Video Marketing: A powerful tool for reaching your audience

“Video is critical to telling your story, reaching your audience and most importantly, telling the world how you’re different,” says Jason Parmer, creative director for Dapper. Parmer and I have been producing video projects together for more than eight years. We have created three shows that aired on PBS nationally and, between us, have received five Emmy nominations. We know the power of video for building a brand.

If you are wondering if video production and marketing is worth the time and money for your spa or skin care center, statistics paint a clear picture. Technology company Cisco predicts that, this year, there will be almost a million minutes of video per second crossing the internet and 82% of all consumer web traffic will be video.1 Research from marketing firm Wyzowl shows:

  • 83% of those surveyed using video think it gives them a good return on investment; 82% say it’s a key part of their strategy
  • 97% of businesses using explainer or brand videos say it helps users understand their business better and 81% saw an increase in sales from posting an explainer video 2

How do consumers respond to video marketing? Almost 50% of web users look for a video before visiting a store, according to Google.3 Wyzowl says 79% of consumers prefer watching a video to reading about a product and 84% of consumers have bought something after watching a video.

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8 Unique Wellness Conferences Happening in 2020 | Mindbody

Like so many other wellness business owners during the holidays, you are probably feeling a little swamped with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and New Year prep.  

But the holidays will fly by and soon you’ll have a little time for yourself. While lounging on the couch and bingeing on the latest Netflix series might sound like a dream come true, what if you could have some personal time and still advance your career and business? 

Conferences are an amazing way to connect with what’s happening in your industry–and did you know they are tax-deductible

These events are a great place to learn about new developments in your field, expand your offerings, and network with like-minded folks. 

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Spa, beauty treatment and wellness background with massage pebbles, orchid flowers, towels, cosmetic products and burning candles. Copy space for text.

Rancho Mirage, Calif. (February 14, 2020) – Agua Caliente Casinos is proud to announce that

Agua Caliente Resort Casino Spa Rancho Mirage has been awarded the Forbes Four-Star Award for its exclusive Sunstone Spa, the multi-award winning The Steakhouse, and its luxurious resort hotel making it the only casino property in California to win three Forbes Four-Star Awards at the same time.  

“I am extremely proud of our team members in achieving this goal.  Providing the ultimate guest experience is what we strive for at all Agua Caliente Casinos, and Forbes plays a big role in creating and delivering that experience,” stated Saverio R. Scheri III, COO for Agua Caliente Casinos.

Scheri added, “Receiving four-stars from Forbes in our restaurant, spa, and resort hotel makes us a unique triple winner and sets us apart from other casino resorts in California and throughout the U.S.”

The esteemed Sunstone Spa has been a Forbes Four-Star winner for several years running and consistently delivers a unique and serene experience for guests from all over the country. “At Sunstone Spa, you can enjoy a variety of unique services including traditional and specialty massages, scrubs, wraps, skin care and a full-service hair and nail salon. Services are crafted with detail and sustainable ingredients while heated gemstones and grounded treatment tables add a layer of health to treatments. A private outdoor pool, and luxury spa cabanas all add to your day while you reconnect with yourself and loved ones,” boasted Daniel Spencer, Spa Director for Agua Caliente Casinos.   

The Steakhouse, winner of the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence consecutively since 2007, is now also a Forbes Four-Star Award winner. This stunning fine dining restaurant has also earned accolades such as the AAA Four Diamond Award, the Palm Springs Life Best of the Best, and the OpenTable Diners’ Choice Award.

“We take extreme pride in the presentation and tenderness of our Certified Angus Prime Beef, Australian Lobster, Colorado Lamb, our Slow Roasted “Prime” Prime Rib, and of course, our Filet Mignon, all of which are served with harmonious sides and finishes,” said Executive Chef Kenneth

Williams.  “The experience, much like our menu, is rich, savory, and unforgettable, and we are very proud to have this significant Forbes Four-Star award bestowed upon us,” Williams added.

The 16-story 340 room resort hotel of Agua Caliente Resort Casino Spa Rancho Mirage is an extraordinary hotel with a cool desert vibe, and has also been the winner of the AAA Four Diamond Award for 11 consecutive years. Agua Caliente Rancho Mirage offers the perfect blend of elegance and exhilaration. Luxurious room accommodations, 71,000 square feet of the most exciting gaming, a decadent cigar lounge, and an outdoor oasis with sparkling pools and deluxe cabanas await.


Forbes is the only independent, global rating system for luxury hotels, restaurants and spas. Forbes’ highly trained inspectors visit every property they rate, evaluating based on up to 900 objective criteria. Hotel stays span a minimum of two nights. Forbes pays their own way and no one can buy a rating; all ratings are earned through Forbes’ objective inspection process. Global inspectors are anonymous at all times to ensure they have the same experience as a typical guest. While Forbes inspects both service

and facility, the Star Rating system emphasizes service because your experience at a hotel, restaurant or spa goes beyond looks. It’s how the experience makes you feel that you will remember most.


The Agua Caliente Casinos are located in Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage, CA and are the Coachella Valley’s foremost resort gaming destinations. Agua Caliente Resort Casino Spa Rancho Mirage is the only property in California that has been awarded the Forbes Four Star Rating for three different locations within the resort. The Sunstone Spa, also ranked in the top spas in the U.S. and no. 1 in California by Spas of America’s Top 100 Spas 2019; The Steakhouse winner of the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence consecutively since 2007; and the 16-story 340 room resort hotel have all achieved Forbes Four Star status. Agua Caliente Rancho Mirage is also a AAA Four Diamond property and was ranked top 10 for “Best Casino Outside of Las Vegas” in USA TODAY’s 10Best Readers’ Choice 2018 travel awards. Agua Caliente Rancho Mirage is also home to Southern California’s premier entertainment venue, The Show, which features a legendary lineup of performers. Agua Caliente Casino Palm Springs offers the newest games, a variety of table action, and high-limit gaming, plus fine dining and shopping, all in a fabulous setting in historic downtown Palm Springs at the site of the area’s natural hot water springs. The Agua Caliente Casinos are owned and operated by the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians, which also owns the world-renowned Indian Canyons and Tahquitz Canyon hiking trails, and the Indian Canyons Golf Resort. A third casino property will come under the Agua Caliente Casinos fold when in it open this fall in Cathedral City, CA.

5 Reasons Why Self Care Is Good For Your Business

Thankfully, conversations around self-care have developed significantly in recent years, and businesses are taking it much more seriously. Self-care is about so much more than having time off to rest.

As a business owner, you owe it to yourself and your staff to make sure they’re taking the necessary steps to take care of themselves. Still not sure of the underlying benefits of promoting self-care? Here are some reasons why it is a positive asset to your company.

Avoid employee burnout

Self-care isn’t just linked to mental health, it can impact physical health too. Burnout is a genuine problem that a lot of businesses have to contend with within their teams. You can’t expect your staff to be working at maximum capacity all the time, but prioritizing self-care is a great way to get them as close to that as possible.

If your staff are physically or mentally burnt-out, they won’t be able to do their jobs properly. This will lower productivity in the long run and give you lots of mistakes to clean up down the line. In certain lines of work, burnout can be very dangerous and put your team in harm’s way. While allowing time for self-care can diminish your staff numbers for a bit, they will come back rested, rejuvenated and proactive.

Burnout can be a long term problem if not treated properly. It doesn’t actually take much to solve it though. Making moves to offer time for self-care amongst your staff is essential if you want to keep your operation moving smoothly and automatically.

Allows employees to reflect on themselves

People need time to properly understand the challenges they’re facing in their lives. This includes work. Even if you’ve tried your hardest to cultivate a positive work environment, people are naturally going to have concerns and issues. Time set aside for self-care can help make sure they deal with that properly.

Whether it’s reading, going for a walk or just thinking through the challenges facing them, self-care time will help your team learn a little more about themselves. Self-care is really about learning self-love. Life coach Orion, the founder of Orion’s Method, discusses on her Stellar Life podcast how self-love is a process of slowing down and looking inward. This is impossible to do if you’re trapped within a hectic work environment surrounded by its natural pressures.

While incredibly valuable, this time to reflect doesn’t need to be significant. You can simply offer your staff an hour a week to reflect on themselves in any way they feel fit. You’ll find yourself working with a much more holistic, self-aware and content team who understand themselves and their colleagues better.

Builds trust in you as an employer

If you’re the type of employer who doesn’t take self-care seriously, you will start to lose the respect of your team and cause them to think the grass is greener in another company. The ‘How to Build Trust in the Workplace’ survey found that trust is one of the biggest elements of building company loyalty.

Having the time to invest in self-care is a sign from your employer that you’re appreciated and considered valuable. If you make self-care a priority you will start to earn the trust of your staff. Trust is vital for building a motivated workplace. As more and more people become aware of self-care and practices of it, they will expect you as an employer to offer time for them to take care of themselves.

Don’t push back on proposals of time for self-care. To the modern workforce, you will just appear ignorant and risk ruining the working relationships you’ve worked hard to develop.

Creates a positive atmosphere

Nobody wants to work in a negative environment. It’s counterproductive to the long term stability of your business. Encouraging the practice of self-care can lead to an overall improved atmosphere where everyone works to the best of their ability as a team.

As discussed, self-care is a lot about learning to love yourself and understanding your best assets. If your staff doesn’t have the time to do that, they can dwell on their problems and eventually bring that into the workplace. Lack of self-care can breed a sense of inadequacy and make people question whether they can actually do their job.

Colleagues are often the people you see the most in your day-to-day life. If your team isn’t feeling comfortable with themselves they will struggle to connect with their colleagues. You need to create an atmosphere where people can simultaneously feel comfortable with sharing things and keeping to themselves without being judged.

It’s a cheap work perk

Work perks are becoming an increasingly popular reason why people chose one just over another. As a business owner, you’ve probably thought long and hard about the extras you can use to entice the best candidates. To a generation in touch with their mental wellbeing, a focus on self-care is actually one of the best and cheapest work perks you can provide.

Rather than spending significant amounts on days out and work parties, give your team the freedom to take time for themselves. Not only is this the kind of perk that shows existing employees and potential candidates that you care about their wellbeing, it won’t cost you anything but their daily salary.

If you do want to invest financially in your job perks you can always often self-care based incentives. Give employees the chance to experience some rest and relaxation in the form of meditation or spa days, or offer to help with finding therapy if they are struggling with deeper issues.

Self-care isn’t just a trend that will fizzle out, it’s a genuine lifestyle choice that is benefitting a significant group of people. As an employer, it’s vital you jump on this and make sure your team is practicing looking inside themselves and resolving conflict.


It’s Valentine’s day and we have a collection of lip looks that will turn up the passion! Use this guide to match your lipstick to the kind of guy you are spending your valentine’s day with.THE REBEL — The Rebel guy takes chances, breaks the rules and likes his girl to be adventurous. The best lip combo for a date with a Rebel… LBD Lipstick in shade Hot Pepper, a rich, warm and spicy shade of red, mixed with LBD Lip Sheer in Pansy. Now you’re ready to jump in something hot with your Rebel!

THE ROCKSTAR — The Rockstar is a guy dripping with charisma and sexiness. His girl should follow suit. Try LBD Lipstick in shade Holly Berry, this rich shade of deep Bordeaux topped with LBD Lip Sheer in Assunta , also a rich glossy wine shade that will make your date wonder who the Rockstar actually is.

THE WALL STREET GUY — The Wall Street guy has no time for mistakes, time is money and a sure fire way you know you’ve got it right is with LBD Lipstick in shade Mindful Red, the perfect red to wear for wall street guy, classic and timeless. Mix it with LBD Baci Baci shade La Vie en Rose and it will make you look like a million bucks!

THE METROSEXUAL — This guy knows trends and what’s hot at the moment. To stay on-point, try LBD Lipstick in Nude, a trendy looking nude topped with LBD Lip pencil in Red Brown. This will have you ready to outshine even the savvy Metrosexual!

The Gharieni Group takes Detox treatments to the next level and introduces the MLX i3Dome – the triple detox therapy

The Gharieni Triple Detox Therapy „MLX i3Dome“ is the new generation of detox treatments. Combining Far Infrared technology with Plasma- and Light therapy, this specialty table offers 3 detox treatment methods in one.

Combining FIR-, Plasma- and Light therapies create a truly revolutionary treatment in the wellness category. The synergies greatly enhance and improve the already well known benefits of each therapy to create an ultra-effective treatment protocol that will astound and impress every single client who tries it.

Visible skin rejuvenation, increase of vitality and suppleness are just a few of the incredible results obtained already after a few applications.  Continued use will significantly improve and maintain optimal skin health. 

No therapist needed

The Gharieni MLX i3Dome concept works as a stand-alone therapy, where no therapists is needed. After the client is positioned on the MLX iDome and the PLT device, no hands are nessessary to support the Gharieni MLX i3Dome detox therapy.

The Gharieni FIR technology in the MLX iDome effects the body with Far Infrared rays and stimulates the metabolism through the body’s perspiration. Two versions of the MLX iDome are available. The electrically height adjustable “Electric” version and the non-adjustable “Static” version.

Plasma for problem skin, anti-aging and revitalization

During the application, clients are exposed to the energy of oxygen (O2) in the form of applied electrically negatively charged ions. Based on findings of quantum physics, Plasma Therapy are the negative ions collected from the ambient air and then directed into the specially coated PLT device where it combines with Light therapy. Ions penetrate through the skin to stimulate cell metabolism while there is simultaneous inhalation through mouth and nose thereby providing positive benefits for the whole body including organs and muscles.

Benefits include:

• Visible skin rejuvenation already after a few applications

• Maintenance of skin health

• Visible improvement of problem skin

• Increase of vitality & suppleness

• Positive support of the metabolism in the entire organism

Light therapy: scientifically proven and effective

Light treatment has been known for a long time and has been successfully used in treatments for decades. The effect of the colored light is reinforced by the negative ions. The Gharieni PLT device offers red, green and blue light therapy.

The MLX i3Dome will be unveiled at Beauty Dusseldorf, 6th of March 2020.


The Gharieni Group, based in Germany, is a leading European manufacturer of high end spa and medical equipment and furniture with almost 30 years of experience. Made in Germany using exacting standards, the products are designed with the utmost attention to quality and detail. The company strives for a seamless integration of functional equipment to create an unparalleled and memorable experience for clients. Taking wellness to the next level, it creates a unique and distinctive guest journey that fully integrates the mechanics of superior equipment with the practiced touch of the provider and truly reflects the authenticity and messaging of each and every client’s brand identity.

2020 Successful Hands Grant Program™ for Massage Therapy Students Launched

February 10, 2020 – Performance Health and Massage Envy Franchising, LLC have announced the launch of the 2020 Successful Hands Grant Program. Now in its seventh year, this program will award eight $1,000 grants to massage therapy students. In addition, each winner’s school receives a $500 grant and a $500 product package.

The grant application process asks students, in 200 words or less, to “Tell us your story. Why did you choose massage therapy as a career and what is your ultimate goal?” Applications must be received by October 15, 2020 and are accepted online at Winners will be notified no later than December 15, 2020.

“This successful program is now in its seventh year because of the support it has had from our program partners, massage therapy schools and students. Thank you,” said Craig Hall, director of sales and education, Performance Health. “I believe this program has impacted hundreds if not thousands of students, well beyond the annual eight winners. The submission process, which requires students to write down their goals, dreams and passions, likely provides clarity for some, validation for others, or a redefined direction for still others. We’ll never know this program’s total impact, but we are very pleased to be part of it.”

“Massage therapy is a career that provides the opportunity to have a profound impact on the quality of life of so many,” said Beth Stiller, CEO of Massage Envy. “That’s very gratifying to therapists and one of the reasons Massage Envy is proud to continue partnering with Performance Health on this very important initiative.”

“AMTA is delighted to again offer all applicants a free AMTA Student Membership through their graduation,” said Christopher Deery, American Massage Therapy Association national president.

“This gives them opportunities to engage with experienced massage therapists and access information our association provides its members.”

Communication material to aid schools in sharing this program with their students is available at Like us on Facebook and follow the program at

About Performance Health

Performance Health is the largest specialty distributor and manufacturer of branded products and solutions for rehabilitation, recovery and sports medicine in the world. The Performance Health brand family includes the well-known and highly recognized brand names – Bon Vital’®, Biofreeze®, TheraBand®, Cramer®, Active Ankle®, Perform®, and Hygenic®. Performance Health is proud of the ability to serve anyone including those recovering from an injury, to those suffering from pain, to weekend warriors, to elite athletes, to healthcare professionals…and everyone in between. For each person, our purpose is simple: help them feel good, perform better and live great!

About Massage Envy

Massage Envy, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a national franchisor and does not independently own or operate any of the Massage Envy franchised location nationwide. The Massage Envy franchise network, collectively through its franchise locations, is the leading provider of therapeutic massage and skin care service. Massage Envy franchisees are, collectively, the largest employer of massage therapists and estheticians, with more than 35,000 dedicated wellness professionals that provide best-in-class service to over 1.65 million members. Founded in 2002, Massage Envy has more than 1,150 franchise locations in 49 states that have together delivered more than 100 million massages and facials. For more information, visit, or follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at @MassageEnvy.

About American Massage Therapy Association

The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) is the most trusted name in massage therapy, and the largest non-profit, professional association serving massage therapists, massage students and massage schools. AMTA fosters research on the efficacy of massage therapy, advances the profession through ethics and standards, promotes fair and consistent licensing of massage therapists, and proactively works to educate consumers and others in healthcare on the benefits of massage.

Glow From Within with our Co-Exist Cream

January is the time we all are trying to get on a healthy track and detox from the holidays.

Our skin may also need some extra TLC. Do you look in the mirror and find a raisin staring back at you? If so, keep reading…

 Do you want your skin to look and feel instantly more hydrated?

Do you want your skin to look instantly more youthful and radiant?

Do you want your makeup application to look at least 10 times better?

If you answered yes to all above questions, I think you’ll love Co-Exist from LA BELLA DONNA.

Here’s the scoop!

It’s a rejuvenating, detoxifying, very light, hydrating gel-cream that can be used on face, eyes, neck and décolletage, and can also be used under makeup as a transforming hydrating primer. Don’t mind sharing with boyfriend, husband or significant other? No problem! This makes an incredible aftershave, so don’t be surprised if it starts disappearing faster than anticipated.

This exclusive formula with Aqueous green tea extract, Marine algae extract, Vitamin C and Sodium Hyaluronate, will have the skin filled with anti-oxidant benefits, elevated hydrations levels beneath the skin surface, both anti- wrinkle and anti- inflammatory benefits and softening and nourishment of the skin.

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F.C. Sturtevant Appoints Division VP

The F.C. Sturtevant Company has named skincare industry veteran Scott Friedman vice president of the Professional Skincare Division. Friedman will be leveraging his 20 plus years of industry experience to support F.C. Sturtevant’s probiotic skincare line, Columbia SkinCare, in the dermatologic and medical spa markets. The Professional Products Division develops products designed to help balance the body’s microbiome.
“I am very excited to be leading the Columbia Skincare Division of The F.C. Sturtevant Company. The emphasis on quality product development and commitment to comprehensive brand support and product training is best in class,” said Friedman. “Columbia Probiotics technology is the world’s first strain-specific probiotics created for topical usage. These clinically-proven, multi-functional products for all skin types fill a need that currently does not exist in the professional skincare market.”
Friedman’s experience includes consulting with Coola Suncare and Fillerina USA and launching both in the physician and medical spa markets, building a successful startup suncare company, MDSolarSciences into a seven-figure sales company and helping make MedSkin Solutions into a considerable contender in the Americas market.
“Scott Friedman is highly respected among colleagues, and he excels in product development,” commented company CEO Steven Rosenfeld.
Friedman is currently developing the company’s marketing plans for its expanded outreach into the professional skincare markets. With Friedman’s guidance, the company plans to introduce several new products over the next 12-18 months.

Arlington’s top 4 day spas to visit now

Wondering where to find the best day spas near you?

Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top day spas in Arlington, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list of the best spots to venture next time you’re in the market for day spas.

Hoodline offers data-driven analysis of local happenings and trends across cities. Links included in this article may earn Hoodline a commission on clicks and transactions.

First on the list is Great Skin Spa Skincare & Facial Club. Located at 3851 S.W. Green Oaks Blvd. in Southwest Arlington, the day spa, skin care and waxing spot is the highest-rated day spa in Arlington, boasting four stars out of 33 reviews on Yelp.

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Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa Is Mainland Fiji’s Most Luxurious Hotel

Fiji is a beautiful island nation comprised of more than 300 islands, only two-thirds of which are inhabited. There are hotels on Fiji for all kinds of travelers, and those on the outer islands require taking an additional flight (perhaps a seaplane) or boat after arriving at Nadi airport. But there are a handful of luxury properties on Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu, and the Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa is the most luxurious of them all, less than an hour’s drive from the airport.

Set on Natadola Bay, Viti Levu’s best swimming beach, the Intercon (as it’s fondly referred to) is positioned to offer the ultimate beach vacation — literally. Oceanfront rooms allow you to step out your door onto the beach, while up on the hillside, a private club awaits. Whatever your travel M.O., the Intercontinental delivers on world-class service in the friendliest, most Fijian of styles (singing is often involved).

Walking around the grounds — or taking the “Bula Bus” that continuously encircles the large property shuttling guests from their rooms to restaurants, the spa, or the beach — you’ll have your choice of multiple venues at which to spend your time. There’s an adults-only pool right on the beach (and a beach activity stand where you can book all watersports), a family pool across the way, and beachfront loungers right on the sand, all of which offer food and beverage service throughout the day. The club has its own dedicated pool that’s open until 5pm. At cocktail hour, it becomes the backdrop for live music.

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LaBella Donna Presents: Ultimate Pure Perfection Liquid Treatment Foundation

Introducing La Bella Donna’s New Ultimate Pure Perfection Liquid Treatment Foundation SPF 15. Formulated with age- defying, skin perfecting Dragon’s Blood and Hyaluronic Acid. Beneficial for skin showing signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles. This luxurious complexion- loving foundation blends flawlessly into skin for a youthful dewy finish. Clean foundation with Hyaluronic acid and powerful antioxidants such as vitamin E, delivers a silky flawless full coverage finish. Suitable for all skin types This lightweight foundation melts onto skin and provides a fresh undetectable coverage with a radiant finish.

A Protective Barrier Complex helps protect and repair damaged skin. Specially engineered Titanium Dioxide helps scatter light for a more even skin tone while adding sun protection. Optical Diffusion Technology helps minimize the look of lines and wrinkles. Our Ultimate Pure Perfection Liquid Treatment Foundation provides a NON-CHEMICAL SPF 15, Micronized Titanium Dioxide – 8% and Zinc Oxide – 3%

Apply a dime size of foundation using the LBD foundation brush on     cheeks, forehead, chin, and follow by applying a light dust of the desired LBD loose powder to set the foundation, and to get the ultimate broadband non- chemical 50 SPF protection.


Glycerin– Humectant: Moisturizes the skin

Croton Lechleri Resin Extract(Croda Dragon’s Blood): Anti- Inflammatory, antioxidant, collagen formation, tissue repair Hyaluronic Acid: Provides maximum below the surface hydration and is the purest and most natural hydrating ingredient available Palmitoyl Pentapetide C-12 Alkyl Benzoate: Conditioning agent Ceramide NG: Restores Moisture

Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-12(Dermaxyl): Anti-Aging, wrinkle smoothing, cutaneous barrier repair


La Bella Donna is a High Performance, Clean, Cruelty Free, Non-Chemical, Non-Toxic, Reef Safe SPF 50 Color Brand. La Bella Donna prides itself on using the purest ingredients that contain NO dyes, oils, talc, fragrance or parabens.

Our products cover, correct and beautify and are ideal for all skin tones and types.

(especially sensitive and acne prone skin)

La Bella Donna was created in 1993 by mother-daughter duo Kathy and Nicole Tracy, out of necessity to cure their own skin issues when they were unable to find products that truly matched their skin tone without irritation. A complete line of clean beauty was born never using toxins, parabens or fragrance, that are safe to use on all skin types, made in the USA and headquartered in Los Angeles.

Our brand is a favorite among Makeup Artists, celebrities and influencers due to its incredible and light weight texture, long wear affect, suburb pigment, blend ability and effortless application.

La Bella Donna is sold in Resorts, Spas, Dermatologist, Medi-Spas and Beauty Boutiques nationwide.

First 1000 Days of Wellness® Now Offering Spa & Wellness Training Globally

(February 3rd, Brescia and New York)—the First 1000 Days of Wellness® (F1000 Days) is partnering with Wellness Education Hub, a specialized training organization that trains and equips spa and resort professionals with “elevated educational” offerings for their guests. The program focuses on early prevention of NCDs (chronic disease), through wellness practices; educating and empowering individuals and the general improvement of quality of life, thereby optimizing the conditions for mental and physical wellbeing for the future offspring, early childhood development and transgenerational genetic inheritance. The F1000 Days Spa and Resort Training Program will prepare massage therapists and estheticians to serve a very significant segment of the population – couples who are trying to get pregnant (preconception), during pregnancy or postpartum and then the first 2 years of life with baby. “The Science we have today on earliest human development allows and supports us to create a unique program for women and men – and eventually their babies – where we integrate all of the positive wellness actions – before conception, during pregnancy and during the critical first two years of life- that we know may prevent chronic diseases and build an optimal way to live and thrive -” commented Sergio Pecorelli, MD PhD, Creator, Co-Founder, and Chief Scientific Officer of the First 1000 Days of Wellness program. The mission of the program is to support women AND men during their reproductive years, before, during and after pregnancy into early childhood, to improve the health of the next TWO generations and PREVENT non-communicable diseases globally! Through hands-on training, online study and live lectures, the 24-hour F1000 Days training curriculum provides massage therapists and estheticians with the knowledge and techniques to safely, confidently and compassionately offer specialized massage and esthetic treatments to men and women. Students will learn the F1000 Days “4 Pillars of Wellness” together with expert knowledge of epigenetics and the human microbiome just to name a few specialized areas. Weighing in on current practices in the Wellness space, Co-Founder and leading holistic physical therapist, Patricia Ladis, PT, CBBA had this to say: “I have been treating both men and women in my practice in New York City for many years and working with the perinatal population. The First 1000 Days of Wellness® Program uses robust science and fills an important knowledge gap about what people, who are of childbearing years, need to know and do, to amplify their health and wellbeing before and after they get pregnant. We now know that this is key to understanding how to best navigate this time since there’s nothing else like our program out there.” The program’s extensive content includes some of this year’s Global Wellness Summit Trends (from the 2020 Report), including the Circadian Behaviors, Music, and Fertility. Joanne Berry, Founder of Wellness Education Hub says “we are extremely honored to have partnered with the F1000 Days of Wellness Team to offer this very elevated educational program for the spa and wellness industry. We hope to share this knowledge with many spas and wellness facilities so that they are able to then educate their guests on creating healthy generations for years to come.” “We are in the process of developing custom curriculum and modules that are specifically designed for spa and wellness professionals leading to new wellness programs that can be offered in spa and wellness facilities globally. Since we know that more than 50% of pregnancies, overall are not planned, the best approach is to always try and maintain a wellness lifestyle and the First 1000 Days provides just that” added Alina Hernandez, Co-Founder and Director, Development & Communications. One of the key areas of training will be the specialized F1000 Days Consultation for guests, as well as “take-home kits” that will facilitate a continuity of repeat visits for the spa. Spas that are trained by the F1000 Days Program are identified by the First 1000 Days of Wellness logo. All students will receive a certificate and pin so that they are easily identified as a F1000 Day Spa and Resort Program Provider. F1000 Days of Wellness and Wellness Education Hub will launch the spa and wellness training program mid March, 2020. About First 1000 Days of Wellness Program: The First 1000 Days of Wellness is a Wellness program created by leading European public health figure Dr. Sergio Pecorelli, MD, Ph.D, who co-founded the program with Alina Hernandez and Patricia Ladis, PT, CBBA, who are both members of the Global Wellness Summit community and contributors to the Global Wellness Institute. The program is designed to prepare mothers and fathers to have healthy babies utilizing precise wellness prescriptions, from the First 1000 Days of Wellness®, during the perinatal years. The First 1000 Days was named in the 2018 Global Wellness Summit Trends, in its own right, and the program was founded and launched that same year. A WELL population. By knowledge and design. For a regenerative future. The First 1000 Days of Wellness® Program, Healthy Parents, Healthy Babies, Healthy Generations Visit: About Wellness Education Hub: Joanne Berry, LMT, LE founded the Wellness Education Hub in 2018 to fulfill the demand for high-energy, high-quality spa and wellness training across the U.S. and Globally. The Wellness Education Hub partners with niche educational offerings, skincare, bodycare and equipment companies globally to build their training programs and bring them to market. Dedicated and incredibly passionate about contributing to the industry that she loves, Berry has worked hard to learn all facets of the spa and wellness space, so that she can deliver education with a well-balanced and knowledgeable approach. Berry has recently been awarded the “Women in Wellness Educator & Trainer of the Year 2018” in the USA and is also the Vice Chair for the Women in Leadership Initiative through the Global Wellness Institute. Visit: Media Contacts: Alina Hernandez, Co-Founder & Director of Communications Email: Joanne Berry, Founder – Wellness Education Hub Email:

Six best CBD infused recipes for 2020

Food is not always about having what’s delicious but also accessing human wellbeing in innovative styles through dishes. One such substance that has taken the culinarians by storm of late is CBD. In recent surveys, Cannabis/CBD-infused food and drinks have come up as the most sought after food and drinks item. So what’s the rage all about?

CBD is the abbreviated form of “cannabidiol.” CBD is derived majorly from Hemp, which is an industrially cultivated strain of the Cannabis sativa species. The extraction happens in a wholly organic manner, mostly for medical and industrial use.CBD is one of the several cannabinoids present in Cannabis sativa. CBD that originates from Hemp is not psychoactive (in simple terms, it won’t make you high), and this is one of the causes behind its growing popularity.

Studies have shown that Cannabinoids like CBD positively affect most of our digestive issues such as Gastric Functions, Gastrointestinal Actions, Metabolism, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, and Gastrointestinal Motility and Secretion, among other things. Hence, it is no wonder why CBD is dominating the menus of major eateries.

How can you apply CBD to your food:

Before you get ready to put CBD in your dishes, you should be aware of some technicalities. Firstly, you need CBD extracted into a fat item for cooking purposes because CBD, a cannabinoid, is lipophilic, and it pairs perfectly with different fats. You can use CBD tinctures from online dispensary canada to begin your cooking spree. Here are some facts you should consider before adding CBD in your recipes:

  • Don’t let your CBD oil or tincture come in direct contact with the heated pan, and keep the overall cooking temperature low. Otherwise, the health benefits of CBD will be reduced.
  • Combine CBD oil with another fat-based cooking oil. There are many oil-based fats that you can blend with CBD oil, like olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil.
  • Understand the flavor and aroma of your CBD oil before using it for cooking to avoid surprising tastes from the dishes.

Now that we are aware of all the caveats, let’s have a look at the 6 best CBD infused recipes that you must try in 2020:

CBD Chocolate Chip Cookies:

It is one of the delicious food choices in the world, particularly when you make them stuffed with nutritional benefits. These CBD infused wafers are a great option when your tired body is yearning for carbs and calories following a hard workout.

To make these delicious cookies, you’ll need almond flour, coconut sugar or honey, almond butter, coconut flour, cinnamon powder, vanilla bean paste, eggs, dark chocolate chips, and baking soda.

CBD-infused fish tacos:

A fresh fish taco is the ideal summer evening meal. The dish is a popular restaurant choice that is sure to be a success at home. CBD-infused tacos are an excellent dinner option that gives excellent nutrition, an excess of flavor, and a potent dose of CBD.

To try this, you’ll require lime juice, ground cumin, chili powder, cayenne pepper, salt, cod, pepper, corn tortillas, mayonnaise, avocado, lime juice, purple cabbage, cilantro, and CBD tincture.

Mango Smoothie made from CBD:

Smoothies prepared from Cannabis are increasingly becoming popular. Still, the flavor will not satisfy everyone! CBD users sometimes like to brew up a sweet CBD drink. Drinks like CBD smoothies are a perfect fit for an early-morning intake of CBD. Try this delicious mango beverage filled with CBD for the daybreak starter. It takes little time to make a couple of drinks, and it boosts you for the whole day.

To get your smoothie, get your hands on mango, banana, milk or Hemp milk, yogurt, CBD tincture.

CBD Whipped Cream:

Not every edible CBD profile has to be a pure and heavy foodstuff. Drawing motivation from a cream recipe made of Cannabis, one can try a whipped cream made with CBD. This cream can be combined with any dessert or used as a topping for a  sweet, smooth CBD twist. You’ll need cold cream for whipping, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, and CBD tincture to prepare it. 

CBD Parfait made from Hemp Milk:

A CBD milk plus honey parfait appears a bit distinctive from a normal parfait. But it is undoubtedly going to dazzle at a house party. There is also this preparation with CBD and hemp milk for people who strictly want to stick to Hemp! Just keep in mind that you should create this in advance because it should be kept in the freezer for a whole night.

You need to gather egg yolks, honey, caster sugar, hemp milk, CBD oil, mascarpone cheese, raspberries.

CBD Guacamole:

Guacamole is a simple to make recipe that is stuffed with nutrients. Avocados are already acknowledged for their heart-health and anti-inflammatory benefits. Avocados are rich in healthy fats too, which is ideal when cooking with CBD oil, as it is simply absorbed when joined with fats from an avocado.

What you’ll need: Ripe avocados, lime juice, kosher salt, ground cumin, ground cayenne pepper, onion, tomatoes, clove garlic, fresh cilantro, jalapeno, CBD tincture.

It is evident that CBD is gaining ground in people’s imagination, and this is getting reflected in the cuisines. However, go slow upfront and taste some sample CBD recipes to know how your system responds to it. Let 2020 be a great year for your health, and what better way to start it than by absorbing a healthy substance like CBD!

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Luxury Tropical Spa Vacations

Nothing says “be my valentine” like three days basking in the sun while you’re being pampered, massaged and relaxed into blissful oblivion. When chocolates just won’t do, head to the beach. Here are four luxurious seaside escapes with premium spa services.

Tortuga Bay Puntacana Resort & Club is the only AAA Five Diamond resort in the Dominican Republic, and features 13 villas designed by legendary fashion designer Oscar de la Renta. The ecologically-minded resort is home to Ojos Indígenas Ecological Park, which has 12 swimmable freshwater lagoons, and an on-site sustainability foundation that works to preserve local wildlife. Tortuga Bay’s Valentine’s Day package includes a private villa, use of a golf cart throughout, VIP transportation and assistance, and a spa credit at Six Senses Spa, which offers four-handed massages, among other holistically-minded treatments.

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How Australian brands are leading the way with sustainable, eco-friendly beauty products

Perhaps it’s the ‘Greta Thunberg effect’, or first-hand experiences of the effects of climate change, but collectively, we’re more conscious of our impact on the environment than ever before – most notably seen in the 7.6 million people around the globe who protested for climate action at the now-famous climate strikes during September 2019. At Jurlique, sustainability has always been at the heart of we do – it’s part of the reason we have a biodynamic* farm to grow our botanicals and we’re striving to make changes wherever possible to reduce our environmental impact.

It’s not just us, either. We’re inspired by fellow Australian brands who are leading the way and flying the flag for sustainable beauty – ensuring that we don’t just look after ourselves, but we look after the planet too. That’s why beauty brand IMBIBE, which produces bio-fermented and bio-active health supplements (think collagen powders and multi-strain probiotics designed to improve skin health) continues to be a source of inspiration for us. Here’s how we’re both working towards more sustainable practices.


At Jurlique, we grow most of our botanicals on our biodynamic* farm in South Australia. We believe biodynamic* farming practices help us to grow the purest, best quality herbs we can which are hand harvested at a time when they’re full of life and vitality. These herbs are then utilised to make extracts that form the basis of Jurlique products, meaning you get the best from each ingredient we use.

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GWS Unveils 2020 Wellness Trends Forecast

We are excited to announce the Global Wellness Summit’s top 10 wellness trends for 2020, unveiling the new directions Summit researchers believe will have the most meaningful—and lasting—impact on the $4.5 trillion global wellness economy. The comprehensive report was released at a press event at Hearst Tower in New York.  

The Summit’s annual forecast is the only trends report that draws from the insights of 600+ delegates and presenters from over 50 countries who attend the annual Global Wellness Summit. And no other trends forecast is based on the perspectives of so many experts worldwide, including economists, academics, futurists and the CEOs of international corporations.


7 Ways CBD Can Fight Acne

Acne is a four-letter word to most everyone. It’s the most common skin ailment. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), about 80% of people between the ages of 11 and 30 have outbreaks of acne at least occasionally. For some people, however, the disorder continues to rear its ugly head into their 40s and 50s.

Acne is a disease of the pilosebaceous units (PSUs), which are found just under the skin and contain sebaceous glands that are connected to hair follicles. The sebaceous glands empty onto the skin via hair follicles. When the glands become overactive (because of hormones and other factors), blockages of sebum and dead skin cells happen. That, in turn, triggers an immune reaction, which causes inflammation and sometimes infection.

Although acne is not usually a serious health condition, it can cause significant emotional distress and permanent scarring of the skin. Fortunately, products with cannabidiol (CBD) can help. Research has concluded that CBD can be beneficial for various skin problems, including acne.

1. Helps Regulate Skin Functions

CBD penetrates the skin readily and affects the body’s endocann­abinoid system (ECS). Besides the ECS’ role in regulating physiological processes (such as pain, mood, sleep and digestion), research has indicated it also helps maintain balance across certain skin functions.

2. Decreases Skin’s Sebum Production

Shown to reduce sebum production, CBD can help minimize acne outbreaks. CBD inhibits secretions by the cells that secrete sebum (called “sebocytes”). It does this by activating the cells’ ion channels, which facilitates the flow of calcium to the sebocytes. That, in turn, suppresses lipid synthesis (a process with a known connection to causing acne).

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Desert Hot Springs, CA – January 2020 – An oasis in the California desert that’s known within celebrity circles and respected for programming centered on fasting, detoxification and education, begins the decade with new stories. We Care Spa in Desert Hot Springs, Calif. is home to a new General Manager, 12 luxurious suites spread over four new buildings and more enhancements on the horizon.

As the new General Manager, Greg Geurin (pictured) brings 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry to We Care Spa. Susan Lombardi, We Care Spa CEO says, “During his various roles as General Manager and a hospitality consultant, Greg oversaw all aspects of hotel operations. He played an instrumental role in uplifting the brand image of various hotels and resorts and bringing them to prominence.” Lombardi is half of the mother / daughter team behind We Care Spa. Her mother, Susana Lombardi Belen, founded the facility in 1986.

Most recently, Geurin held the position of General Manager at The Inn at The Five Graces in Santa Fe, N.M. Within 18 months from his start date, the Inn earned Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards and Conde Nast Traveler Top 5. Geurin also served on the pre-opening executive team for Sunrise Springs Spa Resort in Santa Fe. He guided this destination-spa property to No. 2 on Trip Advisor rankings in less than two years.

About his move to We Care Spa, Geurin says, “I want to be a part of taking an already-incredible guest experience and making it even better. We’re going to focus on enhancing the guest stay with new cutting-edge treatments and equipment, along with continuing our dedication to providing superior service. There’s no place like We Care Spa in the world. We’re only going to make it better.”

Speaking of making it better, Geurin comes to We Care Spa in the middle of a significant expansion project. Phase 1 improvements, which are complete, include an expansive new pool with desert views, eucalyptus steam room and outdoor fire pit. Plus, 12 suites housed throughout four new buildings. At 600-square-feet each, the new suites include:

  • Deep soaking tubs with 8’ glass shower surround.
  • Custom furniture with stone tops and spacious desk area.
  • Single-king bed or double-queen bed options.
  • In-room refrigerator for the daily delivered fresh juices and in-room insta-hot water for detox teas.
  • Large patio with pergola and day bed. Two Presidential Suites include additional outdoor space with a firepit and extra outdoor furniture.
  • Views of Mt. San Jacinto and We Care Spa’s private desert scape of 100 acres.

Phase 2 is centered on the main building to include a grand entrance, lobby, outdoor gardens, remodeled treatment and colonic rooms, six new treatment rooms and a new boutique shop. Also, to come are seven new guest rooms, five of which are poolside, a new gym, Wellness Room and Salt Room. The Salt Room will include a Halogenerator to atomize the salt ions and increase absorption when breathed in. Wellness Therapies planned:

  • Red Light LED Therapy, known to restore joint motion and redevelop muscles to relieve aches, pain and stiffness.
  • Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT), which greatly enhances body oxygen levels while on a stationary bike.
  • Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (BEMER PEMF) Therapy, which increases blood flow to nourish every cell.

“With the new therapies, we will add the latest technology to our tried-and-true detox protocol and treatments. We Care’s desire to detoxify your body, revitalize your mind and restore your spirit actually delivers. Additionally, we will supplement our educational offerings with guest lecturers, resident wellness specialists and a more varied selection of classes and workshops,” adds Geurin.

Noted in numerous magazines as a hot-spot for celebrities including Molly Sims, Matt Bomer, Josh Radnor and Liv Tyler, We Care Spa may be experienced in packages of eight, six or three days. Packages include:

  • Luxury lodging and organic room amenities
  • Access to all daily yoga classes, educational lectures and demonstrations.
  • Colonics and/or digestive release.
  • Use of all specialized equipment, infrared dry saunas and steam room.
  • All juices, teas and supplements needed for the cleanse.

Complete details may be found on

About We Care Spa – With nearly 35 years of experience in fasting and cleansing, We Care Spa has earned a reputation as the pre-eminent authority in detoxification. Founded by Susana Lombardi Belen and operated today by her daughter Susan Lombardi, We Care Spa is a holistic health spa and retreat providing unique educational programs and treatments. Found in a desert oasis near Palm Springs, the We Care Program helps prolong life by supporting guests in the release of toxins through cleansing at a cellular level with a nutrient-dense liquid nutrition program, specialized treatments and healing modalities. WE CARE FOR YOUR MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT:, Facebook and Instagram.

7 Top Spa-Wellness Trends

The overarching theme at the September 2019 ISPA (International Spa Association) Conference, held in Las Vegas, was “evolution.” This is the most appropriate description for what the spa industry is experiencing. As the founder of the leading wellness PR firm, I’ve been attending ISPA since it was established. At that time, spas were wrestling with various identities…yoga retreats, fat farms and places to heal. Today, spa has evolved into an accessible place of wellness. My personal philosophy and the mission of my firm is to make wellness applicable to every room of the home or office, every member of the family and every time of day. It was satisfying to see that reflected at ISPA this year, as well as at the ISPA media event prior to the show, where spas showcased the products, services and equipment they feature. A look at the seven trends that took center stage at the show:


Part of that evolution is spa’s role in the much anticipated, here-to-stay CBD industry. According to the newest 2019 ISPA U.S. Spa Industry Study, the use of cannabidiol (CBD) was the biggest trend in the industry. This study reveals that almost one in five spas has a CBD offering. “What is more interesting is that the study shows that 56% of spas stated they would be adding CBD to their spas in the next two years,” said ISPA President Lynne McNees. “If these numbers ring true, almost 75% of all spas in the U.S. will offer CBD treatments by the end of 2020. It’s incredible how quickly this trend has taken hold in just a few short years. We expect to see many of the traditional brands launch CBD lines to complement their current products.”  

While CBD is still in its infancy at the spa, the spa industry is going to become a place of education for it, as it has been for salt and cryotherapy. “The spa experience is so important to health and well-being, and it truly helps people stay centered, whether they are stay-at-home moms, business executives, athletes, students or travelers,” said Julie Duncan, President and Co-Owner of SPAFLASH.    

Spa-lovers looking to save time and money on locating salon/spa, and wellness experiences have a new resource at their fingertips, with SPAFLASH, a new consumer shopping website. SPAFLASH a site that is free to join, provides consumers with access to appointment availability, events, value-added experiences, and packages on salon/spa and wellness services throughout greater Dallas/Fort Worth.  It will be now be launching in more states and cities throughout the U.S.

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Luxury wellness retreats and escapes for 2020

Get ready for a decade of even more wellness.

The global wellness industry is now valued at $4.2 trillion, up 12.8 percent from $3.7 trillion in 2015, according to the most recent statistics from the Global Wellness Institute. And that number will only increase as people continue to prioritize experiential travelhealth and sustainability, data show.

Nearly half of consumers (42 percent) polled in a recent MINDBODY wellness survey said they valued experiences, such as yoga, meditation, vacations and fitness, over material possessions.

And luxury companies continue to capitalize on the increased demand. From free-flowing hot springs on the West Coast to wilderness safaris in Botswana and hiking up to Machu Picchu, these are some of the most luxurious wellness escapes to unwind and rest in for 2020.

Healing hot springs

This healing oasis located in Desert Hot Springs, California, boasts hot and cold mineral springs. Two Bunch Palms resort features a mineral pool with free-flowing water from a 600-year-old natural spring that’s low in sulfur, rich in lithium and said to have mood-enhancing properties. The hotel offers a floating sound bath series, hiking and meditation in addition to CBD spa treatments. With two restaurants on property, serving up farm-to-table California cuisine, including a tea and wine bar. Rates run between $350 to $900 for the month of January.

Wellness sanctuary in Botswana Wilderness Safaris, known for its sustainable and eco-friendly tourist excursions throughout Africa, is building an exclusive camp featuring four tented suites with private access to the Zibadianja Lagoon. Adventurers can experience extraordinary wildlife encounters with herds of elephants, leopards and lions along the north and south banks of the Savute Channel in Botswana. Guests can indulge in spa treatments or get in tune with nature sleeping outside under the stars. The wellness sanctuary,  Little Duma Tau, will open in August.

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12 Essential Attributes You Need to Become a Spa Manager

Every professional in the spa industry has his or her opinions on what makes a good spa manager. And this has led to several healthy debits on this topic. To become a great spa manager, you don’t have to have a specified background. Some managers have a receptionist background while others have a managerial background.

Every background has its pros and cons. It’s up to the manager to develop and improve the necessary skills required to run the spa. Today, we are going to discuss the twelve attributes you need to become a spa manager. As you are going to see, all these attributes or skills are learnable. Let’s get started!

  1. People skills

According to australian assignment help, managing a spa involves interacting with your staff and clients. Since spas are an emotional environment for your staff and clients, you need to listen to them attentively. Remember, a happy staff is the key to attracting more clients. Motivating your team and socializing with clients will greatly improve your performance.

  1. Leadership

Like any other business, strong leadership is a prerequisite for your success. You have to lead from the front because your staff and clients are always watching you. You also need to allow your staff to develop and improve their skills.

  1. Understanding of the industry

You don’t have to be a fitness instructor or a therapist but you need to be familiar with all the aspects of the wellness industry. You need to possess enough knowledge to be at the same level as your staff. By understanding the operations of your spa and the trends in your industry, you’ll easily generate new ideas that will grow your business.

  1. Attention to detail

As nursing assignment help reports, you should have a clear vision and be able to share it with your team. To achieve this vision, you need to have a keen eye for detail. Your team needs to have high standards and sell high-quality services to your clients to achieve the vision.

  1. Effective marketing

Perfecting the experience of your spa is only half of the job. The other half is all about marketing the spa effectively. And this can be done both internally and externally. Marketing your spa by offering unique services that cannot be found elsewhere in the marketplace will position your business and communicate with both internal and external audiences.

Since the spa market is always changing, it’s important to develop the skills that will be trending in your industry in the future.

  1. Planning

As the saying goes, any plan is better than no plan. Having a business plan and breaking it down into segments and short term goals will greatly increase your chances of success. By breaking your long-term goals into manageable chunks, you’ll realize that you may need to train staff, improve your financial skills or invest in the latest technology to name a few.

  1. Goal-Oriented

According to paper writing service, you need to set clear goals for your spa that will motivate your team to make the business successful. This can include reducing expenses, revenue targets, skills to be developed and improved or customer experience. Communicating your goals with your team will make it easy for the business to achieve or even surpass the targets.

  1. Communication

Opening the channels of communication and keeping in touch with your team will eliminate toxicity and distrust in the business. Being open to new information is critical to your success.

