temporary sick leave for the duration of the COVID-19 health emergency.
Oakland, California: the City issued COVID-19-specific guidance to remind employers about its paid sick leave ordinance.
COLORADO: On March 11, 2020, the State issued Colorado’s Health Emergency Leave with Pay Rules (Rules), requiring certain employers to temporarily provide paid sick leave for certain COVID-19 related events.
ConnecticutThe State has published COVID-19 FAQs that address a number of topics, including the use of accrued paid sick leave during the pandemic.
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: on March 17, 2020, the District of Columbia passed the COVID-19 Response Emergency Amendment Act of 2020, which, among other things, expanded coverage under the District of Columbia Family and Medical Leave Act (DCFMLA). The Act is further supplemented by the COVID-19 Response Supplemental Emergency Amendment Act of 2020.
MASSACHUSETTS: the State published FAQs on employee rights and employer obligations related to COVID-19.
MICHIGAN: Michigan’s Executive Order No. 2020-36 (Order) requires individuals who have had close contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19 or displays one or more of the principal symptoms of COVID-19 to remain home.
Minneapolis, MINNESOTA: the City posted guidance and FAQs on its Sick and Safe Time website to explain how its Sick and Safe Time Ordinance is interpreted by the Division during the current pandemic.
NEW JERSEY: the Governor signed into law 2020 Bill Text NJ S.B. 2304 (SB 2304) and 2020 Bill Text NJ S.B. 2374 (SB 2374), expanding the state’s paid sick leave and family leave laws. More information can found in the COVID-19 FAQs.
NEW YORK: the State’s emergency legislation (2020 Ch. 25) provides temporary paid sick leave for employees subject to a mandatory or precautionary quarantine or isolation order due to COVID-19. An amendment was also adopted on an emergency basis to clarify that, under the NY PFL, employees may take family leave to care for a family member diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus.
OREGON: effective March 18, 2020, a temporary administrative order expands the Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA) to allow employees to take leave for certain COVID-19 related events. The Bureau of Labor and Industries Offices also released FAQs specific to the coronavirus.
Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA: effective March 16, 2020, Philadelphia’s paid sick leave law supplementary regulations allow for expanded use of accrued leave for certain employees.
RHODE ISLAND: the State issued a COVID-19 Workplace Fact Sheet, alerting employees that they may be eligible for temporary disability or family caregiver insurance benefits for certain COVID-19 related events. 
VERMONT: the State has published COVID-19 FAQs.
WASHINGTON: the State has published Paid Sick Leave and Coronavirus (COVID-19) Common Questions. Seattle, WASHINGTON: effective March 18, 2020, the City’s amendments to its Paid Sick and Safe Time (PSST) allow employees to use their PSST for qualified reasons. The City also updated its COVID-19 Question and Answerresource to clarify how the PSST applies for the COVID-19 public emergency.
****************************************************************************************State and local activity on paid leave issues will continue to evolve. If you are facing a request for leave relating to the current pandemic, be sure to examine your obligations under federal, state and local laws. 
For additional articles on related topics please go toCOVID-19 Employment Law Resource Center.


During this time of uncertainty, it’s important your elected officials understand how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting you, your business and our industry. Now is the time to reach out to your elected officials to express your concerns and give your suggestions on moving forward.

PBA keeps you informed on the issues affecting your industry. If you have any questions, contact Kati Rapoza at

5 Amazing Tips To Get A Cannabis Business License

The Farm Bill of 2018 created exciting opportunities for many entrepreneurs to enter the cannabis sector.  Having seen the boom, many of us are excited to dip our toes in it too. Entering a competitive market with such a great opportunity for growth is a challenge of its own. Although regulations and policies aim to support the growth of the cannabis market, governments are establishing strict policies to ensure that the segment is highly regulated.

There is a wide potential for business in the cannabis sector in legalized regions, such as opening an online dispensary, Canada. The first barrier to cross to launch a successful business directly dealing with cannabis is to acquire a license. And unlike most licenses, this could be a tricky one to get. Here are five amazing tips that can help you through the licensing process.

1.     Draft a Business Plan

The current developments in the cannabis market indicate that companies that do not have a proper business plan are highly unlikely to secure a cannabis license. A well-written business plan lays out the requirements, timelines, objectives, and deliverables of the business in the next few years and reflects the vision of the company. A well-prepared business plan makes it easy for the authorities, as well as funding agencies, to understand how the business will evolve and it’s potential for growth.

The business plan should embrace the existing laws of your state as well as establish contingency plans to accommodate changes expected in the future. It shows that your business is not volatile to changing laws and reflects a strong foundation. A good business plan can help you score a license as it is easy to convince the authorities about the purpose of the license and how it will contribute to society and the economy.

2.     Draft a Procedure Sheet

Analyze where you fit in the logistic chain when you establish your business. Now explore every step before and after your business in the supply chain to understand all the processes or procedures that you need to account for. For example, if you are planning to open a business that manufactures CBD oil, you need to plan everything from sourcing from the right regions and companies that comply with state regulations, to the logistics of delivering your product either directly to customers, dispensaries, or other companies. Each of these processes requires a proper establishment of procedures such as record keeping, inventory, shipping, payment systems, accounting, and security.

Understanding these procedures helps you draft a proper SOP, or Standard of Procedures, which should be attached to your license application. Employ an expert who has experience working in the same or similar domain to ensure you account for everything. Clarify every detail in your application to earn the trust of the authorities reviewing your application.

3.     Sort out your finances

A critical criterion in delivering a convincing application for a license is to show you have proper budgeting as well as funds to hand. Cannabis businesses are a challenging domain to gather investors. Although more companies and venture capitalists are looking into cannabis investments, uncertainties such as changing laws seem to create reservations. Most of them are waiting for the right opportunity to place their bids, and banks are not yet an option for acquiring funding for this sector. Sorting out your financial needs is an important step to adding weight to your application.

Plan your budget for the next 3-5 years and place double the usual overruns to keep a generous contingency plan. In most regions, including California, cannabis is a high-barrier entry enterprise. So, you will have to keep enough money for investing in acquiring licenses also. For showing real potential for growth, you will need to consider heavy overheads such as for marketing. Your financial projections should cover all these aspects with good margins. Once your finances are sorted, it is slightly easy to justify your application to the state authorities for approval.

4.     Gather your team

Cannabis is a new avenue to venture into business. With so much shaky ground, it is important to build a strong team to support the vision of your company as it strengthens your application. From managers to horticulture experts, you might need a diverse team. Some companies feel that it is too early to build a large team. But some essential positions like for safe weed delivery and for procuring a broad range of seeds for various cultivation methods, you need capable employees and partners to strengthen your business.

Experienced leaders and partners will give you higher chances of success. Understanding what skill sets are missing from your current team allows you to hunt for the right people not just with the skills, but also comprehending your vision well. Understand your partners well and analyze if they comply with the state laws before you go ahead and sing them.

5.     Buy or Rent Properly

Your real estate is a crucial aspect of your application. Any place you rent or buy for the cannabis business needs to meet all the zoning requirements that comply with local and state jurisdictions and should be compatible with your operations at the same time. Discuss the business with the owner of the space and understand their willingness to provide it to you. Chart an agreement to rent or lease the space on a contingency to improve your application. While some jurisdictions may easily give you permits to encourage the inflow of taxes, you might find difficulty in some locations. Plan accordingly to have a proper real estate for your license application.

These simple steps can help to prepare a strong application and will improve the chances of securing a license from the authorities. Try to know the local authorities responsible for approving the license and connect with them to know any other requirements that will make your application stronger. The first step in acquiring a license for your cannabis business might be challenging. But getting through the challenge will give you the confidence to bring an amazing venture into operation.

Tips for Setting Yourself Apart & Securing the Re-Book

Even though we can’t be at work presently, now is the time to be thinking about setting yourself up for success once life returns to normal. When it comes to setting yourself apart from your competition, it’s hard to know where to start. Some use social media, others use word of mouth, but the biggest way to stand out, drive retail sales, and get loyal customers/client is by not only being the best, but also by using and offering the best products to your clients. Here’s how:


After every brow shaping, apply tinted Hi-Def Brow Gel to one brow with a disposable spoolie and show your client the immediate results. Sometimes all it takes is a really good “after” to showcase not only the results that can be achieved, but the high touch approach you take to personalizing a client’s experience.


Inform clients about the benefits of RevitaBrow® Advanced as an at-home treatment for keeping brows healthy, strong and more defined. Who doesn’t want an expert opinion on how to achieve the best-looking brows!


Take a picture (if the client allows), then invite them to re-book for a 4-week clean up, and a 9-week full brow reveal. Nothing like photo proof to capture a client’s positive transformation, and the bonus? With your client’s permission, you can share the stories of your client’s journey to further build your clientele through social proof!


Take it one step further by creating a brow bundle with RevitaBrow Advanced 1.5 mL, Hi-Def Brow Gel, and two brow shaping services at a special price. Your willingness to put your money where your mouth is a statement they can’t say no to!

Ready to stand out, make money, and further build your loyal clientele? Contact your RevitaLash Cosmetics Representative today!

Mindbody Launches Virtual Wellness Program

We are excited to announce the launch of our very own Virtual Wellness Program for the tens of thousands of boutique fitness, beauty and wellness businesses that use Mindbody’s integrated software solutions!

With this new video product, Mindbody customers are able to upload and share pre-recorded videos to their customers via direct, and secure links. In addition to Video-On-Demand, the second phase of this new Virtual Wellness Program will include a Live Streaming feature available to all customers in the coming weeks.

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6 hand washes and creams to care for your hands

Hand soaps have always been a necessity to clean hands and kill germs – and are more important than ever. With the spread of COVID-19 around the world, advice from health experts is to wash your hands to prevent the virus from spreading. Why? According to this article, written by Pall Thordarson, a professor of chemistry at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, the “virus is a self-assembled nanoparticle in which the weakest link the lipid (fatty) bilayer. Soap dissolves the fat membrane and the virus falls apart like a house of cards and dies – or rather, we should say it becomes inactive as viruses aren’t really alive.”

The Department of Health recommends washing hands for 20 seconds, paying particular attention to the backs of hands and fingers, fingernails, fingertips and the webbing between fingers. Excessive hand washing and use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers may cause your hands to feel dry, so we suggest regularly using a nourishing hand cream throughout the day. Here are our best hand washes and creams to care for your hands.

Softening Hand Wash Rose: this hand wash contains a special blend of natural botanicals and Rosa gallica extracts to cleanse and nurture your hands. Free from harsh chemicals, artificial colors and synthetic fragrances its pH-balanced formula leaves your hands feeling clean and refreshed, while its delicate Rose fragrance uplifts your senses.

Restoring Hand Wash Lemon, Geranium & Clary Sage: enriched with natural extracts of hydrating Marshmallow Root, calming Chamomile and purifying Echinacea, this hand wash softens your skin as it gently cleans, and its unique blend of natural botanical fragrance oils revitalizes the senses.

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Beyond ordinary sisterhood

Your friend in creating a beyond ordinary business and life. We share, inspire, and connect you to an amazing sisterhood who wants to contribute to your entrepreneurial dream. We know that when we do so we are creating businesses that are kind, supportive, inclusive and profitable. We are helping you so that you can contribute to creating a better world. A kind and compassionate world.

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Join us on our new weekly webinar series

Prepping for Success, Fridays at 2pm EDT

When you get back to the salon, there’s a good chance you’ll be seeing a need for more color and color correction services. Now is the perfect time to determine the best way to set your prices to make sure you’re taking into account the increased product usage and time it takes to serve your clients. Join us on Friday with our panelist Alicia Soulier from SalonScale. You’ll learn how to break down your costs, hit the reset button on charging and remove the guesswork so that you turn a profit on your color services every time.

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Useful Links to Businesses with On-Site Employees

The laws are changing rapidly in the current pandemic/crisis. Therefore, the legal issues discussed here are subject to constant change. It is best to consult with your counsel concerning any specific legal advice you may have.

Essential businesses are currently continuing to operate as they are able, and there is an expectation that others will be reopened on a rolling basis. Businesses with on-site employees need to be mindful of applicable regulations intended to keep their employees and customers safe.  Guidance from OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and the CDC (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) provide instructions for those who want to be prepared for a return to the workplace when circumstances permit.  Below are links to resources from OSHA and the CDC with important information for employers. Please remember that these are not the only agencies whose guidance might apply to your organization. Depending on the state(s) where you have employees, state guidance and local information will also be important to you and your business. In addition, employers in certain fields such as those in the healthcare field will want to stay informed about any guidance applicable to healthcare workers, including as provided by a local department of health.  As you know, things are developing and changing, often rapidly, and information and guidance from government agencies is also being updated accordingly. As such, employers should check these resources for new developments and changes and reach out to counsel with any questions.   OSHA Website with links to important information:  The above site includes many links including, among other things, to:
News and updates: found here
Hazard Recognition: found here
OSHA Standards (including enforcement guidance (for example, on handling complaints and illness reports), directives and workers’ rights and employers’ responsibilities): found here
Medical Information regarding COVID-19: found here
Guidance and Resources for Employers and Workers on Control and Prevention of COVID -19: found here
Other links and resources: found here CDC Website with Resources for Business and Employers: found here The above site includes links to information including, among other things: Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to COVID-19: found here
Cleaning and Disinfecting your Facility: found here
Preparing your Small Business and Employees for the Effects of COVID-19: found here
Implementing Safety Practices for Critical Infrastructure Workers Who May Have Had Exposure to a Person With COVID-19: found here
For additional articles on related topics please go toCOVID-19 Employment Law Resource Center.
Contact us at 212-644-1310 or email us below.  

Mother’s Day gift guide 2020: How to shop online for mom this year

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The coronavirus pandemic limits your options to run out to stores to buy a gift for this Mother’s Day. But there are plenty of places online to pick up something special for mom this year.

Here are more than 20 great gift options you can order online today. Some sites are experiencing shipping delays due to the increase in online shopping. But if you act soon there’s still plenty of time to get your order delivered before May 10.

Pamper mom with home spa ideas

While you can’t take mom to the spa for the day, you can bring the spa home to her. Check out some gift suggestions below:

Bath bombs: Buy bath bombs from Bed Bath & Beyond | Bath bombs at Target | Bath bombs on Amazon

Nothing can make the day more relaxing than the soft light of a Himalayan rock salt lamp or some scented candles.

Essential oils and diffusers: Shop oils and diffuser options at Target | Oil and diffuser options Bed Bath and Beyond.

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Surviving the lockdown: practical tips from 9 international wellness retreats

Healing can start at home. Until we can travel to our favourite spas and hotels for some much-needed TLC, here are practices to help nurture and sustain good health, from nine of the world’s top wellness retreats. 

Note: These guidelines are to enhance long-term health for people who are in good health and not on medications or in need of medical attention at this time. If you have symptoms of COVID-19 or need guidance for an ailment or illness, please contact a healthcare provider.


Bollywood’s detox haven VIVAMAYR has been sharing the famous Mayr cure in Austria since 2004, and its doctors also offer consultations at Mumbai’s The Vedary

Support the immune system: “You are not what you eat, you are what you digest,” says Dr Harald Stossier, founder of VIVAMAYR. “Most of the immune system is related to the intestine, so keep it working well. Eat slowly, chew well, take time for your meals, enjoy your meals but stop eating when you feel it’s enough and eat less in the evening. Our capacity to digest food is better in the morning and less in the evening, and raw food requires a lot of energy to digest. So after 4pm, we can eat cooked, grilled or steamed vegetables and well-prepared fish instead, which is easily digestible. To keep healthy and strengthen immunity, it is recommended to take vitamin C during the day, and at the end of the day, have 2-3gm vitamin C—taken as capsules of buffered vitamin C. The most concentration of vitamin C is found in fruits like orange, kiwi, lemon, papaya, strawberry and vegetables like broccoli flower, pepper, sweet potato and tomato; it’s important to not eat these raw in the evening. If we overeat fruits and are not able to metabolise them regularly, there’s fermentation, so eat in moderation and especially not as juices or smoothies.”

Improve posture for physiological well-being: “A great example of how our lifestyle affects our health issues is the use of smartphones,” says Michael Omann, head of sport science and exercise therapy at VIVAMAYR ALTAUSSEE Health Clinic. “How do we use the phone? The back is round and we pull the head forward; we spent hours in that position in front of a screen. Muscles start tensing; round shoulders and neck tension are a common consequence, which can result in migraines and shoulder impingement. We have to incorporate basic human movement patterns in our daily life. Focus on auto-elongation and repeat it several times a day: Stand upright, pull the sacrum down which leads to slight pelvic tilt. Pull your chin back and bring your forehead down–make a long neck. Basically you make your spine long; practice it while standing, sitting and walking and your oxygen flow will improve automatically. Sleeping is the most valuable source of recovery; a mattress that’s a little hard is a better choice considering our spine, and try to sleep with legs elongated. Incorporate little hacks in your daily routine, such as standing up and bending backward after an hour; do it every day until it is normal. Get a desk where you can easily vary your position from sitting to standing. Walk around while on a long phone call. Strengthen your glutes. You have one body so take care of it!”

Vegetable tea recipe: Recommended by Stefan Mühlbacher, head chef at VIVAMAYR Altaussee. Pour 4 litres of cold water into a large pot. Take 300gm celeriac, 150gm celery, 300gm carrots, 100gm yellow carrots, 300gm parsley root, 100gm parsnips; dice into 2x2cm pieces. Add this to 5 lemongrass stalks, 2 lime leaves, 5-star anise, and a little rocksalt to the pot. Also put in chopped herbs such as parsley and cilantro, and spices such as bay leaves, nutmeg, caraway and coriander seeds. Bring all the ingredients to a gentle boil and cook for an hour over low heat. Strain broth through a sieve. Season for taste with rock salt and nutmeg. The broth can be kept up to two days in the fridge.

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IBE Dallas 2020 is Canceled

We hope you, your colleagues and families are staying strong and healthy through this trying time.  

As you know, last month we announced the postponement of IBE Dallas and BeautyX Retail 2020 shows from May to June. Given the information available to us at that time, we believed it was the right and prudent decision, as we had every expectation that travel and social distancing restrictions would be lifted by June.  

Unfortunately, as the pandemic continues to spread, and its economic impact more broadly felt, it has become clear that those restrictions may not be lifted by that time or be lifted too late for both our participants and us, as the event producer, to adequately prepare for the show. Therefore, we have made the difficult decision to cancel IBE Dallas 2020 and BeautyX Retail this year.

Like many other companies, we have had to adjust our business strategy and resources as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. However, we remain committed to doing our best—even with reduced resources—to support you during these trying times, and our team is always available for you. You can also visit the #BeautyUnites Resource Center, created specifically for beauty brands and industry professionals during this time of crisis, where we have posted content from our own channels and around the web, to help you and your company move forward, be informed, and stay positive.

In closing, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks for your understanding during these unprecedented times, as well as our sincere hope that we can once again very soon re-embark together on the path to growth.


Nader Naeymi-Rad and Jillian Wright
Indie Beauty Media Group Co-Founders


It’s not always easy – or even possible – to relax when the worries of the world are overwhelming you. We all know that things like meditation and mindfulness practices can change our mood, but embarking on a brand-new healthcare journey may be more than you can handle right now.

If you’re feeling the weight of the world pressing down on you, we feel you! And we thought we’d share some of our favorite relaxation and self care techniques since they can be done in your own home without spending a dime.

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CARES Act Update

During this unprecedented and challenging time in our community, Blackgarden Law knows that there are many questions surrounding the CARES Act.  The two programs most small and medium-sized businesses will want to take advantage of include the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program (EIDL) and the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). It is important to note that while businesses can take advantage of both programs, applying for both has implications.

The EIDL is a very low-interest loan and can include an emergency $10,000 grant. You can check out the details in this handy guide to the EIDL from the US Chamber of Commerce. The application process is fairly simple and can be done directly from the SBA website. Here is the direct link

The PPP is authorized for $350 billion in forgivable loans for the purpose of helping small businesses maintain their payrolls during the coronavirus pandemic. Unlike the EIDL, the loans will be made through an existing SBA lender or other approved institution. You can download an information sheet here and a sample application sheet here. Businesses have until June 30th to complete the application but we do not see any real advantage to waiting. Banks are supposed to be able to receive applications today (April 3rd), but it seems like most are scrambling to get up to speed on these programs and are understandably slammed with requests. You should note that the actual policy documentation and regulation around this program have not been released to the banks yet. Once it is available your banker should have more information.

In terms of interactions, you can apply for both the EIDL and the PPP, but you cannot use funds from both programs for the same purposes. For example, you could use the PPP loan for payroll and the EIDL loan for utilities, but you cannot use funds from both programs for rent (or payroll). Additionally, if you take advantage of the $10,000 grant from the EIDL, that amount will be subtracted from the forgiveness amount you receive via the PPP.

In addition, we know CARES has sick and FMLA requirements for businesses under 500.  You can read about the FMLA provisions here

We have spoken to many of you who are deciding between keeping employees on the payroll and applying for PPP to cover the costs, or laying people off who could actually make more money collecting unemployment. These are difficult decisions and we hope we can provide some help to you through these complex issues. Blackgarden Law wishes all of our clients and partners safety, health and prosperity.  Our firm is also navigating this new normal while we all work together for the common goal of rebuilding a strong economy. 

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PPIB: We Are Here For You

Virtually every state that is on “Shelter in Place” has classified insurance as an essential service. PPIB has worked very hard to ensure we are available for our brokers during this time by phone or email.

Many of our common insureds have closed down by order of state or county mandates. Due to this, we wanted to be sure that you are aware of the small business/independent contractor benefits that are available due to the Federal Stimulus (CARES Act).

While the stimulus had a number of provisions in it, two stand out as potentially helpful to our small businesses and independent contractors.

Paycheck Protection Program

The first is the Paycheck Protection Program through the Small Business Administration. Small businesses can apply for a loan to cover certain expenses during this time. Better yet, if they follow all of their rules, a certain amount of the loan may not have to be repaid. The bill’s intent is to keep employees on the payroll with any paid benefits, rent paid, utilities paid, and certain interest paid.

Temporary Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program

The second is the Temporary Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program. This would allow not only those laid off to collect additional unemployment benefits, it allows for some individuals not normally eligible for unemployment to apply. This could include independent contractors or self-employed individuals. The catch is that the state has to agree to implement this. A link to each state’s Unemployment Insurance Office can be found by clicking on this link and scrolling down to select the state.


General inquiries:
+1 (415) 475-4300

Email inquiries:
Or contact your underwriter.


How to have a relaxing spa day at home

We all love a spa day. A day to fully switch off, get truly looked after and allow you disconnect and relax. But let’s face it – dedicating all that time to a full spa day can be hard to do, so sometimes the next best thing is creating the perfect spa day at home. From DIY spa treatments to relaxing bath tips, here’s how to create your very own blissful spa sanctuary.

Set the scene

You know when you walk into a spa and you feel instantly relaxed? They’re calm, soothing and free of all distractions, so try and replicate that atmosphere at home. Remove anything that could take your attention, such as your phone and computer. Dim the lights and diffuse essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, sandalwood, ylang ylang or rose to help you relax – try our Calming Blend Essential Oil or Balancing Blend Essential Oil. Play soothing, soft background music at a low volume and recreate that delicious ‘spa water’ by adding fresh mint and slices of cucumber to a water pitcher.

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Survival tips on staying healthy and happy while in lockdown

During this unprecedented time of being confined to our homes for 21 days to combat the Covid-19 epidemic, it can be difficult to get into a healthy routine while indoors. This article will serve as a survival guide for students to maintain their health (and sanity!) during this critical time.

For ideas on how to stay healthy and happy during lockdown, read the tips below:

  • Practice meditation, yoga, or journaling: Doing mindful activities can relax the mind and give it a break from all the chaos going on, keeping you calm and collected. They can also serve as an outlet for any emotions or stress you’re experiencing.
  • Light exercise: We all want to keep fit, but if your goal is to keep a steady mind, try some light exercises. You can find low-stress exercises that you can do from home on YouTube or Google, or just make an exercise routine up! Stretching, jogging or walking in place or around your garden, or swimming if you’ve got a pool are all low-stress, calming exercises.
  • Take up a calming hobby: Hobbies like painting, drawing, playing music, singing, knitting or gardening are all very relaxing- you get to learn a new skill or improve on old ones as well! Even working on your makeup skills or trying to solve a Rubiks cube or puzzle can be relaxing and productive.

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An Update on the Payroll Protection Program (PPP)

The laws are changing rapidly in the current pandemic/crisis. Therefore, the legal issues discussed here are subject to constant change. It is best to consult with your counselconcerning any specific legal advice you may have.
Businesses are rushing to take advantage of the assistance provided by the CARES Act. While many have already submitted applications for PPP loans, others are wondering if they are eligible for the loan. SBA’s most recent guidance (found here) contains valuable insight into the PPP loan program and clarifies a few important questions.
If my business employs over 500 employees, can I qualify for a PPP loan?
While companies with 500 or fewer employees are qualified for the PPP loans, those who have over 500 employees are not automatically disqualified. Companies that fall within an employee or revenue threshold set by the SBA for their industry are also considered small businesses and qualify to apply for PPP loans. Additionally, companies that meet the SBA’s “alternative size standard” based on their tangible net worth (not more than $15,000,000) and net income (not more than $5,000,000), qualify as small businesses and therefore are eligible for PPP loans. Also, the most recent guidance states that a business can be eligible, “if the business has 500 or fewer employees whose principal place of residence is in the United States.”   Businesses that employ more than 500 employees, therefore, should carefully examine if there is another basis for to qualify for the PPP loans. 
If my business qualifies for a loan, when will I receive it? 
The SBA has stated that a lender must make the first disbursement of the loan to the borrower no later than ten (10) calendar days after it approves the loan. Given the volume of the applications being received, we will need to see if lenders can comply with the SBA’s mandate.
What goes into payroll costs? How do I account for independent contractors? 
Payroll costs under the PPP are used both to determine the total loan amount, as well as the amount of the loan that may ultimately be forgiven. Thus, determining amounts a company spends on payroll and other covered costs are vital for PPP applicants. Payroll costs include the gross monetary compensation paid to each employee (up to a max of $100,000), plus payments made by an employer for retirement funds, health insurance premiums, as well as state and local taxes paid by the company on employee compensation. Payroll costs, however, do not include payments to independent contractors. Independent contractors can apply for PPP loans themselves, and a business thus cannot include payments to them in its payroll costs.
When does the eight-week period begin for purposes of determining the amount forgiven on my loan? 
As a reminder, the potential amount of the total loan eligible to be forgiven is equal to the amount spent on covered costs during the eight-week period from the date of the loan origination. SBA clarified that the date the lender first disburses the PPP loan to the business is considered the date of the loan origination. The eight-week period therefore begins on the date of the first loan disbursement.
How do I know what amount of my PPP loan will be forgiven?
The exact amount is impossible to determine with certainty until you complete the eight-week period and apply for the loan forgiveness. There are, however, some general guidelines. First, the amount forgiven cannot be more than the original loan. Also, at least 75% of the amount a business seeks to have forgiven must be spent on payroll costs. The potential forgiveness amount may also be reduced by the reduction of the number of full-time employee-equivalents employed by a business during the eight-week period, versus the applicable comparison period (either February 15, 2019 to June 30, 2019 or January 1, 2020 to February 29, 2020 usually selected at the borrower’s discretion). Additionally, for employees making less than $100,000 per year, if their compensation is more than 25% lower during the eight-week period than the employees’ normal compensation, the excess reduction in pay will be deducted from the amount that can be forgiven. The law does potentially allow borrowers to cure some of the reductions mentioned above by June 30, 2020, but it is still unclear as to what the specific requirements will be to cure these deficiencies and maximize the amount of the loan that is forgiven.
There is still more clarity (hopefully) to come.
While the guidance by the SBA clears up some issues, there will still be many considerations that impact what borrowers decide to do when they receive their PPP loans. Should they immediately hire all laid off workers back? Should they restore employee’s compensation back to the pre-pandemic levels?Decision on such issues will depend on the borrower’s intent for the loan. Is the business concerned mostly with maximizing forgiveness, or is the business taking out the loan to provide security against an uncertain future? Is there a specific portion of the PPP loan that a business wants to target for forgiveness? Depending on the answer to these questions and the anticipated impact of this pandemic on a business, each borrower will need to determine the use of the PPP loans that best meets its needs.Stayed tuned as we will keep updating you on developments. If you need to discuss the options for your business, please reach out to us.
For additional articles on related topics please go toEmployment Law and the Current COVID-19 Crisis.

Salons, Spas, and Wellness Businesses Can Leverage Live Streaming and Pre-recorded Videos During the Coronavirus: Here’s How

Your business is all about connecting with people. Now, this connection is more important than ever—but, as many businesses face temporary closings, being in-person with clients may not be an option. So, what can you do? One way to reach your community is through video.

Live streaming

To reach your clients, in real-time, you can live stream. This is a great option if you want to interact with clients in the moment. Not sure what to offer? Meditation and breathwork classes are immensely helpful in these anxious times. After having to close temporarily, Stretch Health Canada is offering livestream mobility classes on Instagram and Facebook. 

Was your salon, spa, or wellness business planning to offer a workshop in the upcoming weeks? See if you can take it online. Schools all over the world are opting for virtual learning, and you can, too.  

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20 Mother’s Day 2020 Gifts To Order Now So There’s Time For Shipping

When it comes to holidays, planning ahead is always an excellent idea, and Mother’s Day is no different. Luckily, there are plenty of thoughtful and sweet Mother’s Day 2020 gifts to order now, which should give your present more than enough time to arrive. The mom on the receiving end of your well-timed generosity will be so impressed.

Although Mother’s Day 2020 isn’t until Sunday, May 10, there’s always shipping time to consider. Not everything is available on Prime at the very last minute, after all. If you’re someone who likes to support smaller sellers or discover cool indie businesses, you’ll definitely need to do your online shopping ahead of time. That’s the best way to find the most unique, interesting gifts out there. Whether she’s into cooking or pets or puzzles, you’ll find something on this list that appeals to the mom on your list. And if you’re not sure what she’s into at the moment, there are plenty of gifts that would make just about any mom happy (especially if she’s in need of a little rest and relaxation).

Because nobody likes paying extra for express shipping, however, the time to start shopping is now. (Speaking of mothers, didn’t yours always tell you not to procrastinate?)

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We are so proud to introduce the newest edition to Epicuren Discovery’s, luxury, anti-aging black line of products, Tighten Up Neck Firming Cream.

Tighten Up Neck Firming Cream is truly an amazing product. It penetrates deep into the skin and locks in hydration. It smooths out wrinkles and fine lines. 

Most of us really forget about our neck and décolleté and putting anything on them, but now there’s a solution for it. No longer do we have to just put our moisturizer over it thinking that that’s going to do the job.

How to Access Relief Package That Includes $349 Billion in Loans for Small Businesses

Good news to report for small businesses. The US Congress stepped up and passed the $2 trillion stimulus package aimed at stemming the economic fallout caused by the coronavirus pandemic. President Trump signed it into law moments after it cleared the House of Representatives on Friday.

We’re here to break down exactly how small businesses can leverage the monetary relief provided in this unprecedented aid package.

While the stimulus package is not earmarking specific funds to the wellness industry, it does unlock $349 billion in loans for small businesses. Among the program’s best features–funds used to cover payroll expenses, rent, interest on mortgage obligations, and utilities will count as grants and will not have to be paid back. This is a crucial lifeline for millions of small businesses that have been impacted by social distancing and shelter-in-place orders.

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A beginner’s guide to meditation

Are you interested in meditation but don’t know where to begin? You may have heard people waxing lyrical about the practice and want to explore it for yourself, or maybe you’re intrigued to know what all the fuss is about. It can be difficult to get your head around when you first start out though – should I be thinking? What is it supposed to feel like? And how do you know if you are, in fact, meditating? The trick is to not overthink it but take it day by day and find what works for you. 

What is meditation?

Meditation is the practice of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. It won’t stop the mind from thinking entirely but its purpose is to allow thoughts to come and go and teach you to observe thoughts without judgement or bias. It’s an age-old practice used to increase awareness, reduce stress and promote a positive outlook on life.

Benefits of meditation

Meditation isn’t just a new-age fad. Countless studies have shown that meditation can help to reduce stress, improve emotional health, enhance self-awareness (understanding yourself better, enabling you to become the best version of yourself), help us to focus for longer and improve sleep.  

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Employment Law and the Current COVID-19 Crisis

The laws are changing rapidly in the current pandemic/crisis. Therefore, the legal issues discussed here are subject to constant change. It is best to consult with your counsel concerning any specific legal advice you may have.

We are living in interesting times, with, it seems, daily changes and challenges for employers under the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.  Businesses are trying to do more with less—or are shuttering altogether where restrictions have been imposed on their operations.  Many employment laws are implicated in the down-sizing, right-sizing, furloughing and laying off being contemplated and implemented.  Wage and hour laws, lay-off notice laws, discrimination laws and others can impact employer actions. While trying to act swiftly to preserve business operations, employers need to be sure to comply with the various applicable laws.


Spa directors from luxury hotels come together for first ‘virtual conference’

The UK Spa Association has hosted its first ‘virtual conference’ during the Covid-19 pandemic, with the Spa Directors Assemblies educating attendees on the impact of the outbreak and how to plan for the future.

Spa managers from the likes of Gaia Spa at Boringdon Hall & Fistral Beach, The Scarlett, Calcot Manor, and The Dorchester, plus many more, came together online to share best practice surrounding the coronavirus impact and how to cope during the lockdown.

The next session is to take place on Monday 13 April.

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From Tuesday, April 7th through Monday, April 20th, we will be opening our professional store with some special offers from which we will be contributing 100% of our profits to both the PBA COVID-19 Disaster Relief Fund and Beauty Changes Lives.

Our intention is to contribute as much as we can to professionals and students alike through these two needed sources of relief to our industry.

To maintain the integrity of our store for professionals & students, they must provide credentials (copy of their current license or for students a pic of their student badge). For simply registering, we will be donating a dollar for anyone that registers.

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My employee is requesting leave due to COVID-19: Now what?

The laws are changing rapidly in the current pandemic/crisis. Therefore, the legal issues discussed here are subject to constant change. It is best to consult with your counsel concerning any specific legal advice you may have.
You may recall that about three weeks ago, the federal government enacted the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (“FFCRA”), which provides job-protected paid leave to employees affected by COVID-19. The law is now in effect and the United States Department of Labor issued a temporary rule on April 1 that clarifies a number of unanswered questions about the law. 
Below please find responses to Frequently Asked Questions that address business leaders’ concerns about how to deal with the complex web of COVID-19-related leave issues. Please note that business situations vary and the answers for your situation are often fact-specific. We hope the following FAQs address questions that are relevant and pressing to your business, but they are only general legal information. 
1-  What’s the FFRCA?
As a quick reminder, the Act provides a job-protected, paid leave of absence for the employee’s own COVID-19 condition (based on medical recommendations or an order of quarantine), care of someone who has or is suspected to have COVID-19; or care of a child whose school or childcare provider has closed as a result of COVID-19.
More information about the leave entitlements can be found in our prior posts, and on our COVID-19 resource page, which can be found here.
2-   My business was ordered to close by the government because we are a non-essential business. Does that mean all my employees get to take a leave of absence under the federal law?
No. The inquiry needs to focus on whether the employee him- or herself would be able to work “but for” a COVID-19-related reason. In other words, the employee must be otherwise not just able to work or telework, but must be actually working. Where the government requires a business to shut down, if the employee is not able to work (say, because the job requires an in-person presence), the employee’s inability to work is caused by the business being closed, not the employee’s own COVID-19-related situation. 
3- I laid off several workers 2 weeks ago. Do I have to pay them for leave if they have COVID-19?
No. As discussed above, to be eligible under these laws, the COVID-19-related reason needs to be the cause of the employee’s inability to work. In this example, the layoff (lack of work) is the reason the employee is not able to work. In addition, if an employee is laid off, they are no longer employed by your business and no longer entitled to leave benefits in any event.
4-  My employee’s child is out of school for the next few weeks. The employee has been able to work remotely by sharing childcare with her spouse, but her spouse was called away to work as an emergency responder. If the employee can work fewer than her normal hours but is still able to work, does she get paid leave?
It depends on what is mutually agreed upon. The DOL rules suggest that intermittent leave can be arranged if the employee and the company agree. The parties are encouraged to be flexible about finding practical solutions to intermittent leave questions. Again, questions of intermittent leave, particularly for employees doing telework, are complex and should be carefully considered with the advice of counsel.
5-   My employee has been teleworking for a few weeks and now came down with COVID-19. Does she get leave?
It depends. If the employee’s illness prevents her from working, she could be eligible for leave for the amount of hours she had been teleworking if she can no longer work those hours. If she is asymptomatic and willing and able to work, then possibly not, although a decision to deny leave to someone who has COVID-19 is highly risky, so counsel should be consulted prior to taking action. In any event, the employee and employer should maintain open the lines of communication, as the virus takes it toll on different people in different ways and the situation is dynamic. 
6- My employee is having COVID-type symptoms. Can I require her to confirm a positive test result confirmed by a doctor’s note before paying for her leave?
No, you do not need to required a positive test result. However, when someone seeks leave for their own COVID-19 related reason, the employer must provide the name of the government entity that issued the Quarantine or Isolation Order or the name of the health care provider who advised the Employee to self-quarantine due to concerns related to COVID–19. In addition to some basic information (name, dates of leave), employees need to provide a written statement confirming the reason they are seeking leave, and that they are unable to work due to this reason. For other types of leaves, employees must submit other information. As a reminder, businesses can obtain tax credits for these paid leave payments, so it’s particularly important to ensure the documentation meets the IRS’s requirements to ensure eligibility for those tax credits. 
7-  I recently cut pay for all my staff. Can I pay an employee on leave at that new, lowered rate?
No. The payment for FFCRA leave is based on a “lookback” approach: this is calculated using an average of hours and pay over the 6 months prior to the leave being taken. This should be undertaken carefully to ensure accuracy, particularly for employees who have a complex compensation structure (such as commissions). 
8- My business is small and we’re really suffering here. Is there any relief?
Small businesses (under 50 employees) can avoid providing the childcare-related leave, if any of the below factors are met:
providing leave would economically threaten the business’ ability to operate; the employee has a specialized role in the business and the absence would threaten the Company’s financial health or operations; orthe employer can’t find enough replacement workers to cover for the employee requesting an absence.
This analysis should be undertaken closely with counsel and documented appropriately. 

