We recently caught up with Kayla Childress from Mindful Luxury and asked her a few questions on entering 2021 and got some great responses.

As we enter into 2021, what is new at Mindful Luxury? 

We go into year 6 celebrating our continued success helping brands in a pre-launch capacity and getting them distribution in the spa, resort and fitness space.

What do you see as product or wellness trends for 2021? 

In the health & wellness category: Touchless services, talk/walk therapy, simplified services. For product: Ayurvedic therapy & products, sustainable & clean brands, probiotic brands and tools.

As we all are affected by the lockdowns and restrictions, what have you been doing personally pertaining to wellness? 

Goal/Intention setting weekly, spending more time with my daughter and riding bikes.

What was something positive that happened for you in 2020? 

We are proud to say with launched our not for profit, Giving Grace helping in-need families & the homeless community in Charlotte.

 We are excited to launch our new Virtual Beauty Session for young brands. This 2-3 hour session gives a brand all they need to know to be successful in the retail and spa/resort channels. 

Discover more and reach out to them at mindful-luxury.com

Kayla Childress