Jill Portman, the co-founder of Good Pharma™, shares the next step of her wellness journey and yours.

Sitting in the padmasana pose, I take a deep breath. I am at a meditation retreat in Rishikesh, India, reflecting on the chronic health challenges I have faced for decades with little relief. As I find my center, one thought crystallizes in my mind: What if there was an organic solution to self-care that was delightful and effective for clients around the world? 

I exhale steadily, sending my energy over the vast expanse of India’s natural beauty in front of me. Then, I have an epiphany. Harnessing “nature’s pharma” is the key to a balanced, robust life — and it’s been by our side for thousands of years.

A mighty journey like no other

To be honest, I’ve been seeking out an all-natural solution to a better being for a lifetime. As the founders of Mighty Leaf Tea, we crafted teas inspired by nature’s powerful ingredients contributing to supreme living. Throughout our profound journey at Mighty Leaf, we traveled across China, India, and Europe to master “food as medicine” in proactive ways all over the world. 

“Good Pharma™ was born to be the alternative wellness revolution for a better you — and a better world.” 

Along the way, we discovered local rituals utilizing nature’s powerful ingredients. We steeped Assam to boost immunity in India and sipped green tea for metabolism in China. With every cup, our lives were profoundly changed forever. 

Sustainability was also top of mind for our wellness journey. We partnered with growers, suppliers, and distributors that supported the use of Non-GMO raw tea ingredients for an eco-friendly path forward. 

After we sold the company, we had no plans to sit back and relax. The next step? Tapping into “nature’s pharma” to help clients around the world live a healthier, more organic life beyond simply the body. We wanted to make something to serve the mind and the spirit, too. Good Pharma™ was born to be the alternative wellness revolution for a better you — and a better world. 

Why GoodPharma™? 

Do your clients struggle to choke down chalky supplements or mix powders into your morning coffee? Your customers are certainly not alone. If you ask me, wellness can’t be contained in a pill. It should be fun, reliable, and easily incorporated into any routine. That’s why we created pour-over tea and coffee infusions that make feeling good, taste great.

It’s no secret that there are thousands of wellness and supplement products out there. While many infusions either have no taste or a bitter aftertaste, our blends bring out the transformational benefits of “nature’s pharma” alongside superior texture. 

With Good Pharma™, you can achieve your highest potential from the ongoing practice of nourishing the mind, body, senses, and soul. 

Rxtracts™ made simple

We leverage thousands of years of traditional plant-based medicine to bring you the best of the past for a brighter future. Our unique blends harness nature’s organic elements to support energy, focus, immunity, and sleep. We applied modern science to ancient healing practices to develop proprietary Rxtracts™, which are concentrated, full-spectrum standardized extractions derived from plant-based ingredients.


“Here’s the science: we created a custom extraction process that delivers a 6:1 to 20:1 concentration and bioavailability.”

But, how does it actually work? Here’s the science: we created a custom extraction process that delivers a 6:1 to 20:1 concentration and bioavailability. Our revolutionary RxTracts technology with our teas and coffee brews unlock a perfectly potent dose to bring maximum human benefits. 

With the help of a dedicated Scientific Advisory Board, we created compressed extracts that, when stirred, activate with water for superior taste. 

Connect with your clients through a daily practice

Would you like to give your clients improved immunity and cognition and sleep, with benefits they can feel for life? We’ve got you covered. Here’s how to inspire your customer base to stay grounded with Good Pharma™: 

  1. Start with an all-natural infuser. Your soothing pour-over experience begins the moment you tear open the infuser and clip it onto your favorite mug. Each Good Pharma™  infuser is entirely compostable and specifically engineered for maximum convenience. The open, pour-over design contains either organic roasted Arabica coffee or organic whole leaf tea blended with Rxtracts™ that you can stir in seconds.
  1. Activate with hot water. Pour water to activate your well-being through a dose of functional mushrooms, adaptogenic plant extracts, and amino acids. From your morning coffee to an evening cup of tea, enhance your ritual with a fresh-brew experience unlike any other. 
  1. Deliver nature’s medicine: Then, simply sip, sit back, and let nature run its course. With every soothing, delicious cup, get ready to feel better than ever before.

Live rightfully. Drink well. Start your ritual.

Your client’s well-being means everything to us. Together, let’s liberate what’s possible from the inside out. As the blend steeps and settles, you can activate a new form of self-care for your entire customer base. 

What are you waiting for? Meet us at the intersection of art and science — we can’t wait to see you there.

Plus, we’re just getting started. Join us every two weeks as we share wellness insights with you this season. Let us help you better support your guests with Good Pharma™  today. 

If you’d like to learn more or receive samples, feel free to reach out to Jill directly at: [email protected] 

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Jill Portman
Founder Good Pharma