9- I believe my business is exempt from the leave requirements under the federal law; can I just deny the leave?
Not automatically. Each leave situation should be carefully analyzed. While there are exclusions to the federal leave law for employees and businesses working on combatting COVID-19 (primarily but not exclusively in healthcare), many states have enacted their own laws to address issues surrounding this pandemic, and may not have the same exclusions as the federal law. In addition, the pre-existing legal framework (such as the regular FMLA, state family leave laws, and disability protections) could also apply to a given leave situation. If after a detailed legal analysis, employers believe they have grounds to deny a leave of absence (or refuse to pay for the leave), they should document why they believe a particular leave of absence is not covered. 
In Conclusion: Tread Carefully
The stakes here are high, with the potential for significant liability (unpaid wages, liquidated damages, attorneys’ fees and costs), so these issues should be carefully analyzed with experienced counsel. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us. 
For additional articles on related topics please go toEmployment Law and the Current COVID-19 Crisis.

Coming Off COVID-19: Beauty & Wellness Industry Trends

Unfiltered Beauty’s Daniela Ciocan predicts the new beauty and shopping habits that will emerge in the ‘new normal’ — after the coronavirus pandemic.

Our professional and personal lives have been altered like we have never imagined; deserted street sets from sci-fi movies are now real-life images seen in major cities like New York, Milan and Paris.

Our lives moving forward will bear the scars of this epidemic and the impact will be felt on our behavior as consumers vis-à-vis consumer goods including beauty products.

The social distancing or better said physical distancing forced us to modify our habits (hello Zoom!) and the scarcity of certain products (toilet paper anyone?) brought on the realization that we can do with less and also that less is good for our wallets and for the planet.

In change lie opportunities, and these are a few that will most likely emerge in the ‘new normal’ we will see in the coming months and years.

The Year of the Minimalist

Let’s face it WFH (work from home) requires no time investment in your appearance – no need for serious hair styling, full makeup or dressing up. Do you really need fake eyelashes to visit your home office? The pared down approach to grooming will give rise to more natural beauty looks.

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Ananya Spa During COVID-19

When Julie Beck decided to update her marketing strategy and brand look for a new year and decade, she could never have guessed the impact that those decisions would have three months down the line.

In January, Beck debuted a new logo, website, and social media strategy for Ananya Spa, her Seattle, Washington-based business of 18 years. The original plan had been to ramp up social media and content marketing in March. When COVID-19 forced Ananya to close, Beck knew that she was poised with the right strategy to stay connected with her customers who could no longer visit the spa.

Ananya’s accounts began posting every day—some days it was an inspiring message and on others it was educational content about how and when to wash your hands. Regardless of the content, it illustrated Beck’s unwavering belief that the spa (and its customers) will get through the pandemic.

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Financial Resources for Your Fitness, Salon, Spa, and Wellness Business for COVID-19

Many fitness, wellness and beauty businesses across the US and around the world are being ordered to shutter their doors during the COVID-19 pandemic. These mandates can rightfully cause worry for many small business owners that rely on consistent clientele for consistent revenue. While there are still many uncertainties surrounding the impact of COVID-19 on the global wellness community, there are immediate steps that you can take in relation to your finances. 

Know your resources 

This Small Business Administration (SBA) resource page provides a bevy of information on economic injury disaster loan programs, local counseling, and guidance for managing your team members during this time of transition. 

Stay abreast on local legislation 

Some local constituencies are taking swift action to try and protect their local businesses. Whether through expediting small business loans or declaring emergency moratoriums on rental evictions for commercial leases, there are a variety of bills being passed that may apply to your circumstances. 

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Bring the natural benefits of hemp straight to your skin every morning with Humble Brand’s Organic Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract deodorant. This version of our Original Formula includes 250mg of Broad Spectrum CBD sourced from organic hemp grown in Colorado. 

Our Original Formula contains only 4 clean ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, non-GMO corn starch, beeswax and baking soda plus high quality essential oils.

FREE Infection Prevention Webinar

It’s an interesting time in history right now. We, like you, find ourselves wanting to keep in touch, to actively participate in our ‘beauty community’, to take support and be of support to one another. Since so many of us cannot be ‘IN’ our businesses right now, certainly we can ‘WORK ON’ our businesses. In the past, perhaps competing priorities of time or finances have been barriers to taking training. Let’s reframe this time of uncertainty as a time we can better ourselves, for ourselves and for our clients. It’s a time to lay the groundwork for future success.

To that end, we are pleased to announce that Footlogix® and The North American School of Podology have partnered to present a complimentary series of educational webinars. We are planning a 7-week series beginning with the BIG conversation right now – Infection Prevention! – followed by a series of conversations around the skin, nails and conditions of the skin and nails of the feet followed by a series of conversations around serving specialty audiences like Senior/Geriatric Clients, Diabetic Clients, and Male Clients. Stay tuned for further details. 

Infection Prevention for Full Service Salons and Spas
With infection control being in the forefront of the industry, why are so many people still picking up infections in salons and spas?
In this 90-minute seminar you will learn how to break the chain of infection and help prevent the spread of infections in a salon/spa environment. Host: Vicki Malo, V-P of Education at Footlogix and President of the North American School of Podology (NASP).

Beauty business owners: managing your mental health during coronavirus

Advice for beauty salon and spa owners on protecting your mental wellbeing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, with tools to manage stress, anxiety and fear.

As the coronavirus outbreak continues, the uncertainty of what lies ahead can take its toll on your mental health – especially with the overwhelming amount of information landing daily about the illness and all salons being forced to shut in the latest Government prevention measures

Therefore, it’s imperative to look after your mental wellbeing, as well as sending your beauty therapist team (who are social distancing) access to online tools that can help them manage stress, anxiety and fear, especially if they already have underlying mental health issues.  

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Spa Marketing Ideas and Strategies to Boost Your Business

Good marketing can help increase profits and bring customers to your spa. In this article, we’ve laid out some spa marketing ideas that are easy to implement and —most importantly — effective. It will guide you all the way through from planning your campaign to bringing in customers.

Let’s get started!

Plan Your Campaign

First up, let’s take a look at two important things you should consider before starting: what your goal is, and who the target is.

Setting Goals

The first step to any successful marketing campaign is to be clear about what you want to achieve. You should not be afraid to be very specific with this goal.

For example, you probably want to increase sales. Who doesn’t? When it comes to your marketing, you should think about how exactly you want to do this. Some examples could be:

  • Make new people aware of your spa.
  • Encourage people who already know about your spa to visit.
  • Persuade existing customers to spend more.
  • Target customers who haven’t used your services in a while.

All these ideas have the same ultimate goal: increasing sales. However, the strategies you use to achieve this will be very different.

Of course, it is possible to have more than one target at the same time. Also, some strategies you use will hit two objectives, even if the second wasn’t the primary one. For example, offering a new deal to existing customers could encourage them to spend more, while also increasing the chances that they will tell friends. This could result in new customers.

Create a Buyer Persona

The second part of the planning stage is to create a buyer persona or personas. This is a made-up person whom you will target your marketing efforts at. Essentially, it is the type of person who would benefit from a trip to your spa.

While the persona is made-up, to be effective, it needs to be based on real life.

Luckily, building a buyer persona isn’t hard. A good one will include as much detail as possible such as gender, age, location, education, income level, family status, occupation, what they buy, what motivates them to buy, and what stops them from buying (read more about buyer personas here).

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5 self-care rituals to add to your routine

Self-care can mean different things to different people. It could be taking time out to read a book, catching up with a friend over coffee, cooking, having an at-home pamper session, or something grander like a week-long yoga retreat or spa day. What we can all agree on is that self-care rituals are important for our wellbeing and we could probably all do with adding a few more into our daily routines. Discover our top five self-care rituals below.

Be grateful

It’s easy to get bogged down in day to day life and focus on negative elements (a stressful time at work, mounting bills or feeling as though you’re not as accomplished as your friends or relatives). But when was the last time you focused on the positives? Try spending a few minutes each day listing three things you’re grateful for and focus your energies on the good things in life.

Write a journal

Writing down your thoughts and feelings in a journal is a great way to check in with yourself, process your thoughts and reflect on what’s happening in your life and your moods. The best thing about a journal is it’s completely personal to you, so you can do whatever you like with it – write, draw or simply jot a few notes down. 

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Times are tough for everyone and ERGO would like to help out as many hairdressers and students in need that we can.

From Tuesday, April 7th through Monday, April 20th, we will be opening our professional store with some special offers from which we will be contributing 100% of our profits to both the PBA COVID-19 Disaster Relief Fund and Beauty Changes Lives.

Our intention is to contribute as much as we can to professionals and students alike through these two needed sources of relief to our industry.

To maintain the integrity of our store for professionals & students, they must provide credentials (copy of their current license or for students a pic of their student badge). For simply registering, we will be donating a dollar for anyone that registers.

Fresh Start, Total Confidence

This year, spring cleaning has taken on an even more important role. Give yourself peace of mind and total confidence in the cleanliness of your business by changing out all your linens. Plush, new towels are the perfect way to show your customers you’re refreshed and reopened for business!

Did you know? There are a lot of artificial fiber products that you can often see in cotton towels that are not certified for fabric safety.  Luin Living towels are Oeko-tex certified, which guarantees that no harmful substances are used in production.  Your customers’ skin deserves only the best.
Contact us for pricing or to place an order:

How Salons and Spas can use Retail for Revenue During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, more and more salons and spas around the country are closing, either by choice to prevent spread or by government order. Yet, even if your doors are closed, rent is still due, and bills need to be paid. How do you keep revenue coming in when you can’t provide services? Retail.

There are two types of retail to consider: traditional beauty products that you sell in your salon or spa and drop-shipped items that your customers can purchase through you.

Traditional retail

Selling product goes hand-in-hand with salons and spas—you want your customers to have the very best items to use to keep their skin healthy, their hair shiny, and their self-esteem high. Don’t end that relationship with your customers just because your business is closed! While you may be used to selling products to your customers when they visit your business, you can sell products to them remotely through an online store in your software.

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COVID-19: Guidance for Employers

We know you’ve been trying to manage the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and we hope that you and your loved ones are well. As the virus continues to spread both in the U.S. and worldwide, you’re likely wondering how to address this evolving situation in your workplace. Today, we’ll talk about guidelines for remote work, requirements to provide paid sick leave, and considerations for business closures and quarantines.

Watch now…

2020 Wellness Trends Come to Life on Global Wellness Summit Podcast

The Global Wellness Summit (GWS), the foremost gathering of international leaders in the $4.5 trillion global wellness economy, has launched its 2nd series of podcast interviews. Recorded live during the organization’s 2020 Wellness Trends media event in New York City earlier this year, the new series includes a deep dive into key wellness trends with VP of Research & Forecasting, Beth McGroarty. Don’t miss her insights on “True Circadian Health,” “J-Wellness,” “Energy Medicine,” “Wellness Music” and more. 

McGroarty on Wellness Music

“I think all humans on earth understand that music is medicine, but now, music is being designed as an international wellness therapy.”

McGroarty on J-Wellness

“The world is aging at a pace never seen before and Japan is the first ‘super-aging’ country. They are solving for what we’re about to experience all over the world.”

McGroarty on True Circadian Health

“Natural solar time, regular light and dark, is the ruler of human health and biology. But there is a radical disconnect between the natural clock time and the human social clock today. No smart pillow, no smart mattress, no CBD is ever going to reset your circadian rhythm.”

For more on the GWS trends, download “The Future of Wellness 2020” report.

Other podcasts already released in this series can be found here and include interviews with two influential, entrepreneurs who are both seeking bringing the message of wellness and preventative health to their home countries: China’s Victor Koo of Tianren Culture and India’s Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Modi from Smart Group.

The podcasts are produced by GWS in association with S’Well Public Relations and Crate Media and hosted by Kim Marshall who brings over two decades of experience in shining a light on wellness stories and trends around the world.

Why CoolSculpting Should Be On Your Post-Quarantine Wellness Travel Bucket List

Dreaming of taking trips to take once things are safe again for domestic and international travel? For those that book trips often for medical spa and wellness travel pursuits, CoolSculpting in New York City should be next on your travel wish list. CoolSculpting is a fat reduction treatment that takes less than an hour and has essentially no side effects and minimum downtime, making it a great option for those seeking to experience the next luxury wellness travel trend.

When you travel often and or are hard at work everyday in Manhattan or elsewhere, there is a tendency for us to accumulate fat in places like our hips, thighs, stomachs, and even under the chin. “Many of my clients come in complaining about how excess fat affects their daily routine,” says Dr. Schwarzburg, Founder of Skinly Aestheics Medical Spa and leading expert in cosmetic medicine in New York. “For example, when fat bulges accumulate on the inner thigh it can cause rubbing and irritation that negatively affects walking and other daily activities.”

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“Virtually Well” Online Meetings

Enhanced with Sensory Modalities: Mindfulness, Live Music, Real Time Art, Movement, Aromatherapy, & more Aids in Keeping Focused and Making Smarter Decisions — Now Offered by S’Well Public Relations

Los Angeles, CA — Thanks to the Corona Virus pandemic, businesses are now being forced to do all their meetings virtually. Familiar tools like Skype, WebEx, GoToMeeting and Zoom have abruptly become lifelines. But wait. Before we just default to virtual-business-as-usual, it’s possible to use this opportunity to try new tactics that will improve engagement and outcomes.  And in a time when we all may be called upon to make vitally important decisions more quickly and insightfully, these methods can enhance those results.

S’Well Public Relations, a firm specializing in wellness enterprises, is ahead of that curve. Using some of the unique meeting-facilitation tools that are the hallmark of the agency’s signature creative process, Strategic Visioning Launch Pad, S’Well is launching a free webinar that takes advantage of existing wellness modalities to help you make your virtual meetings effective, engaging and yes, even healthy!   

The S’Well “Recipe Book for Great Virtual Meetings” webinar, sponsored by [sponsor] will be offered FREE via Zoom, on [date and time]. To reserve your space, go to:

“Each business typically has a “meeting culture” when they’re together in person, long before COVID- 19,” explains S’Well co-founder, Darlene Fiske.  “Whether it’s conscious or not, most meetings follow the same format every. single. time. Typically, dominant personalities and louder voices prevail.”

“Unfortunately, remote meetings tend to compound all the problems of real-world meetings.” Continues, S’Well Co-Founder, Kim Marshall.  “This issue that can be even worse in a virtual meeting as participants become passive, disengaged, and multi-task, letting the Big Dogs have their run of the Zoom Room.” 

The Webinar will teach meeting leaders some of the tricks of the trade.  The S’Well team of wellness “all-stars” will also be available to moderate online meetings for interested companies.  Participants include:

  • Emcee: Kim Marshall, * communications & wellness industry veteran, who currently hosts The Global Wellness Summit Podcast.
  • Graphic Facilitator — Peggy Wynne Borgman, * artist & author, trained in The Grove Method of visual meeting facilitation and spa industry education pioneer.
  • Technical Producer: Darlene Fiske, * American Spa Magazine’s PR & Marketing Guru of the Year in 2018 and thought leader in wellness communications.
  • Mindfulness ExpertKatie Hess, a flower alchemist, author of Flowerevolution, founder of LOTUSWEI, one of the world’s leading floral apothecaries and a gifted meditation guide whose work has been featured in Ted Talks, The New York Times and O The Oprah Magazine.
  • MusicianDavid Victor, an American rock vocalist and guitarist, formerly of the multi-platinum band BOSTON with whom he scored a #1 single “Heaven On Earth.”
  • Movement Expert – Lisa Fasullo, obtainedmaster’s degrees in both Health Education and Social Work from Columbia University, and is the Founder and Director for the Center for Transformative Movement (CTM) in Boulder, Colorado

Their new webinar includes topics such as:

  • Top 10 Rules of the Road for Virtual Meetings
  • Tips for managing pacing and flow
  • How to use a scribe/artist to your advantage
  • Easy ways to elevate your “production values”
  • The role of the virtual moderator
  • What great meetings and great stories have in common
  • Beyond the agenda: why you should “storyboard” a meeting instead
  • Crucial pacing differences between real and virtual meetings
  • Preventing distraction, disengagement and multi-tasking
  • How live music can improve meetings
  • Improving your session with sensory engagement
  • Using movement to boost mental performance
  • How to include mindfulness in your meeting
  • A simple check-in that will tell you how your meeting really went
  • The role of gratitude in a good meeting
  • The sequel to the story

“This is a remarkable moment,” observes Marshall. “People are open to new ways of doing things. We have the time right now to break old habits and learn new skills to help in this crisis and beyond.”

For more information:  www.swellpublicrelations

*First illustration   * Second Illustration * Third Illustration

Small Business Grants Program

We know that your business may be experiencing disruptions resulting from the global outbreak of COVID-19. We’ve heard that a little financial support can go a long way, so we are offering $100M in cash grants and ad credits to help during this challenging time.

How the program can help


 Keep your workforce going strong

 Help with your rent costs

 Connect with more customers

 Cover operational costs

Who’s eligible?

Up to 30,000 eligible small businesses in more than 30 countries where we operate will be able to receive the grant. To be eligible to apply, you must:

  • Have between 2 and 50 employees
  • Have been in business for over a year
  • Have experienced challenges from COVID-19
  • Be in or near a location where Facebook operates


How to Cut Expenses and Conserve Cash While Your Business Is Closed—a Checklist

While we can’t control what’s happening around the world, here is a checklist of ways you can take control of your finances, cut expenses, and conserve cash if your business is closed due to COVID-19:

Negotiate rates 

  • Renegotiate your lease or ask your landlord for rent abatement (for example, ask for no rent for 3 months or a reduced rate, or 3 months free rent and the payment will be paid in 6 months over a 6 month period, etc.). These are extraordinary times and it’s no time to be shy about it. Our CEO, Rick Stollmeyer, offers advice on how to have this conversation.
  • Review your phone plans—both landline and cellular. You may be able to request a rate review or remove unnecessary extras.
  • Check your internet package. You can often negotiate lower rates with your provider or find a more affordable plan.

Read more…

Creative Ways Spa, Salon, and Wellness Businesses Are Approaching Life in the COVID Landscape

Coronavirus may have closed your doors, but it doesn’t mean your business is closed. From marketing campaigns to online video, there are ways to keep your customers (and prospects) engaged with you, even if they can’t meet with you face-to-face.

Need an idea? Pick one from this list!

  1. Set up prepaid memberships

Beauty memberships are growing in popularity, and now is the time to set them up. Create a membership in your software and promote it to your customers—offer a discount to people who purchase while you’re closed. (Pro tip: Using memberships boosts your recurring revenue and gets your customers coming back on a regular basis.)

Read more…

Break Away from the Chaos with Simple Self Care Techniques

Greater Boston, April 2, 2020 – Over the last few weeks, our lives have been upended like we have never seen! Many of us are now living in a constant state of chaos with kids being homeschooled, work shutdowns, projects canceled, and being barraged with a steady stream of Coronavirus and economic updates. We are living in chaotic times and the day-to-day stress is putting us all on edge. Now, more than ever, developing and keeping up with self care is critical for your health and wellbeing.

On a daily basis, we are causing self-inflicted stress by not making our wellbeing a priority. What does self-inflicted mean? Busy people often do not stop to take time for themselves because they think they don’t have time to.

One day a father was teaching his daughter about priorities. He had a tall, empty jar, some large rocks and some sand. He said to his daughter, “a person who doesn’t have their priorities figured out will fill this jar with sand and then try to fit in the large rocks.” He then demonstrated this action – and sure enough – it didn’t all fit. There was no way to do it without such force that it would break the jar. He then took everything out and separated it again. “But when a person has their priorities figured out, they know that they plan those big priorities first and then everything else falls in place around them.” He then put in the large rocks and poured the sand on top. The sand flowed in and filled in every nook, every crevice surrounding those larger rocks. This is the case with all things in life.

Take a deep breath, and read on to find ways to take a break from the chaos and focus on you.


It sounds silly – but we schedule our lives to the last task of the day. Just like an important meeting you can’t miss, slot a reasonable amount of time into every single day for your wellbeing. You might feel that stress starts to creep up on you in the early afternoon. If so, schedule your prayer or meditation time in the early afternoon. If you don’t think you can meditate or pray for 30 minutes straight, just schedule 5 or 10 minutes a day to start. Caution: Once your scheduled time rolls around, do not tell yourself you’ll do it in 5 minutes.Five minutes will become 10 and 10 minutes turns into never. You owe this to yourself!


Do yourself a favor and pamper yourself at home with your favorite mask, do your nails or just sit in the tub. Try not to think about the chaos. Allow your mind to be filled with absolutely nothing. Doesn’t that sound blissful?

If you’d rather take a time-out from home beauty treatments, find something else you love to do. Some people love to read. Some people find peaceful days sitting outside. Some people find their bliss in caring for animals. Whatever it is that brings you to that state of bliss, do it!


What do you envision your perfect life to look like? Write it down. Journaling is a way to transport yourself to your ideal life. Would you be sipping margaritas by the pool? Spending limitless time with your grandkids? Putting yourself in a place where you can be grateful for everything around you literally eases your stress. Plus, some believe that the more time you spend thinking about what you want and feeling gratitude for it as if you already have it, increases your chances of making your dream a reality. Does it work? Well, that remains to be seen, but it’s worth a shot.


Whether you know it or not, your cell phone stresses you out. Some of us are addicted to our devices, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t the vehicles for stress. We read emails from unhappy customers. We respond to scathing staff issues and managerial demands. Our calendars are constantly dinging at us, reminding us over and over about what seem like never-ending tasks. Challenge yourself for at least 30 minutes a day to walk away from all electronics devices.

What are you going to do with all that spare time? Walk the dog, read a book or just allow yourself to daydream. Better yet, spend 30 minutes soaking up some Vitamin D. It doesn’t have to be days or weeks without your phone. Just short breaks to ensure you keep the stress to a minimum.

Self care is important for us all to live a happy and healthy life. Take the time to implement one of these (or more) suggestions or find your own way to put yourself first. Remember: You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Julie Pankey, industry leader and founder of JMPankey Partners, specializes in spa operations, development, training and wellness tourism. She serves as the wellness tourism expert for The B&B Team® and Association of Independent Hospitality Professionals. She is currently serving a three-year term as the Professional Services Commissioner for the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Science, and as the Chair of the Global Wellness Institute Peer to Peer Leadership Training Initiative. Julie is also the founder of SpaHive, the spa and salon industry’s only day-long, in-person business mastermind and online community. Visit:

Everything you need to know about essential oils

Essential oils have been used in aromatherapy for centuries to help enhance wellbeing and have a positive effect on mood – whether that’s to help relax, uplift or re-energize. It can be difficult to know where to begin though, especially as using them comes with a safety element attached. But once you know how and why to use them, you’ll soon start experiencing the many benefits of essential oils. Discover our full guide below.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are natural oils made from highly concentrated plant extracts. They’re strong, potent and powerful, meaning a couple of drops go a long way, so should be handled carefully. Most essential oils should be diluted with a base – or carrier – oil such as Jojoba Carrier Oil if you’re applying them directly to the skin or even in the bath – this helps to prevent any skin reactions and also helps the body to absorb the oil more effectively. Dilutions can vary depending on the essential oil you’re using but generally, aim for six drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier. 

Read more…

Greetings, and I wish it was under different circumstances. I hope you will take 2 minutes to read this, and reap the benefits of some nuggets provided below…
To say these are unprecedented times would be an understatement.After 35 years in this industry, I have never experienced this kind of situation, and I am sure the same is true for most of us, especially in respect to becoming familiar with terms like “social distancing” and “corona-lockdown.” However, as I walked through the grocery store Sunday (my only outing of the weekend, wearing rubber gloves) I considered that the half-full aisles are a common occurrence in many parts of the world, nothing new. Here in America, our norm is an abundance of goods and services, and access to those goods and services, at all times. We live in a country that is built to support speed and commerce; as someone who travels a lot, I am always struck by how easy and efficient it is to transact almost anything here, whether making copies and presentation materials in an hour, renting a car, getting a pedicure at 10pm, or even withdrawing cash from an ATM that is on every corner. Change is difficult for most humans, and as leaders we need to be prepared to be strong for our families and colleagues.
I suspect that in the next few weeks/months, we are going to learn new appreciation for many of the advantages we have taken for granted. I am hopeful that our spa/salon/wellness/fitness clients will feel the same, and will have a renewed focus on maintaining their personal wellness which will lead them back in droves to our temporarily shuttered businesses. This is such a massively difficult time for our hands-on small businesses, and I am so sad for all of those who are losing so much.

Obviously, we cannot give facials virtually, but we can stay connected with our clients, and should attempt to do so. We are so extremely fortunate to have the internet and all of the social media channels at our fingertips to aide in this. Personally, I am finding myself on Instagram and Facebook much more than usual, and there is a lot of optimism and support to be found there between your fellow humans and business professionals. In the last week, I have taken online yoga and fitness classes, listened to guided meditations, and even taken a bread-baking class! Many businesses are reaching out in new and creative ways.
Particularly for spa and wellness business managers, I wanted to share just a few of the recent and upcoming online resources I have come across in the last week, and which you may find relevant and helpful:

  • You’re not in this alone: register and join myself and several other industry veterans for a FREE webinar discussion sponsored by Mindbody Online on Thursday March 26,12:30 EDT. Additionally, MBO has created an impressive collection of articles and advice for beauty/wellness/fitness businesses, accessible to anyone.
  • The Green Spa Network is offering a free wellness businesscommunity webinar TODAY March 24 at 3pm EDT
  • The SBA page on COVID-19 business guidance and loan resources
  • The Global Wellness Institute’s new Positively Well page, with links to global health resources as well as articles on optimism and living well, including this article from leadership expert and GWI board member Renee Moorefield of Wisdom Works
  • Salon consultant Steven Gomez has this group of helpful COVID-19-related business support tools
  • Medical spas should read this article posted on LinkedIn by attorney Sara Shikhman
  • CNBC shared this story of how small business owners are helping their employees
  • For our crucial resource partners, this article from Global Cosmetic Industry outlines the results of an ICMAD membership survey on what they, and in turn their spa clients, can expect in the next weeks

Remember also that our online academy is ready and waiting for you; if you or a member of your team has been hoping to sharpen your management skills, we are putting our industry-leading Spa Directors Management Intensive on sale for the next four weeks. Regularly priced at $995, we will offer it at $495 until April 15, 2020.While it takes most students eight to twelve weeks to complete the curriculum, with additional time on your hands that can be greatly shortened!

This is How Nightmares Are Linked to Brain Creativity

Nightmares are extremely realistic and can leave you feeling very rattled, causing fear, terror and anxiety. For most people, a nightmare is probably the most powerful type of dream they will ever experience and most of us have woken up sweating and terrified because we’re being chased or threatened in some way. 

A nightmare usually occurs during REM or rapid eye movement sleep and we wake up remembering it vividly. The frequency of nightmares may vary from one person to another but they are considered to be a normal part of sleep.

If we look at the origins of the word “nightmare,” we realize that people have obviously been experiencing nightmares for centuries and looking for explanations as to why they occur. Interestingly, researchers are now finding links between nightmares and brain creativity. The common link between nightmares and creativity in waking life could be heightened sensitivity. 

Origins of the word “nightmare”

To our modern ears, the word nightmare may evoke images of horses in the night but the word “nightmare” actually has a more sinister origin. It comes from the Middle English word “mare” which meant a spirit who tormented sleepers. 

Chantelle Wood, who works on psychology at Best Dissertation Service for an academic writing site and Top Resume Reviews, throws some more light on this. Other cultures had their own versions of the English word “mare” with many describing demons riding on people’s chests while they slept, causing them to have bad dreams. The prefix “night” was added to reflect the dream aspect. 

Why do nightmares occur? 

Researchers have battled to study nightmares systematically. One reason for this is that they are rare in adults. Be it the monster under the bed or the bogeyman, children are more prone to nightmares than adults. 

The overall percentage of adults who have one or more nightmares a month may be as high as 30% but they are less intense and frequent than childhood nightmares. One sleep specialist reported that in studying over 3,000 hours of sleep in his laboratory, only one nightmare occurred. 

According to the DSM-5, some of the causes of nightmares are:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Upsetting events or trauma
  • Side effects of medication or drugs
  • Medication or drug withdrawal
  • Sleep deprivation, an interrupted sleep schedule, illness and fever
  • Alcohol consumption or withdrawal
  • Difficulty breathing during sleep
  • Sleep disorders
  • Eating before bedtime

The purpose of nightmares 

We may understand many of the causes of nightmares but although science has suggested some interesting possibilities, we don’t really understand their purpose. Two dominant theories are popular amongst researchers. 

Some believe they are a reaction to upsetting events that occur during waking hours. Others believe that they are like a rehearsal for adversity or possible threats encountered in real life so that when the real threat happens, we’re more equipped to deal with it.

Dr. Deirdre Barrett, a psychologist at Harvard University, theorizes that nightmares are helpful to our survival. She believes that nightmares may be a way to focus the attention of the brain on issues that need to be addressed. 

It may seem that having many nightmares over a short period of time is a bad sign but people who experience lots of nightmares probably just have more vivid dreams in general. 

What distinguishes a nightmare from a night terror?

What researchers have found is that there is a distinct difference between nightmares and night terrors, although many people confuse them. Night terrors are usually experienced by children and are rare in adults. 

A night terror is very powerful and a child will wake up screaming in the middle of the night and can’t be calmed. It occurs in the stage of deep sleep, unlike nightmares that occur in the REM stage, and it is rather like a panic attack. 

The sleeper will wake up in terror and will either remember no content or a single distressing image. People usually remember their nightmares vividly. 

What distinguishes a nightmare from a bad dream?

Researchers at the University of Montreal in Quebec recruited 572 men and women, asking them to keep reports of their daily dreams. They used waking from a dream as the distinguishing characteristic between a nightmare and a bad dream. Using this characteristic, they identified 253 nightmares and 431 bad dreams. 

According to this study, nightmares occur less often than bad dreams although they share common themes – physical aggression, helplessness, failure and interpersonal conflicts. Fear is the most common emotion reported by those who experience bad dreams or nightmares. The volunteers reported nightmares as having a higher emotional intensity than bad dreams. 

Not all researchers agree that the distinguishing characteristic of a nightmare is that it causes a sleeper to wake. However, what they do agree on is that a nightmare is a more emotionally disturbing, intense version of a bad dream. It may cause a sleeper to wake up out of fear or to put an end to a dream but in some cases, this is not the only index of severity. 

Are sensitive people are more prone to nightmares?

Dr. Ernest Hartmann, a psychiatrist and sleep researcher at Tufts University School of Medicine in the 1980s, was fascinated by the role of nightmares and the personalities of people who have them frequently. 

In some key research, Dr. Hartmann studied 50 men and women who said they had experienced nightmares at least once every week since they were children. Common nightmares they experienced included being overwhelmed by a tidal wave, threatened, hurt by an attacker or chased. They reported vivid sensations, even pain, and the nightmares were nearly always in color.  

Most of the people in the study said they had been unhappy as children despite not having overt family problems. They were unusually responsive to other’s feelings and easily hurt by others. Four of the participants were believed to be schizophrenic and the group also had a high incidence of relatives with schizophrenia. The group included many creative people, such as poets, musicians, painters, and art therapists. 

Dr. Hartmann made the observation that those with more frequent nightmares were not always more anxious and fearful. Instead, he believed they had a genetic susceptibility that made them more sensitive to all emotional experiences. They had what he called “thin boundaries” that allowed them to let things through and were more open and defenseless than other people.

It appeared from the study that the very factors that made people more prone to mental illness gave them a “creative edge.” They experienced a dreamlike quality to their waking thoughts and were able to channel their openness, vulnerability and sensitivity to positive use through having a creative outlet. Someone like Virginia Woolf, who was hypersensitive and extremely creative, would fit this type of profile. 

Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk, a psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School, and a research associate of Dr. Hartmann, said although their conclusions were speculative, they could point to a new understanding of the role of nightmares in mental life.

The upside or silver living of nightmares

study done in 2013 found that those who had frequent nightmares considered themselves to be empathetic. They showed more of a tendency to mirror the behavior of other people, such as yawning, which studies have shown indicates empathy. 

In the New Scientist, a 2016 study pointed towards the idea that people who have many nightmares also have a dream life that is as vivid, creative and positive as it is terrifying and distressing. The imaginative richness of their dreams filters into their waking thoughts and daydreams. 

People who experienced at least two nightmares every night were invited to participate in the study by The University of Montreal’s Center for Advanced Research in Sleep Medicine. 

Chris, who responded to the advertisement to “Get paid to Nap,” remembered an early dream he used to have in preschool of his whole family, including his pets, melting into blobs in a house fire. Jess, another participant, had many nightmares in her teens when she was struggling with anxiety. 

Chris, Jess and the other volunteers had to fill in questionnaires, report their waking daydreams and undergo tests of their creativity. After this, they had electrodes placed on their scalps and bodies to monitor brain activity while they took a nap. 

Both Jess and Chris scored highly on the test to measure creative aptitude, which is not surprising considering they are both artists. Chris is a musician and Jess is a painter and photographer. 

Lead researcher, Michelle Carr, discovered that those who experience nightmares consistently tend to think outside the box on tasks involving word association. Their brains were able to come up with different responses than following a more conventional thought process. 

While those who didn’t have nightmares would respond with predictable words like “mad” in response to “angry,” participants who had more than two nightmares a week responded with words like “face” and “red.” 

It is a clear sign of creativity when people think and express their feelings in less-ordinary ways. This is often a result of experiencing events on a deeper level and being more attuned to their senses and emotions.

When nightmares affect you negatively

For those who want to stop their nightmares, imagery rehearsal therapy is an option, according to Michelle Carr. This is the process of reviewing a recent nightmare while awake but re-scripting the outcome and coming up with a happier, more desirable ending. She says you should rehearse the revised nightmare for about 20 minutes in a session during the day and again just before going to sleep. 

The outcomes should gradually become less negative but if not, you may need to see a physician. People should seek help if their nightmares are making them anxious, afraid to go to sleep and carry over negatively into their daytime mood. Your physician may recommend going to a sleep clinic to analyze your sleeping habits and explore the underlying causes of your nightmares. 

However, many people believe that their dreams and nightmares have a purpose and find they don’t disturb them to the extent that they want to get rid of them. Various cultures have used their dreams and nightmares to offer them guidance when making important decisions in the past and some still do so today. 

A final word

Research from a number of different laboratories is casting new light on nightmares. They may be horrifying for those who suffer from them but sufferers also tend to have more positive dreams than others, and what they dream can filter through into their waking life and permeate their thoughts. 

Do you have nightmares where you’re attacked by wild animals, fall through a crack in the ice or are pursued by a man with a gun? The silver lining is that it could indicate you’re a sensitive and empathic person. It could also mean that your dreams are rich in imagery, positive and inspiring. More than this, they could be bleeding through into your waking life and finding all kinds of creative outlets. 

Author’s bio:Tiffany Harper is a training guru who’s been working in the corporate sector for over a decade now. She is a management graduate and loves to share her experience through blogs and articles for custom essay service. For her love of writing, she also provides freelance at Write my dissertation as an aussie essay writing while working for top essay writing services.


VIRTUALLY WELL MEETINGS WEBINAR:   S’Well Public Relations, a firm specializing in wellness enterprises, is using their expertise in the mindfulness arena to create a “best practices protocol” for not just healthier but more effective online meetings.  Using some of the unique meeting facilitation tools that are the hallmark of the agency’s signature creative process, Strategic Visioning Launch Pad, as well as pulling from their vast network of wellness leaders, S’Well is launching a free webinar to teach ways to use sensory modalities – such as live music, real time graphic facilitation, movement and mindfulness – to help make your virtual meetings as effective and engaging as possible.  Interested companies can also enlist S’Well’s all-star team to facilitate their upcoming meetings.

Bonus: these lessons – taught by a team of experts who have worked with Fortune 500 companies over two decades – can carry through the other side of the pandemic to continue to make business meetings more effective and yes, even healthy!  

The S’Well “Recipe Book for Virtually Well Meetings” Webinar, sponsored by LIVE LOVE SPA will be offered FREE via Zoom, on  Thursday, April 2, 2020 at 11 am PST.  To RSVP, please email

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Join our GWS Collaborations Instagram Live every Tuesday and Thursday at 12:30 Pacific/3:30 Eastern time where GWS Podcast Host Kim Marshall asks five compelling questions to a range wellness industry leaders. The goal? Sharing positive action steps to help now & in the future.

This Thursday’s #FIVEINTEN interview is with social entrepreneur & wellness pioneer, Dilip Barot, Founder of Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences @GlobalWellnessSummit @swellpublicrelations @amritocean #GWSCollaborations #globalwellnesssummitpodcast”

GLOBAL WELLNESS SUMMIT PODCAST  – Recorded in Singapore and New York City — 23 Episodes and counting  and hosted by MOI.

Your Invited: New Mindbody Virtual Offering Webinar

As your Partner team here at Mindbody, we sincerely hope this email finds you and your loved ones safe and well.  These have been trying times for all of us, and in the heart and adaption we would like to cordially invite you to next week’s webinar on our brand new virutal offering.  With the world looking towards live streaming and video on demand, we are pleased to offer an elegant solution to the needs of our clients around the world. Please follow the link below for more information and to register your attendance.

Mindbody Virtual Offering Webinar: Thursday April 9th at 10am PDT


Boston, Mass. (March 31, 2020). Breakthrough skincare company, DermYoung has launched an initiative with medical spas to donate personal protection equipmemt (PPE) to local hospitals including Massachusetts General Hospital, a teaching hospital for Harvard Medical School. Like most hospitals across the country, Mass General is in need of key medical supplies required to keep medical professionals safe while treating COVID-19 patients. Upon learning about the dire need for PPE, CEO Dr. Yang Brooks and the DermYoung team acted quickly, reaching out to their medical spa clients across the country to ask for PPE donations. Within 24 hours, DermYoung collected more than 500 surgical and N95 respiratory masks which were immediately sent to colleagues in Boston for delivery to Mass General and other local hospitals.

This mission hits close to home. DermYoung was founded by skin scientists at Mass General. CEO Dr. Yang Brooks and her partners are former and current faculty of Harvard Medical School.

“It was really heartbreaking for us to learn that many of our friends and former medical colleagues at Massachusetts General Hospitalm and really everywhere, were managing the COVID-19 pandemic without sufficient protective gear,” says Dr. Brooks. “Our motivation to help in any way we could grew stronger when we learned that some of our friends who are on the front lines were in quarantine with possible COVID-19 symptoms. We are grateful for all the donations received in support of our initiative, especially Eden Med Spa in New York City and About Face Skin Care in Atlanta, Georgia for their swift and generous donations. We also want to thank all the medical spa clients to whom we reached out that had already donated their supplies to their local hospitals and clinics. We are all in this together. At DermYoung, our customers are always at the heart of everything we do and it is so gratifying to know that we are in their hearts as well.”