  1. Time management

Every effective manager knows the value of time. As the saying goes, time is money. Therefore, don’t procrastinate or give excuses for missing your deadlines.

  1. Problem-solving

While running your spa, problems are going to come up daily. You need to organize and control the problem before it becomes a crisis. This means managing your thoughts and emotions to avoid criticizing, blaming or complaining.

  1. Shares the huge load

Managing a spa effectively is not easy. You can’t do everything alone. You’ll need to empower and trust your team by sharing responsibilities with them efficiently. Uk essay writer reports that trying to be a superhero leads to stress, frustration, and burnout in the long run.

  1. Fairness and equity

An effective spa manager builds the respect of his or her team by holding everyone accountable to similar rules, policies, and standards. Favoritism can seriously contaminate the culture of the organization and put your integrity in question.

At the end of the day, work with no play leads to stress and frustration. Do not take your work or life too seriously. A smile and laughter in the spa can help you achieve your goals. With these twelve attributes, nothing in the world can stop you from becoming an outstanding success.

Scott Matthews is a professional content writer for best essay writing services review and best paper writing services. He enjoys sharing his thoughts and insights on effective business management regularly on dissertation service and best essay service. During his leisure time, you’ll find him playing golf or traveling with loved ones.

Earthlite Introduces the Holistic Alchemy™ Essential Oils Collection

Earthlite’s new line of premium, single-note essential oils and aromatherapy blends contain 100% organic oils extracted from globally sourced botanicals.

While there is much variance in the quality of essential oils in the marketplace today, Earthlite, and its Chief Product Alchemist, Tara Grodjesk, have committed to procuring only the purest essential oils available. Earthlite’s line of essential oils delivers the finest aromatherapy benefits to enhance your massage therapy, spa treatments, and home care rituals. Earthlite’s Holistic Alchemy™ Essential Oil Blends take the guesswork out of blending.

Featuring Balance, Calm, Muscle Soothe, Purify, Revive and Sleep blends, these master-crafted formulations were created for a broad range of uses including environmental fragrancing, blending into a carrier base oil for massage, or adding to bath water for an unforgettable aromatherapy experience.

Contact: · 800.872.0560 ·

10 in-flight skin care secrets

When you think of travelling, you immediately imagine endless afternoons lying on a beach in the Maldives. You dream of roaming the galleries and museums in Paris. You can feel the sunny days exploring the streets of Positano in sandal-clad feet. But before you get to that part, you’re sitting on your suitcase trying to zip it up and considering sacrificing your skincare beauty pouch for a perfectly planned outfit. Of course, there are a handful of items you’ll inevitably have to leave behind or forget, but don’t let your skincare be it!

Does flying affect your skin? Yes! Is there a way to combat it? Yes! Something they don’t tell you about airplanes is that the air in the cabins are practically moisture free. Recycled cabin air is around 55% drier than normal air. What this means for your skin is that all the goodness in your skin cells that keeps your skin plump and hydrated is being sucked dry into a prune state!

The good news is whether you’re jetting off to Europe for a month-long vacation or down to Byron Bay for a quick weekend getaway with the girls, we’ve got the ultimate list of airplane skincare tips:

1. Remove your makeup

A dry cabin environment + makeup clogging your pores = skin irritation and breakouts. That’s an equation you definitely don’t want happening. Carry a hydrating face wash that won’t leave your skin feeling tight and overly stripped like our Radiant Skin Foaming Cleanser. If you can’t leave your seat, pour a few drops of our Nourishing Cleansing Oil onto a cotton round and gently swipe across your face. Finish off with a makeup wipe until the wipes come out clean. Read more on cleansing oils here (no link yet).

2. Put on a sheet mask

Think of this skincare routine as a self-care ritual too. You have X hours of uninterrupted time so treat yourself. With clean hands, put on a hydrating sheet mask when the cabin lights have dimmed and enter into relaxation mode.

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The Most Expensive Beauty Buys of 2020 (That are Actually Worth It)

Over-the-top price tags in today’s consumer world often represent a newsworthy novelty or something to brag about: Japan’s most expensive melon, New York City’s priciest pizza, or Italy’s fastest racecar plated in solid gold. In the beauty world, however, the cost of a luxury cosmetic product or treatment can often indicate quality.

Few industries seem better suited to absurdist pricing than beauty, a superlative that women and men of all ages strive for in the quest for perfect skin and a fountain of youth. But how are consumers supposed to distinguish price from worth? We’ve conducted the research so that you don’t have to. After trying many of the world’s most expensive luxury cosmetics and beauty treatments, these are the ones that are actually worth it. 

A new line by Nobel Prize-winning chemist Sir Fraser Stoddard, Noble Panacea totally lives up to its glowing hype. Each product from the brand’s two lines is divided out into aluminum-free packets to preserve bioavailability, totaling a 30-day supply. When using the products individually, perfect skin is inevitable. For the brand’s Brilliant Collection, combining each of the four products comes out to a monthly price tag of $849. Prices aside, this is definitely the best new product on the market. Prices involved, it is absolutely worth it.

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Wellness Tips and Trends from Organic Spa Magazine Guru Rona Berg

As the busy editorial director for Organic Spa Media, New York-based author, public speaker, and industry expert Rona Berg is frequently on the road combing the exotic corners of the globe for the best treatments, products, and wellness retreats.

Every year, Berg and her team at the magazine host a wellness event on the roof of the Viceroy L’Ermitage in Beverly Hills where brands, properties, and holistic leaders are on hand showcasing the latest must-haves for everything from relaxation to sore muscles or younger-looking skin, followed by an informative panel discussion. We decided to ask Berg to look back on the past year, help navigate the vast new CBD landscape, and prepare us for a stress-free 2020.


The fitness industry traditionally allocates all its marketing dollars on upping memberships and subscriptions.  Fitness centers can be making more profits by driving new non-dues revenue sources.   Retail often falls short in fitness centers because owners and operator find it too daunting.  In addition, fitness center work best when located in high-visible retail locations with easy access to shopping. 

One way to keep members at the gym longer is to help them recover.  New research suggests taking strategic time off from your workout routine can maximize the benefits of physical activity and minimize the risks.  Utilize that time with a recovery bar.   Recovery bars have the potential to become the new juice bars at the gym.  CBD balms, myofascial rollers, electrolyte drinks, and shower accessories are all helping people feel better before, during and after workouts and the fitness industry can be benefiting from it. 

With so many options, choosing the perfect products to add to your recovery bar can be time consuming and sometimes impossible.  We’ve cut through the clutter and curated, tested top sellers that can turn a prevention bar into a lucrative profit center.

Daily roll – Self-care is any activity that we do in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health, and Rykr Roll understands the importance of taking care of all three…at the same time. Featuring both function and innovation, with a stylish on-the-go approach, Rykr Roll’s handheld self-massage products are designed for people to pinpoint pain, and easily apply acupressure and massage to the muscles, promoting better oxygen flow and blood circulation, to achieve optimal pain and tension relief. This offers a moment to slow down your thoughts, alleviate stress, boost immunity, and sink back into your body so you can feel grounded and connected to your daily work, activities and leisure time.  

More than CBD – The CBD industry is exploding with products that offer myriad solutions to pain, anxiety and other conditions.  Many products fall short because the companies had hoped that CBD would make the difference in an otherwise lacking product.  However, CBD is just one of the ingredients in Muscle MX—a line of topical relief balms, dietary supplements and lotions, that help ease everyday muscle and joint pain for a healthy recovery, so you can stay on the move pain-free.   

Glide past the workout – Every person’s hygiene routine is different. It’s personalized based on what each’s body needs to get through the day comfortably and in style.  When it comes to chafing, people chafe in different spots for different reasons, sometimes even depending on the weather. Whatever the reason is, protection from rubbing is the key to prevent painful chafing altogether. Body Glide Anti-Chafe, Anti-Blister Balms are the solutions to chafing – easily a part of the daily routine with various advantages over petroleum jelly. While petroleum jelly creates a mess and leaves grease and stain on clothes, the Body Glide balms glide on quick, smooth, and easy – completely mess, stain, and grease-free. Petroleum jelly clogs pores and traps sweat beneath the skin. But Body Glide balms are sweat and water-resistant that keep pores clog-free and allows sweat to escape, letting the skin breathe.

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Relaxing and tranquil spa breaks for a winter getaway

The Christmas and New Years celebrations are well and truly over.

Most of us have gone to work, and all that’s left to look forward to is the start of Love Island and the January sales.

If all of this is making you feel a bit down, then a spa break is just what you need.

It’s a great excuse to hit the restart button and enjoy life at a slower pace.

We’ve rounded up some great deals, on prices for two people.

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Spa Profitability Handbook Published By Horwath HTL Health and Wellness

Woman relax and looking into the distance in infinity swimming pool on vacation

BANGKOK, THAILAND ­– January 23, 2020 – With the rise of wellness travel globally, spas are chartered for continuous future growth and marketability. In today’s hospitality market environment, spas are no longer seen as a “nice-to-have” complementary facility but are established as a core element of the guest experience that not only drives demand but matures as an untapped source of profits. 

Whether a spa is a cost or a revenue centre depends largely on how it is integrated into hotel marketing and whether it is actively managed to drive profitable performance. For a spa to achieve its potential as a tangible asset, operators have to be committed to marketing and integrating spa models into the core business, actively growing revenue drivers and keeping costs under control. 

In a new report, Horwath HTL Health and Wellness discusses what physical and operational attributes affect spa profitability and outlines effective strategies for achieving a stronger bottom-line performance in the long run. 

The full report can be downloaded here

About GOCO Hospitality

GOCO Hospitality is a pioneering consultancy, development and management company creating, designing and operating tomorrow’s spa and wellness hospitality concepts. From initial market research through to concept, design, and management, the company’s experienced research, creative and operational teams collaborate closely with clients to create innovative wellness solutions specially tailored to meet the demands of the location and target market.

The Natural Makeup Trend—and How to Answer Questions Your Clients May Have

by: Matthew Burke It’s no secret that the cosmetics industry is tremendously profitable—industry experts estimate the beauty industry to be worth $532 billion(that’s “billion,” with a “b”)—but there’s a subset of the industry that’s growing with incredible speed: natural makeup. That is, cosmetics made without some of the chemicals known be harmful to humans.

Your clients may have questions related to cosmetics and the chemicals involved, so here’s a quick rundown of the basics. We’ll start with the good news:

Many—If Not Most—Chemicals Are OK. Despite some scary names—”tocopheryl acetate,” “methicone silsesquioxane crosspolymer,” “isododecane”—many of the chemicals used in cosmetics are not harmful to most users, and result in no adverse effects. So you don’t need to throw away your makeup collection just yet. In fact, when it comes to the problematic chemicals in makeup…

People Are Usually Concerned About a Very Specific List of Ingredients. There are literally thousands of different chemicals used to create cosmetics, but the list of harmful cosmetics your clients may ask you about will most likely be pretty small. They include:

  • Parabens, used in foundations, believed to be an endocrine disrupter that can potentially result in breast cancer;
  • BHA and BHT, a preservative in lipsticks that may be carcinogenic;
  • Formaldehyde, used in nail polishes and eyelash glues, believed to be a carcinogen;
  • Mercury, used in eye makeups, which can damage the nervous system;
  • Lead, also in eye makeups, which can also damage the nervous system; and among others…  
  • Siloxanes, also in foundations, which may be an endocrine disruptor.

If you or your clients are concerned about these chemicals, they’ve become very easy to avoid, as…

There’s an Abundance of Helpful Information Online. There are plenty of consumer groups that research the chemicals used in beauty products, but two in particular keep extensive databases of individual cosmetics: 1) The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has an incredibly-broad index named Skin Deep where it discusses thousands individual cosmetics—and discusses each of the ingredients in your favorite cosmetics, and 2) Skin Safe also an online database that lists almost 10,000 makeup products, and clearly lists what is—and is not—in each cosmetic. With that in mind…

There are a LOT of Natural Options on the Market. As interest in natural cosmetics gains traction, more and more companies are meeting consumer needs. Beauty Counter enjoys a great reputation (and has a “Never List” of 1,500 ingredients they omit from their products), as does Au Naturale Cosmetics (which focuses on long-lasting all-natural products), and Juice Beauty (which focuses on organic ingredients, but also on organic farming and sustainability). In addition to these brands, there are plenty of mainstream options which now omit these ingredients (and will tell you so on the label!). Keep in mind, however, that…

Marketing Terms Can Be Misleading. At present, the FDA does not define the terms “natural” or “organic,” meaning… just about any cosmetic can use the word “natural” or “organic,” regardless of what chemicals are included in the makeup. So you’ll need to do a little research and read ingredient lists to make sure that your favorite makeups—and the makeups you’re offering to your natural-minded clients—are the real deal.

Natural cosmetics are gaining traction, and that trend seems set to continue—a basic understanding of the product can help you meet your clients’ needs.

Matthew Burke is a makeup artist in Brooklyn, NYC, and writes about trends within the cosmetics industry.

Looking good is no accident

Makeovers are coming in several forms on East Second Street these days.

Nichole Jellum, 43, opened Beau Toi (pronounced Bo-twa) day spa and salon at 308 E. second St. last October. She and husband, Matt, have also been making over the building, the former site of Aero Print.

Last summer, Jellum took one look at the three- story building built in 1881 and said, “I’ll take it.”

Building manager Bill Dick and her husband just looked at each other, kind of stunned, she said.

The place needed work. A lot of work.

But it also fit Jellum’s vision—with hair and nail services on the first floor and esthetics on the second. It also had room for independent hairdressers, nail techs, masseuses and estheticians.

The space spoke to her even though it was covered in wood paneling, old carpet and windows covered in plastic sheeting.

The renovation has been a team effort. The building is owned by Mareta Maier and the Dick family of Dick, Dick and Corey Attorneys. And here’s the deal. The Jellums are investing tens of thousands of dollars into the remodel but they are recouping their money through rent reduction.

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7 of the best bootcamps around the world

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If you don’t feel like joining the hordes of people at the local gym this January or if you’re completely new to exercise and have no idea where to start, one way to avoid the crowds and not feel out of place is to book a healthy fitness bootcamp break. More and more people are booking these type of trips to get beach ready as soon as possible — plus it’s a perfect holiday for both singles and couples who want to kickstart a health plan.

Searching on Google for bootcamps yields more than four million results, so it’s hard to know what the best bootcamp to choose is. You may want a high intensity with no alcohol affair, or something more suited to the mind as well as body. We have a selection of the best places around the world for active holidays from high-intensity interval training to yoga retreats to surfing breaks and more.

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Functional Fragrances

“The future of fragrance will be using scent to ‘biohack’ our brains and bodies to perform better,” says Joanne De Luca of Sputnik Futures, a company that specializes in anticipating consumer trends. For example, researchers at Stevens Institute of Technology revealed that the scent of coffee alone might help people perform analytical tasks better, suggesting a placebo-like effect of caffeine. Don’t be surprised if the pleasant aroma of coffee brewing permeates your workspace in the near future!

The Nue Co., a UK natural supplement company, has created the first anti-stress supplement that can be worn as a fragrance. Dubbed “Functional Fragrance,” the new scent is unisex and was developed using data insight and research into the connection between cognitive function and the olfactory system.

The research of scent’s impact on learning and cognition will flourish over the next few years. Already, studies of rosemary’s effect on cognition indicate that being exposed to the aroma helps people perform mental tasks faster and more accurately. And, a positive side effect is the feel-good factor of aromatherapy: The subjects’ moods improved with exposure to the rosemary aroma.

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Orthopedic massage is a comprehensive system used for treating pain and injury conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system. The techniques used in this system of massage vary extensively and are chosen based on how they best address the client’s primary presentation.

One of the most beneficial and useful approaches I have found is active engagement. Active engagement techniques are most helpful when working with clients with specific pain or injury complaints, because they are highly specific. Using movement with massage intensifies the treatment in different ways and in varying degrees.

The Ladder of Intensity

Rick Garbowski, LMT, a teaching colleague from Georgia Massage School, coined the phrase ladder of intensity to describe a framework for active engagement methods. Intensity here means the level of effect of the treatment. In general, with active engagement techniques there is a continuum of effect — the less movement or resistance in a treatment, the less intensity or effect; and the inverse: More movement equals more effect and intensity.

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10th Annual Event to Include Buyers from Clubs, Residences and Senior Living; Expert Panel Topic “Beyond Spa: Expanding the Boundaries of Wellness & Hospitality”

Bluffton, S.C. (January 16, 2020) Global Beauty & Wellness Exchange announced today a partnership with Hutchinson Consulting and Contento Marketing  to draw new buyers from emerging markets at the 10th annual hosted event. Hutchinson Partner Michael Tompkins leveraged the company’s executive placement relationships and hospitality consulting contracts to invite top executives from world class wellness and senior living facilities. Contento’s principal Nancy Griffin is bringing together the brightest minds in wellness and hospitality together on Day 2 for “Beyond Spa: Expanding the Boundaries of Wellness & Hospitality, an interactive panel including Tompkins, Catherine Warren, VP of Training with WTS International, David Erlich, General Manager at Amrit Ocean Residences in Palm Beach , and Vivianne Garcia-Tunon, VP of Operations at The Well in New York City.

“I am excited to be working with the Global Beauty & Wellness Exchange to expand their reach into the wellness and senior living industry sectors.  I look forward to working alongside new buyers and attendees at this outstanding, well run event,” said Tompkins.

Buyers from emerging markets include Amrit Ocean (wellness residences) and The Well (wellness club) as well as Wellpoint Community, a new mixed-use development in Huntsville, Alabama that combines senior living with leading-edge medical care, wellness programming and hospitality services. Hutchinson is consulting on the wellness and hospitality aspects of the project. Executives from management companies WTS and LIVuLtd will also be representing multiple projects around the globe.

“The merging of wellness and beauty into new segments brings opportunity for both buyers and suppliers to forge fruitful relationships outside their traditional channels,” says Jamison, President of Jamison Event Management, the event owner. “It is fitting on our 10th Anniversary to pioneer new territory and bring even greater value to our resource partners.”

For information on attending the event as a buyer or supplier, contact Joyce Jamison

About Global Beauty & Wellness Exchange

Now celebrating its 10th year, Global Beauty & Wellness Exchange brings together the nation’s most respected suppliers and high-volume buyers, The 3-day hosted event features powerful, personal networking, one on one product vetting meetings, and educational sessions designed to communicate best practices and inspire innovation.

About Hutchinson Consulting

Hutchinson Consulting is proud to share more than 250 years of combined experience in staffing, launching and operating successful businesses. With an impressive database of more than 20,000 qualified management candidates, we possess the most up to date salary data available. Clients include a wide variety of award-winning hotels, resorts, and spas. Additionally, we have client partners within the wellness arenas of health care, community development, real estate and more.


About Contento Marketing 

Contento Marketing is a boutique strategic marketing firm for the wellness and hospitality industries. Working with a select group of category leaders and industry innovators, the company specializes in business development and public relations—leveraging brands for optimal exposure.

Henderson’s top 4 day spas to visit now

Wondering where to find the best day spas near you?

Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top day spas in Henderson, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list of the best spots to venture next time you’re in the market for day spas.

Hoodline offers data-driven analysis of local happenings and trends across cities. Links included in this article may earn Hoodline a commission on clicks and transactions.

1. Mosaic Salon Boutique

First on the list is Mosaic Salon Boutique. Located at 9550 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 170, in Westgate, the hair salon, day spa and women’s clothing spot is the highest-rated day spa in Henderson, boasting 4.5 stars out of 193 reviews on Yelp.

2. Naked Skinn Studio

Next up is Whitney Ranch’s Naked Skinn Studio, situated at 601 Whitney Ranch, Suite D21. With five stars out of 65 reviews on Yelp, the day spa, skin care and hair removal spot has proven to be a local favorite.

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You can now book spa days with your DOG – and they’ll even get a pet pedicure

WE ALL love a spa day, but I think we can all agree that they would be even better if we could bring a furry friend along.

Well one hotel has just turned your doggy duo dreams into a reality as it offers a joint owner and pet spa package.

The Ringwood Hotel & Spa in Chesterfield is a four star spa that caters for both people and pooches in need of pamper.

So while you settle down to a massage or a mani pedi your pet will enjoy their own treatments at a special centre elsewhere.

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Reminder: New York State Salary History Ban Goes Into Effect Soon!

Earlier this year, New York Sate joined other states and localities in passing a law banning inquiries about an individual’s salary history. The new State law goes into effect on January 6, 2020.
The State law prohibits employers from relying on an applicant’s wage or salary history to determine whether to make an offer of employment or to determine the individual’s wages or salary. Under the law, employers may not seek an applicant or employee’s wage or salary as a condition of being interviewed, considered for employment or promotion. An employer also cannot refuse to interview, hire, promote or otherwise retaliate against an applicant or a current employee, including if they refuse to provide their wage or salary history or for filing an administrative complaint.
The law does carve out very narrow exclusions, including the ability to confirm a person’s wage or salary history after the employer has made an offer that includes an offer of compensation and only if the person responds to that offer by providing prior wage or salary information to support a higher wage or salary. The law does not prevent applicants or employees from “voluntarily and without prompting” disclosing or verifying their salary history for the purpose of negotiating wages or salary with employers. The State law is silent as to whether an employer can ask about a person’s salary expectations or desired salary,
which leaves some unclear waters for employers to navigate.
Employers in other states as well as within New York State may already be
subject to salary history ban laws already in effect including in New York City, Albany, Suffolk and Westchester County. Employers are required to comply with both State and local law and should note that, in some respects, the State law or applicable city/local law may provide greater restrictions.
The State law arms individuals with a private right of action, allowing them to bring a civil action for money damages and/or injunctive relief and to potentially recover attorneys’ fees.

Employers should review hiring materials (including applications) and review interview policies and practices to ensure compliance with applicable salary history ban(s) and should train supervisors and others involved in hiring about restrictions and permissible practices under these laws.
If you have any questions about this, please contact us at 212-644-1310.

Beat the dull, dry winter skin blues

For many people, the cold clear days of winter bring more than just a rosy glow to the cheeks. They also bring uncomfortable dryness to the skin on your face, hands, and feet. For some people, the problem is worse than just a general tight, dry feeling: They get skin so dry it results in flaking, cracking, even eczema. Ashley Thompson recently stopped by Kalon Medical Spa to find out from the experts the best way to care for our skin in a KELOLAND winter.

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Irvine’s 4 top-of-the-line medical spas

Looking to try the top medical spas around?

Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the best high-end such businesses in Irvine, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list. Read on for a rundown.

1. New Skin & Body Aesthetics

Topping the list is New Skin &d Body Aesthetics. Located at 4980 Barranca Parkway, Suite 201, in Woodbridge, it’s the highest-rated high-end medical spa in Irvine, boasting five stars out of 62 reviews on Yelp. 

The site has lots more information on New Skin And Body Aesthetics.

“Our state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line medical spa was established because we wanted to set the bar high for medical aesthetics,” per the history section of the business’s Yelp profile. “We offer the best technology in aesthetic laser equipment, skin care, skin services, body treatments and medical weight loss. We offer advanced-trained, highly skilled staff to provide you with the best results possible, even for those perfectionists!”

Concerning signature items, “Orange County’s advanced med spa offering injectables, laser treatments, body sculpting and skin rejuvenation,” it notes on Yelp in the section about specialties. “We specialize in non-invasive cosmetic services.”

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Seeking Perfect 2020 Vision? 3 Lessons From Beauty Industry

In the year and decade ahead,  CPG companies must go beyond product to deliver services and experiences that are entirely relevant to the individual consumer when it really matters. But in 2020, brands will be expected to go much further by also positively contributing to the environment.

Beauty is one industry leading the charge in delivering relevance at scale. Here are three ways beauty could help CPG companies navigate the road ahead: 

#1 – Tech takes the lead. Technology is now the key accelerator for consumer goods companies looking to achieve hyper-relevance at scale. The ability to blend both physical and digital experiences in individually personalized solutions is a big trend.

Just look at how beauty brands are changing the way they interact with end consumers through augmented reality. For example, some brands are using Magic Mirrors to let people try out different hair colors and find the shade that suits in an instant. 

As in many sectors, machine learning is another really vibrant space in beauty right now. One major player is using AR and AI and training an algorithm for different skin type groups that smartphone owners can use to detect and evaluate the unique signs of facial aging. 

It’s not only a great new way to leverage the company’s deep industry expertise and deliver a personalized service for customers, it’s also a highly valuable new source of insights for future product development. 

#2 – Medicinal beauty shakes the foundations. Boundaries between industries are so much more porous than they once were. Across consumer goods — and specifically in beauty — that’s opening the stage for new players from alternate sources to step into the limelight. And life sciences companies are eyeing up the possibilities of applying scientific and medical advances in beauty solutions.

Research from University of California geneticist Steve Horvath is radically changing our understanding of how the body’s epigenetic clock  (our “biological” age) might be reversed through a combination of hormonal and other therapies.

Innovations like these might still be a way off in terms of practical application, but the potential for major disruption and realignment in the beauty industry is obvious. Which consumers will be willing to spend $1,000 on a 12-ounce pot of face cream, when a biotech or medicinal solution can solve the problem at its source?

So far over-the-counter beauty brands have stayed away from emphasizing the medical and/or pharmaceutical aspects of their products. That’s now likely to change, especially in the way brands talk to older, more health-focused consumers.  

#3 Eco-friendly packaged goods. Sustainability is top of the consumer agenda today, and it’s a trend that will only grow over the next 12 months. Shoppers want to reduce their environmental impact, and they’re thinking much more critically about how their products are used and packaged.

Brands are responding. One UK company introduced “black wax,” a blend of moisture-resistant waxes and coloring pigments to reduce packaging and keep products in good shape during transport. Another company has a low-plastic paper-based bottle that’s safe to take into the shower. 

Indeed, the year ahead will see the continued evolution of product packaging from something which merely contains, protects, and communicates to something which takes a key role in the connected ecosystem of our lives. 

So, this year, expect packaging to get smarter and more sustainable. Refillable and reusable will be the order of the day. Less pretty, perhaps, but more eco-friendly. And when combined with the IoT, a vehicle for really new and exciting user-centric beauty services.

Pet Relief: The Nautical Dog

Quality, customer service and an eye for trends are important to this Virginia retailer

“Virginia is for Lovers” notes the state motto, yet it is not just about people — that love extends to animals, especially for one retail store, The Nautical Dog. Located in Williamsburg, The Nautical Dog is “a store of love for animals.” Owner Amanda Morrissette opened the store about 13 years ago and has been growing and learning ever since.

“Everything I do here has a common goal of offering the best. I started the store when I was 20 years old and I’m now 33. It has all been a learning process and I still have lots to learn, but if you love what you do and put 110% it will all be worth it,” she shared.

Morrissette became obsessed with everything dog related after she brought her first dog, Roxy — a Pembroke Corgi — home. “I was always searching for cute little dog boutiques and going to pet stores to shop for her. I was already in retail (clothing) and decided that I would one day like to open a boutique for dogs and eventually (I) took the leap,” she explained.

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Movers & Shakers: Charles Voth joins Mindbody

Charles Voth has recently rejoined the Mindbody family to provide unparalleled attention to the channel partner ecosystem and work tirelessly towards the growth and betterment of our partners.

Alongside his professional experience lies a Kinesiology degree with an emphasis in Exercise Science…making him the perfect fit for Mindbody’s mission. Outside of the workplace, you can find Charles hiking with his wife and two German Shepherds, enjoying a Central Coast winery, or in a local CrossFit gym.

Charles’ “What I love about MINDBODY”:
First and foremost, what I love about MINDBODY is the truly unwavering focus on our mission. Health and wellness has always been a huge part of my life. From education to hobbies to professional passion, it is truly one of the core forces that drive me. So to rejoin a like-minded team that roots all of their decisions within our goal to “leverage technology to improve the health and wellness of the world,”

I can’t imagine a better environment. Its also so rewarding to see the passion of business owners in the health and wellness industry and to hear the story of their “why,” and I can only hope that MINDBODY helps enable them to fully embody their “why” and provide the type of client experience that is true to their vision. I am honored to work with our amazing portfolio of channel partners that interact with those same business owners.

Reach Charles at: MINDBODY, Inc.

Seth Mattison to speak at ISPA Talent Symposium

The International SPA Association (ISPA) will hold its inaugural ISPA Talent Symposium on 15 April at The Ritz-Carlton, Bacara in Santa Barbara, CA. This event will be a first of its kind for the spa industry and will focus solely on workforce issues.

Engaging your team is key to attracting and retaining employees in today’s competitive labour market. The ISPA Talent Symposium will equip attendees with energetic and innovative approaches to solving these pertinent workforce challenges. Established spa industry and workforce development professionals will join featured speakers to help unlock the secrets to fostering an engaged workforce and developing a talent strategy.

Seth Mattison is the first announced keynote speaker for the event. As the founder and CEO of Luminate Labs, a digital media platform, production company and global community for luminaries, leaders, influencers and subject-matter experts representing the most forward-thinking organizations in the world, Mattison advises leaders on key shifts happening around talent management, leadership and the future of work. His goal is “to help facilitate a shift in consciousness around what work and leadership will mean in the 21st Century and the role individuals can play in intentionally leading organisations and legacies that bring deep value to the world.”

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Colorado spas evolving to help skiers, hikers and athletes recover after workouts

There is no shortage of spas in Colorado where a guest can get a relaxing massage, bliss out in an aromatherapy room or have skin and nails buffed and enhanced. While the traditional spa isn’t going away, some spas are looking to offer more than chilling out with sports recovery services for all those people who overdid it on the slopes or trails of our iconic mountains.

“The spa industry continues to evolve to meet the needs of today’s consumers,” said Jennifer Razee, spa director at Well & Being in Vail, which opened in November. “While recovery spas aren’t limited to Colorado, it makes sense that they would populate in western mountain towns like Vail where many travelers participate in mountain sports.”

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7 Top Spa-Wellness Trends

The overarching theme at the September 2019 ISPA (International Spa Association) Conference, held in Las Vegas, was “evolution.” This is the most appropriate description for what the spa industry is experiencing. As the founder of the leading wellness PR firm, I’ve been attending ISPA since it was established.

At that time, spas were wrestling with various identities…yoga retreats, fat farms and places to heal. Today, spa has evolved into an accessible place of wellness. My personal philosophy and the mission of my firm is to make wellness applicable to every room of the home or office, every member of the family and every time of day. It was satisfying to see that reflected at ISPA this year, as well as at the ISPA media event prior to the show, where spas showcased the products, services and equipment they feature.

A look at five trends that took center stage at the show:

Content Creation is King: How and Why to use Content to Grow your Wellness Business

Does your business actively post on social media? Do you blog? Have an e-newsletter? How about creating videos about your spa or skin care practice? It’s likely you answered yes to at least one of those questions, and maybe all four. Guess what you are doing? Creating content.

Now, more than ever, content is king. Why is content creation important? Your leads, clients, potential partners, and media want to read great content. In fact, 20% of the time that an internet user spends online is spent just reading content and 80% of internet users like to learn about companies through the custom content they provide.1

Content helps you attract and engage customers, bring new visitors to your website or facility, and reach the end result of building your bottom line. Content creation and marketing also positions your brand and yourself as experts.

Through creating your own content, you also demonstrate expertise in your field (skin care, spa management, massage, and so forth), while providing knowledge that can help educate readers’ purchasing, wellness, and lifestyle decisions. 

Read more at Dermascope…

Julie Keller Callaghan joins Hutchinson Consulting

Julie Keller Callaghan, the former editor-in-chief and publisher of American Spa, has joined Hutchinson Consulting, a hospitality industry executive search and recruiting firm, as an executive recruiter and marketing and communications specialist.

Keller Callaghan led the American Spa team for the past 15 years and is an advocate and influencer in the wellness world. Under her leadership, the brand evolved to include a print publication, a website, social media community, multiple awards programmes, and numerous events.

Keller Callaghan is also the founder of the American Spa Women in Wellness Leadership Conferences and the American Spa CBD Summit, and spent the past year as the event director for Spatec by American Spa. For these efforts and more, she was named a 2019 Folio Top Woman in Media in the Industry Trailblazers category, and she and her team won an ISPA Innovate Award in 2018 for their work with women in leadership.

At Hutchinson, Keller Callaghan will help expand the firm’s wellness recruitment services in the spa, wellness, and hospitality space. She will also work closely with the executive team to help companies create powerful marketing messages to develop and grow their brands. Additionally, she will continue to act as an industry expert, speaking at events, serving as an expert judge and panelist, and sharing the industry knowledge she has developed by leading the industry’s top media brand for spa and wellness professionals.

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In Pursuit of Pleasure: Spa Treatments

ACTIVE BODY RX | 875-2229

THE TREATMENT: ʻAwa Remedy | Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Kea Lani

WHAT IT INCLUDES: For centuries, Polynesians have revered ʻawa as a medicinal plant known to release tension and soothe sore muscles. Inspired by Hawaiian warriors who used the root to relieve bodily stress, this treatment is perfect for modern-day athletes. The spa’s citrus sugar scrub prepares the skin for the healing powers of an ʻawa and aloe body mask that’s followed by an invigorating head-to-toe massage.

WHAT IT’S GOOD FOR: While ʻawa is typically consumed as a beverage, incorporating it into a massage effectively relaxes tense muscle tissue. Its warming nature helps to increase peripheral blood flow.

WHAT IT COSTS: 90 minutes, $279; available as a couple’s experience

PURE LUXURY | 874-8000

THE TREATMENT: CelestialBlack Diamond Facial | The Spa at Four Seasons Maui

WHAT IT INCLUDES: If Marilyn were alive today, it’s likely she’d be singing the praises of a facial that literally covers you in diamonds. As its name suggests, actual nano particles of diamonds are in this face mask. Working in concert with other spa products, “diamond dust” transports ingredients more deeply into the skin. LED light and oxygen therapy are also integrated into the luxe treatment, promising to zap bacteria, stimulate collagen production, and reduce inflammation.

WHAT IT’S GOOD FOR: Designed to shrink pores, brighten complexion, and plump tired skin, the so-called “red carpet facial” is said to be a go-to for celebrities facing the klieg lights and flashing bulbs, so you can be confident this treatment has been field-tested.

WHAT IT COSTS: 80 minutes, $495

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Wellness trends so you”re beautiful inside out

New Delhi, Jan 12 (IANSlife) In today”s world, wellness has gained tremendous currency. The origin of “wellness” dates back to ancient times; it became the IT word between 1970s to 1990s.

One can thank Jane Fonda”s first ”workout video” in the 1980s, when only a few could make a mark in the world of fitness. The video was credited as bestselling in the “at-home-fitness” segment, bringing about a revolution to the wellness industry. Exercise, weight training, beauty rituals too are trillion-dollar industry.

One chooses to compliment fitness with ”wellness” and ”mindfulness” to deal with the growing needs of people and the fast paced lifestyle. Wellness is a phenomenon which mainly focuses on optimizing overall physical and mental well-being. A myriad of holistic approaches emphasizes on “Self-care”, “Fitness apps”, “self-relaxing”, “nature retreat”, “detoxing”, “sleep trackers”, “health kits and devices”, “spiritual healing”.

To look beautiful one has to feel beautiful and that can only happen when you feel positive. Follow these wellness trends by Dr Paras, Life-leadership Coach and founder of Matrrix, for a beautiful you in 2020.

DNA Testing

Genetic testing will illuminate almost everything as it helps you with in-depth insights of your family and ancestral heritage. Exclusive Genetic testing for health benefits is rapidly increasing. This is a tremendous step to put an end to procrastination and a one-size-fits-all approach.

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Spa Mass And Mid-range Furnitures Market Enhancement, Latest Trends, Rising Growth and Opportunity during 2019 to 2025

The Spa Mass And Mid-range Furnitures Market recently Published Global Market look into study with in excess of 100 industry enlightening work area and Figures spread through Pages and straightforward itemized TOC on “Spa Mass And Mid-range Furnitures Market”.
The report provides information and the advancing business series information in the sector to the exchange. The report gives an idea associated with the advancement of this market development of significant players of this industry. An examination of this Spa Mass And Mid-range Furnitures relies upon aims, which are of coordinated into market analysis, is incorporated into the reports.

The global Spa Mass And Mid-range Furnitures market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 6.0% during the forecast period 2015 to 2025.

Top Companies in the Global Spa Mass And Mid-range Furnitures Market are
Earthlite, Nilo The Spa Industry, OAKWORKS SOLUTIONS, Gharieni Group, Lemi, Continuum, AP INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY, Collins Manufacturing Company, Leli Group Furniture Manufacturing, Pibbs Industries, Custom Craftworks, TouchAmerica, Design X Manufacturing and Others….

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8 Luxury Experiences in NYC

To indulge yourself or someone else with a luxury experience, there’s no place better than New York City. Here are eight ways to mark a special day worthy of the splurge!

Oasis Day Spa, One Park Avenue (between 31st and 32nd Sts.) is dark, hushed, and serene. With 19 treatment rooms, men’s and women’s changing areas, and a relaxation room outfitted with lemon-infused water, teas, and light snacks, you will leave blissful. Choose from the vast menu of offerings including aroma therapy message (60 minutes with deep tissue, $160); Signature Facial (60 minutes, $140); Oasis Purity Wrap with detoxifying seaweeds and kelp (60 minutes $135), waxing of every possible body part, special spa packages, and offers for brides or mothers-to-be. Oasis is professional and entirely delightful.

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7 Top Spa-Wellness Trends 

Nancy Trent – January 10, 2020

Probiotic skin wellness: People should be using probiotic skincare year-round. There are millions of microorganisms (a vast variety of bacteria, viruses, and fungi) currently living on your skin. Research shows that some of these microorganisms actually promote skin health, and reinforce your skin’s natural barrier against harmful bacteria, balance your skin’s pH levels, and may even protect against skin cancer. But the use of harsh facial cleansers and antibacterial products strip your skin of its “good” bacteria and other microorganisms, damaging the skin’s natural ecosystem known as your “microbiome.”

As a legacy brand and leading innovator since 1871, Columbia Skincare uses prebiotics, probiotics, botanicals, and peptides in a science-backed formula that helps people heal their skin by supporting microbiome health while stimulating the natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid to activate the skin’s natural healing process. Columbia Skincare Probiotic products are proven to speed up skin renewal, improve the cohesiveness of skin cells, reinforce the barrier, and amplify skin’s production of antibiotic-like chemicals. The strains, protein, and stem cells in Columbia Skincare products were selected based on years of research that determined these ingredients together potentiate and become a new complex, unique formulation—blending science and nature for supreme wellness and skin health. Columbia Skincare’s proprietary technology assures the efficacy as well as the safety of their products when used as recommended.

Renowned dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe claims Columbia Skincare products are the best for “Sensitive, Irritated, and Rosacea-Prone Skin” and recommends it for use after chemical peels, laser treatments, and micro-needling, or to offset the uncomfortable effects of retinoids and exfoliants.

Spas of America’s 100 Favorite Spas of 2019

North America’s healthy passion for spa and wellness travel is alive and well, as illustrated by Spas of America’s annual list of the Top 100 Spas. The No. 1 spa and wellness travel website today unveiled its Top 100 Spas of 2019, based on unique page views and consumer choices on The annual award provides insight into consumers’ favorite spas of the year.

The Top 100 Spas of 2019 list includes 76 spas from the United States, 18 spas from Canada, four from Mexico, and one each from The Bahamas and Jamaica. The No.1 spa for 2019 was the fitness and hiking-influenced Red Mountain Resort with its Sagestone Spa in St. George, Utah.

The most popular spa experience was the growing Health category, which includes Fitness, Health and Weight Loss, with a combined 16 spas. The health benefits of natural Mineral Hot Springs followed with 15 spas, tying the convenience and excitement of City spa experiences with 15. Mountain spas followed with 12 spas, Casino and Country with 10 each, Beach with seven, Ocean with six, Lake with four, Wine with three, and Desert with two spas.

“The North American spa and wellness industry continues to evolve,” says Spas of America president Craig Oliver. “Spa and wellness travel is not only about pampering and relaxation. Today, guests are exploring exciting new wellness experiences, dynamic spa-themed hotels and resorts, and rewarding multi-day/week spa retreats, contributing to lasting change in their lives.”

“We are excited to learn about achieving Spas of America’s No. 1 spa for 2019,” says Tracey Welsh, general manager of Red Mountain Resort. “Our team has strived hard to create personal experiences for our guests and inspire wellness through adventure at our beautiful Southwestern Utah resort. We look forward to welcoming guests to our unique fitness and hiking experience in beautiful St. George, Utah.”

Spas of America’s Top 100 Spas of 2019
1.    Red Mountain Resort, St. George, Utah
2.    Skaná, The Spa at Turning Stone Resort, Verona, New York
3.    Aspira Spa, The Osthoff Resort, Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin
4.    New Life Hiking Spa, Killington, Vermont
5.    Spa Shiki at the Lodge of Four Seasons, Lake Ozark, Missouri
6.    Feathers Spa at the Peabody Hotel Memphis, Tennessee
7.    The Spa at the Joule, Dallas, Texas
8.    Spa at Grand National, Auburn Marriott Opelika Resort & Spa at Grand National, Opelika, Alabama
9.    The Spa at Ross Bridge, Birmingham, Alabama
10.    Spa Walden, Walden Inn & Spa, Walden, Ohio
11.    The Spa at Cliff House, Cape Neddick, Maine
12.    The Spa at French Lick, French Lick, Indiana
13.    Remède Spa, St. Regis, Mexico City, Mexico
14.    Soul Spa, The Westin Jackson, Jackson, Mississippi
15.    Crystal Spa, Crystal Mountain Resort & Spa, Thompsonville, Michigan
16.    Grotto Spa, Tigh-Na-Mara Spa Resort, Parksville, British Columbia
17.    The Spa at The Shoals, Florence, Alabama
18.    The Greenbrier Spa, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
19.    The Lodge at Woodloch, Hawley, Pennsylvania
20.    Miraj Hammam Toronto, Shangri-La Toronto, Ontario
21.    Springs Eternal Spa, Omni Bedford Springs, Bedford, Pennsylvania
22.    Immerse Spa, MGM Grand Detroit, Detroit, Michigan
23.    The Spa at White Oaks Resort, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
24.    The Sunstone Spa at Agua Caliente, Rancho Mirage, California
25.    The Spa at The Omni Homestead, Hot Springs, Virginia
26.    Deerfield Health Retreat & Spa, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
27.    Spa Eastman, Eastman, Quebec
28.    Roosevelt Baths & Spa at Gideon Putnam Resort, Saratoga Springs, New York
29.    The Spa at Beau Rivage, Biloxi, Mississippi
30.    Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort, San Luis Obispo, California
31.    Trillium Spa at Seven Springs Mountain Resort, Champion, Pennsylvania
32.    Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, Miami Beach, Florida
33.    Bamford Haybarn Spa, 1 Hotel, Brooklyn, New York
34.    Pala Spa, Pala Casino Spa & Resort, Pala, California
35.    Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain, Blue Mountains, Ontario
36.    Sunrise Springs Spa Resort, Santa Fe, New Mexico
37.    Dunton Hot Springs, Dolores, Colorado
38.    The Spa at Sun Valley Resort, Sun Valley, Idaho
39.    Healing Waters Spa, Saratoga Resort and Spa, Saratoga, Wyoming
40.    Hibiscus Spa & Salon, Westin Las Vegas, Nevada
41.    Sole’renity Spa at the Artesian Hotel, Sulphur, Oklahoma
42.    Manitou Springs Resort & Mineral Spa, Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan
43.    Espiritu Spa, Costa Baja Resort, La Paz, Mexico
44.    The Marsh, Minnetonka, Minnesota
45.    The Spa at Ritz Carlton, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
46.    Turtle Cove Spa, Mountain Harbor Resort, Mount Ida, Arkansas
47.    Willow Stream Spa, Fairmont Pacific Rim, Vancouver, British Columbia
48.    The Spa at Stowe Mountain Lodge, Stowe, Vermont
49.    The Spa at Stein Eriksen Lodge, Park City, Utah
50.    Relache Spa Gaylord Texan, Grapevine, Texas
51.    Spa Terre, The Josie Hotel, Rossland, British Columbia
52.    Healing Springs Spa, Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa, British Columbia
53.    Golden Door, San Marcos, California
54.    Drift Spa, Black Rock Oceanfront Resort, Ucluelet, British Columbia
55.    Movara Fitness Resort, St. George, Utah
56.    Miraj Hammam Spa, Vancouver, British Columbia
57.    Palazoo Bontadosi Hotel & Spa, Montefalco, Italy
58.    Hippocrates Health Institute, West Palm Beach, Florida
59.    Remède Spa, St. Regis, Atlanta, Georgia
60.    Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa, Hot Springs, Arkansas
61.    Glacial Waters Spa at Grand View Lodge, Nisswa, Minnesota
62.    Jewel Grande Resort & Spa, Montego Bay, Jamaica
63.    Spa Mandalay, Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
64.    The Spring Resort and Spa, Desert Hot Springs, California
65.    The Spa at Wine & Roses, Lodi, California
66.    Eforea Spa, Hilton Sedona Resort Bell Rock, Sedona, Arizona
67.    The Spa at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, Lake Louise, Alberta
68.    Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa, Jalisco, Mexico
69.    Spa of the Rockies, Glenwood, Colorado
70.    Pacific Mist Spa, Kingfisher Oceanside Resort & Spa, Courtenay, British Columbia
71.    Luna Spa at the Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch, Scottsdale, Arizona
72.    The Ritz Carlton Spa, Bachelor Gulch Spa, Avon, Colorado
73.    Woodlands Spa, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, Farmington, Pennsylvania
74.    Stillwater Spa, Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort, Incline Village, Nevada
75.    ESPA at Baha Mar, Grand Hyatt, Nassau, The Bahamas
76.    Aarna Spa, Pasea Hotel & Spa, Huntington Beach, California
77.    Spa Without Walls, The Fairmont Orchid, Kohala Coast, Hawaii
78.    Boathouse Spa and Baths, Oak Bay Beach Hotel, Victoria, British Columbia
79.    The Bathhouse Spa, Delano Las Vegas, Nevada
80.    Glen Ivy Hot Springs, Corona, California
81.    Health Club & Spa at Fairmont Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
82.    Rancho La Puerta, Tecate, Mexico
83.    Carson Hot Springs Bath House, Carson, Washington
84.    Exhale Spa Ocean Resort Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey
85.    Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs, Ojo Caliente, New Mexico
86.    Auberge Spa Hotel Jerome, Aspen, Colorado
87.    Elora Mill Hotel & Spa, Elora, Ontario
88.    Mii Amo, A Destination Spa at Enchantment Resort, Sedona, Arizona
89.    The Spa at Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe, Victoria, British Columbia
90.    Spa Khakara, Sheraton Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii
91.    The Spa at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, Jasper, Alberta
92.    Ste. Anne’s Spa, Grafton, Ontario
93.    Healing Arts Center & Spa, Cavallo Point Lodge, Sausalito, California
94.    Mirbeau Inn & Spa at The Pinehills, Plymouth, Massachusetts
95.    Mynd Spa & Salon, The Willard InterContinental, Washington, District of Columbia
96.    Hilton Head Health, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
97.    Tree Spa at Hidden Pond, Kennebunkport, Maine
98.    Solace Spa & Salon, Big Sky Resort, Big Sky, Montana
99.    The Spa at Whiteface Lodge, Lake Placid, New York
100.    Spa La Vie at Paragon Casino Resort, Marksville, Louisiana

Mover and Shaker: Colette Brown

Colette Brown has been a licensed clinical esthetician since 1991. Her imbued experience in the latest, non-invasive anti-aging procedures fosters her passion for skincare and wellness for her clientele.

Colette understands the benefits topical probiotics contribute to the skin’s health. The unique way she combines wellness and skin therapy is why Colette leads the Columbia SkinCare practice on the West coast. She has a B.A. in education, is a certified Holistic Practitioner through the Kresser Institute, and has certifications in advanced skincare procedures.

Colette is Columbia SkinCare’s Western Regional Manager of operations and head of the Professional Products Division. Based in Beverly Hills, CA, Colette is supported by two lovely daughters and the family dog — Otis.

What has Colette learned in the business?

