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Foot and Leg Massage Techniques for Pain Relief & Relaxation
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Foot and leg massage is a pleasure comparable to no other, that not only helps to relieve fatigue and leaves the body and leg muscles in tone, but is also a unique relaxing procedure. 

Foot and leg massage is slightly different from, say, back massage. The difference is that leg and foot massage not only stimulates the muscles that are rubbed directly, but also usually has a positive effect on the entire body. The reason for this is a huge set of reflex points responsible for the state of the body in its entirety. 

For instance, a massive concentration of points can be found in the foot’s arch, which according to modern reflexology are related to the spine. Stimulation of this area of the foot can thus help to alleviate back pain and bring a general easiness to the body. Stimulating your toes has a positive effect on the ears, teeth, gums, nasal sinus, as well as the eyes. 

You can basically write an entire research paper about the points located on the bottom part of the foot, because there are points which correspond to internal organs, the person’s overall state of health, as well as the person’s mood. The active impact on these points leads to better overall health and relieves a variety of ailments. 

How to Massage Your Own Legs and Feet 

Obviously, a specialist will give you a foot massage in a more qualitative way, but frequent visits to the specialist require both money and time. So, is it possible for you to massage your own feet and legs by yourself? 

The easiest way to do it is to walk barefoot on mown grass or pebbles in summer. This not only has a massaging effect on the foot, but you will also get the earth’s energy in its purest form, which will likely affect your health and mood in a positive way. 

If all that’s left of summer, however, is your tan and your memories of it, and winter has already arrived, then there are other ways to self-massage. 

Take a small wooden box measuring 40 x 40 cm and fill it with small rocks (ground by water), beans or peas, so that the bottom is completely covered. Next, step into the box while barefoot and shift from one foot to the next until you feel that the pain from walking on the stones is fading away. The massage should last about 10 minutes. 

Finally, here are some at-home self-massage techniques: 

  1. Hold your toes with one hand and your ankle with the other, and then rotate the foot slowly, first in one direction, and then in the other. 
  1. Use one hand to push the heel and push on the back of the foot (nail side) using your other hand in the opposite direction for around 15 seconds, as if you are squeezing the foot. 
  1. Hold your forefinger and thumb of one hand on your Achilles tendon (just above the heel) and push down on your foot near your toes with your other hand, so that the heel is stretching. 
  1. Use both hands to hold the foot on both sides and turn it to one side and then to the other side several times. 
  1. Rub the pads between the bases of your fingers. 
  1. Pull each toe one after the other: to do this, you should slowly put two adjacent toes to the sides, stretching the skin between them. 
  1. Hold the foot with one hand and grip each toe with the other hand’s forefinger and thumb and then rotate each toe several times and then pull for several seconds. 
  1. Pull all your toes at once, holding one hand on your big toe and the other on 4 other toes. Pull up the foot and shake it. 

You can also buy a special leg massager for massaging the feet and legs, the purpose of which is to toll the foot on a surface with pimply wheels. It can be a good idea to invest in a special foot massage pad for your shower cabin: the shower will get rid of stress and the foot massage has a toning effect on the entire body.