“Eden has been committed to their community for almost 20 years now. During the 9/11 crisis, the spa opened its doors to offer firefighters and the NYPD free massages. Now, during this pandemic, Eden has donated protective masks to our trusted partner. DermYoung looks after our skin as we do for our community. We are stronger when we come together (even if it’s 6 feet apart)” says owner Yvette Jiang. Eden Medical Spa also supplied 100 face masks to DermYoung headquarters to protect the shipping staff.

“When Dr. Brooks contacted About Face to donate much-needed masks to Mass General or other local hospitals, we didn’t hesitate.  This is one of the things I love about our relationship with DermYoung.  Not only do these incredible women have amazing knowledge of the skin and anti-aging, they also have an amazing way of connecting and caring,” says Chrissy Thomas, RN, owner of About Face Skin Care.

Dr. Brooks and her team are now extending this effort by contacting medical spas outside the immediate DermYoung customer network to encourage them to donate to their local hospital and clinics. DermYoung continues to identify sources of N95 respiratory masks, face shields, gloves and hand sanitizer and will continue to purchase them for donations for medical institutions across the country. To join the effort, please contact Dr. Brooks at or visit for instructions submitted by health-care workers themselves, which include specifications for items they need most, as well as how to get those items to donation sites. On the website GetUsPPE, started by a group of doctors and supported by a volunteer team of developers, designers and organizers, more than 1,500 requests for donations have been made by health-care workers across the country seeking things like N95 respirator masks, surgical masks, hand sanitizer, face shields and protective gowns.

“We keep coming up with possible ways to help with our medical professionals in their fight against COVID-19. Besides medical supplies, we are currently testing how to best treat excessively washed, itchy, flaky hands and the bruising left after wearing N95 for extensive hours. We will do everything in our power to protect our communities, especially the brave people who are selflessly working to end this pandemic,” says Dr. Brooks.

About DermYoung

DermYoung is a breakthrough skincare company founded by scientists and dermatologists at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School’s largest teaching hospital where most of the world’s medical aesthetic technologies are developed. Built on the latest research on human skin, DermYoung has developed a line unlike any other available today: I-Genesis, a seven-piece collection which addresses most of the skin concerns regardless of age, gender or skin type.

Using a proprietary blend of natural extracts and vitamins, I-Genesis products are designed to target multiple kinds of skin cells and physiological processes to deliver a full range of results in days. They can be used for facials, daily skincare or in conjunction with medical aesthetic treatments. The entire I-Genesis line is free of fragrance, dyes and potentially harmful chemicals and can be used by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Originally created as a gift for our founder’s mother, I-Genesis products are now available for everyone.

Coronavirus skin care tips: Stress acne, at-home facials and more

Skin care junkies know how regular facials can help maintain a clear complexion, but as spas across the country shut their doors to help flatten the curve, many are wondering: How do I keep my skin in good shape while quarantined at home?

TODAY Style consulted industry pros to help break down everything you need to know about skin care right now. From at-home facial tips to useful tricks for dealing with stress acne, consider this your go-to guide for self-isolation skin care.

Read more…

The WellSpring Group: We are here to help

The COVID-19 National Emergency is devastating the Spa and Wellness industry. We are trained to touch, heal, and comfort our guests’ mind and body and in the time when they need it the most, we are unable to serve.

​The team at The WellSpring Group intimately knows how overwhelming and traumatic the sudden loss of a job can be. If you have been displaced or laid off from your Spa position anywhere in the United States, please click HERE to complete this form to add yourself to our growing database of qualified Spa staff, therapists, and leadership.

​When Spa doors across the country open again to heal our guests, this database will be a vital connection to hiring managers and owners.

​Spa owners and leaders – if you are looking for staff, please reach out to us for a comprehensive list of expert staff in your area.

​We are all in this together – and we are honored to be of any assistance at this difficult time.

It is the intention of The WellSpring Group to be a source of support and security during this insecure time in our industry and our lives. 

For that reason, your trust and confidence in us is extremely important.  By sharing your information for this database, please know that your provided personal information will not be shared with any other party outside of The WellSpring Group without your expressed permission.  If at any time you wish to change the provided information or remove yourself from the database completely you need only contact us at

Survival Tips for these difficult times

Right Now! If you haven’t, file for state and federal assistance. VIEW PDF HERE. Create a working budget to control your spending. Assess and analyze your cash flow. Track daily!

If you need a short coaching session to get you started, let me know.

·    Delay payments for non-essential items

·    Turn off auto payments

·    Engage your vendors

·    Within reason, ask more from your existing team

·    Address pay cuts/furloughs/layoffs fast and hard! If you don’t prioritize this, your employees will always be wondering, “Am I next?”

Create a new sales plan!

Identify the framework and the media platforms needed for future sales.

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Base Beauty’s Jodi Katz On How To Successfully Execute Virtual Events

In the beauty industry, live events are occasions for joy, celebration and connection as brands mark product releases, collaborations, advertising campaigns, anniversaries and other milestones. Now that events have shifted from physical settings to screens, brands have the difficult task of capturing the spirit of those live occasions using digital platforms.

“While this situation stinks in so many ways, how do we keep feeling optimistic during it?” asks Jodi Katz, founder of creative agency Base Beauty, which introduced a program to facilitate beauty brands’ digital events. “Maybe 10% of the time or more we’re scared because we’re reading the news, but I don’t want to be scared all day long. Events can be optimistic. We are getting together, seeing each other and moving conversations forward.”

Beauty Independent talked with Katz about important steps to take to execute a successful virtual event. Just because a digital event is faster and cheaper to throw than an IRL event doesn’t mean it should be done without proper planning. Katz suggests brands prepare for a digital event a week or two in advance. The preparation period allows them to promote the event and determine the story they’re conveying with it.

Katz warns brand founders or spokespeople against simply ranting over Zoom to their audiences. A virtual event narrowly tailored to a product launch or fans’ favorite merchandise is constructive. For the event, brands should pinpoint what about the product they want to touch on and consider the current coronavirus crisis in the messages they’re delivering about the product. Products that lend themselves to demonstrations are good fits for virtual events. For example, at-home hair color is a resonant offering at the moment and can be visually compelling through devices. No matter the product or service the event concentrates on, it should have a clear direction lest it become muddled.

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What You Need to Know About The Coronavirus and Halotherapy/Dry Salt Therapy

Boca Raton, FL –As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to be breaking news with the national and international media, as well as becoming somewhat political with economic implications, it’s important to note that this is a lung and respiratory health issue facing the world’s population.  Dry salt therapy (aka halotherapy, ‘halo’ is Greek for salt) has been researched for the past few decades around the world with very positive results in relieving upper and lower respiratory conditions.  In many countries, it is an approved therapeutic treatment covered by health providers.

The Salt Therapy Association (STA) has over 1600+ members and there are approximately 1250+ facilities throughout the United States that provide dry salt therapy.  In 2014, the Salt Therapy Association was formed by an international group of the most prominent industry experts, leaders, influencers and medical professionals, including Founding Director Dr. Daniel T. Layish, MD, a 20-year veteran pulmonologist and Board Certified in Pulmonary Disease.

According to Dr. Layish, “It is too early to tell what impact halotherapy may have with this strain of the coronavirus, however, this coronavirus does affect the respiratory and lung system and dry salt therapy has shown to provide symptomatic benefit such as in a clinical study we conducted that focused on patients with cystic fibrosis.”  A strong advocate for this complementary therapy, Dr. Layish often recommends his patients to the local Salt Room in Orlando, Florida.

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How to Leverage Inbound Marketing

While you’re working remotely, market your services to your clients by creating valuable content.

As the world hunkers down and self-isolates, we’re all glued to digital means of communication and information-gleaning. While checking for the latest developments in the fight against coronavirus, remember that promotional products end-buyers are also looking for ways to continue serving their customers. Suppliers and distributors can use inbound marketing tactics to let customers know they can help.

Inbound marketing is the process of creating valuable digital content for your audience to consume on their own terms that can position you as a subject matter expert and thought leader, minus the hard sell.

Not surprisingly, spending habits have changed drastically in a matter of weeks. According to Suzy, a consumer insights platform, more than 70% of Americans are now “very concerned” about COVID-19, with top areas of worry being family health, personal health, job security, the economy and spreading the virus to others. That’s up from 47% just two weeks ago. Almost 60% believe the crisis will last for three months. Concerns are very primitive at the moment, and marketing must be sensitive to that.

In these strange times we’re living in, it’s more important than ever to position yourself as a calm, focused marketing partner who’s got your clients’ backs as they try to figure out their next business steps. As states implement restrictive health measures, communicate with customers about current business hours and any restrictions on turn times. Disseminate immediate logistics information, while also thinking more strategically about how to weather the situation alongside your clients, and form relationships with prospects along the way who will remember you when things settle down.

“We all have to stay in action,” says Erin Joy, founder and CEO of Black Dress Circle, a St. Louis-based business consulting and coaching firm for women. “Even though we don’t know exactly what’ll happen, executives and business leaders who stay engaged will drive creativity right now and will survive and stay on top.”

Offer useful information on social media.
Millions of people are spending even more time on social to keep up to date with virus news, but messaging needs to be intentional and sensitive in the face of this unprecedented situation. “It’s a great time to benefit from more traffic,” says Dave Farrow, CEO and founder of PR and marketing firm Darrow Communications in Buffalo. “But make sure it’s not tone-deaf. One company said they’re open and cleaning, and they were eviscerated on social because the government’s telling everyone to stay home, no matter what. That’ll lighten up over the next couple weeks.”

It’s acceptable – in fact, expected – to put coronavirus up front in social media marketing. “State it right off the bat,” says Farrow. “Say something like, ‘You’re stuck in the house, so take this online course or check out these product ideas to fight the boredom.’ ”

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SALT-Ed – The Coronavirus and Halotherapy

We encourage all salt therapy providers, facility owners, and staff to learn about the facts regarding the new Coronavirus (COVID-19). There is a lot of news, information, opinions, and commentaries regarding this new virus and we encourage all Certified Halotherapists™Salt Therapy Facility OwnersProviders, and Staff to be an educated resource in the community for understanding and communicating the facts, and not the myths and misconceptions of this virus.  While there may be political and economic implications, this is a lung and respiratory health issue facing our world’s population.

This is a new virus, and there have been no studies produced to show that halotherapy will prevent or relieve its symptoms. However, given the current evidence that supports relieving symptoms of upper and lower respiratory conditions, halotherapy is safe. As we always recommend, please have consumers consult a physician or licensed health professional.  

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Salon owner gives tips on how to maintain beauty routine while stuck at home

Carolyn Cappabianca is the owner of Magnolias on the Green Salon. Her salon offers different services like hair care, nails and lashes.

Now, with salons being closed in Ohio, she wants to make sure her clients are taking the right steps to keep up with their beauty needs.

She and some of her employees are posting videos to social media with tips on how to keep up with things like hair, nails and lashes while salons are closed.

“Our industry, we can’t help you right now and we feel bad, but we just can’t be in your space. So, we wanted to give tips at home so that they have some ideas of what to do in the meantime,” Cappabianca said.

Cappabianca says many people may rush to use box dye on their hair, but she said that’s not always a good idea.

“We know that’s just not good; it can be damaging to your hair. So, in the meantime, there are sprays, demi-washes that you can probably find out in stores right now that are the most helpful, anything that can wash out,” she said.

She said fake lashes are very popular right now, so there are certain steps to take when removing outgrown lashes on your own.

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Industry Insights: Houston’s best spas soothe with refreshing ways to de-stress at home

Relax. Easier said than done, right? Wrong. While quarantine and chill may seem more like a prison sentence with toilet paper wars being the only sport worth betting on, this unprecedented time in our history can be made stress-free, enjoyable — even beneficial for your hair, skin and mind — with a few spahhh-ctacular tips to take from local beauty and relaxation experts in the biz.

Solaya Spa & Salon by The Houstonian
Experts at Solaya Spa & Salon, the chic new Highland Village day spa and sister concept to The Houstonian’s Trellis Spa, suggest turning your daily skincare routine into a self-care ritual. Recommending luxury skincare line Natura Bissé, they advise taking steps at the end of the day to unwind, letting go of the day’s worries and taking a moment to focus on yourself, as in with the Inhibit Tensolift Neck Cream which assists with finer muscles and the fragile skin of the neck.

Pro tip: When moisturizing your face and neck, don’t forget about the back of your neck and ears too.

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How Beauty Companies Are Helping Make Up the Shortfall in Masks and Medical Supplies

Over the last week, states, including California and New York, have required all barbershops, beauty and nail salons, and tattoo parlors to close, while nonessential services and elective procedures—meaning everything from balayage and Botox to brow lifts—are on hold for the foreseeable future. Last week, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo put out an official call to the apparel industry to start making masks and gowns—but the beauty services industry has many of those supplies on hand already. So the nation’s nail salons, spa providers, and cosmetic surgeons have been raiding their stocks of protective masks and gloves, tapping into their distribution networks, and getting creative about ways to contribute during the current crisis.

“We made the decision to shut down all of our locations on March 17,” says Tran Wills, co-owner of the nontoxic chain of nail salons Base Coat Nails, which has locations in in Denver and Los Angeles, as well at Nordstroms in L.A., Seattle, Chicago, and Newport Beach, California. “You just can’t stay six feet away from someone doing manicures and pedicures, so we knew couldn’t operate safely.” With the salons closed, Wills gathered all the company’s supply of sterile nitrile gloves, isopropyl alcohol, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant, then started looking into ways to ferry them to health care workers on the front lines. “I was feeling really helpless and wanted to do as much as I could to help the communities Base Coat is in,” she says.

In Denver, where Wills is based, supplies were directed to the Denver Health Medical Center, which focuses on the needs of special populations, while in Los Angeles stock was sent to the Adventist White Memorial general hospital, one of the city’s leading not-for-profit hospitals. “We wanted to donate to the most in-need city hospitals in low-income areas,” says Wills, who has been reaching out to her network of nail professionals to follow suit via social media using the tagline #allhandsondeck. Tenoverten nail salon cofounders Nadine Abramcyk, Adair Ilyinsky, and Jaclyn Ferber, who have locations in New York City, Austin, and Los Angeles, made the decision to close on March 13. “We don’t know how long we will be closed for,” says Abramcyk, who donated their store of masks and nitrile gloves to Mount Sinai in New York and Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles. “As a high-touch business, it’s not just about when the government says we can reopen but when people will feel comfortable coming back in again.”

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7 Weeks of FREE Education!

Hello friends in foot care!After the phenomenal response that we received for our Infection Prevention class, we are pleased to announce our next set of educational webinars.
Footlogix® and The North American School of Podology have partnered to present you a complimentary 7-week series of free education!
This is a great time to enrich your knowledge on foot care to lay the groundwork for future success. Our 7-week series will involve conversations around the skin, nails and conditions of the skin and nails of the feet followed by a series of conversations around serving specialty audiences like Senior/Geriatric Clients, Diabetic Clients, and Male Clients.
What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Top Skin Care Brands Unite in Virtual Skin Care Festival

Many areas of the U.S. are under mandated shut down of non-essential retail businesses due to the COVID-19 / Coronavirus.  This covers spas, salons, medical spas, nail salons, massage studios, yoga studios and many other wellness based businesses.

This all came on the heels of the NYC IECSC having to be cancelled due to the global pandemic.  It was during that situation that we [Jenni and Barry] committed to doing whatever we could do in order to be a source of support to the entire professional skin care industry.

We have been speaking to skin care professionals and CEOs of major U.S. based skin care companies and asked for feedback as to how we could help.

Our answer……

L+A Virtual Skin Care Festival

What Is a Virtual Skin Care Festival?

 We know that many businesses and skin care professionals are socially distancing.   We wanted to provide a chance to create community – at least virtually.

Connection – Advice – Education – Empathy

This will be your opportunity to connect with 18 of the top U.S. skin care brands.  Connect with CEOs, Company Founders, Industry Experts, and Respected Educators.  They will be sharing their experiences, offering advice, offering free education, and just letting you all know that you’re not alone and that we’re in this together.

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$2T Emergency LIVE Meeting Sunday

A message from the Spa Industry Association President Allan Share…

Allan here with a timely personal message and invite.

This is truly unprecedented. But, so is COVID-19.

And the way the new $2 TRILLION STIMULUS CARES Act government bill works, just passed Friday. This will be MASSIVE. 

The CARES (the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act was passed unanimously by the Senate and is currently awaiting approval in the House of Representatives

This is a MUST attend emergency event for ALL businesses.That’s YOU!

This SUNDAY at 2.00pm EST (that’s 11.00am pacific for us on the west coast). 

I will keep it brief…

What’s going on?

A good friend of mine Craig has assembled a top team of Specialist Accountant Advisors who are working 24/7 to figure this out and make sure small businesses get what they deserve from this $2trillion CARE ACT bill.

This is not just another webinar. This is an educational Q&A emergency meeting event.

The problem is …

  • It WILL NOT be just as simple as going to the bank.
  • The forms are currently and will be confusing.
  • You need to make sure you take advantage of EVERY SINGLE piece of this bill
  • Everybody’s circumstances are different. Get the maximum.

When: This Sunday 29th March LIVE
What Time: 2.00pm EST (11.00am Pacific)
Where: Zoom call online

Title: How To Get Your Rightful Share of the $2T CARES ACT.
How To Register: (500 only) Click Here to Register

What You Will Learn:

There are various loans you need to apply for, even some that you don’t have to pay back if they are used for Payroll, Rent, Mortgage Interest.

Here are the highlights of what you will learn.

  • Loans You Don’t Have To Pay Back – Up to $10,000,000 For Payroll, Rent, Mortgage Interest
  • Disaster Loans For Other Business Expenses You Can Cover
  • Defer 100% Of Your Payroll Taxes For 2 Years
  • Get A $2,400/$1,200 Cash-Back Rebate On Your Taxes (Sec 2201)
  • Had Losses In ‘18, ‘19? Get Cash Back By Amending Your Tax Return
  • Business Went Down? Get A Payroll Tax Credit Up To $10,000 Per Employee
  • SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loans – Up To $25,000 Unsecured 
  • And Plenty More…

Make sure you come with your questions. This is a LIVE open Q&A emergency event with Expert Financial Advisors.

Register Now before you forget!

All the best, and see you Sunday.


P.S Do yourself and your business a favor. Make sure to write down the emergency event date and time, or set a reminder on your calendar, so you don’t miss the event. And show up!

When: This Sunday 29th March
What Time: 2.00pm EST (11.00am Pacific)
Where: Video Zoom call.

Title: How To Get Your Rightful Share of the $2T CARE ACT.
How To Register: (500 only) Click Here to Register

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: The bill has just passed the Senate and we are learning more every single hour about how this bill will be implemented and the interpretations of each component. For the most up to date information join us this Sunday.

STA Implores Congress to Include Salt Therapy Industry in Stimulus

As the trade association for the salt therapy industry, the Salt Therapy Association has requested that Congress include salt therapy facilities and providers in the economic stimulus package.

The wellness industry is vital to the economy. According to the Global Wellness Institute, the global wellness economy is a growing industry that just reported that in the last year the Spa Economy was at $119 billion. Thousands of jobs are at risk. As a result, the STA, along with other industry associations, is fighting to ensure the inclusion of salt therapy facilities and wellness facilities of all types and industry suppliers in any relief package.

When the U.S. Congress indicated that it would be working on some type of economic stimulus response for businesses and industries impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the STA along with others have been communicating with local, state, and federal agencies and Washington, D.C.-based lobbyists.

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Tips on How Your Business Can Survive and Thrive during the Corona Virus Crisis

Every day we hear about more cases domestically and abroad about the spread of COVID-19 also known as Corona Virus. While this article will not go into what this virus is and what it can do health-wise as there are already enough commentary on these topics in the news, we will highlight some of the ways you can survive and thrive during this outbreak and beyond.

Whether your business has already been impacted or not, it’s important to review our suggestions and see how they can be applied to your business. Doing so will help you mitigate the negative effects COVID-19 can have on your business. You may even develop some good practices that will keep your business profitable and thrive to reach your maximum potential when the current outbreak is over.

Some of your clients may cancel appointments for fear that they might somehow catch this virus at your spa. These fears are real and cannot be discounted because people actually feel this way. In many cases, the fear may not be warranted. Your clients need to hear from you. If they are going to continue to see you, they need to feel safe and know that you understand the risks at hand, are trained in sanitation and disease prevention, and are doing something about mitigating them. Explain some of the things you do to keep them safe such as but not limited to: you disinfect all surfaces, product containers, testers, surfaces, faucets, door handles etc. before and after each client; you wear gloves and a mask during services; you space appointments as to avoid having several clients in your waiting/retail area; you personally avoid exposure/public places as much as possible outside of your spa. Please review our suggestions below and apply them to your spa. We are here to help.

Communicate with Your Clients

In any crisis and especially with the current one, COVID-19, communication with your clients becomes even more important to your business. This may be the difference between surviving this outbreak or not. Here are some tips.

  • Don’t just rely on emails as many of your clients may not read emails regularly.
  • Call them personally as clients tend to value the personal touch even more in times of uncertainty. Ask them if they have read your message about what you do to protect their health. Ask them if they have questions, and reassure them.
  • Use text messages for shorter communication and follow ups

What to communicate

Let your clients know what steps you are taking to mitigate the transmission of COVID-19. Let them know that you understand the severity of the outbreak and their concerns. Many of your clients may not even know what you do to keep your spa clean and safe. Now is the time to let them know and make sure they know. This is very important as your success depends on it. This would include how you were cleaning before the outbreak and the extra cleaning during the outbreak after each client and what extra precautions you are taking with you and your staff. You need to get across that while the risks cannot be reduced to zero, you are doing everything possible to reduce the chance of transmission at your spa.

Focus more on retailing

If retailing has not been a big focus for your spa, now is the time to reconsider. It’s critical to find ways to sell products to your client base. Any shortfall in services revenue can be made up with retail sales. If your clients are not coming in for services as often, products can be shipped to them. Be flexible on different ways your clients can buy and receive products from you. Having inventory on hand is important as clients will want products quickly like they do when they come in for services and buy products when they leave. Offer to mail the products to them free of shipping and handling or allow them to pick up orders at your spa. You can pick up boxes at the post office to further reduce costs.

Discounting services to fill your schedule

Before you consider such an action, ask yourself this question. If you were afraid to get on a plane because you think it will put you at a much higher risk of getting the virus, would you get on the flight now if the ticket prices were 30% or 40% cheaper. For most people the answer is no. So the solution is not to discount your services but to address and mitigate the real fear your clients may have. If they feel safe and trust that you have taken the necessary precautions, they will come to your spa at your regular prices. This is not to say you don’t discount at all. Just make sure you discount for the right reasons. Discounting will not overcome fear.

Like many outbreaks before, this too will pass. Hopefully the above suggestions will make a meaningful impact on your business and the well-being of your clients.

We appreciate our partnership with you, care about your success and wellbeing, and commit to ship your orders even if the virus situation gets worse. We are taking measures to continue to do business as usual while keeping our team safe and healthy.


Make Plans To Join Town Hall: Services

We’re all facing unique challenges right now, and for business owners, the stakes are particularly high. We want to offer support and help in the ways we can.

Now more than ever, we recognize that business owners may need a space to communicate and learn from one another. Over the next few weeks, Square will be hosting Town Hall, a series of webinars to help you rethink your business and access tools to better connect with your customer base.

We’re kicking it off with verticalized, virtual conversations hosted by experts and business owners in the following industries:

  • Food and Beverage: Wednesday March 25 at 2:00PM PST
  • Retail: Thursday, March 26 at 2:00PM PST
  • Services: Tuesday, March 31 at 2:00PM PST

Services panel: Additional panelists to be announced soon!

  • Keith Miller, Founder of Bubbly Paws
  • Genevieve Weeks, founder of Tutu School
  • Jesse Lopez, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Square

If you’re unable to join us for a live panel, we’ll have a recorded version available to view here.

Our hope is that these sessions help you through these uncertain times. You can find the latest information and tools to support you and your business in our dedicated Resource Hub.


When you sit down to write to anyone right now, there are 3 things I want you to address – in each message you write, and over the coming weeks as the situation evolves.

Phase 1Shock. Never in my life have I experienced such a universal emotion. People around the world are experiencing fear and grief at the same time. Fear of what’s to come. The agony of losing their everyday way of life. That’s not small or something to be ignored. You must communicate with empathy. Find small ways we can be kind and compassionate to anyone you interact with right now. Let me very blunt about this: Stop the pitches. It’s embarrassing. Unfortunately, I’m confident all of us could open our inboxes and find a few examples of people who skipped this step entirely.
Phase 2: Stories. The next time you reach out, the language has to be personal. You. Me. Us. We. When all this starts to settle down, people aren’t going to react to jargon and corporate communications lingo. At that point, I imagine everyone will be so overwhelmed with news and headlines. You can stand out by being the human voice. Your messages must come from people to be heard and to build trust at this critical moment. No matter what you’re selling – a membership, a job, convincing people to stay – you can’t be successful without trust.
Phase 3: Recovery. Now, and only at this step, is it possible for you to offer advice or convince anyone to do anything. Most marketers are getting communications all wrong by jumping to this last step, which is why we all feel like we need a shower after reading some of these emails this week. Right now, we’re all waiting to see what happens. What’s next, and your paid service/role/benefit/tool/etc. should come after it’s well thought out and ready to be rolled out to your team. As for HR, I think this is so important – tell people what’s next when you know. Be detailed. Stop and ask, “What would I want to know right now?” Write that down. 

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An offer of support and a message of encouragement from évolis Professional

It is at times such as these, that relationships mean everything.

All of us at évolis Professional Hair Care want to lend our support to your Salon, Spa or Beauty Organization. We understand that during this mandated pause in our Industry all of our clients are experiencing feelings of uncertainty as to how long of a period will pass before their scheduled beauty appointments can be resumed.  évolis Hair would like to partner with you to bring a sense of comfort and relief to YOUR clients and customers.   Some clients have critical hair issues and may be feeling anxiety being separated from their favorite beauty destinations. Hair loss and hair thinning are very emotional to all who experience it, and during times of stress hair loss can escalate and intensify. In fact, stress is one of the top contributors of hair loss.

While nothing can ever replace professional beauty services, évolis Professional would like to help you and your clients with this at home beauty offer:

·        For your Clients:

  • 15% off and free 2-day shipping
  1. For you:
    • 25% commission on all purchases made by your clients, friends or family

How it works:

·         All you need to do is opt in and we will send you your own coupon code.  When the code is used for purchases on our website, the 15% discount will be automatically taken off the order and orders will be sent, free of charge, via 2-day shipping. 

·         All orders placed using your coupon code will be eligible for payment of 25% commission directly to you.  Commissions will be paid monthly by check on the 15th of each month

·         We will send you a post-able announcement with your coupon code that you can use.

·         You or your establishment do NOT have to currently sell our products to participate.

We at évolis believe this is the best way to reach out to the community we love and provide an option for income at this uncertain time. Please respond to us by Friday, April 3, 2020to opt into this program. This program will run until May 31, 2020.

Please email us at;  or call Nicole at 973.223.8898 with questions or a quick training on the products.

About évolis Professional:

évolis Professional is the first truly anti-aging hair care collection.  Formulated with a proprietary blend of 100% natural botanical actives that REVERSE hair aging, PROMOTE faster and better hair growth and PREVENT future hair challenges.    

Come in today and learn how to REVERSE hair aging, PROMOTE gorgeous hair, and PREVENT future hair challenges.



While the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing an abundance of concerns for all walks of life, this also a game-changer for respiratory wellness and the Salt Therapy industry. Unfortunately, it may take a global pandemic to bring attention to having people focus on their respiratory health, but far too often, people do not act to be as proactive as possible until something ‘bad’ happens such as becoming sick. Every year, millions and millions of people suffer daily from allergies, asthma, COPD, lung cancer, and so many other respiratory conditions. Respiratory conditions lead to the most sickness and death of the world’s population. This escalates year over year.

As a society, we must start looking at some of the root causes of our current environment. Every year, billions and billions of dollars go towards prescription drugs, medical treatments, and insurance payments. The costs to workplace productivity and our school system suffers as well. Our health care system in the United States desperately needs a transformation. The traditional methods of diagnosing and prescribing must change.

A recent research physician commented about why children may be at less risk for contracting the COVID-19 virus and, while there are no current studies, one of the explanations given is that older people have experienced longer exposure to pollution, poor air quality, household chemicals, smoke and ash, and other environmental conditions. It’s a fact that your immune system weakens as you get older, and your respiratory hygiene deteriorates.

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COVID-19/Coronavirus – Essential Information for Small Businesses

We will continue to compile helpful information for small businesses (including spas, medi-spas, and medical practices) to weather this tough economic time. Please check back often as more resources will be added as they become available.

I am available for consultation on cash flow, business loans and more. Please don’t hesitate to reach out through the contact page of this site. Also see my blog post on protecting your business financially.

Resources & Information for Business in General

World Health Organization (WHO) Up to date information about Coronavirus

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Up to date information about Coronavirus

Small Business Administration SBA Disaster Assistance in Response to the Coronavirus

IRS Treasury, IRS and Labor announce plan to implement Coronavirus-related paid leave for workers and tax credits for small and midsize businesses to swiftly recover the cost of providing Coronavirus-related leave

Federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act

  1. Requirement for employers with less than 500 employees to provide Paid Sick Leave and Family Medical Leave to their employees in specific situations associated with COVID-19.
  2. To offset the cost to businesses, Employer Social Security Tax will be reduced by the amount of Paid Sick and Family Medical Leave costs covered by employers.

Social Distancing and Coronavirus is Uncharted Territory for our Businesses

A month ago, I didn’t know what “social distancing” was. A week ago, I flew to New York City to teach at IECSC. I arrived on the redeye on Saturday morning. I went out for a slice of New York’s best cheese pizza, then went back to my hotel. At 4pm, New York had declared a state of emergency. The Javits Center needed to be emptied of all exhibitions so that this massive conference center could be used as triage for Coronavirus screening if needed. IECSC New York was cancelled, and I was back on a plane to Seattle on Sunday morning. It was the most expensive slice of cheese pizza I have ever purchased. This was the first impact the Coronavirus has had on my business. This doesn’t really compare to what many of you are experiencing in your businesses. Many of my clients are reporting a decline in sales upwards of 75%. Like you, now I know what social distancing is. Let’s not be naïve. This is going to affect us. We don’t know how much or how long.

We have heard that the SBA is making funds available to small business owners under a special new program. Information is available on their website ( When I spoke with a couple of local bankers yesterday, they had not received any information about this program or how to administrate it. It seems like this program is a work in progress. A different and established program, the “SBA Express” funds loans up to $350K on a line of credit and is a relatively simple application process. Initially, it is interest only and then converts to a term loan. This might be a better and more expedient loan for you to pursue. You can submit an application at any SBA bank or lender. Prior to applying, put together three years of business financials, tax returns, and a personal financial statement. Be aware and prepared to explain any non-favorable issues on your credit report. Also, be able to articulate how you intend to use the funds.

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Make Plans To Join: Town Hall: How to Take your Business Online

Please be sure to create a (free) Square account PRIOR to the webinar so you can easily follow along with the presentation.

Join us on Friday March 27th, at 2pm PST for a webinar about taking your business online.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to set up a Square Online Store where you’re able to accept orders from your customers who can’t visit your in-person location.

We’ll cover best practices for building a Square Online Store including how to upload your item library and how to customize the look and feel of your eCommerce website.

Register now to learn from our Online Store panelists:

  • Martin Guerrero, an eCommerce Solution Specialist at Square
  • Ahmed Ali Bob, Community Affairs at Square

If you’re unable to join us for this webinar, we’ll have a recorded version available to view here. New to Square? Join the Seller Community.

Our hope is that this webinar will be helpful in these uncertain times. You can find the latest information and tools to support you and your business in our dedicated Resource Hub.

6 ways for your spa to thrive in uncertain times

Face cream, serum, lotion, moisturizer and sea salt among bamboo leaves in the bath

Business owners in the spa industry — and most every industry — are faced with an unprecedented situation in today’s uncertain times. And because of this, it’s crucial to explore some short- and long-term activities which may help to not only ease our clients’ apprehensions, but to also help our businesses thrive and make profits.

Follow my six expert tips below if you need some inspiration in light of recent changes to your flow of business.

1. Connect with your clients ASAP.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to reach out to your clients and let them know what you are doing to protect them, your staff, and uphold the cleanliness and safety of your facility. It may seem unnecessary to some of you, because you know that you are always following extremely high levels of safety and sanitation, but it doesn’t hurt to reiterate it now.

Let your clients know via email, social media and your phone messaging system that you are on your A-game and following all current CDC and state-level recommendations. You will also want to state that your cancellation policy has been amended during this time to accommodate clients who are ill or who have recently traveled to areas involved in an outbreak.

If you do choose to change your spa hours or close altogether for a period of time, it’s best to open this line of communication with your clients now; don’t wait!

2. Be like the airlines: Start advertising some awesome deals.

In times of doubt, discounted sales are surely better than no sales at all. If you’re seeing your numbers drop significantly, then consider thinking up some irresistible sales and promotions that your clients can purchase now and cash in later.

Your clients may be tempted to try a new service or rebook services that they’ve loved before if they can secure them at an attractive price. Get creative and look to the future when things have settled down and clients can come back in for some awesome treatments. It’s revenue for you now and an exciting incentive for your clients.

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5 Steps to Cleanse Properly

Pollution, smoke, makeup, sunscreen, and the natural build-up of dead surface skin and sebum can make skin look and feel dry, dull and lifeless.

That’s why cleansing correctly is your first step to naturally radiant skin. But research from the International Dermal Institute says most of us spend just 20 seconds doing so. And when you’re tired, it can be tempting to skip cleansing completely (we’ve all done it).

But cleansing doesn’t have to be a chore. Here’s how to cleanse properly – and leave your skin looking pure, smooth and hydrated.

1. Choose the right cleanser

Everyone’s skin is different, so it’s important to find the cleanser that’s right for you. Things to consider include your skin type, how you prefer to cleanse, and whether you need to remove eye makeup.

Need help? Take a look at our guide to choosing the right botanical cleanser.

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Make Plans Now To Join The Town Hall: Retail

We’re all facing unique challenges right now, and for business owners, the stakes are particularly high. We want to offer support and help in the ways we can.

Now more than ever, we recognize that business owners may need a space to communicate and learn from one another. Over the next few weeks, Square will be hosting Town Hall, a series of webinars to help you rethink your business and access tools to better connect with your customer base.

We’re kicking it off with verticalized, virtual conversations hosted by experts and business owners in the following industries:

  • Food and Beverage: Wednesday March 25 at 2:00PM PST
  • Retail: Thursday, March 26 at 2:00PM PST
  • Services: Tuesday, March 31 at 2:00PM PST

Retail panelists:

If you’re unable to join us for a live panel, we’ll have a recorded version available to view here.

Our hope is that these sessions help you through these uncertain times. You can find the latest information and tools to support you and your business in our dedicated Resource Hub.

SpaHive Free Online Community Brings Spa, Wellness & Tourism Professionals Together

Greater Boston, March 25, 2020 – Hard, frustrating, soul sucking, heartbreaking and paralyzing are the words that Julie Pankey of JMPankey Partners is hearing from her clients and colleagues on an hourly basis. As a forward thinking and positive thought leader, Pankey is hunkered down but fired up to help spa owners, managers and entrepreneurs to get their businesses and teams to the other side of this worldwide crisis.

Pankey, who is an internationally recognized spa director and consultant, specializes in the health, wellness, spa, and tourism industries. She continues to keep her social media channels active and engaging. “In tough times people are coming together to share concerns, vent and discuss immediate solutions for their businesses and to do some forward thinking on how to reshape our industry. We need to learn together and keep the discussions going,” said Pankey.

SpaHive, launched in 2016 by Pankey, offers a free online Face Book community, virtual training resources and regional mastermind conferences to provide an environment where industry professional can come together and learn from each other. “When I developed this online community, four years ago, I never envisioned that we would be navigating our businesses during a worldwide crisis,” said Pankey. Not one to sit around and wait, Pankey reached out to experts in the field to develop programs to get owners and managers through the coming weeks. “We have been providing educational sessions with power panel discussions, videos, and forums. This is a good time to look at your business and ask questions with the experts we are hosting. The SpaHive weekly Coffee Chat provides an open forum to share ideas and just be together,” commented Pankey. “It’s scary and as industry leaders and professionals we need outlets and resources that can bring us together.”

The SpaHive online community has a lot of perks, too. Members have access to exclusive content, webinars and member forums. Julie Pankey and other spa professionals are available to assist members and collaborate. Plus, all members are vetted, and no one is pushing products or lines. It’s all about bringing spa professionals together! To join, go to

Upcoming SpaHive Topics & Programs:

  • Every Monday: Coffee Chat with Julie Pankey
  • March 30 Webinar: Time to Listen with Danny Levin, Author & Mystic
  • April 6 Webinar: Moving Your Message Forward with Courtney Biehl, Ciclista Marketing
  • April 13 Webinar: Power Tapping with Bob Baxter, The Wellness Factor
  • April 20 Webinar: Content Your Audience Cares About Today with Keith Chachkes, BDWE Media

JMPankey Partners specializes in a multitude of key spa operations, including consulting, social media, website design, marketing and brand development. As spa and wellness leaders, Julie Pankey and her team of spa professionals have contributed to the success of many notable companies such as Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, the Spa at Norwich Inn, Marriott International, Hermann Hill, Cliff House Resort and Spa, Sebasco Harbor Resort, Catania Hospitality, Pacifica Hotels, Fluhme Beauty, Stonewater Spas, Guinot Paris, Elemis and Bliss, Christopher Drummond Beauty, Ilike Organic Skin Care and many more.

IRS and states made additional changes to tax filing dates over the past week in response to the COVID-19 pandemic


  • The IRS due date for filing 2019 income tax returns and paying 2019 tax due is now July 15. This is an automatic change to the due date; no extension form is required to be filed. Previously, only the payment date had been extended.
  • The July 15 due date applies to any return previously due on April 15. An automatic extension remains available for all other returns.
  • Q1 2020 estimated payments which were previously due on April 15 are now due July 15.
  • As of now, the due date for Q2 2020 estimated payments remains June 15.
  • Due dates for other required tax returns, such as companies’ quarterly payroll tax filings, have not changed.

More Changes for Employers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

The Governors of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut have all issued executive orders shuttering non-essential businesses to address the COVID-19 situation, but their approaches are slightly different. All, however require employees to telecommute, if possible, or otherwise remain home. 