  1. When someone is excited and passionate about change, it moves me, because only then can we see the real transformation happen. Not just a physical transformation, but inside-out, where one is radiating beauty and confidence from within.
  2. Trust your gut and a mentor. Trust your gut not only to probiotics, but always be in tune and listen to your inner voice because it will guide you down paths, both in business and personal, you never dreamt of. A wise mentor can help navigate you through situations you were unprepared for, which can save time and money.
  3. Love yourself first. As a mom, entrepreneur, sister, and friend, my life can quickly be engulfed in the needs of others. It is a daily routine for me to practice gratitude, be kind to myself when I don’t make the best decisions, and no matter what, keep going!


A record number of buying groups and trade groups will be in attendance at Lightovation and the Total Home & Gift Market in January, according to Dallas Market Center. 

Dallas Market Center has announced that a record number of business organizations including more than 40 retail buying groups, trade groups and associations are participating in its upcoming Dallas Total Home & Gift Market (January 8-14), and Lightovation: Dallas International Lighting Show (January 8-12).

The organizations, representing tens of thousands of members and hundreds of millions of dollars in purchasing power, will conduct business in Dallas including private buys, new resource reviews, market tours, networking events, workshops and other activities designed to sharpen business skills, gather industry intelligence and procure merchandise from showrooms and temporary exhibits.

“These organizations offer tremendous buying power and industry influence. We are pleased to welcome them to Dallas and to work with them directly with a dedicated team to support the partnership,” said Cindy Morris, president and CEO, Dallas Market Center. “On behalf of our showrooms we look forward to helping them serve their members and broaden their reach to market attendees from around the world.”

Participating Buying Groups

Among the participating buying groups and associations for January 2020 are: Affiliated Distributors (AD), American Lighting Association, American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA), ART (the creative home furnishings network), American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), Association for Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals (AHVRP), Brixy, Consortium for Energy Efficiency, Energy Star, Ferguson Enterprises, Gift & Home Trade Association (GHTA), GC Buying Group, HTI, Holiday & Decorative Association (HDA), Home Furnishings Association (HFA), Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA), Illuminating Engineering Society, Interior Design Society (IDS), International Floral Distributors (IFD), International Association of Lighting Designers, International Interior Design Association (IIDA), IFDA (International Furnishings and Design Association), Lighting One, Lighting Showroom Association, Logos Bookstores Association, Luxury Products Group, MAI Retailers (formerly Monograms America), Museum Store Association (MSA), National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), NEWH (the Hospitality Industry Network), North American Farmers’ Direct Marketing Association, Palmer Marketing, Purchasing Power Plus (PPP), Southwest Buying Group, Spa Industry Association (formerly the Day Spa Association & International Medical Spa Association), SPECTRA Marketing Group, Sustainable Furnishings Council, Texas Association of Interior Designers (TAID), Texas Nursery & Landscape Association, Texas State Floral Association and the Wholesale Florist & Florist Supply Association (WFFSA). New for January 2020 are Palmer Marketing, North American Farmers’ Direct Marketing Association, and SPECTRA Marketing Group.

 Dallas is the first major market of 2020 and will welcome buyers from January 8 to 14 for the Total Home & Gift Market. 

6 Ways Mobile Apps Build a Better Customer Experience for Salon and Spa Guests

With technology seeping into every nook and cranny of the industries, don’t you think it’s time the beauty industry adopts it too? The reasons are simple. You cannot let your business just be and expect it to thrive and gain a competitive edge. It’s only when you move with the stream (of technology), can you leverage the available avenues. Today, I am talking about mobile apps.

You’re missing out on loyal customers, brand awareness, better services, and a lot of money for that matter if you haven’t yet incorporated mobile apps into your business. Yes, it is that important.

The number one reason for that is – customers are always looking for convenient and seamless experiences. And as a business it is your responsibility to serve them with nothing but the best. This will not only build a better business customer relationship but also skyrocket your profits like never before. And who doesn’t want that? 

Beauty industry is huge and in 2020 and beyond the graph will only go upwards. And you definitely don’t want to live by traditional methods of business. 

In case you agree that there’s nothing more important than efficient customer experience for business, read along!

Here are some beauty facts for you – 

  • Women spend more than men when it comes to salon and spas – $3,756 a year (around $313 a month); men on average spend $2,928 per year
  • The market opportunity is huge — health, beauty, wellness is a $100+ billion industry in the U.S.

So, now you have an idea of what you’re missing by not bringing salon mobile apps into the scene.

But how do Mobile Apps Build a Better Customer Experience for Salon and Spa Guests?

Mobile apps, for starters, can give your customers the convenient and efficient experience they are always looking for. And though there are so many ways in which apps can redefine the trajectory of your salon businesses, here are the 6 top ones for you to ponder over – 

1. Online booking – This is definitely more important than you think. Without a mobile app, your customers will have one of the two options. They will either call you as per their convenience or they’ll walk-in directly. Now, calling might seem like a feasible option but if all the customers start calling- you’ll have to hire someone to attend the calls and he/she will have to explain your services, time and again. And walk-in would cause even more inconvenience than you can imagine. Online booking, on the other hand, is time-saving and cost-effective for both, you and your customers. Customers can access the app whenever required and can book an appointment at an available time slot that suits them the best. That means fewer calls and efficient process. 

2. You Can Reduce ‘Wait Time’ With Your Salon Mobile App! -Wait time refers to the amount of time a job is sitting idle before the order is processed. Basically, the time you spend in handling callers and booking their appointments is actually your wait time. Because if you think – you can utilize that time to stay ahead of your competition. With a mobile app, your business will have no wait time as the job won’t ever sit idle. The customers will keep booking appointments on the go and you’ll keep serving them. And this, in turn, will save you the most precious resources a business has – time and money.

3. List Your Services In A Library Style Display For Clearer Understanding – It doesn’t matter if its a loyal customer or a new one. Without a mobile app, you’ll have to explain your list of services, time and again, to customers when they visit the salon or call to book an appointment. And that is not only time consuming but also confusing for the customer. They do not get a clear view of what you have in store for them. The mobile app, on the other hand, can help by providing a library-style display where all your services are clearly mentioned. Here, the customers as per their convenience can go through each service and decide which one they want to explore. Also isn’t it obvious that the customers will be interested in more services if they understand all the services in the first place? Not only this, you’ll be able to handle your customers in a more efficient manner. How?  Because all those customers will know exactly what you offer and you won’t get confused by their demands. 

4. Loyalty And Reward Programs On Mobile App For Beauty Salon – There’s no denying the fact that customers love rewards. And that is one of the reasons why mobile apps are more effective. It’s not just your service but also your business-customer relationship that helps in retaining your customers. And apps can help you master that. How? The concept of rewards and loyalty programs does that. Suppose there’s a customer who uses your services frequently wouldn’t you want them to know that you value them? One of the ways to do that is to give them special discounts(on occasions like birthdays) and offers for their loyalty. This always excites the customers and brings them back to you.

5. You Can Offer Your Customers with Cashless Mobile Payments – We are living in a cashless economy. More often than not we believe in digital payments because let’s face the fact no one carries the exact change. Digital mobile payments, thus, are a quick and convenient alternative using which customers can make exact payments in no time. This saves you from the trouble of maintaining records of payments and them (customers) from the hassle of carrying cash. What you can do here is integrate the common mobile wallet options with your app and include the options of credit/debit card or internet banking through which customers can make seamless payments. 

6. Customer Management, Tracking, And Payment All In One Mobile App – Businesses are not made up of one element. There are too many things involved in the process. From managing your customers, tracking their journey with you (how many times did they visit you or how loyal they are with your service) to maintain records of who paid what and when, there’s a lot that businesses need to take care of. All these seemingly simple tasks are difficult to process manually. And in the age of digitalization, you cannot afford to miss out on automating some of your business processes. Whether you want to follow up a customer or remind them of their appointment, without a mobile app it’s you have to do so. A mobile app, on the other hand, can send notifications to your customers when required . Also, the online payment option will without a doubt help you maintain correct records every single time. 

Wrapping up – Mobile apps are a boon to businesses. And now you know how!

Without mobile apps, you’re not only missing out on customer acquisition but also customer retention. It is only by adopting the technological advancements and flowing with the stream, can you make your business thrive in the true sense. 

Varsha Solanki is a Digital Marketing Strategist at Space-O Canada, a Software development company. She has 3 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. She spends her time reading about new trends in Digital Marketing and the latest technologies.

Questex’s American Spa Welcomes the New Year with More Business-Building Content to Help Spa and Wellness Professionals Take their Businesses to the Next Level

Heather Mikesell Takes the Helm as Editor-in-Chief of American Spa

NEW YORK, NY — With a new year and decade on the horizon, Questex’s American Spa, the spa and wellness authority, is poised to capitalize on its position as the top choice for spa and wellness professionals looking to better their businesses. For more than two decades, the brand has provided wellness leaders and decision-makers the news, business advice, research, trends, and more to help them nurture and scale their operations. An annual award winner for exceptional editorial and design, American Spa magazine has grown to include a dynamic website, multiple newsletters, engaging social media content, and popular industry events, such as the International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conferences (IECSC)SPATEC, the industry’s number-one hosted buyer event; and Impact CBD Expo, which debuts in August.

In the new year, executive editor Heather Mikesell will take the helm as editor-in-chief, building on the brand’s legacy of delivering award-winning content that helps spa and wellness professionals nurture and grow their businesses. A long-time veteran of the American Spa team, Mikesell takes over from Julie Keller Callaghan, who is leaving to pursue other wellness-related opportunities. Keller Callaghan will continue her relationship with American Spa with editor-at-large projects.

“Over the past two decades, I’ve watched the spa and wellness industry grow to become an integral part of our daily lives,” says Mikesell. “I’m looking forward to sharing the stories that are impacting the industry and helping our American Spa audience tackle the challenges that affect their businesses.”

Thanks to its expansive reach, American Spa has created a robust social media presence with more than 95,000 followers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, connecting industry members to a vibrant community. It delivers the information spa and wellness professionals need with a variety of newsletters, such as Medical Spa Report and Spa Scoop, delivered straight to their inboxes. Readers can also gain insight on the experiences of other spa directors in the industry with the brand’s Spa Talk interviews, discover the trending treatments estheticians are raving about with American Spa’s esthetician’s channel, and benefit from tips and tools for improving their businesses with Business Builder articles contributed each month from industry insiders. Through its award-winning print publication, easy-to-navigate website, popular industry events, and engaging podcasts, webinars, and videos, American Spa is bringing spa and wellness professionals more of what they’ve come to love from the trusted brand in 2020. 

About Questex

At Questex, we are passionate about driving business outcomes. We connect buyers and sellers and help both achieve their goals. We are online, on devices and live with experiential engagements. We understand the buyer’s behavior and evolving needs and connect them with the seller through continual touchpoints. From discovery through purchase and purchase through advocacy, we supply unmatched access, insight, engagement and turnkey solutions all in one place. 

7 Ways to Make Your Vacation Spa Day the Best Ever


Vacations are amazing, especially if the destination is the spa. You can incorporate salt treatments in your spa vacation and you need to plan it. Spa vacations started to bloom in the last years, so taking the time to plan them can truly maximize your experience.

Spas are a great vacation destination, but to make it the best you need to plan it accordingly and take into account some important details. 

  1. Plan It Ahead of Time

Why is it important to plan all your activities ahead of time? Because on your spa vacation all you will want will be to relax and have fun. You do not want to search for activities and plan them at the scene. Instead, plan them ahead of time to be sure that your experience is maximized.

Relaxation and good vibes are essential for a successful spa vacation, says Michael Zimbardo best writing service at essay writing uk, the essay writer service.

2. Choose Your Companions

If you are more into solo activities, you can plan to spend your spa vacation alone. However, it is fun to have some friends or family members to share the joy with. For sure you know which friends will enjoy a spa vacation and which not.

Either way, make sure you choose someone whose companionship will enhance the spa experience and will make your vacation even more relaxing and beautiful. 

3. Carefully Choose the Order of the Activities

If your spa vacation will have more activities, as it will surely have, try to plan them carefully. You will want to avoid going to body wrap and afterward to manicure or pedicure.

During a massage, there are a lot of oils used and you will want to avoid an oily body at a manicure. So, try to leave the massage and facial at the end and you will benefit more of your spa vacation. 

4. Eat Healthily

It is important to have healthy meals before going to the spa, as you will want to avoid feeling bloated or grassy. You need to make sure that your spa experience is maximized and that will only bring joy and relaxation. So, choose lightweight meals like eggs, smoothies or juices. Acai bowls are also a good option. 

5. Clear Your Schedule

A common mistake all spa-goers make is going to work or big social events after a spa vacation. You will leave the spa relaxed, at peace and very joyful and you will want to continue the relaxation experience at your home. Having demanding activities after a spa vacation can alter its benefits and effects. Take your time and relax. Do not rush into work. 

6. Add Like-Minded Activities

You will need to add some activities before and after your spa treatment. You will want to enter and maintain a relaxed mindset, so you can include some interesting and relaxing activities.

For example, you can start the morning with a yoga session and a healthy breakfast at your favorite restaurant. Watch a movie, order room service and enjoy your vacation. 

7. Leave Your Worries Behind

You can plan your activities ahead of time, but if you do not let your worries behind you cannot take advantage of the experience. Make a commitment to leave all your worries at the door. Enter your spa vacation with calm and clarity. Make your experience mindful and relaxed. 


You can make your vacation spa day the best by leaving all your worries at the door. Plan all your activities ahead of time and choose carefully the order of the activities. Clear your schedule and choose like-minded activities to enhance your experience. 

Sharon Hooper is a marketing specialist and paper writer from Manchester, UK, and a writer at assignment writing service. When she’s free, nothing gives her much pleasure than sharing her thoughts on writing, marketing and blogging on platforms such as essay writing service uk.

Enough Reasons to Get a Day Off For a Relaxing Spa Session

Self-pampering and relaxation do not need any reason. You can indulge in these things whenever you feel like doing so. An hour of a stress-free spa session can relax your entire body from head to toe. These days, there are various types of skin treatments and massage sessions that can help you in more than one way. Here, we tell you some of the health benefits that come with a happy self-pampering.

Boosts blood circulation

Good blood circulation is significant for many reasons. A good spa session has been found to manipulate your soft tissues and boost the production of certain chemicals like serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins. Your body secretes these chemicals as a response to the relaxation. This is what causes improve blood circulation in the system.

Reduces stress and anxiety

During a spa session, a measured pressure is exerted on your body to make you feel relaxed. This results in reduced blood pressure, low breathing rate, and reduced secretion of the stress hormone. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, a spa session helps in boosting the secretion of happy hormones called serotonin that is known to de-stress your mind and ease muscle tension. This clearly means that psychological issues like stress, anxiety, and depression can be alleviated through massage therapy.

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The Most Luxurious Spas to Go for Après Ski Around the World

Sore limbs, tight muscles, bumps and bruises; all symptoms of a skiing addiction. When at altitude for prolonged periods of time, there is only one cure: hours and hours in 5-star spas. We’ve hand picked (and tested) 17 ski town spas across the nation and Europe. Here’s our list of the best…

1Remede Aspen Spa at The St. Regis Aspen, Colorado

Signature Treatment: Rocky Mountain Ritual

Details: A full body treatment of the highest caliber, the body is exfoliated and hydrated from head to toe. Aromatherapy bath, foot, and scalp massage; expect to emerge completely restored and renewed. Be sure to arrive extra early to take advantage of their incredible tyrowaterfall pool.

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A Man’s Guide to Non-Invasive Cosmetic Treatments

As non-invasive cosmetic treatments are gaining more popularity day by day, we can freely say that it’s the case with their demand among men, too. In fact, non-invasive treatments can provide fantastic results both for men and for women, which is exactly why you should give them a try and find the best one for your skin type. Fine lines, wrinkles, and stubborn body fat are just some of the concerns most men struggle with, and if you’re one of them as well – just keep on reading. Here’s everything you need to know about non-invasive cosmetic treatments, so check out our guide and enjoy!

Botox for men? Why not!

Yes, we know that it seems a bit silly, but you know what? Botox is gaining momentum among men these days, which is exactly why you should consider it. This is simply because wrinkles and fine lines aren’t common concerns for women only – on the contrary, the majority of men will experience them as well. Unfortunately, those first signs of aging can negatively affect their self-confidence and lower their self-esteem. If you’re one of those guys, too, don’t wait any longer and go for Botox injections that can treat frown lines between your brows, crow’s feet around the eyes, deep wrinkles in the forehead, and other problematic areas on your face. The best thing about these injections is the fact that they’re temporary, which means that these won’t last forever. That’s particularly important if the final result isn’t really what you hoped for!

Professional facials are all the rage these days…

On the other hand, if you love to take care of your face and invest a lot of money in skincare products, why wouldn’t you start choosing professional, in-salon facials? Remember that there’s nothing wrong about men who fall in love with self-care, so be one of those guys, too, and you’ll see what we were talking about. However, if you don’t know where to start, just do a little research and find a nice salon that has good reviews. Apart from the regular facials that start with cleansing the face and exfoliating the skin with gentle scrubs, the majority of those salons also offer exclusive facials that include as luxurious masks with 24K gold, LED light therapy, freeze-dried algae masks, and other amazing stuff. Of course, the facials you’ll choose should depend on your overall budget, but you don’t have to worry at all because there are fantastic treatments for everyone’s wallet!

… As well as CoolSculpting treatments

Whereas the previous two treatments were designed to rejuvenate your face, this one is meant to reshape your body and help you get rid of unwanted fat – but without having to go under the knife! Yes, we know that it sounds too good to be true, but guess what? CoolSculpting is everything you could ask for, and even more than that, so give it a fair shot and you won’t make a mistake. This non-invasive treatment is designed to remove unwanted body fat from problematic areas such as inner thighs, lower back, love handles, double chin, lower abdomen, and many more. However, you need to know that it isn’t a weight-loss tool. It’s meant for people close to their ideal weight who can’t get rid of stubborn body fat no matter how much they work out and how healthy they eat. So, if you’re one of them, too, just give CoolSculpting a try and you’ll see a fabulous improvement in no time!

You simply have to try a chemical peel

As more and more men are going to spa these days, the fact that they are choosing revolutionary non-invasive treatments shouldn’t surprise you at all. This also goes for chemical peels, which are many men’s absolute favorites these days. This treatment is designed to rejuvenate your skin, eliminate the fine lines, and get rid of the damage caused by exposure to the sun. Obviously, chemical peels are perfect for men who are active outdoors, as the majority of men usually don’t protect their skin from the harmful sun’s rays. Since sun exposure can damage the skin, speed up the process of aging, and cause depigmentation spots, you should definitely take chemical peel into consideration as it results in a refreshed and youthful skin. Besides that, you should also know that men’s skin is about 25% thicker than women’s, which is why you should go for a more powerful chemical peel. Apart from fine lines and sunspots, these types of chemical peels are also fantastic for acne scars, which is another fantastic benefit that mustn’t be overlooked!

As you can see, non-invasive cosmetic treatments aren’t meant only for women – on the contrary, thousands and thousands of men are going for them these days as well. This is a good enough reason for you to give them a try and see what they’re all about, so stick to the treatments from our list and you’ll do a fantastic job. That’s a promise!

Peter is a men’s grooming and lifestyle writer at Men-Ual and TheBeardMag magazine from the UK and AU. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

Why Good Hospitality is Essential for Your Spa/Salon Business

As a wellness business, whether you’re a spa, salon, or anything in between, you’ll know the importance of getting clients to come back again and again. You can’t run this kind of business just on people coming in once and never coming back again. You rely on regulars and frequently visiting people who love the experience of what you have to offer.

But how can your business create this experience that people want to repeat, and how do you make people wish not to go anywhere else? The answer lies in hospitality, and today we’re going to explore exactly how you can do this.

Start from the Walk-In

While people come to your business for a service, it’s important to remember that it’s more a luxury experience where your customers will come in feeling one way but will hopefully leave with a smile on their face. This transition begins the moment your customers walk in the door.

You need to make sure you’ve created an inviting atmosphere by welcoming your customers in, offering to take their coats and their bags, maybe playing some relaxing music in the background, and then asking if they need anything while they wait for their appointment.

Listen to Your Clients

There’s a common stereotype that going to a salon or a spa is a place for the client to unwind, and the appointment provider usually lends an ear to hear all about their life or what’s going on. This is a common stereotype for a reason.

“Lots of people go to spas and salons to get a little escape from their day to day life, to release the stresses and to relax. By being able to offer more than the actual service and perhaps even just letting the client unwind and unload, this can make the difference between a client being stuck in a grumpy mood, and you unforgettably changing their day for the better” shares Janna Turner, a business manager at 1Day2Write and Next Coursework.

Host Special Events

Everybody likes a giveaway, a chance to win something, or the opportunity to meet new, like-minded people while being a valued part of a community, so entice this and create the chance for this to happen with your business.

Host special events, raffles, discount events, makeover sessions, girl’s nights, guys nights, and more. Not only is this a fun way to get your clients involved more with your business, but you can also create memories than your customers are never going to forget.

Having regular meetups as well, like a brunch club or a relaxing hour in the middle of the week is another great idea for getting everyone connected and wanting to be a part of what you have to offer. Make sure you listen to your customers because, more often than not, they’ll simply tell you what they’re looking for, enabling you to cater for your personalized target market!

Create a Loyalty/Rewards Program

“Another sure-fire way to increase your frequent and regular customers is to create a rewards program where they can get money off their next session or a free session or gift for booking with you a certain number of times” explains Harry Runswick, a communication manager at WriteMYX and Brit Student.

There are plenty of ways you can set this up from loyalty stamp cards to computerized systems. Either way, rewarding your customers for staying with will help build relationships that can truly stand the test of time.

Utilize Social Media

When it comes to businesses and social media, it’s all about connection, so make sure you’re using your profiles to connect with people, to speak with, and to share their content to attract others. If someone posts a photo of their new hairstyle, share it with your followers. 

This helps to build a community where you value your customers, and they value you, making them far more likely to stay with you. What’s more, anybody new coming to your pages will be able to see what this level of commitment and will want to be a part of it.

Mildred Delgado is young and responsible marketing strategist at and She works with a company’s marketing team in order to create a fully-functional site that accurately portrays the company. Mildred presents this information in a series of marketing proposals. You can find her works at Dissertation Help Service.

A special invitation to register to receive the Global Wellness Summit’s 2020 Global Wellness Trends Report

Because you have received research from the Global Wellness Institute, we think you will also be interested in the 2020 Global Wellness Summit (GWS) Trends Report. The GWS will release this highly anticipated forecast on Tuesday, January 28, 2020, at a major press event in New York. You can sign up to receive your copy here

Recognized as the trends that built the wellness industry, the Summit’s annual forecast is a comprehensive analysis of the future of wellness and health worldwide. It is the only trends report that draws from the insights of 600+ delegates and presenters from over 50 countries who convene at the annual Global Wellness Summit. 

Sign up for your complimentary copy of the 2020 Trends Report and be among the first to know what lies ahead in the $4.5 trillion global wellness economy.

7 Meditation Tips for Avoiding Massage Therapist Burnout

The talk about job-related burnout is usually associated with what we believe are typical high-pressure careers. However, every professional dedicated to their work is at the peril of feeling its devastating effects.

As a hard-working massage therapist, you must have had days when your body and mind simply gave in to the stress of having too many clients and working around the clock. Make no mistake about it: The burnout syndrome is real, and you owe it to yourself to find ways to relax and unwind over Christmas.

Here are 7 effective ways to prevent burnout before the first symptoms even start to show.

Control the workload by limiting your shifts

If you tend to schedule a lot of clients per day, you should know that you’re probably in the red zone. It’s quite understandable that you don’t want to let your clients down and more work means better financial stability, but never put those factors before your own health. A passionate massage therapist and freelance essay reviewer Gina Willis recommends limiting your shift to no more than 6 hours and no more than 5 clients per day.

Schedule your clients mindfully

Once you’ve decided how many hours you’ll work per day and how many clients you’re willing to take on, it’s time to make a solid scheduling plan. As you know, not all massage therapy sessions are the same. Ideally, you should schedule more physically demanding sessions between gentler ones to avoid putting too much pressure on yourself.

You can even create schedules that work for your specific needs: Only work in the morning, or take a few clients before noon, make a few hours break, and come back to work in the afternoon.

Prioritize your working posture

Back pain and injuries can happen when you don’t even see them coming. This is why you should always be mindful of your posture: Never compromise it just to get a “better” angle at what you want to do. Instead, rather readjust the position of your client in a way that’s comfortable for both of you.

If you want to learn more about preventing injuries at work, you can always pay for papers written by experts from professional writing services. It’s very easy to buy custom essay like that online. Simply contact the chosen service provider and feel free to disclose: I need you to write essay for me.

Make plenty of breaks during your shift

A massage therapist’s job can be draining, both physically and emotionally. Although it’s sometimes difficult to find time to relax when clients keep coming in, you must make sure to dedicate certain portions of each day to yourself alone. Take a few minutes to sit down, have a healthy snack, or stretch out between every two consecutive sessions. Your body and your mind will thank you.

Wash your hands and face in cold water

Speaking of taking breaks, here’s one more thing that can help you keep your cool during a busy day at work. Each break you take, wash your hands and face in cold water before you go to eat or spend some time doing yoga to relax. This will help relieve the tension, leaving you refreshed, calm, and wide awake.

Water is incredibly important for our wellbeing, so make sure to stay properly hydrated every single day.

Set your boundaries and stick to them

If you’ve chosen a massage therapist career, chances are you’re a giving, nurturing person always happy to help others feel better. However, don’t forget your own wellbeing in the process. Setting your boundaries and respecting your worth is a healthy way to live and you should practice this principle in life and work alike.

Enjoy massage therapy sessions as a client

You spend hours and days doing your best to help your clients get rid of stress, relax, and alleviate pain. Why wouldn’t you let yourself enjoy such pampering from time to time?

Whether you choose a fellow therapist from your workplace or you decide to go across town to get relaxed and check out the competition while you’re at it, you surely deserve some carefree me time. Let other professionals take care of you the way you take care of others each and every day.


If you work with passion and commitment, you are bound to feel overwhelmed at one point or another. It’s a sign you take your massage therapist job seriously and care about the people who come in through your door.

There’s nothing wrong with hard work, as long as you do what needs to be done responsibly, considering both your clients’ health and your own. Remember that you can truly take care of others only when you yourself feel relaxed, rested, and ready to take on the challenges each new day brings.

Scott Mathews is a devoted custom writing guru experienced in providing exemplary dissertation help. He currently offers his professional academic paper writing service at the essay writing service UK, and he also works as a freelance business consultant. His passions (besides work) are skydiving, supporting animal shelters, and, you’ve guessed it: Relaxing in the capable hands of his massage therapist.

Top Benefits of Chlorella Growth Factor

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, there can be more to it than just eating right and getting enough exercise. This can be especially true if you’re dealing with a health issue, or suffer from chronic pain or inflammation. At times, diet and exercise may not be enough to feel your best, or meet your health goals. In these kinds of situations, trying superfoods or supplements may help give you the boost you need.

What Is Chlorella?

One superfood that may really pack a punch when it comes to nutrients and amino acids is chlorella, which is a type of algae that grows in freshwater. Not only that, but it may be one of the most nutrient dense superfoods available. The most common way to ingest it is in powder or pill form, however, the main thing that seems to make chlorella so effective may be chlorella growth factor. This growth factor is contained within the nucleus of a chlorella cell, and is what helps it to grow and reproduce rapidly. While many still take standard chlorella for its health benefits, people seem to be increasingly interested in the health benefits of the growth factor on its own.

Energy Boost

One top benefit that some may experience from taking this growth factor is an increase in energy. It is believed that part of the reason that this growth factor is able to boost energy is because it can be easily absorbed by your cells, and cuts down on the work that your body would normally have to do to process nutrients and use them. This way, you can get nutrients and other things that your cells need without your body having to expend as much effort to get them, which can result in increased energy.

Aids in Detoxing

Another benefit is the detox potential that this substance has. This may be due to a substance it contains called glutathione, which is able to bind to heavy metals and pesticides, and convert them into substances that can be excreted by your body. Often, having excess amounts of these kinds of substances could potentially lead to a myriad of health issues, as well as other less serious things like a decrease in energy, or an impaired ability to lose weight. Flushing them from your body may not only help you feel better in the short term, but can possibly help your body to function better over time as well.

Growth and Repair

It shouldn’t be a surprise that since this growth factor can not only help chlorella cells grow and heal, it may be able to help your cells do the same as well. Its tissue healing potential can be helpful not only to help improve your overall well being, but can be a good option for athletes or those that would like to recover quickly from a tough workout. Additionally, there is some evidence to support the idea that it may give your immune system a boost, and may have some anti-inflammatory properties as well, which could be because of the high levels of chlorophyll that it contains

The Takeaway

At times, even when you are doing everything right, it may feel difficult to reach your health or wellness goals without some kind of aid. In this situation, seeking out superfoods to include in your routine could help you to reap many benefits.

So, whether you’re interested in detoxing your body, increasing your metabolism, or are simply looking for an energy boost to get you through the day, trying out this growth factor may have what you need, and could potentially provide the benefits you’re looking for.

What Skin & Beauty Therapists Should Be Aware Of From A Medical POV

Being a skin and beauty therapist is a rewarding and varied way to make a living — helping your clients as part of a salon or as a self-employed beauty therapist.

As a beauty therapist, you will cover a range of different treatments — from facials, waxing, nail applications, and massages, to treatments for the hands and feet. And as part of this, you are expected to know the fundamentals of good skin care and skin hygiene.

Unless you specialize in this area and have qualifications, or have taken part in various training courses, it can sometimes feel like you don’t know enough about skin care from a medical perspective.

In this post, we’ll be giving a brief overview of what skin and beauty therapists should be aware of from a medical point of view; read on to find out more. (If this is an area you would personally like to develop, then we would recommend signing up for specialist training programs from which you can gain a qualification, as well as reading up further on skin care as a topic.)

Get to know your client’s skin and medical history first

Consultation is an important part of beauty therapy: you need to get to know your client’s skin first before you carry out any treatment whatsoever.

Of course, everyone’s skin is different; what works for one of your clients and helps to improve their skin will not work for all of them. All sorts of factors come into this, whether it is sex, age, race, genetics, or environment — so make sure you tailor any skincare treatment or regime to their wants and needs. Finding out more about their dermatological history — whether they suffer from pimples, dry skin or oily skin, or anything else — will help you to get your treatments just right.

It’s also vital that you get to know their medical history too; in terms of dermatological conditions such as rosacea, acne or eczema, as well as any wider conditions, allergies or medications (such as blood-thinners) that may be impacted by (or impact on) the treatments you carry out or products you recommend.

Carrying out a client consultation before you start any treatment is crucial, and a key component of being a beauty therapist — marking you out as a professional, as well as protecting both you and your clients.

You may need to refer clients to a doctor or dermatologist

There will be some dermatological conditions that will not impact or be impacted by any of the treatments you carry out.

However, there will be some situations in which you will have to refer your clients to a medical professional — usually either a doctor or a dermatologist. This will be because it is a skin problem or condition that you don’t know how to treat or something that is completely out of your remit.

Both doctors and dermatologists are trained to recognize and diagnose skin problems that may require further treatment or medication, as well as being able to prescribe this medication (something which you won’t be able to do as a skin and beauty therapist).

For example, if your client has inflammatory acne, then an acne antibiotic cream is usually recommended, and often the best course of treatment. These are made up of an effective antibiotic that kills the acne-causing bacteria, and another active ingredient that helps the body to shed excess skin cells, unblock pores and dry the skin; they also need to be prescribed by a doctor.

Keep all your tools and beauty room clean and sterilized

If you’re going to be carrying out various treatments, then it is vital that you keep your tools and beauty room sterilized and clean. This may sound obvious, but some people can cut corners when it comes to cleanliness — and this needs to be avoided at all costs.

Not only does this make your services more appealing and seem more professional to clients (which means they will be more likely to come back), but it also means that you are providing services that are as safe and hygienic as possible for the people that visit you.

If you don’t keep your beauty room and tools clean and sterilized, you run the risk of cross-contamination, spreading germs and bacteria, or exposing clients (or anyone else entering your salon or beauty room) to the hazardous chemicals that some products may contain.

Medically speaking, these hazards could result in infections (such as fungal infections) and lice, irritate allergies, and cause asthma flare-ups.

As a skin and beauty therapist, there are some things that you need to be aware of from a medical point of view and take into consideration when you are treating or recommending products to a client.

Primarily, you need to be as safe and professional as possible — always conducting an initial client consultation, maintaining high levels of hygiene, and referring clients to a doctor or dermatologist when a condition is out of your scope or you aren’t medically qualified to carry out a treatment.

If you want to specialize in a specific area such as dermatology, then it is possible to build on this fundamental knowledge by taking part in training courses and gaining additional qualifications.

The 4 best day spas in Sacramento

Looking to try the top day spas around?

Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top day spas in Sacramento, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list of where to venture next time you need to relax.

Hoodline offers data-driven analysis of local happenings and trends across cities. Links included in this article may earn Hoodline a commission on clicks and transactions.

1. Asha Urban Baths

First on the list is Asha Urban Baths. Located at 2417 27th St. in Curtis Park, the day spa, swimming pool and massage spot is the highest-rated day spa in Sacramento, boasting 4.5 stars out of 192 reviews on Yelp.

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7 Things to Know Before Incorporating Salt Treatments into Your Spa

Spas are like heaven on earth in such a stressed-out world. One spa treatment has the power to rebalance your body, to take all your stress and pain away, to make you feel like you can fly away.

The spa business is incredible, and it offers a lot for its customers. What I like the most about this business is that you can get very creative and you can always bring something new.

 If you want to update your business by adding salt therapy to the menu, there are some essential aspects you should know. Therefore, in today’s post, we’re presenting seven things you should know before you incorporate salt treatments in your spa.

  1. Determinate What Kind of Salt Treatments to Implement

Before making any decision, you should know your perspective about salt treatments. How you want to present it to your customers and what impact you want it to have on your business precisely.

For that, you should start by exploring the salt treatment world and choose precisely what you’d like to implement and in what manner. The clearer and more prominent your vision are, the better.

2. Decide on the Audience You want to Attract

The audience is vital for any business, from assignment help companies to spa owners. For that reason, your audience is also a critical aspect of salt treatments.

 If you want to attract more men to come to your spa with their wives, you should choose the treatments accordingly. The same goes for the youth and elders. All you need to do is choose.

3.    Offer Training or Hire experts in the Field

You might think that for specific treatments, there’s no need to provide training as it’s similar to others. But coaching is very much needed. Your employees must know the value and benefits of salt treatments. You don’t want to look unprofessional.

As well, some techniques require training to be applied effectively.

4.    You can Implement Salt Spa without Expanding Your Building

There are numerous salt treatments, and fort many of them, there’s no need to create a particular room to perform them. Therefore, if you don’t feel like investing a lot on salt treatments, you can start small with Himalayan salt massage and salt-based products for facial and body treatments.

The salt world is incredibly vast, so feel free to get creative and spoil your customers.

5.     Hire Experts if You Want a Salt Room

If you do want a salt room, you better have your finances on point. Salt is a mineral, an aggressive one, so the design has to be done accordingly. Therefore, if you don’t want to keep fixing things around because of salt’s properties, you’d better hire experts in the field.

6.    Focus on the User Experience

The spa world is similar to the way a resume writer treats its clients. The customer is the center of their world. Therefore, you probably know by now that when you talk about implementing salt treatments, you should focus on how you want to make the customer feel like.

7.     How to Boost the Health Benefits

If you want to get the best out of the benefits from salt therapy, you should know that the devil is in the detail. For that reason, if you provide a salt-steam room, the last thing you should is to make it feel like a sauna.

Papersowl review advice that for salt-steam treatments, you want your customers to feel relaxed, so the temperatures should be much milder.


Salt treatments are amazing, and your customers will thank you for implementing them. But to be sure it will be in both your and your customer’s interests, follow the tips mentioned above.

Scott Mathews is a highly skilled freelance essay writer and proofreader for assignment help UK. In his free time, Scott enjoys writing blog posts about personal growth, psychology, and philosophy, as he is amazed by the beauty of human nature.

The 5 best day spas in Washington

Wondering where to find the best day spas near you?

Shoppers in the Washington area tend to spend more in December at health and beauty businesses than any other month of the year, according to data on local business transactions from Womply, a provider of CRM and email marketing for small businesses. The average amount spent per customer transaction at Washington-area health and beauty businesses rose to $57 for the metro area in December of last year, 9% higher than the average for the rest of the year.

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20 Stunning Massage Salon WordPress Themes 2019

Today we’ll have a look at the best massage WordPress themes and website templates for massage salons and therapy. 

Whether you are planning to get your own beauty project on the web or you’ve been hired to build a spa site for a client, you can get the job done much quicker and effectively by means of ready-made WordPress themes.

In a showcase provided below, you can find pre-designed solutions suited for building wellness centers, beauty and spa salons, barbershops, yoga studios, meditation, and a number of other web projects. All of them feature clean and modern-looking layouts, adding a calm and tranquil atmosphere to the future web resources. A handful of pro customization options and ready-made demos are provided for a quick start of any web project of yours. Integrating most with drag-and-drop visual page editors, which allow even non-techies to build stunning beauty projects on their own. Most of the themes handpicked for this showcase include premium extensions, which lets you save extra cash on the integration of pro features into your site.

Whether you need to build a website that will promote your business to the wide web community, or you need to launch a site featuring a fully operational booking system, with the help of this collection of spa & massage salon WordPress themes from ThemeForest attaining the desired results will get way quicker and effortless. As you select the perfect theme for your online project, make sure that you check the way it looks and feels on the free demo version.

Without further hesitation let’s have a look at the best massage salon WordPress themes.

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Spa Buzz Events: Plan Now!

Described as always bringing magic and surprise to the Spa Industry event scene – it would be wonderful to have you join us in a new decade!!!

Email now to save a space for one of our wonderful events happening in 2020.  

If you are interested in recommending a colleague or brand that could benefit by gathering with us, you will be entered for an extra night at one of our events. (1 entry for each recommendation)
Gather with us…
Wine CountryVintner’s Inn, Santa Rosa, CA – January 13 + 14
Mystical SedonaAmara Resort, Sedona, AZ – February 3 + 4
The Charming SouthAndaz, Savannah, GA – March 2 + 3
Quirky NorthwestKimpton Hotel Vintage, Portland, OR – April 6 & 7
Mountains of New EnglandMiraval Berkshires, Lenox, MA – June 1 + 2
Genuine MidwestSt. Jane, Chicago, IL – July 13 + 14Spiritual SouthwestMiraval Tucson, Tucson, AZ – Aug. 3 + 4
National EVENT – Keep it WeirdMiraval Austin, Austin, TX – August 31 + Sept. 1
Old School Palm SpringsHoliday House Palm Springs, Palm Springs, CA – Dec. 7 & 8
Email: Kristi Konieczny

Most Outrageous Spa and Wellness Experiences

Move over, goat yoga and sake soaks. We’ve got the new trendiest spa packages. Whether it’s a girls’ night in Sonoma County for enzyme bathing or a destination trip to Japan to experience the birthplace of forest bathing, these seven spa experiences will renew your mind, body, and spirit—in untraditional ways. 

Volcanic sand bathing in New Jersey

Start your crazy spa escapade in a decidedly tame location—Edgewater, New Jersey. The city’s SoJo Spa Club offers a volcanic sand bath that uses mineral-rich, volcano-warmed sand to detoxify your skin. Volcanic sand bathing started in Ibusuki, Japan, where underground springs warmed by nearby volcanoes result in heated, naturally alkaline sand. This mineral-rich sand boasts anti-inflammatory properties, making it great for skin, and being covered in it raises body temperature, resulting in sauna-like detoxification. 

SoJo seeks to make the experience as similar to the one you’d have in Ibusuki as possible. When you arrive, you put on a traditional Japanese yukata (cotton robe) and lie down in a large, multi-person pit of sand. (The sand is shipped in from Ibusuki.) An attendant covers your body in the sand and places a parasol by your head to protect your face from the sun. The bathing occurs indoors but there are a lot of windows, so the parasol is actually really helpful. For 10 to 15 minutes, you close your eyes and enjoy the warmth and quiet of the beach-like atmosphere. Afterward, you can enjoy a soak in one of the spa’s therapeutic baths—the Edgewater version of an Ibusuki hot spring soak. 

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10 Fabulous Ways To Celebrate Turning 40

Birthdays can be a big deal for some people. This is especially true if you’re reaching a milestone age like 18, 21, 30, or 40. When you’re turning a special age, you might want to do something really amazing for your birthday. Whether it’s something that you do on just that day, something you do for your entire birthday month, or things that you choose to do through the whole year to celebrate, it’s a good way to reward yourself for a life well lived.

Although there are many people that definitely dread turning 40, it’s a big life stage for a lot of people. Because of this, many people want to celebrate it in a totally fabulous way. If you’re someone that wants to do something completely amazing on your big day or throughout the year to celebrate entering a new decade, you’re in luck.

To see 10 of the most fabulous ways to celebrate turning 40, read on!

7 reasons to relax and unwind on a spa holiday

A Spa break is the perfect way to put your feet up, take a break from your busy life and do literally nothing! You can indulge in as many or as little treatments as you want and make the most of the excellent spa facilities on offer. So, what reasons are there to relax and unwind on the perfect spa holiday? Let’s take a closer look, below.

1. Detox

With our environment being full of toxins, it’s ideal to choose a spa break to have a detox to be cleansed of these toxins that are harmful to us both mentally and physically. Specialists at spas deliver detoxifications by removing these toxins and excess fluids from your body, as they can lead to bloating, constipation and energy loss.

2. Stress Management

Our busy day to day schedules can be full of stress and running from one thing to another, which is why going on the perfect spa holiday to relax and unwind is imperative occasionally. At spas across the country, you can receive a variety of different treatments which all work to relieve you from any stress you may have. From sitting in a sauna, to having a massage or even enjoying a dip in the jacuzzi, you can de-stress and rejuvenate from any stress you have.

3. Lose Weight

In addition to stress management, the perfect spa holiday can also help you to lose weight over time. This is due to you not feeling stressed or uptight, which can lead to weight gain. So, by occasionally treating yourself to a spa break, you can feel less stressed and in turn lose weight.

4. Improve Confidence And Self Esteem

Being pampered and treating yourself to a well-deserved break, will help you to have more of a glow about you. Taking time to take care of your body, as well as your mind, will help to improve self-esteem and confidence.

5. Skin Benefits

Spa break holidays offer plenty of skin benefits, as you can enjoy a variety of different facials and body treatments that are beneficial for skin problems. Therefore, as well as relaxing and unwinding, you can also benefit from anti-aging methods too.

6. Manage Pain

As well as choosing a massage technique that can help to release any back pain, there are also many treatments that are great for alleviating pain, including nerve problems and even arthritis. Managing pain is crucial in having an easier lifestyle, as you will feel freer and won’t have continuous pain.

7. Connect With Loved Ones

Although you can take spa breaks as an opportunity to spend time alone and forget about all your worries and problems, it’s also a great chance to connect with your loved ones. Whether you choose to go away with your mum, family or your partner, you can enjoy exploring the destination of the spa break, as well as making the most of the extensive spa facilities the spa and hotel will have on offer. With our lives being so busy and hectic, sometimes we don’t have enough free moments to spend quality time with those that we love. However, spa holidays are the perfect excuse to catch up with each other and for some couples, even rekindle their love.

As you can see, there are so many reasons to relax and unwind on a spa holiday. With there being so many spas and hotels across the US to choose from, get booking your getaway and treat yourself and your loved ones!

Discover the Future of Wellness 2020 Global Wellness Summit, Tel Aviv

Every sector in the $4.5 trillion global wellness economy
is evolving at lightning speed. That means it is crucial to think like a start-up and be ready to meet the changes that lie ahead—whether you’ve been in business for five months or 50 years.   ­

At the 2020 Global Wellness Summit in Tel Aviv, delegates will learn about the unique forces and innovations that are transforming the wellness industry. They will also get to know the leaders who are driving change and experience firsthand Israel’s powerful health and wellness investment landscape.

Read the press releaseand learn more.
Apply to be a delegateorregister to attend

 Experience Israel, the start-up nation, in 2020.
The Global Wellness Summit: where the world’s leading corporations and organizations join together to shape the business of wellness.

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You know what’s healthy? The wellness travel industry

There’s certainly nothing wrong with a fly and flop vacation, and who can argue with an afternoon massage and maybe cocktails at sundown? Relaxing, sure, but today’s travelers are looking for more ways to stay healthy and fit on the road.

Wellness travel — what the Wellness Tourism Association ( defines as “travel that allows the traveler to maintain, enhance or kick-start a healthy lifestyle, and support or increase one’s sense of well-being”— is soaring. It’s now the fastest-growing segment of the travel industry, growing more than twice as fast as tourism overall.

“That shouldn’t be surprising,” says Anne Dimon, president of the Wellness Tourism Association. “We’ve become more proactive with the state of our own health, conscientiously making changes in our daily lives, adopting healthier practices and habits. We want the same when we travel.”

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6 tips for self-care over Christmas

The festive season is crazy-beautiful. It’s the most wonderful time of the year; a welcome opportunity to relax and reconnect with friends and family. But trying to see everyone and do everything can make it one of the most stressful times of the year, too.

Christmas is a time for giving, but it’s just as important to give to yourself in order to be emotionally and physically able to give your best self to others.

Here are six tips to help you practice self-care during the festive season.

1. Pamper yourself

The hardest part is finding a couple of hours to yourself, but once you’re there, an amazing day spa session is worth every single second. Carve out some intentional downtime and give yourself the gift of a massage, facial or healing body treatment; you’ll feel immediately energised and revitalised for all the socialising ahead.

2. Outsource

One of the best gifts you can give yourself is time, and outsourcing tasks is a great way to do that. Doing a lot of entertaining this festive season? There’s nothing wrong with hiring a cleaner once or twice to help ease the load. Use AirTasker or Gumtree to outsource jobs like putting up your Christmas lights or even doing the grocery shopping! Hosting Christmas lunch or a get-together at your place? Ask everyone to bring a plate to share so you’re not stuck with all the cooking.

3. Focus on giving

Giving to others is good for the soul; making others happy will bring you happiness, too! Rather than last-minute panic-purchases, take some time to ponder the people on your Christmas list and buy thoughtful gifts that you’ll enjoy giving a much as they’ll enjoy receiving. Don’t forget you can give the gift of self-care to others too – a voucher for a relaxing massage or facial is perfect for almost anyone!

4. Eat mindfully

What’s Christmas without all the delicious food? It’s easy to let healthy eating fall by the wayside in the holidays, so while you should definitely give yourself permission to indulge, try to maintain some balance with your normal eating habits. Alternate indulgent meals with smaller, lighter ones. Take your time over meals and enjoy your food, and stop when you’re feeling full.

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Firmenich x Pantone 2020 Color of the Year: Classic Blue

Inspired by Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year, 19-4052 Classic Blue, an evocation of stability in disruptive times, Firmenich flavorists created a natural, fresh, blueberry taste, while Firmenich perfumers crafted a unique fragrance symbolizing the meeting of sky and sea. The multisensory additions are included in a box set associated with the Color of the Year announcement.

Perfumer Ashley Balavoine created a scented candle that evokes Classic Blue with notes of “water and sea salt lifted by airy sky,” an accord with notes of “fluffy cloud with waterlily and seaweed absolute,” followed by bottom notes of “blue musk, minerals and ocean timber,” per Firmenich.

Flavorist Eric Tang created a sweet blueberry flavor with green, floral and “Classic Blue notes.” The flavor has been demoed in tea, jam and other products.

It’s no surprise that the Flavor of the Year for 2020 is classic blueberry, based on insights across 5,000 consumers in 16 countries. Firmenich’s research discovered that blueberry flavor was associated with happiness and a sense of comfort.

This isn’t the first time a muti-sensory approach has been taken for the color of the year. For the 2016 Color of the Year, Firmenich created a fragrance, Harmony, that blended the moods of Serenity and Rose Quartz, the colors of the year. The genderless scent comprised rose Centifolia, musks and incense for a weightless effect.

“It’s a pleasure working with Pantone’s Color of the Year, as it gives us yet another opportunity to shape perfumery trends and popular culture,” said Armand de Villoutreys, president, perfumer and ingredients, Firmenich. “Not only did we develop a unique olfactive concept for Classic Blue, but we applied it to one of the industry’s largest growing segments, premium scented candles, to increase wellness and positive emotions in homes and offices everywhere.”

