We all have hard times. If they have come for you, do not forget about simple rules that will help you get through the black streaks in life. We all go through difficult times. This is life, and there is nothing to be done about it. Some people’s lives are harder than others, but we all experience pain, loss, and misery sometimes. But no matter what happens, there are some things to keep in mind. Family, friends, feelings, responsibilities – they all stay with you no matter what happens. We decided to expand this list, and here are some rules to always keep in mind. 

Pain is part of life, it helps you grow

Of course, we always want to walk along the white stripe. But this does not happen, just as it does not happen that love will always bring only happiness. But what you always have at your disposal is the choice of how to react to pain. Look for something good in every situation and remember that you have someone to rely on. And no matter what, remember that there are worse situations. 

Thinking and correct attitude to the problem is already half of the solution

For many, success does not come from incredible intelligence and genius. It’s simpler: the right attitude and effort are what will lead you to a happy ending. Look at what is happening from the right side. And remember that a problem only exists when you think it exists. 

You cannot fix the problem if you don’t take a little responsibility 

We tend to blame others for our problems. But we are not children, we are grown-up mature personalities. Therefore, if you are still going to solve the problem, you will have to take on a little responsibility, and as a result, risk. But the risk is what lies behind any successful endeavor. Take a chance, and even if you are wrong, you will gain invaluable experience. A win-win situation! 

The truth is that with the hectic pace of life, it is sometimes so difficult to relax for even an hour. Experts say that in order to feel active, energetic, and most importantly productive, you need at least a few hours a day to rest. If you postpone all the rest for the weekend, it will only worsen the situation and fatigue will accumulate. Here are some effective ways to quickly relax and regain your strength.

Effective Ways to Relax and Cope with Bad Mental Health Days

#1 Take some time to yourself

Lie down for half an hour with your eyes closed. Yes, just lie down, not sleep. You can turn on nice music and light an incense stick. Just set aside half an hour for yourself and think of something nice. If spending so much time with your eyes closed is a challenge for you – you can read a book or, for example, update social networks.

People close to us can both increase and completely reduce stress. If you are not at all set up to communicate with your pets after a busy day, honestly ask them not to bother you for a few hours. During this time, you can do what you put off for a long time: read an interesting book, go for a walk in the nearest park with or without a dog, cook what you have never cooked.

#2 Organize home SPA 

You have probably noticed more than once how fresh and cheerful you feel after a shower or even a hot bath. And the truth is that 10 minutes under a stream of water are capable of working miracles. This is not only pleasant but also very useful: a hot bath helps to remove harmful substances from the body, helps to clean blood vessels, and opens capillaries. Water is an excellent conductor and helps to literally “wash away” unpleasant thoughts. The bath can be supplemented with aromatherapy. Lavender oil lowers blood pressure, normalizes sleep, improves skin condition and relieves irritation, and peppermint oil relieves anxiety and helps to relax. A few drops of one of these oils can be added to a hot bath, aroma lamp, or even applied to the wrist.

#3 Do yoga

Stretching, proper breathing and relaxation are the guaranteed minimum you will get from yoga. Proper and regular performance of asanas helps to remove the clamps in the body, get rid of back pain, saturate the body with oxygen, improve mood and “switch” the brain. After performing the exercises, lie on your back, relax, take a deep breath and exhale, lie down for 5 minutes in a completely relaxed state. You will definitely feel how your well-being, digestion, skin condition, and mood have improved. 

#4 Spend time with beloved ones

In a cozy home atmosphere, you can relax and do any pleasant activities. Give an idea to your friend or spouse. 

Arrange a romantic evening with a delicious dinner and then enjoy quiet music and dancing by the candlelight. 

Dress up the Christmas tree for the New Year by cutting paper snowflakes and eat tangerines to get a taste of the upcoming holiday. 

Change the decor in the house, moving furniture to new places and throwing out old unnecessary things, and at the end of the day order pizza. 

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As you can see, bad days happen to everybody but the point is in how you perceive and deal with this upsetting situation. Thus, don’t let any unpleasant situation take over your life, and make sure to take care of yourself and your mental health properly.

Author’s Bio 

Timothea Bradley is an ambitious blogger at filipino-women.net. In these challenging times for all of us, she wants to communicate more with people, share quality articles. She hopes to help someone and inspire people to move forward, despite all the difficulties that come along the way.