New York: On March 20, 2020 New York’s Governor Cuomo directed businesses to keep 100% of their workforce home, either telecommuting or not working, beginning Sunday, March 22 at 8 PM, and lasting until April 19, 2020, unless they provided essential services. While the order affected many businesses who continue to struggle through these times, others were excluded from the requirements and are not subject to the work restriction. 

The list of “essential businesses” that may remain open in New York is long and includes, among others:
Health care (hospitals, nursing homes, walk-in clinics, doctor’s offices (although dentists may only provide emergency care));Infrastructure (utilities (water, electric), transportation infrastructure such as bus, rail, or for-hire vehicles, garages; technology support for online services);Essential Manufacturing (food processing, medical supplies and equipment manufacturers and providers; pharmaceuticals, sanitary products, household paper products);Essential Retail (grocery stores including all food and beverage stores; pharmacies; convenience stores; farmer’s markets; gas stations; hardware and building material stores);Essential Services (trash and recycling collection, processing and disposal; mail and shipping services; laundromats; building cleaning and maintenance; auto repair; warehouse/distribution and fulfillment);Financial Services (banks, insurance companies, payroll and accounting services);Construction/repair (construction-industry related businesses including skilled trades such as electricians and plumbers; professionals for essential infrastructure or for emergency repair and safety purposes). 
The full list can be viewed here.

Businesses who believe they provide essential services or functions may request an “essential business” designation, here.

Additionally, New York’s Governor Cuomo also signed into law a set of sick leave protections for COVID-19-related leaves, effective immediately. To be eligible for the leave, employees must be subject to a mandatory or precautionary COVID-19-related order of quarantine or isolation issued by any government entity authorized to enter such orders. Employees can receive leave for as long as the quarantine or isolation lasts, but only from 0-14 days of the leave need be paid days (depending on the size of the business). The remaining leave is unpaid, which can be covered by disability or paid family leave insurance benefits. 

This sick leave is in addition to any existing sick leave or paid time off provided by the business. The disability benefits are available immediately, without a waiting period.

New Jersey: New Jersey’s Governor Murphy’s March 21, 2020, “Stay at Home” Executive Order effective March 21, 2020 at 9 p.m., directs the closure of brick-and-mortar non-essential retail businesses for as long as the Order remains in effect.  Essential retail businesses permitted to remain open must accommodate on-line or phone ordering, and provide pick-up services outside or adjacent to their stores. They must also practice “social distancing” with employees at work. 

The New Jersey list of essential retail businesses is similar to New York’s, and can be found here.  

Retail businesses or operations that have not been identified as essential may submit a request to the State Director of Emergency Management, who is the Superintendent of State Police.

Connecticut: Connecticut’s Governor issued an Executive Order on March 20, 2020, which goes into effect on March 23, 2020 at 8:00 p.m. and lasts until April 22, 2020, unless modified. It requires non-essential businesses and non-profits to reduce their on-site employees by 100% and have everyone telecommute, where possible. Essential businesses are exempt, however employees of essential businesses whose duties are not critical to essential business operations are advised to telecommute. Clarification on what is an “essential business” is yet to be issued. Current guidance includes many businesses on the New York list. Information regarding the Executive Order may be viewed here.
Employers are facing many challenges during these interesting times. Laws regarding treatment of your employees seem to change on a daily basis. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have questions about how to be navigate this situation going forward, or about how the multiple new laws apply to your business.


I hope all of you are healthy and safe. We’ve been receiving many phone calls and emails regarding salt therapy and the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), and we’re sure your customers, clients, and guests have been asking you questions as well.

I want to take time to personally address the current situation and provide you with some perspective, responses, answers, and information that you may want to also share with your family, staff, and customers. Also, get the facts from the CDC and official health agencies as opposed to social media and unverified sources of information.

While there are many health care professionals and clinicians around the world working diligently on researching this particular virus for fighting off and containing the virus, there are no formal studies currently in place specifically testing the impact halotherapy has on this particular coronavirus. I have been in discussions with some physicians here in the United States and abroad who are potentially interested in adding this to quarantined individuals for treatment, however, there are no direct claims that can be made at this time.

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Revised Bill Signed into Law Requiring Small Businesses to Provide Paid Leave due to Coronavirus

On Monday, March 16, the House of Representatives went back to the drawing board and made “corrections” to its Emergency Family First Response Act.

The revised bill somewhat decreases the financial burden on small businesses and changes the circumstances under which employers are required to continue to pay their employees for COVID-19 related reasons.

On March 18, the Bill was passed in the Senate without modification, and the President subsequently signed the Bill into law.

Below are our REVISED answers to common questions regarding two important aspects of the legislation that small business owners need to know.


What is the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act (EPSLA)? The EPSLA is a temporary law that applies only to businesses with fewer than 500 employees and mandates up to 10 days of paid leave for full-time and part-time employees that need time off for various coronavirus-related reasons.

How long will the EPSLA be in effect? Unless it is later extended, the EPSLA will expire on December 31, 2020.

Does the EPSLA apply to all employers? No. The EPSLA only applies to employers with fewer than 500 employees.

Does the EPSLA apply to all employees? Assuming you have fewer than 500 employees, the EPSLA applies to all employees — regardless of whether they are full-time or part-time.

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An Important Message to the Mindbody Partner Community

Over the past two decades our industry has thrived through multiple challenges, including 9/11 and the financial crisis of the late 2000s – but we have never seen anything like this. Who could have imagined when we were ringing in the New Year that a Pandemic would be threatening the health of our businesses and our loved ones? Yet, this is precisely what we are facing today.

Around the world, the owners and staff of fitness studios, spas, salons and integrative health centers are dealing with severe impacts of COVID-19, and since you serve these customers too we know the stakes are incredibly high. As technology companies devoted to serving these small businesses, that means our future is threatened as well. So, we not only feel enormous empathy and care for you – know that we are all in this together.

Here is what we are doing to help you:

  1. Usage based API fees. We are committed to supporting you during this time. We are investing to help our mutual customers during this difficult time. Fortunately, our API fee model is usage based (meaning we only charge if a call is made during your billing period). We recommend adjusting your API calls based on the needs of your customers and your business. Your bill will adjust accordingly.
  2. Increasing the quantity and availability of Mindbody education resources. Our powerful Mindbody University content is available to all of our customers through our learning center. In addition, our team is posting timely and relevant COVID-19-related topics to our education hub to help your business weather this storm. Lastly, we commenced a webinar series with Mindbody Business Consultants offering best practices, creative ideas, leadership, etc. Last Friday’s panel was focused on fitness studios. This week, we are planning a panel for owners of salons, spas and integrative health centers.
  3. Lobbying governments for small business relief. We are all watching the news from or respective governments with anticipation. Hopefully, there is meaningful relief coming for millions of people and large impacted industries, such as travel and hospitality. At the same time, Mindbody is working diligently to ensure our legislators are remembering the impact to the wellness industry and we are using what influence we have to advocate for you all. 

In closing, let us not forget that we are in an industry in the middle of a massive growth wave. But we do know that wellness is neither a fad nor a luxury. It is an expectation for hundreds of millions of people, and more are joining their numbers every day. For this reason, we are confident the wellness industry will not only recover from this COVID-19 Pandemic, it will come back even stronger than before. 

Questions? Please do not hesitate to reach out to your Partner Manager. 

Stay strong. Stay healthy. Stay positive. We will get through this together.

Spa Revolutions Presents: thermaBliss® Collection

The COVID-19 virus is forcing dramatically heightened sanitation and wellness requirements – for our clients and our staff.  Our capacity to meet, as industry professionals, the client’s demand for sanitary, safe and delightful wellness treatments is being tested like never before.  Accordingly, we recognize these elevated client standards for sanitation will likely be a permanent reality. 

As you and your business respond to the COVID-19 threat, please know our entire team at Spa Revolutions is here to support you with premium sanitary, client-exclusive thermal wellness solutions. 

Since the 2005 introduction of PerfectSense® Paraffin sanitary, single use, medical-grade mitts and booties eliminated countless contaminated paraffin tubs, we have remained committed to providing your business the finest sanitary, self-heating and self-cooling wellness applications.  

For a complete list of sanitary, client-exclusive paraffin and skincare treatments, as well as non-porous massage thermal wellness solutions, view the newly expanded thermaBliss® Collection of at or call us to take advantage of our free sample program.

Extended Community Service Grant Deadline

In light of current events, the Massage Therapy Foundation is extending its 2020 Community Service Grant application deadline to May 1, 2020. We hope that extending this grant deadline can help alleviate stress, give applicants time to modify applications as needed, and/or come up with new ideas for helping out in our communities in different ways.

Do you work with an organization providing massage to people in need? Consider applying for an MTF Community Service Grant. We accept applications from the U.S. and internationally and also offer one grant opportunity exclusive to grantees from northern Illinois.


Given the unprecedented health situation the world is currently facing with COVID-19, event organizers BolognaFiere and the Professional Beauty Association have postponed the 18th edition of Cosmoprof North America to September 20-22, 2020.

“We have decided that rescheduling the show is necessary to ensure we are providing our partners and guests with the safest and most fulfilling experience,” says Enrico Zannini, General Manager of BolognaFiere Cosmoprof SpA. “We have a responsibility to protect our exhibitors’ investments while delivering a show that meets and exceeds our international guests’ expectations. This decision was not made lightly and follows careful consideration of the global health emergency at hand.”

“The health and safety of our partners and guests is our number one priority, and we will continue to monitor this constantly evolving situation accordingly,” says Steve Sleeper, Executive Director of the Professional Beauty Association. “As the beauty industry as a whole is forced to physically separate during this time, there is no doubt that we will come together stronger in the months ahead to create a show experience that resonates and connects.”

In the coming months, Cosmoprof North America will continue to monitor government agencies and public health officials, including the CDC and WHO, and will make ongoing assessments. Meanwhile, the entire team will be focusing on reorganizing the show’s dynamic activations and initiatives to ensure that the 18th edition is its most successful yet, and that we can offer a safe and productive environment for all.

What does the Families First Coronavirus Response Act Mean for Employers?

President Trump signed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (the “Act”) on Wednesday, March 18, 2020. This sweeping legislation addresses a plethora of concerns raised by the recent COVID-19 outbreak. It becomes effective 15 days after the President signs it, or on April 2, 2020. The employment-related sections will require employers to provide certain paid and unpaid leave days to employees impacted by the current public health situation.The Act instructs the Secretary of Labor to issue regulations implementing the employment-law related provisions. We expect the regulations to clarify, and potentially modify, the provisions of the Act.The following Q&As provide general guidance regarding the key provisions of this law, based on the information to hand. Situations can vary depending on many factors, which would determine how this law might apply to your organization. 
Q: What do employers need to know about this new law?
A: The Act contains two key provisions for employers:
The Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act (“EFMLEA”), which amends the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”), requires employers with less than 500 employees to provide up to 12 weeks of partially paid, potentially job-protected leave in a 12-month period, in certain COVID-19 related circumstances, called “Public Health Emergency Leave.”The Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act requires employers with less than 500 employees to provide employees with up to 80 hours of emergency paid sick leave (“EPS Leave”) over and above whatever paid time off benefits are already offered to their employees under company policies and/or local sick leave laws, for a number of COVID-19 related reasons.
Small employers may be able to claim an exemption from some requirements of the laws, as described below.
Questions Regarding Public Health Emergency Leave:
Q: For what reasons can Public Health Emergency (“PHE”) leave be taken?
A: The 12 weeks of PHE leave may be taken if an employee is unable to work (or telework) due to a need to care for the employee’s son or daughter under 18 years of age if:
  the child’s school or place of care has been closed, or the child’s child care provider is unavailable, due to a public health emergency.

Q:     What determines employee eligibility for PHE leave?
A:    Employees become eligible for the 12 weeks of PHE leave after having been employed for 30 days. 

Q:     Is the PHE leave paid or unpaid?
A:   The first 10 days of a potential 12 weeks of PHE leave are unpaid, however the employee can use EPS leave benefits during these 10 days. An employee can choose to substitute other available paid time off benefits provided by the company as well. After those initial 10 days, the remaining 10 weeks of PHE leave are paid at a rate of 2/3 the employee’s regular rate of pay, up to $200.00 per day or $10,000.00 total for the 10 weeks. Special calculations exist for employees whose schedule varies.  There is a payroll tax credit available.

Q:     Why is this considered “job protected” leave?
A:   The usual FMLA requirements that the employee be returned to their same or to an equivalent position with equivalent pay and benefits applies to employees returning from PHE leave (with the same exceptions, such as for positions eliminated while the employee was on leave). However, employers with less than 25 employees will be excused from complying with the job restoration provisions if the employer makes reasonable efforts to return the employee after leave which are not successful, and the employer contacts such employee if an equivalent position becomes available within a year. 

Questions Regarding Emergency Paid Sick Leave:
Q: For what reasons can Emergency Paid Sick (“EPS”) leave be taken?
A: The up-to-10 days (80 hours) of EPS leave may be taken if:
The employee is subject to a quarantine or isolation order related to COVID-19, or has been advised by a health care provider to self-quarantine;The employee is caring for an individual (any individual) subject to a quarantine or isolation order related to COVID-19, or who has been advised by a health care provider to self-quarantine;The employee is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and seeking a medical diagnosis;The employee is caring for a son or daughter if the child’s school or place of care has been closed, or the child’s child care provider is unavailable, due to COVID-19 precautions. This provision is the only one that overlaps with the reasons PHE leave can be used.

Q:     What determines employee eligibility for EPS leave?
A:    EPS leave applies to all employees, without regard to how long they have been employed.

Q:     How much EPS leave must be provided?
A:      Full-time employees must be provided with 80 hours of EPS leave. Part-time employees are provided with as many hours as the employee would be expected to work in a two-week period. This time is available for use as soon as the Act becomes effective and need not be accrued.

Q:    If the company already offers paid sick time or PTO that exceeds the 80 hours of sick time provided by this law, does the company have to offer additional paid sick time under this law?
A:   Yes. Additionally, employers may not require an employee to exhaust other forms of PTO or sick leave before the EPS leave can be taken.  

Q:     How much pay may an employee receive while on EPS leave?
A:    If the employee is out for reasons related to his or her own health, the rate of pay per day is calculated at the employee’s regular rate, which must be no less than the applicable minimum wage. However, if the employee is taking sick leave to care for an individual with a qualifying condition or because their child’s school or daycare is closed, the employer is only required to pay 2/3 of that amount. Employees are entitled to receive up to a maximum of $511.00 per day (i.e. $5,110.00 if 10 days are used) when taking sick time for reasons related to their own health. Employees are entitled to receive a maximum of $200.00 per day (i.e. $2,000.00 if 10 days are used) when taking leave to care for a qualifying individual or because of their child’s school/day care closure. There is a payroll tax credit available.

Q:    If an employee does not use EPS leave and their employment is terminated while the Act is effective, is the employee entitled to be paid out unused emergency sick leave?
A:     No.

General Questions:
Q:     How long must these benefits be provided? 
A:     Both laws are currently are set to sunset on December 31, 2020, but Congress can always extend them.

Q:     I’m a small employer – these laws will kill my business. Can I get a break?
A:     The legislation permits the Secretary of Labor to issue regulations that, among other things, exempt small businesses with fewer than 50 employees from the requirements of providing any PHE leave and of providing EPS leave due to lacking child care, when the imposition of such requirements “would jeopardize the viability of the business as a going concern.” Also, employers with less than 50 employees will not be subject to civil lawsuits by employees if they do not provide PHE leave, although they may still be subject to claims filed through the Department of Labor. DOL regulations should be issued in a few weeks. 

Q:     Does the law apply retroactively to require pay for leaves taken before April 2, 2020?
A:     Probably not. Most laws are only effective prospectively (looking forward), and this one is not likely to be applied differently.This is only a brief overview of the employment-law related provisions of this very lengthy law. As noted, the Department of Labor is expected to issue regulations detailing how the law is to be implemented. 
For additional articles on related topic please go toEmployment Law and the Current COVID-19 Crisis.
Should you have questions regarding how this applies to your business, please do not hesitate to contact us at 212-644-1310 or email us below.  

SBA Disaster Assistance in Response to the Coronavirus

The U.S. Small Business Administration is offering designated states and territories low-interest federal disaster loans for working capital to small businesses suffering substantial economic injury as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Upon a request received from a state’s or territory’s Governor, SBA will issue under its own authority, as provided by the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act that was recently signed by the President, an Economic Injury Disaster Loan declaration.

  • Any such Economic Injury Disaster Loan assistance declaration issued by the SBA makes loans available statewide to small businesses and private, non-profit organizations to help alleviate economic injury caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). This will apply to current and future disaster assistance declarations related to Coronavirus.
  • SBA’s Office of Disaster Assistance will coordinate with the state’s or territory’s Governor to submit the request for Economic Injury Disaster Loan assistance.
  • Once a declaration is made, the information on the application process for Economic Injury Disaster Loan assistance will be made available to affected small businesses within the state.
  • SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loans offer up to $2 million in assistance and can provide vital economic support to small businesses to help overcome the temporary loss of revenue they are experiencing.
  • These loans may be used to pay fixed debts, payroll, accounts payable and other bills that can’t be paid because of the disaster’s impact. The interest rate is 3.75% for small businesses. The interest rate for non-profits is 2.75%.
  • SBA offers loans with long-term repayments in order to keep payments affordable, up to a maximum of 30 years. Terms are determined on a case-by-case basis, based upon each borrower’s ability to repay.
  • SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loans are just one piece of the expanded focus of the federal government’s coordinated response, and the SBA is strongly committed to providing the most effective and customer-focused response possible.
  • For questions, please contact the SBA disaster assistance customer service center at 1-800-659-2955 (TTY: 1-800-877-8339) or e-mail

Professional Program Insurance Brokerage (PPIB) moves office to Sonoma County

PPIB provides insurance programs for unique industries throughout the United States.  The company grew quickly by creating programs for businesses that require special insurance coverage.  Those industries include tattooing and body piercing, beauty salons, day spas, medispas, laser centers, labs, smoke shops, circuses and carnivals and most recently cannabis facilities.

A local, woman-owned business for 25 years, PPIB has grown from two employees to 26 and has had their office in Novato since 1998. In June of 2018 PPIB joined Specialty Program Group (SPG), one of the top 5 brokers in North America.* After 20+ years in Marin they will be relocating their offices to Petaluma in March of 2020. This gives them additional communities for recruiting and space in which to continue to grow.

Five fresh tips for natural glow

Get glowing with these 5 tips

Evolve your routine and restore your signature radiance. A few rethinks can have an incredible impact.

1. Eat your water

Eight tall glasses a day isn’t always easy to commit to? Try the facialists’ favorite hydration-boosting trick: eat your H2-glow.

Fruits and vegetables like cucumber, tomato, celery, peppers, melon and carrots brim with cell-plumping water plus a solid serve of the antioxidant vitamins that recharge glow. Researchers say the Nature-perfected dose of magnesium, potassium, and sodium inside watermelon can rehydrate more effectively than water or a sports drink.

2. Make with the massage

Gently pressing, rolling or massaging in serums, lotions, and creams is the easiest anti-aging move you can make. You’ll not only jumpstart circulation to shift puffiness and tighten contours, you’ll assist penetration, allowing each step in your ritual to do its work before the next. Press and smooth eye creams in from the inner corners toward your temple; sweep face care from center point upward and out.

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A Note From Allan

Hi friends,

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Yes, we are in hard times “right now” and frankly, I don’t see it easing up any time soon. The saving grace is the world will recover, our business will recover and even though we might not get back to “things as normal” we will get back to life and business.

As I write to you from California, basically everything is shut down and we are in a “hover in place” mode. Ironically, we are in a touch business when know one wants to touch. Some spas are still open here, but for the most part only the essentials (bank, gas, grocery) are open for business. This is truly a “black swan” event for most people and that means they’re scared, afraid. Enough negative, what’s to be done in the meantime?

Here is Allan’s shortlist (and it’s my gut feeling, nothing more):

1. tighten down financially

2. try keeping your folks on the payroll severely reduced

3. stop any auto-drafts you can live without

4. communicate to your clientele, keep them in the loop on what you’re doing, offer any products on your shelves at a steep discount to get cash moving

5. clean and scrub your facility down

6. layout a plan for getting back up and running when the time comes

7. connect to other owner/operators, find out what they’re doing, share good insights

8. and lastly, keep in touch with your staff/team, regardless of them being on your payroll, 1099, whatever…don’t lose touch.

We are in a person-to-person business and that goes for all of us. Reach out to me with your thoughts at

Growth in Medical Tourism Market is expected to generate Revenue of $149.34 Million till 2026

The medical tourism market share is predicted to rise at a CAGR of 12.4% and is expected to reach $149.34 Million till 2026. Earlier, in 2018, market was valued $58.62 Billion.

Medical tourism means when a person travels to the other country to undergo a treatment. This is usually done by the patient when the medication is more expensive in their respective country or due to the unavailability of advanced medication and machinery in their home country. Basically, medical tourism is the combination of medical treatment and travel at the same time. It means that one travels to another country for medical purposes spending a few days abroad and combines a vacation with the medical procedure.

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Stuck At Home? Your Skin Doesn’t Have To Suffer!

While their doors may be temporarily closed due to Covid-19 virus precautions…you can still benefit from the extraordinary skin care professionals at Aesthetica Day Spa!

Video consultations are actually nothing new for S.K. Patel and his amazing team of experts. 

Aesthetica Day Spa has over 40 regular virtual clients across the United States, many of whom have never physically stepped into their Illinois-based spa, yet benefited tremendously from their knowledge, advice, experience and expertise.  

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The nonprofit Global Wellness Institute was founded to empower wellness worldwide by educating the public and private sectors about the benefits of preventative health and wellness. We believe this is the ideal time to encourage family, friends and colleagues to focus on building a strong immune system through exercise, healthy nutrition, stress reduction, smoking cessation, optimism and more…the very things that the GWI represents.

We invite you to join our PositivelyWell campaign in an effort to temper concerns about the Coronavirus and other diseases with a message of health and wellness. Please support this campaign by sharing on your social media platforms and tag us with #PositivelyWell.

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Self-Isolating For Coronavirus? Here’s How To Stay Sane

One in five workers – around six million people – could be forced to stay home during the peak of the coronavirus outbreak.

While self-isolating might sound like a dream scenario for the introverts among us, two weeks alone with yourself can very quickly become boring and frustrating. In some cases, people might find their mood is affected, says NHS England – people might feel low, worried or have problems sleeping.

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What To Do This Mother’s Day If You’re Worried About Coronavirus

This Mother’s Day, you’ll probably want to see your mum even more than usual. For those of us fortunate enough to have grandparents around, the day is often a chance to get three, sometimes four, generations together.

With coronavirus dominating every conversation, and the world entering stricter social distancing measures, it’s understandable that many of us want to squeeze in an extra visit, in case the country goes into total lockdown.

But as the virus continues to spread, is travelling home to spend time with your loved ones really the best idea?

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SBA Disaster Assistance in Response to the Coronavirus

The U.S. Small Business Administration is offering designated states and territories low-interest federal disaster loans for working capital to small businesses suffering substantial economic injury as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Upon a request received from a state’s or territory’s Governor, SBA will issue under its own authority, as provided by the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act that was recently signed by the President, an Economic Injury Disaster Loan declaration.

  • Any such Economic Injury Disaster Loan assistance declaration issued by the SBA makes loans available statewide to small businesses and private, non-profit organizations to help alleviate economic injury caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). This will apply to current and future disaster assistance declarations related to Coronavirus.
  • SBA’s Office of Disaster Assistance will coordinate with the state’s or territory’s Governor to submit the request for Economic Injury Disaster Loan assistance.
  • Once a declaration is made, the information on the application process for Economic Injury Disaster Loan assistance will be made available to affected small businesses within the state.
  • SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loans offer up to $2 million in assistance and can provide vital economic support to small businesses to help overcome the temporary loss of revenue they are experiencing.
  • These loans may be used to pay fixed debts, payroll, accounts payable and other bills that can’t be paid because of the disaster’s impact. The interest rate is 3.75% for small businesses. The interest rate for non-profits is 2.75%.
  • SBA offers loans with long-term repayments in order to keep payments affordable, up to a maximum of 30 years. Terms are determined on a case-by-case basis, based upon each borrower’s ability to repay.
  • SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loans are just one piece of the expanded focus of the federal government’s coordinated response, and the SBA is strongly committed to providing the most effective and customer-focused response possible.
  • For questions, please contact the SBA disaster assistance customer service center at 1-800-659-2955 (TTY: 1-800-877-8339) or e-mail

Wellness Travel in the Time of Coronavirus

Right now — for good reason — the coronavirus is all anyone can talk about. Just walking around my neighborhood in Munich, Germany, I can feel the nervous energy, as people stockpile cans of beans and loaves of bread, and stores run out of hand soap and paper towels.

In the luxury and wellness travel space, there’s a lot to be anxious about. Just this week, luxury travel agency group Virtuoso postponed its annual symposium in Vienna, and the U.S. is expected to see a 6 percent drop in inbound travel over the next three months. Even SoulCycle announced it would honor late cancellations for customers not feeling well. There will likely be fewer people booking wellness retreats during this time, especially if there’s a known outbreak nearby — because it’s kind of hard to unwind if you’re worried about the person coughing next to you in yoga class. And luxury travelers will probably postpone trips if they know there’s a risk where they’re going.

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Coronavirus: Ten reasons why you ought not to panic

Regardless of whether we classify the new coronavirus as a pandemic, it is a serious issue. In less than two months, it has spread over several continents. Pandemic means sustained and continuous transmission of the disease, simultaneously in more than three different geographical regions. Pandemic does not refer to the lethality of a virus but to its transmissibility and geographical extension.

What we certainly have is a pandemic of fear. The entire planet’s media is gripped by coronavirus. It is right that there is deep concern and mass planning for worst-case scenarios. And, of course, the repercussions move from the global health sphere into business and politics.

But it is also right that we must not panic. It would be wrong to say there is good news coming out of COVID-19, but there are causes for optimism; reasons to think there may be ways to contain and defeat the virus. And lessons to learn for the future.

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Meet George, our Jurlique Rose Breeder

It’s not every day you get your very own rose, a variety that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. But that’s exactly what we’ve got at Jurlique. In 2015, we decided we wanted something special to celebrate our 30th anniversary – something that would encapsulate who we are. It could only be one thing: a rose, arguably our most iconic ingredient.

It couldn’t just be any old rose, though. Like Jurlique itself, this rose had to be unique. It had to be grown on our farm in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia, and it had to be of the best possible quality. This is where George Thomson came in. A renowned rose breeder based in South Australia, George first bred this variety of rose in 2014. With a unique highly-perfumed scent, oil extract that’s super-hydrating, beautiful soft pink color and large, abundant petals, we knew straight away that this rose was The One.It’s been growing exclusively on the Jurlique Farm ever since and you’ll now find Jurlique Rose extract in our Rosewater Balancing Mist and Moisture Plus Rare Rose collection. We sat down with George to find out more.

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Can anyone open a MedSpa?

With the global medical spa market projected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 12.2 percent between 2018 and 2025, the medspa industry is one of the most exciting and rapidly expanding areas in medicine.

Medspas offer medical-grade aesthetic procedures, including botox injections for wrinkles, chemical peels, and laser hair removal.

Additionally, medspas sell medical-grade skincare products to further enhance the benefits of the procedures offered. Owning and operating a medspa can serve as a lucrative source of income for prospective entrepreneurs—but can anyone open a medspa?

Owning a Medspa as a Non-Doctor

In most states, a doctrine known as the corporate practice of medicine is observed. The corporate practice of medicine doctrine dictates that only physicians and physician-owned companies can receive payment for medical services. Because the majority of the treatments offered at medical spas are considered medical treatments, the ownership of medspas is governed by the corporate practice of medicine.

If you’re interested in owning a medspa, enrolling in a medical program can prepare you for a career in the medspa industry. Career training schools like Prism Career Institute offer a wide range of medical programs in multiple fields. Whether you’re interested in specializing in aesthetic medicine or surgery, Prism Career Institute can prepare you for a strong, successful career in medical aesthetics.

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Meet The Women Dominating The Wellness World

Women dominate the wellness industry, asserts Beth McGroarty, director of research at the Global Wellness Institute.

“Not only are women large consumers in the world of wellness, but this has been one of the industries that has the most female CEOs and founders,” she says.

The proof is in the chia seed pudding. Women are starting a slew of new businesses, according to a 2017 report by American Express, and a good chunk of those are in the wellness sector, which GWI say is a $4.2 trillion industry.

“You’d be hard-pressed to name another multi-trillion-dollar industry where women represent the ‘majority shareholders,’ comprising most of the inventors, entrepreneurs, and practitioners — whether in fitness, mind-body, spa, wellness travel, or as HR leaders running workplace wellness programs,” the GWI stated in their 2018 trends report.

“At the invite-only 2017 Global Wellness Summit for the world’s top wellness leaders, 56% of the delegates were women,” the report continued.

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Spa Services Market To 2026

Spa Services Market primary data collection was achieved by interviewing the retailers and the consumers. The interviews were conducted through one to one structured questionnaire supervision.

Global Spa Services Market report provides an in-depth analysis of all market dynamics including drivers and restraints, and trends and opportunities. Important factors supporting growth across various is also provided. Using the industrial figures, the market finds growth figures between the forecast timespan.

3 Surprising Ways e-Gift Cards Can Bring In and Keep Clients

You know how to treat the customer right and give them a great experience. But to set yourself apart as the best of the best, you need to thank your clients in ways they’ll love and know where to look to bring in great new clients. Thousands of businesses and 3 million customers later, we can tell you with confidence, the secret to attracting and retaining great clients with e-gift cards.

 1. Bring clients back with e-Gift cards valid somewhere else

When was the last time you truly thanked your customers? We don’t mean giving them a coupon back to your business, branded swag, or a free promotion. We mean a genuine and sincere “thank you” that tells your clients you value and appreciate them, reinforced with a gift they can use somewhere else? What if we told you doing this actually increases the likelihood of your clients becoming regulars? If it all sounds too expensive, or completely counter-intuitive, it’s not, and here’s why.

When clients receive an e-gift card from you as a thanks, they’ll feel valued, deepening their loyalty to your spa, salon or studio. Over the last several years, we’ve seen that people who were thanked with a neighborhood gift card (Nift card) valid at a local restaurant or retail store, returned to the Mindbody business that thanked them more than twice as often as customers who didn’t use a Nift gift (within four months).

That means if you give a customer a Nift gift card, within the next four months, they will come back twice as often as those who didn’t use one. While you could certainly achieve this result by buying and distributing e-gift cards from local merchants yourself, we believe it’s simpler to join Nift—where there is no cost associated with giving clients e-gift cards.

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The 4 best skin care spots in Pittsburgh

Looking for the best skin care options near you?

Looking to catch up on the latest popular spots? There’s no time like the present, since consumer spending at health and beauty businesses tends to grow in March in the Pittsburgh area, according to data on local business transactions from Womply, a software provider that also helps companies build a small business marketing strategy. Daily spending at Pittsburgh-area health and beauty businesses last year rose by 11% in March over the month before.

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Mover & Shaker: Dr. Elizabeth McRae

Dr. Liz McRae has been practicing medicine in Boerne since the late ‘80s and has built a wildly successful practice based on her dedication to her patients and her passion to provide them with the best care possible.

Adding a skin care spa portion of her business in 2004, Dr. McRae has transitioned away from the full time medical clinic and is enjoying the new adventure of skin care. As she enters these new chapters after over 30 years of medical practice, she sits down to tell the story of her past and to explain her future plans.

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Coronavirus Action: Prospr Communication Tools 100% Free

In light of recent coronavirus events and real-time communication challenges businesses are facing all at once, we’re offering our suite of communication and team management tools to Friends of Prospr 100% free.

If you think we might be able to help, we can have your team connected and talking in under an hour. As we’re checking in with our customers, we are hearing more and more that Prospr has been a lifesaver in keeping teams calm, informed, and communicating. Use our tools for on-the-ground protocols to keep your team and customers safe in a traceable way (and let team members instantly find coverage for those who are sick). Easily relay what is happening on the ground to team members or management working from home.

The landscape is changing rapidly, and communication is more important than ever. We happen to have a product that can help, so we’re trying to do so where we can. 🙂 Let me know if you want a workspace set up for your team at no cost. We’ll get you going the same day.

Everything You Need to Know About Face Essences

Essences have been at the core of Korean skincare routines forever. And now, the K-Beauty trend has made its way into shelves around the world. But what is an essence exactly, and how can it take your skin to the next level? We answer all your questions in our guide to skincare essences and why they’re a staple in the Jurlique skin care ritual.

What is an essence?

An essence is a hybrid between a toner and a serum – hydrating and prepping the skin for the rest of your skincare ritual. They have a fluid, lightweight and almost watery texture, and have a low molecular weight which means they can penetrate the layers of the skin. You’ll know a good essence by the hydrating ingredients it contains; look for high concentrations of antioxidants and botanicals.

The benefits of using an essence

Skin needs to be damp for skin care products to be absorbed. This is what an essence does; it hydrates and conditions the skin to prepare it for the serums, oils, and moisturizers to follow. Not only that but essences balance and nourish the skin after cleansing and toning. With regular use, you’ll soon be able to see the visible benefits, as essences revitalize the skin, and smooth and brighten the complexion.

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The top 5 treatments for getting younger-looking skin in 2020

Have you ever paid a medical professional over $1,000 to inject your own blood into your face?

Yeah, me neither.

It sounds outlandish, but as the skincare industry continues to grow, scientists are developing a wide variety of treatments designed to give you younger-looking and smoother skin. You can now pay a dermatologist or medical spa professional to target virtually any blemish on your body, from acne scars to precancerous growths.

Say goodbye to the days of only using sunscreen and moisturizer, and hello to the new frontier — technology that will literally de-age your face. Go ahead and read on for five of the most common anti-aging skin treatments. Just be careful — some of these may make you squeamish.

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4 of the best experience day gifts

Finding the perfect gift for your loved one can be a challenge, especially if they already have everything they could possibly need. Luckily, experience days provide an exciting and unique gift that will give your loved one the chance to have lots of fun and make lasting memories. There are hundreds of experience day gifts on offer.

To help you choose the perfect one, here are four of the best experience gifts to consider.

1. Supercar hire

If your loved one is a petrol head, then renting a supercar for the day can be a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. There is a fantastic variety of supercar experiences available. For instance, you can opt for a Ferrari hire and treat your loved one to a day driving around in one of the world’s most iconic high-performance supercars.

These gift packages allow anyone to drive a world-class supercar for the day and provide an unforgettable experience. Many famous racecourses also offer exhilarating driving experiences such as drift courses and one-to-one lessons with a professional racer.

2. Spa day

Spa days are extremely popular gift day experiences as they allow your loved one to unwind and escape their usual routine. Going to the spa offers several great benefits including the opportunity to de-stress, disconnect from modern technology, and boost your mood and wellbeing. By booking a spa day experience, you will be providing your loved one with the ultimate day of relaxation within beautiful, calming spa facilities. You can also choose to make your gift even more special by opting for extras such as spa treatments or a champagne afternoon tea. Your loved one is sure to appreciate the chance to relax and enjoy some much-needed ‘me time.’

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Los Angeles Travel Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards Names AGUA CALIENTE RESORT CASINO SPA RANCHO MIRAGE as BEST CASINO

Rancho Mirage, CA (March 10, 2020) Los Angeles Travel Magazine, the go-to luxury travel resource for Southern California residents and travelers, has announced the winners of their annual readers’ choice awards. The awards celebrate exceptional local hospitality businesses that set the benchmark across 19 categories including hotels, entertainment, gastronomy and more. Agua Caliente Resort Casino Spa Rancho Mirage has been awarded as this year’s “Best Casino”.

“We are truly honored to be given this award by the readers of LA Travel Magazine and continue to revel in the huge success of our casino properties in California. This award comes on the heels of Agua Caliente Rancho Mirage becoming the only casino resort in California to receive the Forbes Four-Star Award three times over for our resort hotel, the holistically indulgent Sunstone Spa, and the already multi-award-winning, The Steakhouse. We are so thrilled to know that LA Travel Magazine readers consider us their favorite place to gamble,” said Darrel Kammeyer Vice President of Marketing, Agua Caliente Casinos. Kammeyer added, “The stars have truly aligned for Agua Caliente Casinos and we thank LA Travel Magazine for this tremendous honor.”

The 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards are celebrated in the Winter issue, and online at Winners received their awards at a special gala dinner ceremony in downtown Los Angeles on March 5th.


Agua Caliente Casinos, located in Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage, are the Coachella Valley’s foremost resort gaming destinations. Agua Caliente Resort Casino Spa Rancho Mirage is a AAA Four Diamond and Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star Award-winning property, ranked top 10 for “Best Casino Outside of Las Vegas” in USA TODAY’s 10Best Readers’ Choice 2018 travel awards, and is also home to the Forbes Four-Star Sunstone Spa, ranked in the top spas in the U.S. and no. 1 in California by Spas of America’s Top 100 Spas 2018. Agua Caliente Rancho Mirage is also home to the Forbes Four-Star Award-winning, and Wine Spectator Award of Excellence winner every year since 2007, The Steakhouse. Southern California’s premier entertainment venue, The Show, which features a legendary lineup of performers is considered one of the best places to see a live show in California. Agua Caliente Casino Palm Springs offers the newest games, a variety of table action, and high-limit gaming, plus fine dining and shopping, all in a fabulous resort setting in historic downtown Palm Springs at the site of the area’s natural hot water springs. The Agua Caliente Casinos are owned and operated by the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians, which also owns the world-renowned Indian Canyons and Tahquitz Canyon hiking trails, and the Indian Canyons Golf Resort.

About Los Angeles Travel Magazine LA Travel Magazine is based in Southern California and is produced and published by AMG Media Group. It is the only magazine devoted to inspiring and informing Angeleno travelers through stories & photographs showcasing the world’s best luxury destinations & local travel experiences. For more information about Los Angeles Travel Magazine visit:


Dori and Rob Campbell are introducing patients young and old to some of the Flathead Valley’s most innovative treatments. The husband-and-wife-duo opened All About You Wellness and Aesthetics spa in December with a suite of unique technologies and services, some of which can’t be found anywhere else in the valley.

“We can treat all kind of skin issues,” said Rob. Their spa includes an Optimas by Inmode skincare machine that can perform treatments like laser hair removal, Botox and fillers.

Rob said they offer all of the traditional services of a typical aesthetics practice, but their state-of-the-art machine makes most procedures quicker and more pleasant than with older methods.

Dori explained the machine focuses particularly on enhancing collagen, the foundation of healthy skin. She compared the process to putting rebar into a mountainside to reinforce the structure.

