If you work in the beauty world, you know better than most that trends are your friend. While many other business fields tend to shrug off trends, the beauty community thrives off of them and makes them their own. Selling beauty products is no different. If you run a company that sells or develops beauty products, here are three broad trends to be aware of.  

Pushing Toward Natural Beauty 

The first trend to take advantage of is the push toward natural beauty. More and more, celebrities and influencers are moving away from full faces of heavy makeup and embracing their natural skin. This trend has seen a rise in skincare products, from serums and toners to tinted sunscreen. While makeup will never go away, and even celebrities are still wearing full faces of makeup, the push toward more natural-looking beauty products is here to stay.  

As such, investing in products like CC creams, tinted moisturizers, and skincare items can help push your beauty brand. You shouldn’t get rid of your other stock, as not everyone will follow the current beauty business trends of natural beauty, but pulling more items that you may not have sold before may bring you more revenue. By capitalizing on the current push for natural beauty, you can see an increase in sales and boosted customer loyalty.  

Reaching For Sustainability 

The second trend to take advantage of is the current reach for sustainability. Across the world, businesses of all kinds are pushing toward becoming more eco-friendly in their products and selling practices. Customers are holding companies accountable for their carbon footprints, as well as actively searching for brands that have a higher sustainability rating. Aligning yourself and your business with greener practices can help draw in more clients, therefore increasing your revenue.  

So how can you practice sustainability as a beauty business? If you work in product development, one way is to use vegan products or refuse animal testing. Clean beauty is a buzzword right now, so keeping your items animal-friendly will boost your customer approval ratings. If you work in sales, little substitutions like recycled paper packaging, digital receipts, and online shopping can help reduce your business’s overall fossil fuel use, therefore lessening your carbon footprint. Sustainability is often about small choices; by making little eco-friendly decisions for your brand, you can keep your clients happy. 

Marketing With Influencers 

The final trend that you may want to capitalize on is marketing with influencers. No matter what your personal opinion is on influencers, no one can deny their reach. Influencers like Kylie Jenner and Charli D’Amelio have millions of followers on social media that hang on their every word. If you get a product endorsement from someone like them, your sales will skyrocket just based off of their popularity.  

While it’s not always reasonable to book a top-rated influencer like the ones mentioned, smaller, more local influencers may be right up your alley. For example, if you can get your town’s local news anchor to promote your beauty products, you’ll inevitably see an increase in sales just based on their popularity. As your numbers increase from smaller influencers, your brand will continue to grow, allowing you to book higher-rated and more noteworthy stars. These brand deals are often mutually beneficial- you get a famous customer, and they get free product.  

To sum things up, your career in the beauty industry thrives on trends. While not every trend requires you to make brand adjustments, these three are here to stay. By investing some time and resources into aligning your business with these ideals, you can see an increase in sales, revenue, and customer loyalty.