“Familiar and reassuring, blueberry and fresh green notes are a distinctive feature of Classic Blue,” said Emmanuel Butstraen, president of flavors, Firmenich. “Today, with our increasing focus on health and wellness, blueberries are in a real sense becoming rediscovered, and growing to be one of the most relevant flavors in many areas of food and beverages.”

Holiday Gift Guide 2019: The Best Over-the-Top Spa Experiences

An over-the-top spa experience might be the most appreciated, least-expected gift of the season. Even better if it comes with a pair of airline tickets and a hotel reservation. If you’re thinking of ditching the digital shopping cart and instead opting for a day, or weekend of healthy decadence, here are some of the most excellent ways to splurge.

Caesars Palace Go Facial, Caesars Palace (Las Vegas)

Launched to celebrate Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace’s five-year anniversary, the 100-minute Nobu Go Facial combines five luxury spa experiences. Meaning “five” in Japanese, the Go Facial starts with an immersive virtual reality meditation. From there, skin undergoes a “Cinderella Lift”, a hydrating facial featuring a topical version of Botox applied to face and décolletage. Detoxifying masks are placed on the feet, followed by paraffin masks on hands and feet and a gold mask applied to the face. The treatment is completed with a full-body moisturizer application.

Ultra-Fractional Treatment, Skin Laundry (Multiple Locations)

Best known for a signature, no-down-time laser and light facial that takes just 15 minutes, Skin Laundry has recently launched a higher octane Ultra Fractional Treatment. The new laser facial is a non-ablative fractional resurfacing laser that targets pigmentation, reverses sun-damage and improves texture through stimulating collagen. Post-laser, a hydrating, pressurized oxygen is applied to deliver hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and peptides into the skin for deep infusion of anti-aging ingredients and lasting hydration.

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ISPA to host pre-conference ‘Spa Workforce Super Session’

For the first time, the International SPA Association (ISPA) will host a pre-Conference Spa Workforce Super Session focusing on workforce development within the spa industry at the 2019 ISPA Conference & Expo. This two and a half-hour workshop will take a deep dive into one of the spa industry’s top priorities of recruiting, retaining and engaging quality talent.

The Spa Workforce Super Session is designed to provide tools for business leaders as they look to fill open positions on their teams while developing a strong work environment that produces loyal employees.

“ISPA is pleased to offer this extended educational opportunity at the 2019 ISPA Conference & Expo,” said ISPA president Lynne McNees. “We are confident this session will provide our attendees with tangible skills they can immediately implement into their businesses. The knowledge they will gain from this session will allow them to create a working environment that fosters employee growth and retention.”

Led by international speaker and author Bryan Williams, the Spa Workforce Super Session will feature four modules, each offering tangible takeaways that are designed to elevate the attendees’ businesses. Williams will be leading discussions on finding the right candidate, implementing proactive on-boarding strategies even before new hires start, and creating a culture of excellence to increase loyalty and retention with a company’s workforce.

Particular attention will be spent on the on-boarding process as Williams notes, retention is a result of how well you onboard and train your team. Other takeaways attendees can expect are: mastering the four key steps in the on-boarding experience; tips to move from a “quit & stay” to “stay & thrive” environment; and best practices to create a culture of peer accountability.

The Spa Workforce Super Session will take place Tuesday, September 10 at The Venetian in Las Vegas and is free to any full-Conference ISPA Conference & Expo registered attendee. A full overview of the Spa Workforce Super Session can be found on

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AmericasMart Welcomes Several New and Renewing Gift Companies

ATLANTA—Seven tabletop and gift showrooms will debut at the International Gift & Home Furnishings Market here next month. In addition, nine companies have expanded or relocated their showrooms at AmericasMart and 40 others have renewed their commitments there, said show organizer International Market Centers.

“The strength of the gift collection in Atlanta is its depth and breadth,” said Dave Savula, executive vice president, president of gift and apparel leasing, for IMC. “The merchandise mix supports the modern lifestyle retailer with a whole spectrum of resources from gifts to gourmet and entertaining, outdoor living and seasonal celebrations.”

New to Atlanta Market are Botanical Collection (hand-crafted pottery), Great Western Hardwood & Design (outdoor gifts), Inner Beauty and Bent Brush Art (reverse handpainted ornaments and gifts), tabletop suppliers LSA International and Rosenthal Sambonet USA, Seasonal Abode (seasonal décor and home accents), Sincere Surroundings (personalized home décor and gifts) and TDA Sales (representing A&M Wholesale, Arkwright, Chesapeake Bay by JD Yeatts, DSD Express, Duke Imports, PaperCraft Products, Pine Ridge, Sentry Industries and Teters Floral).

Nine expansions and relocations represent gains of some 15,000 square feet, IMC said. They are Blue Orange Pottery, Diverse Marketing, Flora Bunda, Floral Treasure, Gib Carson, Holiday Bright Lights, MacKenzie Childs, Raz Imports and Santa’s Own.

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From Oregon Estheticians for Fair Licensing (OEFL)

This message is being shared by NCEA to alert our members of the new rules concerning scope of practice going into effect January 1st 2020.
As a result of the Certified Advanced Esthetician license being implemented, the scope of practice of a regular esthetician was revised: you are no longer able to use an FDA registered device that “claims to indicate penetration or some effect beyond the stratum corneum into the living layers of the skin”. 817-010-0067 The word stratum corneum is problematic. An esthetician is trained to work on the epidermis.
The OEFL believes this will financially impact estheticians, many will lose their livelihood and won’t be allowed to use devices such as micro-current, LED light and galvanic, to name a few. If you contact the Agency, they will send you a sheet and let you decide if your machine is in scope, the issue is that in case of a lawsuit, the way the rule is written will make it very hard to defend yourself.
Protect our rights to practice as estheticians.What can you do?1. Join the Facebook group Link to Oregon estheticians for fair licensing Facebook group
2. Sign the petition to the board of cosmetology to amend rule 67
3. Write a letter about your financial impact
4. Donate via Go Fund Me to pay for the legal fees Go Fund Me
The OEFL found an attorney that specializes in dealing with rules written by government and a lobbyist who’s sister is an esthetician. They advised to simultaneously present the petition and pressure the Oregon Health Agency and the Board of Cosmetology to listen. This is done by finding legislators that say it was their intention to regulate lasers, NOT “other devices”.
We are demanding clarity, please join our group or email – for more information.
Best,The Oregon Estheticians for Fair Licensing

5 Best Spas in San Jose

Below is a list of the top and leading Spas in San Jose. To help you find the best Spas located near you in San Jose, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

San Jose’s Best Spas:

The top rated Spas in San Jose are:

  • Burke Williams Day Spa – nourishing treatments to reduce stress
  • Slice of Heaven Day Spa – a small, serene, intimate spa
  • Silver Sea Day Spa – customized therapeutic spa treatments
  • Pure Bliss Day Spa – therapeutic bodywork, facials, waxing and more
  • Sachs Day Spa – quality service in an aromatic atmosphere

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Minneapolis’ top 5 day spas, ranked

Looking to try the top day spas around?

Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top day spas in Minneapolis, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list of the best spots to venture next time you’re in the market for day spas.

November is one of the top months of the year for consumer spending at health and beauty businesses across the Minneapolis area, according to data on local business transactions from Womply, a provider of CRM for small business and email automation for small businesses. The average amount spent per customer transaction at Minneapolis-area health and beauty businesses grew to $55 for the metro area in November of last year, second only to December with an average of $58, and 5% higher than the average for the rest of the year.

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AmericasMart To Ramp Up Atlanta Market Gift Offerings

AmericasMart said there will be 16 showroom debuts and expansions to its seven gift categories at the upcoming Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market, scheduled to be held January 14 to 21, 2020.

International Market Centers noted that 700 showrooms represent the market’s categories, which include: The Gardens, General Gift and Specialty Gift, Gourmet & Housewares, Home Accents & Gift, Made in America, Seasonal/Gift and Tabletop & Gift. In addition, 44 brands, such as Demdaco, Two’s Company and Ganz Midwest-CBK, have renewed their commitments to the market.

The strength of the gift collection in Atlanta is its depth and breadth,” said Dave Savula, IMC evp/president of gift and apparel leasing. “The merchandise mix supports the modern lifestyle retailer with a whole spectrum of resources from gifts to gourmet and entertaining, outdoor living and seasonal celebrations.”

Seven new showrooms debuting in January: Botanical Collection (hand-crafted pottery), Great Western Hardwood & Design (outdoor gifts), Inner Beauty and Bent Brush Art (reverse hand-painted ornaments and gifts), LSA International and Rosenthal Sambonet USA (designer tabletop), Seasonal Abode (seasonal décor and home accents), Sincere Surroundings (personalized home décor and gifts) and TDA Sales (representing A&M Wholesale, Arkwright, Chesapeake Bay by JD Yeatts, DSD Express, Duke Imports, PaperCraft Products, Pine Ridge, Sentry Industries and Teters Floral).

Also new to the gift collection is a seminar space in Building 2, Floor 11, which will host four days of retailer-focused educational programming. Scheduled for the space are topics including: “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Pop-Ups, Mobile Retail and More” presented by Patti Biro of Spa Industry Association; “Partnering for Promotions & Successful Store Events” presented by Becky Tyre of Retail Details the Podcast; and “How to Think Like a CFO: The 5 Numbers All Business Owners Need to Know,” plus a panel discussion for hospital gift shops and a new seminar and breakfast for new buyers.

5 Best Spas in Dallas

Below is a list of the top and leading Spas in Dallas. To help you find the best Spas located near you in Dallas, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Dallas’ Best Spas:

The top rated Spas in Dallas are:

  • Riviera Spa – customized programs to help you look and feel your best
  • Spavia Day Spa – soothing massages or rejuvenating body wraps
  • Skin and Body Solutions Day Spa – servicing all your beauty needs
  • The Dream Spa – relaxation, results and rejuvenation
  • Blue Mermaid Spa – experienced and friendly staff proving expert care

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The Top 5 Wellness Trends of 2020

The 2020 MINDBODY Wellness Index ranks the health of the 50 most populous cities in the US—naming the healthiest city in America, the most unhealthy, and every city in between. (See the list of America’s Healthiest Cities here.) And from their study results, they pull out data for other reports including Top Wellness Trends. For the full report and this blog post in full (written by MINDBODY Marketing Content Specialist Katherine Wernet), visit MINDBODY.


1. Experiential wellness rising

Wellness is more than just an appointment squeezed into a busy day. In many cases, it’s an event all its own. 47% of Americans surveyed attended a wellness event or experience last year—and 55% want to attend at least one this year.

Top three wellness experiences people want to try in 2020:

1.           Spa retreat (24% want to try)

2.           Nutrition/cleansing event (16%)

3.           Wellness festival (15%)

And travelers are already embracing wellness. Thirty percent book fitness, beauty, or wellness services at least half of the time they’re away from home.

2. Lashin’ is in fashion

Lash services are booming in beauty, and don’t expect that to slow down in 2020. Lash services are in high demand—with eyelash extensions being the most popular, followed by lash tinting and lash lifts.

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Position Your Brand To Win In The Wellness Economy


From goat yoga and vegan restaurants to cupping, mobile meditation apps and swanky IV bars, wellness is the new black. According to the “2018 Global Wellness Economy Monitor” by the Global Wellness Institute, the wellness industry was booming to the tune of $4.2 trillion in 2017, with a growth rate of roughly twice the global economy. It’s a “healthy” business to say the least, and consumer demand for wellness is quickly permeating all industries.

So, what, exactly, can we attribute this immense growth to?

The Maturation Of Millennials

If you were to take a quick scroll through Instagram, you’d likely find a plethora of Lululemon-swathed millennials sipping matcha lattes and sharing the importance of their daily wellness regimen.

While a generalization, I’ve observed that millennials are much more lifestyle-focused than generations past, and place greater value on health and wellness experiences over material possessions. And, they’re willing to pay for it because of the value it affords.

Throughout my career in the wellness industry, I have seen that many consumers from the millennial generation are parting with hundreds of dollars each month to maintain their wellness routine because, for them, it’s not a luxury. It’s a nonnegotiable part of their lifestyle. As millennials continue to ascend toward their full earning potential, more discretionary dollars will likely flow into the wellness industry; I believe this is profoundly changing consumer behavior, making wellness a dominant lifestyle value in the market for years to come.

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Medical Spa Market Projected to be Resilient During 2019 to 2025

The Report Titled on “Global Medical Spa Market Size, Status and Forecast 2019-2025” provides in-depth review of the Growth, Drivers, Potential Challenges, Unique Trends, and Opportunities for market participants equip readers to fully comprehend the overall landscape of the Medical Spa industry

This Medical Spa market report enhanced on worldwide competition by topmost prime manufactures like (Allure Medspa, Biovital Medspa, Canyon Ranch, Inc., Chiva Som, Clinique La Prairie, Hyatt Corporation, Sciton, Inc., True Skin Care Center, Vilalara Longevity Thalassa & Medical Spa, Westchase Medspa) which providing information such as Company Profiles, Product Picture and Specification, Capacity, Production, Cost, Revenue and Contact Information.

This report firstly introduced the Medical Spa market basics: Classifications, Definitions, Applications and Market Overview; product specifications; manufacturing processes; cost structures, raw materials and so on. Quantitative analysis of the Medical Spa market from 2014 to 2019 by Region, Type, Application and Consumption assessment by regions. 

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Fitness industry’s ‘wave of growth’ fueling wellness tourism in Charleston

Wellness tourism is one of the fastest-growing segments of the travel industry, and Charleston-area hotels and resorts are getting in on what some experts think will usurp food as the best hook to attract new bookings.

At the Wentworth Mansion, an “adventure and wellness” package includes a guided kayak or paddleboard tour, a three-course dinner for two and a one-hour yoga session on the mansion’s lawn. 

Wild Dunes Resort on the Isle of Palms recently started offering a spa package that comes with a 50-minute massage incorporating CBD products. 

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Medical Spa Market Challenges, Drivers, Outlook, Growth Opportunities By 2026 Profiling Industry Key Players


Advanced Research Report on Medical Spa Market 2019

Market Expertz has published its new research report on the Medical Spa Market, expanding its continually augmenting database further. The study examines the data through a series of channels involving data derived using primary and secondary sources to deduce an accurate forecast. It includes all fundamental aspects that are speculated to impact the future of the market. The information will prove valuable for an organization attempting to improve its market standing in the global sector.

The latest report on Medical Spa Market offers readers a deeper understanding of the potential target consumers to create a lucrative marketing strategy for the forecast duration from 2019 to 2026. It shall prove particularly helpful for entrepreneurs looking for information on potential customers. Selective public statements released by leading vendors will allow entrepreneurs to acquire a deeper understanding of the local market and prospective clients.

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Miami Is America’s Healthiest City, According to the 2020 MINDBODY Wellness Index

MINDBODY, San Luis Obispo, California, recently ranked America’s healthiest cities based on its Wellness Index—a composite measure of consumers’ attitudes and behaviors toward the broader wellness concept. This includes a population’s relationship with variables such as retail habits, alcohol consumption, community connection, healthy eating, spiritual wellness and body mass index. Miami topped the 2020 list.

When one considers America’s healthiest cities, which locations first come to mind? San Francisco? Denver? Minneapolis?

What about Miami?

Although the aforementioned cities made MINDBODY’s new healthiest cities list, none surpassed Miami. This is because MINDBODY’s Wellness Index offers a composite measure of consumers’ attitudes and behaviors toward the broader wellness concept, MINDBODY said in a media release about the list. The Wellness Index goes beyond strict fitness and assesses a population’s relationship with variables such as retail habits, alcohol consumption, community connection, healthy eating, spiritual wellness and body mass index.

“Miami achieved high marks in all the major measures with 80 percent of residents engaged in exercise at least once a week,” the release said. “Thirty-one percent of consumers in Miami place a high priority on receiving self-care and salon and spa services, the largest percentage among the cities analyzed. It also ranked as the most rested, with 62 percent saying they get at least seven to eight hours of sleep per night. Miami also ranks as one of the highest in use of integrative health services such as massage and chiropractic care. Additionally, 61 percent of Miami residents say they feel spiritually fulfilled. Miami also has a thriving business climate for wellness service providers.”

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5 Reasons to Maintain Healthy Skin

by: Kevin Gardner How well you take care of your skin today will impact your skin health and appearance decades from now. The skin, being the largest organ in your body, protects your body from infections and diseases. It also regulates body temperatures and filters dirt. The skin is continually growing, with the old cells dying and new cells emerging often. It gets affected by various aspects, including where you live and your diet. You can incorporate a personalized skincare routine to make sure that you maintain healthy and beautiful skin throughout your years. Healthy skin can fight diseases and infections better than unhealthy skin. Moreover, healthy skin quickly fights aging signs.

Frequent Changes

Your skin cells change often. Your skin sheds its cells regularly. That means that you should take care of your skin every day. You need to design and implement a skin routine because your skin changes every minute. Going to a spa often is a great way to maintain healthy skin. The best part about going to the spa to keep healthy skin is that you get skin treatments from a professional. Spa professionals help with skin cleansing, toning and moisturizing. You also enjoy other skin treatments, such as Atlanta Laser Resurfacing that is necessary for maintaining healthy skin.

Prevents Premature Aging

One of the primary reasons for taking care of your skin is to prevent premature skin aging. Taking care of your skin has positive results. One of the primary purposes of maintaining healthy skin is to avoid extreme skin diseases. The conditions are often caused by an array of factors, including poor diet and a harsh environment. Also, proper skincare encourages skin cell regeneration. You can promote regeneration skin by activating it to work faster than usual in cell turnover. Proper skincare gets rid of grime, toxins, oil, dust, and dirt through skin regeneration. Ultimately you prevent skin blemishes.

Skin Types

You probably know of individuals with beautiful skin, but don’t practice skincare routine. What you don’t know is that your friend has great DNA, which you probably don’t have. Different skin types affect your skin health. That explains why you need to take care of your skin if you want it to remain healthy. It also explains why skin maintenance levels are different. You may have to put the extra effort to maintain healthy skin.

Faster Healing

Your skin is always exposed to elements in the environment and injuries unless you live in a bubble. Your skin is at risk of damage, such as bruising your skin while cooking. Healthy skin can regenerate and heal itself when injured or infected better than unhealthy skin. Also, healthy skin is not easily prone to infections and minor abrasions. A healthy skin prevents your body from illnesses because it acts as the primary barrier between the world and vital body organs.

Your Appearance

Proper skin care is vital if you are concerned about your appearance. Most people take care of their skin because they want to improve their appearance. Unhealthy skin appears dull and sallow. Healthy skin, on the other hand, seems vibrant and full of life. Wrinkles quickly develop when you don’t take proper care of your skin. Unhealthy skin also sinks deeper when you fail to hydrate it as required. Skin dehydration results in uneven patches, which can affect your looks. Moreover, unhealthy skin loses its elasticity, resulting in a saggy and thin look. The best way to boost your confidence is by visiting a spa for skin treatment. You first get tested for your skin type so that you get the right skin treatment.

 You need to make skincare your top concern in your health regimen. Having seen the reasons why you need a regular skincare routine, you shouldn’t ignore your skin anymore. Make sure you work with professionals and visit the spa for skin treatments and advice on proper skincare.


Kevin Gardner


Twitter: kevgardner83

Organic Skincare for Frequent Travelers

As many of us hit over the age of 30, especially frequent travelers, it is natural that our skin takes a toll on us. I recently met Colette Brown, a Wellness Coach, Clinical Aesthetician and Entrepreneur, at the Organic Spa Magazine Wellness event in Los Angeles. We spent some time together after and she shared a lot of insight into what happens to our skin while traveling in the air and through different climates. I was also treated to a one of a kind organic, probiotic, lymphatic facial that left my skin and energy feeling so refreshed after. This is one of the hottest and best facials in Beverly Hills right now.

The Organic Facial Treatment for Frequent Travelers and People over 30:

Treatment: Smooth Sculpt with Columbia Skincare Probiotic Facial

I met Colette Brown at the medical office of Dr. Daniel Golshani, a double board certified Plastic Surgeon, in Beverly Hills. Colette has her office hours here 3 times a week where she meets with clients like myself for consultation and facials.

The “Smooth Sculpt Probiotic Facial with Columbia Skincare” treatment makes your skin glow and tighten, naturally. Lymphatic drainage removes toxins and opens blocked pathways to allow oxygenated blood in and to deliver nutrients. It stimulates fibroblast activity, which signals the production of collagen and elastin naturally within the skin. Allowing for tighter, brighter skin. Columbia Skincare contains pharmaceutical grade ingredients, domestically sourced, providing nourishment for the microbiome of the skin. When we care for our skin, our largest organ, inside out, and outside in we will glow.

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Industry Leaders Reveal the Future of the Spa and Wellness Industry

Hilton wellness program that aims to shake up the spa industry recently scored a big award, and in recognition of it, two wellness gurus sat down to discuss the curation of the program, its impact on the industry and the future of spas and wellness overall.

The program is the Hilton School of Wellness Spa Leader Onboarding Program, and Hilton’s spa and wellness team won the 2019 ISPA Innovate Award for it, an honor from the International Spa Association (ISPA). To mark the big win and share the importance of the transformative work that earned it, Melissa Walker, Hilton’s Senior Director of Global Wellness, and Lisa Starr, Principal of Wynne Business Spa Consulting and Education, shared insights about the program and industry alike.

The program is a unique training program within the spa industry, as it is designed to help Hilton spa team members bridge the gap between the skills they learn as service providers and the skills they need to effectively manage the business aspects of a spa. It provides aspiring leaders in Hilton spas with the practical training and tools they need to grow the business while also helping them progress to management.

The program was designed to attract new professionals to the spa industry as well as to propel and retain professionals. It is one of three winners honored in the Leadership & Philanthropy category of the ISPA Innovate Awards, a distinction that fellow ISPA members select to celebrate “creativity and commitment in an ever-changing market.”

Melissa Walker: Senior Director of Global Wellness

Lisa Starr: Principal of Wynne Business Spa Consulting and Education

What inspired the creation of this program?

  • MW: When we spoke with spa leaders at our properties, we found that many mid-level managers had started as service providers. While they were skilled at providing treatments, they didn’t have access to the tools and training that would help them acclimate to the business side of running a spa. Hilton is committed to supporting team members at every stage of their careers and finding new ways to help them grow, so we wanted to find a way to bridge this gap.
  • LS: Very few provider licensing or certification programs give their students any business training that would be practical for a management role. The program provides this necessary practical business training, helps aspiring spa leaders on the path to management roles and equips them for the situations they’ll encounter as their management careers evolve.

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American Spa Trend Report

American Spa’s expert editorial team is back with the SIXTH edition of its popular annual Trend Report. The team has spent the last year uncovering buzzworthy ingredients, treatments, wellness influences, and more that are taking root and making an impact on our industry.

During this exciting webinar, the magazine’s editors, Julie Keller Callaghan, Heather Mikesell, and Samantha Reed, will expand on American Spa’s picks for the top wellness trends of 2020 and will also share other trends chosen by noted industry sources.

Don’t miss out on this fun and informative session!

DATE: Monday, December 9, 2019 | TIME: 1pm ET / 10am PT | DURATION: 1 Hour

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Foot Spa Bath Market Forecast

Worldwide Foot Spa Bath Market 2019 Industry research is a specialized and in-depth study of the Foot Spa Bath business with attention on the worldwide market trend. The report aims to supply summary of world Foot Spa Bath market with elaborate market segmentation by product/application and Geographic’s. The Worldwide Foot Spa Bath market is predicted to witness high growth throughout the forecast period. The report provides key statistics on the market standing of the Foot Spa Bath players and offers key trends and opportunities within the market.

Firstly, this report focuses on price, sales, demand, supply, growth rate, production, consumption, revenue (million USD), and market share and growth rate of each type of key manufacturers, through interviewing key manufacturers. Second, on the basis of segments by manufacturers, production, price, revenue (value) and market share for each manufacturer.

This study presents the Foot Spa Bath sales volume, revenue, and market share and growth rate for each key company, and also covers the breakdown data (sales, revenue and market share) by regions, type and applications. History breakdown data from 2014 to 2019, and forecast to 2025.

This report studies the global market size of Foot Spa Bath, especially focuses on the key regions like United States, Europe Union, China, and other regions (Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia).

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U.S. FDA Issues 15 Warning Letters Over CBD Products

The U.​S. Food and Drug Administ­ration (FDA) has issued warning letters to 15 companies for selling products containing CBD in ways that violate the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act). Product types containing CBD include oil drops, capsules, syrups, chocolate bars, teas, topical lotions and creams.

Survey data: European growth prospects for CBD.

The companies receiving the warning letters are using product web pages, online stores and social media to market their CBD Products in ways that violate the FD&C Act, like marketing the products to treat diseases and for other therapeutic uses for humans/​animals. Other than one prescription medication used to treat epilepsy, the FDA has not approved any CBD products.

These unapproved CBD products have not been evaluated by the FDA, meaning it is unclear if they are effective, what proper dosages might be, how they interact with FDA-approved drugs or whether they have dangerous side effects, or cause other safety concerns. Additionally, there is concern consumers may hesitate with seeking medical care based on unsubsta­ntiated claims associated with CBD products.

The companies receiving warning letters are:

  • Koi CBD LLC, of Norwalk, California
  • Pink Collections Inc., of Beverly Hills, California
  • Noli Oil, of Southlake, Texas
  • Natural Native LLC, of Norman, Oklahoma
  • Whole Leaf Organics LLC, of Sherman Oaks, California
  • Infinite Product Company LLLP, doing business as Infinite CBD, of Lakewood, Colorado
  • Apex Hemp Oil LLC, of Redmond, Oregon
  • Bella Rose Labs, of Brooklyn, New York
  • Sunflora Inc., of Tampa, Florida/Your CBD Store, of Bradenton, Florida
  • Healthy Hemp Strategies LLC, doing business as Curapure, of Concord, California
  • Private I Salon LLC, of Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Organix Industries Inc., doing business as Plant Organix, of San Bernardino, California
  • Red Pill Medical Inc., of Phoenix, Arizona
  • Sabai Ventures Ltd., of Los Angeles, California
  • Daddy Burt LLC, doing business as Daddy Burt Hemp Co., of Lexington, Kentucky

“As we work quickly to further clarify our regulatory approach for products containing cannabis and cannabis-derived compounds like CBD, we’ll continue to monitor the marketplace and take action as needed against companies that violate the law in ways that raise a variety of public health concerns,” said FDA principal deputy commissioner Amy Abernethy, M.D., Ph.D. “In line with our mission to protect the public, foster innovation, and promote consumer confidence, this overarching approach regarding CBD is the same as the FDA would take for any other substance that we regulate.”

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The top beauty and spa deals in San Jose

In the market to save some money on beauty and spas in San Jose? Whether you’re a dedicated deal-chaser or just looking to find a great option near you, we’ve got a list of the top beauty and spa deals around, courtesy of Groupon.

Best-value deals

On the lookout for the biggest savings available? Read on for the cheapest and highest-value beauty and spa deals in the city.

(Psst: If you’re looking for even cheaper deals, Morgan Hill has the cheapest deals in your metro area, with prices $81 cheaper on average than those in San Jose. If you’re looking to save more money, Milpitas boasts the most money saved on beauty and spa deals in your metro area, with average savings clocking in at $355 more than in San Jose.)

Shapes Brow Bar and RMLA has a deal that’ll score you major savings. There are three price options for this deal, ranging from $15 to $55, with a discount of at least 41%.

The lower-end option is $154 less than the average price of the deals currently available. The highest-value deal will save you $38.

According to its Groupon page, Shapes Brow Bar and RMLA’s “skilled aesthetician performs a personalized threading treatment, adjusting eyebrows to complement each customer’s appearance.”

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MINDBODY Wellness Index Reveals Top 10 Healthiest Cities in America

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., Nov. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — MINDBODY, the leading technology platform for the wellness industry, today released the Top 10 list of Healthiest Cities in America as part of its 2020 MINDBODY Wellness Index. The list was topped by Miami, FL followed by Atlanta, GA and San Francisco, CA. The study, which evaluated the largest cities in the US by population and ranked them from healthiest to least through a proprietary scoring algorithm, provides a snapshot of health in America’s largest urban centers.

The MINDBODY Wellness Index is a composite measure of consumer attitudes and behaviors towards wellness, combined with wellness business performance metrics, within a specific city.  The algorithm uses a holistic data set to define consumer health, and includes consumer fitness behaviors, frequency of receiving wellness services, as well as additional measures like BMI, alcohol consumption, connection to community, healthy eating, and spiritual wellness.

Miami achieved high marks in all the major measures with eighty percent of residents engaged in exercise at least once a week. Thirty-one percent of consumers in Miami place a high priority on receiving self-care and salon and spa services, the largest percentage among the cities analyzed. It also ranked as the most rested, with sixty-two percent saying they get at least seven to eight hours of sleep a night. Miami also ranks as one of the highest in use of integrative health services such as massage and chiropractic care. Additionally, sixty-one percent of Miami residents say they feel spiritually fulfilled.

Miami also has a thriving business climate for wellness service providers.  Miami businesses are very successful in retaining consumers despite a very competitive market where there is more than twice the density of wellness businesses than average.  These businesses are also able to achieve relatively higher revenues and a higher efficiency in providing wellness services to residents.  It appears Miamians have plenty of wellness options available to them, making it easy to stick to a holistic wellness routine of their choosing.

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In search of the best massage in Ireland?

Let’s face it, life can get crazy sometimes, and it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our busy schedules. We often forget to take a moment for ourselves and indulge in a little self-care, so as far as we’re concerned, a day of relaxation and pampering definitely does the soul some good.

So if you’re looking to have a day dedicated to wellness, serenity, and self-love – you’re in luck as Ireland has some spectacular options. 

So to take the stress out of finding the perfect spa break for you, we took it upon ourselves to be buffed, primed, and polished across the country (hard work, we know) in order to bring you a curated list of the best service, therapists, and properties in Ireland. 

The tenth annual Irish Tatler Spa Awards, In Association With Kerstin Florian, were held on Monday, September 23 in the Brasserie at The Marker Hotel. Celebrating the best spas and wellness destinations, Ireland’s much-decorated spa industry gathered together to celebrate excellence in Irish spa services and treatments all in order to bring you a curated guide to best spas in Ireland. 

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Find Out Why Medical Spa Market is thriving worldwide

Medical spa has become more popular in recent years for men and women alike. Medical spas, also called medical-spa or med spas, are a kind of a hybrid between the traditional day spa and a medical clinic. The Asia-Pacific will occupy for more market share in following years, especially in China, also fast-growing India and Southeast Asia regions. The rising number of aesthetic medicine and cosmetic treatment options for beauty enhancement coupled with the growth in wellness trends among developed nations drives the market growth. Rapid growth in the wellness tourism market is creating potential growth opportunities for new entrants that offer a unique integration of business areas, such as hospitality, travel, spa, and fitness.

The Medical Spa Market is expected to reach +13% CAGR during forecast period 2019-2025

The study report titled Global Medical SpaMarket offers an in-depth analysis of this market across the globe. The study, aimed at providing current and prospect players in this market sharp insights to gain the advantage over their competitors. The report does so by providing an executive summary including all valuable market figures and exploring the favorable factors that are expected to drive the growth rate of the market, besides taking account of the restraining factors. The report also highlights the emerging trends in the global market.

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Ann Blair Kennedy, LMT, PhD, Receives the Performance Health / Massage Therapy Foundation 2019 Humanitarian Award

Akron, Ohio – November 14, 2019 – Dr. Ann Blair Kennedy was presented the 2019 Performance Health / Massage Therapy Foundation Humanitarian Award at the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) National Convention held last month in Indianapolis, IN.

Performance Health, manufacturer and marketer of Biofreeze® Professional, Bon Vital’®, Thera°Pearl®, Prossage®, TheraBand® and Cramer® health and wellness products, and the Massage Therapy Foundation (MTF) have presented this award in partnership for eleven years.

“It was an extraordinary honor to present Ann Blair with the 2019 Humanitarian award,” said Craig Hall, Director of Sales & Education, Performance Health. “Among all the awards and sponsorships Performance Health supports, this is one of my favorites because through the process we get to hear about yet another individual in our profession who embodies the concept of giving back. And Ann Blair does just that. 

The 3 best day spas in Raleigh

Looking to check out the top day spas around?

Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top day spas in Raleigh, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list of the best spots to venture next time you’re in the market for day spas.

Looking to check out the latest trending spots? Now’s a good time, since consumer spending at health and beauty businesses tends to increase in October in the Raleigh area, considerably more than nationwide, according to data on local business transactions from Womply, a provider of reputation management services and direct response marketing for small businesses. Total affected businesses at Raleigh-area health and beauty businesses last year rose by 9% in October over the month before.

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Orlando’s top 5 day spas, ranked

Wondering where to find the best day spas near you?

Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top day spas in Orlando, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list of the best spots to venture next time you’re in the market for day spas.

People in the Orlando area historically spend more in fall at health and beauty businesses than any other season of the year, according to data on local business transactions from Womply, a provider of online reputation management and business insights for small businesses. The average amount spent per customer transaction at Orlando-area health and beauty businesses grew to $50 for the metro area in the fall of last year, 2% higher than the average for the rest of the year.

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BEST OF: Pampering/Wellness

The readers have spoken and are again sharing their favorite places along the shoreline to indulge in a stress-busting massage, detox in a salt spa, pump some iron or get a little nip and tuck.

The results of the Shoreline Times’ annual Readers Best of Poll for 2019 are in, with many of the shoreline’s best places for “pampering and wellness” making a return appearance in the Top 3. Some newcomers to the health and wellness scene also emerged as readers’ favorite places to calm their nerves, lift their spirits and just simply relax.

Rain Wellness Spa, in Branford has become a shoreline destination. With its unique salt cave geared to bring folks therapeutic benefits, Rain made the Top 3 for best day spa.

Rain’s Saltonstall Cave, built out of healing, Himalayan salt, brings incredible detox results to the body and soul, according to the spa literature. In addition to soaking up the salty benefits, Rain offers facials, massages, sunless tanning, Reiki and more.

“Rain has a relaxed, friendly space with highly skilled massage therapists and aestheticians,” said co-owner Heidi Frazier. “Our employees love what they do and it manifests in their professionalism.”

Being a fan favorite is truly therapeutic for Frazier and fellow co-owner Lauren Sullivan.

“Being recognized as one of the best spas in the area serves as confirmation that all the hard work we do to create a relaxing and healing environment is working,” Frazier said. “Thank you to our loyal guests who voted for us.”

Rain shares the spotlight with other favorite day spas Prive Swiss Wellness, in Essex and Westbrook and Waters Edge Spa in Westbrook.

When readers need a nip or a tuck, some Botox or other age-fighting fix, they head to Esana Plastic Surgery Center and Med Spa in Guilford. Making the Top 3 for best med spa, Esana is dedicated to delivering top-notch aesthetic care to its clients, under the supervision of board-certified Plastic Surgeons Deborah Pan, MD and Javier Davila, MD, both graduates of Yale Medical School.

In business for 14 years, Esana, with locations in Guilford and New Haven, offers everything from minimally invasive injectables to full blown plastic surgery.

“We are the only med spa in Connecticut that is owned and operated by two board-certified plastic surgeons,” said Laura Whinefield, marketing director.

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AmericasMart Adds Winter Atlanta Market Programs

International Market Centers has added educational programming for the upcoming Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market, to be held at AmericasMart on January 14 to 21, 2020.

The market will once again present its Shop the Show influencer social media program. Joining previously announced influencer, TV personality and cookbook author Tiffani Thiessen, will be Katie Stauffer of the Stauffer Family; Brian Patrick Flynn; Paloma Contreras and Liz Marie Galvan. The influencers collectively reach nearly 6 million followers with content including trends in home décor, gift, tabletop, kids, lifestyle and seasonal décor.

Thiessen headlines the Shop the Show programming with “Breakfast with Tiffani – Easy Breezy Brunching & Entertaining Tips” from her new book “Pull Up a Chair: Recipes from My Family to Yours” on Thursday, January 16 at 11 a.m.

Flynn hosts a cocktail party with tips for incorporating “hygge”– the Danish attitude towards life that emphasizes finding joy in everyday– into design projects and stores in “How to Hygge at Accent Decor” on Wednesday, January 15 at 3 p.m.

Stauffer shops and styles her favorite Corkcicle products and mixes and mingles with her twins Mia and Emma in “Pop, Shop & Sip: Cocktails at Corkcicle” on Thursday, January 16 at 3 p.m.

Galvan signs her debut book “Cozy White Cottage: 100 Ways to Love the Feeling of Being Home” while attendees enjoy a warm cookie and cocktail on Wednesday, January 15 and Contreras signs her new book “Dream Design Live” on Friday, January 17.

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Not Quite Legal In All 50 States, Part 1

By Michael Chernis, Esq., Chernis Law Group P.C., Santa Monica, California

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the new rage in the alternative treatment of various health conditions. It is increasingly associated with treating serious illnesses, and alleviating ordinary symptoms of illnesses, without creating the high or psychoactive effect of its cannabinoid sister THC. And, unlike THC products, which will practically always violate the Federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA) there is a colorable argument as to why CBD products derived from Industrial Hemp are federally legal.  In fact, in this past year, CBD products have become pervasive on the shelves of national retail supermarket and drug store chains, and of course in wellness spas.   

The visibility of these products on the shelves of national retail outlets and leading spas leads one to conclude they must be legal.  And indeed, it is common for purveyors of CBD products to market them as legal in all 50 states. The legality of these products is far more complex.  

Historically, the federal government treated CBD no differently then THC, and thus considered it to be a Schedule I controlled substance. This was based on the premise that CBD could only be derived from the flowering portions of the Marijuana plant, as opposed to portions of the plant not considered illegal, and thus constituted illegal Marijuana under the CSA.

This changed in 2014 when Congress in the 2014 Farm Bill gave federal protection to “Industrial Hemp.”  While Industrial Hemp is still a cannabis plant, it refers to strains of the plant that only produce .3% of THC or less, and thus do not tend to create any psychoactive effect.  In 2014, it thus became federally legal to grow Industrial Hemp through a State approved program, known as a “pilot program.”

The 2014 Farm Bill, however, did not expressly provide federal protection for derivatives of State-approved Industrial Hemp, such as CBD or extracts containing CBD, as distinguished from the plant material itself.  In the 2018 Farm Bill, Congress expressly made all derivatives and extracts of Industrial Hemp federally legal. While the 2018 Farm Bill still leaves it up to individual states to permit or prohibit the cultivation of Industrial Hemp, all states are prohibited from interfering with the transport across that State of Industrial Hemp or derivative products.  However, to be clear, that does not mean it is legal to sell CBD products in every state, as an individual State may still prohibit cultivation and sale of CBD and Industrial Hemp products within its borders, even if it must allow the transport of the products across State lines. And a handful of states, including Idaho, still treat CBD no different from illegal marijuana and prohibit its sale. 

Thus, the claim that a CBD product is legal in all 50 states is simply, untrue.  It is thus incumbent on a retailer, including a spa owner, to ensure that the state they operate in does not regulate CBD products more stringently then the federal government.  This is not difficult to ascertain, although it may require consultation with a lawyer.

There are two other points to be aware of regarding the legality of CBD products under the 2018 Farm Bill.  First, the 2018 Farm Bill replaces State cultivation “Pilot Programs” with broader programs that must be approved by the US Department of Agriculture, and which must include among other things testing protocols for Industrial Hemp.  However, the USDA is still in the process of passing its own regulations, and will not approve any State programs until federal regulations are in effect. Until then, 2014 Farm Bill Pilot Program Industrial Hemp is still legal federally.  The distinction is not terribly important, except in those States, like Idaho, which take the position that while the 2018 Farm Bill mandates it must ultimately allow transport of Industrial Hemp across its border, Pilot Program Hemp does not merit the same protection.  This is an uncommon position, is at odds with USDA’s own view of the law, and merely emphasizes the need to know the laws in place in your State.

The second and even more complicated nuance, is that the 2018 Farm Bill, while expanding federal protection for Industrial Hemp and derivatives, does not alter or pre-empt the FDA regulatory authority concerning CBD products.  The FDA has taken the position that any ingestible product containing CBD is illegal. This issue will be addressed in Part 2 of this series 

Perron Rigot Institute – Advanced Training; Waxing and Beyond

Located minutes from Chicago, Perron Rigot Institute fills a niche within the beauty industry offering quality waxing education for the licensed professional. Whether you’re experienced or new to the art of waxing there is still so much to learn. The combination of high-quality education and Perron Rigot waxes guarantees your success!

We look forward to welcoming you to our Perron Rigot family!

With Cirepil and Epillyss, the highest quality waxes on the market, a unique learning experience, small class sizes, individually coached hands-on training, and customized programs you will gain confidence and perfect your waxing skills.

  • Brazilian Waxing Bootcamp Male and Female
  • Brow Waxing Bootcamp
  • Tattoo Waxing Bootcamp
  • 2-day Warrior Waxing Bootcamp
  • Teacher Training
  • Student Tours

Website –

Video link –

Do you need to elevate your waxing skills? We make it easy at the Perron Rigot Institute. Our elite coaches provide a learning experience to answer all your questions and address all your concerns.

Psoriasis: Causes and Treatment Methods

Psoriasis is a skin condition caused by a marked acceleration in the skin cell’s life cycle. New cells are being produced more quickly than they are needed, and they build up on the surface. The excess of skin cells forms red scaly patches that are itchy and painful.

What causes psoriasis?

The prevailing school of thought is that psoriasis is caused by an autoimmune response from the body. The body’s immune system is meant to protect it from harmful attacks that result from internal and external factors. During an immune response, the threat to the body is neutralized. However, sometimes the immune system has crossed wires and starts attacking perfectly healthy cells.

The most common part of the immune system is the T cell and other white blood cells, which keep the body protected from harm. However, overactive T cells can attack healthy skin cells, triggering the production of new skin cells. Think about what happens when you injure yourself.

The T cells start producing new skin cells to replace the damaged ones. In this instance, you need new skin cells, and the T cells oblige. But overactive T cells will stimulate the production of new skin cells when they aren’t needed. They will keep doing so as they perceive a threat to the skin’s integrity. The result is more skin cells than the body needs; all of them accumulating on the surface.

Treatments for psoriasis

Unfortunately, there is no cure for psoriasis, although there are many things people who have it can do to mitigate the symptoms. Psoriasis comes and goes, and patients can go months between outbreaks.

Establishing triggers

Some people are lucky enough to be able to see a pattern in their psoriasis outbreaks and link them to triggers. Not everyone will be able to do this, and the triggers vary from one person to another. If you know your triggers, you might be able to avoid them. For those that are unavoidable, you can be prepared for the consequences.

Common psoriasis triggers include skin injuries, stress, smoking, drinking, and infections. If you’re taking medications for another condition, you should speak to your doctor about whether it could be a potential trigger for psoriasis.

Topical corticosteroids

These creams are the most frequently prescribed treatment for psoriasis. Corticosteroids reduce the inflammation caused by psoriasis and the swelling, redness, and discomfort associated with it. They also relieve the severe itching that accompanies the appearance of psoriasis.


The scaly dry patches of psoriasis on the skin can be painful and embarrassing. The extreme dryness is best treated by using a rich moisturizer, such as an emollient.

Moisturizers containing natural products like aloe vera are very popular among people living with psoriasis. The gel, harvested from the leaves of the aloe vera plant, is a natural moisturizer and will reduce the redness, itching, and swelling.

CBD oil

CBD, or cannabidiol, comes from the cannabis plant family, usually from the hemp plant. CBD oil should not be confused with hemp seed oil, which contains only minimal amounts of the compound. CBD is instead harvested from the leaves of the hemp plant.

Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the psychoactive component in marijuana that induces the ‘high’ most people are familiar with. CBD oil products contain only trace amounts of THC, so they cannot have any mood-altering effects.

CBD acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and helps the body’s immune system respond to the pain and inflammation psoriasis causes. The compound interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system to do this. When it comes to skin conditions, CBD is often applied topically rather than ingested. Before trying any CBD oil products, you should discuss the matter with your dermatologist.

7 Cold-Weather Destinations You Need to Visit This Winter

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it can be easy to forget that winter has a lot more to offer than candy canes and Christmas trees. But our country is full of cold-weather places with unique ways to embrace the winter season that go beyond your local ski slope or ice skating rink. Yes, this could be the year you hit wooded trails via snowmobile, relax in hot springs in the shadow of a mountain range, or take an actual horse-drawn sleigh ride — all you need is a free weekend, some willing family members or friends, and a warm wardrobe. So if you’re ready to book a trip, add one of these destinations to your winter itinerary.

Experience The Great Northern festival 

Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota
Chalk it up to hearty residents used to living through heavy snow and extreme cold, but no state does winter like Minnesota. If you want to hit all the best parts of the season in one go, there’s no better time to visit than during The Great Northern festival. This 11-day winter extravaganza (January 23-February 2) includes a long list of seasonal fun on both sides of the Twin Cities. In Minneapolis, make sure to attend the Loppet Winter Festival, where you can walk on Lake of the Isles at night to see candlelit ice sculptures in the Luminary Loppet or play kubb, a Swedish outdoor lawn game, in the world’s largest winter kubb tournament. If you prefer a higher octane event, head to the US Pond Hockey Championships, where you’ll witness the best of the best from this proudly Minnesotan sport compete to win the Golden Shovel. 

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Mover & Shaker: Paula Provenzano, Jurlique National Training Manager

With over 25 years, of experience in the cosmetics, skincare and spa industry, Paula Provenzano has established a reputation as one of the spa industry’s most gifted technicians and educators. Her knowledge of the spa industry spans all areas; from product vendors to destination luxury resort spas, and from day spas and salons to medical and residential spas.

She is a master esthetician, massage therapist, makeup artist, retail manager, multi-media content creator and the director of a CEU training platform for spa service providers.

As a master aesthetician, Paula has catered to a number of celebrity clients and, as an industry consultant, she has created treatments and menus for luxury spas throughout the US and the Caribbean. She has served as the director for a number of prestigious spa brands and as an adjunct faculty member of Hocking College’s Spa Management Program.

Her Ergonomic Esthetician course has been hailed as a “career saver” for estheticians. This course was an outgrowth of the hundreds of trainings she has conducted with spa service providers in spa treatment techniques, as well as operational procedures, retail sales, customer service, and client retention.

Ms. Provenzano was a primary contributing author to the 2005 ISPA textbook – The Art & Science of Retail. She has been featured on television as the “health & beauty expert” for The Morning News on FOX19-TV, in her hometown of Cincinnati OH and in national publications for her industry expertise.

In 2010 her work in the health and beauty field as the Principle owner, Proven Skin and Body was recognized with the distinction of Woman of the Year (Beauty) by Cincy Chic Magazine.

Following college, Paula earned her living as an actress which explains her credo that; “the best spa treatments are equal parts: therapy and theater.” This unique perspective led to the creation of other content for the spa industry. She was the creator and host of the TV pilot Essentially Spa: An Experiential Guide to Spas and she has produced an extensive video library of training content for the brands she represents.

Paula refers to Jurlique as her “first brand crush” and happily joined the US team as National Education Manager in 2017, stating: “I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to introduce this special brand to a whole new generation of estheticians.”

Wellness is in style

It seems, there is a con­stant bar­rage of dos and don’ts about healthy liv­ing, well­ness and such. The truth is these con­cerns pre­oc­cu­py one’s mind as one grows old­er. I re­mem­ber al­ways hear­ing the ex­pres­sion ‘age grace­ful­ly’ and it all makes com­plete sense.

It is so over­whelm­ing, this an­ti-age­ing ab­sorp­tion, but more­over, it is sim­ply about liv­ing well – Liv­ing in­ten­tion­al­ly well and shy­ing away from en­cum­brances, be they emo­tion­al, so­cial, phys­i­cal or even en­vi­ron­men­tal. Well­ness is not just be­ing free from ill­ness. The World Health Or­gan­i­sa­tion con­firms that it is “…a state of com­plete phys­i­cal, men­tal, and so­cial well-be­ing, and not mere­ly the ab­sence of dis­ease or in­fir­mi­ty.” It’s a more holis­tic prospect that has now mush­roomed in­to a well­ness econ­o­my. Well­ness is now a way of life. It is in­deed in style!