To achieve this goal, they specialize in procedures such as RF microneedling, a minimally invasive process that can help with scarring, rosacea, acne and other skin ailments.

But Rob also noted their aesthetics practice is about enhancing patients’ overall wellness, rather than obsessing over appearances. “We approach it from an inside-out aesthetics practice,” he said.

“We are really about the wellness part of it. The aesthetics are just the icing on the cake,” he added.

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Wellness Tourism Market Size, Share, Demand, Financial Overview, Key Developments, Swot Analysis and Forecast to 2025

The Most Recent study on the Wellness Tourism Market Research provides a profound comprehension of the various market dynamics like trends, drivers, the challenges, and opportunities. The report further elaborates on the micro and macro-economic elements that are predicted to shape the increase of the Wellness Tourism market throughout the forecast period (2019-2029). 

The introduced study elucidates the crucial indicators of Market growth which comes with a thorough analysis of this value chain, CAGR development, and Porter’s Five Forces Analysis. This data may enable readers to understand the quantitative growth parameters of this international industry that is Wellness Tourism . 

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Mothers Day gift guide 2020 including spa days, chocolates and flowers

Mothers Day is not so far off- so let’s think of how we can treat our lovely mums in Manchester.

There are deals you can find online which are affordable enough on a budget, and most importantly are guaranteed to make her smile.

Whether it be a sweet smelling beauty set, a day trip to the spa or an overnight getaway to their favourite place- there are plenty of things to get organised.

Sunday March 22 will be here in no time, so here are the best deals available to shop now.

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Mover & Shaker: Mia Richardson

As a former Spa Director with more than 20 years of industry experience, Mia Richardson recognized a need in the market for spa linens. She spent years doing research and development to create Comphy linens, which became an immediate success.

Soon after, customer demand inspired a line of home linens made from the same luxurious fabric. After entering the B&B market with the bed linens, Mia then developed the Comphy Retail Program. By offering guests the opportunity to take home the sheets they had just experienced, B&B and spa shop owners had a creative retail option that didn’t require a budget or space to stock.

Mia’s award-winning innovation and entrepreneurial spirit is the driving force behind Comphy, and she continues to find her motivation in the growing needs of her customers.

Learn more about Mia:

Answering Your Coronavirus Questions

It is hard to turn on the news without hearing about coronavirus. Many questions are being raised by employers on what to do. Should we send people home? If we do, must we pay them? What if the business suspends operations? Do we have workers’ comp liability? The questions we’ve been getting are numerous, valid, and important.

Below we provide responses to some Frequently Asked Questions our clients are posing. Please note, however, that situations vary, and the answers are often very fact-specific. The following FAQs should help you as business owners and managers weather this storm, but they are only general legal information.

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How To Design A Home Office For Productivity, Health & Wellbeing

In recent years, remote working has gone from a luxury reserved for tech CEOs to a standard option for many workers across countless industries. Working from home, whether full-time or part-time, is incredibly freeing: knowing that you don’t need to deal with an arduous commute allows you to relax, taking useful breaks while knowing that you’ll get everything done.

It isn’t automatically viable, though. Not only do you need to have the right mindset to take advantage of it but you also need the right operational setup in the form of a sensible home office. It’s essential for keeping your mind from wandering (that can easily happen).

To help you optimize your remote working conditions, we’re going to run through some tips for designing a home office capable of keeping you productive and healthy. Let’s get started:

Pair a laptop with desktop peripherals

Trying to build your home office around a desktop setup isn’t a good idea. Even if you work remotely on a full-time basis (or simply work for yourself), there will inevitably come times when you want (or need) to temporarily work from elsewhere. You might be required to spend time on a business trip, or even move house and need a while to get everything packed and unpacked.

And since modern laptops are powerful and portable, there’s no reason to have a desktop machine unless you have very high-end requirements (e.g. if you work in CGI). I suggest setting up a docking station: assemble all the peripherals you’d have with a desktop (such as multiple monitors, a mouse, a keyboard, and other USB accessories), connect them to your docking station, and connect your laptop to that station.

Optimize the ergonomics and atmosphere

Ergonomics can easily sound like an overblown HR concern, but it really does matter, as anyone who’s spent years typing relentlessly can tell you. Something as simple as positioning your wrist comfortably while you use a mouse can make a big difference in the long run. Due to this, you need to arrange everything for maximum comfort and sustainability.

This is why atmosphere is also a big concern. If it’s too warm in your home office, your thought process will slow and you’ll find it hard to focus your attention. If it’s too cold, of course, you’ll be distracted by the discomfort. You should also avoid the air getting stale: open a window whenever the conditions allow it, and it’ll prove usefully refreshing.

Bring in as much natural light as you can

Glaring office lights might keep you awake, but they’re not generally great at keeping you alert. Daylight is far better, and while you can replicate the effects of daylight by using artificial blue lights, it’s never quite as good — so get the real thing when you can.

If you’re in a basement with no windows, obviously, that’s a different matter, but there’s an excellent chance that you have at least one window in your home office room, so make the most of it. Position your desk and seat to maximize exposure to the sun, then rotate the setup to minimize glare on your screen (or screens). Have a powerful artificial blue light to help you through the winter (and any unusual working hours), by all means, but treat it as a backup.

Think about how much time you’ll be spending in your home office, and truly grasp the importance of making it supportive and comfortable. By taking the steps we’ve identified here, you’ll be able to establish a working environment that really works for you.

India, South Asia see a rise in wellness tourism: Experts

Woman relax and looking into the distance in infinity swimming pool on vacation

As health and holidays come to be increasingly combined in the modern tourism sector, the rise of wellness tourism in India and South Asia is a trend many are taking notice of.

“Wellness travellers look for authentic experiences and life-changing holidays, they travel with the purpose of improving health and well-being through physical, psychological, or spiritual activities in an enjoyable resort setting,” Rahul Chaudhary, Managing Director, CG Hospitality explains to IANSlife.

“Travellers are expecting these experiences to give them somewhat a new outlook towards the world or themselves. Self-care and self-love are where this concept has evolved from. In addition to the self-care focused travellers, there is a huge surge in the travellers looking for creative awakening,” he added.

Travel experts say that although a spa “allows an individual to escape from their busy schedule and to invest time in own-self, and it is an ideal place where you disconnect yourself from the world and worries,” as shared Swati Balga, Aura Spa Manager at The Park Hyderabad, many also believe that a spa experience is only the beginning of wellness tourism.


The 3 Best Day Spas In Stockton

Looking to try the best day spas in town?

Looking to pop in to the latest popular spots? There’s no time like the present, since consumer spending at health and beauty businesses tends to climb in February in the Stockton area, according to data on local business transactions from Womply, a small business software provider and email marketing company. Daily spending at Stockton-area health and beauty businesses last year rose by 23% in February over the month before.

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The 4 best day spas in St. Louis

Wondering where to find the best day spas near you?

Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top day spas in St. Louis, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list of the best spots to venture next time you’re in the market for day spas.

Now is an ideal time to visit the latest trending spots, since consumer spending at health and beauty businesses tends to increase in February in the St. Louis area, according to data on local business transactions from Womply, a software provider that helps small businesses get more customer feedback. Daily spending at St. Louis-area health and beauty businesses last year rose by 22% in February over the month before.

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Questex Cancels The Beauty Experience NY (IBS NY) and International Esthetician, Cosmetic and Spa Conference (IECSC) Events Amid COVID-19 Concerns

NEW YORK, March 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Questex, the parent company of The Beauty Experience (IBS NY) and the International Esthetician, Cosmetic and Spa Conference (IECSC), today announces the two events will be cancelled based on COVID-19 concerns. Questex is seeking alternative dates for its beauty and wellness community to come together.

The two shows, slated to co-locate at the Javits Convention Center in New York March 8-10, draw tens of thousands of people each and every year. They also attract the largest manufacturers and suppliers to the professional beauty, barber, spa, skincare, nails and makeup/cosmetic markets. 

Earlier today, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo declared state of emergency as the number of Coronaviruses surge. “There’s no doubt that massive quarantine is the best way to slow the spread,” Cuomo said. New York joins multiple states that have declared emergencies over the coronavirus, including Maryland, California and Utah. The emergency declaration allows for more resources to go to local health departments responsible for monitoring those under quarantine, among other efforts, Cuomo said.

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There’s a Harry Potter-themed day spa and it sounds absolutely enchanting

Harry Potter super-fan Wendy Piedad is the owner of The Wand & Willow Day Spa, which has rooms decorated with a number of magical fixtures – ranging from house banners to bowtruckles, nifflers to owls.

“I wanted something that is unique to my personality,” she told CNN affiliate WTVF in Nashville.“It was very important for me to not have it be gimmicky or hit you in the face when you walk in like you’re in a retail store.

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Go on, spoil yourself: 20 of the best spa retreats

Lakeside lodge or clifftop hotel? Designer detox or retro bathing hut? Here’s our pick of great spas to boost your wellbeing

SHA Wellness Clinic, Alicante, Spain

Set into Alicante’s Sierra Helada mountains, SHA’s sharp curves and clean white lines give it the overstated cool of an Ibizan super-club, or a pharmacy on the USS Enterprise.

I’d just begun an incredibly restrictive diet (part of a mad life challenge that shall one day bear fruit, maybe) and the nutrition plan for my stay was meticulously tailored to my incredibly exacting needs. Within this remit, SHA managed to create spectacularly appetising meals, worlds away from the chicken and broccoli on which I’d been subsisting until then. That I spent my four days in SHA eating these meals 3ft away from Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz was an unexpected bonus, and one upon which it would be gauche for me to dwell.

SHA’s approach to wellbeing is famously thorough and I sampled more than a dozen treatments, from yoga and training sessions to acupuncture and cupping, to deep tissue, Indiba, and aqua-cranio-cervical massage. The best of these was a mix of water therapy and shiatsu – colloquially termed “watsu” – which involved being fitted with floatation devices and being walked around a body-temperature pool held by a burly physiotherapist, for an hour of ego-dissolving bliss.

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SALT-Ed – The Coronavirus and Halotherapy

We encourage all salt therapy providers, facility owners, and staff to learn about the facts regarding the new Coronavirus (COVID-19). There is a lot of news, information, opinions, and commentaries regarding this new virus and we encourage all Certified Halotherapists™Salt Therapy Facility OwnersProviders, and Staff to be an educated resource in the community for understanding and communicating the facts, and not the myths and misconceptions of this virus.  While there may be political and economic implications, this is a lung and respiratory health issue facing our world’s population.

This is a new virus, and there have been no studies produced to show that halotherapy will prevent or relieve its symptoms. However, given the current evidence that supports relieving symptoms of upper and lower respiratory conditions, halotherapy is safe. As we always recommend, please have consumers consult a physician or licensed health professional.  

Regarding preventative respiratory hygiene, while there are no long-term studies that provide evidence that halotherapy can be used as a preventative measure for this coronavirus (COVID-19), it is widely known that dry salt therapy has antibacterial properties that could be beneficial, also please refer to prevention guidelines outlined by the CDC.  

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The Journey of our Precious Rosa Gallica Flowers

It takes an exceptional Rose to become an extraordinary extract. Discover the journey of the Roses that made it into our ultra luxe Rose Hand Cream. It’s a story about liquid life force.

Jurlique has always known that Nature is the most powerful beauty lab. The secret of the lush moisture and intense Rose scent of the Rose Hand Cream lies in the earth.

The story begins with a Rose bud

The pure essence of Rosa gallica flowers contained in the rich hand cream is drawn only from the best blooms of the season – the picks of the bunch. Hand-sown into the nutrient-rich soil of our organic Farm, each Rose plant is nourished by clear rainwater and sunlight of South Australia’s Adelaide Hills – the purest place on Earth.

As the first organic Roses spring tenderly from the bush, they are gently hand-tended, raised to perfect bloom – Nature’s perfect Roses.

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Mover and Shaker: Olga Parno

Today’s Mover and Shaker is Masktini founder Olga Parno.

Despite her successful Wall Street career—or perhaps because of it—Masktini founder Olga Parno struggled with extreme skin sensitivities. Trying product after bland, milky product, she found herself trapped in a painful cycle of irritation and breakouts. Makeup only aggravated the problem, and she no longer felt comfortable in her own skin.

Olga was frustrated with the clinical experience of most sensitive skin products—so she took matters into her own hands. Working closely with a multi-disciplinary team of skincare experts, she developed four gentle, results-oriented masks designed to help even the most reactive skin achieve complexion perfection. Inspired by the simple pleasures of enjoying an artisan cocktail with girlfriends at the end of a hectic day, she decided to call the product “Masktini.”

But she also believed that Masktini’s personality should mirror the women who use it—which means that like you, our products defy definition, resist limits and contain multitudes. So, although Masktini is designed to deliver serious skincare, the experience of using it is anything but. Within the shelfie-ready packaging, four unique multi-sensory escapes await. In short, the luxurious Masktini self-care experience is every bit as beautiful as its radiant results.

Tell us what you have learned in this business: ” I have realized how important, more than ever, self-care/ spa/ any kind of nurturing has become. We live in very fast-paced stressful times when everything is due yesterday. This takes a heavy toll on our customers’ health and well-being. In part, product development is driven by customers’ lifestyles and needs. Delivering clean high-quality formulations is always important. Simplifying skincare regimen, reducing SKUs, making it more streamlined and customizable is a strong trend we see today and tomorrow. “

Learn more about Olga and Masktini at:

Coronavirus Disease 2019 CDC is responding to the novel coronavirus outbreak

CDC is responding to an outbreak of respiratory disease caused by a novel (new) coronavirus that was first detected in China and which has now been detected in 60 locations internationally, including in the United States. The virus has been named “SARS-CoV-2” and the disease it causes has been named “coronavirus disease 2019” (abbreviated “COVID-19”).

On January 30, 2020, the International Health Regulations Emergency Committee of the World Health Organization declared the outbreak a “public health emergency of international concernexternal icon” (PHEIC). On January 31, 2020, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex M. Azar II declared a public health emergency (PHE) for the United States to aid the nation’s healthcare community in responding to COVID-19.

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The Latest from the WHO on the Coronavirus

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses which may cause illness in animals or humans.  In humans, several coronaviruses are known to cause respiratory infections ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). The most recently discovered coronavirus causes coronavirus disease COVID-19.

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State Representative Michelle Christensen and State Senator Karin Housley have introduced House File 3202 and Senate File 2898 which will allow anyone to shampoo, condition, dress, dry, style, flat iron, curl, and arrange hair WITHOUT a license or training.
There are many safety and health reasons your career choice requires training and a license, please help Representative Michelle Christensen, Senator Karin Housley, and the committees the bills have been referred to understand why this legislation would harm you and your clients! 

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CONNECTICUT – Legislative Alert

Connecticut Estheticians can now obtain a state-issued license. Please read the important information below

Before applying for licensure, please familiarize yourself with the general licensing policies. In order to quality for licensure, each person seeking an initial license as an esthetician shall:
Have completed a course of not less than six hundred hours of study and received a certification of completion from an approved school; 
has practiced esthetics continuously in this state for a period of not less than two years prior to July 1, 2020;
Attest that the applicant is in compliance with the infection prevention and control plan guidelines prescribed by the department under section 19a-231 of the general statutes.

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5 ways to supercharge your serum and how it fits into your daily skincare ritual

When it comes to high-performing skin care, a serum is your MVP. A concentrated blend of active ingredients designed to create change on your skin, adding a serum into your skincare routine is a really effective way to reach a multitude of skin goals. Here are five ways to get the most out of your serum:


We shouldn’t have to say it but we will: don’t even think about applying your serum to your skin unless it’s freshly cleansed. Give the concentrated actives in your serum the best possible chance to deep dive into the layers of the skin, without first having to wade through any debris (in this case: sweat, sunscreen, makeup).


For a guaranteed glow, first, apply a hydrating mask for 10-15 minutes. Wipe or tissue off then apply a few drops of your favorite serum for renewed radiance.

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Easy Ways to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Things are changing very rapidly for marketers in today’s business environment. Increases in technology and the popularity of social media have largely impacted the way companies should be marketing. It can be difficult for marketers to keep up at times due to how rapidly things are progressing in this field.

Seth Godin is one of the most influential marketers around today. He has accomplished many things and his blog is the most read in the world. In an interview with the economic intelligence unit, Seth was asked about recent shifts in marketing and what the future of marketing looked like.

Seth’s response was essentially that marketing and advertising have been divided even more so than in the past. He also said the most effective marketers will make things worth talking about.

In order to improve your marketing strategy, you need to make your company, product, brand, etc. worth talking about. To do this, you need to have an increased focus on content and start telling stories more than pitching your products. Below are some simple ways to amp up your marketing strategy and adapt to the changing conditions.

Have a Documented Strategy

Every company has some form of marketing strategy because they are all doing something to increase brand awareness. However, just having a strategy obviously does not mean it is an effective one.

Before you can improve your current strategy, document what you are already doing to expand your reach. Then step back and evaluate which things are working and which are not. This will give you an idea of what to keep and what to change moving forward.

Create a Blog and Produce Content

If you don’t already have a blog on your company website, you need to get one ASAP. One of the best ways to improve your overall marketing strategy is to focus on content marketing. Content marketing is all about creating valuable and engaging content that focuses on telling stories and solving problems.

Once you have a blog set up, use analytic tools to track your audience and web traffic. This will give you great insight into how effective your blog posts and other content are. Google analytics is a great tool for this and it is free to use.

Make a Content Calendar

With any business strategy, careful and deliberate planning are crucial to success. When creating or tweaking your marketing strategy, it would be wise to make a content calendar. Having a set schedule will help determine when content should be posted and what the content will consist of. Some companies post blogs daily, while some post weekly or monthly. The frequency depends on your goals and what makes the most sense for your business.

Try to utilize a mix of content. For example, in addition to blog posts, use data visualization, like infographics, to share complex information in a way that will be very easy to follow. Once you have a schedule established, you can hire freelance writers and ghostwriters to work on posts for you.

Use Social Media and Mine Data

Once you begin posting content on your company’s blog, leverage social media to share the content and further engage your target audience. Using social media is great because it provides vast amounts of data on your customers. You can learn about their habits, what they read, what they watch, and more. Some social media sites allow you to directly target your content to specific demographics, ensuring it is seen by your desired audience.

Begin collecting and mining social media data to gain more insight into your prospects and to see how well your content is performing. You can use twitter polls to gain feedback and to directly interact with your audience. There are other social media analytics tools that can assist in this process as well.

Continue Tweaking and Adapting

Once you get a marketing strategy in place, it does not have to be set in stone. In fact, it shouldn’t be. Unlike other areas of business, marketing is not an exact science and it requires constant attention. Set up your plan, put it into action, measure the results, adjust as needed, and repeat the process. If you are not sure where to start, Moz offers a great content strategy template on their website to help get the ball rolling. Leave some comments below on some ways you have improved your overall marketing strategy in 2017.

New Speakers for 2020 STA Symposium

The Salt Therapy Association is pleased to welcome four prominent salt therapy specialists as featured speakers for our Symposium:

Magdalena Kostrzon
Research & Analysis Specialist
“Wieliczka” Salt Mine

  • The Efficacy of Speleotherapy
  • Results from the Salt Mine’s latest research study – Pulmonary Rehabilitation in COPD Patients (in subterranean and in standard conditions)

Dr. Anna Pełkowska
Deputy Medical Director
“Wieliczka” Salt Mine Heath Resort

  • The Influence of Salty Air on Chronic Rhinitis

Dr. Sylwia Mętel
Physiotherapy Specialist
The Academy of Physical Education (Krakow)

  • The Aim and Meaning of Different Breathing Techniques and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Dr. Marek Koprowski
Department Head – Civilisation Diseases and Lung Diseases
John Paul II Specialist Hospital (Krakow)

  • Halotherapy for Obstructive Diseases (Bronchial Asthma and COPD)

How to future-proof your hotel spa in 2020

Image by Manuel Moreno

“Wellness has become the trend du jour across the hospitality sector.” ~ Skift

During the last decade, we have seen the concept of wellness evolve from a ‘nice-to-have’ to a ‘must-have’ in hospitality circles.

This evolution has largely been driven by consumers’ increasing desire to invest in their wellbeing when on holiday or travelling. Today, consumers not only demand a more sophisticated wellness offering of their hotels, they also activley search for experiences that enhance overall wellbeing – experiences that are personal, memorable and meaningful.

In this in-depth article we take a look at the top 8 spa and wellness trends unfolding in hospitality in 2020 and beyond.

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What Makes Your Business Stand Out? It’s ALL in the Details

Are you doing everything you can to leave a lasting impression on your customers?

Luxury cotton goods that make every day feel like a trip to the spa aren’t a bad place to start. Surrounding your clients and guests with soft, Turkish-made products is the perfect way to stand out.

Luin Living’s products are designed to feel luxurious in your hands and thus, the materials mean the world to us. We use only the most durable materials for lasting luxury.

Read on to learn how Luin Living’s attention to detail can increase your business’s performance.

Packaging Plastics & Our Commitment To Using Recyclable Materials

As we have mentioned before in previous articles, ReadyCare is dedicated to helping provide a better future for our planet. We offer a variety of green options, such as our EcoEclipse shower dispensers, to help our clients create a more environmentally responsible atmosphere at their properties. However, when it comes to being mindful of our fragile environment, we take things a step beyond the products we offer. ReadyCare is committed to using recyclable materials when packaging plastics, and make it a point to use recyclable plastic bottles whenever possible.

Staff members at our on-site warehouse fill plastic bottles with our proprietary blends of shampoo, conditioner, body wash and more all day, every day. These bottles are then shipped to our clients, who stock their hotels, spas, and clubs with the premium products we manufacture, for their guests’ ultimate comfort and convenience. 

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Video Marketing: A powerful tool for reaching your audience

“Video is critical to telling your story, reaching your audience and most importantly, telling the world how you’re different,” says Jason Parmer, creative director for Dapper. Parmer and I have been producing video projects together for more than eight years. We have created three shows that aired on PBS nationally and, between us, have received five Emmy nominations. We know the power of video for building a brand.

If you are wondering if video production and marketing is worth the time and money for your spa or skin care center, statistics paint a clear picture. Technology company Cisco predicts that, this year, there will be almost a million minutes of video per second crossing the internet and 82% of all consumer web traffic will be video.1 Research from marketing firm Wyzowl shows:

  • 83% of those surveyed using video think it gives them a good return on investment; 82% say it’s a key part of their strategy
  • 97% of businesses using explainer or brand videos say it helps users understand their business better and 81% saw an increase in sales from posting an explainer video 2

How do consumers respond to video marketing? Almost 50% of web users look for a video before visiting a store, according to Google.3 Wyzowl says 79% of consumers prefer watching a video to reading about a product and 84% of consumers have bought something after watching a video.

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8 Unique Wellness Conferences Happening in 2020 | Mindbody

Like so many other wellness business owners during the holidays, you are probably feeling a little swamped with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and New Year prep.  

But the holidays will fly by and soon you’ll have a little time for yourself. While lounging on the couch and bingeing on the latest Netflix series might sound like a dream come true, what if you could have some personal time and still advance your career and business? 

Conferences are an amazing way to connect with what’s happening in your industry–and did you know they are tax-deductible

These events are a great place to learn about new developments in your field, expand your offerings, and network with like-minded folks. 

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Spa, beauty treatment and wellness background with massage pebbles, orchid flowers, towels, cosmetic products and burning candles. Copy space for text.

Rancho Mirage, Calif. (February 14, 2020) – Agua Caliente Casinos is proud to announce that

Agua Caliente Resort Casino Spa Rancho Mirage has been awarded the Forbes Four-Star Award for its exclusive Sunstone Spa, the multi-award winning The Steakhouse, and its luxurious resort hotel making it the only casino property in California to win three Forbes Four-Star Awards at the same time.  

“I am extremely proud of our team members in achieving this goal.  Providing the ultimate guest experience is what we strive for at all Agua Caliente Casinos, and Forbes plays a big role in creating and delivering that experience,” stated Saverio R. Scheri III, COO for Agua Caliente Casinos.

Scheri added, “Receiving four-stars from Forbes in our restaurant, spa, and resort hotel makes us a unique triple winner and sets us apart from other casino resorts in California and throughout the U.S.”

The esteemed Sunstone Spa has been a Forbes Four-Star winner for several years running and consistently delivers a unique and serene experience for guests from all over the country. “At Sunstone Spa, you can enjoy a variety of unique services including traditional and specialty massages, scrubs, wraps, skin care and a full-service hair and nail salon. Services are crafted with detail and sustainable ingredients while heated gemstones and grounded treatment tables add a layer of health to treatments. A private outdoor pool, and luxury spa cabanas all add to your day while you reconnect with yourself and loved ones,” boasted Daniel Spencer, Spa Director for Agua Caliente Casinos.   

The Steakhouse, winner of the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence consecutively since 2007, is now also a Forbes Four-Star Award winner. This stunning fine dining restaurant has also earned accolades such as the AAA Four Diamond Award, the Palm Springs Life Best of the Best, and the OpenTable Diners’ Choice Award.

“We take extreme pride in the presentation and tenderness of our Certified Angus Prime Beef, Australian Lobster, Colorado Lamb, our Slow Roasted “Prime” Prime Rib, and of course, our Filet Mignon, all of which are served with harmonious sides and finishes,” said Executive Chef Kenneth

Williams.  “The experience, much like our menu, is rich, savory, and unforgettable, and we are very proud to have this significant Forbes Four-Star award bestowed upon us,” Williams added.

The 16-story 340 room resort hotel of Agua Caliente Resort Casino Spa Rancho Mirage is an extraordinary hotel with a cool desert vibe, and has also been the winner of the AAA Four Diamond Award for 11 consecutive years. Agua Caliente Rancho Mirage offers the perfect blend of elegance and exhilaration. Luxurious room accommodations, 71,000 square feet of the most exciting gaming, a decadent cigar lounge, and an outdoor oasis with sparkling pools and deluxe cabanas await.


Forbes is the only independent, global rating system for luxury hotels, restaurants and spas. Forbes’ highly trained inspectors visit every property they rate, evaluating based on up to 900 objective criteria. Hotel stays span a minimum of two nights. Forbes pays their own way and no one can buy a rating; all ratings are earned through Forbes’ objective inspection process. Global inspectors are anonymous at all times to ensure they have the same experience as a typical guest. While Forbes inspects both service

and facility, the Star Rating system emphasizes service because your experience at a hotel, restaurant or spa goes beyond looks. It’s how the experience makes you feel that you will remember most.


The Agua Caliente Casinos are located in Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage, CA and are the Coachella Valley’s foremost resort gaming destinations. Agua Caliente Resort Casino Spa Rancho Mirage is the only property in California that has been awarded the Forbes Four Star Rating for three different locations within the resort. The Sunstone Spa, also ranked in the top spas in the U.S. and no. 1 in California by Spas of America’s Top 100 Spas 2019; The Steakhouse winner of the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence consecutively since 2007; and the 16-story 340 room resort hotel have all achieved Forbes Four Star status. Agua Caliente Rancho Mirage is also a AAA Four Diamond property and was ranked top 10 for “Best Casino Outside of Las Vegas” in USA TODAY’s 10Best Readers’ Choice 2018 travel awards. Agua Caliente Rancho Mirage is also home to Southern California’s premier entertainment venue, The Show, which features a legendary lineup of performers. Agua Caliente Casino Palm Springs offers the newest games, a variety of table action, and high-limit gaming, plus fine dining and shopping, all in a fabulous setting in historic downtown Palm Springs at the site of the area’s natural hot water springs. The Agua Caliente Casinos are owned and operated by the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians, which also owns the world-renowned Indian Canyons and Tahquitz Canyon hiking trails, and the Indian Canyons Golf Resort. A third casino property will come under the Agua Caliente Casinos fold when in it open this fall in Cathedral City, CA.

5 Reasons Why Self Care Is Good For Your Business

Thankfully, conversations around self-care have developed significantly in recent years, and businesses are taking it much more seriously. Self-care is about so much more than having time off to rest.

As a business owner, you owe it to yourself and your staff to make sure they’re taking the necessary steps to take care of themselves. Still not sure of the underlying benefits of promoting self-care? Here are some reasons why it is a positive asset to your company.

Avoid employee burnout

Self-care isn’t just linked to mental health, it can impact physical health too. Burnout is a genuine problem that a lot of businesses have to contend with within their teams. You can’t expect your staff to be working at maximum capacity all the time, but prioritizing self-care is a great way to get them as close to that as possible.

If your staff are physically or mentally burnt-out, they won’t be able to do their jobs properly. This will lower productivity in the long run and give you lots of mistakes to clean up down the line. In certain lines of work, burnout can be very dangerous and put your team in harm’s way. While allowing time for self-care can diminish your staff numbers for a bit, they will come back rested, rejuvenated and proactive.

Burnout can be a long term problem if not treated properly. It doesn’t actually take much to solve it though. Making moves to offer time for self-care amongst your staff is essential if you want to keep your operation moving smoothly and automatically.

Allows employees to reflect on themselves

People need time to properly understand the challenges they’re facing in their lives. This includes work. Even if you’ve tried your hardest to cultivate a positive work environment, people are naturally going to have concerns and issues. Time set aside for self-care can help make sure they deal with that properly.

Whether it’s reading, going for a walk or just thinking through the challenges facing them, self-care time will help your team learn a little more about themselves. Self-care is really about learning self-love. Life coach Orion, the founder of Orion’s Method, discusses on her Stellar Life podcast how self-love is a process of slowing down and looking inward. This is impossible to do if you’re trapped within a hectic work environment surrounded by its natural pressures.

While incredibly valuable, this time to reflect doesn’t need to be significant. You can simply offer your staff an hour a week to reflect on themselves in any way they feel fit. You’ll find yourself working with a much more holistic, self-aware and content team who understand themselves and their colleagues better.

Builds trust in you as an employer

If you’re the type of employer who doesn’t take self-care seriously, you will start to lose the respect of your team and cause them to think the grass is greener in another company. The ‘How to Build Trust in the Workplace’ survey found that trust is one of the biggest elements of building company loyalty.

Having the time to invest in self-care is a sign from your employer that you’re appreciated and considered valuable. If you make self-care a priority you will start to earn the trust of your staff. Trust is vital for building a motivated workplace. As more and more people become aware of self-care and practices of it, they will expect you as an employer to offer time for them to take care of themselves.

Don’t push back on proposals of time for self-care. To the modern workforce, you will just appear ignorant and risk ruining the working relationships you’ve worked hard to develop.

Creates a positive atmosphere

Nobody wants to work in a negative environment. It’s counterproductive to the long term stability of your business. Encouraging the practice of self-care can lead to an overall improved atmosphere where everyone works to the best of their ability as a team.

As discussed, self-care is a lot about learning to love yourself and understanding your best assets. If your staff doesn’t have the time to do that, they can dwell on their problems and eventually bring that into the workplace. Lack of self-care can breed a sense of inadequacy and make people question whether they can actually do their job.

Colleagues are often the people you see the most in your day-to-day life. If your team isn’t feeling comfortable with themselves they will struggle to connect with their colleagues. You need to create an atmosphere where people can simultaneously feel comfortable with sharing things and keeping to themselves without being judged.

It’s a cheap work perk

Work perks are becoming an increasingly popular reason why people chose one just over another. As a business owner, you’ve probably thought long and hard about the extras you can use to entice the best candidates. To a generation in touch with their mental wellbeing, a focus on self-care is actually one of the best and cheapest work perks you can provide.

Rather than spending significant amounts on days out and work parties, give your team the freedom to take time for themselves. Not only is this the kind of perk that shows existing employees and potential candidates that you care about their wellbeing, it won’t cost you anything but their daily salary.

If you do want to invest financially in your job perks you can always often self-care based incentives. Give employees the chance to experience some rest and relaxation in the form of meditation or spa days, or offer to help with finding therapy if they are struggling with deeper issues.

Self-care isn’t just a trend that will fizzle out, it’s a genuine lifestyle choice that is benefitting a significant group of people. As an employer, it’s vital you jump on this and make sure your team is practicing looking inside themselves and resolving conflict.


It’s Valentine’s day and we have a collection of lip looks that will turn up the passion! Use this guide to match your lipstick to the kind of guy you are spending your valentine’s day with.THE REBEL — The Rebel guy takes chances, breaks the rules and likes his girl to be adventurous. The best lip combo for a date with a Rebel… LBD Lipstick in shade Hot Pepper, a rich, warm and spicy shade of red, mixed with LBD Lip Sheer in Pansy. Now you’re ready to jump in something hot with your Rebel!

THE ROCKSTAR — The Rockstar is a guy dripping with charisma and sexiness. His girl should follow suit. Try LBD Lipstick in shade Holly Berry, this rich shade of deep Bordeaux topped with LBD Lip Sheer in Assunta , also a rich glossy wine shade that will make your date wonder who the Rockstar actually is.

THE WALL STREET GUY — The Wall Street guy has no time for mistakes, time is money and a sure fire way you know you’ve got it right is with LBD Lipstick in shade Mindful Red, the perfect red to wear for wall street guy, classic and timeless. Mix it with LBD Baci Baci shade La Vie en Rose and it will make you look like a million bucks!

THE METROSEXUAL — This guy knows trends and what’s hot at the moment. To stay on-point, try LBD Lipstick in Nude, a trendy looking nude topped with LBD Lip pencil in Red Brown. This will have you ready to outshine even the savvy Metrosexual!

The Gharieni Group takes Detox treatments to the next level and introduces the MLX i3Dome – the triple detox therapy

The Gharieni Triple Detox Therapy „MLX i3Dome“ is the new generation of detox treatments. Combining Far Infrared technology with Plasma- and Light therapy, this specialty table offers 3 detox treatment methods in one.

Combining FIR-, Plasma- and Light therapies create a truly revolutionary treatment in the wellness category. The synergies greatly enhance and improve the already well known benefits of each therapy to create an ultra-effective treatment protocol that will astound and impress every single client who tries it.

Visible skin rejuvenation, increase of vitality and suppleness are just a few of the incredible results obtained already after a few applications.  Continued use will significantly improve and maintain optimal skin health. 

No therapist needed

The Gharieni MLX i3Dome concept works as a stand-alone therapy, where no therapists is needed. After the client is positioned on the MLX iDome and the PLT device, no hands are nessessary to support the Gharieni MLX i3Dome detox therapy.

The Gharieni FIR technology in the MLX iDome effects the body with Far Infrared rays and stimulates the metabolism through the body’s perspiration. Two versions of the MLX iDome are available. The electrically height adjustable “Electric” version and the non-adjustable “Static” version.

Plasma for problem skin, anti-aging and revitalization

During the application, clients are exposed to the energy of oxygen (O2) in the form of applied electrically negatively charged ions. Based on findings of quantum physics, Plasma Therapy are the negative ions collected from the ambient air and then directed into the specially coated PLT device where it combines with Light therapy. Ions penetrate through the skin to stimulate cell metabolism while there is simultaneous inhalation through mouth and nose thereby providing positive benefits for the whole body including organs and muscles.

Benefits include:

• Visible skin rejuvenation already after a few applications

• Maintenance of skin health

• Visible improvement of problem skin

• Increase of vitality & suppleness

• Positive support of the metabolism in the entire organism

Light therapy: scientifically proven and effective

Light treatment has been known for a long time and has been successfully used in treatments for decades. The effect of the colored light is reinforced by the negative ions. The Gharieni PLT device offers red, green and blue light therapy.

The MLX i3Dome will be unveiled at Beauty Dusseldorf, 6th of March 2020.


The Gharieni Group, based in Germany, is a leading European manufacturer of high end spa and medical equipment and furniture with almost 30 years of experience. Made in Germany using exacting standards, the products are designed with the utmost attention to quality and detail. The company strives for a seamless integration of functional equipment to create an unparalleled and memorable experience for clients. Taking wellness to the next level, it creates a unique and distinctive guest journey that fully integrates the mechanics of superior equipment with the practiced touch of the provider and truly reflects the authenticity and messaging of each and every client’s brand identity.

2020 Successful Hands Grant Program™ for Massage Therapy Students Launched

February 10, 2020 – Performance Health and Massage Envy Franchising, LLC have announced the launch of the 2020 Successful Hands Grant Program. Now in its seventh year, this program will award eight $1,000 grants to massage therapy students. In addition, each winner’s school receives a $500 grant and a $500 product package.

The grant application process asks students, in 200 words or less, to “Tell us your story. Why did you choose massage therapy as a career and what is your ultimate goal?” Applications must be received by October 15, 2020 and are accepted online at Winners will be notified no later than December 15, 2020.

“This successful program is now in its seventh year because of the support it has had from our program partners, massage therapy schools and students. Thank you,” said Craig Hall, director of sales and education, Performance Health. “I believe this program has impacted hundreds if not thousands of students, well beyond the annual eight winners. The submission process, which requires students to write down their goals, dreams and passions, likely provides clarity for some, validation for others, or a redefined direction for still others. We’ll never know this program’s total impact, but we are very pleased to be part of it.”

“Massage therapy is a career that provides the opportunity to have a profound impact on the quality of life of so many,” said Beth Stiller, CEO of Massage Envy. “That’s very gratifying to therapists and one of the reasons Massage Envy is proud to continue partnering with Performance Health on this very important initiative.”

“AMTA is delighted to again offer all applicants a free AMTA Student Membership through their graduation,” said Christopher Deery, American Massage Therapy Association national president.

“This gives them opportunities to engage with experienced massage therapists and access information our association provides its members.”

Communication material to aid schools in sharing this program with their students is available at Like us on Facebook and follow the program at

About Performance Health

Performance Health is the largest specialty distributor and manufacturer of branded products and solutions for rehabilitation, recovery and sports medicine in the world. The Performance Health brand family includes the well-known and highly recognized brand names – Bon Vital’®, Biofreeze®, TheraBand®, Cramer®, Active Ankle®, Perform®, and Hygenic®. Performance Health is proud of the ability to serve anyone including those recovering from an injury, to those suffering from pain, to weekend warriors, to elite athletes, to healthcare professionals…and everyone in between. For each person, our purpose is simple: help them feel good, perform better and live great!

About Massage Envy

Massage Envy, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a national franchisor and does not independently own or operate any of the Massage Envy franchised location nationwide. The Massage Envy franchise network, collectively through its franchise locations, is the leading provider of therapeutic massage and skin care service. Massage Envy franchisees are, collectively, the largest employer of massage therapists and estheticians, with more than 35,000 dedicated wellness professionals that provide best-in-class service to over 1.65 million members. Founded in 2002, Massage Envy has more than 1,150 franchise locations in 49 states that have together delivered more than 100 million massages and facials. For more information, visit, or follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at @MassageEnvy.

