Master The Art of Smoky – Eye

Being a girl is not an easy task. We are expected to look our best at every occasion and every event. Some of these steep expectations we put on ourselves. Staying on top of the game is like an unsaid requirement.

We all have to go through multiple stages of preparation to get ready for an event, including the dress selection, makeup, and hairstyling. The dramatic, bold, and daring Smoky eyed look is currently trending and further growing in popularity, so it comes as no surprise that every girl wants to master that.

It is a general misconception that perfecting a Smoky eyed look is very difficult. However, with a little practice and by following a few simple steps, you can master this dynamic look.

Five Easy Steps To Mastering The Smoky Eye

Everyone loves Smoky eyes, but no not everyone can create the perfect Smoky eye. Going to a beauty spot or salon for your makeup is not always the option. Most of the times, we end up applying very dark eyeshades, which makes the Smoky makeup look horrible. Don’t worry; follow these five easy steps to create the perfect eye makeup look.

Step 1: Apply Primer To Your Eyelids

The first step of eye makeup is to clear the skin before applying the primer on your eyelids. Primer not only helps prevent discoloration but also keeps the expensive makeup in place throughout the day. Use a dark primer color and blend thoroughly to enhance the perfect Smoky eye look. Also, apply the primer to the lower lash line to create a shadowy look.

Step 2: Medium Eye Shadow On The Bottom

Use a medium shade of eye shadow on the bottom lid to build intensity. You can apply a base color for preparation on the crease for a dramatic Smoky eye. Light brown, light grey, and medium brown are the best colors to apply on the lower eyelids.

Step 3: Dark Shadow On Top Eyelids

The third step is to choose a dark shadow to apply to the top part of the eyelids. Darker charcoal black, deep metallic and blue are perfect for the bold look. You can pick an eye shadow that matches your colorful dress. Three shades are required to create the ultimate Smoky eye — a light nude shade, a medium tone as the base color, and the dark shade to create the Smoky effect.

Step 4: Eyeliner To Make A Prominent

Eyeliner is crucial to intensify the Smoky eye effect. You can use either a gel liner or eye a dark colored pencil, make a thin line on the lower and upper lash lines to outline the eye. You can use a powder shadow or cream shadow to create a smudgy or smoky effect.

Step 5: Added Mascara To Bottom Lashes

After completing a Smoky eye look, use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes before applying mascara on both the lower and upper eyelashes. Add a generous coat of mascara on your eyelashes for that dramatic look. You can further stick false lashes to intensify the look. You can use black, blue, or brown lashes to create a Smoky eye look.

It isn’t necessary to use black color in a Smoky eye look. You can use other dark shades to create the same intense effect. These five steps will create the perfect Smoky eye look. You will have to do the Smoky eye look several times before you become a Smoky eye pro!

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Stella Lincoln is a creative content writer and copywriter, who is currently working as a Lifestyle Blogger at King Essay. Apart from being a writer, she likes to travel, read, and surf in her free time.


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