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Running a salon or spa is different from running a business focused on creating and selling a product. You may sell products at your salon, but the primary selling points are the services you provide. This means keeping up with industry trends and popular modern beauty preferences is vital. Here are some business tips your salon can use in 2023.

Utilizing Data Analysis And Insights

All businesses can find value in data analysis and the insights data can offer. For salons, this can mean collecting reviews, survey results and data on customer behavior, such as what services and products customers purchase from your salon or what styles they’re interested in. Business trends such as data analysis focus on maximizing profit and a positive customer experience and minimizing risk. The data you collect and use to create insights for your salon can help drive your decision-making regarding uncertainty, expansion and new ideas.

Developing an Image-based Social Media Presence

Salons, along with similar businesses, need to make sure their social media presences are image-forward. There is more interest in a salon that offers photos of stylists’ work, before and after images, infographics about different styles and images of various products your salon sells or that your stylists use. Verbiage should still be included so people are aware of product and service information, the names of your stylists and their specialties, special promotions and pricing, but the images should be the primary focus. This way, potential customers can see the results your stylists produce and make more educated decisions.

Creating an App for Your Salon

Many businesses have invested in dedicated apps. They provide easy avenues for customer interactions and can greatly enhance the customer experience. If your salon creates an app, then potential or current customers can download it and have many services, such as scheduling, changing or canceling appointments, speaking with a representative, checking prices and searching for deals at their fingertips. Depending on your preferences, you may also include direct communication options between your customers and stylists. You can work with an app developer to create your app or do it yourself with various app-building tools, which don’t require any coding knowledge.

Investing in Automation Tools

While automation is not available for most of the services a salon can provide, it is still an important tool for running a salon. You can use automation to facilitate administration, providing employees with digital assistants, automatic scheduling programs and data entry tools. Customers can also benefit from the use of scheduling programs and chatbots calling or texting them reminders about their appointments. You can also use these tools to assist in digital marketing. Even your stylists and aestheticians can benefit from automation, in the form of technology such as automatic nail dryers and timers.

Keeping up With Current Beauty Trends

Beauty and style trends are the cornerstones of any salon’s business. Your stylists need to be able to keep up with the constantly changing preferences and fashion interests of consumers while also keeping their traditional skills sharp. Any employee involved in cutting and styling, hair removal or other services your salon provides needs to be competent in the basics and develop a working understanding of new trends as they appear. You may want to offer training in new styles and trends, such as new dying or waxing techniques and tools.

Salon owners need to keep up with trends on two fronts, those popular within the industry and those popular with consumers. Make sure your administrative team is up-to-date on new technology and business practices in the beauty industry. Ensure your stylists, estheticians and other employees are aware of current beauty, style and fashion trends.

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