About American Massage Therapy Association

The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) is the most trusted name in massage therapy, and the largest non-profit, professional association serving massage therapists, massage students and massage schools. AMTA fosters research on the efficacy of massage therapy, advances the profession through ethics and standards, promotes fair and consistent licensing of massage therapists, and proactively works to educate consumers and others in healthcare on the benefits of massage.

Glow From Within with our Co-Exist Cream

January is the time we all are trying to get on a healthy track and detox from the holidays.

Our skin may also need some extra TLC. Do you look in the mirror and find a raisin staring back at you? If so, keep reading…

 Do you want your skin to look and feel instantly more hydrated?

Do you want your skin to look instantly more youthful and radiant?

Do you want your makeup application to look at least 10 times better?

If you answered yes to all above questions, I think you’ll love Co-Exist from LA BELLA DONNA.

Here’s the scoop!

It’s a rejuvenating, detoxifying, very light, hydrating gel-cream that can be used on face, eyes, neck and décolletage, and can also be used under makeup as a transforming hydrating primer. Don’t mind sharing with boyfriend, husband or significant other? No problem! This makes an incredible aftershave, so don’t be surprised if it starts disappearing faster than anticipated.

This exclusive formula with Aqueous green tea extract, Marine algae extract, Vitamin C and Sodium Hyaluronate, will have the skin filled with anti-oxidant benefits, elevated hydrations levels beneath the skin surface, both anti- wrinkle and anti- inflammatory benefits and softening and nourishment of the skin.

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F.C. Sturtevant Appoints Division VP

The F.C. Sturtevant Company has named skincare industry veteran Scott Friedman vice president of the Professional Skincare Division. Friedman will be leveraging his 20 plus years of industry experience to support F.C. Sturtevant’s probiotic skincare line, Columbia SkinCare, in the dermatologic and medical spa markets. The Professional Products Division develops products designed to help balance the body’s microbiome.
“I am very excited to be leading the Columbia Skincare Division of The F.C. Sturtevant Company. The emphasis on quality product development and commitment to comprehensive brand support and product training is best in class,” said Friedman. “Columbia Probiotics technology is the world’s first strain-specific probiotics created for topical usage. These clinically-proven, multi-functional products for all skin types fill a need that currently does not exist in the professional skincare market.”
Friedman’s experience includes consulting with Coola Suncare and Fillerina USA and launching both in the physician and medical spa markets, building a successful startup suncare company, MDSolarSciences into a seven-figure sales company and helping make MedSkin Solutions into a considerable contender in the Americas market.
“Scott Friedman is highly respected among colleagues, and he excels in product development,” commented company CEO Steven Rosenfeld.
Friedman is currently developing the company’s marketing plans for its expanded outreach into the professional skincare markets. With Friedman’s guidance, the company plans to introduce several new products over the next 12-18 months.

Arlington’s top 4 day spas to visit now

Wondering where to find the best day spas near you?

Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top day spas in Arlington, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list of the best spots to venture next time you’re in the market for day spas.

Hoodline offers data-driven analysis of local happenings and trends across cities. Links included in this article may earn Hoodline a commission on clicks and transactions.

First on the list is Great Skin Spa Skincare & Facial Club. Located at 3851 S.W. Green Oaks Blvd. in Southwest Arlington, the day spa, skin care and waxing spot is the highest-rated day spa in Arlington, boasting four stars out of 33 reviews on Yelp.

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Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa Is Mainland Fiji’s Most Luxurious Hotel

Fiji is a beautiful island nation comprised of more than 300 islands, only two-thirds of which are inhabited. There are hotels on Fiji for all kinds of travelers, and those on the outer islands require taking an additional flight (perhaps a seaplane) or boat after arriving at Nadi airport. But there are a handful of luxury properties on Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu, and the Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa is the most luxurious of them all, less than an hour’s drive from the airport.

Set on Natadola Bay, Viti Levu’s best swimming beach, the Intercon (as it’s fondly referred to) is positioned to offer the ultimate beach vacation — literally. Oceanfront rooms allow you to step out your door onto the beach, while up on the hillside, a private club awaits. Whatever your travel M.O., the Intercontinental delivers on world-class service in the friendliest, most Fijian of styles (singing is often involved).

Walking around the grounds — or taking the “Bula Bus” that continuously encircles the large property shuttling guests from their rooms to restaurants, the spa, or the beach — you’ll have your choice of multiple venues at which to spend your time. There’s an adults-only pool right on the beach (and a beach activity stand where you can book all watersports), a family pool across the way, and beachfront loungers right on the sand, all of which offer food and beverage service throughout the day. The club has its own dedicated pool that’s open until 5pm. At cocktail hour, it becomes the backdrop for live music.

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LaBella Donna Presents: Ultimate Pure Perfection Liquid Treatment Foundation

Introducing La Bella Donna’s New Ultimate Pure Perfection Liquid Treatment Foundation SPF 15. Formulated with age- defying, skin perfecting Dragon’s Blood and Hyaluronic Acid. Beneficial for skin showing signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles. This luxurious complexion- loving foundation blends flawlessly into skin for a youthful dewy finish. Clean foundation with Hyaluronic acid and powerful antioxidants such as vitamin E, delivers a silky flawless full coverage finish. Suitable for all skin types This lightweight foundation melts onto skin and provides a fresh undetectable coverage with a radiant finish.

A Protective Barrier Complex helps protect and repair damaged skin. Specially engineered Titanium Dioxide helps scatter light for a more even skin tone while adding sun protection. Optical Diffusion Technology helps minimize the look of lines and wrinkles. Our Ultimate Pure Perfection Liquid Treatment Foundation provides a NON-CHEMICAL SPF 15, Micronized Titanium Dioxide – 8% and Zinc Oxide – 3%

Apply a dime size of foundation using the LBD foundation brush on     cheeks, forehead, chin, and follow by applying a light dust of the desired LBD loose powder to set the foundation, and to get the ultimate broadband non- chemical 50 SPF protection.


Glycerin– Humectant: Moisturizes the skin

Croton Lechleri Resin Extract(Croda Dragon’s Blood): Anti- Inflammatory, antioxidant, collagen formation, tissue repair Hyaluronic Acid: Provides maximum below the surface hydration and is the purest and most natural hydrating ingredient available Palmitoyl Pentapetide C-12 Alkyl Benzoate: Conditioning agent Ceramide NG: Restores Moisture

Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-12(Dermaxyl): Anti-Aging, wrinkle smoothing, cutaneous barrier repair


La Bella Donna is a High Performance, Clean, Cruelty Free, Non-Chemical, Non-Toxic, Reef Safe SPF 50 Color Brand. La Bella Donna prides itself on using the purest ingredients that contain NO dyes, oils, talc, fragrance or parabens.

Our products cover, correct and beautify and are ideal for all skin tones and types.

(especially sensitive and acne prone skin)

La Bella Donna was created in 1993 by mother-daughter duo Kathy and Nicole Tracy, out of necessity to cure their own skin issues when they were unable to find products that truly matched their skin tone without irritation. A complete line of clean beauty was born never using toxins, parabens or fragrance, that are safe to use on all skin types, made in the USA and headquartered in Los Angeles.

Our brand is a favorite among Makeup Artists, celebrities and influencers due to its incredible and light weight texture, long wear affect, suburb pigment, blend ability and effortless application.

La Bella Donna is sold in Resorts, Spas, Dermatologist, Medi-Spas and Beauty Boutiques nationwide.

First 1000 Days of Wellness® Now Offering Spa & Wellness Training Globally

(February 3rd, Brescia and New York)—the First 1000 Days of Wellness® (F1000 Days) is partnering with Wellness Education Hub, a specialized training organization that trains and equips spa and resort professionals with “elevated educational” offerings for their guests. The program focuses on early prevention of NCDs (chronic disease), through wellness practices; educating and empowering individuals and the general improvement of quality of life, thereby optimizing the conditions for mental and physical wellbeing for the future offspring, early childhood development and transgenerational genetic inheritance. The F1000 Days Spa and Resort Training Program will prepare massage therapists and estheticians to serve a very significant segment of the population – couples who are trying to get pregnant (preconception), during pregnancy or postpartum and then the first 2 years of life with baby. “The Science we have today on earliest human development allows and supports us to create a unique program for women and men – and eventually their babies – where we integrate all of the positive wellness actions – before conception, during pregnancy and during the critical first two years of life- that we know may prevent chronic diseases and build an optimal way to live and thrive -” commented Sergio Pecorelli, MD PhD, Creator, Co-Founder, and Chief Scientific Officer of the First 1000 Days of Wellness program. The mission of the program is to support women AND men during their reproductive years, before, during and after pregnancy into early childhood, to improve the health of the next TWO generations and PREVENT non-communicable diseases globally! Through hands-on training, online study and live lectures, the 24-hour F1000 Days training curriculum provides massage therapists and estheticians with the knowledge and techniques to safely, confidently and compassionately offer specialized massage and esthetic treatments to men and women. Students will learn the F1000 Days “4 Pillars of Wellness” together with expert knowledge of epigenetics and the human microbiome just to name a few specialized areas. Weighing in on current practices in the Wellness space, Co-Founder and leading holistic physical therapist, Patricia Ladis, PT, CBBA had this to say: “I have been treating both men and women in my practice in New York City for many years and working with the perinatal population. The First 1000 Days of Wellness® Program uses robust science and fills an important knowledge gap about what people, who are of childbearing years, need to know and do, to amplify their health and wellbeing before and after they get pregnant. We now know that this is key to understanding how to best navigate this time since there’s nothing else like our program out there.” The program’s extensive content includes some of this year’s Global Wellness Summit Trends (from the 2020 Report), including the Circadian Behaviors, Music, and Fertility. Joanne Berry, Founder of Wellness Education Hub says “we are extremely honored to have partnered with the F1000 Days of Wellness Team to offer this very elevated educational program for the spa and wellness industry. We hope to share this knowledge with many spas and wellness facilities so that they are able to then educate their guests on creating healthy generations for years to come.” “We are in the process of developing custom curriculum and modules that are specifically designed for spa and wellness professionals leading to new wellness programs that can be offered in spa and wellness facilities globally. Since we know that more than 50% of pregnancies, overall are not planned, the best approach is to always try and maintain a wellness lifestyle and the First 1000 Days provides just that” added Alina Hernandez, Co-Founder and Director, Development & Communications. One of the key areas of training will be the specialized F1000 Days Consultation for guests, as well as “take-home kits” that will facilitate a continuity of repeat visits for the spa. Spas that are trained by the F1000 Days Program are identified by the First 1000 Days of Wellness logo. All students will receive a certificate and pin so that they are easily identified as a F1000 Day Spa and Resort Program Provider. F1000 Days of Wellness and Wellness Education Hub will launch the spa and wellness training program mid March, 2020. About First 1000 Days of Wellness Program: The First 1000 Days of Wellness is a Wellness program created by leading European public health figure Dr. Sergio Pecorelli, MD, Ph.D, who co-founded the program with Alina Hernandez and Patricia Ladis, PT, CBBA, who are both members of the Global Wellness Summit community and contributors to the Global Wellness Institute. The program is designed to prepare mothers and fathers to have healthy babies utilizing precise wellness prescriptions, from the First 1000 Days of Wellness®, during the perinatal years. The First 1000 Days was named in the 2018 Global Wellness Summit Trends, in its own right, and the program was founded and launched that same year. A WELL population. By knowledge and design. For a regenerative future. The First 1000 Days of Wellness® Program, Healthy Parents, Healthy Babies, Healthy Generations Visit: About Wellness Education Hub: Joanne Berry, LMT, LE founded the Wellness Education Hub in 2018 to fulfill the demand for high-energy, high-quality spa and wellness training across the U.S. and Globally. The Wellness Education Hub partners with niche educational offerings, skincare, bodycare and equipment companies globally to build their training programs and bring them to market. Dedicated and incredibly passionate about contributing to the industry that she loves, Berry has worked hard to learn all facets of the spa and wellness space, so that she can deliver education with a well-balanced and knowledgeable approach. Berry has recently been awarded the “Women in Wellness Educator & Trainer of the Year 2018” in the USA and is also the Vice Chair for the Women in Leadership Initiative through the Global Wellness Institute. Visit: Media Contacts: Alina Hernandez, Co-Founder & Director of Communications Email: Joanne Berry, Founder – Wellness Education Hub Email:

Six best CBD infused recipes for 2020

Food is not always about having what’s delicious but also accessing human wellbeing in innovative styles through dishes. One such substance that has taken the culinarians by storm of late is CBD. In recent surveys, Cannabis/CBD-infused food and drinks have come up as the most sought after food and drinks item. So what’s the rage all about?

CBD is the abbreviated form of “cannabidiol.” CBD is derived majorly from Hemp, which is an industrially cultivated strain of the Cannabis sativa species. The extraction happens in a wholly organic manner, mostly for medical and industrial use.CBD is one of the several cannabinoids present in Cannabis sativa. CBD that originates from Hemp is not psychoactive (in simple terms, it won’t make you high), and this is one of the causes behind its growing popularity.

Studies have shown that Cannabinoids like CBD positively affect most of our digestive issues such as Gastric Functions, Gastrointestinal Actions, Metabolism, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, and Gastrointestinal Motility and Secretion, among other things. Hence, it is no wonder why CBD is dominating the menus of major eateries.

How can you apply CBD to your food:

Before you get ready to put CBD in your dishes, you should be aware of some technicalities. Firstly, you need CBD extracted into a fat item for cooking purposes because CBD, a cannabinoid, is lipophilic, and it pairs perfectly with different fats. You can use CBD tinctures from online dispensary canada to begin your cooking spree. Here are some facts you should consider before adding CBD in your recipes:

  • Don’t let your CBD oil or tincture come in direct contact with the heated pan, and keep the overall cooking temperature low. Otherwise, the health benefits of CBD will be reduced.
  • Combine CBD oil with another fat-based cooking oil. There are many oil-based fats that you can blend with CBD oil, like olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil.
  • Understand the flavor and aroma of your CBD oil before using it for cooking to avoid surprising tastes from the dishes.

Now that we are aware of all the caveats, let’s have a look at the 6 best CBD infused recipes that you must try in 2020:

CBD Chocolate Chip Cookies:

It is one of the delicious food choices in the world, particularly when you make them stuffed with nutritional benefits. These CBD infused wafers are a great option when your tired body is yearning for carbs and calories following a hard workout.

To make these delicious cookies, you’ll need almond flour, coconut sugar or honey, almond butter, coconut flour, cinnamon powder, vanilla bean paste, eggs, dark chocolate chips, and baking soda.

CBD-infused fish tacos:

A fresh fish taco is the ideal summer evening meal. The dish is a popular restaurant choice that is sure to be a success at home. CBD-infused tacos are an excellent dinner option that gives excellent nutrition, an excess of flavor, and a potent dose of CBD.

To try this, you’ll require lime juice, ground cumin, chili powder, cayenne pepper, salt, cod, pepper, corn tortillas, mayonnaise, avocado, lime juice, purple cabbage, cilantro, and CBD tincture.

Mango Smoothie made from CBD:

Smoothies prepared from Cannabis are increasingly becoming popular. Still, the flavor will not satisfy everyone! CBD users sometimes like to brew up a sweet CBD drink. Drinks like CBD smoothies are a perfect fit for an early-morning intake of CBD. Try this delicious mango beverage filled with CBD for the daybreak starter. It takes little time to make a couple of drinks, and it boosts you for the whole day.

To get your smoothie, get your hands on mango, banana, milk or Hemp milk, yogurt, CBD tincture.

CBD Whipped Cream:

Not every edible CBD profile has to be a pure and heavy foodstuff. Drawing motivation from a cream recipe made of Cannabis, one can try a whipped cream made with CBD. This cream can be combined with any dessert or used as a topping for a  sweet, smooth CBD twist. You’ll need cold cream for whipping, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, and CBD tincture to prepare it. 

CBD Parfait made from Hemp Milk:

A CBD milk plus honey parfait appears a bit distinctive from a normal parfait. But it is undoubtedly going to dazzle at a house party. There is also this preparation with CBD and hemp milk for people who strictly want to stick to Hemp! Just keep in mind that you should create this in advance because it should be kept in the freezer for a whole night.

You need to gather egg yolks, honey, caster sugar, hemp milk, CBD oil, mascarpone cheese, raspberries.

CBD Guacamole:

Guacamole is a simple to make recipe that is stuffed with nutrients. Avocados are already acknowledged for their heart-health and anti-inflammatory benefits. Avocados are rich in healthy fats too, which is ideal when cooking with CBD oil, as it is simply absorbed when joined with fats from an avocado.

What you’ll need: Ripe avocados, lime juice, kosher salt, ground cumin, ground cayenne pepper, onion, tomatoes, clove garlic, fresh cilantro, jalapeno, CBD tincture.

It is evident that CBD is gaining ground in people’s imagination, and this is getting reflected in the cuisines. However, go slow upfront and taste some sample CBD recipes to know how your system responds to it. Let 2020 be a great year for your health, and what better way to start it than by absorbing a healthy substance like CBD!

Global Sources Association Partnership Program

Join our Global Sources Association Partnership Program of the April edition of our Hong Kong shows.

Held from every April and October 27-30Global Sources Lifestyle is a dedicated sourcing fair for design-led, creative, curated and innovative lifestyle products featuring the latest trends in sports & outdoor, travel goods, health & beauty, gifts and stationery. It is co-located with the Global Sources Fashion for a total of 2,000 booths all under one roof! You may find further details at

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Luxury Tropical Spa Vacations

Nothing says “be my valentine” like three days basking in the sun while you’re being pampered, massaged and relaxed into blissful oblivion. When chocolates just won’t do, head to the beach. Here are four luxurious seaside escapes with premium spa services.

Tortuga Bay Puntacana Resort & Club is the only AAA Five Diamond resort in the Dominican Republic, and features 13 villas designed by legendary fashion designer Oscar de la Renta. The ecologically-minded resort is home to Ojos Indígenas Ecological Park, which has 12 swimmable freshwater lagoons, and an on-site sustainability foundation that works to preserve local wildlife. Tortuga Bay’s Valentine’s Day package includes a private villa, use of a golf cart throughout, VIP transportation and assistance, and a spa credit at Six Senses Spa, which offers four-handed massages, among other holistically-minded treatments.

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How Australian brands are leading the way with sustainable, eco-friendly beauty products

Perhaps it’s the ‘Greta Thunberg effect’, or first-hand experiences of the effects of climate change, but collectively, we’re more conscious of our impact on the environment than ever before – most notably seen in the 7.6 million people around the globe who protested for climate action at the now-famous climate strikes during September 2019. At Jurlique, sustainability has always been at the heart of we do – it’s part of the reason we have a biodynamic* farm to grow our botanicals and we’re striving to make changes wherever possible to reduce our environmental impact.

It’s not just us, either. We’re inspired by fellow Australian brands who are leading the way and flying the flag for sustainable beauty – ensuring that we don’t just look after ourselves, but we look after the planet too. That’s why beauty brand IMBIBE, which produces bio-fermented and bio-active health supplements (think collagen powders and multi-strain probiotics designed to improve skin health) continues to be a source of inspiration for us. Here’s how we’re both working towards more sustainable practices.


At Jurlique, we grow most of our botanicals on our biodynamic* farm in South Australia. We believe biodynamic* farming practices help us to grow the purest, best quality herbs we can which are hand harvested at a time when they’re full of life and vitality. These herbs are then utilised to make extracts that form the basis of Jurlique products, meaning you get the best from each ingredient we use.

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GWS Unveils 2020 Wellness Trends Forecast

We are excited to announce the Global Wellness Summit’s top 10 wellness trends for 2020, unveiling the new directions Summit researchers believe will have the most meaningful—and lasting—impact on the $4.5 trillion global wellness economy. The comprehensive report was released at a press event at Hearst Tower in New York.  

The Summit’s annual forecast is the only trends report that draws from the insights of 600+ delegates and presenters from over 50 countries who attend the annual Global Wellness Summit. And no other trends forecast is based on the perspectives of so many experts worldwide, including economists, academics, futurists and the CEOs of international corporations.


7 Ways CBD Can Fight Acne

Acne is a four-letter word to most everyone. It’s the most common skin ailment. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), about 80% of people between the ages of 11 and 30 have outbreaks of acne at least occasionally. For some people, however, the disorder continues to rear its ugly head into their 40s and 50s.

Acne is a disease of the pilosebaceous units (PSUs), which are found just under the skin and contain sebaceous glands that are connected to hair follicles. The sebaceous glands empty onto the skin via hair follicles. When the glands become overactive (because of hormones and other factors), blockages of sebum and dead skin cells happen. That, in turn, triggers an immune reaction, which causes inflammation and sometimes infection.

Although acne is not usually a serious health condition, it can cause significant emotional distress and permanent scarring of the skin. Fortunately, products with cannabidiol (CBD) can help. Research has concluded that CBD can be beneficial for various skin problems, including acne.

1. Helps Regulate Skin Functions

CBD penetrates the skin readily and affects the body’s endocann­abinoid system (ECS). Besides the ECS’ role in regulating physiological processes (such as pain, mood, sleep and digestion), research has indicated it also helps maintain balance across certain skin functions.

2. Decreases Skin’s Sebum Production

Shown to reduce sebum production, CBD can help minimize acne outbreaks. CBD inhibits secretions by the cells that secrete sebum (called “sebocytes”). It does this by activating the cells’ ion channels, which facilitates the flow of calcium to the sebocytes. That, in turn, suppresses lipid synthesis (a process with a known connection to causing acne).

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Desert Hot Springs, CA – January 2020 – An oasis in the California desert that’s known within celebrity circles and respected for programming centered on fasting, detoxification and education, begins the decade with new stories. We Care Spa in Desert Hot Springs, Calif. is home to a new General Manager, 12 luxurious suites spread over four new buildings and more enhancements on the horizon.

As the new General Manager, Greg Geurin (pictured) brings 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry to We Care Spa. Susan Lombardi, We Care Spa CEO says, “During his various roles as General Manager and a hospitality consultant, Greg oversaw all aspects of hotel operations. He played an instrumental role in uplifting the brand image of various hotels and resorts and bringing them to prominence.” Lombardi is half of the mother / daughter team behind We Care Spa. Her mother, Susana Lombardi Belen, founded the facility in 1986.

Most recently, Geurin held the position of General Manager at The Inn at The Five Graces in Santa Fe, N.M. Within 18 months from his start date, the Inn earned Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards and Conde Nast Traveler Top 5. Geurin also served on the pre-opening executive team for Sunrise Springs Spa Resort in Santa Fe. He guided this destination-spa property to No. 2 on Trip Advisor rankings in less than two years.

About his move to We Care Spa, Geurin says, “I want to be a part of taking an already-incredible guest experience and making it even better. We’re going to focus on enhancing the guest stay with new cutting-edge treatments and equipment, along with continuing our dedication to providing superior service. There’s no place like We Care Spa in the world. We’re only going to make it better.”

Speaking of making it better, Geurin comes to We Care Spa in the middle of a significant expansion project. Phase 1 improvements, which are complete, include an expansive new pool with desert views, eucalyptus steam room and outdoor fire pit. Plus, 12 suites housed throughout four new buildings. At 600-square-feet each, the new suites include:

  • Deep soaking tubs with 8’ glass shower surround.
  • Custom furniture with stone tops and spacious desk area.
  • Single-king bed or double-queen bed options.
  • In-room refrigerator for the daily delivered fresh juices and in-room insta-hot water for detox teas.
  • Large patio with pergola and day bed. Two Presidential Suites include additional outdoor space with a firepit and extra outdoor furniture.
  • Views of Mt. San Jacinto and We Care Spa’s private desert scape of 100 acres.

Phase 2 is centered on the main building to include a grand entrance, lobby, outdoor gardens, remodeled treatment and colonic rooms, six new treatment rooms and a new boutique shop. Also, to come are seven new guest rooms, five of which are poolside, a new gym, Wellness Room and Salt Room. The Salt Room will include a Halogenerator to atomize the salt ions and increase absorption when breathed in. Wellness Therapies planned:

  • Red Light LED Therapy, known to restore joint motion and redevelop muscles to relieve aches, pain and stiffness.
  • Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT), which greatly enhances body oxygen levels while on a stationary bike.
  • Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (BEMER PEMF) Therapy, which increases blood flow to nourish every cell.

“With the new therapies, we will add the latest technology to our tried-and-true detox protocol and treatments. We Care’s desire to detoxify your body, revitalize your mind and restore your spirit actually delivers. Additionally, we will supplement our educational offerings with guest lecturers, resident wellness specialists and a more varied selection of classes and workshops,” adds Geurin.

Noted in numerous magazines as a hot-spot for celebrities including Molly Sims, Matt Bomer, Josh Radnor and Liv Tyler, We Care Spa may be experienced in packages of eight, six or three days. Packages include:

  • Luxury lodging and organic room amenities
  • Access to all daily yoga classes, educational lectures and demonstrations.
  • Colonics and/or digestive release.
  • Use of all specialized equipment, infrared dry saunas and steam room.
  • All juices, teas and supplements needed for the cleanse.

Complete details may be found on

About We Care Spa – With nearly 35 years of experience in fasting and cleansing, We Care Spa has earned a reputation as the pre-eminent authority in detoxification. Founded by Susana Lombardi Belen and operated today by her daughter Susan Lombardi, We Care Spa is a holistic health spa and retreat providing unique educational programs and treatments. Found in a desert oasis near Palm Springs, the We Care Program helps prolong life by supporting guests in the release of toxins through cleansing at a cellular level with a nutrient-dense liquid nutrition program, specialized treatments and healing modalities. WE CARE FOR YOUR MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT:, Facebook and Instagram.

7 Top Spa-Wellness Trends

The overarching theme at the September 2019 ISPA (International Spa Association) Conference, held in Las Vegas, was “evolution.” This is the most appropriate description for what the spa industry is experiencing. As the founder of the leading wellness PR firm, I’ve been attending ISPA since it was established. At that time, spas were wrestling with various identities…yoga retreats, fat farms and places to heal. Today, spa has evolved into an accessible place of wellness. My personal philosophy and the mission of my firm is to make wellness applicable to every room of the home or office, every member of the family and every time of day. It was satisfying to see that reflected at ISPA this year, as well as at the ISPA media event prior to the show, where spas showcased the products, services and equipment they feature. A look at the seven trends that took center stage at the show:


Part of that evolution is spa’s role in the much anticipated, here-to-stay CBD industry. According to the newest 2019 ISPA U.S. Spa Industry Study, the use of cannabidiol (CBD) was the biggest trend in the industry. This study reveals that almost one in five spas has a CBD offering. “What is more interesting is that the study shows that 56% of spas stated they would be adding CBD to their spas in the next two years,” said ISPA President Lynne McNees. “If these numbers ring true, almost 75% of all spas in the U.S. will offer CBD treatments by the end of 2020. It’s incredible how quickly this trend has taken hold in just a few short years. We expect to see many of the traditional brands launch CBD lines to complement their current products.”  

While CBD is still in its infancy at the spa, the spa industry is going to become a place of education for it, as it has been for salt and cryotherapy. “The spa experience is so important to health and well-being, and it truly helps people stay centered, whether they are stay-at-home moms, business executives, athletes, students or travelers,” said Julie Duncan, President and Co-Owner of SPAFLASH.    

Spa-lovers looking to save time and money on locating salon/spa, and wellness experiences have a new resource at their fingertips, with SPAFLASH, a new consumer shopping website. SPAFLASH a site that is free to join, provides consumers with access to appointment availability, events, value-added experiences, and packages on salon/spa and wellness services throughout greater Dallas/Fort Worth.  It will be now be launching in more states and cities throughout the U.S.

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Luxury wellness retreats and escapes for 2020

Get ready for a decade of even more wellness.

The global wellness industry is now valued at $4.2 trillion, up 12.8 percent from $3.7 trillion in 2015, according to the most recent statistics from the Global Wellness Institute. And that number will only increase as people continue to prioritize experiential travelhealth and sustainability, data show.

Nearly half of consumers (42 percent) polled in a recent MINDBODY wellness survey said they valued experiences, such as yoga, meditation, vacations and fitness, over material possessions.

And luxury companies continue to capitalize on the increased demand. From free-flowing hot springs on the West Coast to wilderness safaris in Botswana and hiking up to Machu Picchu, these are some of the most luxurious wellness escapes to unwind and rest in for 2020.

Healing hot springs

This healing oasis located in Desert Hot Springs, California, boasts hot and cold mineral springs. Two Bunch Palms resort features a mineral pool with free-flowing water from a 600-year-old natural spring that’s low in sulfur, rich in lithium and said to have mood-enhancing properties. The hotel offers a floating sound bath series, hiking and meditation in addition to CBD spa treatments. With two restaurants on property, serving up farm-to-table California cuisine, including a tea and wine bar. Rates run between $350 to $900 for the month of January.

Wellness sanctuary in Botswana Wilderness Safaris, known for its sustainable and eco-friendly tourist excursions throughout Africa, is building an exclusive camp featuring four tented suites with private access to the Zibadianja Lagoon. Adventurers can experience extraordinary wildlife encounters with herds of elephants, leopards and lions along the north and south banks of the Savute Channel in Botswana. Guests can indulge in spa treatments or get in tune with nature sleeping outside under the stars. The wellness sanctuary,  Little Duma Tau, will open in August.

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12 Essential Attributes You Need to Become a Spa Manager

Every professional in the spa industry has his or her opinions on what makes a good spa manager. And this has led to several healthy debits on this topic. To become a great spa manager, you don’t have to have a specified background. Some managers have a receptionist background while others have a managerial background.

Every background has its pros and cons. It’s up to the manager to develop and improve the necessary skills required to run the spa. Today, we are going to discuss the twelve attributes you need to become a spa manager. As you are going to see, all these attributes or skills are learnable. Let’s get started!

  1. People skills

According to australian assignment help, managing a spa involves interacting with your staff and clients. Since spas are an emotional environment for your staff and clients, you need to listen to them attentively. Remember, a happy staff is the key to attracting more clients. Motivating your team and socializing with clients will greatly improve your performance.

  1. Leadership

Like any other business, strong leadership is a prerequisite for your success. You have to lead from the front because your staff and clients are always watching you. You also need to allow your staff to develop and improve their skills.

  1. Understanding of the industry

You don’t have to be a fitness instructor or a therapist but you need to be familiar with all the aspects of the wellness industry. You need to possess enough knowledge to be at the same level as your staff. By understanding the operations of your spa and the trends in your industry, you’ll easily generate new ideas that will grow your business.

  1. Attention to detail

As nursing assignment help reports, you should have a clear vision and be able to share it with your team. To achieve this vision, you need to have a keen eye for detail. Your team needs to have high standards and sell high-quality services to your clients to achieve the vision.

  1. Effective marketing

Perfecting the experience of your spa is only half of the job. The other half is all about marketing the spa effectively. And this can be done both internally and externally. Marketing your spa by offering unique services that cannot be found elsewhere in the marketplace will position your business and communicate with both internal and external audiences.

Since the spa market is always changing, it’s important to develop the skills that will be trending in your industry in the future.

  1. Planning

As the saying goes, any plan is better than no plan. Having a business plan and breaking it down into segments and short term goals will greatly increase your chances of success. By breaking your long-term goals into manageable chunks, you’ll realize that you may need to train staff, improve your financial skills or invest in the latest technology to name a few.

  1. Goal-Oriented

According to paper writing service, you need to set clear goals for your spa that will motivate your team to make the business successful. This can include reducing expenses, revenue targets, skills to be developed and improved or customer experience. Communicating your goals with your team will make it easy for the business to achieve or even surpass the targets.

  1. Communication

Opening the channels of communication and keeping in touch with your team will eliminate toxicity and distrust in the business. Being open to new information is critical to your success.

  1. Time management

Every effective manager knows the value of time. As the saying goes, time is money. Therefore, don’t procrastinate or give excuses for missing your deadlines.

  1. Problem-solving

While running your spa, problems are going to come up daily. You need to organize and control the problem before it becomes a crisis. This means managing your thoughts and emotions to avoid criticizing, blaming or complaining.

  1. Shares the huge load

Managing a spa effectively is not easy. You can’t do everything alone. You’ll need to empower and trust your team by sharing responsibilities with them efficiently. Uk essay writer reports that trying to be a superhero leads to stress, frustration, and burnout in the long run.

  1. Fairness and equity

An effective spa manager builds the respect of his or her team by holding everyone accountable to similar rules, policies, and standards. Favoritism can seriously contaminate the culture of the organization and put your integrity in question.

At the end of the day, work with no play leads to stress and frustration. Do not take your work or life too seriously. A smile and laughter in the spa can help you achieve your goals. With these twelve attributes, nothing in the world can stop you from becoming an outstanding success.

Scott Matthews is a professional content writer for best essay writing services review and best paper writing services. He enjoys sharing his thoughts and insights on effective business management regularly on dissertation service and best essay service. During his leisure time, you’ll find him playing golf or traveling with loved ones.

Earthlite Introduces the Holistic Alchemy™ Essential Oils Collection

Earthlite’s new line of premium, single-note essential oils and aromatherapy blends contain 100% organic oils extracted from globally sourced botanicals.

While there is much variance in the quality of essential oils in the marketplace today, Earthlite, and its Chief Product Alchemist, Tara Grodjesk, have committed to procuring only the purest essential oils available. Earthlite’s line of essential oils delivers the finest aromatherapy benefits to enhance your massage therapy, spa treatments, and home care rituals. Earthlite’s Holistic Alchemy™ Essential Oil Blends take the guesswork out of blending.

Featuring Balance, Calm, Muscle Soothe, Purify, Revive and Sleep blends, these master-crafted formulations were created for a broad range of uses including environmental fragrancing, blending into a carrier base oil for massage, or adding to bath water for an unforgettable aromatherapy experience.

Contact: · 800.872.0560 ·

10 in-flight skin care secrets

When you think of travelling, you immediately imagine endless afternoons lying on a beach in the Maldives. You dream of roaming the galleries and museums in Paris. You can feel the sunny days exploring the streets of Positano in sandal-clad feet. But before you get to that part, you’re sitting on your suitcase trying to zip it up and considering sacrificing your skincare beauty pouch for a perfectly planned outfit. Of course, there are a handful of items you’ll inevitably have to leave behind or forget, but don’t let your skincare be it!

Does flying affect your skin? Yes! Is there a way to combat it? Yes! Something they don’t tell you about airplanes is that the air in the cabins are practically moisture free. Recycled cabin air is around 55% drier than normal air. What this means for your skin is that all the goodness in your skin cells that keeps your skin plump and hydrated is being sucked dry into a prune state!

The good news is whether you’re jetting off to Europe for a month-long vacation or down to Byron Bay for a quick weekend getaway with the girls, we’ve got the ultimate list of airplane skincare tips:

1. Remove your makeup

A dry cabin environment + makeup clogging your pores = skin irritation and breakouts. That’s an equation you definitely don’t want happening. Carry a hydrating face wash that won’t leave your skin feeling tight and overly stripped like our Radiant Skin Foaming Cleanser. If you can’t leave your seat, pour a few drops of our Nourishing Cleansing Oil onto a cotton round and gently swipe across your face. Finish off with a makeup wipe until the wipes come out clean. Read more on cleansing oils here (no link yet).

2. Put on a sheet mask

Think of this skincare routine as a self-care ritual too. You have X hours of uninterrupted time so treat yourself. With clean hands, put on a hydrating sheet mask when the cabin lights have dimmed and enter into relaxation mode.

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The Most Expensive Beauty Buys of 2020 (That are Actually Worth It)

Over-the-top price tags in today’s consumer world often represent a newsworthy novelty or something to brag about: Japan’s most expensive melon, New York City’s priciest pizza, or Italy’s fastest racecar plated in solid gold. In the beauty world, however, the cost of a luxury cosmetic product or treatment can often indicate quality.

Few industries seem better suited to absurdist pricing than beauty, a superlative that women and men of all ages strive for in the quest for perfect skin and a fountain of youth. But how are consumers supposed to distinguish price from worth? We’ve conducted the research so that you don’t have to. After trying many of the world’s most expensive luxury cosmetics and beauty treatments, these are the ones that are actually worth it. 

A new line by Nobel Prize-winning chemist Sir Fraser Stoddard, Noble Panacea totally lives up to its glowing hype. Each product from the brand’s two lines is divided out into aluminum-free packets to preserve bioavailability, totaling a 30-day supply. When using the products individually, perfect skin is inevitable. For the brand’s Brilliant Collection, combining each of the four products comes out to a monthly price tag of $849. Prices aside, this is definitely the best new product on the market. Prices involved, it is absolutely worth it.

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Wellness Tips and Trends from Organic Spa Magazine Guru Rona Berg

As the busy editorial director for Organic Spa Media, New York-based author, public speaker, and industry expert Rona Berg is frequently on the road combing the exotic corners of the globe for the best treatments, products, and wellness retreats.

Every year, Berg and her team at the magazine host a wellness event on the roof of the Viceroy L’Ermitage in Beverly Hills where brands, properties, and holistic leaders are on hand showcasing the latest must-haves for everything from relaxation to sore muscles or younger-looking skin, followed by an informative panel discussion. We decided to ask Berg to look back on the past year, help navigate the vast new CBD landscape, and prepare us for a stress-free 2020.


The fitness industry traditionally allocates all its marketing dollars on upping memberships and subscriptions.  Fitness centers can be making more profits by driving new non-dues revenue sources.   Retail often falls short in fitness centers because owners and operator find it too daunting.  In addition, fitness center work best when located in high-visible retail locations with easy access to shopping. 

One way to keep members at the gym longer is to help them recover.  New research suggests taking strategic time off from your workout routine can maximize the benefits of physical activity and minimize the risks.  Utilize that time with a recovery bar.   Recovery bars have the potential to become the new juice bars at the gym.  CBD balms, myofascial rollers, electrolyte drinks, and shower accessories are all helping people feel better before, during and after workouts and the fitness industry can be benefiting from it. 

With so many options, choosing the perfect products to add to your recovery bar can be time consuming and sometimes impossible.  We’ve cut through the clutter and curated, tested top sellers that can turn a prevention bar into a lucrative profit center.

Daily roll – Self-care is any activity that we do in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health, and Rykr Roll understands the importance of taking care of all three…at the same time. Featuring both function and innovation, with a stylish on-the-go approach, Rykr Roll’s handheld self-massage products are designed for people to pinpoint pain, and easily apply acupressure and massage to the muscles, promoting better oxygen flow and blood circulation, to achieve optimal pain and tension relief. This offers a moment to slow down your thoughts, alleviate stress, boost immunity, and sink back into your body so you can feel grounded and connected to your daily work, activities and leisure time.  