Now, it is not to be as­sumed that it is mere­ly a fad, for usu­al­ly what is deemed as ‘trend­ing’ phe­nom­e­na ap­pear on­ly as tran­sient as­pects of con­tem­po­rary liv­ing. Well­ness has now been in­cul­cat­ed, all in­clu­sive­ly, to pro­mote sus­tain­abil­i­ty and fos­ter di­ver­si­fi­ca­tion strate­gies for liv­ing well, in the present, in ad­di­tion to en­sur­ing the well­be­ing of fu­ture gen­er­a­tions. Just as “style is eter­nal”, es­poused by the inim­itable Yves St Lau­rent, liv­ing well is al­most the en­tire world’s dream.

Well­ness is the cor­ner­stone of how we de­fine the qual­i­ty of our lives. In or­der to ap­pre­ci­ate ful­fil­ment, we must de­vel­op an in­te­gra­tionist ap­proach, quite akin to mul­ti­task­ing, so as to be bet­ter equipped to face our re­al­i­ties and grap­ple with its chal­lenges. I recog­nise that this new un­der­stand­ing has be­come a vo­ca­tion, an ac­tive pur­suit. Ac­cord­ing to The Glob­al Well­ness In­sti­tute, “We must ac­tive­ly pur­sue ac­tiv­i­ties, choic­es and lifestyles that lead to a state of holis­tic health.” Well­ness is now a look! Many a mod­el, as well as per­sons in­volved in oth­er as­pects of the fash­ion and beau­ty busi­ness, have been drawn to cal­is­then­ics, fol­low­ing in the foot­steps of the icon­ic Nao­mi Camp­bell. The mod­el keeps her 49-year-old frame in ex­cel­lent form, main­tain­ing her rel­e­vance and hence her com­pet­i­tive­ness in what might oth­er­wise be deemed a cold and com­mod­i­fied ca­reer. Lo­cal mod­el, Athali­ah Samuel, pro­claims “at first, you may be stay­ing in shape to keep be­ing mar­ketable but then it be­comes a lifestyle choice!” She em­pha­sizes that her talk­ing the talk and walk­ing the walk, in terms of stay­ing fit men­tal­ly and phys­i­cal­ly is her way of stay­ing cen­tred. She quips, “That’s how I keep sane!”

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The Make Your Mark Campaign Strives to Get More Young People into Massage Careers

Nonprofit organization Beauty Changes Lives has responded to this challenge with the Make Your Mark campaign, an effort to help young people understand that the beauty and wellness profession is a first-choice career. Mentorship, inspiration and scholarships are key components of the campaign.

The Make Your Mark micro-site lets people explore various careers in beauty and wellness and rub elbows with icons of the industry and influencers who share rewarding stories of their careers.

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2019 L.A. Experience Wellness and Travel Event by Organic Spa Magazine Present Stellar Brands

Guests at Organic Spa’ssixth annual organic beauty, travel and lifestyle media event discovered the latest offerings from stellar eco-friendly brands. The sponsors were the star s of the evening with next level all-natural, eco-friendly product s and running the gamut from sustainable skincare to high fashion.

The Brands

The sponsors were the stars of the evening with their latest stellar all-natural and eco-friendly product s run ning the gamut from sustainable skincare to high fashion. Her e is a brief rundown of the highlights:

Skincare isn’t a new concept. In 1871, F.C. St Sturtevant Company brought

Columbia1products to market While their product line is more diversified than it was in the 19th century, what hasn’t changed is Franc is Cr Ayton St Sturtevant’s original commitment to quality and innovation. Through the discovery of new compounds, the company strives to achieve the highest level of skin hydration. COLUMBIA

Why medispas are taking over the world of wellness

Medispa is a word that has slithered into the wellness lexicon and brought a world of confusion. Is it a spa, is it a clinic, is it a hospital – or is it a con? Mostly it simply means a spa with a doctor on call; some have a doctor on site while others have a host of specialists and therapists geared as much to your health and wellbeing as to your relaxation.

Such places are designed to examine every aspect of your body and wellbeing. They will test your blood, heart and lungs; they will decipher your cellular function along with your liver function; they will test your mobility, or check your DNA to help prepare for future illnesses.

Above all, they will give you the most comprehensive medical check-up money can buy. Preventative medicine is the fastest-growing sector in the wellness market.

Frances Geoghegan from Healing Holidays notes there has been a sharp increase in the past 24 months, with those seeking a medispa break up by 40 per cent. ‘In the UK we were very suspicious of what a medispa offered, but suddenly there has been a breakthrough, with people wanting to take more control of their own health,’ she says. This is particularly true of men – a sector which Geoghegan says has increased by 80 per cent in recent years.

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Eco-Friendly Arctic Spa All Set for 2020 Opening

When one thinks of spas, images likely range from a mani-pedi at the local day spa to morning yoga under the desert sun — but a new spa opening in the subarctic Swedish Lapland obliterates those preconceived notions and presents something a whole lot…cooler.

The Arctic Bath is a holistic spa focused on healthy eating, exercise, relaxation, and time in nature. Every element of the spa and surrounding area is designed with these things in mind. Relying solely on products from the all-natural Kerstin Florian product line, treatments here range from facials and body scrubs to massages and pedicures. They even provide swimwear and robes to use during your stay.

Visitors wishing to stay the night (or several) at the Arctic Bath can choose from a variety of lodging options, each offering their own experience. The cabin, elevated above the forest floor, is an apartment that sleeps five in its main floor and loft areas. Even better, it boasts a spiral staircase and vegetation-lined walkways that maximize the guests’ connection to nature.

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The top ten spa therapists in Ireland

Let’s face it! Life can get crazy sometimes, and it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our busy schedules. We often forget to take a moment for ourselves and indulge in a little self-care, so as far as we’re concerned, a day of relaxation and pampering definitely does the soul some good.

If you’re looking to have a day dedicated to wellness, serenity, and self-love – you’re in luck as Ireland has some spectacular options. 

To take the stress out of finding the perfect spa break for you, we took it upon ourselves to be buffed, primed, and polished across the country (hard work, we know) in order to bring you a curated list of the best service, therapists, and properties in Ireland.

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AmSpa Announces Medical Spa Show 2020 Exhibit Hall Is Sold Out

The American Med Spa Association (AmSpa) has announced that the exhibit hall for its Medical Spa Show 2020 is sold out. Medical Spa Show 2020 will take place from January 31 – February 2, 2020, at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas with pre-show education taking place on Thursday, January 30th and Live Cadaver Training happening during the afternoon of Sunday, February 2nd. The exhibit hall will be open Friday, January 31, and Saturday, February 1, and will include more than 115 exhibitors presenting a wide variety of medical aesthetic-related products and services.

CHICAGO, Nov. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — “We are very excited to announce that the Medical Spa Show 2020 exhibit hall floor has been sold out for the third year in a row,” says AmSpa CEO and Founder, Alex Thiersch, JD. “Every year, we have expanded the size of the floor to accommodate all of the highest quality and in-demand exhibitors in the medical spa industry, and to provide the best options for attendees, and this year is no exception. The exhibit hall floor is 50% larger than it was last year and features more than 115 of the very best exhibitors in the industry. We can’t wait for attendees to check out the latest trends and techniques from the top companies in the industry, and we are very proud to partner with these incredible vendors!”

A list of the exhibitors that will be attending Medical Spa Show 2020 and a floor plan for the exhibit hall can be found at

Among the exhibitors at the event are several sponsors who are partnering with AmSpa to help present Medical Spa Show 2020. These include:

  • Crystal Clear (Exclusive Black Opal Sponsor);
  • Allergan (Diamond Sponsor);
  • Galderma Laboratories, L.P. (Diamond Sponsor);
  • Merz Aesthetics (Diamond Sponsor);
  • BTL (Sapphire Sponsor);
  • CareCredit (Sapphire Sponsor);
  • Cynosure (Sapphire Sponsor);
  • DermaConcepts/Environ Skin Care (Sapphire Sponsor);
  • PatientNow (Sapphire Sponsor);
  • Weave (Sapphire Sponsor);
  • Candela (Ruby Sponsor);
  • DefenAge New Skin (Ruby Sponsor); and
  • Epionce (Ruby Sponsor).

The number of sponsors for Medical Spa Show 2020 event represents an 86% increase over the number of sponsors from the 2019 event.

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What are wellness hotels, and why are they becoming so popular?

As I set foot in Sanctuary NYC during a recent trip — after schlepping my luggage on a crowded, muggy subway — I was more than a little disoriented. The Lower East Side hotel had warm hardwood floors, muted earth tones and Indian folk art on the walls, and a nature documentary playing the lobby. I could take yoga classes and sound bath workshops in the studio downstairs. What had I walked into, exactly? Sure, it was a hotel, but it didn’t have the same staid vibe as, say, an Embassy Suites or Marriott. Sanctuary and other spots like it are marketed as “wellness hotels,” but this one felt a little like an ashram, or even a commune.

Our stay at Sanctuary NYC was serendipitous; my partner stumbled on it while searching for affordable hotels in the area. After some digging, I learned it was one of a growing number of “wellness hotels.” These differ from destination spas and wellness retreats, which have existed for years and consist of intensive programming geared toward specific health goals, according to LODGING, the official publication of the American Hotel and Lodging Association. Also — let’s be real — most wellness retreats reflect the elitism of the wellness industry overall; they’re generally expensive and not very inclusive, for primarily that reason.

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Luxury Spas Equipment Market Share, Key Players, Growth Forecast- Global Industry Outlook

Luxury Spas Equipment Market report provides an insightful overview of product specification, type and production investigation by considering most significant factors. This report comprises a brief on the trends that assist the industry to understand the market along with strategizing for their business expansion. Furthermore, the report presents an estimation of the forecast from 2019 to 2025 and market history from 2013 to 2018.

Significant Aspects Included in Luxury Spas Equipment Market Research Report:

  • Manufacturing process and technology used in Luxury Spas Equipment market, key developments and trends changing in the development
  • A complete investigation, including an evaluation of the parent market
  • A comprehensive account of market, volume, and forecast based on leading players, product type and end users/applications
  • Environmental spread, pieces of the overall industry, key methodologies, development designs, and different financials systems of Luxury Spas Equipment market
  • Engineering analysis based on upstream raw materials, downstream industry, current market dynamics, and ensuring consumer’s analysis

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Tips for managing and improving your online reputation

Not too long ago, potential patients relied on word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and relatives when selecting a physician, home healthcare agency, medical spa, hospital, and other healthcare providers.

Are medical professionals knowledgeable? Do they show compassion for patients? Is the staff courteous? All valid concerns.

It was and remains an effective way to make these important decisions. Today, however, decisions can be made with a click of a mouse to read reviews or find information about a physician or medical facility. A DUI, a malpractice law suit, or simply a bad review from an angry patient can destroy a practice. It seems as though the same criteria used for selecting a restaurant or a shoe store is being used to choose healthcare providers. And while there are similarities, there are certainly differences, as per this opinion from the American Medical Association:

“Online opinions of physicians should be taken with a grain of salt, and should certainly not be a patient’s sole source of information when looking for a new physician,” the American Medical Association said in a statement. “Choosing a physician is more complicated than choosing a good restaurant, and patients owe it to themselves to use the best available resources when making this important decision.”

Nevertheless, physicians must take their online reputations seriously and acknowledge that this method of selection is critical to managing a healthy, growing practice.

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Time To Debate: Natural or Chemical Treatment For Acne?

Bumps on your face or back are no fun. Whether you’re 15 or 30, it’s a recipe for discomfort. So, what are you to do when the bumps come and you’re stressing out? You find a solution. Lucky for you, you came to the right place to get just that. Today we review chemical treatments, natural treatments, and let you know which is the right one to implement.  

What Are Chemical Treatments?

While the image of Dr. Jekyll holding a bubbling flask in hand may pop into mind when you read “chemical treatments”, that’s simply not the case. While these are man-made substances, they aren’t inherently bad for you. To help you get acquainted with what they are, let’s take a quick trip to the lab:

Benzoyl Peroxide: Benzoyl peroxide is one of the most widely used substances in treating acne with chemicals. It’s antimicrobial, which means that it wipes away the bad bacteria on the skin that plays a role in producing acne. It’s also anti-inflammatory and comedolytic. In less fancy terminology, this means it works to open pores while it eases up inflammation. Basically a 3-in-1 punch to your bumps. It should be noted that it ranges in concentration from 2.5-10%. Start slow and work up. 

Salicylic acid: Salicylic acid, similarly to benzoyl peroxide, can flush out the dirt and grime that accumulates in the skin. It’s known for its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to shed dead cells from the top layer of the skin reducing the number of pimples that form. 

Great, What About Natural Treatments? 

Au natural, anyone? Just like there are key ingredients in chemical treatments, there are also ones in natural treatments. To help cut through the confusion, let’s give you a rundown of them:

Tea Tree Oil: Tea Tree Oil is a major player in the natural treatment of acne. Sourced from the Melaleuca alternifolia plant, this substance has been used for thousands of years for skin ailments thanks to its antibacterial properties. Aside from fighting against bacterial and fungal infection, it’s known for its ability to reduce inflammation while encompassing antioxidant properties. 

Manuka Honey: Honey has slowly become known for its antibacterial and powerful healing properties, specifically, manuka honey. It has a low pH so it can help clear up existing acne marks, and it can help slow the growth of bacteria in the pores. It’s a sweet option for natural treatment lovers — pun intended. 

Which Should You Use, You Wonder?

The answer to this isn’t cut-and-dry. For those that are living a more holistic life, you should carry on with the natural treatments approach, They are effective in their own way, and will match your values. For everyone else, we recommend using both types symbiotically for the best results. 

The reason for this is simple; there are benefits that the chemical treatments can provide that the natural treatments simply cannot. Namely, the fact that items like Benzoyl peroxide can dig deep, power-washing your skin of icky bacteria to attack the source of the problem. 

As the benzoyl peroxide deep cleans, the manuka honey will hydrate and heal the skin simultaneously.  We suggest using a cleanser that uses benzoyl peroxide, such-as one from the Image skincare clear cell line, and following up with a mild, soothing moisturizer made from manuka honey.

Hope this helps you get to the bottom of the ongoing debate. Which will you do, natural or a mix of both?

Equal Pay: What Employers Need to Know

Two women analyzing documents while sitting on a table in office. Woman executives at work in office discussing some paperwork.

Studies have shown that women, African Americans, and other people of color tend to be paid less than their counterparts for the same or substantially similar work. Federal, state, and local legislatures have enacted equal pay legislation to address this issue. Below we provide an overview of these laws and some best practices for ensuring pay equity.

Federal Law:

The Equal Pay Act (EPA), Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII), the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are all federal laws that prohibit employers from engaging in pay discrimination (among other types of discrimination).


The EPA applies to all employers covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act (virtually all employers). Under the EPA, employers are required to pay male and female employees at the same establishment equal wages for work on jobs that require substantially equal skill, effort, and responsibility, and which are performed under similar working conditions. Each of these factors is summarized below.

Skill. The experience, ability, education, and training required to perform the job.

Effort. The amount of physical or mental exertion needed to perform the job.

Responsibility. The degree of accountability required in performing the job.

Working conditions. This includes: (1) physical surroundings like temperature, fumes, and ventilation; and (2) hazards.

Keep in mind that the jobs that are compared need to be only substantially equal, not identical.

Permitted Wage Differentials:

Under the EPA, pay differentials between employees of the opposite sex who are performing substantially equal work in the same workplace may be justified only if the difference is based on:

A seniority system that rewards employees based on length of employment;

A merit system that rewards employees for exceptional job performance;

An incentive system that pays employees based on the quality or quantity of their work; or

A factor other than sex that is related to job performance or business operations, such as paying a shift differential to workers on less desirable shifts.

Correcting Pay Differentials:

When correcting a pay differential, you can’t reduce the employee’s pay. Instead, employers must increase the pay of the lower paid employee.

Pay Equity Best Practices:

Here are some best practices for ensuring pay equity:

Conduct internal audits. Consider working with legal counsel to conduct an internal audit of your pay practices to confirm that employees working in similar positions are paid equitably based on skill, merit, and other nondiscriminatory factors.

Examine policies and procedures. Review pay-related policies and procedures to ensure compliance with all applicable laws. Develop a clear written equal employment opportunity policy and include a complaint process for employees to raise concerns.

Train supervisors. Provide training on the company’s compensation-related policies and procedures and commitment to equal pay.

Consider pay transparency. Clearly communicate how the company determines employees’ compensation.

Don’t prohibit pay discussions. Under Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), employees have, among other things, the right to act together to improve wages and working conditions and to discuss wages, benefits, and other terms and conditions of employment, with or without a union. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), which enforces the NLRA, and many courts have found that pay secrecy or pay confidentiality rules violate Section 7 rights. Additionally, some states and local jurisdictions prohibit pay secrecy policies.

Promptly respond to all complaints. Take all complaints seriously and conduct a prompt, impartial, and thorough investigation.

Document. Confirm employment decisions are made for legitimate, nondiscriminatory reasons and properly document all pay and performance-related decisions.


The expansion of equal pay laws has been one of the most prominent employment law trends in recent years. Be sure that your pay practices comply with applicable laws and do not intentionally or unintentionally discriminate against employees on the basis of sex or other protected characteristics. We can assist in making sure your employees are fairly compensated and that the correct documentation is available. Please reach out to see how we can help!

Kelvin Waterman

District Manager, FPC


Automatic Data Processing


Nature Smart

More and more companies are promoting the outdoor lifestyle. “Nature Smart” brands are educating consumers on the benefits of nature. It used to be that the person who served as the poster child for this idea was more of a modern-day hippie than a corporate CEO. They would literally shout from the mountaintops. All of that continues to change.

REI (Recreational Equipment, Incorporated) is one of those brands that literally walks the talk. Founded in 1938, REI is an American retail and outdoor recreation services corporation. It is organized as a consumers’ cooperative. REI sells sporting goods, camping gear, travel equipment and clothing.

REI has worked to awaken a lifelong love for the outdoors in their members. Today, nearly 80 years later, the co-op has grown from 23 climbing friends to a community of more than 17 million members.

Each year, they close on Black Friday to ensure that their employees spend time outdoors, all part of their #OptOutside campaign. Even bigger, REI is partnering with the University of Washington to the tune of a $1 million donation to a new academic initiative called “Nature for Health.” The idea is to build a mountain of data surrounding the health benefits of living a life outside.

Green Exercise

There are more exercise classes and indoor programming than ever before, but the big box gyms are not the only game in town. Indoor classes are often costly. Outdoor movement has a new term that is spreading globally: “green exercise.” Green exercise is a term that describes working out in the outdoors. Many find that green exercise lowers blood pressure, increases creativity, decreases depression, and increases blood flow.

Biofit, an organic fitness company based in London, has invested in biophilic design and also teaches many classes outdoors. Most importantly, they educate others on why our bodies are meant to move outdoors.

Some people practice yoga outdoors. The mindful practice of walking or hiking in nature is “yoga for the brain.” Look for more traditional fitness outlets turning their attention outdoors.

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ADP: HR Tip of the Week

Effective January 1, 2020, the minimum salary requirement for the administrative, professional, and executive overtime exemptions will increase from $455 per week to $684 per week (or from $23,660 per year to $35,568 per year).

If your exempt employees’ salaries fall below this new threshold, you will generally either have to:

  • Raise their salaries to the new requirement; or
  • Reclassify the affected employees as non-exempt and pay them overtime whenever they work more than 40 hours in a workweek.

It can be hard to keep up on these new law changes as a small business owner, but the fines from the IRS can be damaging to any business. We at ADP can help make sure you stay up to date on these new laws and keep you in compliance. If you have any questions on which employees this will effect or any questions on how to make  or implement this change, please reach out.

Master The Art of Smoky – Eye

Being a girl is not an easy task. We are expected to look our best at every occasion and every event. Some of these steep expectations we put on ourselves. Staying on top of the game is like an unsaid requirement.

We all have to go through multiple stages of preparation to get ready for an event, including the dress selection, makeup, and hairstyling. The dramatic, bold, and daring Smoky eyed look is currently trending and further growing in popularity, so it comes as no surprise that every girl wants to master that.

It is a general misconception that perfecting a Smoky eyed look is very difficult. However, with a little practice and by following a few simple steps, you can master this dynamic look.

Five Easy Steps To Mastering The Smoky Eye

Everyone loves Smoky eyes, but no not everyone can create the perfect Smoky eye. Going to a beauty spot or salon for your makeup is not always the option. Most of the times, we end up applying very dark eyeshades, which makes the Smoky makeup look horrible. Don’t worry; follow these five easy steps to create the perfect eye makeup look.

Step 1: Apply Primer To Your Eyelids

The first step of eye makeup is to clear the skin before applying the primer on your eyelids. Primer not only helps prevent discoloration but also keeps the expensive makeup in place throughout the day. Use a dark primer color and blend thoroughly to enhance the perfect Smoky eye look. Also, apply the primer to the lower lash line to create a shadowy look.

Step 2: Medium Eye Shadow On The Bottom

Use a medium shade of eye shadow on the bottom lid to build intensity. You can apply a base color for preparation on the crease for a dramatic Smoky eye. Light brown, light grey, and medium brown are the best colors to apply on the lower eyelids.

Step 3: Dark Shadow On Top Eyelids

The third step is to choose a dark shadow to apply to the top part of the eyelids. Darker charcoal black, deep metallic and blue are perfect for the bold look. You can pick an eye shadow that matches your colorful dress. Three shades are required to create the ultimate Smoky eye — a light nude shade, a medium tone as the base color, and the dark shade to create the Smoky effect.

Step 4: Eyeliner To Make A Prominent

Eyeliner is crucial to intensify the Smoky eye effect. You can use either a gel liner or eye a dark colored pencil, make a thin line on the lower and upper lash lines to outline the eye. You can use a powder shadow or cream shadow to create a smudgy or smoky effect.

Step 5: Added Mascara To Bottom Lashes

After completing a Smoky eye look, use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes before applying mascara on both the lower and upper eyelashes. Add a generous coat of mascara on your eyelashes for that dramatic look. You can further stick false lashes to intensify the look. You can use black, blue, or brown lashes to create a Smoky eye look.

It isn’t necessary to use black color in a Smoky eye look. You can use other dark shades to create the same intense effect. These five steps will create the perfect Smoky eye look. You will have to do the Smoky eye look several times before you become a Smoky eye pro!

Author Bio:

Stella Lincoln is a creative content writer and copywriter, who is currently working as a Lifestyle Blogger at King Essay. Apart from being a writer, she likes to travel, read, and surf in her free time.


massage bed by the beach

Many people understand the benefits of regular massage, and massage is increasingly incorporated into health care environments.

Spa marries these two concepts — massage as preventive health care — and offers a plethora of employment opportunities to massage therapists.

But there’s a problem: Spas are in dire need of qualified massage therapists. There are an estimated 38,000 unfilled service provider positions, of which 18,400 are full-time and 19,600 part-time positions. Massage therapists account for the largest number of unfilled positions that spas are currently trying to fill, a total of 19,150, representing almost 50% of all unfilled positions.

The 2018 ISPA U.S. Spa Industry Study showed that 40% of spa employers have an issue with hiring qualified, experienced, passionate professionals. The availability of professionals is not matching the growth of the demand in the industry. Specifically, shortages are reported for massage therapists.  (ISPA’s 2019 survey also collected information on employment-related issues, including unstaffed positions; however, those results were provided only to survey respondents.)

“The shortage is at a critical level in our industry. We need well-trained therapists who want to stay in the industry,” said Allan Share, president of the Spa Industry Association.

Spa-Going Statistics

One way the public experiences massage is while on vacation at spas and health resorts. The spa industry has grown and continues to grow as the health benefits of spa-going are better understood.

Statistics from the International Spa Association (ISPA) show the public increasingly going to spas for their personal well-being. The ISPA 2018 Spa Industry Study reported that total spa revenues for 2017 were estimated at $17.5 billion, increased from $16.8 billion the previous year. The total number of visits to spa establishments is estimated to have risen from 184 million in 2016 to 187 million in 2017.

Most people who visit spas purchase massage services (67%), followed by skin care (35%) and nail services (30%), according to ISPA’s Consumer Snapshot Vol. 1X, released this year.

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The 9 UAE spas that have been named among the best in the world

Dubai is officially the world’s best spa destination. It was one of many titles afforded to the UAE at last week’s World Spa Awards, which saw the country walk away with ten accolades.

It’s hardly surprising, with the number of luxury hotels in the country, but it also won titles such as World’s Best Airline Lounge Spa and World’s Best Private Island Spa.

Five of the award-winning spas are located in the UAE capital, while the other five winners are all located in Dubai. The titles were doled out during a ceremony in Dubai on Monday, October 21. The red-carpet ceremony was hosted at the Armani Hotel Dubai, which took the coveted title of World’s Best Hotel Spa.

Rebecca Cohen, managing director at World Spa Awards, said: “Armani Hotel Dubai has proven a world-class host on what has been a magnificent evening of triumph for the spa and wellness industry. We have had the privilege of recognising the leading organisations from across the world and my congratulations to each of them.”

The awards also saw Australian actress Olivia Newton-John honoured with the title of ‘Wellness Pioneer 2019’, as the co-owner of Gaia Retreat & Spa in Byron Bay.

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Cascade Spa director earns national award

BOSTON —  Julie Pankey of JMPankey Partners recognized Martha Zyla from Cascade Spa at Mill Falls in Meredith as the recipient of the 2019 Danielle Knerr Spa Leadership Award, given at the September SpaHive event at The Spa at Norwich Inn in Norwich, Conn.

This award was created in memory of former spa industry pundit Danielle Knerr to honor leaders in the spa industry that exemplify the traits of humility, compassion, empathy and discipline.

Zyla is known for creating a relaxing, restorative environment for all spa guests. She’s also a savvy businesswoman who has expanded the spa business at the hotel since she joined the team in 2006. Her colleagues praise her calm spirit, dedication and compassion, and say she’s beloved by staff and guests alike.

“What an extreme pleasure and honor it was to have received such a prestigious industry award,” said Zyla. “I am so grateful and humble and truly appreciate the recognition that Julie Pankey and fellow peers are giving to both me and Cascade Spa.”

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With numbers growing, women-owned businesses find their niche

Kathleen Hendrickson has run a small business for decades, but she hasn’t grown complacent.

There are certifications to update, trends to follow, finances to watch and phone and online orders to fill. She regularly travels to training classes and New York City to buy merchandise for her Wigs ’N More Inc. and Mastectomy Boutique in Unity.

“Not every day is a perfect day,” she said. “You must put in your time. You don’t put in 40 hours, you put in lots of time. When you’re in business, it consumes your brain.”

Hendrickson is among 11 million women who own businesses across the country that brought in $1.7 trillion in 2017, according to the National Association of Women Business Owners. The number of businesses with a woman at the helm grew 114% between 1997 and 2017, according to the State of Women-Owned Businesses Report commissioned by American Express.

Many find themselves in similar industries: professionals such as lawyers, accountants and consultants; health care and social assistance; and salons and pet care businesses, according to the report.

Boarding options in the region weren’t good enough for Jennifer DeSalvo’s dog Brody, so she built her own. Pittsburgh Paws Pet Resort for dogs and cats opened in Sewickley in 2014 and expanded to Fawn three years later.

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10 Most Expensive Spas in the World

What better way to relieve tension, alleviate stress, and achieve inner peace than a glamorous spa day? But, for some visitors, standard spas just won’t cut it. Instead of cucumber water, deep tissue massages, and gym locker-rooms, how about 3-hour hikes through ancient Navajo land, personalized facials, and nutritious meals? But, get ready to drop some money on these luxe upgrades. Scroll down to check out the 10 most expensive spas in the world.


Guests enter the Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal through Mexico’s only privately owned tunnel, and emerge in Los Cabos’ most luxurious resort. Each room comes with a private plunge pool, and guests are gifted a bottle of Clase Azul Reposado tequila upon arrival.

True to its name, Luna y Mar (Moon and Sea, in English) offers its visitors a menu of treatments inspired by the lunar cycle, the sea, and authentic Mexican folk healing. Located in the glamorous Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal, Luna y Mar spares no expense to create a beautiful atmosphere. Their signature treatments–The Awakening Moon, the Nourishing Moon, the Calming Moon, and the Restoring Moon–each cost $450.

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6 Marketing Emails Worth Sending Your Spa Clients

Any sort of business, in any sort of industry, needs to be connecting with their clients using all modern techniques available to them. As a spa company you want to be putting your customers, past and potential, at ease in all of your communications, remaining professional and calm at all times. Email marketing is no exception too this rule and it must be approached with great care. To help you with that, let’s take a look at a few different emails that are very much worth sending to your clients as you attempt to market your company.

  1. The Newsletter

A spa newsletter isn’t the sort of email that clients realize that they value until they realize it. Sending newsletter emails is a great way to stay connected with clients and allows you to reach out on a regular, scheduled basis with some well-cultivated content. “The newsletter is a helpfully vague medium which allows you to really contact your clients with content of all sorts, depending on what you want them to see”, explains Maciej Polkowski, marketing blogger at Oxessays and Academized.

  1. Limited Time Offer

Potential customers don’t like to be pressured into buying things or services. No-one likes to feel under pressure to get a spa day. It should be an indulgent treat, not an activity someone stumbles into. But as a marketer, you want to be able to put a bit of pressure on potential customers, to help capitalize on that potential. Enter the limited time offer. As a clever way to get people to commit to a purchase you can offer sales and deals that have a timer on them. You’re not forcing or begging, you’re just placing a tempting offer on the table to draw people in.

  1. The Welcome Email

When people initially engage with a company, they want some sense of reassurance. Companies are inherently scary, to some degree. A client wants to be immediately reassured, particularly one booking an experience that is meant to be relaxing, that they have made the right decision. “A good welcome email is really warming and is personal and familiar without coming across as overbearing or intrusive. Prep your customer for relaxation and enjoyment”, says Charlene Moore, email marketer at State of writing and Revieweal.

  1. New Product Emails

Sometimes customers won’t have converted their potential because they aren’t quite happy with the options available to them through your spa. When you figure out a new service that you can offer people you definitely want to advertise that fact to your potential clients to see if it might shift their perspective over engaging with your company. It’s also a great excuse to remind them that you exist!

  1. A Thank You

One thing that customers really appreciate is being appreciated. When customers have interacted with your company in really any way at all, it’s always a great opportunity to express gratitude. There are so many options available to the average consumer these days that, to get the reviews and the potential extra purchases that you want, a thank you is appreciated.

  1. Holiday Emails

Show a human touch to your company and get in touch with your customers to celebrate the holiday season, at any point all year round. This is the sort of subtle email that will really reinforce to your clients that you care about them.


Email marketing is a vital tool in the modern marketing arena. The key is using email in a natural and believable way at all times, to get the most from the medium. Trust me, your spa will thank me later!

Ellie Coverdale writes for Do my assignment and Write My Australia on matters of marketing and well-being. She loves sharing her insights and tips on authentic, meaningful digital and social media marketing with her readers. She also writes articles for Ukwritings on writing and editing.

Not Quite Legal In All 50 States, Part 1

By Michael Chernis, Esq., Chernis Law Group P.C., Santa Monica, California

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the new rage in the alternative treatment of various health conditions. It is increasingly associated with treating serious illnesses, and alleviating ordinary symptoms of illnesses, without creating the high or psychoactive effect of its cannabinoid sister THC. And, unlike THC products, which will practically always violate the Federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA) there is a colorable argument as to why CBD products derived from Industrial Hemp are federally legal. In fact, in this past year, CBD products have become pervasive on the shelves of national retail supermarket and drug store chains, and of course in wellness spas.

The visibility of these products on the shelves of national retail outlets and leading spas leads one to conclude they must be legal. And indeed, it is common for purveyors of CBD products to market them as legal in all 50 states. The legality of these products is far more complex.

Historically, the federal government treated CBD no differently then THC, and thus considered it to be a Schedule I controlled substance. This was based on the premise that CBD could only be derived from the flowering portions of the Marijuana plant, as opposed to portions of the plant not considered illegal, and thus constituted illegal Marijuana under the CSA.

This changed in 2014 when Congress in the 2014 Farm Bill gave federal protection to “Industrial Hemp.” While Industrial Hemp is still a cannabis plant, it refers to strains of the plant that only produce .3% of THC or less, and thus do not tend to create any psychoactive effect. In 2014, it thus became federally legal to grow Industrial Hemp through a State approved program, known as a “pilot program.”

The 2014 Farm Bill, however, did not expressly provide federal protection for derivatives of State-approved Industrial Hemp, such as CBD or extracts containing CBD, as distinguished from the plant material itself. In the 2018 Farm Bill, Congress expressly made all derivatives and extracts of Industrial Hemp federally legal. While the 2018 Farm Bill still leaves it up to individual states to permit or prohibit the cultivation of Industrial Hemp, all states are prohibited from interfering with the transport across that State of Industrial Hemp or derivative products. However, to be clear, that does not mean it is legal to sell CBD products in every state, as an individual State may still prohibit cultivation and sale of CBD and Industrial Hemp products within its borders, even if it must allow the transport of the products across State lines. And a handful of states, including Idaho, still treat CBD no different from illegal marijuana and prohibit its sale.

Thus, the claim that a CBD product is legal in all 50 states is simply, untrue. It is thus incumbent on a retailer, including a spa owner, to ensure that the state they operate in does not regulate CBD products more stringently then the federal government. This is not difficult to ascertain, although it may require consultation with a lawyer.

There are two other points to be aware of regarding the legality of CBD products under the 2018 Farm Bill. First, the 2018 Farm Bill replaces State cultivation “Pilot Programs” with broader programs that must be approved by the US Department of Agriculture, and which must include among other things testing protocols for Industrial Hemp. However, the USDA is still in the process of passing its own regulations, and will not approve any State programs until federal regulations are in effect. Until then, 2014 Farm Bill Pilot Program Industrial Hemp is still legal federally. The distinction is not terribly important, except in those States, like Idaho, which take the position that while the 2018 Farm Bill mandates it must ultimately allow transport of Industrial Hemp across its border, Pilot Program Hemp does not merit the same protection. This is an uncommon position, is at odds with USDA’s own view of the law, and merely emphasizes the need to know the laws in place in your State.

The second and even more complicated nuance, is that the 2018 Farm Bill, while expanding federal protection for Industrial Hemp and derivatives, does not alter or pre-empt the FDA regulatory authority concerning CBD products. The FDA has taken the position that any ingestible product containing CBD is illegal. This issue will be addressed in Part 2 of this series

Olivia Newton-John honoured at World Spa Awards 2019

DUBAI, UAE – The entertainment icon, Olivia Newton-John, was honoured with the ‘Wellness Pioneer Award’ at the World Spa Awards 2019 in Dubai, UAE. The Australian singer-songwriter, who is co-owner of Gaia Retreat & Spa in Byron Bay, took top honours at the gala ceremony for her outstanding contribution to the wellness industry and serving as a leading voice for complementary therapies.

The red-carpet ceremony was hosted at the landmark Armani Hotel Dubai, with pioneers, influencers and leading figureheads of the global spa and wellness industry in attendance.

Anantara also emerged at one of the big winners of the evening, taking the title for ‘World’s Best Hotel Spa Brand’, whilst the cutting-edge facilities and treatments of Lanserhof at The Arts Club, London led to it being voted ‘World’s Best Spa Design’.

Dubai cemented its reputation as the destination with it all by collecting the title for ‘World’s Best Spa Destination’. Meanwhile the latest addition to the emirate’s luxury offerings, the stunning beachfront Mandarin Oriental Jumeira Dubai, was voted ‘World’s Best New Hotel Spa’.

Rebecca Cohen, Managing Director, World Spa Awards, said: “Armani Hotel Dubai has proven a world-class host on what has been a magnificent evening of triumph for the spa and wellness industry. We have had the privilege of recognising the leading organisations from across the world and my congratulations to each of them.”

World Spa Awards partnered with three of the world’s leading spa and wellness brands – Bastien Gonzalez, Natura Bisse and Aromatherapy Associates – to offer attendees an exclusive three-day spa and wellness itinerary in the build up to the prize-giving ceremony.

The weekend also served as an excellent showcase for the host, Armani Hotel Dubai. As the first hotel designed and developed by Giorgio Armani, it reflects the pure elegance, simplicity and sophisticated comfort that define the global fashion icon’s signature style, making it the perfect setting for the pioneers and influencers of the global spa and wellness industry.

Other winners at the ceremony included Aman Spa at Aman Toyko (‘Japan’s Best Hotel Spa’); HARNN Heritage Spa at InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort (‘World’s Best Resort Spa’); Clinique La Prairie (‘Switzerland’s Best Wellness Retreat’); and Carol Joy Spa at Fairmont Monte Carlo (‘Monaco’s Best Hotel Spa’).

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What’s your microbiome you ask? Okay, let me explain. Our bodies are inhabited by entire communities of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and numerous tiny creatures that feed off of us. Think of your body as an independent ecosystem, with land masses, forests, water and vegetation that helps trillions of different “residents” survive in and on your ecosystem. Even 90% of your skin’s surface is covered with these various occupants. This is our microbiome.

The microbiome plays a key role is some very important bodily functions. It assists with immune system regulation, mental health and digestion. Though we are only at the beginning of understanding what other roles the microbiome plays in the body, it is clear that our microbiome does affect our health. In fact, most of what is living inside and outside of us actually help keep us alive and well.


The skin microbiome or the skin flora, lives on us, rather than inside of us and it may be the most diverse of the microbial sites. When healthy, the skin microbiome can act as a protective barrier to skin infections and other skin ailments. Its imbalance can cause everything from eczema and dandruff to acne. Therefore, it is important for us to try and maintain a balanced skin microbiome to insure the skin is healthy and functioning properly.


How can I help keep my microbiome in balance you ask? One thing for sure is to limit the amount of antibiotics you put into your system. Try to avoid overuse of sanitizers and other antibacterial cleansers which actually destroy the healthy bacteria that help protect us from illness and disease. Instead, concentrate on increasing your exposure to healthy bacteria by eating foods like vegetables and fruit. It is especially helpful to eat fermented foods including pickled veggies, sauerkraut and yogurt.

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5 Wellness Industry Trends You Need to Know

With the wellness industry reported to now be worth $4.2 trillion, it’s clear that consumers the world over are taking greater measures to prioritize their health and wellbeing in a multitude of different ways. This could be through any activity, service or product that actively promotes physical and mental wellbeing – so, there’s huge potential for businesses within the health and wellness sector to be involved in the current industry upturn.

From personalized nutrition and skincare to meditation and wellness travel, this piece will take a closer look at some of the wellness trends that are currently influencing the landscape within this growing sector.

The food revolution

In today’s society, consumers have become far more aware of the impact their diet and food choices have not only on their health, but also on the planet. The current ‘eat clean’ movement is dramatically transforming the industry with more consumers seeking out healthy and organic products over processed alternatives.

From celebrity endorsed veganism to the rise in people suffering from gluten intolerances like celiac disease, the motivations may differ in terms of why and how people are changing the way they consume food – but, the fact remains that there is now more demand than ever for gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free products.

For those within the wellness industry, this undoubtedly poses a viable opportunity to meet the growing demand with more healthy alternatives for consumers. This includes personalized nutrition, which is on the rise as it helps buyers navigate the often overwhelming choice of diets and health food products – finding just the right solution to meet their individual needs.

Wearable tech rules

From fitbits and Google watches to health tracking smartphone apps, this is one area of the health and wellness industry that is growing considerably.

With reports suggesting that 34% of people currently use health tracking apps and 27% use wearable technology in a bid to monitor their fitness levels, calorie intake and more, technology can now be effectively harnessed to manage health.

With this in mind, the health and wellness industry should look to incorporate technology where possible into their offerings if they want to keep up with consumer trends.

Wellness tourism is on the rise

Travel has been cited as a great way to promote health and wellbeing, from stress-busting benefits to improved physical health, therefore it’s no surprise that there has been a marked increase in the wellness tourism sector.

Firstly, wellness tourism has the power to alleviate some of the world’s issues with tourism, as many countries are looking to offer bespoke holiday destinations away from the typically over crowded resorts. Secondly, it also provides the chance for busy consumers to relax and unwind, and create a personalized travel experience that positively impacts their health – making it money well spent.

Many of these wellness retreats are situated in remote rural locations to optimize the feeling of detachment from real-life and a closeness to one of the planet’s most powerful health antidotes: nature. However, there is also a growing market for urban wellness tourism in populated areas of the world to cater for the larger market, too.

The natural beauty factor

As with the food revolution, many consumers are now becoming more conscious about which skincare and cosmetic products they use, too – with many seeking out organic alternatives that they feel are better for them and less harmful to the environment.

With figures from 2018 showing that the average person would spend $100 on skincare and natural supplements a month in the US, this looks set to be a market that is only going to continue to grow.

These statistics also highlight interesting generational buying trends, showing that Millenials are spending more on skincare products, while Generation X and Baby Boomers invest more in natural supplements. Most of the younger generational buying occurs on Amazon and similar online platforms, but this definitely doesn’t mean there isn’t still a place for more traditional avenues such as specialty stores and personalized shopping experiences.

The power of meditation

You can’t talk about wellness trends without discussing meditation. According to the Global Wellness Summit, meditation is now one of the fastest growing wellness trends in America with meditation studios, apps and brands appearing everywhere.

Cited as one of the three-pillars of wellbeing, meditation tackles stress and promotes mindfulness that’s the ideal solution for society’s hectic and pressured lifestyles. However, its popularity is also linked in with its improved accessibility through the advent of smartphone apps – ensuring that wherever consumers are and whatever they’re doing, they can easily and instantly practise meditation.

In terms of the latest trends, moving forward, meditation will go from being a singular concept to three separate classifications: focused attention, open monitoring and self-transcending which focus on the varying effects meditation has on the brain.

There’s no doubt that change is the only constant in any market, but certainly in the health and wellness industry it seems there are some trends that are becoming the front-runners in a continually expanding industry. Whichever facet you operate in, we hope these insights offer a helpful look to the future of this evolving industry and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

Author bio:

Alex Jones is a content writer for Jaquar, who specialise in complete luxury bathroom solutions – delivering everyday luxury to a global market.

Mover and Shaker: Cindy Sinisi

Licensed Esthetician with 11 years experience in all aspects of the skincare business Cindy Sinisi has worked in spas providing services to guests and training other estheticians in treatment protocols. She has also been a spa manager and spa owner. In addition, Cindy has held sales and regional sales management positions for several skincare manufacturers before joining Columbia SkinCare in 2019.

Cindy’s joy of the business stems from the fact that there is something new and exciting to learn about each and every day. Building relationships based on reliability, trust and taking responsibility are especially meaningful in this industry.

Reach out to Cindy at:

Have you ever tried a lifetime Persian ancient spa?

Have you ever tried a lifetime Persian ancient spa?

A humble usually brick alcove entrance with a tiled or miniature designed portal leads to an open hall underground with the roof at ground level centered with a small pool. You feel warm under your feet, looking up and around the hall your eyes are tamed with the ornamentation details of colorful tile works and arch walls being painted with epic scenes of Shahnameh, the book of kings. You will be handed a checked design Long, theIranian bath-wrap to cover up and start your venture which involves about heat, sweat, massage and peeling.

Here you are an experience beyond the shower and bathtub!

The Persian bath along with its age-old rituals is an important brand of public hygiene in the history of the world. Way before the Ottoman Empire established the hammams in Turkish Empire, the earliest ruins of bathhouses were found in the ancient capitals in the Iranian plateau as Chogha Zanbil, a world heritage in Khuzestan province. With stating Zoroastrianism as the national religion of Persia in 224 AD, cleanliness became more important in people’s everyday lives. After Islam arrival and converting to Islam in the 7thcentury religion required ritual purification of daily life.

The social life expanded around traditional bathhouses in Iran was reinforced after Islam and reached its climax in the Safavid era. According to the book The Travels of Sir John Chardin, there were 273 public bathhouses only in Isfahan, the capital of Iran during the Safavid era.

To get the idea of how the Persian bath was like back in the time there was no indoor plumping and people would go to the neighborhood bathhouse for bathing, it is essential to mention about the unique architecture and various types of hammams in Iran.

Depending on the location and application, Iranian bathhouses were divided into two main categories of private and public. Based on the bath construction of the public bathhouses there are individual and twin public bathhouses feature either separate times for men and women during the day or separated spaces to be used parallel by different genders.

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66 Natural Thermal Springs across Greece, approved to become spa facilities

A total of 66 natural thermal springs across Greece have been approved to become spa facilities by the Tourism Ministry with an additional 52 under assessment.

According to Deputy Tourism Minister Manos Konsolas, a relative ministerial decision had been signed by Tourism Minister Harry Theoharis, who also noted that the springs of Apollonas on the island of Ikaria will soon be licensed to operate.

According to a nationwide study published last year by the Hellenic Association of Municipalities with Thermal Springs found that Greece’s thermal spring facilities can triple revenues to some 390 million euros per year if they are upgraded. Once this is done, the number of potential visitors to the nation’s thermal spa facilities can reach 3.1 million.

Konsolas said the authorisation of Greece’s thermal spring facilities has been delayed due to a lack of supporting documents.

The ministry has placed the promotion of thermal spring, health and wellness tourism high on its agenda, said Konsolas, adding that authorities are now looking into ways to develop this untapped market.

In this direction, the ministry will be revising the institutional framework for the certification of providers active in the field of health tourism.

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How to Treat Acne Scars

As if breakouts weren’t bad enough, acne scars can haunt you your entire life. We spoke to West Hollywood plastic surgeon Dr. Roger Tsai, MD to get his expert advice on the best ways to treat them and leave acne in your past.

What Causes Acne Scars and Marks?

Simply put, acne scars and marks are caused by pimples that did not heal properly, whether from picking, popping or not treating them properly. Remember how your mom told you to not pick your zits? Now you know why! However, even followed every rule in the book, you can still find yourself with marks and scarring later on. Genetics play a huge role in acne aftermath, which makes it hard to determine why one person has scars and another person does not. The best way to avoid damage in the future is to take extra precautions when caring for the surface of the skin. Choose a skin care routine that uses doctor recommended products, avoid excess sun exposure and always remember to resist the urge to pick and pop blemishes.

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Tique & Stone was curated for your daily use. This high-end line is geared specifically for personal health and wellness. We selected ingredients that are paraben free, phthalate free and never tested on animals. This line is a blend of coconut wax and essential oils with elements of aged brass and pure white onyx to purify negative energy.

This line is geared towards making home fragrance a ritual. The ritual stone diffuser set contains a brass stand, onyx holder, ceramic disc and a bottle of our essential oil blended fragrance. Apply the oil to the disc to control your level of fragrance.

Each fragrance promotes a different sense of well-being:

Elderflower Vetiver: the essence of this fragrance will restore brain power and energy

Lavender Sage: quietly unwind with this calming fragrance that balances your mind and spirit

Mandarin Rosemary: this uplifting fragrance flows positivity and brightness into your day and night

Because this line is geared towards personal health and wellness – this product is best used on your bedside table or office desk.

The Secret Garden Spa: Discover the beauty that lies within

TAPinto Holmdel and Colts Neck
 welcomes new sponsor of local news; Secret Garden Spa, located at 21 North Main St Marlboro NJ 732.366-1700. A Secret Garden Spa, earned their success at their first location in Staten Island, opening their second location earlier this year in Marlboro, making many Monmouth County women happy by bringing it local!

Secret Garden Spa is a full service beauty and wellness center specializing in total hair design, styling, and color expertise…. Yes, they are experts with hair and so much more:  skincare, lash art, massage and body, makeup including permanent options, airbrush tanning, nutrition and wellness, hair extension, waxing… It is a go-to destination for your beauty routines and your special occasions like weddings, sweet 16’s…any special event where you want to be your best possible self.

“Beauty is being the Best Possible version of Yourself on the Inside and Out.”

The Secret Garden Spa is a more natural approach to beauty, enhancing your look and creating confidence within. The team is one of like-minded souls who strive to learn and implement beauty techniques while educating clients on health and wellness.

