CBD oil can be derived from the marijuana plant or can be derived from the hemp plant. It doesn’t have THC in it. THC is the ingredient that causes one to get high. So this does not have that in it. But it is used for pain control. 

In many people, it can be used as a rub to help control pain. In children, it may help control seizures. It may help reduce anxiety. 

However, there is a possible role for CBD use in the mouth and how it helps with oral health, particularly in the gum areas. 

Oral Use Study

There was a study using rats. What scientists did was they induced gum disease or periodontal disease in the rats by using certain kinds of wires that irritate the gum tissue. 

These rats were given to CBD. There were two groups of rats actually that were used in the study. The rats that were not given the CBD and the ones that were. 

The CBD was given in the form of injection and of course, when you brush your teeth you’re not going to be injecting CBD. 

They found that at the end of the trial period the rats that have been given the CBD had much less bone destruction. 

They healed much faster. And their gums were much healthier in relation to the rats in the control experiment that had not been given the CBD. 

Catch the Buzz

CBD is now a buzz word and you were going to be hearing more about it because a lot of people think it’s a cure drug. 

Now it’s not a cure drug but in certain situations, it can be very helpful in particularly the mouth. It does tend to reduce inflammation. 

It Helps Keep Good Bacteria in the Mouth

It doesn’t kill bacteria but there is toothpaste out there that do kill the bacteria including the good bacteria. However, now there is a toothpaste with CBD in it. 

These toothpastes do not destroy the good bacteria and they enable the good bacteria to proliferate and continue to grow. 

Reduces Anxiety

They minimize the harm of the bad bacteria. Also, a great role for CBD is it does reduce anxiety. 

It might be very helpful for patients to take some CBD before a dental appointment because it can reduce their anxiety. 

So if one has anxiety it does help to reduce anxiety. 

In Comparison to Smoking

In comparison to smoking marijuana which is harmful to The Longs and the gums, Cbd oil is not harmful in ingesting marijuana through CBD oil rather than smoking. 

The smoke tends to dry out the gum tissue. It also reduces the blood supply to the gum tissue. 

So the difference between smoking marijuana which has THC chemically and CBD which doesn’t. 

This is just a glimpse of potentially what may be going on now in regards to CBD oil use orally taken and used as a toothpaste. 

It’s very important to keep your mouth healthy because if your mouth is healthy the rest of your body will be healthier as well. 

Another great benefit of using CBD oil in comparison to smoking marijuana is that it keeps your teeth looking nice and white. 

Using CBD oil allows you to get the benefits without having to compromise your teeth’s great white shine and smile. 

Using toothpaste with CBD in it is a great addition to your health regimen. 

You don’t have to have toothpaste with CBD either. If you just have a CBD oil you can apply the oil onto the toothbrush. 

You can brush it with just the oil on top of it. Using it this way will still result in getting the benefits of the CBD oil.