More than CBD – The CBD industry is exploding with products that offer myriad solutions to pain, anxiety and other conditions.  Many products fall short because the companies had hoped that CBD would make the difference in an otherwise lacking product.  However, CBD is just one of the ingredients in Muscle MX—a line of topical relief balms, dietary supplements and lotions, that help ease everyday muscle and joint pain for a healthy recovery, so you can stay on the move pain-free.   

Glide past the workout – Every person’s hygiene routine is different. It’s personalized based on what each’s body needs to get through the day comfortably and in style.  When it comes to chafing, people chafe in different spots for different reasons, sometimes even depending on the weather. Whatever the reason is, protection from rubbing is the key to prevent painful chafing altogether. Body Glide Anti-Chafe, Anti-Blister Balms are the solutions to chafing – easily a part of the daily routine with various advantages over petroleum jelly. While petroleum jelly creates a mess and leaves grease and stain on clothes, the Body Glide balms glide on quick, smooth, and easy – completely mess, stain, and grease-free. Petroleum jelly clogs pores and traps sweat beneath the skin. But Body Glide balms are sweat and water-resistant that keep pores clog-free and allows sweat to escape, letting the skin breathe.

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Relaxing and tranquil spa breaks for a winter getaway

The Christmas and New Years celebrations are well and truly over.

Most of us have gone to work, and all that’s left to look forward to is the start of Love Island and the January sales.

If all of this is making you feel a bit down, then a spa break is just what you need.

It’s a great excuse to hit the restart button and enjoy life at a slower pace.

We’ve rounded up some great deals, on prices for two people.

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Spa Profitability Handbook Published By Horwath HTL Health and Wellness

Woman relax and looking into the distance in infinity swimming pool on vacation

BANGKOK, THAILAND ­– January 23, 2020 – With the rise of wellness travel globally, spas are chartered for continuous future growth and marketability. In today’s hospitality market environment, spas are no longer seen as a “nice-to-have” complementary facility but are established as a core element of the guest experience that not only drives demand but matures as an untapped source of profits. 

Whether a spa is a cost or a revenue centre depends largely on how it is integrated into hotel marketing and whether it is actively managed to drive profitable performance. For a spa to achieve its potential as a tangible asset, operators have to be committed to marketing and integrating spa models into the core business, actively growing revenue drivers and keeping costs under control. 

In a new report, Horwath HTL Health and Wellness discusses what physical and operational attributes affect spa profitability and outlines effective strategies for achieving a stronger bottom-line performance in the long run. 

The full report can be downloaded here

About GOCO Hospitality

GOCO Hospitality is a pioneering consultancy, development and management company creating, designing and operating tomorrow’s spa and wellness hospitality concepts. From initial market research through to concept, design, and management, the company’s experienced research, creative and operational teams collaborate closely with clients to create innovative wellness solutions specially tailored to meet the demands of the location and target market.

The Natural Makeup Trend—and How to Answer Questions Your Clients May Have

by: Matthew Burke It’s no secret that the cosmetics industry is tremendously profitable—industry experts estimate the beauty industry to be worth $532 billion(that’s “billion,” with a “b”)—but there’s a subset of the industry that’s growing with incredible speed: natural makeup. That is, cosmetics made without some of the chemicals known be harmful to humans.

Your clients may have questions related to cosmetics and the chemicals involved, so here’s a quick rundown of the basics. We’ll start with the good news:

Many—If Not Most—Chemicals Are OK. Despite some scary names—”tocopheryl acetate,” “methicone silsesquioxane crosspolymer,” “isododecane”—many of the chemicals used in cosmetics are not harmful to most users, and result in no adverse effects. So you don’t need to throw away your makeup collection just yet. In fact, when it comes to the problematic chemicals in makeup…

People Are Usually Concerned About a Very Specific List of Ingredients. There are literally thousands of different chemicals used to create cosmetics, but the list of harmful cosmetics your clients may ask you about will most likely be pretty small. They include:

  • Parabens, used in foundations, believed to be an endocrine disrupter that can potentially result in breast cancer;
  • BHA and BHT, a preservative in lipsticks that may be carcinogenic;
  • Formaldehyde, used in nail polishes and eyelash glues, believed to be a carcinogen;
  • Mercury, used in eye makeups, which can damage the nervous system;
  • Lead, also in eye makeups, which can also damage the nervous system; and among others…  
  • Siloxanes, also in foundations, which may be an endocrine disruptor.

If you or your clients are concerned about these chemicals, they’ve become very easy to avoid, as…

There’s an Abundance of Helpful Information Online. There are plenty of consumer groups that research the chemicals used in beauty products, but two in particular keep extensive databases of individual cosmetics: 1) The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has an incredibly-broad index named Skin Deep where it discusses thousands individual cosmetics—and discusses each of the ingredients in your favorite cosmetics, and 2) Skin Safe also an online database that lists almost 10,000 makeup products, and clearly lists what is—and is not—in each cosmetic. With that in mind…

There are a LOT of Natural Options on the Market. As interest in natural cosmetics gains traction, more and more companies are meeting consumer needs. Beauty Counter enjoys a great reputation (and has a “Never List” of 1,500 ingredients they omit from their products), as does Au Naturale Cosmetics (which focuses on long-lasting all-natural products), and Juice Beauty (which focuses on organic ingredients, but also on organic farming and sustainability). In addition to these brands, there are plenty of mainstream options which now omit these ingredients (and will tell you so on the label!). Keep in mind, however, that…

Marketing Terms Can Be Misleading. At present, the FDA does not define the terms “natural” or “organic,” meaning… just about any cosmetic can use the word “natural” or “organic,” regardless of what chemicals are included in the makeup. So you’ll need to do a little research and read ingredient lists to make sure that your favorite makeups—and the makeups you’re offering to your natural-minded clients—are the real deal.

Natural cosmetics are gaining traction, and that trend seems set to continue—a basic understanding of the product can help you meet your clients’ needs.

Matthew Burke is a makeup artist in Brooklyn, NYC, and writes about trends within the cosmetics industry.

Looking good is no accident

Makeovers are coming in several forms on East Second Street these days.

Nichole Jellum, 43, opened Beau Toi (pronounced Bo-twa) day spa and salon at 308 E. second St. last October. She and husband, Matt, have also been making over the building, the former site of Aero Print.

Last summer, Jellum took one look at the three- story building built in 1881 and said, “I’ll take it.”

Building manager Bill Dick and her husband just looked at each other, kind of stunned, she said.

The place needed work. A lot of work.

But it also fit Jellum’s vision—with hair and nail services on the first floor and esthetics on the second. It also had room for independent hairdressers, nail techs, masseuses and estheticians.

The space spoke to her even though it was covered in wood paneling, old carpet and windows covered in plastic sheeting.

The renovation has been a team effort. The building is owned by Mareta Maier and the Dick family of Dick, Dick and Corey Attorneys. And here’s the deal. The Jellums are investing tens of thousands of dollars into the remodel but they are recouping their money through rent reduction.

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7 of the best bootcamps around the world

This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. For an explanation of our Advertising Policy, visit this page.

If you don’t feel like joining the hordes of people at the local gym this January or if you’re completely new to exercise and have no idea where to start, one way to avoid the crowds and not feel out of place is to book a healthy fitness bootcamp break. More and more people are booking these type of trips to get beach ready as soon as possible — plus it’s a perfect holiday for both singles and couples who want to kickstart a health plan.

Searching on Google for bootcamps yields more than four million results, so it’s hard to know what the best bootcamp to choose is. You may want a high intensity with no alcohol affair, or something more suited to the mind as well as body. We have a selection of the best places around the world for active holidays from high-intensity interval training to yoga retreats to surfing breaks and more.

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Functional Fragrances

“The future of fragrance will be using scent to ‘biohack’ our brains and bodies to perform better,” says Joanne De Luca of Sputnik Futures, a company that specializes in anticipating consumer trends. For example, researchers at Stevens Institute of Technology revealed that the scent of coffee alone might help people perform analytical tasks better, suggesting a placebo-like effect of caffeine. Don’t be surprised if the pleasant aroma of coffee brewing permeates your workspace in the near future!

The Nue Co., a UK natural supplement company, has created the first anti-stress supplement that can be worn as a fragrance. Dubbed “Functional Fragrance,” the new scent is unisex and was developed using data insight and research into the connection between cognitive function and the olfactory system.

The research of scent’s impact on learning and cognition will flourish over the next few years. Already, studies of rosemary’s effect on cognition indicate that being exposed to the aroma helps people perform mental tasks faster and more accurately. And, a positive side effect is the feel-good factor of aromatherapy: The subjects’ moods improved with exposure to the rosemary aroma.

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Orthopedic massage is a comprehensive system used for treating pain and injury conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system. The techniques used in this system of massage vary extensively and are chosen based on how they best address the client’s primary presentation.

One of the most beneficial and useful approaches I have found is active engagement. Active engagement techniques are most helpful when working with clients with specific pain or injury complaints, because they are highly specific. Using movement with massage intensifies the treatment in different ways and in varying degrees.

The Ladder of Intensity

Rick Garbowski, LMT, a teaching colleague from Georgia Massage School, coined the phrase ladder of intensity to describe a framework for active engagement methods. Intensity here means the level of effect of the treatment. In general, with active engagement techniques there is a continuum of effect — the less movement or resistance in a treatment, the less intensity or effect; and the inverse: More movement equals more effect and intensity.

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10th Annual Event to Include Buyers from Clubs, Residences and Senior Living; Expert Panel Topic “Beyond Spa: Expanding the Boundaries of Wellness & Hospitality”

Bluffton, S.C. (January 16, 2020) Global Beauty & Wellness Exchange announced today a partnership with Hutchinson Consulting and Contento Marketing  to draw new buyers from emerging markets at the 10th annual hosted event. Hutchinson Partner Michael Tompkins leveraged the company’s executive placement relationships and hospitality consulting contracts to invite top executives from world class wellness and senior living facilities. Contento’s principal Nancy Griffin is bringing together the brightest minds in wellness and hospitality together on Day 2 for “Beyond Spa: Expanding the Boundaries of Wellness & Hospitality, an interactive panel including Tompkins, Catherine Warren, VP of Training with WTS International, David Erlich, General Manager at Amrit Ocean Residences in Palm Beach , and Vivianne Garcia-Tunon, VP of Operations at The Well in New York City.

“I am excited to be working with the Global Beauty & Wellness Exchange to expand their reach into the wellness and senior living industry sectors.  I look forward to working alongside new buyers and attendees at this outstanding, well run event,” said Tompkins.

Buyers from emerging markets include Amrit Ocean (wellness residences) and The Well (wellness club) as well as Wellpoint Community, a new mixed-use development in Huntsville, Alabama that combines senior living with leading-edge medical care, wellness programming and hospitality services. Hutchinson is consulting on the wellness and hospitality aspects of the project. Executives from management companies WTS and LIVuLtd will also be representing multiple projects around the globe.

“The merging of wellness and beauty into new segments brings opportunity for both buyers and suppliers to forge fruitful relationships outside their traditional channels,” says Jamison, President of Jamison Event Management, the event owner. “It is fitting on our 10th Anniversary to pioneer new territory and bring even greater value to our resource partners.”

For information on attending the event as a buyer or supplier, contact Joyce Jamison

About Global Beauty & Wellness Exchange

Now celebrating its 10th year, Global Beauty & Wellness Exchange brings together the nation’s most respected suppliers and high-volume buyers, The 3-day hosted event features powerful, personal networking, one on one product vetting meetings, and educational sessions designed to communicate best practices and inspire innovation.

About Hutchinson Consulting

Hutchinson Consulting is proud to share more than 250 years of combined experience in staffing, launching and operating successful businesses. With an impressive database of more than 20,000 qualified management candidates, we possess the most up to date salary data available. Clients include a wide variety of award-winning hotels, resorts, and spas. Additionally, we have client partners within the wellness arenas of health care, community development, real estate and more.


About Contento Marketing 

Contento Marketing is a boutique strategic marketing firm for the wellness and hospitality industries. Working with a select group of category leaders and industry innovators, the company specializes in business development and public relations—leveraging brands for optimal exposure.

Henderson’s top 4 day spas to visit now

Wondering where to find the best day spas near you?

Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top day spas in Henderson, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list of the best spots to venture next time you’re in the market for day spas.

Hoodline offers data-driven analysis of local happenings and trends across cities. Links included in this article may earn Hoodline a commission on clicks and transactions.

1. Mosaic Salon Boutique

First on the list is Mosaic Salon Boutique. Located at 9550 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 170, in Westgate, the hair salon, day spa and women’s clothing spot is the highest-rated day spa in Henderson, boasting 4.5 stars out of 193 reviews on Yelp.

2. Naked Skinn Studio

Next up is Whitney Ranch’s Naked Skinn Studio, situated at 601 Whitney Ranch, Suite D21. With five stars out of 65 reviews on Yelp, the day spa, skin care and hair removal spot has proven to be a local favorite.

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You can now book spa days with your DOG – and they’ll even get a pet pedicure

WE ALL love a spa day, but I think we can all agree that they would be even better if we could bring a furry friend along.

Well one hotel has just turned your doggy duo dreams into a reality as it offers a joint owner and pet spa package.

The Ringwood Hotel & Spa in Chesterfield is a four star spa that caters for both people and pooches in need of pamper.

So while you settle down to a massage or a mani pedi your pet will enjoy their own treatments at a special centre elsewhere.

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Reminder: New York State Salary History Ban Goes Into Effect Soon!

Earlier this year, New York Sate joined other states and localities in passing a law banning inquiries about an individual’s salary history. The new State law goes into effect on January 6, 2020.
The State law prohibits employers from relying on an applicant’s wage or salary history to determine whether to make an offer of employment or to determine the individual’s wages or salary. Under the law, employers may not seek an applicant or employee’s wage or salary as a condition of being interviewed, considered for employment or promotion. An employer also cannot refuse to interview, hire, promote or otherwise retaliate against an applicant or a current employee, including if they refuse to provide their wage or salary history or for filing an administrative complaint.
The law does carve out very narrow exclusions, including the ability to confirm a person’s wage or salary history after the employer has made an offer that includes an offer of compensation and only if the person responds to that offer by providing prior wage or salary information to support a higher wage or salary. The law does not prevent applicants or employees from “voluntarily and without prompting” disclosing or verifying their salary history for the purpose of negotiating wages or salary with employers. The State law is silent as to whether an employer can ask about a person’s salary expectations or desired salary,
which leaves some unclear waters for employers to navigate.
Employers in other states as well as within New York State may already be
subject to salary history ban laws already in effect including in New York City, Albany, Suffolk and Westchester County. Employers are required to comply with both State and local law and should note that, in some respects, the State law or applicable city/local law may provide greater restrictions.
The State law arms individuals with a private right of action, allowing them to bring a civil action for money damages and/or injunctive relief and to potentially recover attorneys’ fees.

Employers should review hiring materials (including applications) and review interview policies and practices to ensure compliance with applicable salary history ban(s) and should train supervisors and others involved in hiring about restrictions and permissible practices under these laws.
If you have any questions about this, please contact us at 212-644-1310.

Beat the dull, dry winter skin blues

For many people, the cold clear days of winter bring more than just a rosy glow to the cheeks. They also bring uncomfortable dryness to the skin on your face, hands, and feet. For some people, the problem is worse than just a general tight, dry feeling: They get skin so dry it results in flaking, cracking, even eczema. Ashley Thompson recently stopped by Kalon Medical Spa to find out from the experts the best way to care for our skin in a KELOLAND winter.

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Irvine’s 4 top-of-the-line medical spas

Looking to try the top medical spas around?

Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the best high-end such businesses in Irvine, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list. Read on for a rundown.

1. New Skin & Body Aesthetics

Topping the list is New Skin &d Body Aesthetics. Located at 4980 Barranca Parkway, Suite 201, in Woodbridge, it’s the highest-rated high-end medical spa in Irvine, boasting five stars out of 62 reviews on Yelp. 

The site has lots more information on New Skin And Body Aesthetics.

“Our state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line medical spa was established because we wanted to set the bar high for medical aesthetics,” per the history section of the business’s Yelp profile. “We offer the best technology in aesthetic laser equipment, skin care, skin services, body treatments and medical weight loss. We offer advanced-trained, highly skilled staff to provide you with the best results possible, even for those perfectionists!”

Concerning signature items, “Orange County’s advanced med spa offering injectables, laser treatments, body sculpting and skin rejuvenation,” it notes on Yelp in the section about specialties. “We specialize in non-invasive cosmetic services.”

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Seeking Perfect 2020 Vision? 3 Lessons From Beauty Industry

In the year and decade ahead,  CPG companies must go beyond product to deliver services and experiences that are entirely relevant to the individual consumer when it really matters. But in 2020, brands will be expected to go much further by also positively contributing to the environment.

Beauty is one industry leading the charge in delivering relevance at scale. Here are three ways beauty could help CPG companies navigate the road ahead: 

#1 – Tech takes the lead. Technology is now the key accelerator for consumer goods companies looking to achieve hyper-relevance at scale. The ability to blend both physical and digital experiences in individually personalized solutions is a big trend.

Just look at how beauty brands are changing the way they interact with end consumers through augmented reality. For example, some brands are using Magic Mirrors to let people try out different hair colors and find the shade that suits in an instant. 

As in many sectors, machine learning is another really vibrant space in beauty right now. One major player is using AR and AI and training an algorithm for different skin type groups that smartphone owners can use to detect and evaluate the unique signs of facial aging. 

It’s not only a great new way to leverage the company’s deep industry expertise and deliver a personalized service for customers, it’s also a highly valuable new source of insights for future product development. 

#2 – Medicinal beauty shakes the foundations. Boundaries between industries are so much more porous than they once were. Across consumer goods — and specifically in beauty — that’s opening the stage for new players from alternate sources to step into the limelight. And life sciences companies are eyeing up the possibilities of applying scientific and medical advances in beauty solutions.

Research from University of California geneticist Steve Horvath is radically changing our understanding of how the body’s epigenetic clock  (our “biological” age) might be reversed through a combination of hormonal and other therapies.

Innovations like these might still be a way off in terms of practical application, but the potential for major disruption and realignment in the beauty industry is obvious. Which consumers will be willing to spend $1,000 on a 12-ounce pot of face cream, when a biotech or medicinal solution can solve the problem at its source?

So far over-the-counter beauty brands have stayed away from emphasizing the medical and/or pharmaceutical aspects of their products. That’s now likely to change, especially in the way brands talk to older, more health-focused consumers.  

#3 Eco-friendly packaged goods. Sustainability is top of the consumer agenda today, and it’s a trend that will only grow over the next 12 months. Shoppers want to reduce their environmental impact, and they’re thinking much more critically about how their products are used and packaged.

Brands are responding. One UK company introduced “black wax,” a blend of moisture-resistant waxes and coloring pigments to reduce packaging and keep products in good shape during transport. Another company has a low-plastic paper-based bottle that’s safe to take into the shower. 

Indeed, the year ahead will see the continued evolution of product packaging from something which merely contains, protects, and communicates to something which takes a key role in the connected ecosystem of our lives. 

So, this year, expect packaging to get smarter and more sustainable. Refillable and reusable will be the order of the day. Less pretty, perhaps, but more eco-friendly. And when combined with the IoT, a vehicle for really new and exciting user-centric beauty services.

Pet Relief: The Nautical Dog

Quality, customer service and an eye for trends are important to this Virginia retailer

“Virginia is for Lovers” notes the state motto, yet it is not just about people — that love extends to animals, especially for one retail store, The Nautical Dog. Located in Williamsburg, The Nautical Dog is “a store of love for animals.” Owner Amanda Morrissette opened the store about 13 years ago and has been growing and learning ever since.

“Everything I do here has a common goal of offering the best. I started the store when I was 20 years old and I’m now 33. It has all been a learning process and I still have lots to learn, but if you love what you do and put 110% it will all be worth it,” she shared.

Morrissette became obsessed with everything dog related after she brought her first dog, Roxy — a Pembroke Corgi — home. “I was always searching for cute little dog boutiques and going to pet stores to shop for her. I was already in retail (clothing) and decided that I would one day like to open a boutique for dogs and eventually (I) took the leap,” she explained.

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Movers & Shakers: Charles Voth joins Mindbody

Charles Voth has recently rejoined the Mindbody family to provide unparalleled attention to the channel partner ecosystem and work tirelessly towards the growth and betterment of our partners.

Alongside his professional experience lies a Kinesiology degree with an emphasis in Exercise Science…making him the perfect fit for Mindbody’s mission. Outside of the workplace, you can find Charles hiking with his wife and two German Shepherds, enjoying a Central Coast winery, or in a local CrossFit gym.

Charles’ “What I love about MINDBODY”:
First and foremost, what I love about MINDBODY is the truly unwavering focus on our mission. Health and wellness has always been a huge part of my life. From education to hobbies to professional passion, it is truly one of the core forces that drive me. So to rejoin a like-minded team that roots all of their decisions within our goal to “leverage technology to improve the health and wellness of the world,”

I can’t imagine a better environment. Its also so rewarding to see the passion of business owners in the health and wellness industry and to hear the story of their “why,” and I can only hope that MINDBODY helps enable them to fully embody their “why” and provide the type of client experience that is true to their vision. I am honored to work with our amazing portfolio of channel partners that interact with those same business owners.

Reach Charles at: MINDBODY, Inc.

Seth Mattison to speak at ISPA Talent Symposium

The International SPA Association (ISPA) will hold its inaugural ISPA Talent Symposium on 15 April at The Ritz-Carlton, Bacara in Santa Barbara, CA. This event will be a first of its kind for the spa industry and will focus solely on workforce issues.

Engaging your team is key to attracting and retaining employees in today’s competitive labour market. The ISPA Talent Symposium will equip attendees with energetic and innovative approaches to solving these pertinent workforce challenges. Established spa industry and workforce development professionals will join featured speakers to help unlock the secrets to fostering an engaged workforce and developing a talent strategy.

Seth Mattison is the first announced keynote speaker for the event. As the founder and CEO of Luminate Labs, a digital media platform, production company and global community for luminaries, leaders, influencers and subject-matter experts representing the most forward-thinking organizations in the world, Mattison advises leaders on key shifts happening around talent management, leadership and the future of work. His goal is “to help facilitate a shift in consciousness around what work and leadership will mean in the 21st Century and the role individuals can play in intentionally leading organisations and legacies that bring deep value to the world.”

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Colorado spas evolving to help skiers, hikers and athletes recover after workouts

There is no shortage of spas in Colorado where a guest can get a relaxing massage, bliss out in an aromatherapy room or have skin and nails buffed and enhanced. While the traditional spa isn’t going away, some spas are looking to offer more than chilling out with sports recovery services for all those people who overdid it on the slopes or trails of our iconic mountains.

“The spa industry continues to evolve to meet the needs of today’s consumers,” said Jennifer Razee, spa director at Well & Being in Vail, which opened in November. “While recovery spas aren’t limited to Colorado, it makes sense that they would populate in western mountain towns like Vail where many travelers participate in mountain sports.”

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7 Top Spa-Wellness Trends

The overarching theme at the September 2019 ISPA (International Spa Association) Conference, held in Las Vegas, was “evolution.” This is the most appropriate description for what the spa industry is experiencing. As the founder of the leading wellness PR firm, I’ve been attending ISPA since it was established.

At that time, spas were wrestling with various identities…yoga retreats, fat farms and places to heal. Today, spa has evolved into an accessible place of wellness. My personal philosophy and the mission of my firm is to make wellness applicable to every room of the home or office, every member of the family and every time of day. It was satisfying to see that reflected at ISPA this year, as well as at the ISPA media event prior to the show, where spas showcased the products, services and equipment they feature.

A look at five trends that took center stage at the show:

Content Creation is King: How and Why to use Content to Grow your Wellness Business

Does your business actively post on social media? Do you blog? Have an e-newsletter? How about creating videos about your spa or skin care practice? It’s likely you answered yes to at least one of those questions, and maybe all four. Guess what you are doing? Creating content.

Now, more than ever, content is king. Why is content creation important? Your leads, clients, potential partners, and media want to read great content. In fact, 20% of the time that an internet user spends online is spent just reading content and 80% of internet users like to learn about companies through the custom content they provide.1

Content helps you attract and engage customers, bring new visitors to your website or facility, and reach the end result of building your bottom line. Content creation and marketing also positions your brand and yourself as experts.

Through creating your own content, you also demonstrate expertise in your field (skin care, spa management, massage, and so forth), while providing knowledge that can help educate readers’ purchasing, wellness, and lifestyle decisions. 

Read more at Dermascope…

Julie Keller Callaghan joins Hutchinson Consulting

Julie Keller Callaghan, the former editor-in-chief and publisher of American Spa, has joined Hutchinson Consulting, a hospitality industry executive search and recruiting firm, as an executive recruiter and marketing and communications specialist.

Keller Callaghan led the American Spa team for the past 15 years and is an advocate and influencer in the wellness world. Under her leadership, the brand evolved to include a print publication, a website, social media community, multiple awards programmes, and numerous events.

Keller Callaghan is also the founder of the American Spa Women in Wellness Leadership Conferences and the American Spa CBD Summit, and spent the past year as the event director for Spatec by American Spa. For these efforts and more, she was named a 2019 Folio Top Woman in Media in the Industry Trailblazers category, and she and her team won an ISPA Innovate Award in 2018 for their work with women in leadership.

At Hutchinson, Keller Callaghan will help expand the firm’s wellness recruitment services in the spa, wellness, and hospitality space. She will also work closely with the executive team to help companies create powerful marketing messages to develop and grow their brands. Additionally, she will continue to act as an industry expert, speaking at events, serving as an expert judge and panelist, and sharing the industry knowledge she has developed by leading the industry’s top media brand for spa and wellness professionals.

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In Pursuit of Pleasure: Spa Treatments

ACTIVE BODY RX | 875-2229

THE TREATMENT: ʻAwa Remedy | Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Kea Lani

WHAT IT INCLUDES: For centuries, Polynesians have revered ʻawa as a medicinal plant known to release tension and soothe sore muscles. Inspired by Hawaiian warriors who used the root to relieve bodily stress, this treatment is perfect for modern-day athletes. The spa’s citrus sugar scrub prepares the skin for the healing powers of an ʻawa and aloe body mask that’s followed by an invigorating head-to-toe massage.

WHAT IT’S GOOD FOR: While ʻawa is typically consumed as a beverage, incorporating it into a massage effectively relaxes tense muscle tissue. Its warming nature helps to increase peripheral blood flow.

WHAT IT COSTS: 90 minutes, $279; available as a couple’s experience

PURE LUXURY | 874-8000

THE TREATMENT: CelestialBlack Diamond Facial | The Spa at Four Seasons Maui

WHAT IT INCLUDES: If Marilyn were alive today, it’s likely she’d be singing the praises of a facial that literally covers you in diamonds. As its name suggests, actual nano particles of diamonds are in this face mask. Working in concert with other spa products, “diamond dust” transports ingredients more deeply into the skin. LED light and oxygen therapy are also integrated into the luxe treatment, promising to zap bacteria, stimulate collagen production, and reduce inflammation.

WHAT IT’S GOOD FOR: Designed to shrink pores, brighten complexion, and plump tired skin, the so-called “red carpet facial” is said to be a go-to for celebrities facing the klieg lights and flashing bulbs, so you can be confident this treatment has been field-tested.

WHAT IT COSTS: 80 minutes, $495

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Wellness trends so you”re beautiful inside out

New Delhi, Jan 12 (IANSlife) In today”s world, wellness has gained tremendous currency. The origin of “wellness” dates back to ancient times; it became the IT word between 1970s to 1990s.

One can thank Jane Fonda”s first ”workout video” in the 1980s, when only a few could make a mark in the world of fitness. The video was credited as bestselling in the “at-home-fitness” segment, bringing about a revolution to the wellness industry. Exercise, weight training, beauty rituals too are trillion-dollar industry.

One chooses to compliment fitness with ”wellness” and ”mindfulness” to deal with the growing needs of people and the fast paced lifestyle. Wellness is a phenomenon which mainly focuses on optimizing overall physical and mental well-being. A myriad of holistic approaches emphasizes on “Self-care”, “Fitness apps”, “self-relaxing”, “nature retreat”, “detoxing”, “sleep trackers”, “health kits and devices”, “spiritual healing”.

To look beautiful one has to feel beautiful and that can only happen when you feel positive. Follow these wellness trends by Dr Paras, Life-leadership Coach and founder of Matrrix, for a beautiful you in 2020.

DNA Testing

Genetic testing will illuminate almost everything as it helps you with in-depth insights of your family and ancestral heritage. Exclusive Genetic testing for health benefits is rapidly increasing. This is a tremendous step to put an end to procrastination and a one-size-fits-all approach.

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Spa Mass And Mid-range Furnitures Market Enhancement, Latest Trends, Rising Growth and Opportunity during 2019 to 2025

The Spa Mass And Mid-range Furnitures Market recently Published Global Market look into study with in excess of 100 industry enlightening work area and Figures spread through Pages and straightforward itemized TOC on “Spa Mass And Mid-range Furnitures Market”.
The report provides information and the advancing business series information in the sector to the exchange. The report gives an idea associated with the advancement of this market development of significant players of this industry. An examination of this Spa Mass And Mid-range Furnitures relies upon aims, which are of coordinated into market analysis, is incorporated into the reports.

The global Spa Mass And Mid-range Furnitures market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 6.0% during the forecast period 2015 to 2025.

Top Companies in the Global Spa Mass And Mid-range Furnitures Market are
Earthlite, Nilo The Spa Industry, OAKWORKS SOLUTIONS, Gharieni Group, Lemi, Continuum, AP INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY, Collins Manufacturing Company, Leli Group Furniture Manufacturing, Pibbs Industries, Custom Craftworks, TouchAmerica, Design X Manufacturing and Others….

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8 Luxury Experiences in NYC

To indulge yourself or someone else with a luxury experience, there’s no place better than New York City. Here are eight ways to mark a special day worthy of the splurge!

Oasis Day Spa, One Park Avenue (between 31st and 32nd Sts.) is dark, hushed, and serene. With 19 treatment rooms, men’s and women’s changing areas, and a relaxation room outfitted with lemon-infused water, teas, and light snacks, you will leave blissful. Choose from the vast menu of offerings including aroma therapy message (60 minutes with deep tissue, $160); Signature Facial (60 minutes, $140); Oasis Purity Wrap with detoxifying seaweeds and kelp (60 minutes $135), waxing of every possible body part, special spa packages, and offers for brides or mothers-to-be. Oasis is professional and entirely delightful.

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7 Top Spa-Wellness Trends 

Nancy Trent – January 10, 2020

Probiotic skin wellness: People should be using probiotic skincare year-round. There are millions of microorganisms (a vast variety of bacteria, viruses, and fungi) currently living on your skin. Research shows that some of these microorganisms actually promote skin health, and reinforce your skin’s natural barrier against harmful bacteria, balance your skin’s pH levels, and may even protect against skin cancer. But the use of harsh facial cleansers and antibacterial products strip your skin of its “good” bacteria and other microorganisms, damaging the skin’s natural ecosystem known as your “microbiome.”

As a legacy brand and leading innovator since 1871, Columbia Skincare uses prebiotics, probiotics, botanicals, and peptides in a science-backed formula that helps people heal their skin by supporting microbiome health while stimulating the natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid to activate the skin’s natural healing process. Columbia Skincare Probiotic products are proven to speed up skin renewal, improve the cohesiveness of skin cells, reinforce the barrier, and amplify skin’s production of antibiotic-like chemicals. The strains, protein, and stem cells in Columbia Skincare products were selected based on years of research that determined these ingredients together potentiate and become a new complex, unique formulation—blending science and nature for supreme wellness and skin health. Columbia Skincare’s proprietary technology assures the efficacy as well as the safety of their products when used as recommended.

Renowned dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe claims Columbia Skincare products are the best for “Sensitive, Irritated, and Rosacea-Prone Skin” and recommends it for use after chemical peels, laser treatments, and micro-needling, or to offset the uncomfortable effects of retinoids and exfoliants.

Spas of America’s 100 Favorite Spas of 2019

North America’s healthy passion for spa and wellness travel is alive and well, as illustrated by Spas of America’s annual list of the Top 100 Spas. The No. 1 spa and wellness travel website today unveiled its Top 100 Spas of 2019, based on unique page views and consumer choices on The annual award provides insight into consumers’ favorite spas of the year.

The Top 100 Spas of 2019 list includes 76 spas from the United States, 18 spas from Canada, four from Mexico, and one each from The Bahamas and Jamaica. The No.1 spa for 2019 was the fitness and hiking-influenced Red Mountain Resort with its Sagestone Spa in St. George, Utah.

The most popular spa experience was the growing Health category, which includes Fitness, Health and Weight Loss, with a combined 16 spas. The health benefits of natural Mineral Hot Springs followed with 15 spas, tying the convenience and excitement of City spa experiences with 15. Mountain spas followed with 12 spas, Casino and Country with 10 each, Beach with seven, Ocean with six, Lake with four, Wine with three, and Desert with two spas.

“The North American spa and wellness industry continues to evolve,” says Spas of America president Craig Oliver. “Spa and wellness travel is not only about pampering and relaxation. Today, guests are exploring exciting new wellness experiences, dynamic spa-themed hotels and resorts, and rewarding multi-day/week spa retreats, contributing to lasting change in their lives.”

“We are excited to learn about achieving Spas of America’s No. 1 spa for 2019,” says Tracey Welsh, general manager of Red Mountain Resort. “Our team has strived hard to create personal experiences for our guests and inspire wellness through adventure at our beautiful Southwestern Utah resort. We look forward to welcoming guests to our unique fitness and hiking experience in beautiful St. George, Utah.”

Spas of America’s Top 100 Spas of 2019
1.    Red Mountain Resort, St. George, Utah
2.    Skaná, The Spa at Turning Stone Resort, Verona, New York
3.    Aspira Spa, The Osthoff Resort, Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin
4.    New Life Hiking Spa, Killington, Vermont
5.    Spa Shiki at the Lodge of Four Seasons, Lake Ozark, Missouri
6.    Feathers Spa at the Peabody Hotel Memphis, Tennessee
7.    The Spa at the Joule, Dallas, Texas
8.    Spa at Grand National, Auburn Marriott Opelika Resort & Spa at Grand National, Opelika, Alabama
9.    The Spa at Ross Bridge, Birmingham, Alabama
10.    Spa Walden, Walden Inn & Spa, Walden, Ohio
11.    The Spa at Cliff House, Cape Neddick, Maine
12.    The Spa at French Lick, French Lick, Indiana
13.    Remède Spa, St. Regis, Mexico City, Mexico
14.    Soul Spa, The Westin Jackson, Jackson, Mississippi
15.    Crystal Spa, Crystal Mountain Resort & Spa, Thompsonville, Michigan
16.    Grotto Spa, Tigh-Na-Mara Spa Resort, Parksville, British Columbia
17.    The Spa at The Shoals, Florence, Alabama
18.    The Greenbrier Spa, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
19.    The Lodge at Woodloch, Hawley, Pennsylvania
20.    Miraj Hammam Toronto, Shangri-La Toronto, Ontario
21.    Springs Eternal Spa, Omni Bedford Springs, Bedford, Pennsylvania
22.    Immerse Spa, MGM Grand Detroit, Detroit, Michigan
23.    The Spa at White Oaks Resort, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
24.    The Sunstone Spa at Agua Caliente, Rancho Mirage, California
25.    The Spa at The Omni Homestead, Hot Springs, Virginia
26.    Deerfield Health Retreat & Spa, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
27.    Spa Eastman, Eastman, Quebec
28.    Roosevelt Baths & Spa at Gideon Putnam Resort, Saratoga Springs, New York
29.    The Spa at Beau Rivage, Biloxi, Mississippi
30.    Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort, San Luis Obispo, California
31.    Trillium Spa at Seven Springs Mountain Resort, Champion, Pennsylvania
32.    Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, Miami Beach, Florida
33.    Bamford Haybarn Spa, 1 Hotel, Brooklyn, New York
34.    Pala Spa, Pala Casino Spa & Resort, Pala, California
35.    Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain, Blue Mountains, Ontario
36.    Sunrise Springs Spa Resort, Santa Fe, New Mexico
37.    Dunton Hot Springs, Dolores, Colorado
38.    The Spa at Sun Valley Resort, Sun Valley, Idaho
39.    Healing Waters Spa, Saratoga Resort and Spa, Saratoga, Wyoming
40.    Hibiscus Spa & Salon, Westin Las Vegas, Nevada
41.    Sole’renity Spa at the Artesian Hotel, Sulphur, Oklahoma
42.    Manitou Springs Resort & Mineral Spa, Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan
43.    Espiritu Spa, Costa Baja Resort, La Paz, Mexico
44.    The Marsh, Minnetonka, Minnesota
45.    The Spa at Ritz Carlton, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
46.    Turtle Cove Spa, Mountain Harbor Resort, Mount Ida, Arkansas
47.    Willow Stream Spa, Fairmont Pacific Rim, Vancouver, British Columbia
48.    The Spa at Stowe Mountain Lodge, Stowe, Vermont
49.    The Spa at Stein Eriksen Lodge, Park City, Utah
50.    Relache Spa Gaylord Texan, Grapevine, Texas
51.    Spa Terre, The Josie Hotel, Rossland, British Columbia
52.    Healing Springs Spa, Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa, British Columbia
53.    Golden Door, San Marcos, California
54.    Drift Spa, Black Rock Oceanfront Resort, Ucluelet, British Columbia
55.    Movara Fitness Resort, St. George, Utah
56.    Miraj Hammam Spa, Vancouver, British Columbia
57.    Palazoo Bontadosi Hotel & Spa, Montefalco, Italy
58.    Hippocrates Health Institute, West Palm Beach, Florida
59.    Remède Spa, St. Regis, Atlanta, Georgia
60.    Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa, Hot Springs, Arkansas
61.    Glacial Waters Spa at Grand View Lodge, Nisswa, Minnesota
62.    Jewel Grande Resort & Spa, Montego Bay, Jamaica
63.    Spa Mandalay, Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
64.    The Spring Resort and Spa, Desert Hot Springs, California
65.    The Spa at Wine & Roses, Lodi, California
66.    Eforea Spa, Hilton Sedona Resort Bell Rock, Sedona, Arizona
67.    The Spa at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, Lake Louise, Alberta
68.    Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa, Jalisco, Mexico
69.    Spa of the Rockies, Glenwood, Colorado
70.    Pacific Mist Spa, Kingfisher Oceanside Resort & Spa, Courtenay, British Columbia
71.    Luna Spa at the Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch, Scottsdale, Arizona
72.    The Ritz Carlton Spa, Bachelor Gulch Spa, Avon, Colorado
73.    Woodlands Spa, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, Farmington, Pennsylvania
74.    Stillwater Spa, Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort, Incline Village, Nevada
75.    ESPA at Baha Mar, Grand Hyatt, Nassau, The Bahamas
76.    Aarna Spa, Pasea Hotel & Spa, Huntington Beach, California
77.    Spa Without Walls, The Fairmont Orchid, Kohala Coast, Hawaii
78.    Boathouse Spa and Baths, Oak Bay Beach Hotel, Victoria, British Columbia
79.    The Bathhouse Spa, Delano Las Vegas, Nevada
80.    Glen Ivy Hot Springs, Corona, California
81.    Health Club & Spa at Fairmont Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
82.    Rancho La Puerta, Tecate, Mexico
83.    Carson Hot Springs Bath House, Carson, Washington
84.    Exhale Spa Ocean Resort Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey
85.    Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs, Ojo Caliente, New Mexico
86.    Auberge Spa Hotel Jerome, Aspen, Colorado
87.    Elora Mill Hotel & Spa, Elora, Ontario
88.    Mii Amo, A Destination Spa at Enchantment Resort, Sedona, Arizona
89.    The Spa at Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe, Victoria, British Columbia
90.    Spa Khakara, Sheraton Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii
91.    The Spa at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, Jasper, Alberta
92.    Ste. Anne’s Spa, Grafton, Ontario
93.    Healing Arts Center & Spa, Cavallo Point Lodge, Sausalito, California
94.    Mirbeau Inn & Spa at The Pinehills, Plymouth, Massachusetts
95.    Mynd Spa & Salon, The Willard InterContinental, Washington, District of Columbia
96.    Hilton Head Health, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
97.    Tree Spa at Hidden Pond, Kennebunkport, Maine
98.    Solace Spa & Salon, Big Sky Resort, Big Sky, Montana
99.    The Spa at Whiteface Lodge, Lake Placid, New York
100.    Spa La Vie at Paragon Casino Resort, Marksville, Louisiana

Mover and Shaker: Colette Brown

Colette Brown has been a licensed clinical esthetician since 1991. Her imbued experience in the latest, non-invasive anti-aging procedures fosters her passion for skincare and wellness for her clientele.