A Secret Garden Spa is about enhancing and discovering the beauty that lies within. It offers a whole body approach to reaching your healthiest potential, body, mind and soul.

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It’s time for governments to pay attention to wellness, says Global Wellness Institute

The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) has released a white paper – Opportunities and Impacts of the Wellness Economy for Regional Development – to guide policymakers, researchers and business people.

Researched and written by GWI senior fellows, Ophelia Yeung and Katherine Johnston, the paper explores the wellness industry’s potential to fuel regional development and economic growth at all levels – locally, nationally and internationally – and the opportunities this would create.

“The wellness economy is a US$4.2 trillion global industry, yet growth has been largely a private sector phenomenon and off the radar of most government leaders, policymakers and economic developers,” explained Yeung.

“It’s time governments around the world started paying attention to this crucial sector,” said Johnston.

“The wellness industry enables economic development, competitiveness and growth,” Johnston said. “It has implications for health, urban planning, environmental and cultural sustainability, workforce equity and diversity, social and cultural affairs, and much more”.

This is the second of GWI’s Understanding Wellness series of white papers which are intended to demonstrate the major force wellness is becoming around the world and exploring likely impacts of growth.

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The 3 best skin care spots in Las Vegas

Looking for the best skin care options near you?

Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top skin care spots around Las Vegas, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list of where to venture next time you’re in the market for skin care.

Hoodline offers data-driven analysis of local happenings and trends across cities. Links included in this article may earn Hoodline a commission on clicks and transactions.

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The Camera Doesn’t Blink: Insider’s Advice to Acing On-Camera Media Interviews – Part 3

By Debra Locker, President, Debra Locker Group

You’ve selected the right outfit in a bright color, planned how you’d like your hair and make-up to look and understand that a mic will be clipped to your clothing. You are almost ready to go on camera! Wait. Do you know what to do with your hands? Or where to look? Probably not.

Let’s talk about on-camera body language.

  • Keep hands and arms unlocked and ready to gesture. When your body is in a closed off position, it can communicate nervousness.
  • Gesture naturally, but not expansively. To make gestures that will be seen, you or your PR person should ask where the camera is hitting on your body. If it’s waist up, keep gestures in your torso area. If chest up, gesture between chest and head.
  • Don’t fidget. Every movement made on camera is magnified.
  • Don’t face the camera full-on. Instead, angle your body to face the host. With that said, IGNORE THE CAMERA! Approach TV interviews like you’re talking to one person. Ignoring the camera is also a great way to calm your nerves.   

If sitting:

  • Women should watch their skirt length. Don’t cross legs at the knees on camera, cross at ankles.
  • Women and men, sit upright on the edge of the chair or couch. Don’t slouch.
  • Keep hands on lap near knees or rest them loosely within one another atop lap.

If standing:

  • Loosely nest hands at navel level or your side, bring them up to gesture.
  • Plant one foot in front of the other to avoid swaying.

About the author – Debra is the President of Debra Locker Group, which she founded in 2008. The boutique agency specializes in lifestyle, spa, wellness and beauty. Clients are featured on “The TODAY Show,” “The Doctors,” in SHAPE, Marie Claire, The New York Times; to name only a few outlets. Debra has been part of the spa industry since 2001, which is when she began as the PR Director for the International SPA Association. More may be found on, @DebraLockerGroup on Instagram & Facebook, and Debra Locker Griffin on LinkedIn.

Understanding Wellness: Opportunities and Impact of the Wellness Economy for Regional Development

The GWI launched a new white paper series: “Understanding Wellness.” The research papers are designed to become the go-to primer for policymakers, business people and researchers to understand—in clear and simple terms and backed by expert insight and rich data—the major force that wellness has become around the world and how it will evolve in the future.

This second paper, “Opportunities and Impacts of the Wellness Economy for Regional Development,” outlines the ways a growing wellness industry can facilitate development and growth in countries, regions and communities around the world.

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How current wellness trends are changing the way we travel, work and live

Since 2007, the annual Global Wellness Summit has been bringing together the key trendsetters, decision makers and thought leaders of the US$4.2 trillion wellness industry. If you’re a business owner looking to find an edge in the industry, the GWS is the place to be.

Held on 15–17 October this year at the Grand Hyatt Singapore, the Global Wellness Summit invited experts to speak and learn about the timeliest issues in health and wellness. Themed under ‘shaping the business of wellness,’ the comprehensive agenda spanned keynotes and panel discussions (as well as yoga breakfasts and spa breaks) all centring around the growing trends in spas, travel, medical health, technology, design and wellness at the workplace, offering invaluable insights for companies looking to focus their wellness lens.

Highlight topics this year included the role of stress, anti-cancer strategies, the growing popularity of CBD oil, beauty trends worldwide, and even the notion of dying well — finding the best way to make a graceful exit from the world after a life well lived.

So, what’s new in the world of wellness? We spoke to Mia Kyricos, Hyatt Hotels Corporation’s senior vice president, Global Head of Wellbeing, who was on a panel to discuss what it means to have a ‘well hotel’. As we learned, wellness trends from the hospitality industry are affecting businesses and in turn, the way we live, travel and work.

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Holiday Hot Products COSMEDIX: Lumi Crystal for holiday

Meet Opti Crystal’s lip-loving sister—Lumi Crystal. Inspired by our #1 best-selling eye serum, Lumi Crystal instantly transforms the look of lips and deeply conditions for a rejuvenated, softer-looking pout. Formulated with a 90% pure liquid crystal base and a plumping peptide, this indulgent Liquid Crystal Lip Hydrator delivers a burst of hydration to dry, dull lips, sealing in long-lasting moisture with a high-shine finish. 

Promote Gift Certificates with Booker

Your spa can earn a nice chunk of its annual revenue from gift certificate sales during this time of year. Did you know that gift certificate sales are expected to reach $160 billion by the end of this year, with $27.5 billion expected to be spent during the holiday season alone? 

With those kinds of numbers, your spa cannot afford to miss out on this kind of opportunity. Help your clients give the gift of convenience with customized gift cards through Booker. Don’t forget to wrap gift certificates nicely and promote them in email, on your social pages, on your website, and in your spa. 

Request more information about Booker here!

Prepare for the holidays with Color Up

Color Up’s holiday sets have been announced. Be sure to get stocked up for the holiday season! 
Travel Essentials -$195 – From an award-winning Eye Cream, to a natural deodorant that actually works, this kit has it all. Color Up Travel Essentials includes seven full-sized CBD products that take a beauty or grooming routine to a new high. 

  • REMOVE Foaming Cleanser 
  • BRIGHT Dark Eye Circle Reduction & Firming Eye Cream
  • REPAIR UV Damage Repair Moisturizer 
  • ELEMENTAL  Zinc Moisturizer
  • REMOVE Makeup Wipes 
  • FRESH Enzymatic Deodorant 
  • Lip Balm 

Travel Essentials Light– $40 – For the girl or guy on the go, Color Up Travel Essentials Light is a budget-friendly gifting option for teachers, friends and hostess gifts. The kit includes 10 of Color Up’s most popular CBD products in travel sizes.
10 Travel sizes 

  • REMOVE Foaming Cleanser 
  • BRIGHT Dark Eye Circle Reduction & Firming Eye Cream
  • REMEDY Treatment Oil
  • REPAIR UV Damage Repair Moisturizer, light 
  • REPAIR UV Damage Repair Moisturizer, regular
  • Daily Sublingual (250mg)
  • RELIEVE Salve
  • FIRM Peptide Serum
  • REMEDY Treatment Oil
  • GLOW Illuminating masque 
  • EXFOLIATE Enzyme masque

Fitness Essentials – $85 – For the person on your list who loves to work out, this kit will cause major envy at the gym. Color Up Fitness Essentials includes five CBD products that help freshen, protect and soothe soreness. Can easily be tossed into a gym bag or locker.

  • FRESH Enzymatic Deodorant 
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  • REFINE Cleansing Wipes 
  • RELIEVE Salve 
  • Lip Balm 

Chill Essentials – $50 – To gift or keep for yourself, the CBD products in this kit can be used to create some serious down time before heading into 2020! Color Up Chill Essentialsincludes five products that have been known to de-stress, calm and heal. 

  • BALANCE Body Lotion
  • REMEDY Treatment Oil
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  • Daily Sublingual (250mg)
  • Bath Bomb

Stocking Stuffer Essentials  $15 – A bath bomb and lip balm for all! At the $15 price point, a lot of stockings can be filled with effective CBD products from Color Up.

  • Bath Bomb 
  • Lip Balm 

World Spa Awards prepares for Dubai arrival

  • 8 hours ago

Welcome Googler! If you find this article interesting, you might want to subscribe to our Newsletter for the latest travel news.

Leading figures from the global spa and wellness industry are heading to Armani Hotel Dubai for the World Spa Awards 2019 – the global initiative to recognise, reward and celebrate excellence in the spa and wellness sector.

The red-carpet ceremony will take place at the landmark lifestyle hotel on Monday, October 21st.

Launched in 2015, World Spa Awards aims to drive up standards in spa and wellness tourism and foster growth by rewarding the leading organisations in their respective fields.

The elite gathering will be hosted by the broadcaster and news anchor Katie Fielder, while the renowned Dutch jazz pianist Joja Wendt will headline the entertainment.

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Women in Wellness: “Why you should rise with the sun.”

Rise with the sun. The beginning of your day sets the tone for the rest of your day and waking up with a touch of wonder will present a day of wonderful. Be inquisitive about your morning, your surroundings and your opportunities to thrive. I have my phone set on a sleeper timer so I cannot open any apps until 30 minutes after I have woken up. This allows me to be truly present with my goals and intentions for the day.

Sienna Creasy, an early trailblazer in understanding the benefits of infusing travel and fitness, Reggaelates founder and Spa Director at Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa, found her purpose serving in the Peace Corps almost 15 years ago and has since turned her passion into reality throughout her career path. Incorporating what she has learned from her Peace Corp travels, Creasy has introduced experiential wellness to the Jamaican tourism industry, serving as the driving force behind the conceptualization of the Caribbean’s first and only Himalayan Salt Therapy Lounge and Jamaica’s first Quartz Therapy Ritual Room during her previous role as Group Wellness Director at Jewel Grande Montego Bay Resort & Spa. In addition to spearheading Hilton Rose Hall’s Radiant Spa, Creasy hosts regularly scheduled yoga, Pilates and Reggaelates — a combination of yoga and Pilates with Dancehall beats — classes at the Jamaican resort.

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How to Practice Happiness

When life sends us turbulence, we tend to search for happiness, but Neil Pasricha believes what we should be doing is practicing happiness. As a best-selling author, public speaker and the founder of the Institute of Global Happiness, Pasricha tries to guide corporations and their people toward happiness. His TED Talk has been ranked as one of the most inspiring of all time, and he has addressed hundreds of thousands of people, including Fortune 100 companies, Ivy League schools and royal families in the Middle East.

This January, Pasricha will coach salon owners and stylists as a keynote speaker at Serious Business, but first he gives SALON TODAY a little preview:

SALON TODAY: What inspired your award-winning blog, “1000 Awesome Things?”

Pasricha: “I went through the worst year of my life unfortunately. My wife left me—she knew the marriage wasn’t healthy but I couldn’t see it at the time. To add to that, my best friend committed suicide. In midst of this horrible year, I started the blog as a way to cheer myself, a form of online therapy. I’d come home from a terrible day and write a blog about the smell of bakery air, or wearing warm underwear fresh from the dryer or thinking it’s Thursday when it’s really Friday. Slowly over time, writing the blog really did change my mood.”

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11 Of The World’s Best Spas

Chenot Gabal, Azerbaijan

Extreme detoxing is the name of the game at this massive ultra-luxury medical spa facility. Expect delicate meals capped at 850 calories a day, multiple massages, walks around the lake and anti-gravity treadmills.

Cheval Blanc Randheli, Maldives

Three different wellness packages are offered at this refined Maldives resort, each which include a mix of activities (like diving or cooking) alongside fitness. The spa sits on its own private island.

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Wellness Movement to Transform Hotels

The concept of wellness in hospitality is quickly evolving to encompass so much more than the average fitness center or traditional spa, and within the next decade, the new definition of wellness will become a central factor in the hotel sector, according to The Future of Wellness in Hospitality, a new report by Avison Young.

The presence of the wellness factor in the hospitality industry is a trend that is on the rise. In the report, Avison Young points to statistics from the World Travel and Tourism Council, which notes that wellness tourism is the fastest growing segment of global tourism, accounting for more than 10 percent of the world’s GDP and 10 percent of jobs. Hotels and resorts are recording the strongest growth as a result of the rise in wellness tourism, outpacing, day spas and salons, health resorts, medical facilities and thermal/mineral springs.

In the hotel industry, the wellness movement first became prevalent with the revitalization of the spa sector, but with demand on the rise, more hotel owners are accommodating guests with enhancements on the asset-light/soft wellness side and/or the asset-heavy/hard wellness side. Soft wellness or experiential elements include health and relaxation experiences such as yoga classes and running groups; environmental considerations, such as air quality and natural light; and self-care offerings ranging from apps for mental health or relaxation to yoga maps with online tutorials. Adoptees of the soft wellness or asset-light approach include the Even Hotels by IHG brand, which provides in-room fitness equipment and health food restaurants, as well as Locke by SACO, which makes free yoga classes available to guests.

The asset-heavy/hard wellness side in the hospitality arena entails such offerings as treatment rooms, beauty clinics, state-of-the-art gyms and cutting-edge spa facilities with amenities such as hydrotherapy pools, experience showers and hammam. Hotel brands that have embraced the asset-heavy option include Six Senses, which debuted in the U.S. with the opening of a 137-key Manhattan hotel in 2016, Aman and Banyan Tree. The newly launched Signia brand touts a list of wellness alternatives that includes infinity pools.

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Comparing Neurotoxin Injections: A Guide To Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau, and Xeomin

Wrinkle-smoothing botulinum toxin type A injections are the most common non-invasive aesthetic procedure in the U.S. And, while they are colloquially called “Botox,” there are actually four different BoNT-A injectables FDA-approved for cosmetic use.

Just as brands like Band-Aid have become synonymous with adhesive bandages, Kleenex with tissues, and Wite-Out with correction fluid, “Botox” has been the colloquial term for botulinum toxin type A (BoNT-A) injections since it was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the temporary improvement of moderate to severe glabellar lines (i.e. the frown lines between the eyebrows) in April 2002.

But Allergan’s wrinkle smoother isn’t the only BoNT-A injection in town. There is a quartet of cosmetic neurotoxins on the market — Botox®, Dysport®, Jeuveau®, and Xeomin® — that each contain the same active ingredient (BoNT-A) and is FDA approved to treat the same aesthetic concerns.

So, how do you differentiate between the four? The AEDITION is here to help.

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The Camera Doesn’t Blink: Insider’s Advice to Acing On-Camera Media Interviews – Part 2

By Debra Locker, President, Debra Locker Group

In my first article, I wrote about the types of on-camera interviews you may experience while promoting your spa or product. Today’s article contains the tips for which I am asked most often about being on camera. These include: What do I wear? How do I sit or stand? And the most common question – Does the camera really add 10 pounds? We’ll start with that question…

  • It’s not a myth… the camera adds pounds. To avoid accentuating the pounds put on by the camera, wear clothing that has shape. Women should avoid flowy tops and dresses that flare out and don’t have a waistline. Men should avoid ill-fitting jackets and shirts.
  • With that said, look like yourself and be true to your brand. For guidance, look at what news hosts wear and mimic them. Bright colors – blue, red, green, purple and pink – are good on camera.
  • Avoid tops that are white, black, have stripes, checks and sharp patterns. White or black near the face is not flattering on camera. Patterns can give a “dancing” effect on screen, which is distracting to viewers.
  • A mic will be put on you. Make it easier on yourself and the crew by wearing something that can easily have a mic clipped to it (like a blazer or jacket). There should also be easy access to run the cord down your back and a place to hook the mic pack on, like a waistband or belt.
  • Women should wear more make-up than usual. You’ll want to bring powder to the set and carry a few tissues to dab shiny spots. Men can benefit from foundation and loose powder, too.
  • Wear hair naturally and in a manner where you are not tempted to touch / play with it.

Now that you know what to wear, the next thing you need to master is how to manage your body language. I’ll cover that in the next article.

About the author – Debra Locker is the President of Debra Locker Group, which she founded in 2008. The boutique agency specializes in lifestyle, spa, wellness and beauty. Clients are featured on “The TODAY Show,” “The Doctors,” in SHAPE, Marie Claire, The New York Times; to name only a few outlets. Debra has been part of the spa industry since 2001, which is when she began as the PR Director for the International SPA Association. More may be found on, @DebraLockerGroup on Instagram & Facebook, and Debra Locker Griffin on LinkedIn.

Physical Activity Is an $828 Billion Market – To Reach $1.1 Trillion+ by 2023

Global Wellness Institute releases first-ever research report on the six-sector global physical activity economy, including the fitness, sports & active recreation, mindful movement, equipment, apparel/footwear and technology markets. New data pushes wellness to a $4.5 trillion industry.

Singapore – October 15, 2019 – The Global Wellness Institute™ (GWI), a nonprofit research and educational resource for the world wellness industry, today released its major research report for 2019: “Move To Be Well: The Global Economy of Physical Activity.” In 2018, the GWI found that the fitness/mind-body market was worth $595 billion, and this new research broadens the scope of that segment to the “physical activity economy,” which is now valued at $828.2 billion globally, and includes the sports and active recreation, fitness, and mindful movement core segments—along with the supporting markets of equipment and supplies, apparel and footwear, and technology.

With this new data, wellness jumps to a $4.5 trillion global market.


The Best Natural Allergy Relief Supplements

With summer having ended it may be easy to think that allergy season is over. However, it is fall that is actually the worst season for allergy symptoms. This is thanks to the likes of Ragweed, which releases its pollen during the cooler nights fall nights. Approximately 75% of those individuals that have allergies Spring plants are allergic to Ragweed.

An allergy is an immune system disorder where the body overreacts by attacking harmless substances, when it comes into contact with things such as pollen or animal hair. This causes an inflammation, and it is this that causes the symptoms of the allergy.

Although this may sound scary, there are treatments available for these allergies. Whereas traditional treatments only work to mask the symptoms and come with many unwanted side effects, a natural supplement will, as well as reducing the inflammation, treat the actual cause of the allergy.

Some of the best natural allergy relief supplements that you can purchase online include:

·      Vitamin D – Medical studies show that using vitamin D has a large positive effect on the body’s immune system, particularly its ability to combat allergies.

·      Stinging nettle – This plant gets its name from the small spiky hairs that are on its stem and leaves. It has been proven that it is effective in combating the symptoms of allergies, as well as those of allergic arthritis, cluster headaches, migraines, and anaphylaxis.

·      Lemon essential oil – Out of all the essential oils, lemon is the best in combating allergies. This is because it works to not only boost immune function, it also supports drainage of the lymphatic system, and inhibits bacterial growth. It can also be used as a detoxifier to flush out toxins within the liver that are capable of causing inflammation.

·      Probiotics – These support the immune system, change the gut’s intestinal flora, and most importantly alter the cause of allergies. Clinical trials have shown that a probiotic supplement benefits children that suffer from asthma and other allergic airway disorders, as well as nasal allergies.

·      Quercetin – This bioflavonoid has anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties. It is able to stunt histamine growth, which is responsible for triggering allergic reactions. Research suggests that it is able to block some substances that are involved in the process of developing allergies, thus reducing their symptoms.

·      Butterbur – This herb has anti inflammatory properties and has been demonstrated to relieve the symptoms of allergies. A recently medical study showed it to be just as effective as the laboratory manufactured anti histamine, Zyrtec. However, it lacks the side effects of feeling drowsy and sleepy.

·      Astragalus – This herb has been used in Chinese medicine for decades. It works to reduce inflammation and gives the immune system a boost. This makes it particularly good at treating chronic asthma. It also boasts anti fatigue properties and improves endurance, making ideal for use when feeling run down. It stops allergy symptoms such as itching, sneezing, and a runny nose.

Other natural supplements to consider include peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils, local honey, and CoQ10 supplements.

How Wellness Services Can Help Students De-Stress

The life of a student can be quite challenging. Juggling assignments, catching up with the syllabus, preparing for the upcoming exams and trying to maintain your social life can seem impossible. A lot of stress can result from this thus affecting your academic performance and other areas in your life. What is the solution?

Develop a balance in all aspects of your life including mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects. Since it is not easy to do this by yourself, various wellness centers provide wellness services for students

Here are 6 ways wellness services help students to destress

Social Wellness

This helps students develop good relationships with others. It helps students to examine their relationships with others and see whether there are any areas that need improvement.

Having a high level of social wellness will result in a good support system which is really beneficial especially during stressful times. A good support system can help you distress and feel much better about yourself and any difficult situation you may be going through.

Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual wellness helps students develop their creativity by taking part in activities that are mentally-stimulating and creative. This learning process can be done by taking part in communal activities, through academics or through cultural activities.

Having such knowledge will broaden your view on matters and this will make you more tolerant and self-aware. Taking part in such activities is a great distraction from the stressful school environment.

Physical Wellness

At times, stress may be a result of not getting enough rest or not eating the right foods. Students are helped to develop physical wellness which aims at teaching proper care of the body in order to function as efficiently as possible. Physical wellness involves proper nutrition and sufficient physical activity.

Finding time to do all these may be a challenge due to the busy academic life. However, you can always make time since your physical well-being is more important. If you have a lot of assignments weighing you down, you can always get help with assignments so that you can have time to exercise and cook nutritious food for yourself. These activities are among the best ways to destress and improve your physical wellbeing

Spiritual Wellness

The main purpose of helping students develop spiritual wellness is to help them find a purpose in life and also develop a balance in life. Students learn how to appreciate what they go through in life, be it bad or good.

To develop spiritual wellness, one needs to deeply look inwards and understand themselves as well as what is going on outside. This helps students develop insight and find meaning in life.

Emotional Wellness

In order to develop emotional wellness, students are taught how to find a balance between their positive and negative emotions. Whenever they experience negative emotions, they are taught how to analyze them in order to dig into the source of the problem and find a solution to the problem.

This is one of the best stress relieving activities for students as it helps them develop good relationships as well have an optimistic attitude towards life. Once an emotional balance is attained, students will make decisions objectively and will always have a positive attitude towards life despite any difficulties they may be facing.

Occupational Wellness

Whether you are working or not, you still need to develop occupational wellness as a student. The aim of occupational wellness is to help you develop a positive attitude towards your job or the course you are doing. It helps you develop conflict management skills and also set realistic goals for yourself.

Have a positive attitude and pursuing a career that you love will definitely reduce the stress in your life


No doubt, there is an enormous amount of stress in educational facilities. However, with the right wellness services, you can be trained to develop occupational, emotional, physical, spiritual, social, intellectual and environmental wellness. All these contribute to inner peace as well as a broader view of life which helps you be more tolerant and insightful.

Although you may not be able to attain a perfect balance in all these, working on each of them based on where your strength and weakness lies will definitely contribute to a reduction of stress in your life. Seeking wellness services is definitely worth your time both in the long run and in the short run.

 Sandra Larson is a writer and also a wellness instructor. She thrives in helping students get through the stressful environment through counselling and also writing articles that share tips on how to cope with stress at school. Sandra also takes her own advice by taking time to pursue her hobbies during her free time.

Herbal Beauty Industry In India

The beauty and wellness industry in India is booming, with a tremendous potential for growth. In fact, it is said to be growing twice as fast as markets of the United States and Europe. India is also the second largest consumer market in the world. No wonder foreign companies have been targeting the Indian beauty market! 

According to a KPMG report, the size of India’s beauty and wellness market was around Rs.80,370 crores at the beginning of 2019. This includes the beauty products, beauty salon and spa businesses. The compounded annual growth rate of the Beauty & Wellness business in India has been around 18%. Currently, the beauty business in India is not only booming, but is expected to treble in the next five years. A prominent feature is that it is herbal beauty care that has driven the growth of the beauty business in India. The “back to nature” and “total well being” trends sweeping the world have increased the demand for holistic systems, like herbal and Ayurvedic beauty care, not only in India, but worldwide.

Going organic and eco-friendly are the trends that will mark the coming years, as far as the beauty business is concerned. We have been seeing herbal beauty products ruling the trends and now the products are going organic. There is a definite shift towards “natural” products that are free from parabens, sulfates, mineral oil and synthetic colours. Greater awareness of the link between good health and beauty is influencing the demand for organic and natural products. That is why wellness is becoming a part of the beauty business, with spa treatments being included in salons. According to Franchise India, “The organic products market in India has been growing at a CAGR of 25 per cent and it is expected to reach ₹10,000-₹12,000 Crore by 2020.” 

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Guide More Guests to Your Door

A card dedicated to wellness can be a welcome addition to your spa.

Your guests may want to spend more at your spa, but life can get in the way. That’s why a growing number of consumers have the CareCredit credit card, which they can use for massages, skin care, and body or salon services at spas in the CareCredit network.

CareCredit offers unique advantages.

When your spa accepts the CareCredit health, wellness and beauty credit card, guests have a dedicated way to fit spa visits into their budget. CareCredit is different from other credit cards, and its cardholders can choose from promotional financing options available and make convenient monthly payments* that help fit their budget.

60% Monthly day spa visitors surveyed said they would increase their visits by this amount if they could use their CareCredit credit card.2

This can help guests move forward with the services they want, and take advantage of current spa deals, same-day packages and more options. In fact, CareCredit cardholders have an 8 times higher average ticket than spending on a general-purpose credit card.1 And, with CareCredit, you get paid in just 2 business days.

An easy way to help you attract guests and increase repeat visits.

CareCredit gives your guests a dedicated card they can use again and again to purchase their favorite spa services or try a premium option. It can give them incentive to come back, helping you build loyalty, gain referrals and boost sales for premium services and products.

Join the CareCredit network at no cost today.

1 CareCredit 2017 Analytics and The Nilson Report – February 2016 ed., 50 Largest U.S. Visa & Mastercard Credit Card Issuers data table.
2 September 2017 CareCredit Consumer Panel – Day Spa Research.
* Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required.
See for details.

The Camera Doesn’t Blink: Insider’s Advice to Acing On-Camera Media Interviews – Part 1

By Debra Locker, President, Debra Locker Group

Between running a business, managing a team and keeping customers happy and relaxed, how do you spread the word about your brand? Talk with the media.

As a business owner, you are your own best public relations person. You are an expert in your field. It is your obligation to talk with the media. It is your opportunity. If you don’t talk, believe me, someone else will.

With that said – and, no surprise – it’s not as simple as calling The Wall Street Journal and landing a feature article. A well-executed PR program requires many steps and, thus, a great deal of time and attention.

A primary key to earning coverage is mastering the media interview. It’s also a primary source of stress for the interviewee. I’ve spent more than 25 years in front of, behind and / or preparing people to be on camera. Of course, not all interviews are on camera. However, television interviews elicit the most fear and require the most prep work. 

The different formats for being on camera include:

  • Live in studio or on location
  • Live-to-tape – Prerecorded segments that air unedited. Treat them as if they are live.
  • Edited/packaged – Shortened clips of what you are saying are edited together.
  • Promotional – Commercials, brand videos, etc. It’s likely you pay for these; therefore, you control the message.

The approach for each scenario varies. Live interviews offer the advantage of allowing the audience to see your full exchange and personality without having your words edited. When you are live, you can correct something if you say it incorrectly; however, you can’t ask for a do over.

What happens when you are in front of the camera? I’ll cover that in my next article. 

About the author – Debra is the President of Debra Locker Group, which she founded in 2008. The boutique agency specializes in lifestyle, spa, wellness and beauty. Clients are featured on “The TODAY Show,” “The Doctors,” in SHAPE, Marie Claire, The New York Times; to name only a few outlets. Debra has been part of the spa industry since 2001, which is when she began as the PR Director for the International SPA Association. More may be found on, @DebraLockerGroup on Instagram & Facebook, and Debra Locker Griffin on LinkedIn.

Best Spas in Gold Coast

Below is a list of the top and leading Spas in Gold Coast. To help you find the best Spas located near you in Gold Coast, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Gold Coast’s Best Spas:

The top rated Spas in Gold Coast are:

  • Ocean Day Spa
  • Earth & Skin Organic Day Spa
  • Endota Spa

Ocean Day Spa is conveniently located in the heart of the Gold Coast providing people with the best way to spend their day and feel the total relaxation experience. Customers can be assured that they will feel energized and refreshed after having their head to toe signature package or melt away with a full body massage. Ocean Day Spa offers their services in five private treatment rooms or customers can be with their friend or loved one in their couples suites.

At Ocean Day Spa, to ensure the best care treatment for every customer, they are only using Australian made potent formulas. These formulas are powerful in treating skin and has advanced minerals for best care services.

As proof of their quality services, they won the Luxury Travel Guides 2018 for best private day spa and have ranked in the top spa on Trip Advisor.

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Help attract and keep guests at every step

Day spa guests go through three steps on the journey to wellness. With CareCredit, you can give them the information and financial flexibility they want – and help them move along the path to relaxing spa moments.

  1. Exploration: Be where they are from the start.
    The journey begins as a potential guest who’s considering day spa services starts looking for information. They may begin by searching online for nearby spas to compare options and costs.1 They may also be looking at their finances and wondering how to fit a massage or facial into their budget.

    Finding a day spa that accepts CareCredit may be just what they’re looking for to make a spa visit possible.
    CareCredit provides a variety of free resources that can help your spa attract new guests, including an:

• Acceptance Locator that makes it easy to find CareCredit providers, and receives, on average, 1+ million online searches a month.2

  1. Visit: Make it a great experience.
    As the journey continues, guests arrive for their appointment, excited they’ve made the decision to unwind and relax. They may also be relieved to see messages that confirm you accept CareCredit as a payment solution. That’s why CareCredit provides an array of free displays and signage to help you let every guest know you accept the CareCredit credit card in your spa.
  1. Loyalty: Give them reasons to return.
    Your relationship with guests doesn’t have to end after their first visit. Including your payment solution in marketing communications can help you keep loyal guests coming back and bringing their friends.

CareCredit provides many resources to help you stay connected and reinforce their plans for ongoing trips to your day spa.

• Advertising Toolkit: banners and materials to promote financing.

• Ready-to-use Posts & Tweets: help keep the conversation going.

• Practice Development Specialists: available for advice, guidance and training.

Accepting the CareCredit credit card is another way you can make the journey to your day spa even more satisfying. And that gives guests even more reasons to return.

Join the CareCredit network at no cost today.

1 CareCredit Path To Purchase, Cosmetic, 2018.

2 January-December 2017 Omniture web report.

Spa Talk: The hottest treatments, news, openings and trends in spa hotels across the world

The world of wellness is ever altering, and with every season developments proceed to encourage anew. Final 12 months it was cryotherapy, vegan merchandise and 24-carat gold facials, this 12 months its IV infusions, goat yoga and CBD therapies. With a continuing flurry of recent lodge openings, there’s all the time someplace to get enthusiastic about. 

We have created a information of our favourites, so you possibly can uncover a number of the world’s greatest locations to flee to. Learn our spa lodge evaluations; maintain updated with the newest information; and relive one of the best experiences at house with our choose of the highest merchandise present in lodge spas. And… loosen up. 

The newest information, openings and experiences

All ears: Sound Remedy at Vakkaru Maldives

Secluded tropical island resort Vakkaru Maldives has welcomed Thai practitioner Onuma Onketphon to host a collection of sound therapeutic remedy periods. Friends staying on the lodge will be capable of e book bespoke non-public or group periods with Onketphon who will use Tibetan and crystal singing bowl devices to assist lodge friends enhance their bodily and emotional wellbeing via their chakras.

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New Luxury Spa Debuts at The Retreat Costa Rica

The Retreat Costa Rica – a luxury wellness boutique resort perched on a high vibrational crystal mountain in Atenas – has unveiled the new 7,500-square-foot Vida Mia Healing Center and Spaadjacent to the resort’s main house. Adding to its comprehensive wellness services, the property also announced the addition of Dr. Vinod Balakrishnan, a naturopath, acupuncturist and Ayurvedic expert formerly with Taj Hotels, to its professional staff.

The brainchild of celebrity chef, bestselling author and health and wellness life coach Diana Stobo, The Retreat Costa Rica is a luxury wellness boutique resort and spa with organic gardens, lush landscapes, farm-fresh cuisine and signature wellness programs – all situated amidst the rainforest on a 50-acre crystal quartz mountain overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Stobo says the spa embraces the metaphysical powers of the four elements – earth, water, air and fire – to offer innovative and organic therapeutic treatments to connect, nurture, protect and balance the mind and body. Each guest’s wellness program is tailored to his or her specific needs to help detox, rejuvenate and distress.

With seven treatment rooms – each named for indigenous healing crystals – Vida Mia was carefully designed with ancient Feng Shui principles, balancing energies throughout the construction of the building to optimize health, wealth, charisma, love, sex and luck. With this in mind, each light-filled treatment room is open air or has expansive windows, allowing guests to connect with the lush natural surroundings.

In addition to the treatment rooms, the spa’s upper level has changing rooms, an air-conditioned fitness facility, a covered Jacuzzi and cold-water cascade, plus an outdoor covered resting den.

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World Spa Awards teams up with leading spa and wellness brands for Gala Ceremony 2019

World Spa Awards 2019 – the global initiative to recognise, reward and celebrate excellence in the spa and wellness sector – has unveiled the itinerary for its Gala Ceremony 2019, which will take place 19th-21st October at Armani Hotel Dubai, UAE.

World Spa Awards has partnered with three of the world’s leading spa and wellness brands – Bastien GonzalezNatura Bisse,and Aromatherapy Associates – to offer attendees the opportunity to participate in an exclusive three-day spa and wellness itinerary.

Highlights include the world-renowned Bastien Gonzalez running a PEDI:MANI:CURE Pop-up Studio Pop-up Studio, so guests can experience treatments from leading experts in their field. Walk on clouds with world-class Bastien Gonzalez offerings, which mix a foot/hand deep treatments, natural beauty of your nails and specific massage to remove tension and activate the blood circulation.

Natura Bisse has created Diamond Cocoon Experience as an antidote to the effects of our busy, urban lifestyles on our skin. This cutting-edge ritual is performed in an exclusive 99.9% pure air environment to boost the treatment benefits and leave skin glowing, healthy and rejuvenated. This experience is accompanied by a sensory oil tasting and back massage to relieve muscle tension and provide a deep sense of peace and well-being.

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10 of Sydney’s most luxurious day spas

There’s no better way to unwind and get some much needed ‘me’ time than by kicking back in a luxe day spa. Seriously, wearing a thick fluffy robe and slippers and allowing yourself to be pampered from head to toe is the absolute jam (not to mention the citrus-infused water and herbal tea afterwards!). And luckily, Sydney has some of the best day spas getting around.

But because there’s nothing more stressful than trawling through a million reviews to pick out the best day spa in Sydney, we’ve pulled together a list of the finest spa destinations that’ll leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated in no time (they don’t come cheap, but it’s so worth it). So, get booking – it’s time to get your Zen on!

#1 / The Day Spa by Chaun at The Langham Hotel, Millers Point

What is a ‘best day spa Sydney’ list without The Langham? This is the place to go if you want to feel like pure royalty. Boasting a gorgeous 20-metre Romanesque-style indoor pool with a dark, twinkling night sky overhead (it looks like *actual* heaven), you can make full use of the heated pool, spa and health club facilities, and indulge the day away post-treatment. The Day Spa’s signature treatment is the BABOR Facial (60 minutes, $220), and they also have a series of luxurious massage options. 

#2 / Endota Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Sydney, The Rocks

With six treatment rooms, a steam room, sauna, pool, Jacuzzi and arguably one of the best views in Sydney, Endota Spa at the Four Seasons Hotel is luxury at its finest. Their treatment list is extensive, with their most popular treatment being the Revive package (90 minutes, $235), which involves a *complete* head to toe treatment – a relaxing massage and facial, coupled with a foot massage, nail care and polish. Sign us up!

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Houston’s Best Spas — 10 Pampering Palaces That Wow

There is never a shortage of excuses for a great “treat yourself day.” There is always a good reason to pamper yourself. Whether you’re stressed out, celebrating a special occasion, just need to unwind, are striving for perfect inner or outer beauty, or. . . just because, you can find a spa that fits the bill in Houston . 

A day of self care is the ultimate in luxury living in some ways. Luckily, Houston is chock-full of skin care, beauty and relaxation experts, all schooled in the art of wellness and pampering. 

Houston’s best spas and beauty retreats are a step above. From body scrubs that channel ancient healing rituals to the ultimate in facial anti-aging technology, Houston’s top pampering palaces have it all.

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The 5 best skin care spots in Orlando

In search of a new favorite skin care spot?

Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top skin care spots around Orlando, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list of where to venture next time you’re in the market for skin care.

1. Mosaic Hair Studio & Blowout Bar

Topping the list is Mosaic Hair Studio & Blowout Bar. Located at 541 Virginia Drive in Lake Formosa, the blow out, massage and skin care business is the highest-rated skin care spot in Orlando, boasting five stars out of 278 reviews on Yelp.

2. Flawless Wax & Spa

Next up is Lake Eola Heights’s Flawless Wax & Spa, situated at 208 E. Colonial Drive With 4.5 stars out of 70 reviews on Yelp, the waxing, skin care and permanent makeup spot has proven to be a local favorite.

3. Refresh At Mosaic Hair Studio

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Best of Memphis 2019 Wellness

Best Barber Shop

1. 1776 Men’s Grooming Parlor

2. Baron’s Man Cave

3. High Point Barber Shop

1776 Men’s Grooming Parlor offers haircuts, straight razor cuts, beard trims, and kids cuts. Whether you’re looking to get a fade or a pompadour, 1776 will have you “groomed for freedom,” as its tagline promises.

Best Barre Studio

1. Pure Barre

2. Club Pilates

3. Neighborhood Barre

Pure Barre sets the bar pretty high when it comes to barre studios. With highly trained instructors, a focus on community, and a nonjudgemental environment, Pure Barre is Memphis’ best place to go for a barre workout, no matter your fitness level.

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Medical Spa – Growing Popularity and Emerging Trends in the Market

Global Medical Spa Market Size, Status and Forecast 2019-2025 is latest research study released by HTF MI evaluating the market, highlighting opportunities, risk side analysis, and leveraged with strategic and tactical decision-making support. The influencing Factors of the report is growth of this market include authorized regulations with respect to the usage of the information, availability of highly reliable products in the market, and increase in operational efficiency of .

The study provides information on market trends and development, drivers, capacities, technologies, and on the changing dynamics of Global Medical Spa Market .

As per study key players of this market are Allure Medspa, Biovital Medspa, Canyon Ranch, Inc., Chiva Som, Clinique La Prairie, Hyatt Corporation, Sciton, Inc., True Skin Care Center, Vilalara Longevity Thalassa & Medical Spa & Westchase Medspa.

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The 5 best day spas in Las Vegas

Looking to try the top day spas for your next visit to Las Vegas?

Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top day spas in Las Vegas, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list of the best spots to venture next time you’re in the market for day spas.

1. The Spa at Lakeside 2.0

Topping the list is The Spa at Lakeside 2.0. Located at 2620 Regatta Drive, Suite 112, in Desert Shores, it is the highest-rated day spa in Las Vegas, boasting five stars out of 231 reviews on Yelp.

2. Square Colour Salon + Spa

Next up is Square Colour Salon + Spa, situated at 1225 S. Fort Apache Road, Suite 160. With 4.5 stars out of 202 reviews on Yelp, it has proven to be a local favorite.

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Comparing Neurotoxin Injections: A Guide To Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau, and Xeomin

Wrinkle-smoothing botulinum toxin type A injections are the most common non-invasive aesthetic procedure in the U.S. And, while they are colloquially called “Botox,” there are actually four different BoNT-A injectables FDA-approved for cosmetic use.

Just as brands like Band-Aid have become synonymous with adhesive bandages, Kleenex with tissues, and Wite-Out with correction fluid, “Botox” has been the colloquial term for botulinum toxin type A (BoNT-A) injections since it was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the temporary improvement of moderate to severe glabellar lines (i.e. the frown lines between the eyebrows) in April 2002.

But Allergan’s wrinkle smoother isn’t the only BoNT-A injection in town. There is a quartet of cosmetic neurotoxins on the market — Botox®, Dysport®, Jeuveau®, and Xeomin® — that each contain the same active ingredient (BoNT-A) and is FDA approved to treat the same aesthetic concerns.

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Record Growth Reported in 20th Anniversary of the ISPA U.S. Spa Industry Study

LEXINGTON, Ky., Oct. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The International SPA Association has released the full findings of the ISPA U.S. Spa Industry Study, marking the twentieth anniversary of this invaluable industry research initiative.  PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) was commissioned by the ISPA Foundation to conduct this study which surveyed over 2,000 spa professionals in the United States.

The annual study highlighted the continued growth in all key-performance metrics, with a record high $18.3 billion reported in revenue. In addition, spa openings out-paced spa closures by a margin of 400, bringing the number of spa locations to a new high of 22,160.  Furthermore, revenue per visit saw a three percent increase to $96.50 per visit, the highest reported since beginning the study.

“We are thrilled to report that 2018 marks nine consecutive years of growth with a record high of $18.3 billion in revenue,” said ISPA President Lynne McNees. “The continued growth in all key metrics proves once again what a thriving market the spa industry is, perfect for anyone looking to enter a successful career path.”

As the industry continues to grow, spa properties are learning they need to adapt and evolve with their staffing needs. The study found that one in four spas had increased staffing levels in the last six months compared to the same period in the previous year. Additionally, spas reported that they undertook activities to enhance their spas capacities with fifty-seven percent mentioning new employee training opportunities with a similar proportion (55%) quoting new or revised standard operating procedures.

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Discover the Ultimate Wellness Retreat at Le Blanc Spa Resort Cancun

If you’re looking for a luxurious beach retreat where you can de-stress and restore your sense of physical, mental and emotional balance, look no further than Le Blanc Spa Resort Cancun.

With a world-class spa, butler service and fine international dining, Le Blanc offers adults a high-end, all-inclusive sanctuary, situated on an idyllic beachfront in glorious Cancun, Mexico.



You’ll be handed a refreshing welcome beverage upon arrival, and you’ll select from an in-room aromatherapy menu following your check-in. Plan to make use of your in-room double whirlpool tub and decadent Bvlgari-brand bath products—and perhaps take advantage of the wellness TV channel, where you’ll find on-demand yoga or mindfulness sessions.

Besides all-inclusive butler service, there’s also a dedicated Wellness Concierge who stands ready to help coordinate your personal wellness program while you’re on property, including any spa, exercise or outdoor activities.

The star of Le Blanc’s wellness offerings is the award-winning Blanc Spa, which features nineteen treatment suites, relaxation areas and a water-therapy circuit. Blanc Spa focuses on incorporating the latest wellness-industry innovations into its time-honored, specialty spa treatments to create the most indulgent spa experiences imaginable.

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SPA Names Kerry Kelley as Company Lead in Omaha

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Sept. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc., (SPA) has named Kerry E. Kelley as the company’s senior representative in Omaha, NE.  Ms. Kelley will be responsible for providing modeling, simulation and analysis support to United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) and will be the conduit between SPA and the Department of Defense and other clients in Omaha. 

A retired member of the Senior Executive Service (SES), Ms. Kelley brings broad experience in strategic deterrence, nuclear, space and cyberspace.  During her more than 30-year career, she developed skills in strategic planning, policy development, financial planning and management, contract development and oversight, and operational risk management.  Most recently, as the Director of Command, Control, Communications and Computers (C4) Systems, Chief Information Officer and Director of the Joint Cyber Center at USSTRATCOM, she was responsible for: providing and assuring global-integrated C4 systems capabilities for the full spectrum of assigned missions; strategic planning, development, budgeting and implementation of the USSTRATCOM enterprise information environment; and the operations and defense of the information environment for USSTRATCOM Headquarters.

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I Got A HydraFacial And It Completely Transformed My Skin

The beauty world has a never-ending choice of weird and wonderful skin care treatments, all with the collective aim of redefining, restoring and refreshing the body – leaving us feeling fresh and new. In that selection of wonderful treatments lies the HydraFacial, a facial treatment that is performed every 15 seconds around the world. I know! 

The high-tech facial, which is the latest treatment innovation sweeping the skincare clinics, can treat all manners of skin concerns and is quickly becoming one of the most popular non-invasive treatments on the market. Given this, we had to put it to the test at Sydney’s The Clinic

For those unfamiliar, the HydraFacial is essentially a peel, microdermabrasion, and hydrating mask in one. But unlike the facials a specialist would usually perform by hand, it’s done using a medical-grade device that pulls debris out of your pores, while also moisturising and exfoliating. “The HydraFacial is a medical-grade skin resurfacing treatment suitable for all skin types,” says Kaye Scott, co-founder of The Clinic. “It combines a deep clean and exfoliation, extractions and a hydrating, antioxidant rejuvenation for instantly brighter, cleaner and clearer skin.” 

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The State Of New Age Music In The Always-On ‘Wellness’ Era

About seven or eight years ago, a couple of people in upstate New York decided to host a sound bath – generally, an event where attendees lay on the ground as instrumentalists play soothing tones that “wash” over and relax them – with some gongs they had bought online, though they were untrained in the techniques of sound healing and/or gong work. It just so happened that two luminaries of this approach, the zither wizard and New Age sage Laraaji and sound healer and reiki practitioner Arji Oceananda, had attended the session at the invitation of the owners of the yoga studio where it was held. And after 20 minutes the pair left, nerves jangled by their hosts’ untrained playing.

After the class had emptied out into a nearby tea shop, Laraaji and Oceananda overheard some fellow attendees talking about how they were “still buzzing,” Oceananda recalls. It sounded like they were using the description as a positive, but such an active sensation was the opposite of the blissed-out calm they were supposed to feel, and that could have had deleterious effects on people’s nervous systems. “Of course, anyone has the right to own any of those instruments, and it’s a wonderful thing to have your own bowls, tuning forks, drums and gongs,” says Oceananda. “But to then call oneself a ‘sound healer’ just because you own these instruments can really undermine the integrity of the legitimate practice of sound healing.”

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5 Trends That Will Take Your Spa/Salon from Basic to Bustling

Every woman deserves a great salon, and salons who embrace the latest trends can help their salons grow in 2020. FounderMade helps get the most innovative and inspiring brands to the place they belong—in the hands of consumers who want them. It helps new brands scale their business and launch their innovations by introducing them to interested retailers.

These five beauty brands featured at the upcomingFounderMade West Discovery Show (which will be held in Santa Monica October 16) are driving trends that you should know about:

Make the Most of Flower Power and CBDPiper Jaffray estimates that the beauty segment will be a “major beneficiary” of the CBD market’s $50-100B long-term opportunity. Make your beauty salon on-trend with Bota plant-powered CBD skincare and supplements. These products combine an assortment of hand-selected natural botanicals with the power of cannabidiol (CBD) for plant-powered skincare that hydrates, calms, covers and renews.

Men’s Skincare Breaks the Mold: It’s time for a men’s skincare revolution and Rugged & Dapper is how we do it. With their no-nonsense skincare line, R&D is helping men start and end their day looking and feeling good. From moisturizer to cleanser to beard oil, their ingredient-first approach is key. Co-Founder, Janine Labaqui, “truly believes life should be real and simple and that belief is carried through every aspect of the business.”

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Crystal Mountain promotes Stephanie Scott to VP of Retail & Wellness Services

THOMPSONVILLE, MI – Crystal Mountain is pleased to announce that Stephanie Scott has been named the resort’s Vice President of Retail and Wellness Services.

As part of this new executive role, Scott will oversee the design, development and execution of digital and on-site retail strategy, promotion and customer experience which includes the resort’s Kinlochen, Peak Boutique and Park at Water’s Edge shops as well as soft goods within the Mountain Market. She continues her leadership role at Crystal Spa where she has spent nearly a decade. Under her guidance, the spa has been ranked the highest in Michigan by Spas of America and No. 22 on its most recent national Top 100 list. 

“The guest experience that Stephanie has helped create at Crystal Spa has made it a vibrant part of our business in all four seasons,” said Chris MacInnes, president of Crystal Mountain. “We know that she will do the same for the shopping experience at Crystal.”

