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A carb blocker is proven by science to promote weight loss and prevent post-meal bloating.

Developed by Polish scientists, Tribitor, which is dissolved in water and consumed 15 minutes before eating high-GI foods, inhibits the absorption of carbs, preventing high insulin levels and the deposition of fat around the midriff, according to Kate Marczak, who was a lead scientist on the supplement’s trials.

Tribitor, which starts from £25 and is available to buy online, also stops blood sugar spikes in the blood, and therefore subsequent energy slumps and sugar cravings, she adds.

In the first phase of one of the supplement’s trials, which had 120 participants, Tribitor was shown to reduce glucose spikes by 45 per cent and insulin spikes by 38 per cent.


As well as weight gain, the consumption, and therefore absorption, of high-GI foods, such as white bread, rice and pasta, has previously been linked to type 2 diabetes and accelerated ageing. 

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