Colette understands the benefits topical probiotics contribute to the skin’s health. The unique way she combines wellness and skin therapy is why Colette leads the Columbia SkinCare practice on the West coast. She has a B.A. in education, is a certified Holistic Practitioner through the Kresser Institute, and has certifications in advanced skincare procedures.

Colette is Columbia SkinCare’s Western Regional Manager of operations and head of the Professional Products Division. Based in Beverly Hills, CA, Colette is supported by two lovely daughters and the family dog — Otis.

What has Colette learned in the business?

  1. When someone is excited and passionate about change, it moves me, because only then can we see the real transformation happen. Not just a physical transformation, but inside-out, where one is radiating beauty and confidence from within.
  2. Trust your gut and a mentor. Trust your gut not only to probiotics, but always be in tune and listen to your inner voice because it will guide you down paths, both in business and personal, you never dreamt of. A wise mentor can help navigate you through situations you were unprepared for, which can save time and money.
  3. Love yourself first. As a mom, entrepreneur, sister, and friend, my life can quickly be engulfed in the needs of others. It is a daily routine for me to practice gratitude, be kind to myself when I don’t make the best decisions, and no matter what, keep going!


A record number of buying groups and trade groups will be in attendance at Lightovation and the Total Home & Gift Market in January, according to Dallas Market Center. 

Dallas Market Center has announced that a record number of business organizations including more than 40 retail buying groups, trade groups and associations are participating in its upcoming Dallas Total Home & Gift Market (January 8-14), and Lightovation: Dallas International Lighting Show (January 8-12).

The organizations, representing tens of thousands of members and hundreds of millions of dollars in purchasing power, will conduct business in Dallas including private buys, new resource reviews, market tours, networking events, workshops and other activities designed to sharpen business skills, gather industry intelligence and procure merchandise from showrooms and temporary exhibits.

“These organizations offer tremendous buying power and industry influence. We are pleased to welcome them to Dallas and to work with them directly with a dedicated team to support the partnership,” said Cindy Morris, president and CEO, Dallas Market Center. “On behalf of our showrooms we look forward to helping them serve their members and broaden their reach to market attendees from around the world.”

Participating Buying Groups

Among the participating buying groups and associations for January 2020 are: Affiliated Distributors (AD), American Lighting Association, American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA), ART (the creative home furnishings network), American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), Association for Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals (AHVRP), Brixy, Consortium for Energy Efficiency, Energy Star, Ferguson Enterprises, Gift & Home Trade Association (GHTA), GC Buying Group, HTI, Holiday & Decorative Association (HDA), Home Furnishings Association (HFA), Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA), Illuminating Engineering Society, Interior Design Society (IDS), International Floral Distributors (IFD), International Association of Lighting Designers, International Interior Design Association (IIDA), IFDA (International Furnishings and Design Association), Lighting One, Lighting Showroom Association, Logos Bookstores Association, Luxury Products Group, MAI Retailers (formerly Monograms America), Museum Store Association (MSA), National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), NEWH (the Hospitality Industry Network), North American Farmers’ Direct Marketing Association, Palmer Marketing, Purchasing Power Plus (PPP), Southwest Buying Group, Spa Industry Association (formerly the Day Spa Association & International Medical Spa Association), SPECTRA Marketing Group, Sustainable Furnishings Council, Texas Association of Interior Designers (TAID), Texas Nursery & Landscape Association, Texas State Floral Association and the Wholesale Florist & Florist Supply Association (WFFSA). New for January 2020 are Palmer Marketing, North American Farmers’ Direct Marketing Association, and SPECTRA Marketing Group.

 Dallas is the first major market of 2020 and will welcome buyers from January 8 to 14 for the Total Home & Gift Market. 

6 Ways Mobile Apps Build a Better Customer Experience for Salon and Spa Guests

With technology seeping into every nook and cranny of the industries, don’t you think it’s time the beauty industry adopts it too? The reasons are simple. You cannot let your business just be and expect it to thrive and gain a competitive edge. It’s only when you move with the stream (of technology), can you leverage the available avenues. Today, I am talking about mobile apps.

You’re missing out on loyal customers, brand awareness, better services, and a lot of money for that matter if you haven’t yet incorporated mobile apps into your business. Yes, it is that important.

The number one reason for that is – customers are always looking for convenient and seamless experiences. And as a business it is your responsibility to serve them with nothing but the best. This will not only build a better business customer relationship but also skyrocket your profits like never before. And who doesn’t want that? 

Beauty industry is huge and in 2020 and beyond the graph will only go upwards. And you definitely don’t want to live by traditional methods of business. 

In case you agree that there’s nothing more important than efficient customer experience for business, read along!

Here are some beauty facts for you – 

  • Women spend more than men when it comes to salon and spas – $3,756 a year (around $313 a month); men on average spend $2,928 per year
  • The market opportunity is huge — health, beauty, wellness is a $100+ billion industry in the U.S.

So, now you have an idea of what you’re missing by not bringing salon mobile apps into the scene.

But how do Mobile Apps Build a Better Customer Experience for Salon and Spa Guests?

Mobile apps, for starters, can give your customers the convenient and efficient experience they are always looking for. And though there are so many ways in which apps can redefine the trajectory of your salon businesses, here are the 6 top ones for you to ponder over – 

1. Online booking – This is definitely more important than you think. Without a mobile app, your customers will have one of the two options. They will either call you as per their convenience or they’ll walk-in directly. Now, calling might seem like a feasible option but if all the customers start calling- you’ll have to hire someone to attend the calls and he/she will have to explain your services, time and again. And walk-in would cause even more inconvenience than you can imagine. Online booking, on the other hand, is time-saving and cost-effective for both, you and your customers. Customers can access the app whenever required and can book an appointment at an available time slot that suits them the best. That means fewer calls and efficient process. 

2. You Can Reduce ‘Wait Time’ With Your Salon Mobile App! -Wait time refers to the amount of time a job is sitting idle before the order is processed. Basically, the time you spend in handling callers and booking their appointments is actually your wait time. Because if you think – you can utilize that time to stay ahead of your competition. With a mobile app, your business will have no wait time as the job won’t ever sit idle. The customers will keep booking appointments on the go and you’ll keep serving them. And this, in turn, will save you the most precious resources a business has – time and money.

3. List Your Services In A Library Style Display For Clearer Understanding – It doesn’t matter if its a loyal customer or a new one. Without a mobile app, you’ll have to explain your list of services, time and again, to customers when they visit the salon or call to book an appointment. And that is not only time consuming but also confusing for the customer. They do not get a clear view of what you have in store for them. The mobile app, on the other hand, can help by providing a library-style display where all your services are clearly mentioned. Here, the customers as per their convenience can go through each service and decide which one they want to explore. Also isn’t it obvious that the customers will be interested in more services if they understand all the services in the first place? Not only this, you’ll be able to handle your customers in a more efficient manner. How?  Because all those customers will know exactly what you offer and you won’t get confused by their demands. 

4. Loyalty And Reward Programs On Mobile App For Beauty Salon – There’s no denying the fact that customers love rewards. And that is one of the reasons why mobile apps are more effective. It’s not just your service but also your business-customer relationship that helps in retaining your customers. And apps can help you master that. How? The concept of rewards and loyalty programs does that. Suppose there’s a customer who uses your services frequently wouldn’t you want them to know that you value them? One of the ways to do that is to give them special discounts(on occasions like birthdays) and offers for their loyalty. This always excites the customers and brings them back to you.

5. You Can Offer Your Customers with Cashless Mobile Payments – We are living in a cashless economy. More often than not we believe in digital payments because let’s face the fact no one carries the exact change. Digital mobile payments, thus, are a quick and convenient alternative using which customers can make exact payments in no time. This saves you from the trouble of maintaining records of payments and them (customers) from the hassle of carrying cash. What you can do here is integrate the common mobile wallet options with your app and include the options of credit/debit card or internet banking through which customers can make seamless payments. 

6. Customer Management, Tracking, And Payment All In One Mobile App – Businesses are not made up of one element. There are too many things involved in the process. From managing your customers, tracking their journey with you (how many times did they visit you or how loyal they are with your service) to maintain records of who paid what and when, there’s a lot that businesses need to take care of. All these seemingly simple tasks are difficult to process manually. And in the age of digitalization, you cannot afford to miss out on automating some of your business processes. Whether you want to follow up a customer or remind them of their appointment, without a mobile app it’s you have to do so. A mobile app, on the other hand, can send notifications to your customers when required . Also, the online payment option will without a doubt help you maintain correct records every single time. 

Wrapping up – Mobile apps are a boon to businesses. And now you know how!

Without mobile apps, you’re not only missing out on customer acquisition but also customer retention. It is only by adopting the technological advancements and flowing with the stream, can you make your business thrive in the true sense. 

Varsha Solanki is a Digital Marketing Strategist at Space-O Canada, a Software development company. She has 3 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. She spends her time reading about new trends in Digital Marketing and the latest technologies.

Questex’s American Spa Welcomes the New Year with More Business-Building Content to Help Spa and Wellness Professionals Take their Businesses to the Next Level

Heather Mikesell Takes the Helm as Editor-in-Chief of American Spa

NEW YORK, NY — With a new year and decade on the horizon, Questex’s American Spa, the spa and wellness authority, is poised to capitalize on its position as the top choice for spa and wellness professionals looking to better their businesses. For more than two decades, the brand has provided wellness leaders and decision-makers the news, business advice, research, trends, and more to help them nurture and scale their operations. An annual award winner for exceptional editorial and design, American Spa magazine has grown to include a dynamic website, multiple newsletters, engaging social media content, and popular industry events, such as the International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conferences (IECSC)SPATEC, the industry’s number-one hosted buyer event; and Impact CBD Expo, which debuts in August.

In the new year, executive editor Heather Mikesell will take the helm as editor-in-chief, building on the brand’s legacy of delivering award-winning content that helps spa and wellness professionals nurture and grow their businesses. A long-time veteran of the American Spa team, Mikesell takes over from Julie Keller Callaghan, who is leaving to pursue other wellness-related opportunities. Keller Callaghan will continue her relationship with American Spa with editor-at-large projects.

“Over the past two decades, I’ve watched the spa and wellness industry grow to become an integral part of our daily lives,” says Mikesell. “I’m looking forward to sharing the stories that are impacting the industry and helping our American Spa audience tackle the challenges that affect their businesses.”

Thanks to its expansive reach, American Spa has created a robust social media presence with more than 95,000 followers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, connecting industry members to a vibrant community. It delivers the information spa and wellness professionals need with a variety of newsletters, such as Medical Spa Report and Spa Scoop, delivered straight to their inboxes. Readers can also gain insight on the experiences of other spa directors in the industry with the brand’s Spa Talk interviews, discover the trending treatments estheticians are raving about with American Spa’s esthetician’s channel, and benefit from tips and tools for improving their businesses with Business Builder articles contributed each month from industry insiders. Through its award-winning print publication, easy-to-navigate website, popular industry events, and engaging podcasts, webinars, and videos, American Spa is bringing spa and wellness professionals more of what they’ve come to love from the trusted brand in 2020. 

About Questex

At Questex, we are passionate about driving business outcomes. We connect buyers and sellers and help both achieve their goals. We are online, on devices and live with experiential engagements. We understand the buyer’s behavior and evolving needs and connect them with the seller through continual touchpoints. From discovery through purchase and purchase through advocacy, we supply unmatched access, insight, engagement and turnkey solutions all in one place. 

7 Ways to Make Your Vacation Spa Day the Best Ever


Vacations are amazing, especially if the destination is the spa. You can incorporate salt treatments in your spa vacation and you need to plan it. Spa vacations started to bloom in the last years, so taking the time to plan them can truly maximize your experience.

Spas are a great vacation destination, but to make it the best you need to plan it accordingly and take into account some important details. 

  1. Plan It Ahead of Time

Why is it important to plan all your activities ahead of time? Because on your spa vacation all you will want will be to relax and have fun. You do not want to search for activities and plan them at the scene. Instead, plan them ahead of time to be sure that your experience is maximized.

Relaxation and good vibes are essential for a successful spa vacation, says Michael Zimbardo best writing service at essay writing uk, the essay writer service.

2. Choose Your Companions

If you are more into solo activities, you can plan to spend your spa vacation alone. However, it is fun to have some friends or family members to share the joy with. For sure you know which friends will enjoy a spa vacation and which not.

Either way, make sure you choose someone whose companionship will enhance the spa experience and will make your vacation even more relaxing and beautiful. 

3. Carefully Choose the Order of the Activities

If your spa vacation will have more activities, as it will surely have, try to plan them carefully. You will want to avoid going to body wrap and afterward to manicure or pedicure.

During a massage, there are a lot of oils used and you will want to avoid an oily body at a manicure. So, try to leave the massage and facial at the end and you will benefit more of your spa vacation. 

4. Eat Healthily

It is important to have healthy meals before going to the spa, as you will want to avoid feeling bloated or grassy. You need to make sure that your spa experience is maximized and that will only bring joy and relaxation. So, choose lightweight meals like eggs, smoothies or juices. Acai bowls are also a good option. 

5. Clear Your Schedule

A common mistake all spa-goers make is going to work or big social events after a spa vacation. You will leave the spa relaxed, at peace and very joyful and you will want to continue the relaxation experience at your home. Having demanding activities after a spa vacation can alter its benefits and effects. Take your time and relax. Do not rush into work. 

6. Add Like-Minded Activities

You will need to add some activities before and after your spa treatment. You will want to enter and maintain a relaxed mindset, so you can include some interesting and relaxing activities.

For example, you can start the morning with a yoga session and a healthy breakfast at your favorite restaurant. Watch a movie, order room service and enjoy your vacation. 

7. Leave Your Worries Behind

You can plan your activities ahead of time, but if you do not let your worries behind you cannot take advantage of the experience. Make a commitment to leave all your worries at the door. Enter your spa vacation with calm and clarity. Make your experience mindful and relaxed. 


You can make your vacation spa day the best by leaving all your worries at the door. Plan all your activities ahead of time and choose carefully the order of the activities. Clear your schedule and choose like-minded activities to enhance your experience. 

Sharon Hooper is a marketing specialist and paper writer from Manchester, UK, and a writer at assignment writing service. When she’s free, nothing gives her much pleasure than sharing her thoughts on writing, marketing and blogging on platforms such as essay writing service uk.

Enough Reasons to Get a Day Off For a Relaxing Spa Session

Self-pampering and relaxation do not need any reason. You can indulge in these things whenever you feel like doing so. An hour of a stress-free spa session can relax your entire body from head to toe. These days, there are various types of skin treatments and massage sessions that can help you in more than one way. Here, we tell you some of the health benefits that come with a happy self-pampering.

Boosts blood circulation

Good blood circulation is significant for many reasons. A good spa session has been found to manipulate your soft tissues and boost the production of certain chemicals like serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins. Your body secretes these chemicals as a response to the relaxation. This is what causes improve blood circulation in the system.

Reduces stress and anxiety

During a spa session, a measured pressure is exerted on your body to make you feel relaxed. This results in reduced blood pressure, low breathing rate, and reduced secretion of the stress hormone. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, a spa session helps in boosting the secretion of happy hormones called serotonin that is known to de-stress your mind and ease muscle tension. This clearly means that psychological issues like stress, anxiety, and depression can be alleviated through massage therapy.

Read more…

The Most Luxurious Spas to Go for Après Ski Around the World

Sore limbs, tight muscles, bumps and bruises; all symptoms of a skiing addiction. When at altitude for prolonged periods of time, there is only one cure: hours and hours in 5-star spas. We’ve hand picked (and tested) 17 ski town spas across the nation and Europe. Here’s our list of the best…

1Remede Aspen Spa at The St. Regis Aspen, Colorado

Signature Treatment: Rocky Mountain Ritual

Details: A full body treatment of the highest caliber, the body is exfoliated and hydrated from head to toe. Aromatherapy bath, foot, and scalp massage; expect to emerge completely restored and renewed. Be sure to arrive extra early to take advantage of their incredible tyrowaterfall pool.

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A Man’s Guide to Non-Invasive Cosmetic Treatments

As non-invasive cosmetic treatments are gaining more popularity day by day, we can freely say that it’s the case with their demand among men, too. In fact, non-invasive treatments can provide fantastic results both for men and for women, which is exactly why you should give them a try and find the best one for your skin type. Fine lines, wrinkles, and stubborn body fat are just some of the concerns most men struggle with, and if you’re one of them as well – just keep on reading. Here’s everything you need to know about non-invasive cosmetic treatments, so check out our guide and enjoy!

Botox for men? Why not!

Yes, we know that it seems a bit silly, but you know what? Botox is gaining momentum among men these days, which is exactly why you should consider it. This is simply because wrinkles and fine lines aren’t common concerns for women only – on the contrary, the majority of men will experience them as well. Unfortunately, those first signs of aging can negatively affect their self-confidence and lower their self-esteem. If you’re one of those guys, too, don’t wait any longer and go for Botox injections that can treat frown lines between your brows, crow’s feet around the eyes, deep wrinkles in the forehead, and other problematic areas on your face. The best thing about these injections is the fact that they’re temporary, which means that these won’t last forever. That’s particularly important if the final result isn’t really what you hoped for!

Professional facials are all the rage these days…

On the other hand, if you love to take care of your face and invest a lot of money in skincare products, why wouldn’t you start choosing professional, in-salon facials? Remember that there’s nothing wrong about men who fall in love with self-care, so be one of those guys, too, and you’ll see what we were talking about. However, if you don’t know where to start, just do a little research and find a nice salon that has good reviews. Apart from the regular facials that start with cleansing the face and exfoliating the skin with gentle scrubs, the majority of those salons also offer exclusive facials that include as luxurious masks with 24K gold, LED light therapy, freeze-dried algae masks, and other amazing stuff. Of course, the facials you’ll choose should depend on your overall budget, but you don’t have to worry at all because there are fantastic treatments for everyone’s wallet!

… As well as CoolSculpting treatments

Whereas the previous two treatments were designed to rejuvenate your face, this one is meant to reshape your body and help you get rid of unwanted fat – but without having to go under the knife! Yes, we know that it sounds too good to be true, but guess what? CoolSculpting is everything you could ask for, and even more than that, so give it a fair shot and you won’t make a mistake. This non-invasive treatment is designed to remove unwanted body fat from problematic areas such as inner thighs, lower back, love handles, double chin, lower abdomen, and many more. However, you need to know that it isn’t a weight-loss tool. It’s meant for people close to their ideal weight who can’t get rid of stubborn body fat no matter how much they work out and how healthy they eat. So, if you’re one of them, too, just give CoolSculpting a try and you’ll see a fabulous improvement in no time!

You simply have to try a chemical peel

As more and more men are going to spa these days, the fact that they are choosing revolutionary non-invasive treatments shouldn’t surprise you at all. This also goes for chemical peels, which are many men’s absolute favorites these days. This treatment is designed to rejuvenate your skin, eliminate the fine lines, and get rid of the damage caused by exposure to the sun. Obviously, chemical peels are perfect for men who are active outdoors, as the majority of men usually don’t protect their skin from the harmful sun’s rays. Since sun exposure can damage the skin, speed up the process of aging, and cause depigmentation spots, you should definitely take chemical peel into consideration as it results in a refreshed and youthful skin. Besides that, you should also know that men’s skin is about 25% thicker than women’s, which is why you should go for a more powerful chemical peel. Apart from fine lines and sunspots, these types of chemical peels are also fantastic for acne scars, which is another fantastic benefit that mustn’t be overlooked!

As you can see, non-invasive cosmetic treatments aren’t meant only for women – on the contrary, thousands and thousands of men are going for them these days as well. This is a good enough reason for you to give them a try and see what they’re all about, so stick to the treatments from our list and you’ll do a fantastic job. That’s a promise!

Peter is a men’s grooming and lifestyle writer at Men-Ual and TheBeardMag magazine from the UK and AU. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

Why Good Hospitality is Essential for Your Spa/Salon Business

As a wellness business, whether you’re a spa, salon, or anything in between, you’ll know the importance of getting clients to come back again and again. You can’t run this kind of business just on people coming in once and never coming back again. You rely on regulars and frequently visiting people who love the experience of what you have to offer.

But how can your business create this experience that people want to repeat, and how do you make people wish not to go anywhere else? The answer lies in hospitality, and today we’re going to explore exactly how you can do this.

Start from the Walk-In

While people come to your business for a service, it’s important to remember that it’s more a luxury experience where your customers will come in feeling one way but will hopefully leave with a smile on their face. This transition begins the moment your customers walk in the door.

You need to make sure you’ve created an inviting atmosphere by welcoming your customers in, offering to take their coats and their bags, maybe playing some relaxing music in the background, and then asking if they need anything while they wait for their appointment.

Listen to Your Clients

There’s a common stereotype that going to a salon or a spa is a place for the client to unwind, and the appointment provider usually lends an ear to hear all about their life or what’s going on. This is a common stereotype for a reason.

“Lots of people go to spas and salons to get a little escape from their day to day life, to release the stresses and to relax. By being able to offer more than the actual service and perhaps even just letting the client unwind and unload, this can make the difference between a client being stuck in a grumpy mood, and you unforgettably changing their day for the better” shares Janna Turner, a business manager at 1Day2Write and Next Coursework.

Host Special Events

Everybody likes a giveaway, a chance to win something, or the opportunity to meet new, like-minded people while being a valued part of a community, so entice this and create the chance for this to happen with your business.

Host special events, raffles, discount events, makeover sessions, girl’s nights, guys nights, and more. Not only is this a fun way to get your clients involved more with your business, but you can also create memories than your customers are never going to forget.

Having regular meetups as well, like a brunch club or a relaxing hour in the middle of the week is another great idea for getting everyone connected and wanting to be a part of what you have to offer. Make sure you listen to your customers because, more often than not, they’ll simply tell you what they’re looking for, enabling you to cater for your personalized target market!

Create a Loyalty/Rewards Program

“Another sure-fire way to increase your frequent and regular customers is to create a rewards program where they can get money off their next session or a free session or gift for booking with you a certain number of times” explains Harry Runswick, a communication manager at WriteMYX and Brit Student.

There are plenty of ways you can set this up from loyalty stamp cards to computerized systems. Either way, rewarding your customers for staying with will help build relationships that can truly stand the test of time.

Utilize Social Media

When it comes to businesses and social media, it’s all about connection, so make sure you’re using your profiles to connect with people, to speak with, and to share their content to attract others. If someone posts a photo of their new hairstyle, share it with your followers. 

This helps to build a community where you value your customers, and they value you, making them far more likely to stay with you. What’s more, anybody new coming to your pages will be able to see what this level of commitment and will want to be a part of it.

Mildred Delgado is young and responsible marketing strategist at and She works with a company’s marketing team in order to create a fully-functional site that accurately portrays the company. Mildred presents this information in a series of marketing proposals. You can find her works at Dissertation Help Service.

A special invitation to register to receive the Global Wellness Summit’s 2020 Global Wellness Trends Report

Because you have received research from the Global Wellness Institute, we think you will also be interested in the 2020 Global Wellness Summit (GWS) Trends Report. The GWS will release this highly anticipated forecast on Tuesday, January 28, 2020, at a major press event in New York. You can sign up to receive your copy here

Recognized as the trends that built the wellness industry, the Summit’s annual forecast is a comprehensive analysis of the future of wellness and health worldwide. It is the only trends report that draws from the insights of 600+ delegates and presenters from over 50 countries who convene at the annual Global Wellness Summit. 

Sign up for your complimentary copy of the 2020 Trends Report and be among the first to know what lies ahead in the $4.5 trillion global wellness economy.

7 Meditation Tips for Avoiding Massage Therapist Burnout

The talk about job-related burnout is usually associated with what we believe are typical high-pressure careers. However, every professional dedicated to their work is at the peril of feeling its devastating effects.

As a hard-working massage therapist, you must have had days when your body and mind simply gave in to the stress of having too many clients and working around the clock. Make no mistake about it: The burnout syndrome is real, and you owe it to yourself to find ways to relax and unwind over Christmas.

Here are 7 effective ways to prevent burnout before the first symptoms even start to show.

Control the workload by limiting your shifts

If you tend to schedule a lot of clients per day, you should know that you’re probably in the red zone. It’s quite understandable that you don’t want to let your clients down and more work means better financial stability, but never put those factors before your own health. A passionate massage therapist and freelance essay reviewer Gina Willis recommends limiting your shift to no more than 6 hours and no more than 5 clients per day.

Schedule your clients mindfully

Once you’ve decided how many hours you’ll work per day and how many clients you’re willing to take on, it’s time to make a solid scheduling plan. As you know, not all massage therapy sessions are the same. Ideally, you should schedule more physically demanding sessions between gentler ones to avoid putting too much pressure on yourself.

You can even create schedules that work for your specific needs: Only work in the morning, or take a few clients before noon, make a few hours break, and come back to work in the afternoon.

Prioritize your working posture

Back pain and injuries can happen when you don’t even see them coming. This is why you should always be mindful of your posture: Never compromise it just to get a “better” angle at what you want to do. Instead, rather readjust the position of your client in a way that’s comfortable for both of you.

If you want to learn more about preventing injuries at work, you can always pay for papers written by experts from professional writing services. It’s very easy to buy custom essay like that online. Simply contact the chosen service provider and feel free to disclose: I need you to write essay for me.

Make plenty of breaks during your shift

A massage therapist’s job can be draining, both physically and emotionally. Although it’s sometimes difficult to find time to relax when clients keep coming in, you must make sure to dedicate certain portions of each day to yourself alone. Take a few minutes to sit down, have a healthy snack, or stretch out between every two consecutive sessions. Your body and your mind will thank you.

Wash your hands and face in cold water

Speaking of taking breaks, here’s one more thing that can help you keep your cool during a busy day at work. Each break you take, wash your hands and face in cold water before you go to eat or spend some time doing yoga to relax. This will help relieve the tension, leaving you refreshed, calm, and wide awake.

Water is incredibly important for our wellbeing, so make sure to stay properly hydrated every single day.

Set your boundaries and stick to them

If you’ve chosen a massage therapist career, chances are you’re a giving, nurturing person always happy to help others feel better. However, don’t forget your own wellbeing in the process. Setting your boundaries and respecting your worth is a healthy way to live and you should practice this principle in life and work alike.

Enjoy massage therapy sessions as a client

You spend hours and days doing your best to help your clients get rid of stress, relax, and alleviate pain. Why wouldn’t you let yourself enjoy such pampering from time to time?

Whether you choose a fellow therapist from your workplace or you decide to go across town to get relaxed and check out the competition while you’re at it, you surely deserve some carefree me time. Let other professionals take care of you the way you take care of others each and every day.


If you work with passion and commitment, you are bound to feel overwhelmed at one point or another. It’s a sign you take your massage therapist job seriously and care about the people who come in through your door.

There’s nothing wrong with hard work, as long as you do what needs to be done responsibly, considering both your clients’ health and your own. Remember that you can truly take care of others only when you yourself feel relaxed, rested, and ready to take on the challenges each new day brings.

Scott Mathews is a devoted custom writing guru experienced in providing exemplary dissertation help. He currently offers his professional academic paper writing service at the essay writing service UK, and he also works as a freelance business consultant. His passions (besides work) are skydiving, supporting animal shelters, and, you’ve guessed it: Relaxing in the capable hands of his massage therapist.

Top Benefits of Chlorella Growth Factor

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, there can be more to it than just eating right and getting enough exercise. This can be especially true if you’re dealing with a health issue, or suffer from chronic pain or inflammation. At times, diet and exercise may not be enough to feel your best, or meet your health goals. In these kinds of situations, trying superfoods or supplements may help give you the boost you need.

What Is Chlorella?

One superfood that may really pack a punch when it comes to nutrients and amino acids is chlorella, which is a type of algae that grows in freshwater. Not only that, but it may be one of the most nutrient dense superfoods available. The most common way to ingest it is in powder or pill form, however, the main thing that seems to make chlorella so effective may be chlorella growth factor. This growth factor is contained within the nucleus of a chlorella cell, and is what helps it to grow and reproduce rapidly. While many still take standard chlorella for its health benefits, people seem to be increasingly interested in the health benefits of the growth factor on its own.

Energy Boost

One top benefit that some may experience from taking this growth factor is an increase in energy. It is believed that part of the reason that this growth factor is able to boost energy is because it can be easily absorbed by your cells, and cuts down on the work that your body would normally have to do to process nutrients and use them. This way, you can get nutrients and other things that your cells need without your body having to expend as much effort to get them, which can result in increased energy.

Aids in Detoxing

Another benefit is the detox potential that this substance has. This may be due to a substance it contains called glutathione, which is able to bind to heavy metals and pesticides, and convert them into substances that can be excreted by your body. Often, having excess amounts of these kinds of substances could potentially lead to a myriad of health issues, as well as other less serious things like a decrease in energy, or an impaired ability to lose weight. Flushing them from your body may not only help you feel better in the short term, but can possibly help your body to function better over time as well.

Growth and Repair

It shouldn’t be a surprise that since this growth factor can not only help chlorella cells grow and heal, it may be able to help your cells do the same as well. Its tissue healing potential can be helpful not only to help improve your overall well being, but can be a good option for athletes or those that would like to recover quickly from a tough workout. Additionally, there is some evidence to support the idea that it may give your immune system a boost, and may have some anti-inflammatory properties as well, which could be because of the high levels of chlorophyll that it contains

The Takeaway

At times, even when you are doing everything right, it may feel difficult to reach your health or wellness goals without some kind of aid. In this situation, seeking out superfoods to include in your routine could help you to reap many benefits.

So, whether you’re interested in detoxing your body, increasing your metabolism, or are simply looking for an energy boost to get you through the day, trying out this growth factor may have what you need, and could potentially provide the benefits you’re looking for.

What Skin & Beauty Therapists Should Be Aware Of From A Medical POV

Being a skin and beauty therapist is a rewarding and varied way to make a living — helping your clients as part of a salon or as a self-employed beauty therapist.

As a beauty therapist, you will cover a range of different treatments — from facials, waxing, nail applications, and massages, to treatments for the hands and feet. And as part of this, you are expected to know the fundamentals of good skin care and skin hygiene.

Unless you specialize in this area and have qualifications, or have taken part in various training courses, it can sometimes feel like you don’t know enough about skin care from a medical perspective.

In this post, we’ll be giving a brief overview of what skin and beauty therapists should be aware of from a medical point of view; read on to find out more. (If this is an area you would personally like to develop, then we would recommend signing up for specialist training programs from which you can gain a qualification, as well as reading up further on skin care as a topic.)

Get to know your client’s skin and medical history first

Consultation is an important part of beauty therapy: you need to get to know your client’s skin first before you carry out any treatment whatsoever.

Of course, everyone’s skin is different; what works for one of your clients and helps to improve their skin will not work for all of them. All sorts of factors come into this, whether it is sex, age, race, genetics, or environment — so make sure you tailor any skincare treatment or regime to their wants and needs. Finding out more about their dermatological history — whether they suffer from pimples, dry skin or oily skin, or anything else — will help you to get your treatments just right.

It’s also vital that you get to know their medical history too; in terms of dermatological conditions such as rosacea, acne or eczema, as well as any wider conditions, allergies or medications (such as blood-thinners) that may be impacted by (or impact on) the treatments you carry out or products you recommend.

Carrying out a client consultation before you start any treatment is crucial, and a key component of being a beauty therapist — marking you out as a professional, as well as protecting both you and your clients.

You may need to refer clients to a doctor or dermatologist

There will be some dermatological conditions that will not impact or be impacted by any of the treatments you carry out.

However, there will be some situations in which you will have to refer your clients to a medical professional — usually either a doctor or a dermatologist. This will be because it is a skin problem or condition that you don’t know how to treat or something that is completely out of your remit.

Both doctors and dermatologists are trained to recognize and diagnose skin problems that may require further treatment or medication, as well as being able to prescribe this medication (something which you won’t be able to do as a skin and beauty therapist).

For example, if your client has inflammatory acne, then an acne antibiotic cream is usually recommended, and often the best course of treatment. These are made up of an effective antibiotic that kills the acne-causing bacteria, and another active ingredient that helps the body to shed excess skin cells, unblock pores and dry the skin; they also need to be prescribed by a doctor.

Keep all your tools and beauty room clean and sterilized

If you’re going to be carrying out various treatments, then it is vital that you keep your tools and beauty room sterilized and clean. This may sound obvious, but some people can cut corners when it comes to cleanliness — and this needs to be avoided at all costs.

Not only does this make your services more appealing and seem more professional to clients (which means they will be more likely to come back), but it also means that you are providing services that are as safe and hygienic as possible for the people that visit you.

If you don’t keep your beauty room and tools clean and sterilized, you run the risk of cross-contamination, spreading germs and bacteria, or exposing clients (or anyone else entering your salon or beauty room) to the hazardous chemicals that some products may contain.

Medically speaking, these hazards could result in infections (such as fungal infections) and lice, irritate allergies, and cause asthma flare-ups.

As a skin and beauty therapist, there are some things that you need to be aware of from a medical point of view and take into consideration when you are treating or recommending products to a client.

Primarily, you need to be as safe and professional as possible — always conducting an initial client consultation, maintaining high levels of hygiene, and referring clients to a doctor or dermatologist when a condition is out of your scope or you aren’t medically qualified to carry out a treatment.

If you want to specialize in a specific area such as dermatology, then it is possible to build on this fundamental knowledge by taking part in training courses and gaining additional qualifications.

The 4 best day spas in Sacramento

Looking to try the top day spas around?

Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top day spas in Sacramento, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list of where to venture next time you need to relax.

Hoodline offers data-driven analysis of local happenings and trends across cities. Links included in this article may earn Hoodline a commission on clicks and transactions.

1. Asha Urban Baths

First on the list is Asha Urban Baths. Located at 2417 27th St. in Curtis Park, the day spa, swimming pool and massage spot is the highest-rated day spa in Sacramento, boasting 4.5 stars out of 192 reviews on Yelp.

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7 Things to Know Before Incorporating Salt Treatments into Your Spa

Spas are like heaven on earth in such a stressed-out world. One spa treatment has the power to rebalance your body, to take all your stress and pain away, to make you feel like you can fly away.

The spa business is incredible, and it offers a lot for its customers. What I like the most about this business is that you can get very creative and you can always bring something new.

 If you want to update your business by adding salt therapy to the menu, there are some essential aspects you should know. Therefore, in today’s post, we’re presenting seven things you should know before you incorporate salt treatments in your spa.

  1. Determinate What Kind of Salt Treatments to Implement

Before making any decision, you should know your perspective about salt treatments. How you want to present it to your customers and what impact you want it to have on your business precisely.

For that, you should start by exploring the salt treatment world and choose precisely what you’d like to implement and in what manner. The clearer and more prominent your vision are, the better.

2. Decide on the Audience You want to Attract

The audience is vital for any business, from assignment help companies to spa owners. For that reason, your audience is also a critical aspect of salt treatments.

 If you want to attract more men to come to your spa with their wives, you should choose the treatments accordingly. The same goes for the youth and elders. All you need to do is choose.

3.    Offer Training or Hire experts in the Field

You might think that for specific treatments, there’s no need to provide training as it’s similar to others. But coaching is very much needed. Your employees must know the value and benefits of salt treatments. You don’t want to look unprofessional.

As well, some techniques require training to be applied effectively.

4.    You can Implement Salt Spa without Expanding Your Building

There are numerous salt treatments, and fort many of them, there’s no need to create a particular room to perform them. Therefore, if you don’t feel like investing a lot on salt treatments, you can start small with Himalayan salt massage and salt-based products for facial and body treatments.

The salt world is incredibly vast, so feel free to get creative and spoil your customers.

5.     Hire Experts if You Want a Salt Room

If you do want a salt room, you better have your finances on point. Salt is a mineral, an aggressive one, so the design has to be done accordingly. Therefore, if you don’t want to keep fixing things around because of salt’s properties, you’d better hire experts in the field.

6.    Focus on the User Experience

The spa world is similar to the way a resume writer treats its clients. The customer is the center of their world. Therefore, you probably know by now that when you talk about implementing salt treatments, you should focus on how you want to make the customer feel like.

7.     How to Boost the Health Benefits

If you want to get the best out of the benefits from salt therapy, you should know that the devil is in the detail. For that reason, if you provide a salt-steam room, the last thing you should is to make it feel like a sauna.

Papersowl review advice that for salt-steam treatments, you want your customers to feel relaxed, so the temperatures should be much milder.


Salt treatments are amazing, and your customers will thank you for implementing them. But to be sure it will be in both your and your customer’s interests, follow the tips mentioned above.