Stephanie joined Crystal Mountain in 2010 as the Spa Sales Manager and was promoted to Spa Manager a year later before being named Director of Spa and Wellness in 2013. In 2016, management of the Four Seasons Club, the resort’s premier members program, was added to her responsibilities. During her tenure spa services have grown 45%, spa retail sales have more than tripled and Four Seasons Club membership has grown 32%.

A graduate of Northern Michigan University, Stephanie is also active in the community serving on the Frankfort School Board, Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital Community Health Committee and the Frankfort-Elberta Education Foundation. She resides in Frankfort with her husband and daughter and in her spare time enjoys the beach, traveling, and all the outdoor activity northern Michigan (and Crystal Mountain) has to offer.

Established in 1956, Crystal Mountain is a family-owned, four-season resort destination located 28 miles southwest of Traverse City and a short drive from Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. The resort features lodging, dining, downhill and cross-country skiing, two championship golf courses, shopping, award-winning Crystal Spa, Michigan’s only alpine slide, the Park at Water’s Edge, Michigan Legacy Art Park, weddings and a conference center.

Introducing: SKIN UP

Raise your hand if you take your makeup off at 3 p.m. to properly care for your skin. No hands? That’s because we’ve never been able to do it without disrupting our makeup. Until now. SKIN UP + Italian Hydrating Elixirs fill the “vuoto cosmetico” (the “cosmetic void” between AM & PM skincare) for radiantly hydrated skin – anytime, anywhere – while extending the wear and luminosity of makeup.

Rianna Riego LLC Launches to Bring WELLness Within Reach

Rianna Riego, experienced brand, wellness and spa executive recently associated with the successful repositioning of wellness resorts in California and Arizona, launched a new  communications, wellness and spa resource company, Rianna Riego LLC (dba RIANNA) aimed to provide a 360-degree approach for companies, organizations and individuals desiring to be relevant in today’s wellness paradigm.

Rianna Riego, known to most of the spa and wellness industry as RIANNA, is fulfilling her life’s passion to bring wellness within reach of everyone.  Drawing from decades of corporate, development and operational experience from having successfully opened and operated several spas and wellness resorts, Rianna is excited to create a resource designed to support partners in their growth and help them remain relevant in the ever-changing ‘wellness’ landscape.

“Every step I have taken in my career, intentional or otherwise, has prepared me to provide my partners with the benefit of hands-on experience from creating a vision, to execution and telling the story with a unique brand of authenticity and transparency.  I look forward to partnering with professionals who desire to promote wellness through their philosophy and practices.”

Rianna started her career in the Philippines as the Public Relations Director for Manila Hilton International.  She established her reputation in the spa industry from opening spas and working in a corporate role for Marriott International and KSL Resorts.  A self-motivated hands-on visionary and leader, Rianna was voted by her peers as ‘Favorite Spa Consultant’ in American Spa Magazine from 2011-2013 when she operated her own spa consulting firm, Global SpaVantage.  Rianna also played a major role in creating the ‘sustainable wellness’ category while rebranding and converting the iconic Two Bunch Palms Spa Resort, a 75-year old hot mineral springs resort into the first carbon neutral resort in North America.  In 2017, Rianna was one of the founders who created and developed Civana, an affordable wellness resort and the first of its kind.

With her experience of development in American Spa culture, Rianna is recognized in the industry for her spa organization, ability to streamline operations, increase profit margins, her passion to create and maintain high service standards, and an ability to influence and develop future leaders of the industry.  As a proven executive and influencer in the industry, she is able to successfully communicate and represent the essence of the brand with media and the community.

Peter Smith, retired Chief Operating Officer at Canyon Ranch who mentored Rianna as a former board member of Civana: “Rianna is one of the genuinely true leaders in the spa spa/wellness industry.  Her accomplishments with numerous brands are widely recognized as is her creative talent which results in memorable experiences for guests and financial returns for ownership.  She is the ideal wellness resource.”

Contact: Rianna Riego


Spa Market Rising Trend and Growing Demand 2019-2025

The worldwide Spa Market is anticipated to develop upto US$ 58.3 billion at the CAGR of 4.30% during the conjecture time frame 2019 to 2025. Expanding the emphasis on well being and magnificence and rising use on extravagances is the significant drivers of the market. With the developing interest for well being and health cognizant among shoppers which will in general drive the worldwide spa advertise. It has turned into an elective pattern for lone wolfesses for unwinding and avoid the chaotic way of life.

The report presents the market competitive landscape and a corresponding detailed analysis of the major vendor/key players in the market. Top Companies in the Global Spa Market:

Hot Springs Resort & Spa, Lanserhof, Marriott International, Massage Envy Franchising, Rancho La Puerta, Aspira Spa, Canyon Ranch, Cal-a-Vie Health Spa, Clinique La Prairie, Kempinski Hotels, The Mineral Spa, The Clarins group, Reflections Medical Spa, Woodhouse Day Spa, Young Medical Spa.

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The 5 best massage spots in Santa Ana

Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top massage spots around Santa Ana, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list of where to venture next time you’re in the market for massage.

1. Montanya Spa

Topping the list is Montanya Spa, situated at 120 W. 20th St. With 4.5 stars out of 104 reviews on Yelp, the day spa, massage and skin care spot has proven to be a local favorite.

3. Green Massage

Next up is Green Massage, located at 3748 S. Bristol, with Yelpers giving the massage spot four stars out of 117 reviews.

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Spa setting. Towel, spring flowers and sea salt on rustic background


Welcome Email – Our very first deliverable is to send an email on your behalf announcing our partnership in our market. It is your messaging we will deliver to our entire membership, through our blog, news and social network

Customized Landing Page – Every one of our sponsors receives an individual web page with your “About” information, pertinent images, and exclusive special with clickable link if you choose. We also use these pages in our outbound marketing campaigns

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Strategy Conversation – Every year we hear how our sponsors think this deliverable is worth the “price of admission.” If you had to hire a expert consultant in our trade to strategize on marketing, trends, and best practice in our industry, you could spend up to $25,000 a day. This strategy conversation deliverable is included in your program


Allan Speak – Our Executive Director Allan Share has 30 years in the wellness industry and a very large following. Send him an email ( on any subject related to your company. We utilize Allan’s “voice” to share that information across our blog post, social media and more

Sales Training – With staff experience, we have close to 100 years of spa, salon and industry experience for you to draw from. Need expertise in sales, marketing, retail and more? Ask us about speaking to your staff in any of these areas

Personal Introductions, Key Decision Makers – Let us help open new doors and re-introduce you to those facilities you may not be connecting with. This is a unique program and we help act like a “rainmaker” to open doors for your sales efforts


Mail List Use – Yes, this is snail mail and in today’s market, it is stronger than ever. We have a CASS certified mailing list, which can be segmented by spa/salon, esthetic, skincare, massage, resort, destination and many more

Email List Use – Our core email list is made up of owners and operators, managers and decision makers. It may be segmented any number of ways and our experience with email on behalf of our vendors is useful in gaining brand exposure, boosting promotions and adding to your customer base

Hot Products – During the sponsorship year, we will ask you for a unique product offering, a bit of blurb, a live link and we will showcase those items in a compiled email to our membership

Get to Know our Sponsors – We hear so often “I’d like more information on (skin care, equipment, retail line) and our “know your sponsor” program is a lead generator. We will showcase your item(s) with your information and a form for prospects to fill out. These leads will be forwarded to you

Meet the Team – Pick two team members and we will send a list of questions pertaining to them personally and your company. We will take this information with a head shot and share it with the industry. Our channel is network friendly and all about relationship building

Blog – We have a very active blog. You can blog with us multiple times per month. We have sponsors say “this can be a more successful format in today’s digital world than sending emails”

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Social Media – We operate in Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn groups, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. We have a format for sharing your information to help spread the word

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Spa PR – You are our best client and we know you have “best clients” who deserve more PR. This deliverable has two benefits; you get to select some of your best clients, we will gather their “showcase” information and we’ll utilize our reach through our website and social media to help the client gain visibility, industry branding and potentially more clients.  In addition, we include how your products are featured in their facility

Homepage Feature – There are several branding and “shout out” areas on our homepage. These include current news, blog post, new product features, education, celebrity clients and various branding opportunities

Sponsor Deliverable Form – Periodically we will ask you to fill out an email form with pertinent information we can use to promote your products. This may be new products, reintroductions of products, new staff, almost anything you would like us to promote

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Database Building – During the course of your sponsorship, we will help add names to your database. We let our members know through our opt-in system, that we share their data with our sponsors


Un-Boxing – These videos show how a box of your product is delivered to their door. We will ask you for a hero product to be shipped to our office the way you would to your clients. A video is shot showing the box being opened, your enclosures, a bit about the product and how to reach you. This experiential walk through receiving your products, always have a ton of views

Wellness Minute – Video presentation talking about  a wide range of subject matter. We do these short and sweet and cover education, training and meet the person

Meet the Speaker – You attend many shows during the year and have your best educators and staff speaking. We do multiple emails during the year where we highlight your speaker, the content, contact information and their picture


Team Member Sourcing – People are constantly on the move in our industry, they take new jobs, they back to old jobs, they are promoted in companies. We are “in the know” with many people on the move and are always happy to help you in your search. If you’re looking to hire, we just may be able to help. Check out, its free!

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Press Release, Current News – Send us any of your PR or current news on you, your staff, your company. We have close to 200 industry movers and shakers we can share it with. We will also post your news on our homepage in the Current News section

Event, Trade Show Support – Not only will you be listed on our Calendar of Events, we support our sponsors at tradeshows with marketing initiatives. If we are attending a trade show you are as well, our team is happy to help make introductions and utilize opportunities to drive traffic to your booth

Wichita’s top 5 day spas, ranked

Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top day spas in Wichita, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list of the best spots to venture next time you’re in the market for day spas.

1. Fresh Spa Market

Topping the list is Fresh Spa Market, located at 411 N. Woodlawn in Courtland. The day spa, massage spot and nail salon is the highest-rated day spa in Wichita, boasting 4.5 stars out of 21 reviews on Yelp.

2. Beau Monde Spa and Boutique

Next up is Beau Monde Spa and Boutique, situated at 2939 N. Rock Road. With 4.5 stars out of 12 reviews on Yelp, the day spa and massage and skincare spot has proven to be a local favorite.

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Treat yourself at Cincinnati’s 3 priciest day spas

Wondering where to find the best day spas near you?

Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the best high-end day spas in Cincinnati, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list of where to venture next time you’re on the hunt.

1. Christopher Marcus at The Madison

Topping the list is Christopher Marcus at The Madison. Located at 2324 Madison Road, Unit 1 in Hyde Park, the day spa and hair salon is the highest-rated high-end day spa in Cincinnati, boasting five stars out of 18 reviews on Yelp. The spot also offers facials, acid peels, manicures, pedicures and massages. 

2. Tanya’s Image & Wellness Salon

Next, Hyde Park’s Tanya’s Image & Wellness Salon, located at 2716 Erie Ave., is another top choice, with Yelpers giving the fancy day spa four stars out of 30 reviews. Schedule an appointment for a haircut, color or a massage.

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The Best Treatments and Products to Lift and Smooth Your Neck

As we all know, there’s often a clear demarcation between the rate at which the face is aging versus the skin below the jaw. Why? The skin on the neck is thinner, and subject to constant muscle movement. This is compounded by the fact that, as Manhattan dermatologist Robert Anolik MD, points out: “Most women are good about applying sunscreen to their faces, but they tend to stop at the chin.”

There’s also the modern phenomenon of “tech neck” (yes, it’s real)—dermatologists and facialists report seeing fine lines on increasingly younger clients, while those on the older end of the spectrum are also contending with sun damage, loss of elasticity, and the general sag that gravity inflicts over time.

So while we may have our complexions in a glowing top form well past the age our mothers did, our necks can still be a dead giveaway. Thankfully, there’s now a whole host of hi-tech topical rejuvenators and as well as injectable strategies to lift and smooth the delicate neck area—and even prevent it from getting crinkly in the first place.

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Best in the World winners: Beauty & Wellness businesses

See who won everything from cosmetic surgery center to tanning in this year’s Best in the World contest, where readers vote on their favorite businesses in Tulsa: 

Here are the winners and finalists in the Beauty & Wellness categories.


Winner: Got Knots

Got Knots specializes in therapeutic massage. Owner Adriana Ouellette’s goal is to make her clients feel better and live a healthier, better quality life.

Finalists: Dawn Aesthetics and Wellness; Refreshing Massage & Day SpaJoseph Rushmore/For the Tulsa World

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The Ultimate Wellness And Beauty Spots In New York City

Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown opened in September 2016 in the heart of Tribeca. The area definitely got back its past glory. Thanks to Silverstein Properties and Robert A.M Stern who promised to restore Downtown. Today the area ranks first again for business and visitors.

The hotel occupies 24 floors of 30 Park Place, the iconic 82-storey tower designed by Robert A.M. Stern. Sharing a city block with the Woolworth Building, Cass Gilbert’s iconic 1913 skyscraper, 30 Park Place’s tower rises out of a limestone base to a dramatic skyline.

View over the Oculus, The World Trade Center Tower, the hotel is an urban oasis. It is so remarkable. The hotel features 189 guest rooms including 28 suites, CUT – the first New York restaurant bar by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck and an incredible spa. Studio designer Yabu Pushelberg has completed the home interior using dark wood in the public spaces and soft colors in the guest rooms. Walk into the hotel through the giant glass doors at 27 Barclay Street and you will immediately feel at home. It is hard not to love this place!

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Medical Spa – Growing Popularity and Emerging Trends in the Market

Global Medical Spa Market Size, Status and Forecast 2019-2025 is latest research study released by HTF MI evaluating the market, highlighting opportunities, risk side analysis, and leveraged with strategic and tactical decision-making support. The influencing Factors of the report is growth of this market include authorized regulations with respect to the usage of the information, availability of highly reliable products in the market, and increase in operational efficiency of .The study provides information on market trends and development, drivers, capacities, technologies, and on the changing dynamics of Global Medical Spa Market . As per study key players of this market are Allure Medspa, Biovital Medspa, Canyon Ranch, Inc., Chiva Som, Clinique La Prairie, Hyatt Corporation, Sciton, Inc., True Skin Care Center, Vilalara Longevity Thalassa & Medical Spa & Westchase Medspa.

In 2018, the global Medical Spa market size was xx million US$ and it is expected to reach xx million US$ by the end of 2025, with a CAGR of xx% during 2019-2025.

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The rise of wellness resorts: how millennials are embracing holistic luxury getaways

Today’s travelers are not just looking for experiences – they are looking for transformational experiences that are so powerful they affect the rest of their lives. It is these extremely high expectations that Alejandro Bataller, vice-president of Sha Wellness Clinic, says he is catering to in this chic property on Spain’s east coast. Sha is one of a growing number of medical wellness resorts around the world that blur the line between a clinic and a hotel.

“These old definitions no longer apply; at Sha you can achieve the results you expect from a top wellness clinic while feeling you’re in a luxury holiday resort,” he says. “Years ago the ‘wellness consumer’ was perceived as someone with a lot of free time. Today, this has completely changed. Most wellness consumers are decision-makers. Our audience has very limited time – and time has become much more valuable than money. We don’t want our guests to have to decide between dedicating time to their health or pleasure anymore.”

The idea of wellness holidays used to bring to mind spa retreats with yoga programmes, but resorts around the world are now bridging health and leisure in ways that are more scientific and medically inclined than ever – at no sacrifice to luxury and leisure.

The newer the hotel or programme, the more medical its approach tends to be. One of the pioneers in the business, The Farm at San Benito, for example, takes a softer route that is nevertheless still a step up from a spa resort. The retreat is set in lush green jungle in the Philippines and features 33 suites and villas, along with an award-winning spa and wellness centre offering programmes for revitalisation, stress reduction, pain management and non-invasive alternatives to cosmetic surgery.

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Spa Market report covers myriad of aspects of the marketing research that several businesses necessitate marketing research provides you clear plan concerning the merchandise consumption supported many factors that features however aren’t restricted to sort, application, readying model, user and realm. Be it concerning considering public demands, capability and also the constant growth of the operating trade, concerning high information protection services. Spa research report provides purchasers with the supreme level of market information and data that is restricted to their niche and their business Opportunities.

The objective of Spa report is to stipulate, segment, and project the market on the concept of product varieties, application, and region, and to elucidate the factors regarding the factors influencing Spa market dynamics, policies, economics, and latest technology.

Download and Get a Sample of Spa Market Report:

Spa Market Research Methodology :

This study estimates the scale of the Spa marketplace for 2019 and comes to its growth by 2028. It provides an in-depth qualitative and quantitative chemical analysis of the Spa market. Primary sources, like specialists from connected industries and suppliers of Spa, were interviewed to get and verify essential info and assess prospects of the Spa market.

Key players at intervals the Spa market are famous through secondary analysis, and their market shares are determined through primary and secondary analysis. All activity shares, splits, and breakdowns are resolute exploitation secondary sources and verified primary sources. The Spa Market report begins with a basic outline of the trade lifecycle, definitions, classifications, applications, and trade chain structure and each one these on will facilitate leading players understand scope of the Market, what characteristics it offers and therefore the manner it’ll fulfill customer’s wants. Key Players of Spa: Massage Envy Franchising LLC, Emirates Palace, Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas, Four Seasons Hotels Limited, Harrison Hot Springs Resort Inc, Planet Beach Franchising Corporation, Marriott International Inc, Rancho La Puerta Inc, Regis Hotels & Resorts Inc, Gesundheitszentrum Lanserhof Kurhotel Gesellschaft M.B.H. 

Geographical Divisions:

The geographical division offers data that gives you an idea of the revenue of the global companies and sales figures of the growth Spa Market. Here are highlights of the Geographical divisions: North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa.

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Imagineer-designed spa coming soon to Disney’s Grand Californian

An all-new spa is coming soon to the Disneyland Resort, and it’s designed by Walt Disney Imagineering.

Earlier this year, Mandara Spa at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa — the most luxurious hotel at Disneyland Resort — closed to make way for an all-new experience at the hotel. And now, Disney has announced that Tenaya Stone Spa is coming soon!

Here’s how Disney officially describes the all-new spa coming this spring:

Inspired by the spirit of nature and Californian heritage, this full-service spa will be a rejuvenating retreat. Here, you can choose from an array of body treatments, facials, massage and salon services, all performed in a serene setting, sure to relax, revitalize and invigorate the senses.

In some indigenous cultures, Tenaya can mean “to dream.” For modern-day travelers seeking a respite to dream and recharge, it is only when we relax that we can regain balance within ourselves. 

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More than 2,000 attend the 29th annual ISPA Conference & Expo

A crowd of over 2,200 spa community members came together 11-13 September for the 29th annual ISPA Conference & Expo, which took place at The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, US.

This annual event hosts spa industry leaders from around the world as they attend keynote presentations, educational sessions and an expo floor featuring the latest spa industry products.

“We are grateful to our dedicated members and generous sponsors who helped make this year a success,” said ISPA president Lynne McNees. “This year’s ISPA Conference & Expo challenged our attendees to evolve in all aspects of their professional and personal lives, and we look forward to seeing the innovations that are created from this year’s event.”

The conference drew attendees from 32 countries around the world, and 220 companies exhibited on the expo floor.

Playing off this year’s theme of “Evolve”, attendees experienced keynote presentations from introvert expert Susan Cain, best-selling author Marcus Buckingham and philanthropist and CEO of Not Impossible Mick Ebeling. On the closing day of the event, the 2019 ISPA Alex Szekely Humanitarian Award, named in honour of the late spa pioneer Alex Szekely, was presented to Mick Ebeling to honour his philanthropic work.

Ebeling founded Not Impossible, a social innovation lab and production company, on the premise that nothing is impossible. His mantra of “commit, then figure it out” allows him to convene a disparate team of hackers, doers, makers and thinkers to create devices that better the world by bringing accessibility for all.

Additionally, Bryan Williams, long time speaker for ISPA, accepted the 2019 ISPA Dedicated Contributor Award; Jeremy McCarthy, group director of spa & wellness at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, was honoured with the 2019 ISPA Visionary Award; Quincy Reynolds, senior at the University of Houston, won the 2019 ISPA Foundation Mary Tabacchi Scholarship; and the Noel Asmar Group won the ISPA Innovate of the Year Award.

ISPA will celebrate its 30th anniversary at the 2020 ISPA Conference & Expo, held at Gaylord National in National Harbor, Maryland, US, from 14-16 October 2020.


Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya led by Denis Thouvard (Centre left) Area General Manager, Chuenkamon Leechutiwat (Centre right) Spa Manager along with management appreciated World Luxury Spa Awards who has named Spa Cenvaree, Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya as the Luxury Beach Resort Spa – Global Winner in the highly competitive 2019 World Luxury Spa Awards

SPA Cenvaree is located within its own village on the edge of the jungled water park at Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya, offers guests a complete wellness solution in an atmosphere of secluded luxury.The spa offers a full service menu of treatments and spa journeys that goes beyond the usual trappings of a city spa, with therapists on hand to design a personal approach that takes into account all aspects of the individual’s current health, fitness level and lifestyle. Spa facilities include 24 treatment rooms, a luxurious couple suite with Jacuzzi, and herbal steam room. Along with the individual and couple treatments and journeys, there are multi-day retreat packages and packages for brides and grooms before their marriage ceremony.

About The World Luxury Spa Awards

The World Luxury Spa Established in 2010, the World Luxury Spa Awards is the pinnacle of achievement in the luxury spa industry offering international recognition as voted for by guests, travelers and industry players alike. Over 250,000 international travelers vote each year during a four-week period to select the winners. Luxury spas have the opportunity to participate in the World Luxury Spa Awards by entering categories that showcase their unique selling points, destinations and facilities.

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6 Reasons You Need A Day At The Spa

Taking a spa day is often encouraged, not just because of its relaxation benefits, but also because there are several skin and health benefits which often apply. A spa experience combines aesthetic treatments with relaxation therapy, allowing you reap numerous health benefits.

Spending a day at a spa and enjoying these benefits might be the morale booster and stress relief therapy you need to get on with work.

Here are six reasons you need a spa day:

Improved Blood Flow and Circulation: Making a spa date for yourself has quite a number of benefits which you shouldn’t miss out on. One is such is that a massage stimulates blood flow increasing circulation in the same way it also regulates one’s blood pressure. This is helpful to your health and helps your body with fighting off illnesses and diseases. Spas offer services ranging from heat therapy; hydrotherapy and massage vastly speed upcirculation and reduce blood pressure.

Increased Productivity: There is something about taking the day off to relax that leave you feeling brand new. Looking good and in turn feeling good not only benefits your mood but also increases your productivity level. For instance, a fresh set of beautifully painted nails can be a reminder that your life is in order-a feeling you can also transfer to carrying out your day-to-day activities. Taking out a day to pamper yourself might just be the incentive you need to do more when performing your functions.

Detoxification: One added advantage to taking a spa day is that you have a whole day to detoxify. Spa treatments often include a combination of deep cleansing, massages and moisturisation. Body treatments, facials and scrubs not only remove impurities, but they also help soften the skin. The steam in a sauna/steam rooms helps you sweat out toxins, a massage helps your lymphatic system flush out toxins from your body. Detoxification purifies your body, building your immune system, leading to a healthy life.

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A new market intelligence report titled “Global Health And Wellness Market” has been added to the repository of The Research Insights. The comprehensive assessment of the current trends restrains and futuristic opportunities, which are anticipated to provide lucrative avenues for market proliferation.

Health and wellness concerns and spreading access to dietary and nutritional information have made global consumers increasingly conscious of what they eat and drink. The Healthy Star Rating System presented during the review period constant to influence sales and help consumers make healthier choices, with product reformulations and packaging updates increasingly incorporating health and wellness attributes.

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CBD Use in Resort Spa Hotel is Soaring: Some Notable and Desired Factors Why

The International Spa Association’s (ISPA) 2019 industry study finds that 18 percent of spas have included cannabidiol (CBD) in their services reports SmartBrief. In terms of spas found at resort hotels, 33 percent have since included the cannabinoid, not to forget the number sitting at 16 percent for day spas.

The statistics have also been broken down in terms of regions, with Southwest taking the lead (42 percent) followed by the North (3 percent) and South (3 percent). Given CBD’s numerous properties, including its ability to induce calmness in consumers, ridding one of inflammation and pain and potentially achieving an overall balance in one’s emotional health, said inclusion is only natural.

That said, the spa industry considers a number of factors before including its likes. Here’s what has been shared thus far:

Details from Origin to Manufacturing is Crucial!

According to the Spa Director of Ojai Valley Inn, in California, Kaye Morrison, the decision to include CBD entails assessing the source of hemp. In particular, she expressed interest in “how it was grown, how it was harvested,” among others.

Spa Specialists Need to be Well-Educated

Obviously, with a component like CBD, especially when it starts popping up everywhere you go, induces one’s curiosity. When consumers at a spa seek for answers, spa specialists need to ensure that they are aware of its uses, possible effects and any other important information prior to recommending a service. This is a similar sentiment that has been previously expressed by ISPA’s Jamison Stoike.

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Kenya to introduce Standards to grow spas tourism

Tourism and Wildlife Cabinet Secretary, Najib Balala, the Tourism Regulatory Authority (TRA) to develop standards and certifications on spa and wellness in Kenya.

Speaking when he met Spa & Wellness Association of Africa (SWAA) in Mombasa, Balala said time is ripe for such standards to conform to global standards while taking into consideration Kenya’s social and cultural fabric.

He said the standards would greatly benefit from the introduction of a curriculum with training in the industry through the Kenya Utalii College.

“I believe there is potential in this kind of tourism and that is why I am urging both TRA and SWAA to work together for the formulation and implementation of a series of standards and certifications to help enhance the offering to travelers and tourists,” he said.

Kenya is currently ranked fifth in Africa behind Mauritius, South Africa, Tunisia and Morocco in the spa and wellness industry.

Balala said there is potential great potential in Kenya for the business given that the global wellness industry is valued upwards of $4 trillion (Sh412 trillion).

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Plan a Staycation During Fort Lauderdale’s Spa and Restaurant Month

The threat of hurricanes aside, locals love this time of year in South Florida for two reasons: The snowbirds have yet to arrive and fill the roads and restaurants, and you can score major deals at the area’s best establishments.

Greater Fort Lauderdale Restaurant and Spa Month both run through the end of September, meaning that there’s no better time to plan a staycation—or even a day trip—to our neighbor in the south. Sweetening the deal, most hotels slash prices during the fall, and Brightline’s frequent trips eliminate the stressful drive down I-95.

Spend the day getting pampered at one of Fort Lauderdale’s premier spas, many which boast ocean views and pool access. Our pick? The Spa at Auberge Beach, located inside the Auberge Beach Residences, a new luxury condominium building from the Auberge Resorts Collection situated right on the beach. Its location informs the spa’s three guiding elements: sea, salt, and sound, infused everywhere from the treatments to the organic design and decor, washed in whites and beiges to maximize the soothing factor. For the best of all worlds, we recommend the Vitality Package, a combination of a 50-minute massage and a 50-minute custom organic facial for $185. Afterward, grab a glass of complimentary prosecco and enjoy the spa’s amenities, such as the sound meditation lounge, infrared sauna, salt cave, and of course, beach access.

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CBD use at spas reaching new heights

As awareness of the perceived benefits of cannabidiol rises in the US, more spas are adding treatments and offering products that incorporate CBD.

In the 2019 ISPA US Spa Industry Study due out later this month, the International Spa Association will report that 18% of spas featured CBD last year. One-third of spas at resort hotels include the products in treatments, while only 16% of day spas featured CBD products.

ISPA found regional differences as well. In the Southwest, where such products have been available longer, 42% of spas incorporate CBD, while the rate in the North and South was only 3%.

Interestingly, ISPA’s July Snapshot Survey found that 41% of respondents have added CBD for treatments, retail product sales or both. The survey, though it has a smaller sample size than the annual study, points to the rapid rate at which CBD use is growing.

Spas are focused on a number of things as they incorporate the products, especially the purity and efficacy of the compounds and education of both therapists and clients.

“I’m more interested in how it was grown, how it was harvested, how the workforce is treated by the company and how the land is treated,” Kate Morrison, spa director at Ojai Valley Inn in Ojai, Calif., told Hemp Industry Daily.

ISPA’s Jamison Stoike wrote recently of his first CBD treatment and took notice of how knowledgeable his therapist was, “which is particularly important for a product that arouses as many questions as CBD.”

Sundara Inn & Spa in Wisconsin Dells, Wis., has found CBD Oil Massage to be so popular that its menu has been expanded to include Lavender Lemongrass CBD manicures, pedicures and body treatments. “Therapists are enthusiastic about the results and guests appreciate the soothing benefits,” said Carla Minsky, a spokeswoman for the facility.

Meanwhile, the spa at La Quinta Resort & Club in Palm Springs, Calif., has added the VYBES Calm & Balance CBD Massage. “The treatment begins with a five-flavor flight of VYBES followed by a full body massage with therapeutic grade CBD oil and a full pour of spa-goers favorite VYBES flavor after the service,” spa spokesperson Taylor Thompson noted.

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Increasing Opportunities In Medical Spa Market: Find Out Essential Strategies To expand The Business

Latest trending report on Medical Spa Market

The market research report on the global Medical Spa industry provides a comprehensive study of the various techniques and materials used in the production of Medical Spa market products. Starting from industry chain analysis to cost structure analysis, the report analyzes multiple aspects, including the production and end-use segments of the Medical Spa market products. The latest trends in the pharmaceutical industry have been detailed in the report to measure their impact on the production of Medical Spa market products.

Results of the recent scientific undertakings towards the development of new Medical Spa products have been studied. Nevertheless, the factors affecting the leading industry players to adopt synthetic sourcing of the market products have also been studied in this statistical surveying report. The conclusions provided in this report are of great value for the leading industry players. Every organization partaking in the global production of the Medical Spa market products have been mentioned in this report, in order to study the insights on cost-effective manufacturing methods, competitive landscape, and new avenues for applications.

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The 6 Best Spas in Miami

When you’re surrounded by some of the best spas in the world, you have every excuse to book a treatment every now and then. (Is once a week excessive?) That’s why we’re dishing on the most blissful of them all, complete with everything from cocktail facials to crystal healing to Turkish baths.


Rooftop spa, anyone? At the Delano, this 3,500-square-foot private oasis is open to both hotel guests and locals, offering a variety of classic spa treatments including deep tissue massages, aromatherapy, facials and body scrubs. There’s even something called the sparkling cocktail facial, where your favorite sparkling cocktail flavor is infused into a refreshing skin mask. Post-treatment, lie by the upstairs pool with champagne in hand and take advantage of the spa’s sauna and lounge facilities.

1685 Collins Ave., Miami Beach; 305-672-2000 or

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STREAM Kids Expo helps provide a free spa day for young girls

A hairstyle can help with looks and confidence, and a STREAM Kids Expo helped several young girls get their hair professionally styled with full salon treatment.

On Sunday, STREAM Kids Expo partnered with Tresor Salon and Spa to hold the first Glamming Kids For Success event, where young girls had their hair done for free.

Niamani Knight, founder of STREAM, said the Glamming Kids event is a spinoff of their Grooming Kids for Success event last year, which was initially intended for boys, but had many young girls participate. Knight said after the event she realized there was a need for events like it specifically for girls to help bolster their self-confidence.

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Successful salon owner shares his entrepreneurship story

Almost 20 years ago Carlos Constantino came to Brownsville with a dream and $500 in his wallet.

Now, Constantino owns what probably is the most successful hair salon in the city with more than 50,000 followers across its Facebook and Instagram accounts. Soon, the professional stylist will open his cosmetology academy.

“I am an immigrant from Mexico City and I came here with new ideas, new styles and people liked it, but at the same time they didn’t, because it made them leave their comfort zone,” Constantino said in Spanish. “When I started working here in Brownsville, at the hair salon that I was at, about 18 years ago, they offered the same services to everyone, it was all the same. All the clients would come out looking the same way, it was like mass production.”

After being fired over his fresh ideas, Constantino first entered a state of shock because he did not expect it and did not have any money saved. However, that soon turned into an “aggressive passion” for him to do a market study and open his very own professional salon.

“I was in shock, because since it was unexpected, I didn’t have any money saved. Since they pay was good I would spend all my money on dumb things. … So, I rented a chair at a salon and I started to do this little market study, even though I didn’t have any idea how to make one of those,” he said. “I don’t like to sit around and wait for opportunities, I’m very aggressive with my work, so, with a notepad I would go to the mall, to Peter Piper Pizza, Kmart, and many other places and ask women about what kind of styles they like for their hair.”

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10 Yoga Retreats in Europe that Won’t Break the Bank

Want to take your yoga practice to a beautiful location on the Old Continent? Thankfully, there’s no need to spend big money on a luxurious vacation.

It’s true that most European countries have gained a reputation for being expensive places to visit. But contrary to what many people think, there are plenty of yoga retreats in Europe where you can do your asanas at a low cost and still live an unforgettable experience. In the end, yoga is free for all and the European cultural charm has no fee.

Still can’t believe it? Here are 10 yoga holidays in 10 different destinations that won’t cost you more than €100 per night and have several dates available throughout the year!

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Delivering Wellness Via a Variety of Channels

The consumer’s mindset is shifting, accepting “aging” as a part of life; they embrace the passing of time and focus on wellness and want cosmetic solutions to support wellness. This shift coincides with the emerging quest for wellbeing that has been taking hold in recent years. This column will briefly discuss key components of wellness including wellness therapies and adaptogens.

The wellness market is growing at historic rate, nearly twice as fast as the global economy, according to Wellness Institute Research. The segment is divided among: Traditional Complimentary Medicine, Preventative, Personalized Medicine, Public Health, Healthy Eating, Nutrition and Weight Loss, Fitness & Mind/Body, Spa-Economy, Wellness Tourism, Wellness Real Estate, Workplace Wellness, Personal Care and, of course, Beauty & Anti-Aging. Put them all together and the global wellness economy reached $4.2 trillion in 2017.

The concept of wellness has changed in recent years. Not long ago, it meant a couple of trips to the gym and the occasional massage. Today, a wellness mindset is permeating the global consumer consciousness, affecting people’s daily decision making about food purchases, mental wellness and stress reduction, daily movement, environmental stewardship and even connectivity and positivity. Katherine Johnson, senior research fellow, G.W. I. Wellness, maintains that more people have evolved from “rarely” pursuing a wellness routine to “daily.” It has changed from episodic to essential, from luxury to a dominant lifestyle value.

This profound shift is driving powerful growth in five key markets: Wellness Real Estate, Workplace Wellness, Wellness Tourism, Spa Industry, Thermal & Mineral Springs. These businesses strive to reduce illness and stress, and enhance overall quality of life. Their mission is to empower wellness worldwide. Wellness is a modern word with ancient roots. As a modern concept, wellness has gained currency since the 1950s, but ancient wellness originated in the Vedas, a holistic Indian Ayurvedic system that strives to create harmony between body, mind and spirit. Yoga and meditation are critical to the tradition and are increasingly practiced worldwide.

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With the legalization of marijuana becoming an almost global topic now, one of the most cited arguments by proponents is the therapeutic effects of CBD on those suffering from anxiety. Many of those suffering have come forward to tell their stories on how CBD improved their lives by controlling their anxiety and the internet has made it easy for more users to access these stories and make an opinion based on very limited information.

Despite the number of proponents and those having personally gone through the experience, the use of CBD for this purpose is relatively new and many are still antsy about taking this approach to help with such a serious condition. However, studies have been carried out which can shed more light on the topic, and inform us of the actual facts as to how CBD affects the system and helps in managing anxiety.

First and foremost, it is important to understand exactly how CBD affects the body which would have an effect on the anxiety one experiences. CBD interacts with our body’s endocannabinoid system and helps to remove tension in the body. One study went so far as to point out that CBD did indeed reduce “anxious behavior” associated with multiple disorders such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

Furthermore, studies show that CBD is able to do this without having any “anxiogenic effects” which basically means that CBD does not pose a risk for increased anxiety, that many mainstream anti-anxiety medications do (ironic). Studies as recent as those conducted in 2019 even pointed to the fact that not only was CBD beneficial in managing anxiety but that it did so with relatively fewer side effects than conventional or mainstream medication. The tolerance levels for CBD were also recorded to be higher than those for other psychiatric medication.

Another concern users have with CBD is the dosage. While there is no set rule as far as the dosage is concerned, most manufacturers will often issue instructions. Evopure is a company that produces CBD oils and even provides information regarding the amount of oil to be used, the number of times you should consume it in a day, and the period for which you should follow the routine. You can also find dosage calculators for CBD online, but these are more advisory in nature and are estimates.

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Global Medical Aesthetics Market Report 2019-2025

 The “Medical Aesthetics Market by Product (Facial Aesthetics, Cosmetic Implants, Skin Aesthetic Devices, Thread Lift Products, Body Contouring Devices, Hair Removal Devices), End User (Hospitals, Medical Spas, Home Settings) – Global Forecast to 2025” report has been added to’s offering.

The global medical aesthetics market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.5% from 2019 to reach $22.2 billion by 2025

The factors such as increasing adoption of minimally invasive and noninvasive aesthetic procedures, increasing public awareness about cosmetic procedures, and rising adoption of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments among the geriatric population to improve their appearance are driving the growth of this market. However, risk and complications associated with medical aesthetic procedures may hamper the growth of this market to a certain extent.

The global medical aesthetics market is mainly segmented by product (facial aesthetics, cosmetic implants, skin aesthetic devices, physician-dispensed cosmeceuticals and skin lighteners, thread lift products, body contouring devices, hair removal devices, tattoo removal devices, and nail treatment laser devices), end-user (hospitals, clinics, and medical spas, beauty centers, and home care settings), and geography. 

On the basis of product type, the facial aesthetics segment is expected to dominate the global medical aesthetics market in 2019, owing to the increasing demand for medical aesthetics procedures from geriatric population across the globe towards improving or maintaining their appearance, coupled with greater availability and adoption of technologically advanced products in the facial aesthetics market segment. 

Based on end-user, the hospitals, clinics, and medical spas segment is estimated to hold the largest share in 2019. Hospitals, clinics, and medical spas are typically well-equipped with technologically advanced instruments/devices and have skilled professionals to provide effective cosmetic treatments to their patients. This has led to their greater share in the global medical aesthetics market. 

North America commanded the largest share of the global medical aesthetics market. The large share of this region is mainly attributed to the factors such as growing healthcare sector; increasing awareness and adoption of aesthetic procedures among the population; growing healthcare expenditure; rising incidences of skin diseases; various technological advancements; and increase in the consciousness about physical appearances.

Global Foot Spa Bath Market Outlook 2019

Global “Foot Spa Bath market” Report focuses on the major drivers and restraints for the key players. These Research Report also provides granular analysis of the market share, segmentation, revenue forecasts and geographic regions of the market. The Global Foot Spa Bath Market Research Report is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of Global Foot Spa Bath Market.The dominant firms Homedics, Kasrrow, Conair, Inviion, AquaVida USA, MTI Baths, O.U Health, Panasonic, Shanghai Taichang, Ningbo Huangwei, Mimir, Lancent area unit to boot mentioned within the report.

The report on Foot Spa Bath market claims this industry to emerge as one of the most lucrative spaces in the ensuing years, exhibiting a modest growth rate over the forecast period. Enumerating a highly exhaustive outline of this business sphere, this report is also inclusive of the total valuation that the industry presently holds, a brief segmentation of this market, and growth opportunities of this industry in addition to its geographical expanse.

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Why Self Love is Important and How You Can Practice More of It

Why Self Love Is Important

The way we are able to love ourselves sets the tone for the way we love others and essentially the way we show others how to love us. If we treat ourselves with little care it is opening the door for others to think it’s ok to treat us with little care. That being said the opposite holds true as well. If we hold our standards of love for ourselves high then others learn to treat you with that same amount of love and care. Like attracts like. 

As a mother of two boys this is very important to me to show them self love and how to give and receive not only love, but also compassion, empathy and forgiveness for others and themselves. In order to teach them these qualities in life I feel a responsibility to embody them myself. Not always something easily done especially when it comes to practicing these qualities towards myself. It can be much easier to give love, compassion and forgiveness for others that it is to give it to ourselves and in turn receive it from others. Below is a little starter list on how to practice more self love in our lives. 

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10 Best Massage WordPress Themes for Spa and Massage Salon Website to Shine

Looking for new spa salon clients? If your website doesn’t entice prospects to make a spa or massage appointment, it’s time to a redesign. The following list of the best massage WordPress themes can help you revamp the online image of your business and gain new salon clients. The best thing about these design concepts is that almost all of them are multi-purpose by nature. It means, that no matter your purpose, any of the best massage WordPress themes below fit the bill. Moreover, built-in line with the best web design practices, your website is more likely to become a hot spot ranked high in the search engine results.

The information that the variety of WordPress themes has no end in sight is not a brand new. So, why scroll through this list of the best massage WordPress themes first? Well, one thing to remember here is top-notch design. Crafted by the leading web developers in its niche, this collection is one of the best choices up to date. Responsive, optimized for SEO, feature-rich and easy to customize, what else could you dream of? At last, jam-packed with dozens of custom shortcodes & modules, the best massage WordPress themes below will save you a ton of time and effort. Now go and make your pick.

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5 Spa Treatments You Can Enjoy In An Hour Or Less

Life in Asia’s busiest cities can be pretty daunting while juggling busy work schedules, family commitments, outings with friends and trying to check out the latest restaurants on the dining scene.

Amid the daily bustle, it can get pretty hard to find some quality self-care time. But an increasing number of spas and fitness concepts are catering to urban residents and travelers with an express wellness fix that takes only an hour – or less.

Express wellness makes it easy to slip in a relaxing massage, rejuvenate with a foot rub, say goodbye to worry wrinkles or let off some steam with a quick workout – and still be able to make it to all your engagements refreshed and on time.

From Beijing to Tokyo, check out five of our favorite go-to express wellness spas and fitness centers which are great if you live in the city or are dropping in while on a business trip.

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Global Medical Wellness Market 2019

The global “Medical Wellness Market” will stretch out Million USD in 2019 and CAGR XX% 2025. The Medical Wellness report starts from an overview of Industry Chain structure, and details industry environment. After that, it estimates market size and projection of Medical Wellness market by product, area, and use. Apart from this, the report initiates the competitive edge of the Medical Wellness market among the suppliers and company profile. Even more, the research document includes Medical Wellness market price review and supply chain attributes. The report also includes a complete data about the chief Medical Wellness market segmentation {Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Beauty Care and Anti-Aging, Preventative & Personalized Medicine and Public Health, Healthy Eating, Nutrition & Weight Loss, Rejuvenation, Other}; {Franchise, Company Owned Outlets}.

In this report, thorough skills have been reprocessed to the estimated size of the pattern in the Medical Wellness market from the revenues of top competitors. Thus the entire Medical Wellness industry has been divided into different categories and sub-categories. Top Manufacturers Analysis Of the global Medical Wellness Market includes Massage Envy, Steiner Leisure Limited, World Gym, Fitness World, Universal Companies, Beauty Farm, VLCC Wellness Center, Nanjing Zhaohui, Edge Systems LLC, HEALING HOTELS OF THE WORLD, Gold’s Gym International, Bon Vital, Kaya Skin Clinic, The Body Holiday, Kayco Vivid, Arashiyu Japanese Foot Spa, Enrich Hair & Skin, WTS International, Biologique Recherche, Guardian Lifecare, Healthkart.

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Planning a Spa Day During Vacation

Vacationing can be exhausting.

Sometimes you go into a trip thinking you’ll spend hours relaxing near the pool, but instead, you find yourself joining in on different excursions, exploring the area with new friends and checking out the nightlife one too many evenings.

As much fun as all these activities are, you find yourself needing a vacation from your vacation.

This feeling can be avoided if you factor in a spa day to your trip. If you’re heading to a Sandos Hotels & Resorts property such as Sandos Cancun, a wellness-focused resort, be sure to plan a day for Spa del Mar.

You can choose to book one spa treatment or splurge on the Sandos Special. This package includes a deep tissue massage with hot stones, reflexology and aromatherapy for the ultimate level of relaxation.

Every spa treatment includes a hydrotherapy circuit. This means you’ll get to try the steam room, sauna, cold pit and jacuzzi. If you follow the steps in order, your muscles will be able to fully relax. The hydrotherapy circuit can be done before or after your spa treatment, and it’s important to stay hydrated during this time.

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Stones and Crystals that are good for Self Confidence

Whether you are newly stepping into your power or you shutter at the thought of it this is a list of stones and crystals that are good for self confidence and personal power. Step into your light and know that you are loved, supported and safe when you do. It is in the light of our third chakra that we serve this world in a powerful way. 

Here are stones and crystals to create confidence and excitement in your day to day:

1. Tiger Eye – a powerful stone of the third chakra. Helps to connect you to your personal power while keeping you grounded and stabilized at the same time. Also, helps to protect against negative energies.

2. Citrine – known as a master healer crystal this stone is wonderful to reignite the light within as well as pull from the energy of your third chakra. Not only does it boost self confidence it also helps to connect you to your higher self and aids in meditation. Bonus feature, it is a considered a crystal of abundance.

3. Carnelian – a stone of creativity and inspiration. Carnelian helps to bring back your charisma and excitement. As a stone of the sacral or second chakra, it helps to heal any emotional issues that might come up. 

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Spa Market 2019 Latest Trends

Latest Industry Research Report on “Spa Market” provides an actual industry viewpoint, future trends, and dynamics for market growth rate, market size, trading and key players of the industry with a forecast period of 2025. This comprehensive research report is titled ‘Spa Market’ with Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment and it comprises a whole market scenario along with the dynamics affecting it.

A spa is a place where different treatments and facilities are provided for health and wellness. It is a popular destination for health management and body relaxation. Services such as massages, facials, salon services, hair spa, and other treatments are provided at a spa. It also offers fitness activities like yoga, Ayurveda medicines, and other medical treatments.

The Global Spa Market Competitive Landscape:

Hot Springs Resort & Spa, Lanserhof, Marriott International, Massage Envy Franchising, Rancho La Puerta, Aspira Spa, Canyon Ranch, Cal-a-Vie Health Spa, Clinique La Prairie, Kempinski Hotels, The Mineral Spa, The Clarins group, Reflections Medical Spa, Woodhouse Day Spa, Young Medical Spa, and others.

Click the link to get a Sample Copy of the Report: (Get Up-to 20% Discount)

Global Spa Market Split by Key Product Types and Applications:

This report segments the global Spa Market on the basis of Types are:
Day/Club/Salon Spa
Hotels and Resorts Spa
Medical Spa
Destination Spa
Thermal/Mineral Spring Spa

On the basis of Application, the Global Spa Market is segmented into:

Regional Analysis For Spa Market:

For comprehensive understanding of market dynamics, the global Spa market is analyzed across key geographies namely The United States, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India, Central & South America. Each of these regions is analyzed on basis of market findings across major countries in these regions for a macro-level understanding of the market.

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What’s a medspa and why should you visit one?

MANSFIELD — Tranquil music and bits of greenery greet visitors of Vitality Natural Wellness and Medspa.

The soothing ambiance is intentional: “We have created an environment where we want people to come in and feel nourished,” said Dr. Melissa McRae, founder and medical director of Vitality Natural Wellness and Medspa, located at 42 N. Main St., Suite B, in downtown Mansfield.

But what exactly is a medspa, anyway?

“A medical spa, or a medi spa as a lot of people call it, is a medical facility where we do medical grade aesthetic treatments,” McRae explained.

The aesthetic treatments are meant to help improve skin texture and tone, as well as reverse signs of aging.

“The level of treatments can be more intense because we have medical background into how we’re taking care of the skin,” McRae noted.

Proper skin care can sometimes fall by the wayside, but it’s important to bear in mind that the skin is the body’s largest organ, and healthy skin is vital to a person’s wellbeing.

And while Vitality offers a number of services that can help improve a person’s skin, the Vitality staff aren’t simply focused on the end results, but also educating and equipping people to live healthier lives.

“We try to make sure that we can educate our patients,” McRae said. “That’s a big component of what we feel is so important about our patient experience.”

Whether it’s at their facility or via social media, “We try to make sure that patients are getting great tips and that we can be a resource for them,” McRae said.

