Makeshift saunas and “hot air baths” have been used for centuries in cultures around the world. From the Diocletian bath of Ancient Rome to the lodge ceremonies of the Native Americans. However, modern technology nowadays has allowed us to enjoy the benefits of infrared sauna even in our homes. 

There has been a lot of debate about the actual health benefits of the saunas. However, it has been proven time and time agin that regular usage of infrared sauna comes with a lot of health benefits. This type of therapy is different from the ancient practice of using a fire under the lodge to produce heat. The infrared sauna uses infrared light waves to heat the body and penetrate deep into the skin. This type of therapy is ideal for people who can’t tolerate the humidity of the traditional sauna and the heat that comes from the heated rocks and steam of water pouring onto them. 

The infrared waves are invisible and fall within the electromagnetic radiation spectrum. There are near, far and mid-infrared waves that can positively impact our bodies by generating mitochondrial activity and circulation of heat. In this article, we will talk about the positive effects that infrared sauna has on human health and why everyone should use it.

Elimination of Toxins

One of the most common benefits of the infrared sauna session is the elimination of toxins that happens during and after the session. Our immune system fights against the arsenal of toxins we are exposed to daily. Pesticides, PCBs in plastics, toxic metals, environmental pollution, and genetically modified organisms that are in constant touch with our bodies, can make irreversible harm and cause diseases and other health issues. And when all of this is combined with a poor diet, the accumulated toxins will weaken the immune system. Luckily, the infrared sauna eliminates these toxins through sweating which has shown to lower the circulation levels of the toxins and increase the detox. 

Improved Skin

We all like to look and feel young. However, we need to follow a certain lifestyle and have a good diet. Infrared sauna therapy is our savior since it increases circulation throughout the body and improves skin tone. It also helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin. These nutrients are important to form the collagen that gives strength to our skin. This is a great way to reduce wrinkles, the appearance of dark spots, and loose skin.

Weight Loss

Infrared saunas can aid in weight loss. In one study of obese adults, researchers discovered that their body fat and weight have reduced after only two weeks of therapy. Researches believe this is due to the increased heart rate at which the body is working and burning calories. In the same study, the patients with loss of appetite have experienced improved feeding behavior. The sauna therapy can provide a balance between weight and appetite by increasing the “hunger hormone” known as ghrelin. And while the ghrelin is balanced in obese patients, they can continue losing weight.

Pain Relief

Another major aspect of using the infrared sauna is the ability to reduce chronic pain without using any medications or herbal diets. One research in the Netherlands found that patients with rheumatoid arthritis who underwent infrared sauna therapy have seen the benefits such as reduced fatigue, pain, and stiffness. The researchers speculate that these benefits were due to the decreased inflammation levels in the body which leads to less friction between the joints.

Improved Circulation

Infrared sauna therapies improve blood circulation. The therapy can also lower blood pressure and improve blood vessel function in patients with diabetes and smokers with high cholesterol levels. 

Wound Healing

The wound healing process is sped up with the use of an infrared sauna. The research of NASA has shown that the tissue growth and cell regeneration were increased with a couple of therapies in the sauna.

Improved Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue Syndrom or known as CFS improves as the person utilizes the benefits of the sauna. One study has shown that patients with CFS have extreme cases of fatigue with no definitive cause, and had 5-day therapy in an infrared sauna for 15 minutes in the first couple of days and 30 minutes in the last days. The results included improved negative mood, depression, and anxiety. 

Additional Benefits

Among the other health benefits of the sauna, we can mention detox, are lowered blood pressure, cell health and immunity, relaxation, anti-aging, and oxygenation of tissues. Infrared saunas are more effective in stimulating detox and deep cellular sweat.

Guidelines of Using the Infrared Sauna

There are some guidelines that you need to follow before jumping into your first session. First of all, you need to hydrate yourself well enough since you’ll be losing liquids from your body. After the session, you need to drink at least 24 ounces of water or electrolytes to boost hydration.