Facials are incredibly relaxing, and give you a self-confidence boost like no other once you’re done. That said, the secret to great results is choosing the right treatment for you. Working closely with your skin type and knowing what concerns you want to address will help you cut through the noise and find the product that will give you amazing skin.

Choosing the right facial is an easy decision once you know what you’re looking for. Keep reading below for a roundup of the best facial treatments available, organized by specific skin concerns.

Sensitive skin

Good news: just because you have sensitive skin doesn’t mean you can’t have a good facial. Self suggests opting for hydrating and soothing facials that won’t irritate your skin: think luxurious creams that are massaged into the skin with cooling rollers. Opting for hydrating facials ensures that you’ll walk out of your appointment with enviably dewy skin. To help maintain your skin’s condition after your facial, remember to opt for skin-friendly products like Eucerin’s Redness Relief Night Creme that relies on natural ingredients like licorice root and glycerin to take care of your skin.

Oily skin

As expected, facials for those with oily skin are the complete opposite of sensitive skin treatments. Exfoliating extractions are your best bet, particularly if you have some build-up (think blackheads or whiteheads) that you want to get rid of. Chemical peels like Tata Harper’s BHA Glow Mask helps keep your oiliness at bay while at home, but extractions are best left to trained estheticians who can take out the unnecessary gunk without doing long-term harm to your skin. Doing extractions on your own can end up bruising your skin and leading to lots of unsightly marks.

Dull skin

Brightening treatments have always been popular, so much so that even home skincare products have been made to help address this concern. A review of Kojic Acid Soap by Pretty Me recommends it as a way for clients to help even out their skin tone versus whitening it completely. Brightening cleansers are a great way to achieve your desired results at home. That said, those looking for a more immediate solution can opt for treatments such as enzyme peels and mask treatments to really take care of dead skin build-up. It’s important to remove dead skin to prevent from your skin becoming dull, and chemical peels can help do so without roughing up your skin.

Mature skin

Facials are for everyone, including those with mature skin. Working with mature skin is a perfect reminder that our skin needs change over time, and that’s okay. Lifestyle writer Emilie Sennebogen notes that mature skin tends to be a combination of several skin types, which is why each treatment will look different. However, a general rule is to look for treatments that include a hydrating mask for suppleness and a soothing massage to stimulate circulation in the face. Of course, this means that those with mature skin should expect an ultra-soothing facial that will leave them feeling like they’re on cloud nine!

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By: Rayla Josey