Many people consider frequent spa appointments to be luxuries. What if your regular trips to the spa are improving your health, though? There is evidence that spa treatments can help prevent ailments, thus lowering your overall healthcare costs. Here are five reasons why spas keep you young and healthy.

Aid Weight Loss

Almost everyone would love to believe that taking a 30-minute warm bath is the equivalent of a 10-mile run. While frequent soaks in the hot tub or time in the sauna may not replace your exercise regimen and fat burner supplements altogether, spa visits can give them a boost. Passive heating has a positive correlation with weight loss, indicating that there is some benefit with soaking three or four times a week. While the specific reason for the correlation is not clear, scientists suspect it may have something to do with increased blood flow that stimulates muscles, making them more efficient when you do work out.

Reduce Inflammation

Any treatment that applies soothing warmth to the body is likely to reduce inflammation. This is particularly good news for those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. Massage treatments that involve the use of turmeric or ginger may soothe the pain of inflammation. Keeping joints warm and flexible with regular visits to the spa can help you stay more mobile and feel younger.

Lower Stress

One of the main benefits of self-care is stress relief. Just the act of taking time out of your busy schedule to pamper yourself can have a calming effect. Your weekly massage helps you identify the muscles where you tend to hold tension the most. Armed with this knowledge, your massage therapist can focus on those areas to ensure the maximum amount of relaxation. Some massage therapists even use essential oils and aromatherapy to enhance the experience.

Improve Heart Health

No conversation about stress relief is complete without including its effects on overall heart health. As people age, many develop heart issues due to high blood pressure or increased blockages. A higher frequency of sauna use, however, is associated with a lower risk of cardiac death. This beneficial effect could be due simply to the relaxing effects of the sauna, which can lower blood pressure so that the heart doesn’t have to work as hard. It is also possible that the intense heated hydration treatment makes blood vessels more supple and thus less prone to blockages. Whatever the reason, increasing your sauna use is likely to have a positive impact on your heart health, particularly as you get older.

Relieve Skin Conditions

Dermatologists recommend different types of treatments for chronic skin problems. They may prescribe a certain serum or drug. Many of them also recommend certain spa treatments. Mud baths, for example, can reduce the symptoms of psoriasis, if the mud is carefully sourced and purified. If you want fresher, younger looking skin, talk to your doctor about spa services that can help. You may find that your favorite way to relax can also have a positive effect on your appearance.


Your visits to the spa aren’t a cure-all, but they have many benefits. While the spa can’t replace regular check-ups with your doctor, good nutrition and solid exercise habits, it can definitely enhance the other healthy choices you are making. Whether your main strategy for staying young is weight loss, stress reduction, hearth health or smooth skin, there is likely a treatment or two at your favorite spa that can aid you in achieving your goals. Ask your healthcare provider for suggestions and explore the alternative health options available to you.