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Venetian to allow CBD exhibitors at ISPA

The Venetian hotel in Las Vegas, site of the upcoming 2019 ISPA Conference & Expo, has agreed to allow exhibitors of CBD products at the annual trade show, reversing a stand set earlier this year.CBD, or cannabidiol oil, is an active yet non-psychoactive ingredient derived from the marijuana plant, and is believed to treat a host of issues, from stress and anxiety to inflammation, joint pain and muscle soreness. The oil is increasingly being used in spa products

CBD products with less than 0.3% THC will now be allowed on property at The Venetian for the ISPA Conference & Expo, but must be in full compliance with the US’s FDA requirements. 

Additionally, exhibitors displaying such products on the floor must produce Certificates of Analysis issued by an independent lab identifying that the THC levels in the CBD products on display are less than 0.3%, as well as information regarding the independent lab that conducted such testing, including license and certification information for the lab that performed the analysis, license/certification numbers for that lab, and the name and contact information of the agency that issued the license and certification. 

“We have been working tirelessly to educate and negotiate with (The Venetian) to lift this restriction that so greatly impacts our members and our industry,” said Garrett Mersberger, ISPA chair, in an email to members. “Thanks again for your unwavering support of ISPA – whether at Conference or throughout the year, ISPA is there to help fight for our industry.”

The ISPA Conference & Expo takes place next week, from the 11-13 September. 

From vegan food to meditation: how wellness tourism is getting a luxury makeover in the Philippines

As more of the global population joins the middle class, wellness tourism is taking off as never before by combining beautiful destinations with activities that are good for the body and soul.

In Asia, the Philippines saw its rapidly developing wellness and medical tourism sector expand by 31 per cent a year between 2015 and 2017.

Compared with Thailand, India and Malaysia, the Philippines entered the medical tourism services industry relatively recently, in 2004.

At the time, the Philippines government endorsed an initiative to stimulate medical tourism called the Philippines Medical Tourism Programme, which included health and wellness in its scope.

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Medical Spa Software Market 2019

Global Medical Spa Software Market 2019 presents an overview of objectives study and definition of Medical Spa Software market. The report examines and evaluates the market at a regional scale. We provide primary and auxiliary statistical surveying data collection, prevalent outcomes, fact-driven key proposals that give our customers a competitive advantage. The report covers market size, share, product demand and supply, major segments, market trends, consumer trends, profitability, revenue outcomes and also company profiles of the key shareholders performing in the global market from 2014 to 2025.

The report with the modern trends offers opportunities to help the key players and leading industries grasp market growth. The market is expected to rise further up to the highest CAGR of between 2019 to 2025. The report is a detailed analysis of market drivers, restraints, threats, and opportunities, giving a complete SWOT analysis. It analysis market estimates at a global and a regional level with respect to the current and new players.

Global Growth Trends: This section focuses on industry trends where market drivers and top market trends are shed light upon. Key producers growth rates in the global Medical Spa Software market is given in the report. Further, it provides production and capacity analysis where marketing pricing trends, capacity, production, and production value of the global market are discussed.

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Spa Services Market by Type and Geography – Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2014 – 2024

The spa services market is expected to reach $ +160 billion by 2024. Medical Spa is expected to witness the fastest growth in 2019-2024. Spa Services is a collective application for a variety of services offered under the facial, body massage, craft, pedicure, body care and specialist administration of brain and body rejuvenation.

These personalized services are efficiently designed to provide end-users with the ultimate level of fitness, peace of mind, happiness, health, and wellness. Moreover, they are beneficial for stress management, medical treatment, detoxifying the body, weight loss and boosting the immune system. The global spa services market is seeing constant innovations, such as the use of hybrid spa technology, which utilizes the gas-generating hybrid system for heating the spa. Compared to such heating systems, this technology involves less use of carbon and other chemicals and is cheaper.

The market is driven by a busy lifestyle in urban areas, rising demand from emerging markets, new developments in spa services, and rising demand for teenage children. The spa industry has lucrative opportunities due to the increase in the percentage of the aging population and the increasing demand from emerging markets. However, the high cost of skilled therapeutic professionals and the low penetration of developed countries can hamper market growth.

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World Wellness Weekend to offer a taste of the wellness industry to Athens community

Widespread interest in, marketing of and engagement with the wellness industry can often make the priorities and practices of physical health hard to navigate. On the weekend of Sept. 21-22, local Athens health-related businesses will provide opportunities for consumers to test its services without charge in recognition of World Wellness Weekend.

World Wellness Weekend is a wide-spread marketing campaign for wellness industry franchises such as spas, gyms, yoga studios and salons. Over 2,000 vendors in 100 countries will participate in World Wellness Weekend according to its website.

The weekend was founded by Jean-Guy de Gabriac, who also founded Tip Touch, a consulting firm and educational resource for spas. In order to participate in the weekend, businesses are encouraged to register online and organize free “wellness activities” for consumers.

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Birch Water Purifying Essence

Product description: Available this fall as part of the new Eminence Pure Forest Collection, the Birch Water Purifying Essence is your new skin care essential. Formulated with purifying birch water and botanical collagen, this essence works double-time to restore elasticity, boost hydration, and prep the skin for products that follow. Set the stage and unlock the true potential of your skin care ritual.

Global Medical Spa Market is Expected to Expand at a Significant Growth Rate

Market Overview of Global Medical Spa Market

The published title report Global Medical Spa market offers the dynamics of this global market. The dynamics of report consists of insights and trends of the global market that, which are expected to propel the market. The analysis of this market comprehensively discusses the salient features of the global Medical Spa market in terms of drivers, restraints, opportunity, segmentation, competitive landscape, and the market value over the forecast period.

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Spa Services Market to see Major Growth by 2025

HTF MI recently Announced Global Spa Services study with 100+ market data Tables and Figures spread through Pages and easy to understand detailed TOC on “Spa Services. Global Spa Services research allows you to get different methods for maximizing your profit. The research study provides estimates for Global Spa Services Forecast till 2025*. Some of the Leading key Company’s Covered for this Research are Emirates Palace, Four Seasons Hotel, Trailhead Spa, Massage Envy Franchise, Jade Mountain, Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas, Clarins Group, Hot Springs REsort and SPA, Lanserhof Tegernsee, Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa, Gaia Retreat & Spa & Wax On Spa.

Next step one should take to boost sales? Track latest strategic steps and current scenario analysis of the market.

Is Japan the World’s Next Wellness Destination?

Japan is now the third-largest wellness tourism destination in Asia, in terms of total visitors, according to the Global Wellness Institute’s 2019 Global Wellness Trends report.

Since the tourism industry has received substantial investments in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, officials are promoting Japanese wellness — from an extraordinary hot springs culture to forest bathing — to broaden the country’s international appeal.

To become a tourism-oriented country by 2020 calls for a shift in Japan’s growth path.

Because wellness tourists are big spenders, an inbound wellness tourism surge would help disperse tourists from the over-visited Kyoto-Osaka-Tokyo routes. Currently, 48% of tourist stays are concentrated in the major cities of Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, according to The Future of Japan’s Tourism: Path for Sustainable Growth, which suggests a significant opportunity for Japan to attract more visitors to locations outside of the top urban areas. Even when tourists do travel to other administrative districts in Japan, they spend an average of 30% less than they do in those three major cities.

Since the Japanese government has made it a priority to revitalize non-metropolitan areas, increasing tourism in these areas could be a core element of its strategy, the report said.

The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) is developing wellness-focused tourism in lesser-known destinations, such as Misugi, which promotes natural assets like stargazing and forest bathing; and Beppu, on the southern island of Kyushu, known for its onsen (hot springs). The scenic area, where rocky baths overlook the ocean at high-class mountain retreats, has close to 3,000 hot spring vents.

Other strategic wellness tourism zones include the Dragon Route in central Japan, which includes historic and cultural sites, natural landscapes (including Mount Fuji), and plenty of hot springs.

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Hospitality Brands Go All-In on the Sleep Movement

Ask travelers the number-one thing they want out of a hotel stay, and chances are the answer is: a good night’s sleep.

For this reason, the hospitality industry has always cared about rest. But despite the fact that getting enough shut-eye is crucial for travelers who want to feel good on business trips or vacation, innovation in the area for years was decidedly lacking (Westin’s Heavenly Bed, for example, launched in 1999).

That’s all changed, however, with the rise of the wellness movement — which has an obsession with sleep. According to the Global Wellness Institute, wellness is now a $4.2 trillion industry, and that number is projected to increase in the coming years.

Wellness tourism makes up a $639 billion slice of the pie, and companies are eager to carve out an even bigger piece by partnering with buzzy sleep and meditation apps like Calm and Headspace. They’re also offering unique snooze-inducing packages and amenities to help customers lead a life of wellness even when away.

“As the wellness industry continues to grow, more people are looking for ways to incorporate their wellness practices into their travels rather than abandoning them for total ‘vacation-mode,’ or disregarding their at-home routine while traveling for business,” says Edward Shapard, General Manager of The Dominick, a boutique hotel in New York.

To help keep guests’ sleep practice up, Westin offers Sleep Well menus, which include foods that have been found to help promote sleep and a Sleep Well lavender balm that comes free in every room. The goal? “To help guests adjust to a new time zone or recover from their travels,” says Brian Povinelli, senior vice president and global brand leader for Westin.

The hotel brand is even doing research into lighting and circadian rhythm so it can develop in-room controls that adjust the quality of light throughout the day. “While still in the development phase, these key pads at the entry and in the sleep area will have ‘scenes’ that match morning, noon, and night lighting conditions,” says Povinelli. “The idea being that guests may set their rooms’ lighting scenes to combat jet lag and promote healthy sleep cycles.”

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A Can’t Miss From Gift Bar

As a member of the Spa Industry Association you are being offered an exclusive opportunity to join free of charge as a VIP! Giftbar hosts the largest gift card marketplace that features the best small businesses in local areas, nation-wide. Shoppers select a gift card for someone in a specific area and send it via SMS message or e-mail, including a personalized message and even a video!

Giftbar promotes your gift cards and drive new traffic to your business. As an added benefit, Giftbar recently launched a project called “Giftbar Gives” donating 5% of their revenue to nonprofits such as March of Dimes, NAMI, United Way Global and many more! Every card sold benefits a non-profit.

Giftbar is waiving their initial set up fee (typically $299) and ongoing monthly fee (typically $99 per month), so there is zero risk or overhead to sign up. The only fee is 18% of the cards they sell (and 5% of that goes to charity!). Giftbar has had great success with health and beauty merchants, this is perfect for all of you! Click the VIP link below to add additional revenue to your business today!

Spas Growing in Popularity in US

Spas are becoming more popular in the United States.

Last year, Americans visited spas a record 190 million times. And they spent about $18.3 billion dollars. Those numbers come from the International Spa Association, or ISPA.

The industry group recently held its yearly event for the media. Garrett Mersberger is the association’s board chairman. He spoke to the Associated Press about trends in the industry.

One trend: More American men have been going to spas. “It used to always be a female-driven thing. We’re now seeing 50-50, if not swinging more toward the males,” Mersberger said.

He said the trend started around 2017, when the association reported that 49 percent of people going to spas were men, up from 29 percent in 2005.

“They’re [men are] much more aware that it’s not just a thing I go to getpampered. It’s an actual lifestyle choice with benefits to my body, to my wellness…It’s not just about going for relaxation,” Mersberger said.

Another trend: Spas are using more technology. Kohler Waters Spas, for example, recently launched a virtual reality headset meant to be used for guided meditation.

The experience offers the choice of music or the sound of a person’s voice with pictures during manicures and pedicures. The headsets show pictures of mountain lakes, beaches, waterfalls, clouds and the night sky. Kohler is considering more virtual reality devices to go with massages and other treatments.

Charging stations at manicure and pedicure areas are also on the rise. That way, people getting treatments can keep their electronic devices fully charged.

“Nothing stresses a Millennial out more than taking their phone away,” said Linda McNees, the ISPA’s president. “The whole idea is to be able to relax, so it’s really about thinking about customization. What’s going to make you comfortable?”

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8 Romantic Spas Around the U.S. for Hot & Steamy Dates

Intense heat and sticky, gross humidity can totally kill the vibe of a date. Traveling to meet up with someone only to sweat through the entirety of your outfit? Not a good look. But what if you’re actively looking for that hot and steamy environment? Whether single or already coupled up, one way to fuse all that sultriness with a little steam is with a spa day.

These 8 holistic havens below, located all around the United States, range from urban wellness centers to remote ranches, all guaranteed to keep things especially sexy no matter what time of year it is. Whether celebrating an anniversary or just looking to try something new with a brand new partner, you can’t go wrong with an indulgent date idea like this one.

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2019 US Spa Industry Outlook

The ISPA Foundation commissioned PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to conduct the study which presents what is known as the “Big Five” spa statistics: total revenue, spa visits, spa locations, revenue per visit, and number of employees for the United States spa industry.

Most notably from this study, total revenue passed the $18 billion mark in 2018, increasing from $17.5 billion in 2017 to $18.3 billion in 2018, a 4.7% increase. The increase in spa revenue was driven by growth in revenue per visit, increasing from $93.70 in 2017 to $96.50 in 2018, a 3% increase. The number of spa visits also saw a rise from 187 million in 2017 to 190 million in 2018. Additionally, the number of spa locations increased 1.8% from 21,770 in 2017 to 22,160 in 2018.

“We are grateful to once again report record growth for the spa industry with 2018 marking a record high 18.3 billion in revenue,” said ISPA President Lynne McNees. “The spa industry continues to prove itself as a thriving market perfect for anyone looking to enter an industry with limitless potential.”

“The number of spas is at an all-time record. There are now more than 22,000 across the U.S, continuing to expand its footprint,” said Colin McIlheney, Global Research Director, PWC. “The other notable statistic is that revenues are getting ever close to the iconic 20-billion-dollar mark. This remarkable threshold could be reached during 2020. The results from the Big 5 show the spa industry still on the march to new highs.”

The complete study will be released at the 2019 ISPA Conference & Expo at The Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada September 11 – 13.

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Are there any benefits to a baby spa?

When Layla and Brooklyn go for a spa day, there’s a chance there might be kicking, screaming and babbling.

That’s because the girls are just 6 months and 7 weeks old. Their “baby spa” isn’t about towel wrapped heads, cucumber eye patches or charcoal face masks. It caters to infants less than a year old and mostly involves floating.

Oakville’s Baby Float Spa, like other health clubs for tots, isn’t unlike their adult counterparts. It has Instagram-friendly interiors, a no-shoes policy, candles for purchase and Registered Massage Therapists who lead parents in a baby massage. But the showpiece in this these infant Zen centres is the hydrotherapy water tub, part home bath, part Jacuzzi, where anywhere from one to eight kids, each buoyed by a doughnut-shaped neck ring — a water-wing floaty for the head — can kick, float and get some exercise.

From Oakville to Markham, spas for babies are a small but thriving business in the GTA with varying prices from $40 for a single float session to more than $600 for 10 float-and-RMT-massage combos (which means much of the cost can be claimed through insurance).

While there is scant research to suggest floating is beneficial to a babies development, anecdotal observations from spa owners and the parents who visit them are positive.

“The non-scientific benefit is the epic nap that happens afterwards,” said Alex Fell, owner of Oakville’s Baby Float Spa. “There’s no new parent that’s not going to benefit from that.”

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More men getting treatments at spas

What used to be a female-driven business is now increasingly catering to males.

“We’re seeing a lot more men going to spas,” said Garrett Mersberger, board chair of the International Spa Association (Ispa). “It used to always be a female-driven thing. We’re now seeing 50-50, if not swinging more toward the males.”

The trend took off as long ago as 2017, when Ispa reported 49 percent of spa customers were men, up from 29 percent in 2005.

“They’re much more aware that it’s not just a thing I go to to get pampered. It’s an actual lifestyle choice with benefits to my body, to my wellness. It’s part of my routine now. It’s not just about going for relaxation,” Mersberger said.

The change impacts treatment areas, relaxation areas and changing stations, said Ispa president Lynne McNees.

“Spas are really having to evolve to accommodate that male spa goer,” McNees said. “Typically, your back of house for males would be smaller because historically it’s been very heavy female. Now they’re having to shift that.”

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Mover and Shaker: Susan Preston

Susan Preston has built a positive reputation in the insurance industry by providing quality services to the permanent cosmetic, tattoo and beauty industries since 1993. To better serve the industry, PPIB President, Susan Preston, set up a nonprofit association for permanent cosmetic technicians that sets and promotes industry standards.

Named to IBA’s Hall of Fame in 2017, Preston was also named as one of their Elite Women in Insurance in June of 2019. A renowned speaker and writer, Susan has also worked with governing bodies in setting regulations for her fields of expertise.

Outside of insurance, Preston sits on three nonprofit boards and chairs the board of the Luther Burbank Center in Northern California.

Reach out to Susan:

Register Now for Bold 2020

The biggest event for wellness and beauty

BOLD brings together more than 2,000 people in the wellness, fitness, and beauty industries to share what works in growing a business. From thriving businesses looking to expand to newer businesses ready to be inspired, BOLD is the place for you.

What You Need to Know Before Purchasing a POS System

For salons and spas, choosing the right software to help run your business is essential. And, to that point, you’ll find that adding a point of sale or POS system is one of the best decisions you can make.

POS systems use the latest technology to help you manage and grow your business. In addition to processing payments of all types and managing schedules, a POS can help you improve and maintain your database of customers, track sales, and prepare for tax time. Although a given for any decent POS system, those features are only the starting point.

When searching for the ideal software for your business, make sure to look for these essential attributes:

User-Friendly: The ultimate POS software is simple to use and should be a natural addition to your salon or spa’s workflow. You’ll want the ability to easily access client information at every turn and check customers in and out with just a few taps or clicks. The best POS software will be so turnkey that your clients are barely aware of the process.

Device-Friendly: Your choice for POS software should also be easily accessible and work on all of the devices you like to use. All of this ought to be possible without having to invest in any heavy equipment or hiding a server in your back room. Look for a cloud-based system so you can both avoid conflicts and IT issues and access your data anytime and from anywhere. You’ll also find it easy to use card swipers that make mobile payment processing a breeze. Mobile processing works for salons and spas of all sizes but is a must-have for solo operators or those who book services outside of the salon or spa.

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6 Hollywood-Loved Spas and Clinics Where Stars Seek Secrets to Living Longer

The exclusive medical, health and wellness destinations in Los Angeles that entertainment industry insiders go to as they aim to optimize longevity.

Entertainment industry insiders might not talk about it as openly as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey — who’s tweeted and chatted about some extreme behaviors designed to extend his lifespan — but plenty of people in Hollywood are concerned about not only aging countenances but also physiologies. Here’s where they go for testing and more.

Upgrade Labs
Matthew Modine is a devotee of the Santa Monica and Beverly Hills (opening in January inside the Beverly Hilton) facilities based around Bulletproof founder Dave Asprey’s obsession with biohacking — the entrepreneur’s own goal is to live to be 180. Gerard Butler and Rick Rubin also engage in the high-tech modalities that offer brand-new options for extending one’s vitality. One such offering is O-Zone Sauna (only available at Beverly Hills), in which a combination of heat and ozone make for the speedy elimination of toxins and cellular waste while energizing and oxygenating cells to encourage longer lives. Another option is NAD, a.k.a. nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, a cofactor credited with keeping living cells healthy, young and functioning optimally that pre-clinical research indicates plays a role in increasing lifespan. It can be taken in IV, nasal spray, Sub Q injection or supplement tablets. (Memberships are $500-$3,500/week,

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Mover and Shaker: Elaine Perhach

Aura spa opened in 2009 and currently has 4 locations in Washington, D.C. and expanding to Ballston, Virginia in 2020. Elaine Perhach has been a licensed Massage Therapist since 2007. She enjoys traveling and experiencing new spa’s during her travels.

Check out Aura Spa HERE or reach out to Elaine at:

Could A Wellness Coach Change Your Life?

We live in a time when no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of wellness, and with it – we hope at least – happiness. The health and wellness industry is now worth an astounding $4.2trillion (£3.5trillion), a colossal figure that reflects the scale of our preoccupation with being ‘well’. Where once we would go for a quick massage to address a stressful few months, now we’re meditating, intuitively eating and attending silent retreats daily, all in the name of self care.

The parallel rise in the popularity of wellness coaches – or life coaches as they’re also known – is one that has been met with some controversy. Who are these people? What do they do? And do we really need to be taught how to feel well?

What exactly is a wellness coach?

A good question, and one that is difficult to answer definitively, such is the variety of definitions and titles bouncing around in the wellness lexicon. An umbrella term that can refer to life coaches, holistic coaches or health coaches, different ones offer different expertise. From looking at diet, energy levels and exercise routine to assessing mental health and general lifestyle, a wellness coach helps a client to address imbalances in their life, and set out clear goals for their future.

“We support clients step-by-step to implement and sustain lifestyle and behaviour changes that contribute to achieving their personal health and lifestyle goals. And all at a pace that is comfortable for them,” says health and lifestyle coach Milla Lascelles.

Spa And Salon Software Market 2019 | Industry Analysis By Top Companies, Regions, Types, Applications And Forecast To 2024

The “Spa and Salon Software Market” report delivers data about the landscapes which drive the development of Spa and Salon Software industry. The Spa and Salon Software market consists of large key companies who play a vital role in the production, manufacturing, sales, and distribution of the products. Spa and Salon Software market research report provides crucial information related to overall Spa and Salon Software market with respect to market size, applications, end-user industry size, types, and various other factors.

Scope of the Report:Spa and salon management software is a web-based solution that aids spa and salon businesses manage their daily business operations. The system automates a range of tasks including appointment booking and scheduling, appointment confirmations, customer interactions, inventory tracking, staff management, secure storage of data, and implementation of marketing campaigns.

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Step-By-Step: The Hydrating Rose Facial With Cupping Massage From Jurlique

Jurlique’s new Rare Rose collection and facial cupping massage technique forms a powerful duo that will help clients get their glow on.

Introducing Jurlique’s Hydrating Rose Facial with Cupping Massage: The restorative and clinically proven properties of our exclusive, hand-picked Jurlique Rose are intertwined with gemstone massage and facial cupping for a luxurious 80-minute treatment with a spiral of aroma, skin hydration and renewal.

The Result? Cupping massage helps to plump up the skin and improves the appearance of fine lines, while delivering exceptional skin results thanks to Jurlique’s pure botanicals. “Cupping facilitates gentle elevation of the facial tissues, creating space for fresh blood and nutrition,” says Paula Provenzano, national education manager, Jurlique USA. “It’s also excellent to soften ‘angry resting face,’ as it eases the strain of repetitive facial movements. When paired with the deeply hydrating and soothing benefits of the new Rare Rose skincare range, the combination produces stunning results.”

Meet the NEW Rare Rose Collection: The hydrating superpower of the exclusive Jurlique Rose extract is encapsulated deep into the core of a natural microcapsule delivery system. Extended time release technology of the Jurlique Rose extract onto the skin maintains skin moisture throughout the day. The result, clinically proven 24h hydration*.

A ‘How To’ Guide: Writing a Successful Spa Menu

Looking to promote your spa by producing a great spa menu which details all of the great treatments and services you have on offer? That, in itself, is a very important decision you have made. Creating an impactful spa menu will undoubtedly speak to your audience and work in effectively marketing your business. The next step, then, is putting a great menu together. If you have never done that before, or feel that your past efforts have not quite stepped up to the mark, then here is some practical advice for you to follow to establish a piece of literature that will not fail to impress your prospective customers.

Know your audience

Sure, you think you know your audience, but do you really know how your audience responds to and engages with a product and service such as yours. Don’t be afraid to use competitor’s menus as inspiration here as the best spas will have done their research and produced menus which really reach out to their intended users. There is no need to reinvent the wheel here. Just give it your own personal touch and you are halfway to having a perfect spa menu.

Be precise and concise

These are two similar sounding words which are both essential ingredients to effective marketing literature, of which a spa menu is most certainly one. Being precise means being accurate about what it is you offer, with all relevant details exactly correct as of time of writing. Think about all the information that a customer may need, such as the price (do not hide this fact, make it over on the menu), the time the treatment takes, and the enjoyable benefits it brings. But at the same time, also be concise, meaning delivering all of this information in as few words as possible to the reader isn’t put off by reams upon reams of text.

Think about design

Your text should work beautifully in tandem with your design and layout, meaning nothing is sacrificed in preference of another consideration.

“In terms of menu design, think again about your audience and what is is you ant to deliver. Don’t be too busy with the design, or too complicated, as often keeping it simple is the best approach. Make sure the words are easy to read, and that the images used are warm, friendly, relaxing and accurate,” advises Sam Sturgess, a writer at Custom Essay Writing.

Getting the perfect design may mean hiring a professional graphic designer, of which many of the best can be found at freelancer sites. It need not cost a fortune, and then be safe in the knowledge that you have secured a professional approach to producing your content.

Don’t be afraid to get some help with your writing

Not all of us are gifted writers, and you may have some concerns about your ability to put together something that is both professional and reads well to audiences. Fear not as there are a number of great online tools which can assist in the process. Here are some such examples:

Get feedback

When all is said and done, make sure you get feedback on what you have produced, and don’t be afraid to tweak the design for future purposes. We very rarely hit perfection first time round, so after you have produced your menu in conjunction with all of the tips herein, send it out to trusted advisors and see what they think.

Even more importantly, get the feedback of your customers by providing the opportunity on your website, and even offering some type of reward in the shape of a free treatment if a customer gives you feedback on your menu (and indeed all of your others services). Improving customer service means getting the invaluable feedback of your customers, and therefore never be afraid to invest in this activity. That is what the most successful companies do, and that is exactly what you should aspire to become.

Aimee Laurence, an established and well-regarded health editor at UKWritings and Coursework Writing Service, is an authority on establishing a healthy mind and body. You can also find Aimee tutoring at the Write my paper online portal.

Spa Resort Market – Projection Of Each Major Segment Over The Forecast Period

The business research report on Spa Market” Research Report 2018- 2026 covers summery, market outlook, trends, classification, value chain structure and market key performance by dominant region/ countries. This Report gives you in-detailed data for business strategies, growth prospects and historical and futuristic revenue and costs by analyzing data of key players industry.

The Spa Market report begins with a basic overview of the industry lifecycle, definitions, classifications, applications, and industry chain structure and all these together will help leading players understand scope of the Market, what characteristics it offers and how it will fulfill customer’s requirements.

It is a professional and a detailed report focusing on primary and secondary drivers, market share, leading segments and geographical analysis. Further, key players, major collaborations, merger & acquisitions along with trending innovation and business policies are reviewed in the report. The report contains basic, secondary and advanced information pertaining to the Spa Market global status and trend, market size, share, growth, trends analysis, segment and forecasts from 2018 – 2026.

Global Spa Market Based on Regions: This segment illustrates the major Spa distributing areas like North America, Latin America, The Middle East, Asia-Pacific, UK, Europe, and Africa.

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One-On-One with Spa Industry Association president Allan Share

Join us getting to know the man being the Spa Industry Association…

Who or what inspires you?

I was fortunate to have to amazing mentors; my Dad who taught me street smarts and my father-in-law who taught me business.

What’s your favorite part of the day?

Absolutely a morning person. I’m always excited to get out of bed.

What makes your company unique?

Our association has a free membership option. I started this when I took over in 2010, recognizing the recession gave our members limited resources, but needed the information we provide.

What’s the most fun part of your job?

The people. I’m a relationship person and I feel like I have 10,000 friends in our industry.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Be better at slowing down. I feel like a cook in the kitchen and have to work  hard to meditate, massage, slow down in general.

What keeps you up at night?

I sleep like a baby.

What part do you find most challenging?

Lemons to Lemonade. I’ve always embraced the challenges, bring them on!

Tell us something most people don’t know about you.

I am a voracious reader (and I love action movies).

What’s your favorite family activity?

Having them around. I’ve been married 33 years, 3 kids, 3 grandkids and it makes me smile when we’re together.


A gentle soothing mask designed to calm and minimize irritated skin. A cocktail of skin soothers and extracts formulated into a very light weight hydrating mask sets the tone for de-stressing and calming irritated skin. Enjoy this mask anytime day or night. Includes DELICATE SKIN BOOSTER SERUM.
Does not contain parabens or chemical colorants. 

*Available in retail sizes for at-home client care


A gentle soothing gel delivering all the botanicals designed to calm irritated skin. This lightweight gel leaves the skin feeling calmed and nourished – not greasy. Specialized ingredients quickly penetrate to maximize results; and minimize redness and discomfort. A cocktail of skin soothers and extracts formulated into a very lightweight hydrating gel sets the tone for de-stressing and calming irritated skin.Does not contain parabens or chemical colorants.

  * Available in retail sizes for at-home client care.

Introducing Zephyr Tē, a refreshing line of tea brand with four invigorating varieties.

 Featuring freshly harvested tea leaves, spices and fruits, Zephyr Tē uses only the highest quality natural ingredients. Experience rejuvenating blends to restore balance and relax with our Refresh & Renew Iced Green Tea, Peace of Mind Black Assam Tea, English Garden Rose Tea and Island Breeze Peach & Pineapple Tea.  
Each of the Zephyr Tē variant comes in packs of 18 triangle tea bags per box. 

For More Info:

Iliki Valencia
Meigi Creative Inc.
5730 Ayala Avenue
Irwindale CA 91706
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Fax: (626) 701-3332

Medical Aesthetics Market Worth $22.2 Billion by 2025- Exclusive Report by Meticulous Research

According to a new market research report “Medical Aesthetics Market by Product (Facial Aesthetics, Cosmetic Implants, Skin Aesthetic Devices, Thread Lift Products, Body Contouring Devices, Hair Removal Devices), End User (Hospitals, Medical Spas, Home Care Settings)–Global Forecast to 2025”, published by Meticulous Research®, the global medical aesthetics market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.5% from 2019 to reach $22.2 billion by 2025.

Medical aesthetics market comprises advanced products and technologies used by skilled medical professionals or aesthetic specialists for improving physical appearance of patients. Various invasive and noninvasive procedures are primarily designed for the significant enhancement and cosmetic change in patient’s appearance, and these are collectively termed as medical aesthetics procedures. Currently, there is an increasing demand of cosmetic procedures among the millennials and younger generation with increasing influence of social media, which is driving the growth of the medical aesthetics products market. Growing technological advancements and wider acceptance of cosmetic procedures among the diversified geographies across the globe is also contributing to the growth of the medical aesthetics market. The innovation in this market is primarily focused towards developing convenient, faster, and low risk products and procedures for patients. Furthermore, the growth of the medical tourism industry in APAC and Latin America region focused towards cosmetic procedures is also expected to create a greater demand for technologically advanced medical aesthetic products in these regions, thereby supporting the growth of the global medical aesthetics market over the forecast period.

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Mover and Shaker: Mina Chang

CareCredit, a part of Synchrony Bank, has been helping patients access care for 30-plus years. CareCredit’s health, wellness, and beauty credit card offers promotional financing options to help your guests fit the treatments and procedures they want into their monthly budget.  Mina Chang, Relationship Manager with CareCredit, has 9-plus years of cosmetic industry expertise and relationship-management experience.  

Reach out to Mina: (855) 860-9034

How The Wellness Trend Has Transformed The Spa Industry

The spa industry has gone through a bit of a renaissance over the last decade or so. Once primarily the preserve of the rich and famous, a visit to the spa is now more affordable and accessible. 

We have also seen a surge in the rise of the middle class, which has allowed for a shift in consumer habits. What we’ve seen, particularly in the last decade, is a rise in wellness and self care. 

How is the current fashion for wellness changing the spa industry even further? Let’s take a look.

Wellness travel boom

A quick trip to the local day spa is no longer enough. There’s a burgeoning market for wellness tourism today. Millenials have become much more lifestyle focused in recent years, and with that we’ve seen a rise in the number of trips being taken – over the purchase of physical goods.

Combined with the impact of social media, millennials use their social platforms to celebrate and showcase their travels. Platforms like Instagram have made spa vacations not only aspirational, but a priority for the majority of users. The wellness market is growing rapidly through travel, with spas offering bespoke packages, engaging with social media to promote it’s aesthetics and investing in influencer marketing. 

Time spent during a single stay is increasing, with customers opting for spa weekends and staycations. When traveling, guests are opting to continue to use the fitness facilities and as a result, the wind down spa facilities too. 

In 2017 the world’s wellness tourism market was worth a huge $639.4 billion, with an annual growth rate of 6.5%. As discussed, much of the market was in ‘secondary wellness tourism’, with people traveling domestically to hotels and utilising the spa facilities. For some time a spa was simply considered an add on to hotels, however with today’s traveller, it’s often an essential. 

Focus on ingredients and ethical produce

Consumers are focused on nutrition more than ever. They want to know exactly what they’re putting in and on their bodies. Not only this, they also want to know how and where it was produced. Social responsibility and consciousness has become another trend that spas have the ability to harness. From offering packages that include a vegan afternoon tea, to workshops that allow customers to create and make their own face masks. 

Spas are offering more experiential and transformative treatments to allow customers to feel involved and in control of the process. As the wellness trend continues to flourish, customers will seek the new and exciting, as well as the ethical. This is an opportunity for spas to establish their brands and experiment themselves with the treatments and packages they provide.


In addition to spa treatments, people are opting for self care products and practices they can administer at home. This will increase the opportunities to up-sell and cross sell products in your spa. While customers may only be able to afford to visit quarterly, this is an opportunity for spas to continue to build the momentum and a sense of loyalty. 

There are a number of treatments that can be done in the comfort of people’s homes, including facemasks, hair masks, aromatherapy baths and steam facials. Building a reputation for caring about your clients will encourage brand loyalty. Focus on equipping your clients with knowledge and expertise, so that they feel compelled to return out of appreciation for your support and the services you provide. 

Spas aren’t going anywhere

Now’s the time to really optimise your spa offering. Follow trends, plug yourself into lifestyle influencers and engage with the audience you hope to convert to customers. The wellness trend will only grow and amplify, with the demand for spas and health treatments increasing daily. 

Selfcare looks different to each individual. While one might favour ethical, natural remedies to improve health and optimise beauty, another may favour non-surgical treatments including the likes of collagen fillers and microdermabrasion. Establish the business you identify most with and invest in online marketing efforts to drive your business forward. 

About the author:

Dom Stapleton 
Marketing Manager
Boost Capital
0800 138 9080

More men are going to spas as males embrace wellness industry

NEW YORK — Spa visits and the money they generate reached record highs last year in the US with $18.3 billion in revenue driven by 190 million pampering trips, according to the International Spa Association.

The leading industry group for spa professionals recently held its 25th annual event for media to show off trends and services among its 2,300 members. Garrett Mersberger, the association’s board chairman, broke down a few highlights for The Associated Press:

A march of men

“We’re seeing a lot more men going to spas,” Mersberger said. “It used to always be a female-driven thing. We’re now seeing 50-50, if not swinging more toward the males.”

The trend took off as long ago as 2017, when the association reported 49 percent of spa customers were men, up from 29 percent in 2005.

“They’re much more aware that it’s not just a thing I go to to get pampered. It’s an actual lifestyle choice with benefits to my body, to my wellness. It’s part of my routine now. It’s not just about going for relaxation,” Mersberger said.

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They Are Just Like Us: Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Enjoy A Spa Day

Every detail we hear about this Google summit only serves to make it more intriguing. Bradley Cooper helped Oprah on a bike? Bradley Cooper helped Katy Perry off a boat? (OK — it’s mostly about Bradley Cooper.) But a new detail has emerged: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got pedicures before Harry’s (alleged) barefoot speech at that same summit. That’s right! For a brief moment of time, Bradley Cooper, Prince Harry and Oprah were all in the same room (possibly barefoot). What a sight that must have been — and joyously, Harry’s feet were appropriately groomed for the occasion.

If you’re wondering where Duchess Meghan is in all of this, she reportedly did not attend the summit, but enjoyed a spa day with husband Harry at a UK hotel before he flew off to Italy. A source told Entertainment Tonight that Meghan and Harry received pedicures and massages at Coworth Park, a high-end hotel in Ascot. Page Six reports that Harry gave a barefoot speech about climate change once he arrived at Google Camp, but the extreme secrecy surrounding the goings-on there make it impossible to confirm. This is the seventh year running for the Google event, which always attracts A-list stars eager to discuss climate change, human rights and other pressing issues affecting the world today.

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Mover and Shaker: Julia Sutton

Julia Sutton currently serves as Chief Operating Officer for exhale enterprises, Inc, a leading lifestyle brand in the spa and wellbeing industry that operates 28 properties in 11 markets. As a member of the founding team, Ms. Sutton developed and scaled the Company’s operating infrastructure that today successfully delivers dozens of award-winning wellbeing, spa, and retail programs and supports an employee base of 2000.

Ms. Sutton is a recognized spa industry leader with a successful track record for developing and launching spa, fitness and retail in a number of different markets. Prior to joining the exhale team, she served as National Spa Operations Director for Wellbridge, where she directed ten spas across the country from Honolulu to New York.

Ms. Sutton has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and International Business from Manhattan College. She also completed the OPM program at Harvard Business School. Julia belongs to several groups (COO network, American College of Sports Medicine, HBSCNY) and enjoys coaching basketball, playing tennis, hiking and surfing.

US Spa Industry Hits US$18B In Revenue

Spas across the US generated $18.3B in revenue in 2018 and have seen a steady growth across key financial indicators in the last nine years.This is according to data from the International Spa Association (ISPA) which released the 20th edition of its ISPA US Spa Industry Study yesterday (6 August). 

Revenue in US spas increased by 4.7 per cent between 2017 and 2018 and this has been attributed to a growth in revenue per visit which has seen an uptake of 3 per cent – from $93.70 to $96.50– over the same time. 

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Virtual Reality – A Turning Point For The Spa And Wellness Industries

Technology can be considered a disruptor to a healthy, balanced life – but new technologies like virtual reality are actually being used to enrich the spa and wellness industries and add an extra dimension to wellbeing. 

Esqapes Immersive Relaxation is a virtual reality experience that replicates a day spa – without the massage tables – and transports you to another world without leaving LA. Michah Jackson, a former game producer at Disney, created the programs and spa environment so people could take a break from their daily grind by putting on a VR headset. 

Through the technology, you can escape from the real world to a tropical island, and even feel the heat of the sun, all while your body is being relaxed by a high-end massage chair. In total, there are ten experiences to choose from, including a ‘heavenly garden’ and ‘snowbank cabin’ which leave you feeling like you’ve had a mini-vacation. You can book a slot via the website – 30 minutes costs you $45.

While bespoke VR experiences like Esqapes are popping up, virtual reality is also being incorporated into traditional spas. Relax VR presents clients with various options: combining VR with existing treatments e.g. get customers relaxed and present before their massage; using it as a standalone treatment on their menu, or using it as a promotion to entice new customers or reward existing customers. 

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“The last year was a good one for the salon and spa market in terms of growth and revenue, but small business owners in this industry know that running a salon or spa today is no easy feat,” the survey noted. “Salon and spa owners are forced to compete with big brands and other local shops, and are constantly vying to create long lasting, loyal customer relationships.

At the same time, salon-and-spa owners wear many hats within their business, “from manager and accountant, to customer service and marketing representative, and everything in between.”

Spas and salons are leading employers of massage therapists, and this dive into the challenges facing owners will help prospective employees understand the composition of this portion of the health-and-beauty industry.

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The Most Luxurious Spa and Hotel Experiences for Pampered Pups Around the World

National Dog Day is August 26 and if there was ever a day your furry friend deserves to be treated like royalty, this would be it. Hotels all over the country (and world) have been battling it out as far as the most over-the-top pet amenities and welcome swag bags go, so we’ve rounded up some of the most impressive, dog-friendly hotels to date.

From on-call butlers who provide 24/7 walks and doggie massages, to in-room extras like fancy beds, artisan treats and adorable bowls, when you want to jet with your pet, look no further than these destinations pups will love.

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Mover and Shaker: John Morris

Meet today’s Mover and Shaker John Morris the General Manager of Sundara Inn and Spa, a world class destination spa resort located in the Wisconsin Dells region of Central Wisconsin. He was promoted to this position from his role as Spa Director in January of 2019. 

With over 20 years experience in the industry at various resorts ranging from Vermont to Florida to Wisconsin he now oversees this luxury adult only property consisting of 36 overnight accommodations and 28 treatment rooms.

Check out a featured article Skin Inc. did on John in their July 2019 magazine!

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An Insiders Review: The Five Best Facials

After spending hours interviewing doctors, dermatologists, and elegant Dallas ladies with impeccable skin earlier this year, I inevitably took a long hard look at my own complexion. At 29 years old, youth is still mostly on my side, but with the specter of 30 beginning to loom, it felt like the right time to start getting serious about skincare. And not just maybe-I-should-buy-a-good-eye-cream serious (although I highly recommend Skinceuticals’), but a real investment of money and time.

There are Botox and filler, and Dallas has scores of spots to buy skincare, but my real focus this year was facials. Up until this year, my booking of a facial was random and relatively rare—the exact opposite of once-a-month schedule most derms and aestheticians recommend. (Facials should really be covered by insurance, no?) So, each month, I tested out a new facial at different spas (hotel, med, or otherwise) around Dallas. My face is no longer the same. These were my favorite experiences.

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Always take the time to smell the roses…

On Allan’s latest trip he was reminded of the importance of being in the now…

I am reminded by my good friend Alison Howland and a Feng Shui expert friend of mine to take time and relax… even for just a few minutes.

I am in Texas and went for a walk on the San Gabriel River and found time to sit with the wildlife and meditate!

Finest spa and wellness brands voting is open for World Spa Awards 2019

Spa and wellness industry professionals are invited to vote in World Spa Awards 2019 for the brands they consider the finest in their fields.

With the crucial 16-week voting period entering its final weeks, World Spa Awards has recorded a surge in year-on-year votes, reflecting the awards program’s reputation as the most trusted in the spa and wellness industry.

Voting is taking place across the full spectrum of the global spa and wellness industry, with world-level categories including Best Destination Spa, Best Spa Design, Best Cruise Spa, Best Detox Program, Best Eco Spa and Best Medical Spa.

New categories in 2019 include a technology focus with Best Wellness App. Country and regional-level categories include Best Hotel Spa, Best Resort Spa, Best Wellness Retreat and Best Day Spa. Within the USA, a number of state-level categories have been introduced. View the full list of 2019 finalists here.

August BOGO Offer Just For You From Crystal Peel

Purchase a 4 oz Microdermabrasion body bar and receive a 1 oz Face exfoliating cream FREE. 

Benefits of our Body Bar:

The Crystal Peel Microdermabrasion Exfoliating Soap Bar is a patented exfoliation treatment for the body. Using Crystal Peel’s signature ingredients – fine corundum crystals & magnesium oxide crystals from the Dead Sea – this unique body soap polishes away dull, dry layers to reveal toned and glowing skin, while helping to stimulate collagen. The crystals help prevent folliculitis/ ingrown hair.

Benefits of our Face Exfoliating Cream:
The Crystal Peel Microdermabrasion Exfoliating Face Crème is cutting edge science in skin care: the first patented, physician-endorsed, at-home microdermabrasion formula. Crystal Peel progressively helps to stimulate collagen production, diminishes the appearance of fine lines, skin discoloration and sun damage. 

Body bar available in lemongrass & lavender.

For More Info:

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Mover and Shaker: Natasha Prybyla

Natasha Prybyla has been a self employed massage therapist for almost a decade. At first, she went to school for massage in hopes of working on a cruise ship, then she realized that there is much more to massage than just the feel good aspect of things. In 2014, her private practice bloomed into a wellness spa! Over the years, her passion for a healthy body has evolved into a love for sustainable business.

Natasha always thought it was important to be kind to the environment, so every day she tries to inspire her guests and employees to make decisions based on environmental wellness. Sloco has become the home of guilt-free self-care, meaning that they do right by their employees, their community and the environment. Sloco is the first day spa in the world to become a Certified B Corp (basically means that they place purpose before profit and use business as a force for good). They were the first spa in California to become part of 1% for the Planet.

The spa signed on to be part of GSN’s tree planting initiative. Sloco was also among the first in SLO County to become part of the California Green Business Network. Sloco was just voted Poly Picks Best Massage by Cal Poly SLO!

Natasha’s husband, Ryan Heath, works full time at the spa with her. They have two dogs, Willow and Ranger. Her family has been super supportive of this journey. Her in-laws helped her pursue massage school and her parents helped them get the business loan. And her sister has always been her HR expert and sounding board.

When Natasha is not working, you can usually find her husband and she going on adventure walks, watching movies or planning their next vacation!

Reach out to Natasha:

Spa, Beauty & Wellness Industry Welcomes thermaBliss® and Sparkling New 2019 ‘Self-Heating & Self-Cooling Tools’ Category

Spa Revolutions (Inspired Sciences LLC, parent) Launches Comprehensive New Thermal Application Category Empowering Industry Professional’sVision, Creativity and Passion for Evermore Amazing Experiential Client Journeys.

[LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, July 12, 2019]  Introduced June 15-17, 2019 at the International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference (IECSC) in Las Vegas, thermaBliss self-heating and self-cooling tools effectively address the full spectrum of spa services with treatments for massage, facials and skincare, mani-pedi, hand and foot treatments, and thermal enhancements that surprise and delight clients. 

In an industry replete with credentialed and devoted professionals – yet lacking of late in major innovation – the advent of the Self-Heating & Self-Cooling Tools category is a breakthrough for beauty/wellness seekers and professionals alike.  Characteristics of the 2019 new category include long-lasting electricity-free thermal applications, on-demand heating and cooling, client-exclusive sanitary treatments, maximum portability, and an effort toward natural/sustainable materials.  Promo Video

From a professional perspective, therapists appreciate the benefits of award-winning ergonomic thermabliss tools (2019 Aesthetician Choice Awards) that help reduce repetitive stress injuries and extend careers with the ability to seamlessly weave heated and cooled modalities into any treatments.  Strategic business benefits include elevated levels of service, brand differentiation, increased client loyalty, and the ability to support more profitable pricing.  “Our therapists love the ThermaFusion Facial mask for its quick activation, heat longevity, moisture, and scent.  We are very thankful to have the new thermaBliss products”, says Amra Lear, Lead Trainer of Qua Baths & Spa inside Caesars Palace.

The Self-Heating & Self-Cooling category debuted in June with Telli Industries’ publication of


their 20th Anniversary 2019-2020 catalog and another major national distributor, Universal Companies, is set to highlight the new category in the coming weeks.  Greg Martelli, President of Telli Industries expressed his enthusiasm saying, “We are excited to introduce the dynamic new category for our valued partners!  thermaBliss products deliver amazing, on-demand heated and cooled solutions with unlimited upgrade opportunities, the highest quality ingredients, sanitation, and their natural mineral energy helps support our sustainability goals.”    

The thermaBliss® line consists of ThermaHerbal™ Poultice Massage, Lava Shells® and Glacial Shell® Massage, PerfectSense Paraffin® mitts and booties, Paraffin Anywhere™ brush-on, ThermaFusion™ Facial Mask, as well as soft and hard wax Depilatory Anywhere™ products. 

The power behind thermaBliss technology is its patented Lava Gel® natural mineral energy source that produces precise heat levels with elements of the earth…magnesium, iron, salt, and water.  For the first time professionals in our beautiful industry are afforded world-class, client-exclusive, sanitary thermal treatments lasting the full duration of desired services with untethered portability – free from expensive electrical appliances, cords, and/or batteries.

The positive healing power of heat stimulates multiple natural processes in the skin, affecting much more than meets the eye: 

  • Therapeutic heat levels increase localized circulation through vasodilation, in which heat relaxes muscles of the capillaries causing their dilation and increased flow of nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood to promote health and healing from within.   
  • Simultaneously, proper heat levels stimulate the skin’s natural process of self-hydration to the stratum corneum, increasing active topical ingredient penetration up to 10 times over dry skin. 
  • thermaBliss’ breakthrough thermal technology further accelerates the molecular action of vital skincare ingredients to effectively power-up every product applied to the client’s skin for faster acting, more efficacious results.  
  • Finally, heated treatments relax sore, stiff muscles and help clients feel great!


“It’s a proud moment for us to contribute thermaBliss tools that liberate the imagination,

inspiration, and creativity of industry professionals globally, as they d